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Paypal Inc
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Paypal Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Paypal Inc. Paypal Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Paypal Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Paypal Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Selective screen privacy
04/27/17 new patent  Portable point-of-sale devices
04/27/17 new patent  Electronic payment restriction
04/27/17 new patent  System and simplified checkout
04/27/17 new patent  Triggers for automatic purchasing based on dynamic sales data
04/27/17 new patent  Emoji commanded action
04/27/17 new patent  Security for emoji based commands
04/20/17Secure sms / email tokenization systems
04/20/17Secure cardless cash withdrawal
04/20/17Crypto currency chargeback system
04/20/17Secure multi-factor user authentication on disconnected mobile devices
04/20/17Crypto currency chargeback system
04/20/17Systems and methods for facilitating card verification over a network
04/20/17Wearable device authentication
04/20/17Automated user information provision using images
04/20/17Secure short message service (sms) communications
04/13/17Applying multi-level clustering at scale to unlabeled data for anomaly detection and security
04/13/17Automatic taxonomy alignment
04/13/17Dynamic hosted shopping cart
04/06/17Intelligent selection of transaction processing technology available at a merchant location
04/06/17Automatic synchronization of a device for transaction processing based on geo-fenced locations
04/06/17Allocating expense of data transfers between participants
04/06/17Systems and methods for targeted assistance on user check-in
03/30/17Tokenized data having split payment instructions for multiple accounts in a chain transaction
03/30/17Sensory feedback payment system
03/30/17Email deal alerter through data scraping
03/30/17Multi-device authentication
03/30/17Conversation assistance system
03/30/17Method and system for targeted broadcast advertising
03/30/17Client device access to data based on address configurations
03/30/17Systems and methods for authentication using low quality and high quality authentication information
03/23/17Processing unstructured information
03/16/17Simplified orders using words or phrases
03/09/17Unpredictable time clock
03/09/17Centralized transaction record storage
03/09/17Monitored transactions at automatic teller machines
03/02/17Data replication between databases with heterogenious data platforms
03/02/17User-friendly transaction interface
03/02/17Enabling secure transactions with an underpowered device
03/02/17Token service provider for electronic/mobile commerce transactions
03/02/17Secondary device communications for intelligent selection of electronic sources
03/02/17Optimizing tokens for identity platforms
03/02/17Predicting account takeover tsunami using dump quakes
02/23/17Method for transmitting code
02/23/17Behavioral stochastic authentication (bsa)
02/23/17One bill date on a graphical user interface
02/23/17Cash flow management
02/23/17High-yielding detection of remote abusive content
02/16/17Enhancing information security via the use of a dummy credit card number
02/16/17System and method to provide altered benefit based on preferred status
02/16/17Processing available user data to determine a user profile for use in anticipating changing user interests
02/09/17Scalable continuous integration and delivery systems and methods
02/09/17Scalable continuous integration and delivery systems and methods
02/09/17System and visualization of data
02/09/17Smart charging of user devices
02/02/17Protecting against malware variants using reconstructed code of malware
02/02/17Pairing of transactional partners using associated data and identifiers
02/02/17Send money plug in for web mails
02/02/17Server device configurations based on machine learning
02/02/17Wireless communication beacon and gesture detection system
02/02/17Information feed in-line purchasing system
01/26/17Anonymous account security exchange
01/26/17Methods and systems for altering settings or performing an action by a user device based on detecting or authenticating a user of the user device
01/26/17Wearable devices and systems for event administration and event related transactions
01/26/17Shared authentication for limited use of an associated account based on user location and connected devices
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01/26/17Automatic authentication for a user with a service provider during a voice data connection to a merchant
01/19/17Replica database query routing for database environments
01/19/17Query result caching for database environments
01/19/17Read/write split database query routing
01/12/17Location based transaction tracking based on data from devices at transaction location
01/12/17Wireless dongle facilitated mobile transactions
01/12/17Intuitive real-time money management dashboard
01/12/17Friendly funding source
01/12/17Method and system for interface data utilization
01/12/17Commerce oriented uniform resource locater (url) shortener
01/05/17Online logo tool
01/05/17Free-form entries during payment processes
01/05/17Limited use authentication on detection of non-operational device
01/05/17Mixed deployment architecture for distributed services
