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Panasonic Corporation
Panasonic Corporation Of North America
Panasonic Corporation formerly Known As Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd
Panasonic Corporation Llp
Panasonic Corporation Corporation
Panasonic Corporation_20100114
Panasonic Corporation_20131212
Panasonic Corporation_20100128
Panasonic Corporation_20100121
Panasonic Corporation_20100107


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Panasonic Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Panasonic Corporation. Panasonic Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Panasonic Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Panasonic Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Panasonic Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011894604/28/16  new patent  Distortion-compensating power amplifier and compensating for distortion to amplify power
22016011908104/28/16  new patent  Transmission device, transmission method, reception device, reception method, integrated circuit, and program
32016011173704/21/16 Fuel cell system and fuel cell system module
42016009976504/07/16 Diversity receiver
52016009052003/31/16 Heat storage material composition, heat storage device, and heat storage method
62016009272303/31/16 Elapsed-time determination apparatus, deciding apparatus, deciding method, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium storing control program
72016009392203/31/16 Positive electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
82016007393803/17/16 Sensor chip, detection method, and detection apparatus
92016007511503/17/16 Polyolefin-based fiber-reinforced resin multilayered sheet and manufacturing the same
102016007521403/17/16 Vehicle air conditioner
112016007992803/17/16 Power amplifier and transmission device
122016007165603/10/16 Photoelectric conversion element
132016007219103/10/16 Array antenna device and radio communication device
142016006458703/03/16 Solar cell module and manufacturing solar cell module
152016006495103/03/16 Wireless power transmission system and power transmission device
162016006495203/03/16 Power transmission device and wireless power transmission system
172016005679102/25/16 Elastic wave resonator
182016005690402/25/16 Communication system, control station, resource control method using communication system and control station, and microwave base station
192016004283102/11/16 Insulating thermally conductive resin composition
202016004344102/11/16 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
212016004356702/11/16 Power transmission device and wireless power transmission system
222016003142902/04/16 Electromotive drive device used in engine-driven vehicle
232016003564702/04/16 Semiconductor device having heat dissipation structure and laminate of semiconductor devices
242016003568802/04/16 Semiconductor component, semiconductor-mounted product including the component, and producing the product
252016003596102/04/16 Dielectric element and piezoelectric element
262016003599102/04/16 Organic electroluminescence element and lighting device using same
272016003640102/04/16 Control knob device
282016003710802/04/16 Switched capacitor circuit and driving the same
292016002823401/28/16 Power system stabilization method, power system stabilization system, and power supply device
302016002824801/28/16 Wireless power transmitting device and wireless power transmitting system
312016002923601/28/16 Base station
322016001645901/21/16 Vehicle air conditioner
332016001787401/21/16 Slide member, refrigerant compressor incorporating slide member, refrigerator and air conditioner
342016001344501/14/16 Barrier film, organic el device, flexible substrate, and manufacturing barrier film
352016001367601/14/16 Frequency regulation method, frequency regulation apparatus, and storage battery system
362016001380801/14/16 Reception apparatus and associated receiving encoded data
372016001395901/14/16 Wireless communication device and wireless communication method
382016000020201/07/16 Hair removal tool
392016000054301/07/16 Electric linear actuator and output shaft vibration-type electric device with said electric linear actuator
402016000600701/07/16 Battery module
412016000655701/07/16 Reception apparatus, phase error estimation method, and phase error correction method
422015038062312/31/15 Thermoelectric conversion material
432015038062412/31/15 Method of manufacturing thermoelectric conversion material
442015038062912/31/15 Thermoelectric generation unit and thermoelectric generation system
452015038067412/31/15 Organic el element
462015038068612/31/15 Electronic device
472015038073912/31/15 Negative electrode plate for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and producing the same
482015038076912/31/15 Nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
492015038120712/31/15 Parallel bit interleaver
502015038173312/31/15 Communication device, communication system and communication method
512015036991212/24/15 Radar device, vehicle, and moving object speed detection method
522015037138112/24/15 Image region mapping device, 3d model generating apparatus, image region mapping method, and image region mapping program
