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Parker hannifin Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Parker hannifin Corporation. Parker hannifin Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Parker hannifin Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Parker hannifin Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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 new patent  Mechanically released brake for a mowing machine

A brake apparatus for restricting rotation of a rotatable member of a mowing machine, thereby controlling rotation of a wheel of the mowing machine, includes a brake member fixable on the rotatable member, and a gripping member for engaging and disengaging the brake member for restricting or permitting rotation of... Parker hannifin Corporation

Fuel injector assembly with wire mesh damper

A gas turbine fuel injector assembly including one or more dampers for damping vibration of one or more fuel conduits in the assembly. The dampers may at least partially surround the fuel conduits, and each damper has an intermediate portion that is bowed relative to axial end portions to form... Parker hannifin Corporation

Impact rfid tag

A radio frequency identification (RFID)-enabled article includes a housing formed from a first material and having an RF chamber, and an RFID transponder arranged within the chamber, the RFID transponder including an antenna for transmitting and receiving data. The RF chamber is dimensioned to form a pocket around the antenna... Parker hannifin Corporation

Near synchronous distributed hydraulic motor driven actuation system

A control system may be used to control actuators that actuate movement of flight control surfaces of an aircraft. Each actuator is couplable to a flight control surface and includes a motion control assembly having a hydraulic motor and a drive path from the hydraulic motor to the flight control... Parker hannifin Corporation

Gear control system for vibration attenuation

A power take off unit includes an input gear, an output gear, and an intermediary gear that cooperate to transfer power from a rotational power source to an operating target. The power take off unit has a control module that biases the intermediary gear relative to the input gear and... Parker hannifin Corporation

Analytical detecting volatile organic compounds in water

An analytical system and method for detecting volatile organic chemicals in water including a coated SAW detector that provides for improved reduction of moisture at the coating of the SAW detector. A stabilized SAW sensitivity and long lasting calibration is achieved. The analytical system further includes an improved sample vessel... Parker hannifin Corporation

Low profile miniature solenoid proportional valve

A solenoid proportional valve includes a valve body (12) defining an inlet (14) and an outlet (16) for a fluid flow through the valve body, and an armature (22) that is moveable along a longitudinal axis from a first closed position to a second open position to control the flow... Parker hannifin Corporation

Power take-off unit with attached pneumatic valve

A power take-off unit includes a housing portion, an input mechanism mounted at least partially within the housing and configured for attachment to a source of rotational energy, and an output mechanism is configured for attachment to a driven accessory. The power take-off unit also includes a clutch assembly configured... Parker hannifin Corporation

Hydraulic control valve with controlled flow and valve safety disable

An example valve includes: a valve body defining a bore, an inlet port, an outlet port, and a signal cavity; a spool movable in the bore to shift between a first position and an intermediate position, where the spool has a first end and a second end, where the outlet... Parker hannifin Corporation

Generic configuration parameters shared amongst groups of store controllers

A system for controlling a plurality of facilities includes a plurality of facility modules for controlling operation of a facility, each facility module corresponding to a respective facility of the plurality of facilities, and a control module communicatively coupled to the plurality of facility modules. The control module has access... Parker hannifin Corporation

Slide through fitting

A fitting assembly includes a fitting and a tube. The fitting has a fitting body having a straight through hole and an attachment or base port, connected to the through hole by a first passageway generally perpendicular to the through hole. The tube has an outer diameter smaller than the... Parker hannifin Corporation

Hydraulic rotary ball screw actuator

A rotary hydraulic actuator may be configured to output rotary motion to control a hinged surface of an aircraft. The actuator includes a nested ballscrew, ballnut, and output assembly that form concentric ball races for converting the linear motion and force of the linear actuator to rotary motion and torque... Parker hannifin Corporation

Window lift mechanism

A window positioning apparatus for a vehicle comprising a window panel, a frame in which the window panel is guided between a closed position closing a window opening in the frame and an open position opening the window opening, and a multi-stage telescoping screw actuator mechanism connected between the window... Parker hannifin Corporation

