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Recent patent applications related to Pioneer Corporation. Pioneer Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Pioneer Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Pioneer Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/20/16 new patent  Display device and display method
10/06/16Light emitting device
10/06/16Light emitting device, imaging device, and program
09/29/16Movable device
09/29/16Light-emitting device
08/18/16Measuring instrument
08/18/16Speaker frame and speaker having the same
08/11/16Light-emitting device
08/04/16Wireless power reception system, wireless power transmission system, control method, computer program, and recording medium
07/28/16Virtual image display device and attachment device
07/21/16Mobile terminal, onboard device, control method, and control program
07/14/16Light emitting device
06/16/16Imaging system
06/16/16Diversity reception device, diversity reception method program, and recording medium
05/19/16Route searching device, terminal device, and route searching method
05/05/16Driving apparatus
04/28/16Organic el element
04/28/16Wireless communication system and method, and wireless communication apparatus
04/28/16Diversity reception device, diversity reception method, reception program, and recording medium
04/21/16Information transmission apparatus, weather condition acquisition system, server apparatus, information transmission method and program
04/21/16Organic el element
04/21/16Channel estimation device, receiving device, channel estimation method, channel estimation program, and recording medium
04/07/16Charging control apparatus, charging control method, and computer program implementing such
03/17/16Lighting module having surface light source and lighting system
03/10/16Light emitting device
03/03/16Virtual image display device
03/03/16Wireless power feeding apparatus, communication method, and computer program
02/25/16Contactless charging device and controlling power supply
02/25/16Sound output device for vehicle
02/25/16Connection structure for electrical component
02/25/16Optical device
02/25/16Optical device
02/25/16Optical device
02/25/16Speaker device
02/18/16Light emitting device
02/11/16Traction control device and traction control method
02/11/16Traction control device and traction control method
02/11/16Sound output device for vehicle
02/11/16Display system
02/04/16Control system
02/04/16Vibrating body for speaker device and speaker device
01/28/16Display apparatus, driving method thereof and screen displaying
01/28/16Light emitting element
01/21/16Power transmitting apparatus
01/21/16Vibrating body for acoustic transducer and speaker device
01/14/16Organic electroluminescence device and manufacturing method thereof
01/14/16Sound reproduction device, sound reproduction method and sound reproduction program
01/14/16Speaker diaphragm
01/07/16Virtual image generation device and head-up display
12/24/15Navigation system, terminal device, and computer program
12/24/15Light emitting system
12/24/15Diversity reception apparatus, diversity reception method, reception program, and recording medium
12/17/15Display device and drive display device
12/17/15Light emitting element and manufacturing light emitting element
12/17/15Speaker frame and speaker having the same
12/10/15Measuring device
12/10/15Display apparatus, driving method thereof, and screen displaying
12/03/15Charging control apparatus, charging control method, and computer program implementing such
11/26/15Light-emitting device
11/19/15Measuring apparatus, probe portion, and connecting cable
11/19/15Information processing terminal, display device, information processing method, display method, information processing program and display program
11/19/15Information update system and method, vehicle, charger and server apparatus
11/12/15Light emitting device
11/12/15Organic electroluminescent device
11/12/15Organic electroluminescent panel
11/12/15Wireless power transmitting apparatus, wireless power receiving apparatus, and wireless power feeding system
11/12/15Light-emitting device
11/05/15Electronic apparatus
10/22/15Mirror device
10/22/15Image recognition device, image recongnition method, image recognition program, and recording medium
10/22/15Information processing device, control method, program, and recording medium
10/15/15Display information generating apparatus, display information generating method, a program for display information generating, and information recording medium
10/08/15Mirror device
10/01/15Light emitting device and manufacturing light emitting device
09/24/15Centroid estimation device and centroid estimation method
09/24/15Light emitting apparatus
09/10/15Slip ratio estimation device and slip ratio estimation method
08/27/15Electronic device
08/20/15Impedance matching apparatus and method, and computer program
08/13/15Impedance matching device, power reception-side device, and control method
08/13/15Impedance matching device and control method
08/13/15Light-emitting device
08/06/15Communication terminal, communication method, communication program, recording medium storing the communication program, and information processing apparatus
08/06/15Image capture device and image processing method
07/23/15Organic electroluminescent device
07/23/15Light-emitting device
07/23/15Lighting module having surface light source and lighting system
