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Pioneer Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Pioneer Corporation. Pioneer Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Pioneer Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Pioneer Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Power transmitting apparatus and power transmitting method


Power transmitting apparatus and power transmitting method

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Count Application # Date Pioneer Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014034004811/20/14 new patent  Facility information presentation device and facility information presentation method
22014033315011/13/14Power transmitting apparatus and power transmitting method
32014030706510/16/14Stereoscopic image display method, stereoscopic image display device, and eye glasses for stereoscopic image viewing
42014029222310/02/14Lighting apparatus and light emission control method
52014028362209/25/14Power meter, power measurement method, program and storage medium
62014028881909/25/14Navigation system and control method
72014025233409/11/14Organic el panel comprising a light-emitting part and a seal structure sealing the light-emitting part and method for manufacturing the same
82014024665809/04/14Organic electroluminescent device and method for manufacturing the organic electroluminescent device
92014022584708/14/14Touch panel apparatus and information processing method using same
102014021880408/07/14Virtual image display device
112014022345608/07/14Wobble determining apparatus and method, optical disk device, and computer program
122014019739107/17/14Organic electroluminescent panel and method for producing the same
132014019181907/10/14Impedance matching device and control method
142014018530507/03/14Lighting device
152014017701706/26/14Image display device
162014015166906/05/14Light-emitting device and display panel
172014011183904/24/14Driving apparatus
182014010542704/17/14Speaker device
192014009774804/10/14System for detecting surrounding conditions of moving body
202014005586402/27/14Optical element, head-up display and light source unit
212014003552202/06/14Charging control apparatus and method, charging system, correlation method, and computer program
222014003664702/06/14Near-field light device, recording apparatus using the same, and recording method
232014001898801/16/14Efficiency map generating apparatus, efficiency map generating method, and program
242014001249901/09/14Guiding device, sensor unit, portable terminal device, guiding method and guiding program
252013033721612/19/13Optical disc
262013032088412/05/13Drive device for light-emitting element
272013031543511/28/13Speaker edge, method for manufacturing same and speaker
282013030788711/21/13Image display apparatus
292013027971210/24/13Active vibration noise control device, active vibration noise control method and active vibration noise control program
302013026615510/10/13Operation device, reproduction system, operation method of operation device and program
312013026196910/03/13Navigation apparatus, control method, program, and storage medium
322013025014109/26/13Terminal device, image displaying method and image displaying program executed by terminal device
332013023186109/05/13Terminal device, image displaying method and image displaying program executed by terminal device
342013020591608/15/13Measurement apparatus and method
352013020727708/15/13Electronic device and fabrication method thereof
362013020813308/15/13Terminal device, image processing method and image processing program executed by a terminal device
372013021058308/15/13Pedaling-goal setting apparatus, pedaling-goal setting method, pedaling-goal setting program, and recording medium having pedaling-goal setting program stored thereon
382013020180608/08/13Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and method, and information reproducing apparatus and method
392013019528208/01/13Active vibration noise control device
402013018846907/25/13Recording medium
412013018892907/25/13Information recording apparatus and method
422013017466007/11/13Terminal holding device
432013017666907/11/13Terminal holding device
442013017906207/11/13Travel distance estimating apparatus, travel distance estimating method, travel distance estimating program, and recording medium
452013016871507/04/13Light emitting element
462013017064807/04/13Surround signal generating device, surround signal generating method and surround signal generating program
472013015889806/20/13Mobile-object information acquiring apparatus, mobile-object information acquiring method, mobile-object information acquiring program, and recording medium
482013012022505/16/13Image forming apparatus
492013011026905/02/13Reproduction system, reproduction method and program thereof
502013009912104/25/13Infrared ray detection element and infrared ray detection device having the same
512013009056404/11/13Light detecting apparatus and fluid measuring apparatus
522013004489102/21/13Active vibration noise control device
532013002093501/24/13Organic el module
542013002188301/24/13Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and method, and information reproducing apparatus and method
552013002188901/24/13Information recording medium, information recording apparatus and method, and information reproducing apparatus and method
562013001621801/17/13Generation device for vehicle-evocative sound and generation method for vehicle-evocative sound
572013001685101/17/13Pseudonoise generation device and pseudonoise generation method
582013000251601/03/13Receiving apparatus
592012032941412/27/12Fm receiving device and filtering method
602012031922012/20/12Method of bonding semiconductor substrate and mems device
612012031957012/20/12Organic el panel and method of manufacturing the same
