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Purdue Research Foundation patents

Recent patent applications related to Purdue Research Foundation. Purdue Research Foundation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Purdue Research Foundation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Purdue Research Foundation, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17Methods of synthesizing chabazite zeolites with controlled aluminum distribution and structures made therefrom
04/20/17Functionalized particles for label-free dna impedimetric biosensor for dna and rna sensing
04/20/17Apparatus and performing beamforming operation in communication system supporting frequency division-multiple input multiple output scheme
04/13/17Degradation resistant peptide based biosensors
04/13/17Motility-contrast imaging for oocyte and embryo viability assessment
04/13/17Sample analysis systems and methods of use thereof
04/06/17Compounds and methods for treating multiple sclerosis
04/06/17Treating bladder tumor cells using fibronectin attachment protein as a target
04/06/17Multimodal image perception system and method
04/06/17High optical transparent two-dimensional electronic conducting system and process for generating same
04/06/17Ultra-stretchable electrical and heat conductive arrangement
03/23/17Silyl monomers capable of multimerizing in an aqueous solution, and methods of using same
03/23/17Droplet-based monitoring of biological samples
03/23/17Sample dispenser including an internal standard and methods of use thereof
03/23/17Synchronization of ion generation with cycling of a discontinuous atmospheric interface
03/23/17Calibration arrangement for structured light system using a tele-centric lens
03/16/17Polypeptide inhibitors of hsp27 kinase and uses therfor
03/09/17Compositions and uses thereof to ameliorate pain
03/09/17Systems and methods of detecting power bugs
03/02/17Processes for producing continuous bulk forms of iron-silicon alloys and bulk forms produced thereby
03/02/17Supersensitive linear pressure transducer
02/16/17Induced mutagenesis
02/16/17Collagen binding synthetic peptidoglycans for treatment of endothelial dysfunction
02/16/17Electronic comparison systems
02/09/17Compositions and methods for delivery of kinase inhibiting peptides
02/09/17Voice coil actuator direct-drive resonant system
02/02/17Dynamic load-absorbing materials and articles
02/02/17Systems and methods for performing a surgical procedure
02/02/17Device and method to control release of compound
02/02/17Methods of forming holes and etching surfaces in substrates and substrates formed thereby
02/02/17Catalytic deoxygenation of bio-oils using methane
01/26/17Methods useful for recovering polymers from electronic and other wastes
01/26/17Gene targeting using mutant agrobacterium strains
01/26/17Biomass liquefaction processes, and uses of same
01/26/17Identification of blood based metabolite biomarkers of pancreatic cancer
01/26/17Methods of reducing the electrical and thermal resistance of sic substrates and devices made thereby
01/19/17Products containing partially hydrolyzed soy beta-conglycinin, and related methods
01/19/17Methods of reducing sinuous flow during machining and products formed thereby
01/19/17Systems and methods for use with internal combustion engines and vehicles comprising the same
01/19/17Positive displacement machines and methods of increasing load-carrying capacities thereof
01/12/17Optical pressure treatment through electrical stimulation
01/12/17Kinase activity detection methods
01/12/17Systems and methods for guided de-noising for computed tomography
01/12/17Integrated configuration engine for interference mitigation in cloud computing
01/12/17Proactive spatiotemporal resource allocation and predictive visual analytics system
01/05/17Sub-millimeter real-time circular dichroism spectrometer with metasurfaces
01/05/17Multi-site particle sensing system
01/05/17Asymmetric salient permanent magnet synchronous machine
12/29/16Low drift implantable pressure sensors
12/29/16Method of making biological tissue components
12/29/16Peptide aptamers for manipulating protein function
12/29/16Kinase activity detection methods
12/29/16Increasing lifetime of ferroelectric devices
12/22/16Dupa-indenoisoquinoline conjugates
12/22/16Continuous-flow photo-reactor for the photocatalytic destruction of water soluble ethers
12/22/16Termite superoxide dismutases and glutathione peroxidases for biomass conversion
12/22/16Variable delivery external gear machine
12/22/16System and manipulation of particles
12/22/16Memory array
12/15/16Microelectromechanical gas sensor based on knudsen thermal force
