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Pratt x26 Whitney Canada Corp
Pratt x26 Whitney
Pratt x26 Whitney Rocketdyne Inc
Pratt x26 Whitney Services Pte Ltd
Pratt x26 Whitney Canada Corp_20100121
Pratt x26 Whitney Canada Crop
Pratt x26 Whitney Rocketdyne Inc_20100107
Pratt x26 Whitney_20131212
Pratt x26 Whitney Line Maintenance Services Inc
Pratt x26 Whitney Cananda Corp

Pratt & Whitney patents

Recent patent applications related to Pratt & Whitney. Pratt & Whitney is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Pratt & Whitney may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Pratt & Whitney, we're just tracking patents.

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03/10/16Offtakes for gas turbine engine secondary gas flows
04/10/14Thin metal duct damper
02/06/14No flange damage wedge lock washers
01/16/14Method of manufacturing fan blade shields
01/16/14Dynamic stability and mid axial preload control for a tie shaft coupled axial high pressure rotor
01/02/14Gas turbine fuel nozzle end cover using au-ni braze and method producing same
12/26/13Machined aerodynamic intercompressor bleed ports
12/12/13Ring seal midplate
12/05/13Optical detection of airfoil axial position with nsms
11/21/13Manufacturing process for aerospace bearing rolling elements
11/14/13Convective shielding cooling hole pattern
11/14/13Stator assembly
11/07/13Method for working of combustor float wall panels
10/31/13Tec mount redundant fastening
10/24/13Electronic means for detecting buffered main shaft seal wear or failure in a turbine engine
10/17/13Duplex finger seal for joints with high relative displacement
10/10/13Liquid drop peening method and apparatus therefor
10/03/13Dual-intent locator pin and removable plug for gas turbines
10/03/13Knife edge seal for gas turbine engine
09/12/13Exit manifold flow guide
09/12/13Low pressure compressor variable vane control for two-spool turbofan or turboprop engine
09/05/13Diffuser seal for geared turbofan or turboprop engines
08/29/13Method of using an afterburner to reduce high velocity jet engine noise
08/15/13Anti-rotation stator segments
08/08/13Integrated multicoat automatic pause resume circuit
08/01/13Modal tuning for vanes
07/11/13Automated dewpoint oxygen measurement system
06/20/13Hybrid control system
06/13/13Gas turbine engine with variable overall pressure ratio
05/09/13System and data-driven automated borescope inspection
05/09/13System and automated borescope inspection user interface
05/09/13Method and system for position control based on automated defect detection feedback
05/09/13System and multiple simultaneous automated defect detection
05/09/13System and automated defect detection utilizing prior data
05/09/13Method and system for automated defect detection
04/11/13Combined pump system for engine tms aoc reduction and ecs loss elimination
02/28/13Substrates coated with wear resistant layers and methods of applying wear resistant layers to same
07/26/12Machine tool - based, optical coordinate measuring machine calibration device
09/22/11Cover plate for turbine vane assembly
02/04/10Combined matching and inspection process in machining of fan case rub strips
10/08/09Systems and methods for modeling surface properties of a mechanical component
12/12/13Ring seal midplate
02/09/17Die casting machine shot sleeve
06/30/16Insert for die cast shot sleeve
02/11/16Segmented die casting block
12/10/15Turbine shroud milling
06/18/15Shot sleeve assembly with materials of different coefficients of thermal expansion
06/11/15Tip fabrication for rotor blade or stator vane airfoil
01/02/14Protective polishing mask
12/05/13Polishing assembly and polishing
12/16/10Electrical discharge assembly and repairing diffusion cooling passages
02/25/10Fixture for compressor stator chord restoration repair
11/19/09Compressor stator chord restoration repair method and apparatus
02/04/16Tight-shale oil production tool
11/26/15Additive manufacturing for elevated-temperature ductility and stress rupture life
10/22/15Adjustable valve sleeve
09/03/15Water conserving syngas cleanup system
07/10/14Steam generator and generating steam
07/10/14Method for purifying water and water treatment system therefor
03/20/14Reduced build mass additive manufacturing chamber
07/04/13Pumping element design
03/21/13Flow battery stack with an integrated heat exchanger
01/31/13Flow battery cells arranged between an inlet manifold and an outlet manifold
01/17/13Functionally graded additive manufacturing with in situ heat treatment
12/20/12System and sensing and mitigating hydrogen evolution within a flow battery system
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12/20/12System and operating a flow battery system at an elevated temperature
09/27/12Structurally efficient cooled engine housing for rotary engines
08/16/12Augmented expander cycle
07/21/11Rotary engine with exhaust gas supplemental compounding
05/12/11Heliostat joint
10/28/10Augmenter for compound compression engine
10/07/10Nano-particle wave heat pipe