12/29/16Focused advertising across multiple communication channels
Patent Packs
12/29/16Incentive offer management system
12/22/16Card reader for mobile device
12/22/16Secure package delivery
12/22/16Checkout line processing based on detected information from a user's communication device
12/22/16Split path data communication
12/22/16Processing payment at a point of sale with limited information
12/22/16Display region allocation using category-based contextual techniques
12/22/16Passporting credentials between a mobile app and a web browser
12/22/16Smart phone login using qr code
12/22/16Systems and methods for providing payment hotspots
12/15/16Method and apparatus to author and manage pages of a website
12/08/16Anti-skimming payment card
12/08/16Portal interface for establishment and management of confirmed payment account
12/08/16Authentication through multiple pathways based on device capabilities and user requests
12/01/16Method and system for detecting slow page load
12/01/16Password check by decomposing password
12/01/16Method and system for offering a credit product by a credit issuer to a consumer at a point-of-sale
11/24/16Interactive voice response valet
11/24/16Combining a qr code and an image
11/24/16Security authentication using payment card display devices at accepted merchant locations
11/24/16Hosted sensitive data form fields for compliance with security standards
11/24/16Systems and methods for enabling additional devices to check in to bluetooth low energy (ble) beacons
11/24/16Passive check-in
11/17/16Adding on-the-fly comments to code
11/17/16Generating a search result ranking function
11/17/16Methods and systems for selecting accounts and offers in payment transactions
11/17/16Reverse payment flow
11/17/16Mobile device nfc-based detection and merchant payment system
11/17/16System and site outage management
11/17/16Recommendations based on branding
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11/17/16Parking lockers
11/10/16Systems and methods for location-based application installation
11/10/16On-screen code stabilization
11/10/16System and retrieving and normalizing product information
11/03/16Electronic payment and budgeting system utilizing configurable payment cards
11/03/16Codeless qr code
11/03/16Differential client-side encryption of information originating from a client
10/27/16Contextual breadcrumbs during navigation
10/27/16Unified login across applications
10/20/16Methods and systems for determining routing
Patent Packs
10/20/16Render engine, and using the same, to verify data for access and/or publication via a computer system
10/20/16Suspending and resuming transactions through wireless beacon communications
10/20/16Systems and methods for determining an authentication attempt threshold
10/20/16Two factor authentication using a one-time password
10/20/16Proxied push notifications based on user interaction
10/13/16Wireless beacon devices for preventing fraud using loyalty information for a user
10/13/16In-store card activation
10/13/16Information provision through temporary social networks
10/06/16Defining a set of data across multiple databases using variables and functions
10/06/16Summarization of short comments
10/06/16Composite search results
10/06/16Delivery instructions on delivery location detection through a wireless beacon device
10/06/16Authorization and capture with multiple currencies
10/06/16Point of sale payment system
10/06/16Nfc transaction processing systems and methods
10/06/16Nfc mobile wallet processing systems and methods
10/06/16Business communication service
10/06/16Online marketplace interface having a network of qualified user offers
10/06/16Smart card battery charging during card use
09/29/16Contextually aware billboard display devices using wireless beacon device communications
09/29/16Analyzing user-preferred characteristics among merchants
09/29/16Systems and methods for authenticating a user and device
09/29/16System and methods for secure entry of a personal identification number (pin)
09/22/16Selection and organization based on selection of x-y position
09/22/16Systems and methods for checking a user into a location using a packet sequence including location information
09/22/16Method and system for tracking fraudulent activity
09/22/16Systems and methods for implementing access control based on location-based cookies
09/22/16Server side data cache system
09/15/16Image based mms transactions mechanism
09/15/16Replaying tokenized payment transactions
Patent Packs
09/15/16Widget framework, real-time service orchestration, and real-time resource aggregation
09/15/16Enhanced mobile transactions and payments
09/15/16Nfc application registry for enhanced mobile transactions and payments
09/15/16Nfc rendezvous protocol for enhanced mobile transactions and payments
09/15/16Nfc cookies for enhanced mobile transactions and payments
09/15/16Method and system for verifying an electronic transaction
09/15/16Shared pools for common transactions
09/15/16Electronic coupon management
09/15/16Social commerce affiliate exchange
09/15/16In-store advertisement customization
09/15/16Credit line sharing
09/15/16Application platform with flexible permissioning
09/08/16Payment application with merchant physical location personalization
09/08/16Method and using sensors on a portable electronic device to verify transactions