12/15/16Metabolite biomarkers for the detection of esophageal cancer using nmr
12/08/16Nondestructive meat tenderness assessment
12/08/16Plasmon-excited electron beam array for complementary patterning
12/01/16System and attaching soft tissue to an implant
12/01/16High-resolution, selective and self-optimizing haptic and electrotactile display and methods of use
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12/01/16Method of preparing ingestible multi-sheet unit having predetermined functions and combinations
12/01/16Cellulose nanocrystal additives and improved cementious systems
12/01/16Ribozyme with trna synthetase activity and methods of manufacturing and using the same
12/01/16Systems and methods for analyzing an extracted sample using an immiscible extraction solvent
12/01/16Methods and compositions for enhancing processability and charge transport of polymer semiconductors
12/01/16Simulated transparent display with augmented reality for remote collaboration
11/24/16Synthesis and composition of amino acid linking groups conjugated to compounds used for the targeted imaging of tumors
11/24/16Generation of microbiocide inside a package utilizing a controlled gas composition
11/24/16Hydrogen purification systems for pem fuel cells
11/17/16Processes for the synthesis of chiral 1-alkanols
11/17/16Homogeneous precursor formation thereof
11/17/16System for producing ultra-thin color phase hologram with metasurfaces
11/17/16Nonuniform corrugated diaphragm for mems tuners and actuators
11/10/16Chitosan derivatives for inactivation of endotoxins and surface protection of nanoparticles
11/10/16Cementitious mixtures, compositions for use in cementitious mixtures, and methods of producing cementitious mixtures
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11/03/16Vaccine compositions and uses thereof
11/03/16Alcohol-, diol-, and carbohydrate-substituted indenoisoquinolines as topoisomerase i inhibitors
11/03/16Binary program instrumentation and debugging
11/03/16Binary component extraction and embedding
11/03/16System and removing far field limitations in microwave photonic arbitrary waveform generators
10/27/16Extracellular matrix material particles and methods of preparation
10/27/16Copper based casting products and processes
10/27/16Firearm ammunition, self-destructing projectiles, and methods of making the same
10/27/16Mass spectrometry probes and systems for ionizing a sample transport
10/13/16System and reducing simulator sickness
10/06/16Aryl isonitriles as a new class of antimicrobial compounds
10/06/16Compounds for positron emission tomography
10/06/16Methods and apparatuses for impedance-based gas detection for microfluidic systems
10/06/16Catalytic biomass conversion methods, catalysts, and methods of making the same
10/06/16Lubricants comprising carbon particles and methods of making the same
10/06/16Nonlinear mass sensors based on electronic feedback and methods of using the same
10/06/16Pseudocapacitive electrodes and methods of forming
09/22/16Adenylyl cyclase inhibitors for neuropathic and inflammatory pain
09/22/16Production of renewable fine chemicals and liquid fuels
09/22/16Patient selection inflammation
09/22/16Multi-axis levitating vibration energy harvester
09/15/16Method of using hydrophilized bactericidal polymers
09/15/16Folate receptor binding conjugates of antifolates
09/15/16Thermal interface material and method
09/15/16Methods of forming nano-scale and micro-scale structured materials and materials formed thereby
09/15/16Wireless sensors, systems, and methods thereof
09/15/16Biodynamic microscopes and methods of use thereof
09/15/16Customized biometric data capture for improved security
09/15/16Current interrupt devices, methods thereof, and battery assemblies manufactured therewith
09/08/16Tomographic reconstruction system
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09/01/16Perimeter fill syringe
09/01/16Processes for producing and treating thin-films composed of nanomaterials
09/01/16Electrostatic control of ionic environment in a droplet based platform for biological applications
09/01/16Mass spectrometry analysis of microorganisms in samples
09/01/16Key agreement in wireless networks with active adversaries
08/25/16Antimicrobial substituted thiazoles and methods of use
08/25/16Collagen-binding synthetic peptidoglycans, preparation, and methods of use
08/25/16Higher order structured dyes with enhanced optical features
08/25/16Mos-based power semiconductor device having increased current carrying area and fabricating same
08/18/16Protein affinity purification resins with tagged protein
