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President And Fellows Of Harvard College
President And Fellows Of Harvard College And Yeda Research
President And Fellows Of Harvard College A University
President And Fellows Of Harvard College A Non profit Corporation
President And Fellows Of Harvard College Office Of
President And Fellows Of Harvard College_20100114
President And Fellows Of Harvard College_20131212
President And Fellows Of Harvard College_20100128
President And Fellows Of Harvard College_20100121

President And Fellows Of Harvard College patents

Recent patent applications related to President And Fellows Of Harvard College. President And Fellows Of Harvard College is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: President And Fellows Of Harvard College may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with President And Fellows Of Harvard College, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  T cell balance gene expression, compositions of matters and methods of use thereof
12/07/17 new patent  Assays for antimicrobial activity and applications thereof
12/07/17 new patent  Nanoscale wires with tip-localized junctions
11/30/17Modulation of regulatory t cells via g-coupled protein receptor 43
11/30/17Natural igm antibodies and inhibitors thereof
11/23/17Matrix-assisted spectrophotometry
11/23/17Magnetic capture of a target from a fluid
11/23/17High energy efficiency phase change device using convex surface features
11/23/17Methods of making polypeptides with non-standard amino acids using genomically recoded organisms
11/23/17Methods for retrievable information storage using nucleic acids
11/23/17Method and using gait analysis to determine a health quality measure
11/16/17Organomimetic devices and methods of use and manufacturing thereof
11/16/17Triggered assembly of metafluorophores
11/16/17Apparatus for coupling to high-index micro-resonators with tapered optical fibers
11/09/17Multiple emulsions comprising rigidified portions
11/09/17Methods, compositions, and kits for treating pain and pruritis
11/09/17Cortistatin analogues and syntheses thereof
11/09/17Alpha/beta-polypeptide analogs of glucagon-like peptide 1
11/09/17Acoustic waves in microfluidics
11/09/17Novel crispr enzymes and systems
11/09/17Clonal haematopoiesis
11/09/17Multiphase systems and uses thereof
11/02/17Optogenetic probes for measuring membrane potential
11/02/17Methods of diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and infection
11/02/17Flexible thin robotic actuators
10/26/17Amphiphile-polymer particles
10/26/17Small molecule inhibitors of necroptosis
10/26/1714-membered ketolides and methods of their preparation and use
10/26/17Chimeric activators: quantitatively designed protein therapeutics and uses thereof
10/26/17Crispr having or associated with destabilization domains
10/26/17Rna-targeting system
10/19/17Methods and compositions for treating age-related disorders
10/19/17Systems and methods for amplification and phage display
10/19/17De novo design of allosteric proteins
10/19/17Self-labeling nucleic acids and methods of use
10/19/17Engineered water nanostructures (ewns) and uses thereof
10/19/17Use of clonal evolution analysis for ibrutinib resistance in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients
10/19/17Use of nuclear spin impurities to suppress electronic spin fluctuations and decoherence in composite solid-state spin systems
10/12/17Portable prosthetic hand with soft pneumatic fingers
10/05/17In vitro evolution in microfluidic systems
10/05/17Modified microbial toxin receptor for delivering agents into cells
10/05/17Protected guide rnas (pgrnas)
09/28/17Methods to treat neurodegenerative diseases
09/28/17Cancer treatment and immune system regulation through fat10 pathway inhibition
09/28/17Pop-up laminate structure including miniature optical components
09/21/17Systems and methods for making and using sensors, probes, and other devices
09/21/17Devices for wound healing
09/21/17Rna-guided systems for in vivo gene editing
09/21/17Class-and isoform-specific hdac inhibitors and uses thereof
09/21/17Cas9 proteins including ligand-dependent inteins
09/21/17Methods of detecting diseases or conditions using phagocytic cells
09/21/17Nanopore sensing by local electrical potential measurement
09/21/17Organic light-emitting diode materials
09/14/17Deposition of rfid tags
08/31/17Pathogen vaccines and methods of producing and using the same
08/31/17Fluid injection using acoustic waves
08/31/17Antibody molecules to pd-1 and uses thereof