09/01/16Systems and methods for shopping detour during traffic congestion
09/01/16Content inversion for user searches and product recommendations systems and methods
09/01/16Point-of sale systems
09/01/16Online purchasing system supporting lenders with affordability screening
09/01/16Video mail through peer to peer network
09/01/16Secure randomized input
Social Network Patent Pack
08/25/16Using emulation to disassociate verification from stimulus in functional test
08/25/16Methods and systems for accessing inventory using smart containers
08/18/16Systems and methods for detecting anomalies
08/18/16Generating a prediction function using a genetic algorithm and a reduced number of factors
08/18/16Methods and systems for wallet enrollment
08/18/16In-store card activation
08/18/16Geotagged image for checking validity of purchase transaction
08/18/16System and method to allow access to a value holding account
08/18/16Systems and methods for facilitating user selection events over a network
08/11/16User interface overlay application with learning capability
08/11/16Dynamic location-based autopopulation
08/11/16System and methods for third-party access to a network-based system for providing location-based upcoming event information
08/11/16Method and data recipient storage and retrieval of data using a network communication device
08/04/16Systems and methods for marking content
08/04/16Interactive captcha
08/04/16Biometric authentication of mobile financial transactions by trusted service managers
07/28/16Method and system for facilitating online payments based on an established payment agreement
07/28/16Method and product for providing a predictive security product and evaluating existing security products
07/28/16Payment processing methods and systems
07/28/16Mobile transaction devices enabling unique identifiers for facilitating credit checks
Social Network Patent Pack
07/28/16Method and product for providing a predictive security product and evaluating existing security products
07/28/16Daisy chain distribution in data centers
07/28/16Nomination of a primary cell phone from a pool of cell phones
07/21/16Methods, systems, and generating search results
07/21/16System and transaction security enhancement
07/21/16Same screen quick pay button
07/21/16Point of sale payment system
07/14/16Mobile devices for activating instant disposable payment cards
07/14/16Device reputation
07/14/16Verification and limits processing
07/14/16Virtual contact cards
07/14/16System and transaction security enhancement
07/07/16Interactive voice response interface for webpage navigation
07/07/16Payment link
07/07/16Systems, methods, and computer program products for on-line gifting
07/07/16System and method to uniformly manage operational life cycles and service levels
06/30/16Wearable device authentication
06/30/16Authenticating activities of accounts
06/30/16Systems and methods for location-based transaction information capturing
06/30/16Alternative payment online transactions using interactive voice response
06/30/16User identification and personalization based on automotive identifiers
06/30/16Detection of users and vehicle usage for variable insurance terms
06/23/16App store update notification and warning system
06/23/16Device orientation based translation system
06/23/16Mobile phone atm processing methods and systems
06/23/16Unified identity verification
06/16/16Anti-skimming payment card
06/16/16Automatic detection of mobile payment applications
06/16/16System and preventing multiple charges for a transaction in a payment system
06/16/16Method and product for providing a predictive security product and evaluating existing security products
Social Network Patent Pack
06/16/16Method and product for providing a predictive security product and evaluating existing security products
06/16/16Destination device billing according to call recipient
06/09/16User information population
06/09/16Expansion of database search queries
06/09/16Method and system for processing transfer requests
06/09/16Travel account
06/09/16Login using qr code
05/26/16Location detection devices for event scheduling
05/26/16Modular device payment system
05/26/16Systems and methods for generating location-based group recommendations
05/26/16Distress identifier to cause an action
05/26/16Visualization of access information
05/26/16System and methods for protecting users from malicious content
05/19/16System to generate related search queries
05/19/16Method, medium, and system for session based shopping
05/12/16Systems and methods for flexible merchant pricing
05/12/16Presenting previously hidden user interface options within a graphical user interface
05/12/16Payment processing apparatus
05/12/16Real-time payments through financial institution
05/12/16Paid promotional tags
05/05/16System and graph pattern analysis
05/05/16Smart line routing using wireless beacons
05/05/16Method and system for synchronous and asynchronous monitoring
04/28/16Selective presentation of data items
04/28/16Economic optimization for product search relevancy
04/28/16Method and system for dynamic funding
04/28/16Augmented reality view of product instructions
04/28/16Systems and methods for authenticating a user based on a biometric model associated with the user
04/21/16Method and system for dynamic funding

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