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Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated and Xerox Corporation
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated_20100107
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated_20100114
Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated_20100121


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Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated. Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Palo Alto Research Center Incorporated patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015028562210/08/15  new patent  Monitor for particle injector
22015028564310/08/15  new patent  Computer-implemented social routing
32015028678310/08/15  new patent  Peer group discovery for anomaly detection
42015028682410/08/15  new patent  Methods for selection of collaborators for online threat mitigation
52015028682510/08/15  new patent  Methods for centralized privacy-preserving collaborative threat mitigation
62015028684410/08/15  new patent  Secure collection synchronization using matched network names
72015028732210/08/15  new patent  Computer-implemented providing directions to available parking spaces via dynamic signs
82015028866210/08/15  new patent  Computer-implemented establishing distributed secret shares in a private data aggregation scheme
92015028871910/08/15  new patent  Portable proxy for security management and privacy protection and use
102015028875410/08/15  new patent  Service discovery using collection synchronization with exact names
112015028875510/08/15  new patent  Collection synchronization using equality matched network names
122015027384910/01/15 Inkjet print heads with inductive heating
132015027386310/01/15 Vcsel-based variable image optical line generator
142015027455510/01/15 Redox desalination system for clean water production and energy storage
152015027625110/01/15 Computer-implemented externally evaluating sizing of an indoor climate control system in a building
162015027638710/01/15 Spatial modulation of light to determine object position
172015027648610/01/15 Determination of color characteristics of objects using spatially modulated light
182015027649510/01/15 Computer-implemented externally inferring an effective indoor temperature in a building
192015027650810/01/15 Computer-implemented externally evaluating thermostat adjustment patterns of an indoor climate control system in a building
202015028005610/01/15 Graded electron blocking layer
212015028029010/01/15 Method for monitoring/managing electrochemical energy device by detecting intercalation stage changes
222015028091810/01/15 Aggregate signing of data in content centric networking
232015028098410/01/15 System and dynamic name configuration in content-centric networks
242015028107110/01/15 Multi-publisher routing protocol for named data networks
252015028110110/01/15 Multi-object interest using network names
262015028116210/01/15 System and prioritizing messages based on senders and content for drivers
272015028137610/01/15 System and device registration and discovery in content-centric networks
282015026928209/24/15 Automated metrology and model correction for three dimensional (3d) printability
292015026928909/24/15 System for visualizing a three dimensional (3d) model as printed from a 3d printer
302015026929009/24/15 Automated design and manufacturing feedback for three dimensional (3d) printability
312015026963309/24/15 Marketplace for presenting advertisements in a scalable data broadcasting system
322015027095709/24/15 System and efficient and secure distribution of digital content
332015027126709/24/15 Content-oriented federated object store
342015026285609/17/15 Direct electrostatic assembly with capacitively coupled electrodes
352015025356609/10/15 Aperture for illuminating micromirror arrays having mirror tilt axis not parallel with an array axis
362015025424909/10/15 System and ranking content popularity in a content-centric network
372015025434709/10/15 System and direct storage access in a content-centric network
382015025646009/10/15 System and packet forwarding using a conjunctive normal form strategy in a content-centric network
392015025646109/10/15 Concurrent hashes and sub-hashes on data streams
402015025660109/10/15 System and efficient content caching in a streaming storage
412015024845509/03/15 Content name resolution for information centric networking
422015024854209/03/15 Method and maintaining content view statistics in a named data network
432015024869709/03/15 Method and streaming advertisements in a scalable data broadcasting system
