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Phoenix Contact Gmbh x26 Co Kg
Phoenix Contact Gmbh x26 Co Kg A Corporation
Phoenix Contact Gmbh x26 Co Kg_20131212

Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co Kg patents

Recent patent applications related to Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co Kg. Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co Kg is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co Kg may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Phoenix Contact Gmbh & Co Kg, we're just tracking patents.

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10/12/17Data transmission between at least one safe producer and at least one safe consumer
10/05/17Housing for connecting to a plug connector part
09/28/17Overvoltage protection apparatus with monitoring function
08/24/17Terminal device having a busbar
08/24/17Electrical plug connector pair
08/17/17Fuse for a device to be protected
07/27/17Printer for printing of printable ojects and ink ribbon cassette for use in a printer
07/27/17Printer for printing objects
07/27/17Control and data-transfer system, gateway module, i/o module, and process control
07/27/17Housing mountable on a mounting rail for receiving an electronics module
07/20/17Secure electronic device
06/29/17Parameterizable energy-supply apparatus
06/29/17Surge arrester
06/29/17Terminal block for an electronic device
06/22/17Energy supply device comprising flexible carrier film with an integrated antenna
06/22/17Type-ii overvoltage protection device
06/22/17Load current bearing fuse with internal switch element
06/15/17Cable connection component
06/15/17Collective remote signaling device
06/08/17Connection arrangement
06/08/17Electric terminal
06/01/17Method and device for controlling an electrical or electronic switching element
05/25/17Device for detecting overcurrent
05/25/17Distribution system with an electronic fuse terminal and at least one first series terminal
05/11/17Cable connection component
05/11/17Connection arrangement
04/27/17Carrier sheet for a plurality of information (media) carriers
04/27/17Electrical interface module
04/27/17System for fitting components on carrier rails in an order-specific manner
04/20/17Marking device
03/30/17Plug connector system
03/16/17Housing for a plug-type connector
03/16/17Device and controlling decentralized power generation plants
03/09/17Electrical connection terminal
03/09/17Electrical terminal block
03/02/17Circuit board passage terminal
02/23/17Parameterizable energy supply device
02/23/17Method and system for creating and checking the validity of device certificates
02/16/17Energy supply device
02/16/17Docking module for a current transformer for preventing overvoltages and a current transformer having a docking module
02/02/17Insulating housing of an electrical terminal device
01/19/17Connection adapter for transmitting signals of a programmable logic controller
01/19/17Housing, in particular an industrial housing
01/12/17Shield strip having a plurality of printable identification plates and magazine for inserting shield strips into a printing device
12/22/16Terminal strip and terminal strip block
12/01/16Overvoltage protection device with leakage current cut-off
11/17/16Large-range input circuit
11/03/16Metal protective conductor connection element and electrical series terminal
10/27/16Method and controller for flexible process control
10/27/16Terminal block
10/27/16Terminal block
10/20/16Looping bridge for looping through a number of electrical signals
10/06/16Test plug block
09/29/16Bridging module for a profiled mounting rail
09/29/16Function component upper part for a component construction system
09/29/16Functional component for a component construction system
09/29/16Function component upper part for a component construction system
09/29/16Component assembly system
09/22/16Connection device for connecting electrical conductors
09/22/16Component assembly system
09/15/16Electrical connector with a sheath clamp
09/15/16Terminal row for a terminal device
09/08/16Communication module
09/08/16Electric connection terminal
08/25/16Plug connector having a latching system
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08/04/16Plug-type connector
08/04/16Contact spring washer and plug-in connector
07/28/16Cable lug device having a current bar, and connection terminal
07/28/16Lead-through terminal and electrical component
07/21/16Lead-through terminal
07/21/16Electrical connection terminal
07/21/16Housing device for an electrical connection terminal and electrical connection terminal
07/07/16Actuating element and connecting terminal
07/07/16Clamping spring
06/23/16Electrical connector
06/02/16Meter unit and control system with meter unit
06/02/16Contact device for establishing an electrical connection to a contact point of a printed circuit board
05/26/16Cable module for module inverter of a photovoltaic generator
05/12/16Current sensor arrangement
05/05/16Current sensor arrangement with measuring coils