07/02/15Power receiving apparatus and power receiving method
07/02/15Lighting module having surface light source and lighting system
06/25/15Surface light-emitting device
06/18/15Display device, head-mounted display, display method, display program and storage medium
06/11/15Illuminated makeup mirror set
06/11/15Wireless power transmission antenna apparatus
06/11/15Wireless power transmission system and method
05/28/15Illuminated mirror device and controlling illumination thereof
05/28/15Organic el panel and manufacturing light-emitting device using the same
05/21/15Wireless power transmission antenna apparatus
05/14/15Wireless power transmitting apparatus and control such apparatus
05/14/15Wireless power receiving apparatus and control such apparatus
05/14/15Wireless power transmitting apparatus, wireless power receiving apparatus, and wireless power feeding system
05/14/15Electronic machine, and automobile and accommodation unit provided with the same
05/07/15Light measurement apparatus
04/30/15Organic electroluminescent element
04/30/15Power theft inspection apparatus and method, and recording medium
04/23/15Terminal device, display device, calibration method and calibration program
04/23/15Traction control device and traction control method
04/16/15Display device, head mount display, calibration method, calibration program and recording medium
04/16/15Navigation device, server, navigation method and program
04/09/15Driving apparatus
03/26/15Information processing touch panel device and touch panel device
03/19/15Organic el device and manufacturing method therefor
03/19/15Method for manufacturing electronic device
03/19/15Blood pressure estimation apparatus and method
03/12/15Optical element, head-up display and light source unit
03/05/15Organic el element
02/19/15Organic electroluminescence panel and producing the same
02/19/15Acoustic device, output sound management device, terminal device, and output sound control method
02/12/15Reader, and reproducing apparatus and recording / reproducing apparatus
02/12/15Optical device, magnetic head, manufacturing method, and near-field light device
02/12/15Sound reproduction device
02/05/15Power theft inspection apparatus and power theft inspection method
01/29/15Display device, control method, program and storage medium
01/29/15Straight tube light-emitting lamp
01/15/15Audio processing device
01/08/15Speaker diaphragm and production speaker diaphragm
12/25/14Charging control apparatus and method, charging system, correlation method, and computer program
12/25/14Charging control apparatus and method, charging system, correlation method, and computer program
12/18/14Illuminated makeup mirror set and controlling light source
12/18/14Charging control apparatus and method, charging system, correlation method, and computer program
12/11/14Determination device, determination method and determination program
11/20/14Facility information presentation device and facility information presentation method
11/13/14Power transmitting apparatus and power transmitting method
10/16/14Stereoscopic image display method, stereoscopic image display device, and eye glasses for stereoscopic image viewing
10/02/14Lighting apparatus and light emission control method
09/25/14Power meter, power measurement method, program and storage medium
09/25/14Navigation system and control method
09/11/14Organic el panel comprising a light-emitting part and a seal structure sealing the light-emitting part and manufacturing the same
09/04/14Organic electroluminescent device and manufacturing the organic electroluminescent device
08/14/14Touch panel apparatus and information processing method using same
08/07/14Virtual image display device
08/07/14Wobble determining apparatus and method, optical disk device, and computer program
07/17/14Organic electroluminescent panel and producing the same
07/10/14Impedance matching device and control method
07/03/14Lighting device
06/26/14Image display device
06/05/14Light-emitting device and display panel
04/24/14Driving apparatus
04/17/14Speaker device
04/10/14System for detecting surrounding conditions of moving body
02/27/14Optical element, head-up display and light source unit
02/06/14Charging control apparatus and method, charging system, correlation method, and computer program
02/06/14Near-field light device, recording apparatus using the same, and recording method
01/16/14Efficiency map generating apparatus, efficiency map generating method, and program
01/09/14Guiding device, sensor unit, portable terminal device, guiding method and guiding program
12/19/13Optical disc
12/05/13Drive device for light-emitting element
11/28/13Speaker edge, manufacturing same and speaker
11/21/13Image display apparatus
10/24/13Active vibration noise control device, active vibration noise control method and active vibration noise control program
10/10/13Operation device, reproduction system, operation operation device and program
10/03/13Navigation apparatus, control method, program, and storage medium
09/26/13Terminal device, image displaying method and image displaying program executed by terminal device
09/05/13Terminal device, image displaying method and image displaying program executed by terminal device
08/15/13Measurement apparatus and method
08/15/13Electronic device and fabrication method thereof
08/15/13Terminal device, image processing method and image processing program executed by a terminal device
