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Philips Lighting Holding B v patents

Recent patent applications related to Philips Lighting Holding B v. Philips Lighting Holding B v is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Philips Lighting Holding B v may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Philips Lighting Holding B v, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17Tubular lighting fixture
06/22/17Led luminaire
06/22/17Method and an asymmetric optical lens
06/22/17Apparatus and providing downlighting and wall-washing lighting effects
06/22/17Locating a portable device based on coded light
06/22/17Detection and notification of pressure waves by lighting units
06/22/17A wavelength converting element, a light emitting module and a luminaire
06/22/17Demand responsive lighting control system and method
06/15/17Lighting device, luminaire and manufacturing method
06/15/17Lighting control based on deformation of flexible lighting strip
06/15/17Illumination device
06/15/17Coded light symbol encoding
06/08/17Lighting device and masking an edge transition
06/08/17Light-emitting acoustic panel and lighting system comprising a set of such panels
06/08/17Power supply system and method and circuit using the same
06/08/17Dynamic control circuit
06/08/17Led driver, lighting system using the driver and driving method
06/01/17Optical arrangement, lighting device and illumination method
06/01/17Computer-controlled lighting system
06/01/17Efficient board to board connection
06/01/17Distinguishing devices having positions and directions
06/01/17Compact led lighting unit
06/01/17Light scene creation or modification by means of lighting device usage data
06/01/17Lighting system
05/25/17Rotationally adjustable lamp and manufacturing method
05/25/17Detection of coded light
05/25/17Adjustable lamp base
05/25/17A lighting system for illuminating an article
05/25/17Proxy for legacy lighting control component
05/25/17Splittable light strings and methods of splitting light strings
05/18/17A controlling an artificial light plant growing system
05/18/17Freshness of fruit and/or vegetables
05/18/17Lighting device and luminaire
05/18/17Lighting device with mechanical fastening part
05/18/17Lens, lighting device and luminaire
05/18/17A lighting device providing light mixed from several light sources
05/18/17Lighting device and luminaire
05/18/17Luminescence concentrator with increased efficiency
05/18/17Power harvesting circuit and method
05/18/17High-dynamic-range coded light detection
05/18/17Apparatus and methods for external programming of processor of led driver
05/18/17Device management
05/18/17Light unit with built in antenna
05/11/17A window system including lighting and solar energy collection
05/11/17Driving circuit, driving arrangement and driving method, suitable for grid feeding
05/11/17Automatically commissioning a group of lighting units
05/11/17Multi-modal sensing
05/04/17Verification of images captured using a timestamp decoded from illumination from a modulated light source
05/04/17Commissioning of remotely managed intelligent lighting devices
05/04/17Transmission mode selection of a zigbee green power device
05/04/17Demand response for networked distributed lighting systems
04/27/17An optical system for collimation of light
04/27/17Determining the lighting effect for a virtually placed luminaire
04/27/17Programmable lighting device and programming lighting device
04/20/17Light emitting arrangement with adjustable emission spectrum
04/20/17Power-over-ethernet power distribution system
04/13/17Lighting device with an improved housing
04/13/17Lighting device and luminaire
04/13/17Installation quality feedback system
04/13/17Driving a light circuit with wireless control
04/06/17Bleeder control arrangement
03/30/17Emergency lighting system
03/30/17Low-cost low-power lighting system and lamp assembly
03/23/17An image capturing system, a kit for an image capturing system, a mobile phone, use of an image capturing system and a configuring a color matched light source
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03/16/17Methods and color mixing via angular light output modification
03/16/17Dual-mode lighting fixture
03/16/17Method for deploying sensors
03/16/17City data marektplace
03/16/17Power point tracking via solar-battery-converter
03/16/17Mitigating inter-symbol interference in coded light
03/16/17Device with a camera and a screen
03/16/17Circuit for led driver
03/16/17Emergency lighting driver with programmable output power
03/16/17Intelligent lighting system with predictive maintenance scheduling and operation thereof
03/09/17Electrostatically controllable device
03/09/17Method and propagating and maintaining update information
03/09/17Circuit and controlling pulse width modulation of a current suply for a load
03/09/17Control of network lighting systems
03/02/17Lighting device with a wireless communication antenna
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03/02/17Electrode for a short-arc high pressure lamp