532015037179912/24/15 Blinking device
542015037196112/24/15 Semiconductor device
552015037197112/24/15 Semiconductor device
562015037257112/24/15 Method for manufacturing laminated iron core
572015037257212/24/15 Method for manufacturing laminated iron core
582015037265212/24/15 Multistage amplifier
592015036134012/17/15 Rare earth aluminum garnet-type inorganic oxide, phosphor and light-emitting device using same
602015036475212/17/15 Negative electrode for nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
612015036515612/17/15 Communication control station device, communication terminal device, and communication control method
622015035171312/10/15 Image region mapping device, 3d model generating apparatus, image region mapping method, and image region mapping program
632015035455212/10/15 Hermetic compressor and refrigerator
642015035624512/10/15 Control method and recording medium
652015035627112/10/15 Control method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
662015035791012/10/15 Dc power supply circuit
672015035818312/10/15 Receiver apparatus and frequency selectivity interference correction method
682015035911912/10/15 Electronic component package
692015034492912/03/15 Biosensor, thin film electrode forming method, quantification apparatus, and quantification method
702015034598612/03/15 Slave suitable for energy management systems and energy management system
712015034746412/03/15 Control method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
722015034894612/03/15 Semiconductor device
732015034936412/03/15 Hydrogen generation apparatus, fuel cell system including the same, operating hydrogen generation apparatus, and operating fuel cell system
742015034972512/03/15 Distortion-compensation device and distortion-compensation method
752015034979912/03/15 Parallel bit interleaver
762015034981412/03/15 Distortion-compensation device and distortion-compensation method
772015034990112/03/15 Receiving device
782015034999912/03/15 Reception apparatus and frequency error correction method
792015033786211/26/15 Structure for reducing noise of ventilating fan
802015034016411/26/15 Photoelectric converter
812015034016711/26/15 Photoelectric conversion element
822015034058211/26/15 Thermoelectric conversion module
832015034199011/26/15 Induction heating cooker
842015032902811/19/15 In-vehicle heating device
852015033090611/19/15 Freshness estimation method, freshness estimation apparatus, and non-volatile recording medium
862015033299711/19/15 Wireless module and production wireless module
872015033309611/19/15 Laminated semiconductor device
882015033317511/19/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
892015033328511/19/15 Display device
902015033335011/19/15 Fuel cell activation apparatus, fuel cell activation method, and fuel cell activation system
912015033336311/19/15 Composite metal oxide, producing composite metal oxide, and sodium secondary battery
922015033340811/19/15 Antenna device and wireless transmission device
932015033377111/19/15 Parallel bit interleaver
942015032250111/12/15 Measurement telomerase activity
952015032330911/12/15 Winding device, winding method, inspection device and structure manufacturing method
962015032378311/12/15 Optical reflection element
972015032538211/12/15 Photoelectric conversion element
982015032588311/12/15 Electrochemical energy storage device
992015032606411/12/15 Battery charger cradle
1002015031646611/05/15 Optical sensor apparatus and producing optical element used in optical sensor apparatus
1012015031743411/05/15 Using doublet information in genome mapping and assembly
1022015031745211/05/15 Control information terminal and computer-readable recording medium
1032015031759211/05/15 Concentration ratio measurement apparatus and program
1042015030916710/29/15 Radar apparatus and object detecting method
1052015031017210/29/15 Similar case retrieval apparatus, similar case retrieval method, non-transitory computer-readable storage medium, similar case retrieval system, and case database
1062015031099910/29/15 Photoelectric conversion element
1072015031155210/29/15 Fuel cell system
1082015031172510/29/15 Foreign-object detecting device, wireless electric-power transmitting device, and wireless electric-power transmission system
1092015029955010/22/15 Thermally conductive resin composition
1102015030034010/22/15 Contact member, slide member, compressor comprising contact member or slide member, and manufacturing compressor
1112015030067010/22/15 Air-conditioning control system
1122015030312510/22/15 Semiconductor apparatus including a heat dissipating member
1132015030327110/22/15 Silicon carbide semiconductor device and manufacturing same
1142015030354110/22/15 Board connection structure
1152015030357810/22/15 Antenna device and manufacturing antenna device
1162015030382310/22/15 Power supply circuit
1172015030394610/22/15 Parallel bit interleaver
1182015030402910/22/15 Visible light communication system
1192015030437710/22/15 Method for reducing interference caused by overlapping channels in a wireless communication system
1202015030455210/22/15 Confocal microscope
1212015030478810/22/15 Surround component generator
1222015030512910/22/15 Discharge lamp lighting device and headlight using same