442015023925308/27/15 Reservoir having particle trapping features
452015024179808/27/15 Method and system to operate arrays of reflective elements for extended lifetime operation in use with high intensity power light sources
462015024253208/27/15 Efficient link management for graph clustering
472015024352808/27/15 Fabrication microelectronic components and microchip inks used in electrostatic assembly
482015023370308/20/15 Spatial modulation of light to determine object length
492015023370408/20/15 Spatial modulation of light to determine dimensional characteristics of objects in a flow path
502015023484708/20/15 Computer-implemented augmenting search queries using glossaries
512015023487508/20/15 Graph pruning in hipergraph
522015023515208/20/15 System and modeling behavior change and consistency to detect malicious insiders
532015022486408/13/15 Hybrid vehicle with power boost
542015022850808/13/15 Micro-assembly with planarized embedded microelectronic dies
552015022882708/13/15 Solar power harvesting system with metamaterial enhanced solar thermophotovoltaic converter (mestc)
562015022883608/13/15 Metamaterial enhanced thermophotovoltaic converter
572015022884408/13/15 Spectrally-selective metamaterial emitter
582015022920008/13/15 Dc/dc converter and method
592015022242408/06/15 Content-based transport security
602015022260308/06/15 Content-based transport security for distributed producers
612015021000907/30/15 Polymer spray deposition methods and systems
622015021008907/30/15 Microwave drying of ink for an ink jet printer
632015021520607/30/15 End-to-end route tracing over a named-data network
642015020622207/23/15 Method to construct conditioning variables based on personal photos
652015020831607/23/15 Gateways and routing in software-defined manets
662015020831807/23/15 Service-oriented routing in software-defined manets
672015020037607/16/15 Pre-fabricated substrate for printed electronic devices
682015020085207/16/15 Method and establishing a virtual interface for a set of mutual-listener devices
692015019385407/09/15 Automated compilation of graph input for the hipergraph solver
702015018321607/02/15 Injection molded ink jet modules
712015018322807/02/15 Print head ink flow path with bubble removal grooves
722015018513907/02/15 Sensor apparatus and method based on wavelength centroid detection
732015017481006/25/15 Interdigitated finger coextrusion device
742015017481106/25/15 Method for interdigitated finger coextrusion
752015017482906/25/15 Process to fabricate an injection molded printhead with inkjet nozzle face plate
762015017545406/25/15 Recycling activated sludge by hydrodynamic seperator (hds) to enable high mlss bioreactor to process high influent flow and/or high strength wastewater
772015017691706/25/15 Molded plastic objects having an integrated heat spreader and methods of manufacture of same
782015017711806/25/15 Fluidic optical cartridge
792015017711906/25/15 Flow cytometer
802015017987306/25/15 Small-sized light-emitting diode chiplets and fabrication thereof
812015016546906/18/15 Co-extrusion print head with edge bead reduction
822015016718406/18/15 Electrolytic gas generating devices, actuators, and methods
832015017029506/18/15 System and identifying key targets in a social network by heuristically approximating influence
842015017073806/18/15 Uv sensor with nonvolatile memory using oxide semiconductor films
852015015829506/11/15 Print head design for ballistic aerosol marking with smooth particulate injection from an array of inlets into a matching array of microchannels
862015016122806/11/15 Efficient detection of information of interest using mode-based graph clustering
872015016122906/11/15 Efficient detection of information of interest using greedy-mode-based graph clustering
882015016139806/11/15 Method and privacy and trust enhancing sharing of data for collaborative analytics
892015016167006/11/15 System and estimating and clustering multiple-dimension characteristics for auction-based message delivery
902015016312706/11/15 Distance-based routing in an information-centric network
912015014929705/28/15 Method and scalable data broadcasting
922015014939005/28/15 Method and system for creating an intelligent digital self representation
932015013836205/21/15 Computer-implemented providing emergency services notification through a centralized parking services server
942015014278505/21/15 Generalized graph, rule, and spatial structure based recommendation engine
952015013247405/14/15 Micro-extrusion printhead with nozzle valves
962015013461205/14/15 Method and performing server handoff in a name-based content distribution system