622012032344212/20/12Device and method for pseudonoise generation
632012031673412/13/12Alert sound output control apparatus, alert sound output control method and computer product
642012030603212/06/12Method of bonding semiconductor substrate and mems device
652012029912811/29/12Method of bonding semiconductor substrate and mems device
662012029944311/29/12Power generating apparatus and power generating method
672012030095511/29/12Active vibration noise control device
682012027461511/01/12Active matrix type module and driving method of active matrix type module
692012024726610/04/12Slide handler
702012024958510/04/12Information processing device, method thereof, and display device
712012024979510/04/12Signal recognizing device, signal recognizing method and signal recognizing program
722012023503909/20/12Mems sensor
732012023511309/20/12Electron emission element and imaging device having the same
742012023613409/20/12Handheld braille converting device, braille converting method, braille converting program, and storage medium
752012023929009/20/12Information processing apparatus, information processing system, information processing method and bicycle map
762012023554009/20/12Driving apparatus
772012022846009/13/12Driving apparatus
782012022850409/13/12Mems sensor and sensor array having the same
792012022899609/13/12Driving apparatus
802012023036409/13/12Sensor array
812012023050409/13/12Noise-reduction device
822012022423509/06/12Two-dimensional light scanning apparatus
832012021864108/30/12Optical element, head-up display and method for producing optical element
842012020732108/16/12Speaker device
852012020060408/09/12Map display device, map display method and map display program
862012020095108/09/12Content duplication device and content duplication system
872012019361508/02/12Organic el element and production method thereof
882012019406308/02/12Light emitting apparatus with an organic electroluminescence cell
892012019488108/02/12Image sensing apparatus
902012019543908/02/12Active vibration noise control device
912012018920807/26/12Image processing apparatus, image processing method, image processing program, and storage medium
922012019133407/26/12Fuel efficiency display device, fuel efficiency display method, and fuel efficiency display program
932012018144507/19/12Electron beam recording apparatus
942012017952207/12/12Advertisement distribution device, terminal, advertisement distribution system, advertisement distribution method, and data processing method
952012017043007/05/12Information recording medium, information recording apparatus, and information reproducing apparatus
962012017314507/05/12Navigation device, control method, program, and storage medium
972012016117206/28/12Display device and method for manufacturing the same
982012016216906/28/12Active matrix type organic el display device and its driving method
992012016661306/28/12Information management server, information management method and information management program
1002012015312906/21/12Imaging apparatus
1012012015524406/21/12Information recording apparatus, information recording method, and information recording/processing program
1022012015565106/21/12Sound field adjustment device
1032012015952506/21/12Guide-layer separated optical recording medium, optical recording medium drive apparatus, and recording layer access method
1042012014588506/14/12Imaging apparatus
1052012014947106/14/12Mixer device, reproduction system, player, and program
1062012013897506/07/12Light- emitting element and display device
1072012013993506/07/12Information display device
1082012013451205/31/12Mixer device, player, reproduction system, method of controlling mixer device, method of controlling player and program
1092012011918805/17/12Semiconductor apparatus manufacturing method and semiconductor apparatus
1102012012058605/17/12Device, and device mounting apparatus
1112012012078305/17/12Guide-layer separated optical disk, optical disk drive apparatus, and tracking control method
1122012012467405/17/12Right management apparatus, right management program, and content playback system
1132012011413605/10/12Speaker device
1142012010503305/03/12Light amount detecting apparatus, and light amount information processing apparatus
1152012010677205/03/12Speaker device
1162012010677705/03/12Speaker damper and speaker device
1172012010934805/03/12Cross fader unit, mixer and program
1182012010987105/03/12Reproducing apparatus and method, and computer program
1192012010996805/03/12Information processing apparatus, information creating apparatus, information processing method, information creating method, information processing porogram, information creatingn program, and recording medium
1202012009931204/26/12Light emitting element and display apparatus
1212012009984004/26/12Terminal device, server device and information processing method therefor
1222012009287204/19/12Light emitting element and display device
1232012009469304/19/12Telephone directory data sharing system, navigation device, terminal device, program, and storage medium
1242012008340904/05/12Tio2 nanoparticles
1252012008444204/05/12Communication terminal, address resolution server, and computer program
1262012006972303/22/12Optical recording medium drive device and recording method
1272012007286903/22/12Copy supporting device, terminal device, copy support method, and copy supporting program
1282012006626103/15/12Content search apparatus, content search method, content search program, and recording medium
1292012005673103/08/12Device control system
1302012005155703/01/12Voice coil for speaker device, and speaker device
1312012004495202/23/12Control device, network system, transmitting device, receiving device, control method and control program
1322012004506502/23/12Surround signal generating device, surround signal generating method and surround signal generating program
