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Pitney Bowes Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Pitney Bowes Inc. Pitney Bowes Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Pitney Bowes Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Pitney Bowes Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/15/17Simultaneous multiple-user postage meter/shipping device
06/15/17Identifying business online social presence with name and address using spatial filters
04/20/17Method and system for shipping workflow using natural language processing
04/06/17Method and system for privacy-friendly location-based advertising
02/23/17Fraud risk score using location information while preserving privacy of the location information
12/08/16Secure perfect hash function
11/03/16System and multi-resolution raster data processing
08/25/16Pivoting envelope insertion guide
08/25/16Envelope inserter with suction cup opening mechanism and improved insertion motion control
08/25/16Envelope inserter with suction cup opening mechanism and improved insertion motion control
08/25/16Envelope inserter with variably activated suction cups
08/25/16Envelope feeder with selective suction cup assist
06/16/16Method and system for improving the location precision of an object taken in a geo-tagged photo
06/16/16Method and system for supporting multiple postage printing devices using multiple customer accounts without having to maintain funds in each customer account
06/09/16Vibrating tray for diverted card inserts
06/09/16Multi-shipper package tape dispensing and quality control system
05/19/16System and matching data sets while maintaining privacy of each data set
03/10/16System and location-aware parking expiration reminder and remote parking meter refill
12/03/15Fully private marketing campaign system and method
11/26/15Method for automated fillling of a mail tray from a vertical stacker
10/08/15Method and system for matching closed account records to active accounts for historical data purposes
06/25/15System and ensuring cutting accuracy in a mailpiece wrapper
02/26/15Method and system for determining high precision geo-fencing using business property boundaries
01/15/15Method and system for classifying parameters of commodities required for global shipping and customs clearance
12/18/14Automated document notarization
11/27/14Location-based service provider method and system having a user controlled location privacy mechanism
11/20/14Dynamic database update in multi-server private information retrieval scheme
11/13/14Method and system for obtaining offers from sellers using privacy-preserving verifiable statements
09/25/14Concentrate for preparing a sealing solution for sealing mail pieces using tap water and making same
08/07/14Systems and methods for enhanced principal components analysis
08/07/14Data source independent interface for an electronic bill presentment and payment system
07/03/14Location-based service provider method and system having a user controlled location privacy mechanism
07/03/14Systems and methods for segmenting business customers
07/03/14System and electronic and physical delivery of mail
07/03/14Systems and methods for efficient authentication of users
06/19/14Mail run balancing using video capture
06/05/14Inter-machine buffer for mailpiece fabrication system
05/08/14Method and system for modeling consumer activity areas based on social media and mobile data
04/24/14Stacking assembly for a mailpiece sorter
04/24/14System and providing redundant customer communications delivery using hybrid delivery channels
04/24/14Anti-abrasion assembly for mailpiece stacking assembly
04/17/14Method and system for negotiating group offers while maintaining privacy of consumers
04/10/14Method and system for identifying/outsorting improperly wrapped envelopes in a mailpiece fabrication system
04/10/14Method and system for dynamically adjusting the relative position of internal content material in a mailpiece fabrication system
03/06/14Method and system for using email domains to improve quality of name and postal address matching
01/30/14Method and system for multiple servers to share a postal security device
12/05/13Method and automated filling of mail trays
12/05/13Method and redirecting on-edge envelopes
12/05/13Method and automated filling of a mail tray from a vertical stacker
11/28/13System and method to enable external processing device running a cloud application to control a mail processing machine
11/14/13Systems and methods for dynamically selecting graphical query result display modes
10/10/13Systems and methods for providing query results to a user in an intuitive graphical format
08/29/13Mail production job tracking system and method
07/04/13Accumulator for a sheet handling system
07/04/13System and minimizing the conveyance feed path of a sheet material handling system
07/04/13Vacuum roller assembly
07/04/13System and secure nework login
06/27/13Location-based encoded data for facilitating targeted communications
06/27/13Method and system for enhanced help instructions
05/23/13Registration device for mail processing system having wide print nozzle arrays
05/09/13Adaptive registration/binding preparing collations
05/09/13System and preparing collations
03/28/13Moistening system for envelopes that reduces clogging caused by contaminants
03/07/13Mailpiece inserter including system for controlling friction forces developed on an envelope
02/07/13Method and system for creating targeted advertising utilizing social media activity
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09/27/12Mailing machine having optical sensors with improved immunity to ambient
09/27/12Method and system for creating targeted advertising utilizing behavioral economics marketing experts
08/09/12Cryptographically secured stock for use with online postage systems
08/09/12Systems and methods for preventing data collisions in multiple access postal system data storage systems
08/02/12Method and system for error manipulation
07/12/12Simultaneous voice and data systems for secure catalog orders
07/12/12Systems and methods for providing secure document delivery and management including scheduling
07/12/12Systems and methods for providing secure electronic document storage, retrieval and use with matching criteria
07/12/12Systems and methods for providing individual electronic document secure storage, retrieval and use
