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Method and arrangement for manufacturing a control device offering haptic feedback

A method of manufacturing a control device comprising an actuator for generating a haptic feedback. The method includes providing at least two flat anchors each of which comprises a connecting element for connection to a support component. ... Preh Gmbh

Control device with several control assemblies and haptic feedback, and process for manufacturing the control device

The present disclosure relates to a control device with at least one touch-sensitive input surface that can be activated for haptic feedback with an electromagnetic actuator, where the actuator comprises an actuator coil and an armature that is activated by energizing the actuator coil. The control device is divided into at least two control assemblies at least one of which has a touch-sensitive input surface and an armature connected therewith. ... Preh Gmbh

Optical sensor apparatus with additional capacitive sensors

The present disclosure relates to a sensor device for arrangement in a motor vehicle, including: a transmitting unit for emitting an optical signal into a space region of a passenger compartment of the motor vehicle; a receiving unit for sensing the optical signal; an evaluation unit for assigning a switching function and/or controlling function to the reflected optical signal; a cover which is transmissive with respect to the optical signal and disposed between the passenger compartment and the transmitting unit; and further, a capacitive sensor with at least one electrode for generating a measuring capacitance sensing the passenger compartment at least in some portions, and means for detecting a capacitance change of the measuring capacitance; and wherein the evaluation unit is further designed to vary the switching function and/or controlling function and/or to vary the transmitting power of the transmitting unit in accordance with the capacitance change.. . ... Preh Gmbh

Rotary adjuster with improved optical rotary position detection

The present disclosure relates to a rotary adjuster, including: a housing, a rotary knob mounted in a rotatable manner about a rotation axis (a) on the housing; an optical detection device for detecting a rotary position of the rotary knob and a coding shutter moving synchronously with the rotary knob, wherein the detection device has an optical transmitter and an array of optical receivers, and wherein the coding shutter and the detection device are designed to detect the rotary position of the rotary knob by means of the number of the receivers of the array illuminated by the transmitter and/or by means of an illumination intensity of one or more receivers of the array.. . ... Preh Gmbh

Actuating device for an electro-mechanical or hydro-mechanical motor vehicle transmission system, especially of an agricultural commercial vehicle

The present disclosure relates to an actuating device for an electro-mechanical motor vehicle transmission system, comprising a housing, a shift lever, a flat mechanical linkage, wherein the shift lever is movably supported at housing for shifting between gear ratios, wherein the shift lever is movably supported in each one of the shift gate in a shifting direction by means of the flat mechanical linkage and is pivotably supported in at least one selection gate about a selection axis for selecting among different shift gates, as well as a detection device, which is designed to detect a displacement of the shift lever in the shifting direction and pivoting of the shift lever about the selection axis.. . ... Preh Gmbh

Control element with haptically movable touchpad or touchscreen and with magnetic return

The present disclosure relates to a control element, comprising a carrier, an actuating member defining a touch-sensitive input surface, whereby the actuating member is movably installed on the carrier substantially parallel to the plane formed by the touch-sensitive input surface in a movement direction; an actuator to provide a movement from a resting position in movement direction of the actuating member relative to the carrier for providing a haptic feedback, whereby furthermore at least one permanent-magnet pair is arranged between the carrier and the actuating member to guide, in particular to stabilize the movement of the actuating member and/or the return of the actuating member into the resting position.. . ... Preh Gmbh

Fingerprint sensor having rotation gesture functionality

The present disclosure relates to a fingerprint sensor having a capture surface for capturing characteristic features of the surface of a finger of an operator and an associated analyzing unit, where the analyzing unit and the fingerprint sensor are designed to capture a movement of the characteristic features of the finger across the capture surface; and the analyzing unit is furthermore designed to detect a rotation movement of the finger and to associate a parameter of the rotation movement to a change of a control parameter, as long as the axis of rotation defined by the rotation movement intersects the capture surface.. . ... Preh Gmbh

Input device with a fingerprint sensor and a force sensor associated with the fingerprint sensor