972015013468005/14/15 Method and prefetching content in a data stream
982015013478105/14/15 Method and pre-fetching remote content based on static and dynamic recommendations
992015012696805/07/15 Fluid delivery devices and methods
1002015012742505/07/15 Strategic modeling for economic optimization of grid-tied energy assets
1012015011505704/30/15 Methods and systems for creating aerosols
1022015011644404/30/15 Imaging blanket with dispersed carbon and micro-texture surface
1032015011725304/30/15 Interest messages with a payload for a named data network
1042015011744904/30/15 System and hash-based forwarding of packets with hierarchically structured variable-length identifiers
1052015011745204/30/15 System and minimum path mtu discovery in content centric networks
1062015011745304/30/15 Hash-based forwarding of packets with hierarchically structured variable-length identifiers over ethernet
1072015011852304/30/15 Adaptive current-collector electrochemical system
1082015011947704/30/15 Methods and systems for creating aerosols
1092015012045304/30/15 Real-time local offer targeting and delivery system
1102015012089504/30/15 Express header for packets with hierarchically structured variable-length identifiers
1112015012092404/30/15 Software-defined named-data networking
1122015012117904/30/15 System and creating graphically rich messages incorporating shared docments
1132015012118304/30/15 System and reflow of text in mixed content documents
1142015012120204/30/15 System and transmitting mixed content type messages
1152015012120304/30/15 System and generating uniform format pages for a system for composing messages
1162015012130504/30/15 Method and system for enhanced inferred mode user interface operations
1172015010938904/23/15 Trap configured to collect ink particle contaminants in response to a cleaning flow
1182015011095404/23/15 Method of fabricating a card with piezo-powered indicator by printed electronics processes
1192015011115804/23/15 Micro-truss structures having in-plane structural members
1202015011316304/23/15 Adaptive multi-interface use for content networking
1212015011316604/23/15 Method and a named network within an autonomous system
1222015010150204/16/15 Variable data lithography system for applying multi-component images and systems therefor
1232015010285204/16/15 Stressed substrates for transient electronic systems
1242015010529504/16/15 Multiplexed flow assay based on absorption-encoded micro beads
1252015010561004/16/15 Multiple reservoir drug delivery device and methods
1262015010575104/16/15 Multiple reservoir drug delivery device and methods
1272015010622304/16/15 System and improved parallel search on bipartite graphs using dynamic vertex-to-processor mapping
1282015009802404/09/15 Projection system and components
1292015009174104/02/15 Computer-implemented providing management of motor vehicle parking spaces during scheduled street sweeping
1302015009518204/02/15 System and a high-performance graph analytics engine
1312015008280903/26/15 Electrocaloric cooler and heat pump
1322015008397603/26/15 Dispersant for improved battery electrode formulations
1332015008607203/26/15 Methods and systems for monitoring a worker performing a crowdsourced task
1342015007506603/19/15 Unwanted plant removal system having variable optics
1352015007506703/19/15 Unwanted plant removal system having a stabilization system
1362015007506803/19/15 Unwanted plant removal system
1372015007696103/19/15 Method for reduction of stiction while manipulating micro objects on a surface
1382015007717203/19/15 Externally induced charge patterning using rectifying devices
1392015006279003/05/15 Digital lanyard for securing data on portable devices
1402015006599703/05/15 Transmucosal drug delivery device and method including chemical permeation enhancers
1412015005487902/26/15 Inkjet print head health detection
1422015005534002/26/15 Optical array for led bulb with thermal optical diffuser
1432015005643202/26/15 Co-extrusion of periodically modulated structures
1442015004831502/19/15 Organic thin-film transistor
1452015004839702/19/15 Transparent electron blocking hole transporting layer
1462015004871402/19/15 Electroactive polymer structures printed with varying compositions of ions
1472015005189002/19/15 Automated augmented model extension for robust system design
1482015005195602/19/15 Simple pricing by price-difference regularization
1492015004093902/12/15 Tunable surfactants in dampening fluids for digital offset ink printing applications