1332012004507302/23/12Speaker device
1342012004081902/16/12Method of producing photocatalyst layer
1352012004167802/16/12Position information detecting apparatus, position information detecting method, position information detecting program and storage medium
1362012004214302/16/12Information recording apparatus and copy management program
1372012003382102/09/12Active vibration noise control device
1382012003622802/09/12Image sharing system
1392012002722002/02/12Acoustic device, noise control method, noise control program, and recording medium
1402012002980302/02/12Fuel-consumption projecting apparatus, fuel-consumption projecting method, fuel-consumption projecting program, and recording medium
1412012002019701/26/12Optical pickup device
1422012002310601/26/12Map information processing apparatus, map information processing method, map information processing program, and recording medium
1432012000750001/12/12Electroluminescent panel
1442012001073701/12/12Audio adjusting device
1452012000189101/05/12Active matrix type display apparatus
1462012000193601/05/12Map information processing apparatus, map information processing method, map information processing program and recording medium
1472011031785112/29/11Audio signal mixing device
1482011032002112/29/11Playlist generating apparatus, playlist generating method, playlist generating program, and recording medium
1492011031233412/22/11Satellite positioning device and acquisition method
1502011030535512/15/11Vibration direction converter part for speaker device and speaker device
1512011030757612/15/11Content transmitting apparatus, content output system, transmission control method, transmission control program, and recording medium
1522011029969112/08/11Speaker polarity determination device
1532011029109812/01/11Organic el display device, mother substrate of organic el display device, and method of testing organic el display device
1542011028488911/24/11Organic el panel and method for manufacturing the same
1552011028588811/24/11Image sensing device
1562011028876611/24/11Navigation device, navigation method, navigation program, and recording medium
1572011028956811/24/11Access management apparatus, communication terminal, access management method access method, access management progam, access progam, and recording medium
1582011027843511/17/11Image sensor apparatus
1592011027285011/10/11Mold and method for manufacturing the same
1602011026828511/03/11Sound image localization estimating device, sound image localization control system, sound image localization estimation method, and sound image localization control method
1612011026829811/03/11Sound field correcting device
1622011027093511/03/11Communication device, information communication system, method for controlling communication of communication device and program therefor
1632011026006210/27/11Infrared sensor and infrared sensor manufacturing method
1642011026017610/27/11Light-emitting sensor device and method for manufacturing the same
1652011026125510/27/11Video display control device, video display device, and recording medium having video display program recorded thereon
1662011025399110/20/11Organic electroluminescence device
1672011025547010/20/11Data processing device, system and method for data processing, recording medium with program recorded therein, data transfer device, system and method for data transfer, and recording medium with program recorded therein
1682011025822810/20/11Information output system, communication terminal, information output method and computer product
1692011025826710/20/11Vehicle-mounted device, information communication system, method for controlling vehicle-mounted device and program therefor
1702011024903010/13/11Map display device, map display method, map display program, and computer-readable recording medium
1712011025175310/13/11Car-mounted information apparatus and information transfer system for electric car
1722011024667510/06/11Data processing apparatus, system thereof, method thereof, and recording medium in which that program has been recorded
1732011022905109/22/11Image processing circuit, information reproducing apparatus and image processing method
1742011022911009/22/11Motion picture editing apparatus and method, and computer program
1752011023176209/22/11Play list generating apparatus, playlist generating method, playlist generating program, and recording medium
1762011021550409/08/11Transfer method and transfer apparatus
1772011021638209/08/11Hologram recording medium, hologram recording apparatus and method, and computer program
1782011021413509/01/11Data processing device
1792011020515308/25/11Data transmission device, data transmission method, data communication system, program, and recording medium
1802011020688908/25/11Optical recording medium
1812011019935608/18/11Pixel circuit and display panel
1822011020020108/18/11Measurement signal generating device, measurement signal generating method, measurement signal generating program and storage medium
1832011018582908/04/11Rotational vibration gyro
1842011018835808/04/11Optical disk drive device and additional recording method
1852011018836108/04/11Recording device and method, and computer program
1862011018173207/28/11Information display device, information display method, information display program, and recording medium
1872011018194907/28/11Floating image display device
1882011018362707/28/11Communication device, information presentation device, communication method, program, and recording medium
1892011017579707/21/11Image display device
1902011017640207/21/11Focus control apparatus, focus control method, optical pickup apparatus, drive apparatus, and optical recording medium
1912011016973007/14/11Sight line input user interface unit, user interface method, user interface program, and recording medium with user interface program recorded