An input device includes a fingerprint sensor, an operating layer having a first operating surface, at least one force sensor, and an evaluation unit. The first operating surface has an acquisition surface which acquires a fingerprint of a finger of an operator via the fingerprint sensor. ... Preh Gmbh

Man-machine interface having a steering wheel and a fingerprint sensor attached thereto

The present disclosure relates to a man-machine interface, including a steering wheel rotatably supported about a steering wheel axis and an input device attached to the steering wheel, wherein the input device includes a fingerprint sensor with an acquisition surface for acquiring a fingerprint of a finger of an operator and additionally at least one touch-sensitive and/or operation-sensitive input surface, which is disposed outside the acquisition surface and preferably spaced from the acquisition surface, with an associated detection device, and an evaluation unit connected in an electrically conductive manner with the detection device and the fingerprint sensor, wherein the evaluation unit is configured to verify the data acquired by the fingerprint sensor with a signal of the detection device and, if necessary, to discard them.. . ... Preh Gmbh

Mode selection device for a vehicle gearbox with sledge mechanism

A mode selection device for a vehicle gearbox, including a guide part, a sledge, a housing and a handle attached to the sledge, wherein the sledge is movable by the handle along a guide path of the guide part in the same adjustment direction as the respective handle into predetermined longitudinal positions, wherein the guide part is pivotably mounted at the housing around a pivot direction perpendicular to the adjustment direction, so that the handle is movable in predetermined pivot positions, wherein the predetermined pivot positions and longitudinal positions of the handle correspond to a predetermined mode of operation of the vehicle gear.. . ... Preh Gmbh

Arrangement for spatially resolving projected-capacitive touch detection with improved locally deformed electrode structure

The present disclosure relates to a device for spatially resolving projected capacitive touch detection, and includes an electrically insulating substrate with several electrically conductive surfaces of a first type and a second type disposed side-by-side thereon, where the surfaces one of each type have a uniform surface configuration, and wherein the surfaces of the first type are connected in rows to form several transmitting electrodes, and the surfaces of the second type are connected to form several receiving electrodes, and the surfaces are disposed in a type-alternating manner, such that the surface of the one type is surrounded by several surfaces of the other type while maintaining a minimum distance therefrom. A through-hole is formed in the substrate adjacent to at least one surface and is configured in a non-rule-compliant manner such that the predefined minimum distance from at least two most closely adjacent surfaces of the other type is obtained.. ... Preh Gmbh

Sensor device for measuring the interior temperature of a motor vehicle with latching means

A sensor device for measuring an interior temperature of a motor vehicle. The motor vehicle includes an inner trim which includes an aperture and latching springs. ... Preh Gmbh

Assembly for the full-surface adhesive bonding of substantially congruent adhesive-bonding surfaces of a first and a second joining partner

The invention relates to an assembly for adhesively connecting substantially congruent gluing surfaces of a first and second joining partner over their full surface, comprising: the first joining partner (1); the second joining partner (2); an adhesive layer (3) of a polar, flowable adhesive applied to the gluing surface (1a) of the first joining partner (1); means (8) for holding the second joining partner (2) above the adhesive layer (1a) of the first joining partner (1), such that the gluing surface (2a) of the second joining partner (2) faces the adhesive layer (3) on the first joining partner (1) and is disposed so as to be spaced therefrom across an air gap (5), and the spacing defined by the air gap (5) between the first joining partner (1) and the second joining partner (2) is dimensioned in such a way that a capillary volume is formed; means (7) for generating an electric field (10) in order to cause, by means of electric influence, a local charge displacement (11) on and/or in the second joining partner (1), and the charge displacement (11) is suitable for attracting the polar adhesive in such a way that it wets the gluing surface (2a) of the second joining partner (2) first in the area of the local charge displacement (11), wherein the means for generating the electric field comprise an electrode (7), which is disposed on the side of the second joining partner (2) facing away from the gluing surface (2a) and is electrically insulated from said partner (2).. . ... Preh Gmbh

Input device with a two-part force sensor for actuation inputs and method for the production thereof