07/12/12Systems and methods for providing secure electronic document storage, retrieval and use with electronic user identity verification
06/21/12Optical sensor calibration using high frequency pulse width modulation
05/17/12Dimensional rating of a mail piece using a touch screen on a mail kiosk
05/17/12Method for loading large xml doucments on demand
04/05/12Document security utilizing color gradients
03/29/12System and payment for business reply mail
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03/01/12Method and system for rendering a shipping label including an indicium using a mailing machine and web server
01/26/12Item handling system with tracking
12/22/11System and providing controlled access to a funds dispensing device from external processors
12/01/11Device for mitigating the production/removal of particulate matter from a substrate/mailpiece envelope
12/01/11System and dimensional rating of a mailpiece
11/03/11Fraud detection in a postage system
10/06/11Feed input assembly for variable length sheet material
08/25/11Inserter control method and apparatus
07/21/11Data source independent interface for an electronic bill presentment and payment system
06/30/11Item handling system with printer alignment
06/30/11Sorter having a container shuttle system
06/30/11Folder for variable thickness collations
06/30/11Postal services kiosk having payment card security
06/23/11Mailing machine transport system
06/23/11Mailing machine transport system with integral scale for weighing mail pieces
06/23/11System and providing graphic security to a document at the time of printing
06/23/11Broadcast data mining for targeted mail stream solicitations
06/23/11Postcard greetings for direct marketing
06/23/11System and selectively providing cryptographic capabilities based on location
06/16/11Postage label dispenser for dispensing application ready/lined labels including a re-lining station facilitating the fabrication of lined labels
06/16/11Inserter system divert gate actuated by pre-fold accumulator drive shaft
06/16/11Methods and systems for configuring mailing equipment
06/16/11On-line mail processing system and mobile device application therefor
06/16/11System and identifying data fields for remote address cleansing
06/09/11System and mailpiece skew correction
06/09/11Buffering collations
06/09/11Method and detecting mailpiece thickness in an inserter system
06/09/11Method for varying resources at a call center based upon predicted call center volume
06/02/11Postage label dispensing system having a peeler plow for dispensing application ready and/or lined postage labels
06/02/11Monitoring electrical continuity for envelope seal integrity
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06/02/11Printing assembly calibration
05/26/11System and improving print quality on mail pieces having low reflectivity
05/26/11Postage label dispensing system and repositionable peeler guide therefor
05/19/11Multi-mode system for dispensing adhesive-backed labels
05/12/11Method and system for using a camera cell phone in transactions
05/05/11Item handling system with tracking
04/28/11Reconfigurable stitcher for binding consecutive variable thickness collations
04/28/11Stitcher/stapler for binding multi-sheet collations and operating the same
04/28/11Transport and alignment system for producing variable thickness collations
04/21/11System and flexible metering and payment for power usage
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04/21/11System and improving storage and retreival of documents
04/21/11Hybrid signature scheme
04/14/11Validation of mailpiece composition completeness
04/14/11Envelope moistening detector
04/14/11Lock system including an electronic key and a passive lock
04/14/11Method and system for authenticating a user based on a physical object
03/31/11Method and printing on variable thickness print media
03/24/11System and processing consumer transactions using a central server and a mobile processor
03/24/11System and dispensing postage without printing
03/17/11Electrodynamic propulsion system for conveying sheet material
03/10/11Method and storing 3d information with raster imagery
03/03/11Sheet thickness measurement
03/03/11Printer mounting arrangement for feed guide mechanisms
02/10/11Movable sealer
02/03/11Reusable windowed envelope
01/06/11Mail processing system with printer maintenance operations to prevent potential clogging of print head when different inks are utilized
12/30/10Print module having pivotable support/instrumentation rack for print head assembly
12/30/10Stamp printer for printing postage stamps related to an item in a mail piece on demand
12/09/10Method for committing material to a module of an inserting system
12/09/10Method and system for using a camera cell phone in transactions
12/02/10Printer, information processing system, information processing method, and computer-readable recording medium having recorded program
11/04/10Mailpiece inserter adapted for one-sided operation (oso) and input conveyor module therefor
11/04/10Compliant conveyance system for mailpiece transport along an arcuate feed path
10/28/10System and selecting an external user interface using spatial information
09/30/10System for measuring thickness of mailpieces
09/23/10Method and enhanced cutter throughput using an exit motion profile
09/02/10Reusable envelope and making same
09/02/10Registration plate assembly for mailpiece conveyance system
08/19/10Rental article servicing
08/19/10Method for manipulating state machine storage in a small memory space
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08/12/10Systems and methods for efficient uncorrectable error detection in flash memory
08/05/10Method for feeding a shingled stack of sheet material
07/29/10Method and storing 3d information with raster imagery
07/01/10Method and system for providing evidence of printing in event of print head failure
07/01/10Method for creating a single continuous web from which to fabricate mailpieces
07/01/10Document lifecycle tracking use with a document production process
07/01/10Image encryption for print-and-scan channels using pixel position permutation
06/24/10Print containment of pixels to improve readability
06/24/10Item feeder with overthickness detection
06/24/10Roller assembly for feeding stacked sheet material
