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Postech Academy industry Foundation
Postech Academy industry Foundation Of Pohang University Of Science And Technology Postech
Postech Academy industry Foundation_20131212
Postech Academy industry Foundation_20100107

Postech Academy industry Foundation patents

Recent patent applications related to Postech Academy industry Foundation. Postech Academy industry Foundation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Postech Academy industry Foundation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Postech Academy industry Foundation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Two-photon absorbing fluorophores and cellular imaging using the same
11/16/17 new patent  Wavelength converting particle, manufacturing wavelength converting particle, and light emitting diode containing wavelength converting particle
11/09/17Polymer capsule having loaded thereon transition metal particles having excellent water dispersibility and stability, and preparing same
11/09/17Light incident angle controllable electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
10/12/17Method for preparing enamide compound and ruthenium complex catalyst used therein
10/12/17Electrode for electrochemcal device, manufacturing the same, and electrochemcal device including the same
09/28/17Treatment of retinitis pigmentosa using hyaluronic acid-carbon nanomaterial-photosensitizer complex
09/28/17Gene delivery system using polymer network
09/28/17Image sensor with inner light-condensing scheme
09/28/17Image sensor with inner light-condensing scheme
09/21/17Method for enhancing antifouling properties of high entropy alloys
08/17/17Catalyst and preparing catalyst
08/17/17Method for preparing zeolite catalyst
08/17/17Method and ultrasensitive quantification of microrna
08/10/17Ph sensitive metal and nanoparticle and preparation method
08/03/17Method of real-time detection of hydrogen content using oxide-based hydrogen storage element having tunnel structure
07/27/17Process for preparing alpha-silylamine compounds from alpha-silylmethyl azide compounds
07/20/17Alpha-helix analog having triazine-piperazine backbone and preparing same
07/20/17Hybrid storage system using p2p and data transmission method using same
07/06/17Pd-l1 fusion protein and use thereof
07/06/17Recombinant polypeptide for promoting scarless wound healing and bioadhesive material including the same
07/06/17Superhydrophilic surface body, fabricating method thereof, and filter for oil and water separation
07/06/17Nanowire field-effect sensor including nanowires having network structure and fabrication method thereof
06/29/17Method and monitoring consciousness
06/29/17Apparatus and recovering and launching unmanned aerial vehicle
06/29/17Microphone with specific audible area using ultrasound wave
05/25/17Composition for skin penetration, containing cationic molecule transporter and anionic bioactive material
05/25/17Method for labeling exosomes with radioactive substance and use thereof
05/25/17Method of selectively releasing nitric oxide depending on change in ph using calcium phosphate
05/25/17Use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics
05/11/17Transmission and reception reducing peak to average power ratio in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
05/04/17Bidirectional dc-dc converter
03/30/17Polymer electrolyte with well-defined cubic symmetry and preparation method thereof
03/23/17Data transmission apparatus, data reception apparatus, data transmission and reception system
03/16/17Hydrogel including surface-treated nanofiber and preparation method thereof
03/16/17Nozzle, device, and high-speed generation of uniform nanoparticles
03/16/17Nanotubular intermetallic compound catalyst for positive electrode of lithium air battery and preparing the same
03/09/17Hyaluronic acid derivatives and composition for cell-surface engineering using the same
02/23/17A composition for oral application and a preparing the same
02/16/17Carbon nanotube fiber and producing the same
02/02/17Polymer capsule having loaded thereon transition metal particles having excellent water dispersibility and stability, and preparing same
02/02/17Method for differentiation into biocompatible keratocyte progenitor cells and keratocyte progenitor cell composition
02/02/17Nanowire for anode material of lithium ion cell and preparing the same
01/26/17Method for manufacturing transgenic caenorhabditis elegans with dna methyltransferase and use thereof