1232015030521510/22/15 Tape feeder and tape feeder cabinet
1242015029085210/15/15 In-mold molding method, in-mold transfer film and manufacturing method therefor
1252015029292510/15/15 Setting flow meter device and flow meter device
1262015029327710/15/15 Diffraction-grating lens, and image-capturing optical system and image-capturing device using said lens
1272015029521810/15/15 Flat-shaped battery
1282015029524410/15/15 Electrode active material for power storage device, and power storage device
1292015029543110/15/15 Secondary battery system
1302015029543310/15/15 Charging device and charging method
1312015029552010/15/15 Power generator
1322015029562510/15/15 Signal generation method, transmission device, reception method, and reception device
1332015029627610/15/15 Information notification apparatus and information displaying method
1342015028261810/08/15 Display device attachment fitting and display device attachment jig
1352015028686610/08/15 Apparatus and analyzing trajectory
1362015028743210/08/15 Server device, playback device and content distribution system
1372015028788210/08/15 Nitride semiconductor light-emitting diode
1382015028855510/08/15 Transmitter, receiver, transmission method, and reception method
1392015028933710/08/15 Lighting fixture
1402015027309710/01/15 Sterilizing component removal device, disinfection device, disinfected environment maintaining system, and sterilizing component removal method
1412015027456310/01/15 Method for treating ballast water and device for treating ballast water used therefor
1422015027601110/01/15 Noise reduction structure
1432015027942010/01/15 Signal-quality-information correction device, signal-quality-information correction method, and information reproduction system
1442015027945710/01/15 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device
1452015028021610/01/15 Nickel-hydrogen storage battery and battery pack
1462015028028510/01/15 Accumulator system
1472015028047710/01/15 Fuel cell system including fuel cell and lead-acid battery, and charging the same
1482015028155210/01/15 Image-capturing apparatus
1492015028155310/01/15 Image-capturing apparatus
1502015028220310/01/15 Wireless communication device, wireless communication system, and wireless communication method
1512015026792609/24/15 Air conditioning system
1522015026807009/24/15 Sensor container, sensor information management method using the same, and sensor information management system for managing sensor housed in sensor container
1532015027084509/24/15 Ad converter and receiving apparatus
1542015027166909/24/15 Method for configuring wireless connection settings, wireless communications apparatus, and display method
1552015027192409/24/15 Wiring method, structure having wiring provided on surface, semiconductor device, wiring board, memory card, electric device, module, and multilayer circuit board
1562015025978409/17/15 Method for inspecting liquid droplet ejection manufacturing device
1572015026043509/17/15 Heat exchanging device and heat pump
1582015026075209/17/15 Acceleration sensor
1592015026331209/17/15 Thin film transistor element substrate, producing the substrate, and organic el display device including the thin film transistor element substrate
1602015026333509/17/15 Turbostratic material, active material for electricity storage devices, electrode, and electricity storage device
1612015026336209/17/15 Fuel cell system
1622015026336909/17/15 Fuel cell system
1632015026352809/17/15 Contactless power transmission device
1642015026380709/17/15 Luminaire and visible light communication system using same
1652015026477209/17/15 Lighting equipment, illumination device and light emitting module
1662015025300209/10/15 Steam generator
1672015025313909/10/15 Angular velocity sensor
1682015025325409/10/15 Analysis apparatus
1692015025365609/10/15 Light source unit and projector including the same
1702015025472409/10/15 Information providing method
1712015025510809/10/15 Recording and reproducing apparatus
1722015025517309/10/15 Switched capacitor circuit and drive method therefor
1732015025550009/10/15 Optical manufacturing same
1742015025569509/10/15 (zr,hf)3ni3sb4-based n-type thermoelectric conversion material
1752015025583009/10/15 Electrochemical energy storing device
1762015025599209/10/15 Contactless power feeding system, movable device and controlling power feeding of contactless power feeding system
1772015025637409/10/15 Radio communication apparatus and interference signal detection method
1782015024780709/03/15 Method for outputting freshness information, freshness information output apparatus, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
1792015024792409/03/15 Radar apparatus
1802015024797209/03/15 Optical fiber, fiber laser, and optical fiber manufacturing method
1812015024836809/03/15 Memory card and memory card control device
1822015024924309/03/15 Separator-integrated electrode and nonaqueous electrolyte secondary battery
1832015024943109/03/15 Power amplification apparatus and control method
1842015024943709/03/15 Variable gain multistage amplifier and receiver
1852015024949109/03/15 Wireless communication device, transmitter, receiver, and beam-forming control method