An input device includes a first component with an actuating layer and a first electrode arranged adjacent thereto, a second component with a carrier and a second electrode, and a device which electrically contacts the first and second electrodes. The first and second electrodes face each other with an air gap therebetween. ... Preh Gmbh

11/23/17 / #20170336912

Identification mode and input mode operated input device

An input device includes an input area, an optical or capacitive sensor which includes a scan area, and an analyzing unit. The optical or capacitive sensor detects a surface structure of a finger touching the input area in the scan area. ... Preh Gmbh

11/16/17 / #20170329450

Input device with verification of touch or activation

An input device includes an input surface, at least one first detector which detects a touch and/or an activation of the input surface, a second detector which includes a detection range which covers the input surface, and an evaluation unit. The second detector detects a no-touch of the input surface. ... Preh Gmbh

09/21/17 / #20170268946

Capacitive force sensor

A capacitive force sensor includes a base body, a diaphragm body, two spacers arranged between the base body and the diaphragm body, the two spacers supporting the diaphragm body on the base body, a free end formed by the diaphragm body projecting beyond one of the two spacers, a cavity formed between the diaphragm body and the base body in a region between the two spacers so that the diaphragm body bends when a force acts on the diaphragm body in the region between the two spacers, a first electrode arranged at the free end, a second electrode arranged on the base body, and an electrical contact device which makes an electrical contact with the first and second electrode. The first and second electrode define a precision capacitance meter with a measuring capacitance which changes with an action of the force.. ... Preh Gmbh

05/18/17 / #20170139405

Control member with electronic evaluation of the haptic feedback

An assembly consisting of a control member which comprises a carrier, an operating part movably supported on the carrier, an electromagnetic actuator comprising an armature and a coil for driving the operating part movingly relative to the carrier is provided. The assembly further comprises an electronic control system connected in an electrically conductive manner with the electromagnetic actuator for applying a control voltage to the electromagnetic actuator for a predetermined control period in a control step in order to generate a haptic feedback; a measuring circuit connected in an electrically conductive manner to the electromagnetic actuator for measuring a current present at the electromagnetic actor and for generating a measuring signal proportional thereto; and an evaluation unit connected in an electrically conductive manner at least to the measuring circuit and designed, in a measuring step offset in time relative to the control step, to apply a measuring voltage to the electromagnetic actuator by the electronic control system for a predetermined test period shorter than the control period, in order to measure by the measuring circuit the current which arises at the electromagnetic actuator as the test period elapses due to the application of the measuring voltage and to generate a measuring signal proportional thereto, and in order to obtain a characteristic value of the actuator based on the measuring signal.. ... Preh Gmbh

05/11/17 / #20170131461

Display device with backlit multiple symbols

A display device is provided. The display device comprises a display surface with several segments that can be backlit, which are configured in such a way that, if subsets of the segments are backlit together, a different one of several symbols is in each case depicted by the display surface, a number of light sources corresponding to the number of symbols, a layer structure of several flat light transmitting layers made of a transparent or translucent material, preferably plastic, wherein the light transmitting layers are stacked with the main surfaces facing each other and are in each case configured in such a way that, primarily, light of exactly one of the light sources is transmitted from a narrow side of the light transmitting layer provided for light entrance to another narrow side of the light transmitting layer as a light exit to at least one segment of the associated symbol.. ... Preh Gmbh

02/23/17 / #20170052073

Capacitive control element with improved malfunction immunity

A control element comprising a support; a control part which defines at least one operating surface, which is movable or elastically yielding if an operating force f acts upon the operating surface; a layer structure that is disposed between the control part and the support and that is elastically deformed if an operating force f acts on the operating surface. The layer structure has at least one first electrode associated with the support and a second electrode, which is associated with the control part and disposed underneath the operating surface, for the definition of a measuring capacity varying in accordance with the operating force. ... Preh Gmbh

01/05/17 / #20170004941

Rocker switch with movable light ducts

A rocker switch includes a housing. An actuating part is pivotably mounted at the housing and includes at least two opposing actuating surfaces with two opposing actuating directions associated thereto. ... Preh Gmbh

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