Directional control valve

An example valve section includes: a valve body configured to be fluidly coupled to the source and the actuator; a spool movable in the valve body intermediate the source and the actuator; a pressure compensator valve disposed upstream from the spool and configured to regulate flow received from the source,... Parker hannifin Corporation

Positioning of disks in the brake released mode for multi disk brakes

A multi-disk brake assembly includes a stator disk that is non-rotatable, a rotatable rotor disk arranged adjacently and coaxially with the stator disk, and an axial retention device. The rotor disk and the stator disk are axially moveable between an engaged position during braking operation and a disengaged position during... Parker hannifin Corporation

Aircraft actuator with no-back, load detent assembly

A load detent assembly for restricting creep of a rotating assembly of an actuator used to actuate an aircraft flight control surface. The load detent assembly includes an engagement member having circumferentially spaced engagement surfaces/protruding portions, and a load detent having a stoppage member radially biasable towards the engagement member... Parker hannifin Corporation

Axial hydraulic piston pump

An axial piston pump including a housing, a cylinder block, and a swash block. The cylinder block is rotatable within the housing about a vertical axis and includes an array of openings in the cylinder block distributed about the vertical axis and an array of pistons reciprocatably movable within the... Parker hannifin Corporation

Integral fan and airflow guide

An integral fan and airflow guide including a hub having a frusto-conical outer surface, and a plurality of fan blades circumferentially spaced apart about the hub and radiating outwardly from the hub. The frusto-conical outer surface having a plurality of circumferentially spaced apart slots that separate inclined segments of the... Parker hannifin Corporation

Directional control valve

Exemplary control valves that may be configured as a load sense, closed-center, and/or open-center valve. The control valve may include optional individual valve force sensing to potentially allow an operator to smoothly operate devices operating on low-load work ports even when a variable displacement pump is inducing pressure to operate... Parker hannifin Corporation

Three-way pressure control and flow regulator valve

A three-way valve assembly, including a valve body having a fluid flow path and a valve member movable in the fluid flow path between a supply port and a work port, and between a load sense passage and a pressure relief port. The valve member may move between a first... Parker hannifin Corporation

Hydrostatic pump barrel with sloped kidney ports

A pump barrel (70) for use in a hydrostatic pump assembly includes a barrel body (88) defining a plurality of piston bores (84) that receive a plurality of pistons moveable within the bores, and a porting face (74) that defines a plurality of ports (72) in fluid communication with the... Parker hannifin Corporation

Fan with integrated shaft guard

A cooling fan or use with a hydraulic pump having an input shaft in a hydrostatic transmission includes a rotatable hub having a central body portion and an axially extending peripheral surface and a plurality of blades that extend radially outward from the peripheral surface. The cooling fan also includes... Parker hannifin Corporation

Central tire inflation/deflation system with a timed function ctis wheel valve

A central tire inflation/deflation system (CTIS) with a novel valve that may deflate more quickly and may deflate to a lower pressure than the previously known central tire inflation/deflation system valves. Also, the present valve may not be temperature sensitive, at least because the present valve does not require trapped... Parker hannifin Corporation

Gate valve

A seal with a wedging element for adjustably compressing the seal. The seal abuts a surface, such as a gate of a gate valve, to seal against the surface with a sealing force that prevents fluid flow therebetween. The sealing force of the seal may be increasing or decreasing compression... Parker hannifin Corporation

System architectures for steering and work functions in a wheel

A hydraulic system (40) for a work machine comprising a priority circuit (41) including at least a first priority actuator (47, 48) and a priority control valve (58) for controlling the supply of hydraulic fluid to the first priority actuator (47, 48) and for providing a load sense signal indicative... Parker hannifin Corporation

Aircraft wheel assembly

An aircraft wheel assembly that includes first and second hub components having an axis and respective first and second sets of circumferentially spaced apart interface elements. The first and second hub components may be rotatable relative to one another about the axis between a first position and a second position.... Parker hannifin Corporation

Non chattering pressure relief valve

A pressure relief valve includes a valve body having an inlet and an outlet and defining a first fluid path fluidly connecting the inlet and the outlet of the valve; a valve member axially moveable between a first position and a second position, the valve member configured to close the... Parker hannifin Corporation