01/19/17Scanner for photo-acoustic tomography and photo-acoustic tomography apparatus using same
01/19/17Stack protection method in case of emergency shut down or black out in solid oxide fuel cell system
01/12/17Bidirectional dc/dc converter
01/05/17Ferritic lightweight steel sheet having excellent strength and ductility and manufacturing the same
12/29/16Composition for treatment or prevention of obesity, containing water extracts of fomitella fraxinea
12/29/16Lysosomal atp selective two-photon absorbing fluorescent probe
12/29/16Ion exchange membrane and manufacturing method therefor
12/22/16Light-emitting diode production method using nanostructure transfer, and light-emitting diode obtained thereby
12/15/16Pharmaceutical compositions for preventing or treating diabetic nephropathy comprising the activity inhibitor of tenc1
12/01/16High-sensitivity lateral-flow immunochromatographic chip using enzyme-mimic inorganic nanoparticles and detection method using same
11/24/16Use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics
11/17/16Low-power bandgap reference voltage generator using leakage current
11/10/16Object recognition apparatus and method
11/03/16Tube shaped carbon structure and manufacturing method thereof
11/03/16High specific strength steel sheet and manufacturing same
10/27/16Noninvasive imaging gastrointestinal track
10/20/16Method for preparing biocompatible cornea and decellularization composition for biocompatible tissue
10/20/16High-conductivity two-dimensional polyaniline nanosheets and fabricating the same
10/20/16Apparatus for preparing cell-derived artificial microvesicles by using centrifugal force
10/20/16Microscopic creating super-resolution images of an organism or biological matter and creating super-resolution images of an organism or biological matter using the same
09/29/16Sonar-image-simulation image prediction of imaging sonar and apparatus using the sonar-image-simulation method
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09/22/16One-photon and/or two-photon fluorescent probe for sensing hydrogen sulfide, imaging hydrogen sulfide using same, and manufacturing method thereof
09/22/16Battery cell balancing method
09/15/16Ph-responsive nanoparticle using mussel adhesive protein for drug delivery and preparing the same
09/15/16Method and transmitting and receiving signal using variable observation length in multicarrier system using non-orthogonal transmission signal
09/08/16Plant growth accelerator and manufacturing methods thereof
09/01/16Nanowire field-effect sensor including nanowires having network structure and fabrication method thereof
08/25/16Hyaluronic acid-nucleic acid conjugate and composition for nucleic acid delivery containing the same
08/25/16Phd gene involved in development and formation of plant phloem
08/18/16Leakage current-based delay circuit
08/04/16Optical imaging multi-depth image
08/04/16Carbonic anhydrase with stability at high temperature and capturring agent for carbon dioxide comprising the same
08/04/16Tactual sensor using micro liquid metal droplet
07/28/16Method and analyzing missing not at random data and recommendation system using the same
07/14/16Novel pi-extended acedan derivatives, their application for two-photon microscopy imaging, and their application for two-photon microscopy imaging of amyloid-beta plaque in an alzheimer's disease animal model
06/30/16Dna aptamer specifically binding to en2 (engrailed-2) and use thereof
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06/30/16Method of manufacturing nanowire array using induced growth
06/30/16Display device and manufacturing method thereof
06/23/16Micro-needle and sensor for detecting nitrogen monooxide comprising the same
06/23/16Method for automatically generating blank filling question and recording medium device for recording program for executing same
06/23/16Preposition error correcting performing same
06/23/16Injection locked digital frequency synthesizer circuit
06/16/16Method and tracking target object
06/16/16Apparatus for generating motion effects and computer readable medium for the same
06/09/16Resistive memory devices
06/02/16Resistive memory devices and methods of controlling the same
05/12/16Apparatus for learning vowel reduction and same
05/12/16Composite having metal fluoride and porous carbon, preparing the same, and lithium ion battery comprising the same
05/05/16Method of screening for chaperonin modulator
04/28/16Catheter for detection of ultrasound and photoacoustic signals and ultrasound/photoacoustic image acquisition system using the same