06/24/10Charge pump
01/07/10Remote transmission detecting onset of structural failure
12/31/09Tapered, frequency-tuned rotor for turbine flow meter
10/08/09Stackable battery module
07/30/09Friction stir welded bladder fuel tank
03/12/09Dual neutron-gamma ray source
03/12/09Variable-ratio neutron-gamma ray source
03/12/09Neutron-gamma ray tomography
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01/07/10Remote transmission detecting onset of structural failure
02/09/12Probe cleaning method and apparatus
03/24/16Gas turbine engine inlet
06/25/15Fluid manifold for gas turbine engine and delivering fuel to a combustor using same
12/14/17 new patent  Reduction gearbox for aircraft engine
11/30/17Friction damper
11/30/17Fire shield integrated to fuel nozzle retaining bracket
11/30/17Method for testing a seal of a sealed bearing cavity
11/23/17Method and assembly for providing an anti-icing airflow
11/23/17Compound engine system with rotary engine
11/23/17Low inductance capacitor assembly
11/16/17Power plant management system for dual engine helicopter in single engine operation mode
11/16/17Internal combustion engine with split pilot injection
11/16/17Gas turbine engine exhaust ejector/mixer
11/16/17Bearing system with bearing damper
11/16/17Fuel nozzle
11/09/17Hybrid gas-electric turbine engine
11/09/17Damper ring
10/26/17Fuel flow divider valve mounting arrangement for a gas turbine engine
10/26/17Correction of pressure measurements in engines
10/26/17Method and system for evaluation of engine condition
10/19/17Aerodynamically active stiffening feature for gas turbine recuperator
10/19/17Mounting arrangement for mounting a fluid cooler to a gas turbine engine case
10/19/17Oil leakage recovery system for gas turbine engine
10/19/17Fuel nozzle with increased spray angle range
10/19/17Sealing device for seal runner face
10/05/17Internal combustion engine with port communication
09/28/17Propeller balancing using inflight data
09/21/17Directional control system and providing directional control
09/21/17Engine assembly with direct drive of generator
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09/21/17Magnetic seal system
09/21/17Active control flow system and cooling and providing active flow control
09/21/17Low hub-to-tip ratio fan for a turbofan gas turbine engine
08/31/17Tandem magnetic seal with single magnet
08/31/17Combustor primary zone cooling flow scheme
08/31/17Detection of oil contamination in engine air
08/24/17Air intake with scroll portion and strutted portion for gas turbine engine
08/24/17Air intake for turboprop engine
08/24/17Fuel nozzle retaining bracket
08/24/17Compressor rotor for supersonic flutter and/or resonant stress mitigation
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08/24/17Intermittent spigot joint for gas turbine engine casing connection
08/10/17Engine assembly with combined engine and cooling exhaust
08/03/17Engine assembly with turbine support casing
08/03/17Method of balancing a gas turbine engine rotor
08/03/17Inlet guide assembly
08/03/17Engine architecture using electric machine
08/03/17Compressor rotor with anti-vortex fins
07/27/17Oil system for turbine engine and related method
07/27/17Magnetic seal system with internal cooling
07/20/17Digital communications between aircraft computer and engine computer
07/20/17Gas turbine engine blade casing
07/20/17Shaft shear detection through shaft oscillation
07/13/17Internally cooled seal runner
07/13/17Cooled containment case using internal plenum
06/29/17Surface cooler for aero engine
06/29/17Fuel injector for fuel spray nozzle
06/22/17Turbine rotor coolant supply system
06/22/17Method of sizing a cavity in a part
06/22/17Rotary engine casing
06/22/17Engine fuel system for use with composite aircraft
06/22/17Mistuned fan
06/22/17Combustor floating collar assembly
06/15/17Method of determining a radius of a cutting end of a tool for a turning machine
06/08/17Method and system for diagnosing a condition of an engine using lubricating fluid analysis
05/25/17Gas turbine engine module adapter to a carrier
05/11/17Positioning assembly and method
05/11/17Estimating system parameters from sensor measurements
05/04/17Chevron system for gas turbine engine
04/27/17Cooling passages in a turbine component
04/27/17Multiple spoke cooling system and method
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04/27/17Structural case for aircraft gas turbine engine
04/27/17Heat exchanger for gas turbine engines
04/27/17Diffuser pipe with vortex generators
04/27/17Diffuser pipe with splitter vane
04/27/17Effusion cooling holes
04/20/17Mid-turbine frame spoke cooling system and method
04/20/17Spoke mounting arrangement
04/20/17Spoke locking architecture
04/13/17Method of supporting a part
04/13/17Integrated turbine exhaust case mixer design
04/06/17Shrouded blade for a gas turbine engine
04/06/17Gas turbine exhaust having reduced jet noise
04/06/17Blade disk arrangement for blade frequency tuning
03/30/17Gas turbine engine cover