Multiple layer hardness ferrule and method

A ferrule and associated method characterized by an outer layer having a hardness; an intermediate layer below the outer layer, the intermediate layer having a hardness that is less than the hardness of the outer layer; and a core below the intermediate layer, the core having a hardness that is... Parker hannifin Corporation

Solid state ph sensing continuous flow system

The present invention relates generally to systems for measuring pH. In particular, the present invention relates to a continuous flow system having one or more solid state pH sensors positioned within a fluid pathway of the system to provide continuous pH measurement.... Parker hannifin Corporation

Hydraulic servo valve

A servo valve including a piezo-electric actuator, a flexible linkage, and control valves. The piezo-electric actuator is actuatable along a piezo stack axis. The flexible linkage is coupled to the piezo-electric actuator at opposite axial ends of the actuator. Control valves are disposed at laterally opposite sides of the piezo... Parker hannifin Corporation

Inline insert molded filter assembly

A filter assembly includes a filter housing configured as a singular unitary component defining a fluid flow passage through the filter assembly. A filter element is fixed within the housing and spaced apart from both ends of the filter housing to filter a fluid as the fluid flows through the... Parker hannifin Corporation

Oil exchange in hydraulically operated and electro-hydraulically operated hydraulic valves

A hydraulic valve includes a valve body having first and second ends, a bore extending therebetween, and first and second drain passages opening to the bore; a spool disposed in the bore and biased in a neutral position, the spool having first and second ends and first and second annuli... Parker hannifin Corporation

Integrated displacement controlled pump

A pump system includes a motor, a pump, and a single shaft extending from the motor into the pump, the single shaft being configured to operate simultaneously as both a motor output shaft and a pump input shaft. A first end of the single shaft interacts with the motor, and... Parker hannifin Corporation

Method of controlling velocity of a hydraulic actuator in over-center linkage systems

An electro-hydraulic actuation system includes a regeneration valve in fluid communication with a first fluid chamber and a second fluid chamber of a hydraulic actuator, and a dump valve is in fluid communication with the second fluid chamber and a fluid reservoir. A pump provides a flow of fluid to... Parker hannifin Corporation

Bag filter assembly

A filter connectable to a filter housing assembly. When the filter is disconnected from the filter housing assembly, a driven cover of the filter housing assembly is in a closed position preventing unfiltered fluid from flowing through an inlet of the assembly. When the filter is connected to the filter... Parker hannifin Corporation

06/15/17 / #20170170499

System and fuel cell cathode gas humidification

A system for humidifying a fuel cell includes: a container including an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide; a source of pressurized gas coupled to the container for pressurizing the hydrogen peroxide solution container; and a catalyst reaction chamber including a catalyst for decomposing hydrogen peroxide into a gaseous mixture of... Parker hannifin Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170159439

Eccentrically piloted hydraulic commutator

A hydraulic motor includes a rotor and a stator, wherein the rotor and the stator define a plurality of motor pockets for receiving a flow of hydraulic fluid, and the rotor rotates relative to the stator based on a pressure differential between the motor pockets. A commutator having porting controls... Parker hannifin Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170159610

Pressure regulator

A pressure regulator (10) including a body (12) having an internal chamber (110) and a thermal shield (124) made of a material having a lower thermal conductivity than a material of the body (12) for reducing heat transfer between the body (12) and the fluid flowing into the internal chamber... Parker hannifin Corporation

06/08/17 / #20170159677

Hydraulic reservoir for electrohydraulic actuator

An electrohydraulic actuator includes a reservoir tank having a bladder that separates hydraulic fluid from any air in the reservoir tank and includes a sensor system that detects when the hydraulic fluid is depleted from the reservoir tank.... Parker hannifin Corporation

05/25/17 / #20170146172

Hose coupling assembly for subsea applications

A hose assembly includes a fitting including a fitting end received in a shell. A sealing element is located at a junction between the fitting and the shell. The first fitting end has a nipple and the shell has an angled end that define a sealing space, and the sealing... Parker hannifin Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170138522

Non-spill connect under pressure coupler

A quick connect/disconnect coupling having a female coupler and a corresponding male coupler. The female coupler has a non-spill configuration and includes a housing and a valve body slidably movable in the housing. A valve member is slidably movable in the valve body toward and away from a valve seat,... Parker hannifin Corporation

