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05/18/17 new patent  Nicotine powder delivery system with airflow management means
05/18/17 new patent  Container having a movable wall
05/11/17Reduction of nicotine to nornicotine conversion in plants
05/04/17Inductive heating device and system for aerosol-generation
05/04/17Wax encapsulated zeolite flavour delivery system for tobacco
04/20/17Aerosol-generating system comprising a cartridge with an internal air flow passage
04/06/17Monolithic plane with electrical contacts and methods for manufacturing the same
04/06/17Aerosol-generating system for delivering nicotine salt particles
04/06/17Aerosol-forming article comprising magnetic particles
03/30/17Aerosol-generating devices incorporating an intertwined wick and heating element
03/30/17Aerosol-generating article with internal susceptor
03/23/17Inductively heatable tobacco product
03/23/17Inductive heating device and system for aerosol-generation
03/23/17Aerosol-generating system comprising a fluid permeable susceptor element
03/16/17Aerosol-forming substrate and aerosol-delivery system
03/09/17Aerosol-forming substrate and aerosol-delivery system
03/02/17Combustible heat source having a barrier affixed thereto and manufacture thereof
03/02/17Inductive heating device, aerosol delivery system comprising an inductive heating device, and operating same
03/02/17Inductive heating device, aerosol-delivery system comprising an inductive heating device, and operating same
02/23/17Filter with improved hardness and filtration efficiency
02/23/17Container having a heater for an aerosol-generating device, and aerosol-generating device
02/16/17Tobacco composition comprising tobacco flower
02/16/17Smoking article with ventilated mouth end cavity
02/16/17Electrically heated aerosol-generating system with end heater
02/16/17Container having a heater for an aerosol-generating device, and aerosol-generating device
02/09/17Reconstituted tobacco sheets and related methods
02/09/17Smoking article with tactile liquid release component
02/09/17Nicotine powder inhaler
02/09/17Flavoured nicotine powder inhaler
02/09/17Container having a heater for an aerosol-generating device, and aerosol-generating device
02/02/17Smoking article with liquid release component having frangible shell
02/02/17Aerosol-generating system having a fluid-permeable heater assembly
02/02/17Aerosol-generating system comprising a planar induction coil
02/02/17Aerosol generating device with battery indication
02/02/17Electrically heated aerosol-generating system
02/02/17Power and data transmission system and method
01/05/17Multi-segment filter tube
01/05/17Smoking article with a valve
12/08/16Cartridge with a heater assembly for an aerosol-generating system
12/08/16Cartridge for an aerosol-generating system
12/01/16Aerosol-generating system comprising a device and a cartridge, in which the device ensures electrical contact with the cartridge
12/01/16Aerosol-generating system having a heater assembly and a cartridge for an aerosol-generating system having a fluid permeable heater assembly
11/24/16Aerosol-generating system comprising a cylindrical polymeric capsule
11/24/16Fluid permeable heater assembly for an aerosol-generating assembling a fluid permeable heater for an aerosol-generating system
11/17/16Heated aerosol generating article with thermal spreading wrap
11/17/16Aerosol-generating article with low resistance air flow path
11/17/16Device and controlling an electrical heater to limit temperature
11/10/16Aerosol-generating device, and a capsule for use in an aerosol-generating device
11/10/16Wax encapsulated flavour delivery system for tobacco
11/03/16Method of treating tobacco stalks
11/03/16Smoking article comprising an insulated combustible heat source
11/03/16Activated carbon for smoking articles
10/27/16Thermal laminate rods for use in aerosol-generating articles
10/27/16Aerosol-generating article with rigid hollow tip
10/27/16Aerosol-generating system for generating and controlling the quantity of nicotine salt particles
10/27/16Systems and methods for predicting a smoking status of an individual
10/20/16Smoking article including flow restrictor in hollow tube
10/20/16Smoking article with dual additive delivery system
10/20/16Aerosol-generating article and electrically operated system incorporating a taggant
10/13/16Methods for reducing matrix-bound nicotine-derived nitrosamine ketone in tobacco plant material
10/13/16Smoking article with liquid release component
10/13/16Smoking article with liquid delivery material
10/13/16Smoking article having a filter including a capsule
10/13/16Aerosol-generating device comprising a heat exchanger
10/13/16Heated aerosol generating article with thermal spreading endpiece
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10/13/16Heated aerosol generating article with air-flow barrier
10/13/16Aerosol-forming substrate and aerosol-delivery system
10/13/16Non-tobacco nicotine containing article
10/06/16Smoking article including flavour granules having permeable outer layer
10/06/16Smoking composition comprising flavour precursor
10/06/16Apparatus and combining tobacco sheets
10/06/16Multiple use aerosol-generating system
10/06/16Method and treating continuous sheet material
09/22/16Smoking article filter including degradable filter component
09/08/16Aerosol generating device with a capillary interface
09/01/16Device and delivery of a medicament
08/18/16System and transferring rod-shaped articles and arrangement and retaining rod-shaped articles in a conveyor band
08/18/16Container having a folded label