1502015003653502/05/15 Method and configuring routing paths in a custodian-based routing architecture
1512015003967202/05/15 System and measuring application-specific consistency of check-in-based user location data streams
1522015004018002/05/15 Information firewall
1532015002733201/29/15 Method of making a molded textured imaging blanket surface
1542015002798201/29/15 Ultra-fine textured digital lithographic imaging plate and manufacture
1552015002929301/29/15 Molded textured imaging blanket surface
1562015002116101/22/15 Continuously producing digital micro-scale patterns on a thin polymer film
1572015002279001/22/15 Continuously producing digital micro-scale patterns on a thin polymer film
1582015000631601/01/15 System and parallel search on explicitly represented graphs
1592014037491212/25/14 Micro-spring chip attachment using solder-based interconnect structures
1602014036734812/18/14 Hds channel exit designs for improved separation efficiency
1612014036734912/18/14 Hydrodynamic separation using high aspect ratio channels
1622014036763612/18/14 Ultraviolet light emitting device incorporating optically absorbing layers
1632014036936712/18/14 Structure for electron-beam pumped edge-emitting producing same
1642014037061212/18/14 Method and system implementing spatially modulated excitation or emission for particle characterization with enhanced sensitivity
1652014037275312/18/14 Method and performing distributed privacy-preserving computations on user locations
1662014035192911/27/14 Method and system for mitigating interest flooding attacks in content-centric networks
1672014034417411/20/14 System and detecting quitting intention based on electronic-communication dynamics
1682014034447411/20/14 Method and system for name resolution across heterogeneous architectures
1692014034470911/20/14 Rule-based messaging and dialog engine
1702014033466811/13/14 System and visual motion based object segmentation and tracking
1712014033684811/13/14 System and detecting, tracking and estimating the speed of vehicles from a mobile platform
1722014033726411/13/14 Scalable spatiotemporal clustering of heterogeneous events
1732014032052910/30/14 View steering in a combined virtual augmented reality system
1742014032475110/30/14 Generalized contextual intelligence platform
1752014032564310/30/14 Detecting anomalies in work practice data by combining multiple domains of information
1762014031195810/23/14 Trapping structures for a particle separation cell
1772014031703010/23/14 Method and customizing conversation agents based on user characteristics
1782014031705110/23/14 Computer-implemented exploring and filtering an information space based on attributes via an interactive display
1792014031710410/23/14 Computer-implemented visual search construction, document triage, and coverage tracking
1802014030580010/16/14 Sea water desalination system
1812014031001310/16/14 Method and a system for providing hosted services based on a generalized model of a health/wellness program
1822014028932509/25/14 Ordered-element naming for name-based packet forwarding
1832014028973309/25/14 System and efficient task scheduling in heterogeneous, distributed compute infrastructures via pervasive diagnosis
1842014026297309/18/14 Method and system for stacking and sealing hydrodynamic separation layers
1852014026408009/18/14 Phase-change enabled flow field visualization
1862014026443609/18/14 Solution processed neutron detector
1872014026584809/18/14 Micro-plasma generation using micro-springs
1882014026748809/18/14 Method and measuring response to actuation of electro-mechanical transducer in print head assembly for inkjet printing system
1892014026807709/18/14 A flow lithography technique to form microstructures using optical arrays
1902014026821109/18/14 System and distributed cellular manufacturing with outsourcing group constraints
1912014026859609/18/14 Flexible metal interconnect structure
1922014026873909/18/14 Led light bulb with structural support
1932014026874009/18/14 Led lighting device with cured structural support
1942014027212109/18/14 Digital 3d fabrication using multi-layered mold
1952014027300909/18/14 Compositions and methods for performing assays
1962014027766009/18/14 Computer-implemented determining spatial locations of fixture element fixturing points on a part to be manufactured
1972014027827209/18/14 Computer-implemented synthesizing a fixture layout for a part to be manufactured
1982014027872909/18/14 Multiple resolution visualization of detected anomalies in corporate environment
1992014028007809/18/14 Efficient globally optimal interpretation of documents