05/18/17 / #20170141419

Aerospace fuel cell control system

A fire suppression system for producing oxygen-depleted air includes a fuel cell stack formed from a plurality of fuel cells for providing power to an associated load, and a controller coupled to the plurality of fuel cells, wherein the controller is configured to regulate current output from the plurality of... Parker hannifin Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170128905

Multiple identification point automated parameter assurance method

Systems and methods provide automated parameter assurance features and results for consumables used in bioprocessing and particularly for purifying, filtering, harvesting and collecting bioprocessing fluids. Consumables having these features are sized, shaped, configured and constructed to interface with and be a component of such a bioprocessing system that includes a... Parker hannifin Corporation

05/11/17 / #20170129473

Power efficiency control mechanism for a working machine

A control system for a working machine that includes a power consumer (14) includes a prime mover (12), an energy storage unit (24) for storing energy, an auxiliary power unit (20) for generating power or consuming power, the auxiliary power unit (20) having a first connection (20a) coupled to the... Parker hannifin Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170122472

Adapter coupling

A coupling adapter for locking engagement of a hose adapter to a tank adapter includes a locking slide for engaging the hose adapter and a coupling sleeve for attaching the locking slide to the tank adapter while allowing axially shifting movement of the locking slide along a central longitudinal axis... Parker hannifin Corporation

05/04/17 / #20170125831

Fuel cell cathode switching for aircraft applications

An aircraft fuel cell power system includes multiple cathode reactant supply sources to supply oxidant under varied environmental conditions and system requirements during operation.... Parker hannifin Corporation

04/27/17 / #20170113547

Planetary power take off device

A power take off device includes input and output shafts and an integral planetary gear set. The power take off device may be a single speed or a multi-speed device. The input shaft and the output shaft are mechanically connected through the planetary gear set. The output shaft may be... Parker hannifin Corporation

04/20/17 / #20170108141

Rotary valve

A rotary valve capable of high flow rates, minimal pressure drop, and rapid actuation is presented. According to one aspect, the rotary valve is characterized by a unique pressure balancing system operating on the rotary spool of the valve to reduce side force caused by pressure at the flow ports.... Parker hannifin Corporation

04/13/17 / #20170101513

Solid state electrodes and sensors

Analyte-insensitive materials comprising polymerizable monomers suitable for use in forming a hydrophilic, cross-linked gel comprising on the surface of a substrate for an electrode.... Parker hannifin Corporation

04/06/17 / #20170097101

Monoflange valve

A monoflange valve including a valve body having an inlet, an outlet, and an internal bore, and a valve assembly having a valve member disposed in the internal bore for cooperating with a valve seat to open or close a flow path through the valve body. The valve seat may... Parker hannifin Corporation

04/06/17 / #20170097297

Optical sensors for monitoring biopharmaceutical solutions in single-use containers

Disposable, pre-sterilized, and pre-calibrated, pre-validated sensor components are provided. The sensor components interact with a sensor system having disposable fluid conduit or bioreactor bag and a reusable sensor assembly. The components can include an optical bench or inset optical component or module designed to be integrated within the disposable fluid... Parker hannifin Corporation

03/30/17 / #20170088119

Adaptive power management for hybrid vehicles

A hybrid drive vehicle control method and apparatus for a hybrid drive vehicle having a prime mover, drive wheels, a hybrid mechanism having an energy storage device, and an electrical controller is provided. The apparatus and method collect vehicle data characteristic of how the vehicle is operated, and compare the... Parker hannifin Corporation

03/23/17 / #20170082093

Controller and system for utility vehicle

A vehicle includes a pump having a swash plate tiltable about a swashplate tilt axis, wherein rotation of the swashplate changes the title angle and effects a change in volumetric displacement of the pump. A controller is operatively coupled to the swashplate to effect rotation of the swashplate, the controller... Parker hannifin Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170072793