08/31/17Multi-mode cavities for high-efficiency nonlinear wavelength conversion formed with overlap optimization
08/24/17Systems and methods for monitoring, managing, and treating asthma and anaphylaxis
08/24/17Actuators with conforming sleeves
08/24/17Sensors for soft robots and soft actuators
08/24/17Ras inhibitory peptides and uses thereof
08/24/17Organic light-emitting diode materials
08/17/17Enhancement of skeletal muscle stem cell engraftment by dual delivery of vegf and igf-1
08/17/17Evolution of proteases
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08/17/17Compositions and methods for identification, assessment, prevention, and treatment of t-cell exhaustion using cd39 biomarkers and modulators
08/17/17Amplifying the response of soft fluidic actuators by harnessing snap-through instabilities
08/10/17Uses of salt-inducible kinase (sik) inhibitors
08/10/17Microcapsules and uses thereof
08/10/17Microfluidic device for storage and well-defined arrangement of droplets
08/10/17Engineered botulinum neurotoxin
08/10/17Methods for isolating endogenous nucleic acids from subcellular compartments without fractionation
08/03/17Methods and compositions for perturbing gene expression in hematopoietic stem cell lineages in vivo
08/03/17Nanoparticles and methods of use
08/03/17Compositions for treating or preventing obesity and insulin resistance disorders
08/03/17Production of acrylate in cells
08/03/17Systems and methods for determining nucleic acids
07/27/17Nanoparticles having predetermined shapes
07/20/17Assistive flexible suits, flexible suit systems, and methods for making and control thereof to assist human mobility
07/20/17Protein capsules
Patent Packs
07/20/17Compositions comprising riboregulators and methods of use thereof
07/20/17Tamper-indicating device
07/13/17Hydrogel compositions comprising encapsulated cells and methods of use thereof
07/13/17Neurodegenerative diseases and methods of modeling
07/13/17Fire retarding compositions
07/13/17Engineering and optimization of improved systems, methods and enzyme compositions for sequence manipulation
07/13/17Methods for targeted modification of genomic dna
07/13/17Surrogates of post-translationally modified proteins and uses thereof
07/06/17Click-crosslinked hydrogels and methods of use
07/06/17Scalable nucleic acid-based nanofabrication
07/06/17Crispr-cas nickase systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation in eukaryotes
07/06/17Tactile sensor
06/29/17System and wireless biosensor monitoring
06/29/17Compositions and methods for modulating ncoa4-mediated autophagic targeting of ferritin
06/29/17In situ antigen-generating cancer vaccine
06/29/17Interpenetrating network hydrogels with independently tunable stiffness
06/29/17Drug cocktail analyses using microscale vortex assisted electroporation
06/29/17Methods of introducing nucleic acids into cellular dna
06/29/17Assays and other reactions involving droplets
06/29/17Particle-assisted nucleic acid sequencing
06/29/17Nanogrid rolling circle dna sequencing
06/29/17P13k-mtorc1-s6k1 signaling pathway biomarkers predictive of anti-cancer responses
06/22/17Cellulose and cellulosic substrate-based device
06/22/17Systems and methods for injectable devices
06/22/17Printed strain gauges for force measurement
06/22/17Antimicrobial agents and screening methods
06/22/17Blue light-activated ion channel molecules and uses thereof
06/22/17Riboregulator compositions and methods of use
06/22/17Genome editing using cas9 nickases
06/15/17Methods and compositions for the generation and maintenance of regulatory t cells
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06/15/17Methods and compositions for transgene expression in a herpesvirus vector system
06/15/17Liquid phase quadrupole particle filter
06/15/17O-glcnac transferase (ogt) inhibitors and uses thereof
06/15/17Inducible dna binding proteins and genome perturbation tools and applications thereof
06/08/17Controlled fabrication of nanopores in nanometric solid state materials
06/08/17Devices for simulating a function of a liver tissue and methods of use and manufacturing thereof
06/08/17Methods for high-throughput labelling and detection of biological features in situ using microscopy
06/08/17Convex lens-induced confinement for measuring distributions of molecular size
06/08/17Integrated impedance-matched photonic zero-index metamaterials
06/01/17Scale-up of microfluidic devices
Patent Packs
06/01/17Method of 4d printing a hydrogel composite structure
06/01/17Modulation of bcl11a for treatment of hemoglobinopathies