04/28/16Fluorescent probe sensing tyrosine kinase and use thereof
04/28/16Method of analyzing binding aspect of membrane protein in a living cell
04/21/16Matting extracting foreground object and performing the matting method
04/21/16Topological insulator formed new surface electronic state and the preparation method thereof
04/14/16Coefficient error robust feed forward equalizer
04/07/16Mussel-inspired bioactive surface coating composition generating silica nanoparticles
04/07/16Sensorless control motor
03/31/16Surface treatment compositon for forming self-assembled coating capable of being easily coated, removed or recoated
03/24/16Photoactive layer, organic solar cell comprising same, and manufacturing method therefor
02/11/16Method for processing dialogue based on processing instructing expression and apparatus therefor
02/11/16Method and appartus for modulating data and recording medium thereof
02/04/16Benzidine derivative, preparing same, and pharmaceutical composition containing benzidine derivative for treating liver disease caused by hepatitis c virus
02/04/16Organic light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
01/21/16Surface immobilization of various functional biomolecules using mussel adhesive protein
01/21/16Electronic element employing hybrid electrode having high work function and conductivity
01/14/16Method for selectively isolating hydrogen or helium using a natrolite-based zeolite, and novel natrolite-based zeolite
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01/07/16Photoacoustic imaging device and oxygen saturation measurement method
01/07/16Method for forming aligned oxide semiconductor wire pattern and electronic device using same
01/07/16Conductive thin film, producing same, and electronic element comprising same
12/31/15Underwater docking system and docking method using the same
12/31/15Electronic device
12/24/15Voice dialog system using humorous speech and method thereof
12/17/15Aptamer specific to integrin alpha-v-beta-3 and use thereof
12/17/15Method for preparing graphite using microwaves
12/17/15Process for preparing carbon quantum dots using emulsion
12/17/15Glass-phosphor composite containing rare-earth ion and light-emitting diode including same
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12/17/15Sensorless control motor and system using the same
12/10/15Method for producing carbon nanotubes using protein polymer
12/10/15Method for recognizing statistical voice language
12/03/15Catalytic manufacturing imine having no substituent group on the nitrogen, and use for the imine produced
11/26/15Method for screening for high l-tryptophan producing microorganisms using riboswitch
11/26/15Aptamer for periostin and anti-cancer composition including same
11/26/15Battery cell balancing circuit using lc serial resonance
11/26/15Transmitter, receiver, and signal processing method thereof
11/19/15Object tracking apparatus and method thereof
11/12/15Nozzle, device, and high-speed generation of uniform nanoparticles
11/12/15Method for removing liquid membrane using high-speed particle beam
11/05/15Composition for odor removal comprising cucurbituril
10/29/15Grammatical error correcting system and grammatical error correcting method using the same
10/22/15Low-density lipoprotein analogue nanoparticles, and composition comprising same for targeted diagnosis and treatment of liver
10/22/15Composition for odor removal and fragrance emission comprising complexes of cucurbituril and fragrance
10/22/15Synthesis of quantum dot/polymer/layered-structure ceramic composite
10/22/15Biomass production increasing gene and transgenic plant using same
10/22/15Nanowire electric field effect sensor having three-dimensional stacking structure nanowire and manufacturing method therefor
10/15/15Method for detecting food poisoning bacteria using magnetic nanoparticles and solution having high viscosity
10/15/15Sensing apparatus
10/08/15Composition comprising myricetin as active ingredient for enhancing exercise performance or fatigue recovery
10/08/15Superhydrophobic filter sturcture for selectively separating water and oil
10/01/15Solid-state dye-densitized solar cell with long-term stability containing pyridine-based additive
09/24/15Image sensor with micro lens
09/17/15Preparing vertically grown nanostructures of c60 and conjugated molecule
09/17/15Nanoporous membrane
09/17/15List decoding polar code and memory system using the same
09/10/15Uv-curing resin injection device for aneurism treatment
09/10/15Method for producing foam-shaped graphene structure by boiling, and foam-shaped graphene structure using same