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04/28/16Surge arrester
04/14/16Circuit arrangement
03/31/16Plug-in bridge having plate elements lying one over the other
02/25/16Holding device for a rogowski coil
02/25/16Electrical plug-in connection with knee lever actuation in order to clamp the wire end with the busbar
02/25/16Plug connection device
02/11/16Switch mode power supply with a cascode circuit
02/11/16Field device, communication chip, and a web access to a field device
01/28/16Light-emitting device comprising two interfaces
01/21/16Terminal block arrangement
01/07/16Industrial electrical plug connector
01/07/16Safe photovoltaic system
12/31/15Safe photovoltaic system
12/24/15Contact carrier with a tolerance-compensating portion
12/24/15Connection module with light display
12/17/15Overvoltage protection element
12/10/15Terminal clamp
12/03/15Automatic circuit breaker with auxiliary short circuit
12/03/15Multiport terminal with current bars
11/26/15Electric assembly to be mounted on a top-hat rail
11/19/15Protective circuit for a current transformer and current transformer with a protection circuit
10/22/15Functional unit for measuring the insulation resistance of an electrical system
10/15/15System for providing an individually configured safety switching relay
10/08/15Apparatus for illuminating the surface of a material
10/08/15Ignition circuit
10/08/15Bus system having alternating voltage supply
10/01/15Current converter with interchangeable head
08/20/15Sleeve seal
08/13/15Fuse failure display
07/23/15Current transformer having an automatic short-circuit device
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07/09/15Modular fieldbus system, carrier module and fieldbus module
07/09/15Planar transmitter
07/02/15Current transformer having a short-circuit device
07/02/15System cabling for a multiple relay arrangement
06/25/15Clamping body for an electrical conductor
06/25/15Device for protecting a component against thermal overload
06/18/15Multi-lead measurement detection of a defective temperature-dependent resistance sensor
06/18/15Contact element for varistor
06/18/15Multi-contact element for a varistor
06/11/15Electrical connection terminal
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06/11/15Edge connector for photovoltaic solar modules
05/28/15Analog signal input circuit with a number of analog signal detection channels
05/28/15Connection terminal
05/28/15Charging cable connector
05/28/15Analog signal input circuit with a number of analog signal detection channels
05/07/15Marking object
04/30/15Device for closing a plug connector housing
04/23/15Rj45 connector with guide device for conductors
04/16/15Overvoltage protection device
03/26/15Energy supply module as a two-port network, use of a separating device in such an energy supply module, and operating such an energy supply module
03/26/15Method and automatically creating an executable safety function for a device
03/19/15Test terminal block
03/12/15Marking device for switchgear cabinets and other electrical equipment
03/12/15Displaceable insulation barrier
03/05/15Plug connector and assembling a plug connector
03/05/15Coil assembly
02/26/15System for forming a modular distribution panel and assembling said modular distribution panel
02/19/15Electric wall feedthrough for solar installations
02/19/15Polarized electromagnetic relay and production thereof
02/12/15Cable termination device
02/12/15Relay having two switches that can be actuated in opposite directions
02/12/15Control device for controlling safety-critical processes in an automated plant and parameterizing the control device
02/05/15Voltage control for an output transistor of a signal output stage
02/05/15Temperature measuring module having position compensation
02/05/15Method for controlling a system
01/29/15Control module for an electrical energy accumulator, energy accumulator unit having such a control module, uninterruptible power supply unit and operating a control module
01/22/15Planar transmitter with a layered structure
01/22/15Plug connector comprising a protective conductor bridge
01/15/15Safety relay circuit
01/15/15Method for operating a field device, field device and server for a wide-area automation network
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01/15/15Method for the fail-safe operation of a process control system with redundant control devices
01/08/15Modular data system with inductive energy transfer
01/01/15Shielded plug-in connector and producing a shielded plug-in connector
01/01/15Plug connector
01/01/15Plug connector
12/25/14Planar transmitter with a layered structure
12/11/14Inductive energy supply unit
12/04/14Cable connector
11/13/14Electrical connector
10/30/14Connecting terminal having toggle lever actuation
10/23/14Distributor load cell for determining phase current in photovoltaic installations
10/23/14Electrical spike connector
10/09/14Cable feedthrough and assembling a cable feedthrough
10/09/14Support system for a support rail
10/09/14Socket for a solar panel with a protective circuit
