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Parker hannifin Corporation
Parker hannifin Corporation parker
Parker hannifin Corporation A Corporation
Parker hannifin Corporation_20131212

Parker hannifin Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Parker hannifin Corporation. Parker hannifin Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Parker hannifin Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Parker hannifin Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17Slide through fitting
11/23/17Hydraulic rotary ball screw actuator
11/16/17Window lift mechanism
11/16/17Directional control valve
11/09/17Positioning of disks in the brake released mode for multi disk brakes
11/02/17Aircraft actuator with no-back, load detent assembly
10/26/17Axial hydraulic piston pump
10/26/17Integral fan and airflow guide
10/26/17Directional control valve
10/26/17Three-way pressure control and flow regulator valve
10/19/17Hydrostatic pump barrel with sloped kidney ports
10/19/17Fan with integrated shaft guard
10/19/17Central tire inflation/deflation system with a timed function ctis wheel valve
10/12/17Gate valve
09/28/17System architectures for steering and work functions in a wheel
09/28/17Aircraft wheel assembly
09/28/17Non chattering pressure relief valve
09/28/17Multiple layer hardness ferrule and method
09/28/17Solid state ph sensing continuous flow system
08/10/17Hydraulic servo valve
08/03/17Inline insert molded filter assembly
07/13/17Oil exchange in hydraulically operated and electro-hydraulically operated hydraulic valves
06/29/17Integrated displacement controlled pump
06/29/17Method of controlling velocity of a hydraulic actuator in over-center linkage systems
06/15/17Bag filter assembly
06/15/17System and fuel cell cathode gas humidification
06/08/17Eccentrically piloted hydraulic commutator
06/08/17Pressure regulator
06/08/17Hydraulic reservoir for electrohydraulic actuator
05/25/17Hose coupling assembly for subsea applications
05/18/17Non-spill connect under pressure coupler
05/18/17Aerospace fuel cell control system
05/11/17Multiple identification point automated parameter assurance method
05/11/17Power efficiency control mechanism for a working machine
05/04/17Adapter coupling
05/04/17Fuel cell cathode switching for aircraft applications
04/27/17Planetary power take off device
04/20/17Rotary valve
04/13/17Solid state electrodes and sensors
04/06/17Monoflange valve
04/06/17Optical sensors for monitoring biopharmaceutical solutions in single-use containers
03/30/17Adaptive power management for hybrid vehicles
03/23/17Controller and system for utility vehicle
03/16/17Power take off having adjustable clutch actuation rate
03/16/17Press-in-place gasket
02/23/17Wearable robotic device
02/23/17Self-cleaning monitoring system for biomass processing
02/23/17Large perimeter segmented seals
02/23/17Spool valve with special metering configuration for hydraulic valve main control speed
02/09/17Integral pump pressure relief valve
02/02/17Mowing machine brake apparatus with slideable engagement
01/26/17Apheresis system
01/26/17Hydraulic sectional control valve with multiple relief slots
01/12/17Heated hose and method
01/12/17Lubrication/bleeder fitting
01/05/17Universal orientation electro-hydraulic actuator
12/29/16Regenerative activated carbon filtration for aircraft obiggs
12/29/16Slit valve assembly having a spacer for maintaining a gap
12/22/16Electro-hydraulic drive system
12/22/16Rotating backup system for packer elements used in non-retrievable applications
12/15/16Hydraulic circuitry for skid steer loader valve
12/15/16Low leakage relief valve
12/08/16Variable height backup assembly for articulating boots
12/08/16Sensor to detect clogged drain in freeze/thaw applications
12/01/16Piezoelectrically-controlled fuel delivery system
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12/01/16Hard disk drive crash stop
11/17/16Pin filter
11/17/16Heat exchanger for laminar-flow aircraft
11/10/16Wheel preload device
11/03/16Self-bleeding, self-priming, reversible circuit
10/20/16Endoscopic sheath assembly
10/13/16Regenerative brake method and system
10/13/16System and controlling fluid flow and temperature within a pumped two-phase cooling distribution unit
09/29/16Shuttle valve stabilization through pressure differential and shuttle valve with hollow poppet with weep hole
09/22/16Apparatus and storing and retrieving optical sensor calibration data
09/15/16Passive optical circuit breaker
09/01/16Homogeneous emi vent panel and preparation thereof