06/24/10System and processing nested/unested mailpiece content material
06/24/10Print enhancement of pixels to improve readability
06/24/10Method for controlling a feed rate of a printer, and printer employing same
06/24/10Method and system for increasing edge sharpness in color printed images
06/17/10Adjustable item transport
06/17/10System and registering color ink jet printing in a mailing machine
06/17/10Methods and simultaneous printing on front face and flap of an envelope
06/17/10Method and evidencing a transaction using location information
06/17/10Method and system for improving carbon footprint of mail
06/17/10System and instant online postage metering
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06/17/10Mail kiosk having address verification functionality
06/17/10System and dimensional rating of mail pieces
06/17/10Solar heating system, storage tank for use therein, manufacturing solar collection panel for use therein, and installing the same
06/10/10Method for managing intelligent mail tracking codes for multiple mailers
06/10/10System and printing documents having a copy detection pattern
06/10/10In-line decryption device for securely printing documents
06/10/10Multiple color fluorescence security imprint
06/10/10Method and system for producing hard copies of electronic information employing a portable personal receiving device
06/10/10Method and system for securely transferring the personality of a postal meter at a non-secure location
06/10/10Automated mail creation and processing system
06/10/10Method and system for providing secure online authentication
06/03/10Method of postal fraud detection for stamps activated at point of sale
05/27/10Arrangement for mounting an ingestion assembly of a singulating apparatus
05/27/10System for controlling friction forces developed on an envelope in a mailpiece insertion module
05/27/108 piece puzzle
05/27/10System and user-selectable soft font and print stream data template control in a printer driver
05/27/10Method and system for securing communications in a metering device
05/27/10Reverse geocoding system using combined street segment and point datasets
05/27/10Method for recipients of mail to inform mailers of mailing preferences
05/27/10Method and system for authenticating senders and recipients in a carrier system and providing receipt of specified content by a recipient
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05/20/10Envelope transport
05/13/10Method and system for validating a security marking
05/06/10Item transport system with pneumatic aligner
04/29/10Cryptographic device having active clearing of memory regardless of state of external power
04/29/10Postal kiosk providing electronic post office box services
04/22/10Document processing machine with improved driving system
04/22/10High throughput sheet accumulator
04/15/10Seal integrity for mailpiece envelopes
04/15/10Method, system and article for producing a mailpiece envelope having improved seal integrity
04/08/10Item transport system with air divert module
04/01/10Singulating sheet feeder
04/01/10Apparatus for altering the orientation and/or direction of sheet material in mailpiece fabrication systems
04/01/10Alignment/registration and conveyance apparatus
04/01/10Confirming cancellation of truncated checks
04/01/10System and paper independent copy detection pattern
03/11/10Document processing machine such as an envelope opener
03/11/10Automated compliance with do-not-mail requirements
03/04/10Method for protecting signatures stored in a database
02/25/10Methods for creating consolidated mailpieces
02/18/10Mailing system having employee personal postage accounting capability
02/11/10Right angle turn (rat) module for conveying mailpiece collations
01/21/10Transport for singulating items
01/21/10Self-aligning nip for web feeding mechanism
01/07/10Method and system for detecting potential coercion or vote buying in vote by mail systems
12/31/09Method and improving the position accuracy of a servo motor
12/24/09Reconfigurable transport system
12/24/09Feed timing adjustment for sheet feeder
12/24/09Method and determining wear of a continuous chain
12/24/09Belt overload device
12/10/09Method for providing targeted advertising while maintaining privacy of personal information of recipients
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11/26/09System and internal processing of mail using sender and recipient networked mail processing systems
10/29/09Method and system for optimally drying ink on a substrate material
10/15/09System and selecting postal indicia size
10/08/09Postage label having concealed postal indicium
10/01/09System and measuring performance of a carrier network
10/01/09System and processing mail using sender and recipient networked mail processing systems
08/06/09Sorter system with pocket brake
07/30/09Method for selecting postal products using formal postal product definitions
07/02/09Method and system for drying ink on a substrate material
07/02/09Method and device for holding envelopes during insertion
07/02/09Air temperature normalization in paper cutting system
07/02/09Method and minimizing forces on a web
07/02/09Time limited business reply mail
07/02/09Systems and methods for producing and processing time dependent dynamic barcodes in a mail delivery system
07/02/09System and controlling electric motors to simulate a mechanical differential
07/02/09Red-luminescent ink jet printing compositions and methods for improved waterfastness
07/02/09Mailing machine having dynamically configurable postal security device to support multiple customers and carriers
07/02/09Methods and systems for using multiple permanent postage rates in mailing machines
07/02/09System and providing controlled access to a funds dispensing device from external processors
07/02/09System and tracking documents
06/25/09Inserter control method and apparatus
06/25/09Top registered item transport system
06/25/09Tension control for a sheet material feeder
06/25/09Vote by mail system that allows voters to verify their votes
06/25/09Item transport with singulation detection
06/25/09Cam driven insert gripper
06/25/09Secure vote by mail system and method
06/25/09Method and printing on variable thickness print media
06/25/09Intelligent interactive mail opening tracking method and system

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