10/09/14Multi-pole cable connection and producing a multi-pole cable connection
09/25/14Connecting terminal with a web-shaped conductor guide
09/11/14Overvoltage protection element
08/28/14Fastening element and securing a support rail to a mounting base
08/28/14Terminal block with two flanges
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08/21/14Thermal overload protection apparatus
08/07/14Cable connector
08/07/14Overvoltage protection device with a measuring device for monitoring overvoltage protection elements
08/07/14Measuring transducer having two transmission channels
07/31/14Electrical connecting module
07/03/14Sealing element and connecting housing having a sealing element
07/03/14Electrical plug connector
05/29/14Clamping unit of an electrical connection terminal
05/15/14State monitoring or diagnostics system
05/15/14Surge protection device
05/15/14Electrical connection terminal
05/15/14Method and system for the dynamic allocation of program functions in distributed control systems
04/24/14Locking device and connector arrangement having such a locking device
04/10/14Current transformer
04/03/14Arrangement and contactless energy transmission with a coupling-minimized matrix of planar transmission coils
04/03/14Overvoltage protector
03/13/14Electrical the short-circuit protection of a three-phase load in a three-phase system
03/06/14Electrical cable connector
02/20/14Cable-termination device
02/06/14Power supply appliance and power supply system with an appliance such as this
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01/30/14Surge protection device
01/23/14Support stand for screening terminals
12/19/13Electric plug connector for thermocouples, and producing same
12/19/13Thermal disconnection device
12/12/13Current output stage having automatic active-passive switching
12/12/13Metal part for an electrical connection device, a producing same and an electrical terminal equipped therewith
11/07/13Frame for a cable penetration system, and bush therefor
11/07/13Device for accommodating mounting rail module cases
10/31/13Method and operating unit for operating modules in automation technology
10/10/13Method and configuring network nodes
09/26/13Printing object and printer for printing a printing object
09/26/13Electrical component
09/19/13Device for detachably fixing a current conductor to a current transformer housing
09/12/13Power supply appliance and power supply system with an appliance such as this
09/05/13Frame for cable feedthrough systems and frame parts therefor
08/29/13Apparatus for monitoring operating parameters of integrated circuits and integrated circuit with operating parameter monitoring
08/29/13Communication system for connecting field devices to a higher-order control device
08/29/13Cable strain relief
08/22/13Electrical wall bushing terminal
08/15/13Method for mounting components on a supporting rail, and system for carrying out the method
08/08/13Method for controlling pv installations in an electrical grid
08/08/13Thermal overload protection apparatus
08/01/13Connecting contact
08/01/13Cable termination device
08/01/13Communication isochronous data transmission in real time
08/01/13Thermal overload protection apparatus
07/25/13Fuse terminal
07/18/13Method and arrangement for frequency determination
07/18/13Electrical cable connector
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06/20/13Identification mat for identifying electrical components, and manufacturing such an identification mat
06/06/13Method and parasitic current detection
06/06/13Connection terminal
05/30/13Housing, in particular for an electrical cable connection
05/16/13Cable connection, in particular for photovoltaic systems
05/09/13Clamping body for an electric conductor
05/02/13Overvoltage protection element
05/02/13Attachable plug-type connector
04/25/13Solar plug connection
04/04/13Connection device for photovoltaic modules and installing same
04/04/13Switching logic module
03/28/13Electrical device with a plug-type connector and electrical plug-type connection
03/14/13Overvoltage protection equipment
02/28/13Electric connection terminal
02/14/13Electrical plug-in contact
02/07/13Thermal overload protection arrangement
02/07/13Terminal arrangement
01/31/13Electrical connection device
01/24/13Cable connection connecting a cable to a cable connection system
01/17/13Translatory fastening element for detachably fastening a current conductor to a current transformer housing
01/10/13Overvoltage protection device
01/10/13Electric plug
01/03/13Surge protection element
01/03/13Electrical contact arrangement
12/27/12Looped fastening element for removably fixing a conductor to a current transformer housing
12/27/12Jumper and jumper terminal arrangement
12/13/12Device for removably fixing a conductor to a current transformer housing
11/29/12Safety switching device for setting a safety-related device to a safe state
11/22/12Redundant module with symmetrical current paths

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