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08/18/16Methods and compositions for enhancing processability and charge transport of polymer semiconductors and devices made therefrom
08/11/16N-substituted indenoisoquinolines and syntheses thereof
08/11/16Phosphorylation of products for flame retardant applications
08/11/16Engineering the plant actin cytoskeleton to modulate cell wall properties
08/04/16Figure-ground organization of 3-d scenes
07/28/16Methods and compositions to regulate plant transformation susceptibility
07/28/16Compositions of matter and methods of producing a carbonized cloth for growth of graphene nano-petals
07/28/16Difference gel electrophoresis of phosphoproteome
07/21/16Protein drug formulations and packages
07/21/16Nems devices with series ferroelectric negative capacitor
07/21/16Anti-human folate receptor beta antibodies and methods of use
07/21/16Ex vivo motility contrast imaging
07/14/16Cholesterol ester-depleting nanomedicine for non-toxic cancer chemotherapy
07/14/16Systems and methods for quantifying an analyte extracted from a sample
07/14/16Miniature high pressure pump and electrical hydraulic actuation system
07/14/16Hybrid surface magnet machine
07/07/16Detection of neutrinos, antineutrinos, and neutrino-like particles
06/30/16Electromagnetic actuator system
06/30/16Three dimensional purified collagen matrices
06/30/16Mos capacitor-based, accumulating, radiation-sensitive detector for occupational, environmental and medical dosimetry
06/30/16Electronic system for measurement of radiation-sensitive mos devices
06/30/16Variable metal multi-gate metal oxide semiconductor capacitor radiation sensor for improved gain and tissue equivalence
06/30/16Low-noise surface level mos capacitor for improved sensor quality factor
06/30/16Combined n-type and p-type mos-based radiation sensors for environmental compensations
06/23/16Neutron generator for measuring trace elements in tissue
06/23/16Method of forming a cellulose nanocrystalline film
06/23/16Sample quantitation with a miniature mass spectrometer
06/16/16Collagen-targeted nanoparticles
06/16/16Method of treatment using folate conjugates and tyrosine kinase inhibitors
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06/16/16Immediate chromatin immunoprecipitation and analysis
06/09/16Resonance motor direct drive flapping wing micro air vehicle system
06/09/16Metal-antibody tagging and plasma-based detection
06/09/16Zero voltage mass spectrometry probes and systems
06/02/16Psma binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
06/02/16Biocompatible nanophase materials
06/02/16Reinforced epoxy nanocomposites and methods for preparation thereof
06/02/16Ion focusing
05/26/16Electromagnetic wave concentrator and absorber
05/26/16Device data transfer via a wireless interface
05/19/16Apparatus and producing biobased carriers from byproducts of biomass processing
05/19/16Capacitive microelectromechanical switches with dynamic soft-landing
05/12/16Osteoblast stimulating orthopedic implant
05/12/16Ion generation using modified wetted porous materials
05/12/16Microelectromechanical system layout using genotype performance simulation
05/12/16Solid-state electrolytes and batteries made therefrom, and methods of making solid-state electrolytes
05/05/16Titanium nitride plasmonic nanoparticles for clinical therapeutic applications
04/28/16Smart capsule with gi-tract-location-specific payload release
04/28/16Universal translator for recognizing nonstandard gestures
04/28/16Synchronization of ion generation with cycling of a discontinuous atmospheric interface
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04/28/16Systems and methods for transfer of ions for analysis
04/21/16Mechanically activated metal fuels for energetic material applications
04/14/16Crawling arthropod intercepting device and method
04/14/16Preparation of amine-boranes, including ammonia borane
04/14/16Methods of making and treating copper-based alloy compositions and products formed therefrom
04/14/16Coating system including oxide nanoparticles in oxide matrix
04/14/16Band-reconfigurable and load-adaptive power amplifier
04/07/16Performance improvement of mems devices
03/24/16Synthesis and use of dual tyrosyl-dna phosphodiesterase i (tdp1) - topoisomerase i (top1) inhibitors
03/24/16Therapeutic and imaging compositions and uses thereof
03/24/16Engineered detection swab
03/24/16Rare event detection using mass tags
03/17/16System design and verifying 3d dosimetric imaging of charged particles in media
03/17/16Cellulose nanocrystal additives and improved cementious systems
03/17/16Opto-electric frequency comb generator
03/10/16Psma binding ligand-linker conjugates and methods for using
03/10/16Solution based synthesis of copper-arsenic-chalcogen nanoparticles