1922011017288007/14/11Air conditioning control device and air conditioning control method
1932011016478607/07/11Close-up shot detecting apparatus and method, electronic apparatus and computer program
1942011015807806/30/11Optical pickup device and focus jump method
1952011016088706/30/11Information generating apparatus, information generating method and information generating program
1962011014971106/23/11Coma aberration compensating device, coma aberration compensating method, and optical disc
1972011014186606/16/11Tracking signal generation device and method, reproduction device and method, and computer program
1982011014224406/16/11Delay amount determination device, sound image localization device, delay amount determination method and delay amount determination processing program
1992011014490506/16/11Communication environment prediction terminal, communication environment prediction method and communication environment prediction program
2002011013511106/09/11Speaker device and automobile
2012011012883006/02/11Recording device and method, and computer program
2022011011485305/19/11Electron beam apparatus
2032011011664005/19/11Content reproduction system and content reproduction method
2042011010958905/12/11Resistive film type touch panel device, program, and method for detecting contact in resistive film type touch panel device
2052011011020805/12/11Coma aberration compensating device, coma aberration compensating method, and optical disc
2062011011265805/12/11Control apparatus and control method, network system, program for control apparatus, and information recording medium
2072011010268005/05/11Picture quality control apparatus, method therefor, picture quality processing apparatus, programs for them, and recording medium recording that program therein
2082011010320305/05/11Actuator for pickup, pickup device, recording medium drive device, and method of manufacturing actuator for pickup
2092011009567704/28/11Organic electroluminescence display panel and process for producing the same
2102011009705504/28/11Information reproducing apparatus
2112011009283204/21/11Self-luminous sensor device
2122011008499204/14/11Active matrix display apparatus
2132011008710804/14/11Self-luminous sensor device
2142011006755503/24/11Tempo detecting device and tempo detecting program
2152011006248103/17/11Organic light-emitting device
2162011006397003/17/11Moving apparatus and information recording/reproducing apparatus
2172011005868403/10/11Audio reproduction device
2182011004269402/24/11Light-emitting element and display panel
2192011004269502/24/11Light emitting device and display panel
2202011004370702/24/11Content transmitting device
2212011004433502/24/11Information processor, receiver, transmitter, control device and control program
2222011003762102/17/11Information display apparatus, position calculation apparatus, display control method, position calculation method, display control program, position calculation program, and recording medium
2232011003768202/17/11Image display device
2242011003227402/10/11Screen display system and screen display program
2252011003235902/10/11Server device, mobile terminal, road junction guidance system, and road junction guidance method
2262011003243302/10/11Connection state display controller, content processor, content processing system, connection state display control method, its program and recording medium recording the program
2272011003307002/10/11Sound image localization processing apparatus and others
2282011003503602/10/11Control apparatus, control method, control program and network system
2292011003576102/10/11Disk apparatus
2302011002585502/03/11Display device and image optimization method
2312011002672002/03/11Signal processing apparatus and signal processing method
2322011001879601/27/11Electronic device
2332011001910201/27/11Output data switching apparatus, output data switching method, output data switching system and program for output data switching apparatus
2342011001124701/20/11Musical composition discrimination apparatus, musical composition discrimination method, musical composition discrimination program and recording medium
2352011001349901/20/11Recording apparatus and method, and computer program
2362011001378301/20/11Overtone production device, acoustic device, and overtone production method
2372011000761401/13/11Recording device and method, computer program, and recording medium
2382011000790401/13/11Acoustic signal processing device and acoustic signal processing method
2392011000790501/13/11Acoustic signal processing device and acoustic signal processing method
2402011000035901/06/11Music composition data analyzing device, musical instrument type detection device, music composition data analyzing method, musical instrument type detection device, music composition data analyzing program, and musical instrument type detection program
2412010033261912/30/10Information providing system, information management server, information management method and information management program
2422010030975912/09/10Recording and reproducing method, recording and reproducing device and record carrier
2432010030976212/09/10Optical disc recording apparatus and method, and computer program
2442010030976312/09/10Optical disc recording device, method, and computer program
2452010031089512/09/10Polycrystalline aluminum thin film and optical recording medium
2462010030292212/02/10Information recording device, method, and computer program
2472010029969011/25/10Information delivery system and method, information delivery device, and display device
2482010029032511/18/10Recording apparatus and method, computer program, and recording medium
2492010029318611/18/10Search device, search method, search program, and computer readable recording medium

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