05/25/17Scanning optical probe
05/25/17Lin28/let-7 crystal structures, purification protocols, and molecular probes suitable for screening assays and therapeutics
05/25/17Paper hygrosensor and fabrication
05/18/17Synthesis of halichondrin analogs and uses thereof
05/18/17High-throughput and highly multiplexed imaging with programmable nucleic acid probes
05/18/17Methods and compositions for labeling nucleic acids
05/11/17Method for culturing and patterning cells
05/11/17De novo design of allosteric proteins
05/04/17Refillable drug delivery devices and methods of use thereof
05/04/17Systems and methods for improved performance of fluidic and microfluidic systems
05/04/17Systems and methods for improved performance of fluidic and microfluidic systems
05/04/17Systems and methods for improved performance of fluidic and microfluidic systems
05/04/17Nucleobase editors and uses thereof
04/27/17Insole design and actuator placement for balance and gait
04/27/17Transcription activator-like effectors
04/27/17Methods of identifying homologous genes using fish
04/27/17Facet-selective growth of nanoscale wires
04/20/17Methods for treating nicotinic acetylcholine receptor associated diseases
04/20/17Methods for differentiation
04/20/17Bardcoded protein array for multiplex single-molecule interaction profiling
04/20/17Methods and reagents for the assessment of gestational diabetes
04/13/17Microfluidic device for real-time clinical monitoring and quantitative assessment of whole blood coagulation
04/13/17Cell culture system
04/13/17Compartmentalised screening by microfluidic control
04/13/17Metal-based optical device enabling efficient light generation from emitters on a high-index absorbing substrate
04/06/17Soft robotic actuators
04/06/17Shadow sphere lithography
03/30/17Robust cementitious materials with mobile liquid-infused barrier layer
Patent Packs
03/30/17Stabilized compounds having secondary structure motifs
03/30/17Protein surface remodeling
03/30/17Organic light-emitting device
03/23/17Catheter device for transmitting and reflecting light
03/23/17Stabilized p53 peptides and uses thereof
03/23/17Methods for preparation of concentrated graphene ink compositions and related composite materials
03/23/17Moenomycin biosynthesis-related compositions and methods of use thereof
03/23/17Collimating metalenses and technologies incorporating the same
03/23/17System and methods for characterizing a sample by nmr spectroscopy
03/16/17Lincrna-deficient non-human animals
03/16/17Scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components for cells, tissues, and other applications
03/16/17Synthesis of acyclic and cyclic amines using iron-catalyzed nitrene group transfer
03/16/17Controlled growth of nanoscale wires
03/09/17Stitched polypeptides
03/09/17Bacterial spore based energy system
03/09/17Methods and systems for scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components
03/02/17Methods and systems for identifying or selecting high value patients
02/23/17Translocation of non-natural chemical entities through anthrax protective antigen pore
02/23/17Autophagy inducing compounds and uses thereof in treating autophagy associated diseases
02/23/17Fusion proteins for treating cancer and related methods
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02/23/17Shape recoverable and reusable energy absorbing structures, manufacture thereof
02/16/17Combination vaccine devices and methods of killing cancer cells
02/16/17Novel thioamide-modified peptides and uses thereof
02/16/17Conversion of somatic cells into nociceptors, and methods of use thereof
02/16/17Evolution of site-specific recombinases
02/16/17Rna-guided human genome engineering
02/16/17Methods of detecting diseases or conditions using phagocytic cells
02/16/17Methods of detecting signatures of disease or conditions in bodily fluids
02/09/17Color- or grayscale-sensing, magnetic, mobile, marking robot
02/09/17Colorimetric sensor with automated readout
02/09/17Super resolution imaging of protein-protein interactions
02/09/17Three-dimensional super-resolution fluorescence imaging using airy beams and other techniques
02/09/17Non-linear imaging assisted reproductive technologies
02/02/17Orthopedic device including protruding members
02/02/17Systems and methods for droplet tagging
02/02/17Cortistatin analogues and syntheses and uses thereof
02/02/17Evolution of bt toxins
02/02/17Sc-beta cells and compositions and methods for generating the same
02/02/17Methods and systems for droplet tagging and amplification