08/11/16Aerosol-generating system for generating nicotine salt particles
07/28/16Method and manufacturing variable crimped web material
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07/28/16Heated aerosol-generating articles comprising improved rods
07/07/16Smoking article filter for easy extinguishing
07/07/16Smoking article with non-overlapping, radially separated, dual heat-conducting elements
06/30/16Systems and methods for crowd-verification of biological networks
06/23/16Smoking article wrapper with window
06/23/16Smoking article with single radially-separated heat-conducting element
06/23/16Heated aerosol-generating device and generating aerosol with consistent properties
06/09/16Method and system for wrapping an assembly of segments
06/09/16Hydrophobic paper
06/09/16Hydrophobic paper
06/02/16Smoking article wrapper having a window
06/02/16Aerosol-generating article with multi-material susceptor
06/02/16Smoking article having a particle containing wrapper
05/26/16A smoking article including a liquid delivery member and a wrapper
05/26/16Smoking article with dual heat-conducting elements and improved airflow
05/26/16Smoking article comprising a blind combustible heat source
05/19/16Smoking article comprising a combustible heat source with at least one airflow channel
05/12/16Radially firm smoking article filter
05/05/16Method of manufacturing an airflow directing segment for a smoking article
05/05/16Aerosol-generating system comprising a delivery enhancing compound source and a medicament source
05/05/16Aerosol-generating system comprising a mesh susceptor
04/28/16Smoking machine
04/28/16Smoking machine
03/24/16Electrically heated aerosol delivery system
03/17/16Method for combining segments of a smoking article and combiner for combining such segments
03/03/16Systems and methods for using mechanistic network models in systems toxicology
02/18/16Method of manufacture for a heater assembly for use with a liquid filled cartridge
02/11/16Smoking article including a flavour delivery member
02/04/16Methods for reducing one or more tobacco specific nitrosamines in tobacco material
02/04/16Aerosol-generating system having a piercing element
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01/28/16Aerosol-generating device comprising multiple solid-liquid phase-change materials
01/28/16Aerosol-generating system with a replaceable mouthpiece cover
01/28/16Aerosol-generating system with differential heating
01/14/16Smoking article with colour shifting marking
01/07/16Smoking article having hidden indicia
12/31/15Evaluating porosity distribution within a porous rod
12/17/15Method and manufacturing filters for smoking articles
12/17/15Aerosol from tobacco
12/10/15Apparatus and wrapping a sheet of wrapping material around a rod-shaped article
12/03/15Smoking article comprising an airflow directing element
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11/26/15A producing packaging blanks for consumer goods
11/19/15Method and storage of data for tracking manufactured items
11/12/15Container with guide element for adhesive
11/05/15Tobacco specific nitrosamine reduction in plants
11/05/15Extinguisher for a smoking article
11/05/15Smoking article with an airflow directing element comprising an aerosol-modifying agent
11/05/15Encapsulated volatile liquid source for an aerosol-generating system
11/05/15Tobacco specific nitrosamine reduction in plants
11/05/15Method and marking manufactured items using physical characteristic
10/29/15Container with magnetic closure
10/22/15Smoking article with transparent wrapper
10/22/15Impermeable bead in hollow cigarette filter tube
10/22/15Smoking article with removable cap
10/15/15Smoking article including flow restrictor
10/15/15Filter segment comprising an acetate salt and glycerine
10/15/15Method and manufacturing smoking article components having a removable wrap
10/15/15Quantitative assessment of biological impact using mechanistic network models
10/08/15Method and cleaning a heating element of aerosol generating device
10/01/15Smoking article with contoured filter portion
09/17/15Container with adhesive label
08/27/15Device and controlling an electrical heater to limit temperature
08/20/15Aerosol generating device with air flow detection
08/20/15Container with slidable lid and lifting feature
08/20/15Heavy metal reduction in planta
08/06/15Insulated heat source
08/06/15Plant promoters and uses thereof
07/30/15Processing sun-cured tobacco
07/30/15Method of forming smoking articles with mouth end cavities
07/30/15Smoking article with mouth end cavity
07/30/15Heated aerosol-generating device and generating aerosol with consistent properties
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07/16/15Apparatus and forming of collations of rod shaped articles
07/09/15Degradable filter for smoking articles
07/09/15Systems and methods for generating biomarker signatures
07/02/15Aerosol generating device having an internal heater
07/02/15Thermally conducting rods for use in aerosol-generating articles
06/25/15Systems and methods for generating biomarker signatures with integrated bias correction and class prediction
06/18/15Combustible heat source with improved binding agent
06/11/15Method of manufacturing a combustible heat source with a barrier
06/11/15Heating assembly for an aerosol generating system
06/04/15Blended rods for use in aerosol-generating articles
06/04/15Systems and methods for generating biomarker signatures with integrated dual ensemble and generalized simulated annealing techniques
05/28/15Smoking article with concentric filter
05/21/15Smoking article for use with an internal heating element