03/10/16Raman tag
03/10/16Liquefied cellulosic biomass for enzyme production
03/10/16Deconvolution by digital filtering from linear discriminate analysis
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03/10/16Methods and systems for real-time advanced congestion identification and warning
03/03/16Uses of soluble corn fiber for increasing colonic bacteria populations and increasing mineral absorption
02/25/16Sensing garments
02/25/16Methods for surfactant removal from nanoparticle suspensions
02/25/16Hydrophilized bactericidal polymers
02/18/16Composites material with suspended particles and using the same
02/18/16Mass spectral analysis
02/18/16Method of producing conductive patterns of nanoparticles and devices made thereof
02/18/16Homogeneous precursor formation thereof
02/04/16Slm1, a suppressor of lesion mimic phenotypes
02/04/16Digital radio system
01/28/16Mobility-assistance apparatus and using same
01/28/16Therapeutic method and apparatus using mechanically induced vibration
01/28/16Synthesis of metal oxide-based thermoelectric materials for high temperature applications
01/21/16In-situ combined sensing of uniaxial nanomechanical and micromechanical stress with simultaneous measurement of surface temperature profiles by raman shift in nanoscale and microscale structures
01/21/16Method for controlling flow localization in machining processes
01/14/16Antimicrobial compositions and methods of use
01/14/16Synthesis and composition of amino acid linking groups conjugated to compounds used for the targeted imaging of tumors
01/07/16Functional soil maps
01/07/16High frame-rate multichannel beam-scanning microscopy
01/07/16Differentially pumped dual linear quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer
12/31/15Mesoscopic tumor microenvironment imaging with improved contrast
12/31/15Hybrid device for on-chip concentration, manipulation, sorting and sensing of particles on a plasmonic substrate
12/31/15Magnetic resonance coupling arrangement
12/24/15Enhancing perception of frequency-lowered speech
12/24/15Electronic memory including rom and ram
12/17/15Laser with sub-wavelength hole array in metal film
12/03/15Electronic comparison systems
12/03/15Electronic memory using memristors and crossbars
12/03/15Solar energy harvesting with light emitting diodes
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11/26/15Management of corn rootworm and other insect pests
11/19/15Nonlinear model-based controller for premixed charge compression ignition combustion timing in diesel engines
11/19/15Manipulating virtual environment using non-instrumented physical object
11/12/15Chimeric antigen receptor-expressing t cells as anti-cancer therapeutics
11/12/15Linear fitting of multi-threshold counting data
11/12/15Systems and methods for analyzing an extracted sample
11/05/15Dual-action, unnatural proline-rich peptides as antibiotic agents and methods thereof
10/29/15Wireless position sensing using magnetic field of two transmitters
10/29/15Methods of analyzing crude oil
10/29/15Wireless position sensing using magnetic field of single transmitter
10/29/15Ultra-thin, planar, plasmonic metadevices
10/22/15N-substituted indenoisoquinolines and syntheses thereof
10/22/15Interactive, constraint-network prognostics and diagnostics to control errors and conflicts (ipdn)
10/15/15Methods for directed irradiation synthesis with ion and thermal beams
10/15/15Methods and systems useful for foodborne pathogen detection
10/08/15Titanium nitride based metamaterial
10/08/15Super-capacitor and arrangement for miniature implantable medical devices
10/01/15Generation of microbiocide inside a package utilizing a controlled gas composition
10/01/15Compositions and methods conferring resistance of maize to corn rootworm i
10/01/15Enzyme loading, cellulose hydrolysis, and inhibition of cellobiohydrolases using liquid hot water pretreatment
10/01/15Immunoassays using colloidal crystals
10/01/15Laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry using a particulate separation bed
10/01/15Apparatus and channel information feedback in wireless communication system
09/24/15Displaying personalized imagery for improving visual acuity
09/24/15Compact implementation of neuron and synapse with spin switches
09/24/15Near field transducer for heat assisted magnetic recording
09/17/15Methods for measuring concentrations of chlorinated solvents through raman spectroscopic observation of the vibrational modes of water
09/17/15Computing architecture with concurrent programmable data co-processor
09/17/15Systems and methods for transfer of ions for analysis

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