02/02/17Systems and methods for actuating soft robotic actuators
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01/26/17Photocatalytic systems comprising graphene and associated methods
01/26/17Radial microfluidic devices and methods of use
01/26/17Surrogates of post-translationally modified proteins and uses thereof
01/19/17Nucleic acid polyhedra from self-assembled vertex-containing fixed-angle nucleic acid structures
01/19/17Slippery surfaces with high pressure stability, optical transparency, and self-healing characteristics
01/19/17Anisotropic muscular tissue devices with integrated electrical force readouts
01/19/17Methods for retrievable information storage using nucleic acids
01/12/17Nsd3 inhibitors for treatment of cancers
01/12/17Treatment of neurodegenerative and neurodevelopmental diseases by inhibition of the a2-na/k atpase/a-adducin complex
01/12/17Optically detected magnetic resonance imaging with an electromagnetic field resonator
01/12/17Self-aligned barrier and capping layers for interconnects
01/05/17Mechanical assist device
01/05/17Screening assays and methods
01/05/17Multi-stage composites
01/05/17Methods of making oligonucleotide probes
12/29/16Multiple emulsions and techniques for the formation of multiple emulsions
12/29/16T cell balance gene expression, compositions of matters and methods of use thereof
12/29/16Method and using gait analysis to determine a health quality measure
12/22/16Methodology of dental caries detection
12/22/16Methods and compositions for eradicating leukemic cells
12/22/16Rna polymerase, methods of purification and methods of use
12/22/16Genome engineering
12/22/16Methods of detecting signatures of disease or conditions in bodily fluids
12/22/16Sub-diffraction limit image resolution and other imaging techniques
12/22/16Paper-based immunoassay with polymerization-based signal amplification
12/15/16Use of trans-palmitoleate in identifying and treating metabolic disease
12/15/16Modified microbial toxin receptor for delivering agents into cells
12/15/16Methods and compositions for the treatment of persistent infections and cancer by inhibiting the programmed cell death 1 (pd-1) pathway
12/08/16Endothelial cell genes and uses thereof
12/08/16Interpenetrating networks with covalent and ionic crosslinks
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12/08/163d-printed polishing pad for chemical-mechanical planarization (cmp)
12/08/16Trioxacarcins and uses thereof
12/08/16Engineering of systems, methods and optimized guide compositions with new architectures for sequence manipulation
12/08/16Systems, methods and compositions for sequence manipulation with optimized functional crispr-cas systems
12/08/16Methods of storing information using nucleic acids
12/01/16Systems, methods, and devices for assisting walking for developmentally-delayed toddlers
12/01/16Biomimetic actuation device and system, and methods for controlling a biomimetic actuation device and system
12/01/16Three-dimensional (3d) printed composite structure and 3d printable composite ink formulation
12/01/16Modified t cells and methods of making and using the same
12/01/16Negative selection and stringency modulation in continuous evolution systems
12/01/16Precise microbiota engineering at the cellular level
12/01/16System and fabrication of miniature endoscope using nanoimprint lithography
11/24/16Rna and protein networks that locally control brain wiring during development
11/24/16Microvessel endothelial cell surface markers and uses thereof
11/24/16Synthesis of tetracyclines and analogues thereof
11/24/16Engineering of systems, methods and optimized guide compositions for sequence manipulation
11/24/16Enhancing diagnosis of disorder through artificial intelligence and mobile health technologies without compromising accuracy
11/17/16Engineered polymeric valves, tubular structures, and sheets and uses thereof
11/17/16Natural product antibiotics and analogs thereof
11/17/16Rna-guided gene drives
11/17/16Nuclease profiling system
11/10/16Platelet decoys and use thereof
11/10/16Compositions and methods for non-myeloablative conditioning
11/10/16Monobactams and methods of their synthesis and use
11/10/16Organomimetic devices and methods of use and manufacturing thereof
11/10/16Compositions and methods for diagnosing, evaluating and treating cancer
11/10/16Calibration of larmor frequency drift in nmr systems
11/10/16Systems and methods for parallelizing bayesian optimization

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