03/30/17Seal arrangement for compressor or turbine section of gas turbine engine
03/30/17Integrated strut and turbine vane nozzle arrangement
03/30/17Gas turbine engine exhaust mixer with lobes cross-over offset
03/30/17Deployment mechanism for inflatable surface-increasing features for gas turbine engine
03/30/17Single skin combustor with heat transfer enhancement
03/30/17Single skin combustor heat transfer augmenters
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03/16/17Gas turbine engine rotor balancing
03/16/17Liquid cooling system with thermal valve deflector
03/16/17Rotary internal combustion engine with variable volumetric compression ratio
03/16/17Heat shield labyrinth seal
03/16/17Compressor variable vane assembly
03/16/17Combustor for gas turbine engine
03/09/17Rotary internal combustion engine with pilot subchamber
03/02/17Combustor cooling system
03/02/17Internally cooled dilution hole bosses for gas turbine engine combustors
02/23/17Oil scupper system for bearing housing of gas turbine engine
02/23/17Compound cycle engine
02/23/17Combustor heat shield with carbon avoidance feature
02/16/17Turbine shroud segment sealing
02/16/17Combustor shape cooling system
02/09/17Inflight power management for aircraft
02/09/17Aircraft heating assembly with liquid cooled internal combustion engine and heating element using waste heat
02/09/17Turboprop engine assembly with combined engine and cooling exhaust
02/09/17Auxiliary power unit with electrically driven compressor
02/09/17Auxiliary power unit with variable speed ratio
02/09/17Auxiliary power unit with combined cooling of generator
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02/09/17Free gas turbine with constant temperature-corrected gas generator speed
02/02/17Turbine blade with hot-corrosion-resistant coating
02/02/17Turbine section with tip flow vanes
02/02/17Turbine vane rear insert scheme
01/26/17Fuel filter and bypass valve arrangement
01/26/17Manufacturing of turbine shroud segment with internal cooling passages
01/26/17Integrated strut-vane nozzle (isv) with uneven vane axial chords
01/26/17Gas turbine engine combustor and forming same
01/05/17Air cooled air cooler for gas turbine engine air system
12/29/16Auxiliary power unit with intercooler
12/29/16Auxiliary power unit with excess air recovery
12/29/16Compound engine assembly with direct drive of generator
12/29/16Segmented multi-lobe mixer
12/29/16Compound engine assembly with bleed air
12/29/16Sensor probe with anti-icing
12/22/16Compound engine assembly with exhaust pipe nozzle
12/22/16Valve assembly with oil shut-off valve
12/22/16Evaluation of component condition through analysis of material interaction
12/01/16Seal and bearing assembly for a gas turbine engine and assembling same
12/01/16Rotor resonance disturbance rejection controller
12/01/16Turbofan bypass air cooled oil cooler fairings
12/01/16Translating gaspath bleed valve
12/01/16Compressor airfoil with compound leading edge profile
12/01/16Gas turbine stator with winglets
12/01/16Internally cooled seal runner and cooling seal runner of a gas turbine engine
12/01/16System and automated part inspection
12/01/16Method and kit for preserving a fuel system of an aircraft engine
11/17/16Thermal barrier coating with lower thermal conductivity
11/17/16Automated propeller feather testing
11/17/16Steel soft wall fan case
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11/17/16Multiple turboshaft engine control helicopters
11/10/16Integrated tec/mixer strut axial position
11/10/16System and speed sensor position detection in a multiple channel control system
11/03/16Two-stage combustor for gas turbine engine
10/27/16Rotor assembly with scoop
10/27/16Rotor assembly with wear member
10/27/16Turboprop engine with compressor turbine shroud
10/27/16Noise reduction using igv flow ejections
10/20/16Gas turbine engine rotor mistuning
10/20/16Manufacturing of turbine shroud segment with internal cooling passages
10/20/16Gas turbine engine rotor casing treatment
10/20/16Oil tank and scavenge pipe assembly of a gas turbine engine and delivering an oil and air mixture to same
10/20/16Voltage discharge channelling assembly for a gas turbine engine
10/20/16Gas turbine engine combustor
10/13/16Internal combustion engine with pilot and main injection
10/13/16Gas turbine engine recuperator with floating connection
10/13/16Diffusing gas turbine engine recuperator
10/13/16Combustor heat shield
10/13/16Combustor dome heat shield
10/06/16Method of machining surfaces of rotor disc and grinding machine therefor
10/06/16Blade cutback distribution in rotor for noise reduction
10/06/16Air cooler system for gas turbine engines
10/06/16Dual pre-load cylindrical seal
09/29/16Mold assembly and guide element thereof
09/29/16Laser drilling through multi-layer components
09/29/16Aircraft power outtake management
09/29/16Fluid delivery system for a gas turbine engine
09/29/16Reduction gearbox for a gas turbine engine
09/29/16Fuel system for a gas turbine engine

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