03/02/17Methods and wirelessly controlling lighting effects of a networked light source
02/23/17Lamp assembly
02/23/17Lighting system and method
02/23/17Linear lighting device and manufacturing a linear lighting device
02/23/17Light shield using integrated lighting to create opacity and privacy in windows
02/23/17Driver circuit with extended operation range
02/23/17Methods and lighting unit configure for presence detection
02/23/17Digital communication interface circuit for line-pair with duty cycle imbalance compensation
02/23/17Zone based lighting access
02/16/17Elongated lighting device based on solid state lighting technology
02/16/17Lighting device and luminaire
02/16/17Emergency lighting automatic heating power equalization
02/16/17Isolation of secondary transformer winding current during auxiliary power supply generation
02/16/17Green power for dense large networks (proxy table scaling)
02/16/17Mesh wlan controller, wlan device and operating wlan provisioning
02/16/17Illumination system comprising an array of leds
02/16/17Switched mode power supply driver integrated with a power transmission antenna
02/09/17Lighting assembly with an optical element for reducing color over angle variation
02/09/17Lighting fixture
02/09/17Lighting device with smooth outer appearance
02/09/17System and maintaining building automation system performance
02/09/17Lighting device and producing a lighting device
02/02/17Optically transmissive information storage unit
02/02/17Emergency inverter and emergency lighting system
02/02/17Method and controlling handshake in a packet transmission network
02/02/17Method and reducing the length of a packet storm in a wireless mesh network
01/26/17Flexible unobstructed beam shaping
01/26/17A light emitting device
01/26/17System and methods to support autonomous vehicles via environmental perception and sensor calibration and verification
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01/19/17Retrofit lighting assembly
01/19/17Lighting units with reflective elements
01/19/17A detecting a defect light sensor
01/19/17A producing a graphene layer
01/19/17A configuring a node device, a network and a node device
01/19/17Light reflectance based detection
01/19/17Methods for initiating state machines in response to touch events detected at home appliances
01/12/17Lighting system for insect control
01/12/17Position estimation of light source of a luminaire from light footprint
01/12/17Method of controlling lightng devices
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01/05/17Led bulb
01/05/17Optical device and luminaire
01/05/17Electronic device, led lamp and manufacturing
01/05/17Zigbee light link network commissioning
01/05/17Lighting arrangement
01/05/17Light unit for emitting light and driving a light unit
12/29/16A light emitting device
12/29/16Tablet-based commissioning tool for addressable lighting
12/22/16Wall or ceiling covering with lighting system layer
12/22/16Luminaire, modular surface covering arrangement and luminaire kit
12/22/16Luminaire and lighting arrangement
12/22/16Data logging device
12/22/16Bus address assignment
12/22/16Controlling beaconing in a positioning system
12/22/16Lighting system, controller and lighting method
12/22/16Method and controlling lighting units based on measured force and/or movement of associated luminaires
12/22/16Methods and commissioning and controlling touch-controlled and gesture-controlled lighting units and luminaires
12/15/16Lighting system
12/15/16Beam shaping system and an illumination system using the same
12/15/16Thin film ultrasound transducer
12/15/16Driver arrangement
12/15/16Method and increasing dimming range of solid state lighting fixtures
12/15/16Methods and calibrating light output based on reflected light
12/15/16A light emitting module, a lamp, a luminaire and a illuminating an object
12/08/16Artificial lighting system for fish and a providing fish lighting
12/08/16Recipient with variable geometry for uv water purification
12/08/16Lighting device and luminaire
12/08/16Safe operation of an led lamp
12/08/16Spectral detection device for detecting spectral components of received light
12/08/16Signaling using idle period for coded light
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12/08/16Coded light
12/08/16Coded light
12/08/16Transformer for providing feeding and data signals
12/08/16Led light source with improved glow reduction
12/08/16Resetting of an apparatus to a factory new state
12/01/16Lighting device
12/01/16Network centric localization
12/01/16Power distribution system
12/01/16Efficient lighting circuit for led assemblies
11/24/16Led bulb
11/24/16Real-time wireless multicast router
11/24/16Gesture control
11/24/16Grouping lighting units
11/24/16Controlling a lighting system using a mobile terminal
11/17/16Lighting device with foldable housing
11/17/16Lighting device and luminaire
11/17/16Low power standby for a powered device in a power distribution system