08/27/15Composition for regulating flowering of a plant containing the gene coding for abi3 protein
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08/27/15Wave power generating apparatus
08/20/15Method and device for generating vibration from adjective space
08/13/15Inorganic nanoparticle deposited catalyst for hydrogenation and manufacturing the same, and hydrogenation for biomass derived hydrocarbon compounds
08/13/15Highly conductive polymer electrolyte membrane comprising ionic liquid
08/06/15Method of manufacturing horizontally aligned single crystalline inorganic nanowire patterns
08/06/15Memory device and memory cell array
08/06/15Method for transmitting data by using implicit forward ordering information obtained through competition by means of distributed coordination function in wireless lan, and wireless communication device for transmitting data by using the same
07/30/15Method of preparing porous metal oxide structure
07/30/15Method for transmitting data by using reverse order implied information obtained by competition by means of distributed coordination function in wireless lan, and wireless communication device for transmitting data by using the same
07/23/15Superhydrophilic filter structure for selectively separating water and oil
07/16/15Light emitting device having mgo pyramid structure and fabricating the same
07/09/15Color converting element and light emitting device including the same
07/02/15Method and decoding non-binary parity check code
06/04/15Liver targeted drug delivery systems using metal nanoparticles and preparing method thereof
06/04/15Sodium-nano liquid reactivity experiment appartus
06/04/15Pattern recognition the same
05/28/15Sensor for detecting explosive, and preparation method thereof
05/28/15Oxazolidinone derivatives and composition for preventing or treating hepatitis c containing the same
05/28/15Method for generating blocks for video searching and processing queries based on blocks generated thereby
05/28/15Apparatus and enhancing computer system security
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05/21/15Metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor having nanostructure and manufacturing same
05/21/15Method and performing superposition coded modulation scheme in a broadcasting or communication system
05/21/15Pulse shaping circuit for improving spectrum efficiency and on-off keying (ook) transmitter including pulse shaping circuit
05/21/15Biomass production increasing gene and transgenic plant using same
05/07/15Chromogenic humidity sensor
05/07/15Optical fiber for generating bessel beam and optical imaging device using same
05/07/15Light incident angle controllable electronic device and manufacturing method thereof
04/30/15Fe-mn-c-based twip steel having remarkable mechanical performance at very low temperature, and preparation method thereof
04/30/15Sensor using sensing mechanism having combined static charge and field effect transistor
04/23/15Apparatus and providing motion haptic effect using video analysis
04/23/15Apparatus and transmitting and receiving multimedia data in mobile communication system
04/23/15Synthesis of molecule on nanoparticle surface for stable detection of nitroaromatic explosives, and sensor using same
04/16/15Metal suboxide and methods of preparing same
03/26/15Method and recognizing key input from virtual keyboard
03/26/15Method for selectively isolating hydrogen or helium using a natrolite-based zeolite, and novel natrolite-based zeolite
03/19/15Language learning system and learning method
03/12/15Apparatus and anodizing inner surface of tube
03/12/15Nanowire field-effect transistor and manufacturing same
03/05/15Three-dimensionlal virtual liver surgery planning system
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02/26/15System and managing conversation
02/19/15Three-dimensionally shaped structure having hydrophobic surface, and manufacturing same
02/19/15Drug delivery conjugate capable of controlled release, and use thereof
02/12/15Method and transforming data symbol for interference avoidance
02/05/15Method and apparatus of interference alignment in cellular network
02/05/15Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating diabetes containing tenc1 expression or activity suppressor
01/29/15Tuning-fork based near field probe for spectral measurement, near-field microscope using the same, and spectral analysis method using near-field microscope
01/22/15Cmos image sensor having optical block area