1862015024992909/03/15 Wireless communication method and wireless communication system
1872015025002909/03/15 High-frequency heating cooker
1882015025003409/03/15 Lighting apparatus and lighting fixture using same
1892015025003709/03/15 Lighting device and luminaire using same
1902015025004809/03/15 Grounding structure for circuit board
1912015024131708/27/15 Method for mass-producing coated products
1922015024149408/27/15 Nonlinear distortion detection device and distortion compensation power amplifier
1932015024235308/27/15 Data transfer apparatus, host apparatus, data transfer system, and communication mode setting method
1942015024344308/27/15 Photosemiconductor electrode, photoelectrochemical cell, and energy system
1952015024387808/27/15 Nbt-bt crystal piezoelectric film and piezoelectric stacking structure comprising the same
1962015024396608/27/15 Positive electrode for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
1972015024407108/27/15 Wireless communication device and directivity control method
1982015024432308/27/15 Harmonic rejection power amplifier
1992015024432408/27/15 Power amplification device and transmitter
2002015024447508/27/15 Radio communication apparatus and interference detection method
2012015024447808/27/15 Radio communication device and controlling directivity
2022015024454608/27/15 Equalization method and equalizer
2032015024455208/27/15 Receiving apparatus and demodulation method
2042015024505908/27/15 Image decoding method, image encoding method, image decoding apparatus, and image encoding apparatus
2052015024522508/27/15 Radio communication method and radio communication apparatus
2062015024527508/27/15 Wireless communication device, wireless communication method, and computer-readable recording medium storing program
2072015024529308/27/15 Wireless communication apparatus and wireless communication method
2082015023337608/20/15 Rotary compressor
2092015023338008/20/15 Motor control device, motor control method, and blower apparatus
2102015023359408/20/15 Control apparatus and program
2112015023383608/20/15 Method and detection system for detecting an analyte
2122015023421708/20/15 Transmitter, transmitting method, and receiving method
2132015023440008/20/15 Power supply voltage regulating apparatus, integrated circuit, and electronic apparatus
2142015023482908/20/15 Advice provision user using household appliance while viewing terminal screen
2152015023539108/20/15 Information input display device and information input display method
2162015023629208/20/15 Organic electroluminescent element and illuminating apparatus
2172015023651808/20/15 Wireless power transmission system and power transmitting device
2182015023671908/20/15 Transmission apparatus including encoder, reception apparatus including decoder, and associated methods
2192015023672708/20/15 Transmission apparatus and transmission method
2202015023678608/20/15 Communication system, main unit, radio access unit and communication method
2212015023684708/20/15 Signal-generating circuit and wireless communication device
2222015023726108/20/15 Imaging device
2232015022465308/13/15 Electric shaver
2242015022888208/13/15 Thermal power generation unit and thermoelectric power generation system
2252015022916008/13/15 Power failure prevention system and circuits
2262015022950108/13/15 Phase rotation correcting method and phase rotation correcting apparatus
2272015021871908/06/15 Carbon dioxide reduction device and reducing carbon dioxide
2282015021987608/06/15 Lens barrel and imaging apparatus
2292015021988808/06/15 Image generation device and image generation method
2302015022026608/06/15 Information processing terminal apparatus controlling display device to display window in relationship to peripheral equipment
2312015022125008/06/15 Light receiving device and image display device
2322015022125408/06/15 Display device
2332015022140708/06/15 Proton conductor
2342015022170908/06/15 Covering method and organic el element manufacturing method
2352015022180508/06/15 Implantable sers sensing device and method to fabricate
2362015022184908/06/15 Thermal power generation unit and thermoelectric power generation system
2372015022193408/06/15 Positive electrode active material for non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery
2382015022213208/06/15 Storage battery management device, and storage battery management method
2392015022223208/06/15 Input signal amplifier
2402015022235508/06/15 Display device
2412015022237308/06/15 Receiving device
2422015020900007/30/15 Bioacoustic sound testing device and bioacoustic sound testing method
2432015021219707/30/15 Radar device
2442015021235507/30/15 Photoreceiver and display device
2452015021446007/30/15 Thermoelectric generator system
2462015021450907/30/15 Method for producing el display device and transfer substrate used in producing el display device
2472015021475807/30/15 Battery pack, electrical hardware, and communication control method
2482015021498307/30/15 Parallel bit interleaver
2492015021563507/30/15 Image decoding apparatus, image transmission apparatus, image processing system, image decoding method, and image transmission method

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