08/25/16Filter drier
08/18/16Rfid enabled container
08/18/16Determining an extreme temperature location from a plurality of locations
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08/11/16High flow coalescer
08/11/16Gearbox shift lock-out device
08/11/16Fluid control systems employing compliant electroactive materials
08/11/16Floating optical sensor mount
07/21/16Non-barrier chambered pressurized reservoir
07/21/16Double pass reverse osmosis separator module
07/21/16Dielectric elastomer valve assembly
07/21/16Hose free sensor system for refrigerant unit
07/14/16High cycle and speed valve
07/14/16Method and device for producing an elastomer stack actuator
06/23/16Improved fuel tank access door gasket with reinforced seal
06/16/16Hydraulic hybrid swing drive system for excavators
06/09/16Low drag skin heat exchanger
06/09/16Pilot-operated valve
06/02/16Metering check valve
06/02/16Non chattering pressure relief valve
05/26/16Pressure and temperature compensated control valve assembly
05/26/16Vent for load sense valves
05/26/16Overshoot reduction on pump controls
05/26/16Hydraulic port safety locking device
05/26/16High strength flexible ferrule
05/19/16Floating wind turbine bearing seal with enhanced profile
05/19/16Twist-to-connect dry break coupling
05/12/16Spool valve for dual fuel base operation filters
05/12/16Actuator provided with a gear box, position indicator for a gear box, and related methods
04/28/16Hydrostatic-parallel hydraulic hybrid architectures
04/28/16Combined oil and water separator in an air brake dryer
04/21/16Obiggs asm performance modulation via temperature control
04/14/16Belt tensioning method
04/14/16Bus conditioner for an aircraft power system
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03/31/16Method for controlling pressure in a hydraulic actuator
03/31/16Low torque multi-circuit control valve
03/31/16Compression fitting with torque nut
03/24/16Method to detect hydraulic valve failure in hydraulic system
03/17/16Method of increasing electro-hydrostatic actuator piston velocity
03/10/16Captured fastener device
03/10/16Face tooth hydraulic piston brake
03/03/16Self-lubricating and draining, contacting face, rotating shaft seal
02/25/16Pump control method and system
02/04/16Shutoff valve assembly
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01/28/16Electroactive polymer actuated air flow thermal management module
01/14/16Hydraulic hybrid swing drive system for excavators
01/07/16Variable load sense open center hybrid system
01/07/16Actuator thrust rod and assembly
01/07/16Modular hydrostatic transmission
01/07/16Modular fuel cell systems and methods
12/31/15Modulating balance ported three way valve
12/31/15Reverse flow check valve in hydraulic valve with series circuit
12/31/15Inline connect breakaway hose coupler
12/31/15Pre-applied conductive adhesive for emi shielding
12/24/15Ultra-high vacuum metallic seal
12/24/15Diaphragm valve with dual point seal and floating diaphragm web
12/17/15Gas compressor
12/17/15Power take-off having reduced gear noise
12/17/15Pressure limited flow spool
12/17/15Pressure limited flow priority boost
12/10/15Combined power take-off and synchronizer assembly
12/10/15Direct injection multipoint nozzle
11/19/15High pressure containment vessel
11/12/15Hydrostatic transmission with spool valve driven motor
11/12/15Single-use sensors in bioreactors, biotech purification and bioprocessing
11/05/15Cleaning composition for metal articles
11/05/15Pump/compressor valve seat
11/05/15Control valve and system with primary and auxiliary function control
11/05/15Hydraulic control valve with manual override
10/29/15Smooth control of hydraulic actuator
10/29/15Controller and system for utility vehicle
10/29/15Multi-coupling with serviceable locking mechanism
10/29/15Sensor sleeve for health monitoring of an article
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10/29/15Hermetic high current solid state power controller
10/15/15Encapsulating outer shell for membrane elements
10/15/15Hydraulically controlled hydrostatic transmission
10/15/15Inert linear shear valve
10/15/15Polymer diode
10/01/15Aircraft ground support vehicle
10/01/15Electro-hydrostatic actuator deceleration rate control system
10/01/15Crimpless piston-slipper assembly
10/01/15Gear control system for vibration attenuation
10/01/15Quick connect coupling
10/01/15Through wall installation of sensors in fuel tanks
09/24/15Reinforced oil filter check valve
09/24/15Self-locking no-back actuator
09/24/15Multi-ported refrigeration valve assembly