08/15/13Pedaling-goal setting apparatus, pedaling-goal setting method, pedaling-goal setting program, and recording medium having pedaling-goal setting program stored thereon
08/08/13Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and method, and information reproducing apparatus and method
08/01/13Active vibration noise control device
07/25/13Recording medium
07/25/13Information recording apparatus and method
07/11/13Terminal holding device
07/11/13Terminal holding device
07/11/13Travel distance estimating apparatus, travel distance estimating method, travel distance estimating program, and recording medium
07/04/13Light emitting element
07/04/13Surround signal generating device, surround signal generating method and surround signal generating program
06/20/13Mobile-object information acquiring apparatus, mobile-object information acquiring method, mobile-object information acquiring program, and recording medium
05/16/13Image forming apparatus
05/02/13Reproduction system, reproduction method and program thereof
04/25/13Infrared ray detection element and infrared ray detection device having the same
04/11/13Light detecting apparatus and fluid measuring apparatus
02/21/13Active vibration noise control device
01/24/13Organic el module
01/24/13Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and method, and information reproducing apparatus and method
01/24/13Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and method, and information reproducing apparatus and method
01/17/13Generation device for vehicle-evocative sound and generation vehicle-evocative sound
01/17/13Pseudonoise generation device and pseudonoise generation method
01/03/13Receiving apparatus
12/27/12Fm receiving device and filtering method
12/20/12Method of bonding semiconductor substrate and mems device
12/20/12Organic el panel and manufacturing the same
12/20/12Device and pseudonoise generation
12/13/12Alert sound output control apparatus, alert sound output control method and computer product
12/06/12Method of bonding semiconductor substrate and mems device
11/29/12Method of bonding semiconductor substrate and mems device
11/29/12Power generating apparatus and power generating method
11/29/12Active vibration noise control device
11/01/12Active matrix type module and driving active matrix type module
10/04/12Slide handler
10/04/12Information processing device, method thereof, and display device
10/04/12Signal recognizing device, signal recognizing method and signal recognizing program
09/20/12Mems sensor
09/20/12Electron emission element and imaging device having the same
09/20/12Handheld braille converting device, braille converting method, braille converting program, and storage medium
09/20/12Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method and bicycle map
09/20/12Driving apparatus
09/13/12Driving apparatus
09/13/12Mems sensor and sensor array having the same
09/13/12Driving apparatus
09/13/12Sensor array
09/13/12Noise-reduction device
09/06/12Two-dimensional light scanning apparatus
08/30/12Optical element, head-up display and producing optical element
08/16/12Speaker device
08/09/12Map display device, map display method and map display program
08/09/12Content duplication device and content duplication system
08/02/12Organic el element and production method thereof
08/02/12Light emitting apparatus with an organic electroluminescence cell
08/02/12Image sensing apparatus
08/02/12Active vibration noise control device
07/26/12Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium
07/26/12Fuel efficiency display device, fuel efficiency display method, and fuel efficiency display program
07/19/12Electron beam recording apparatus
07/12/12Advertisement distribution device, terminal, advertisement distribution system, advertisement distribution method, and data processing method
07/05/12Information recording medium, information recording apparatus, and information reproducing apparatus
07/05/12Navigation device, control method, program, and storage medium
06/28/12Display device and manufacturing the same
06/28/12Active matrix type organic el display device and its driving method
06/28/12Information management server, information management method and information management program
06/21/12Imaging apparatus
06/21/12Information recording apparatus, information recording method, and information recording/processing program
06/21/12Sound field adjustment device
06/21/12Guide-layer separated optical recording medium, optical recording medium drive apparatus, and recording layer access method
06/14/12Imaging apparatus
06/14/12Mixer device, reproduction system, player, and program
06/07/12Light- emitting element and display device
06/07/12Information display device
05/31/12Mixer device, player, reproduction system, controlling mixer device, controlling player and program
05/17/12Semiconductor apparatus manufacturing method and semiconductor apparatus
05/17/12Device, and device mounting apparatus
05/17/12Guide-layer separated optical disk, optical disk drive apparatus, and tracking control method
05/17/12Right management apparatus, right management program, and content playback system
05/10/12Speaker device
05/03/12Light amount detecting apparatus, and light amount information processing apparatus
05/03/12Speaker device
05/03/12Speaker damper and speaker device
05/03/12Cross fader unit, mixer and program

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