2002014028193809/18/14 Finding multiple field groupings in semi-structured documents
2012014025818609/11/14 Generic programming for diagnostic models
2022014024974209/04/14 Computer-implemented spontaneously identifying and directing users to available parking spaces
2032014023848408/28/14 N-type silicon solar cell with contact/protection structures
2042014024452808/28/14 Method and combining multi-dimensional fraud measurements for anomaly detection
2052014023174508/21/14 P-side layers for short wavelength light emitters
2062014020266507/24/14 Integrated thin film evaporation thermal spreader and planar heat pipe heat sink
2072014020378307/24/14 Monitoring/managing electrochemical energy device using detected intercalation stage changes
2082014019711307/17/14 Systems and removal of harmful algae blooms (hab) and transparent exopolymer particles (tep)
2092014019890007/17/14 High resolution x-ray imaging with thin, flexible digital sensors
2102014020055307/17/14 Devices and methods for intraluminal retention and drug delivery
2112014020096007/17/14 System and methods for optimizing recruitment
2122014019392907/10/14 Integrated reflector and thermal spreader and thermal spray fabrication method
2132014019527907/10/14 Computer-implemented providing guest parking reservations
2142014019528007/10/14 Computer-implemented facilitating rental of private parking space by an urban resident
2152014019528107/10/14 Computer-implemented providing information through a display of parking devices
2162014019528207/10/14 Computer-implemented offering customer priority parking reservations
2172014019528307/10/14 Computer-implemented offering merchant and shopper-friendly parking reservations through tourist privileges
2182014019554307/10/14 System and providing orientation into subject areas of digital information for augmented communities
2192014018651907/03/14 Co-extrusion print head for multi-layer battery structures
2202014018669707/03/14 Structures for interdigitated finger co-extrusion
2212014018669807/03/14 Three dimensional co-extruded battery electrodes
2222014018670007/03/14 Advanced, high power and energy battery electrode manufactured by co-extrusion printing
2232014017634906/26/14 Computer-implemented directing users to available parking spaces
2242014017650706/26/14 Piezo-powered sensor card and method therefor
2252014017940806/26/14 System and methods for dynamically adjusting game components based on a user's profile
2262014018097106/26/14 Computer-implemented building an implicit music recommendation
2272014018121406/26/14 Generation-based update caching for robust scalable distributed gibbs sampling
2282014016831006/19/14 Multiple layer structures for void control in ink jet printers
2292014016831506/19/14 Trap configured to collect ink particle contaminants in response to a cleaning flow
2302014016832706/19/14 Temperature dependent shape elements for void control in ink jet printers
2312014016832806/19/14 Non-spherical particle separator for ink jet printer
2322014016906006/19/14 Pulse generator and ferroelectric memory circuit
2332014017239206/19/14 Simultaneous mapping and registering thermal images
2342014017313706/19/14 Dynamic routing protocols using database synchronization
2352014016372006/12/14 Computer-implemented analyzing machined part manufacturability and performing process planning
2362014016393406/12/14 Method and determining an average wait time for user activities based on contextual sensors
2372014016414706/12/14 Distributed advertisement insertion in content-centric networks
2382014016506106/12/14 Statistical packing of resource requirements in data centers
2392014016519506/12/14 Method and system for thwarting insider attacks through informational network analysis
2402014015482606/05/14 Etch stop layers in nitride semiconductors created by polarity inversion
2412014015638906/05/14 Interactive consumer level servicing portal with per-use user payment
2422014015675006/05/14 Computer-implemented verifying online dating profiles
2432014014611005/29/14 Bypass flow path for ink jet bubbles
2442014014611605/29/14 Pulsating heat pipe spreader for ink jet printer
2452014014344605/22/14 Data transport by named content synchronization
2462014013350605/15/14 Distributed feedback surface emitting laser
2472014013650805/15/14 Computer-implemented providing website navigation recommendations
2482014013723805/15/14 Method and system for tracing information leaks in organizations through syntactic and linguistic signatures
2492014012474205/08/14 Circuit layout for thin film transistors in series or parallel

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