01/22/15Inositol and trehalose derivatives and pharmaceutical compositions for treating neurodegenerative diseases comprising the same
01/22/15Memory system and operating the same
01/08/15Germanium nanoparticle/carbon composite anode material using no binder for lithium-polymer battery having high capacity and high rapid charge/discharge characteristics
01/01/15Aptamer which selectively binds to erbb2 receptor and uses thereof
12/25/14Hybrid material comprising graphene and iron oxide, manufacturing the same, and treating waste water using the same
12/18/14Capacitive touch sensor
12/18/14Vector simultaneously expressing dodecameric trail and hsv-tk suicide genes, and anticancer stem cell therapeutic agent using same
12/18/14Composition for treatment or prevention of hyperlipidemia, containing alcohol extracts of oligoporus tephroleucus
12/04/14Light emitting diode
12/04/14Power amplifier
12/04/14Power amplifier
11/20/14Balancing control circuit for battery cell module using lc series resonant circuit
11/20/14Method and apparatus of transmitting data based on frequency hopping
11/06/14Solar cell and manufacturing same
10/30/14High-conductivity hole transport material and dye-sensitized solar cell using same
10/16/14Carbon dioxide fixation method using condensation polymerization, polymer material prepared thereby, recovering carbon from said polymer material, and graphite generated by said carbon recovery method
10/16/14Production of titanium compounds and metal by sustainable methods
10/02/14Container for culturing cells having nanostructures, and preparation method thereof
08/28/14Ionic field effect transistor having heterogeneous triangular nanochannel and manufacturing the same
08/28/14Simplified organic emitting diode and preparing the same
08/21/14Method and calibrating digital background through capacitor division and swapping for reducing capacitor mismatch effect of analog-to-digital converter
08/21/14Rna aptamer specifically binding to carcinoembryonic antigen and use thereof
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08/21/14Microdroplet or microparticle with janus or core-shell internal morphology fabricated from n-isopropylacrylamide
08/21/14Apparatus for measuring and treating dysphagia
08/14/14Iron-based alloy for powder injection molding
08/07/14Vertically aligned mesoporous thin film, manufacturing the same, and catalytic application thereof
07/31/14Electrode including a self-assembling polymer having an organometal, and manufacturing same
07/31/14Method of treating hyperproliferation of cells using a nucleolin specific aptamer
07/24/14Receiving device of ofdm communication alleviating phase noise thereof
07/17/14Microfluidic unit, microfluidic disk, microfluidic disk system, and biochemical assays
07/03/14Method for processing a super-hydrophobic surface, and evaporator having the super-hydrophobic surface
06/26/14Microfluidic disk for measuring microfluid and measuring microfluid
06/19/14Method for preparing induced pluripotent stem cells using microvesicles derived from embryonic stem cells
06/12/14Nickel ferrite nanoparticle composite and preparing same
05/08/14Metal oxide semiconductor electrode having porous thin film, dye-sensitized solar cell using same, and manufacturing same
04/24/14Dye-sensitized solar cell comprising ion layer and manufacturing
04/24/14Apparatus for isolation of extracellular vesicles comprising porous polymer monolith microfilter
04/10/14Flow passage network
04/03/14Method of diagnosing cancer using a nucleolin specific aptamer
03/20/14Hyaluronic acid-nucleic acid conjugate and composition for nucleic acid delivery containing the same
02/27/14Method of screening for chaperonin modulator
02/20/14Device for adjusting curvature of mirror, and mirror adjustment system comprising same
01/09/14Apparatus for microdroplet generation via liquid bridge breakup
01/09/14Highly advanced lithium-polymer battery including silicon nanoparticles substituted with polymers and self-assembling block copolymers
12/26/13Microchip for analyzing nucleic acid and nucleic acid analysis using the same
12/12/13Polynucleotide delivering complex for target cell
11/28/13Method for treating a patient via photodynamic therapy comprising a macromolecular capsule
10/24/13Method for manufacturing x-ray/gamma-ray focusing optical system using atomic layer deposition
10/24/13Composition containing gene encoding abc transporter proteins for increasing size of plant seed and content of fat stored within seed
10/10/13Microstrip phase inverter

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