05/14/15Smoking article mouthpiece including aerogel
05/07/15Two part multi-component combiner
05/07/15Slide and shell container with ledge
04/30/15Tobacco substrate
04/23/15Smoking article mouthpiece with cooling agent inclusion complex
04/23/15Flavoured rods for use in aerosol-generating articles
04/23/15Electrically operated aerosol generating system
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04/23/15Method of manufacturing a combustible heat source
04/16/15Threonine synthase from nicotiana tabacum and methods and uses thereof
03/26/15Liquid tobacco composition
02/26/15Smoking article including dual heat-conducting elements
02/12/15Multi-segment smoking article
02/12/15Smoking article comprising an isolated combustible heat source
02/12/15Resealable container having tactile elements
02/05/15Smoking article comprising a flavour delivery material
02/05/15Hinge lid container with audible indication of closing
02/05/15Container with adhesive label with adhesive free area
01/29/15Smoking article with dual function cap
01/29/15Aerosol-generating article having an aerosol-cooling element
01/29/15Aerosol-generating article having biodegradeble flavour-generating component
01/29/15Ventilated smoking article including sorbent material
01/22/15Aerosol-generating device and system
01/22/15Reinforced resealable inner package for container
01/22/15Method of making a multilayer article
01/15/15Extractor for an aerosol-generating device
01/15/15Smoking article with improved airflow
01/08/15Multilayer combustible heat source
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12/25/14Smoking article with front-plug and aerosol-forming substrate and method
12/25/14Composite heat source for a smoking article
12/25/14Container with adhesive label
12/18/14Polygonal aerosol-generating device and system
12/18/14Elongate aerosol-generating device and system
12/18/14Method for producing apolipoprotein in plants
12/11/14Non-rolling aerosol-generating device and system
12/04/14Isopropylmalate synthase from nicotiana tabacum and methods and uses thereof
12/04/14Aerosol generating device with adjustable airflow
11/27/14Detection of aerosol-forming substrate in an aerosol generating device
11/27/14Aerosol generating system with consumption monitoring and feedback
11/27/14Smoking article with front-plug and method
11/27/14Aerosol generating device with a capillary interface
11/27/14Power supply system for portable aerosol-generating device
11/20/14Aerosol generating device and system with improved airflow
11/13/14Aerosol generating device with air flow nozzles
11/06/14Combustible heat source for a smoking article
10/30/14Method of producing expanded tobacco stems
10/30/14Method of processing tobacco leaves
10/30/14Electrically operated aerosol generating system having aerosol production control
10/23/14Method of treating burley tobacco stems
10/16/14Aerosol-generating article for use with an aerosol-generating device
10/16/14Aerosol generating device with improved temperature distribution
10/16/14Permeable electric thermal resistor foil for vaporizing fluids from single-use mouthpieces with vaporizer membranes
10/09/14Smoking article including flavour granules
10/09/14Aerosol generating system with improved aerosol production
10/09/14Aerosol generating device with heater assembly
10/02/14Method and system for the vacuum infiltration of plants
10/02/14Hydroponic growing system
10/02/14Inner frame with at least one creasing line, container containing same, use of such an inner frame blank and increasing stability of a container
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10/02/14Protein expression in plants
10/02/14Computer-assisted structure identification
10/02/14Alpha-mannosidases from plants and methods for using the same
09/25/14Multi-segment smoking article
09/25/14Treatment device for a smoking article and cartridge therefor
09/25/14Smoking article comprising a combustible heat source with a rear barrier coating
09/11/14Method for expressing deoxyribonuclease in plants
08/14/14Smoking article filter including polymeric insert
08/14/14Wrapped package with opening tab
07/31/14Systems and methods for network-based biological activity assessment
07/10/14Methods for reducing the formation of tobacco specific nitrosamines in tobacco homogenates
06/19/14Rods for use in smoking articles
05/29/14Apparatus for separating a first pack and a second pack which are arranged in a stack
05/22/14Tobacco cut filler including cut rolled stems
05/08/14Container and lifting means for an article
03/20/14Method for producing mullerian inhibitor substance in plants
02/27/14Vectors for nucleic acid expression in plants
01/23/14Aerosol generating system having means for determining depletion of a liquid substrate
01/16/14Electrically heated smoking system comprising at least two units
12/26/13Electrically heated aerosol generating system having improved heater control
12/05/13Hinge lid container having hermetic seal
12/05/13Reduced ceramic heating element
11/28/13Methods for capturing virus like particles from plants using expanded bed chromatogrpahy
11/21/13Aerosol generating system with prevention of condensate leakage
11/21/13Aerosol generating system with leakage prevention
11/21/13Aerosol generating system with means for disabling consumable
10/31/13Container having transparent optical element
10/31/13Container with diffuse reflection in a transition area
10/17/13Carbazole and carboline derivatives, and preparation and therapeutic applications thereof

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