09/24/15Over-voltage suppression circuit
08/20/15Reciprocating-rod seal
08/20/15Quick coupling for connecting during fluid flow in a hydraulic circuit
08/06/15Syringe having a piston with embedded rfid chip
08/06/15Pilot-operated valve with floating piston
08/06/15Electrical interconnect terminals for rolled dielectric elastomer transducers
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08/06/15Rolled and compliant dielectric elastomer actuators
08/06/15Machine and methods for making rolled dielectric elastomer transducers
07/23/15Packer with anti-extrusion backup system
07/23/15Secondary fluid valve and system
07/09/15Keyed spin-on filter element
07/09/15Pilot operated valve
07/09/15Apparatus for controlling pressure and flow of gases, particularly in mining applications
07/02/15Adjustable center pole
06/25/15Vehicle with hydrostatic transmission
06/11/15Method for determining the concentration of iron ions in hydrocarbon compositions
06/11/15Multiple layer hardness ferrule
06/04/15Riser clamp
06/04/15Pump condition monitoring and recovery
06/04/15Piezo-actuated pilot valve
05/28/15Analytical detecting volatile organic compounds in water
05/28/15Pump control system and method
05/21/15Parallel evaporator circuit with balanced flow
04/23/15Electroactive polymer based pressure sensor
04/16/15Filter element wave seal gland
04/09/15Stretch frame for stretching process
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04/09/15Filter element with undulating seal
04/09/15Aircraft fluid gauging techniques using pressure measurements and optical sensors
04/02/15Fluid filter with thermal control and pressure bypass
04/02/15Retention and anti-roatation for bulkhead fittings
03/05/15Thrust cylinder with offset drive screw
03/05/15Reconfigurable and scalable compressed natural gas refilling station
03/05/15Rotary valve
03/05/15Emi shielding vent panel frame
03/05/15Homogeneous emi vent panel and preparation thereof
03/05/15Internally cooled servo motor with segmented stator
03/05/15Sample dish and compressed gas microbial test unit
02/26/15Container wand assembly
02/26/15Hydromechanical transmission with double sump gear unit housing
02/19/15Method of assembly for hydromechanical transmission
02/19/15Pto driven chipper system
02/19/15Hydromechanical transmission and assemblies
02/12/15Lens shutter and aperture control devices
02/05/15Roll-to-roll manufacturing processes for producing self-healing electroactive polymer devices
02/05/15Hybrid drive behicle control method and system
02/05/15Agricultural equipment fluid delivery system
01/29/15Drive shaft detection for pump or motor protection
01/22/15Insertable flow meter
01/22/15End cap retention device
01/15/15Planetary power take off device
01/15/15Integrated hybrid drive module
01/15/15Offline filtration device and method
01/01/15Self pumping and sensing hose utilizing electroactive polymer strips
01/01/15Power take-off unit (pto) with integral shifter
01/01/15Leveling method and system with learn function
12/25/14Diesel fuel and urea tank air breather filter
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12/25/14Electro-hydraulic system with float function
12/25/14Hydraulic hybrid swing drive system for excavators
12/18/14Hydrostatic transmission with integrated pump and motor
12/18/14Hollow gerotor
12/11/14Deflectable conductive gasket with environmental seal
12/04/14Stacked solenoid operated linear actuator tube
11/20/14Bellows bulb occlusion valve
11/06/14Encapsulated piezoelectric valve
11/06/14Indoor and outdoor ambient condition driven system
10/16/14Stream switching system
10/09/14Anti-rotate cylinder apparatus
09/18/14Reverse cooling desiccant regeneration
09/18/14Quick connect coupling
09/18/14Concentric flexible hose assembly
09/11/14Depth coalescing filter with barrier media patch
08/14/14Auxiliary power module
08/14/14Vacuum pump/ air and gas compressor
07/31/14Method and system for controlling electric actuators
07/24/14Filter element and assembly with bypass reverse flow filter end cap
05/08/14Check valve assembly
05/08/14Metal chevron axial seal
05/08/14Electro-hydraulic actuator (eha) for pallet truck
03/06/14Risk-managed, single-use, pre-calibrated, pre-sterilized sensors for use in bio-processing applications
01/30/14Electro-proportional pilot operated poppet valve with pressure compensation
01/23/14Low noise relief valve
12/12/13Combined power take-off and hydraulic pump assembly
12/05/13Floating optical sensor mount
12/05/13Coupling with locking bars

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