11/17/16Power distribution system with low complexity and low power consumption
11/17/16Controlling localization
11/17/16Led driver and control method
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11/17/16Lighting unit providing reduced intensity light output based on user proximity and related methods
11/17/16Methods and lighting control based on detected lighting change
11/17/16Systems and methods for calibrating emitted light to satisfy criterion for reflected light
11/17/16Thermal sensing
11/17/16System for sharing and/or synchronizing attributes of emitted light among lighting systems
11/10/16Buffering capacitor for diode bridge rectifier with controlled decharging current
11/10/16Stop mechanism for a rotary device
11/10/16Assembly and manufacturing an assembly
11/10/16Led tube for retrofitting in a fluorescent tube lighting fixture
11/10/16Battery module, battery pack, and system comprising a battery module
11/10/16Light diffuser, led lamp arrangement using the same, and manufacturing method
11/10/16Lamp as well as a using such a lamp
11/10/16Positioning system for determining the location of a device
11/10/16Multi-master bus
11/10/16Lighting unit, fixture and newtork
11/10/16Feedback in a positioning system
11/10/16Ripple based light emitting diode driving
11/03/16Color mixing output for high brightness led sources
11/03/16Lighting system
11/03/16Lighting control based on interaction with toys in play area
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10/27/16Light emitting device comprising releasable wavelength converter
10/27/16Solid state lighting module, a lighting circuit and lighting control methods
10/20/16Optical element, lighting device and luminaire
10/20/16Converter between solar panel, source and load
10/13/16Method for manufacturing a lighting device
10/13/16Methods and light-based positioning and navigation
10/13/16Load powered via supply or re-chargeable source
10/13/16Method for operating a node in a network and node device
10/13/16Bleeder for improving dimming of led
10/06/16Lighting arrangement
10/06/16Luminaire bullet catch mounting texture
10/06/16Luminaire with a light diffuser
10/06/16High brightness light emitting apparatus
10/06/16Lighting device with elastic envelope
10/06/16Method and uniform illumination of a surface
10/06/16Problem detection in cable system
10/06/16Light emitting device with spectral conversion element
10/06/16Controllable light-transmissive element
10/06/16Apparatus for controlling lighting parameters based on time of day and/or ambient light conditions and related methods
10/06/16Method and system for providing a dynamic lighting effect to specular and refractive objects
09/29/16Protection for retrofit light emitting diode tube
09/22/16Lighting unit, especially for road illumination
09/22/16Lighting system
09/22/16Lighting fixtures with adjustable output based on spatial orientation
09/22/16Methods and creating directional lighting effects
09/15/16Class of green/yellow emitting phosphors based on derivatives of benzimidazoxanthenoisoquinolinone for led lighting
09/15/16Acoustically absorbing room divider
09/15/16Optical beam shaping device and spot light using the same
09/15/16Sensor noise suppression
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09/15/16Defect inspection system and method
09/15/16Light emitting device
09/15/16Surge-protection arrangement
09/15/16Light unit for emitting light and driving a light unit
09/15/16Battery powered lighting system
09/15/16A lighting device and a protecting a lighting device
09/15/16Attachable lighting control apparatus
09/15/16Electrically conducting textile device
09/08/16Collimator with improved light mixing and colour mixing properties
09/08/16Acoustic lighting tile
09/08/16A light emitting device
09/01/16Lighting device and luminaire
09/01/16Problem detection for cable-fed-loads
09/01/16Lighting device connector comprising a heat sink
09/01/16Dc track lighting systems control
08/25/16Non-melatonin suppressing light source with a cri that approaches that of white light
08/25/16System for optimising workflow for efficient on-site data collection and determination of energy analysis and operation thereof
08/25/16Method and inter-profile commissioning in a network
08/25/16Light-emitting apparatus and lighting appliance provided with the same
08/25/16Methods and devices for projection of lighting effects carrying information
08/18/16A window shading control system and method thereof based on decomposed direct and diffuse solar radiations
08/18/16Lighting device
08/18/16Detection system and method and space control system using such a detection system
08/18/16Driver unit and driving driving a load
08/18/16Methods and touch-sensitive lighting control
08/18/16Device for linking selective illumination of a light source with input and related methods
08/11/16Led electric bulb and the manufacturing thereof
08/11/16Lighting unit
08/11/16A lighting device

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