Power take off having adjustable clutch actuation rate

A power take off unit includes an output gear having a hydraulic circuit. The hydraulic circuit is an internal hydraulic circuit that is in fluid communication with an internal clutch assembly. The hydraulic circuit includes a flow-restrictive passage that modulates the flow of hydraulic fluid in order to provide a... Parker hannifin Corporation

03/16/17 / #20170074401

Press-in-place gasket

A gasket includes a main body being a first compressible elastomeric material and having a generally planar and annular shape; and at least one fluid passage sealing element being of a second compressible elastomeric material different from the first compressible elastomeric material, the at least one fluid passage sealing element... Parker hannifin Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170049659

Wearable robotic device

A self-aligning, self-drawing coupler for coupling body assemblies together improves usability of a wearable robotic device. A self-contained removable actuator cassette improves the ease of manufacture and of replacing parts in the field. A tensioning retention system designed for one handed operation makes donning and doffing a wearable robotic device... Parker hannifin Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170050226

Self-cleaning monitoring system for biomass processing

A self-contained monitoring assembly and method of self-cleaning for monitoring a process fluid. The assembly and method includes a closed loop of fluid flow having at least one housing having a sensor chamber, a sensor positioned within the sensor chamber, an injection nozzle receiving the process fluid through an inlet... Parker hannifin Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170051830

Large perimeter segmented seals

A segmented sealing assembly includes a first sealing segment and a second sealing segment, the first and second sealing segments having opposing mating components that are moved into a contact engagement to form the sealing assembly. The first and second sealing components include a first primary seal component on the... Parker hannifin Corporation

02/23/17 / #20170051836

Spool valve with special metering configuration for hydraulic valve main control speed

A spool component for use in a spool valve has a cylindrical body including a first diameter portion and a second diameter portion, the first diameter portion having a diameter that is larger than a diameter of the second diameter portion. A metering notch is cut into the first diameter... Parker hannifin Corporation

02/09/17 / #20170037856

Integral pump pressure relief valve

A fuel pump includes a cartridge removably received within a canister. The cartridge includes a motor assembly, and a pump assembly that includes a centrifugal pumping element and outlet porting from the centrifugal pumping element. The motor drives the centrifugal pumping element to generate a flow of fluid through a... Parker hannifin Corporation

02/02/17 / #20170027106

Mowing machine brake apparatus with slideable engagement

A brake apparatus for a mowing machine that includes a brake gear operatively rotatable with a rotatable member and a lock assembly for meshing with the brake gear to restrict rotation of the brake gear. A guide rail assembly is fixable relative to a support for supporting the rotatable member... Parker hannifin Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170021083

Apheresis system

A therapeutic apheresis system including a tube set and a panel is presented. The tube set includes an in-line pressure sensor in fluid connection with tubing. The panel includes apertures that are aligned with electrical connectors through which a rigid plug portion of an in-line pressure sensors extends and makes... Parker hannifin Corporation

01/26/17 / #20170023026

Hydraulic sectional control valve with multiple relief slots

A working valve section for a sectional fluid control valve comprising a valve section housing having a substantially planar surface for being attached to an adjacent valve section housing; a main control spool bore (43) extending into the housing substantially parallel to the planar surface; a compensator spool bore (46)... Parker hannifin Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170009926

Heated hose and method

A heated hose assembly (10) includes a tubular member (12), a heater device (14) having an electrical resistance element (18) in thermal communication with the tubular member (12), and a thermal regulating device (30) that controls a flow of electrical current through the heater device (14) based on a sensed... Parker hannifin Corporation

01/12/17 / #20170009938

Lubrication/bleeder fitting

A lubrication/bleeder fitting (10) is provided including a cap (14), a body (12) having a first end (15) coupled to the cap, a second end (17) opposite the first end, and an axially extending cavity (40) extending between the first and second ends. The fitting also includes a poppet seat... Parker hannifin Corporation

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01/05/17 / #20170002842

Universal orientation electro-hydraulic actuator

An electro-hydraulic actuator is operable in any orientation without changing components. The electro-hydraulic actuator includes a reservoir for containing a hydraulic fluid, a bladder within the reservoir for containing a compressible gas, a pump fluidly connected to the reservoir with one or more inlet/outlet ports, and an electric motor drivingly... Parker hannifin Corporation

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