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QUALCOMM Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to QUALCOMM Inc., listed under QUALCOMM Inc. as Agent/Assignee. QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with QUALCOMM Inc.. Updates: QUALCOMM Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date QUALCOMM Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140365808 12/11/14 Temporary frequency adjustment of mobile device processors based on task migration
20140361799 12/11/14 Apparatus for temperature controlled electrical and optical probe fault characterization of integrated circuits
20140361800 12/11/14 Method and apparatus for high volume system level testing of logic devices with pop memory
20140361847 12/11/14 Low loss multiple output switch with integrated distributed attenuation
20140362160 12/11/14 Apparatus and methods for modem assisted video telephony
20140362699 12/11/14 Methods and apparatus for improving call performance and data throughput
20140362748 12/11/14 Logical operating bands for scalable umts
20140362779 12/11/14 Apparatus and methods for improving uplink access in wireless communication
20140362780 12/11/14 Lte/lte-a uplink carrier aggregation using unlicensed spectrum
20140365790 12/11/14 Battery power management for a mobile device
20140365763 12/11/14 Apparatus and method for provisioning an endorsement key certificate for a firmware trusted platform module
20140364136 12/11/14 Computation of channel state feedback in systems using common reference signal interference cancelation
20140362917 12/11/14 Residual differential pulse code modulation (dpcm) extensions and harmonization with transform skip, rotation, and scans
20140362909 12/11/14 Dynamic range control of intermediate data in resampling process
20140362898 12/11/14 Base station assisted frequency domain equalization
20140355669 12/04/14 Context reduction for context adaptive binary arithmetic coding
20140355666 12/04/14 Advanced depth inter coding based on disparity of depth blocks
20140355616 12/04/14 Single network abstraction layer unit packets with decoding order number for video coding
20140355572 12/04/14 Method and apparatus for automatic gain control for td-scdma systems
20140355564 12/04/14 Reducing signaling during ap to ap handoff in dense networks
20140355556 12/04/14 Methods and apparatus for clear channel assessment
20140355676 12/04/14 Resampling using scaling factor
20140355685 12/04/14 Parallel derived disparity vector for 3d video coding with neighbor-based disparity vector derivation
20140355692 12/04/14 Hypothetical reference decoder model and conformance for cross-layer random access skipped pictures
20140355697 12/04/14 Extracting zero cross information in a powerline communication device
20140355712 12/04/14 Dynamic gain for dac illumination control
20140355766 12/04/14 Binauralization of rotated higher order ambisonics
20140355768 12/04/14 Performing spatial masking with respect to spherical harmonic coefficients
20140355769 12/04/14 Energy preservation for decomposed representations of a sound field
20140355771 12/04/14 Compression of decomposed representations of a sound field
20140355534 12/04/14 Methods and apparatus for clear channel assessment
20140355508 12/04/14 Method for efficiently supporting multiple simultaneous group ptt calls requiring low call setup latency
20140354372 12/04/14 Systems for reducing magnetic coupling in integrated circuits (ics), and related components and methods
20140354378 12/04/14 Design for high pass filters and low pass filters using through glass via technology
20140354596 12/04/14 Display with peripherally configured ultrasonic biometric sensor
20140354660 12/04/14 Command instruction management
20140354661 12/04/14 Conditional execution of rendering commands based on per bin visibility information with added inline operations
20140354697 12/04/14 Analog interferometric modulator color calibration
20140354859 12/04/14 Automatic banding correction in an image capture device
20140354905 12/04/14 Multifunctional pixel and display
20140355387 12/04/14 Ultrasonic receiver with coated piezoelectric layer
20140355434 12/04/14 Beacon indication target wakeup time (twt)
20140355458 12/04/14 Method and apparatus for enhanced application signaling from a wireless communications device
20140355461 12/04/14 Methods and systems for enhanced round trip time (rtt) exchange
20140355462 12/04/14 Methods and systems for enhanced round trip time (rtt) exchange
20140355507 12/04/14 Adjusting priority of mbms and femto cells
20140352440 12/04/14 Ultrasonic sensor with bonded piezoelectric layer
20140359757 12/04/14 User authentication biometrics in mobile devices
20140358561 12/04/14 Identifying codebooks to use when coding spatial components of a sound field
20140358563 12/04/14 Compression of decomposed representations of a sound field
20140358564 12/04/14 Interpolation for decomposed representations of a sound field
20140358565 12/04/14 Compression of decomposed representations of a sound field
20140358866 12/04/14 Full file repair using schedule description fragment in embms
20140359077 12/04/14 Method and apparatus for transmitting symbol files
20140359148 12/04/14 Efficient infrastructure service discovery with security
20140359174 12/04/14 Reconfigurable instruction cell array with conditional channel routing and in-place functionality
20140359385 12/04/14 Circuit and layout techniques for flop tray area and power otimization
20140359483 12/04/14 Systems and methods for selecting media items
20140359489 12/04/14 Web browser history
20140359559 12/04/14 Automated graph-based programming
20140359563 12/04/14 Efficient execution of graph-based programs
20140359731 12/04/14 Establishing communications sessions over multiple network protocols using a stored key
20140358562 12/04/14 Quantization step sizes for compression of spatial components of a sound field
20140358560 12/04/14 Performing order reduction with respect to higher order ambisonic coefficients
20140355770 12/04/14 Transformed higher order ambisonics audio data
20140355794 12/04/14 Binaural rendering of spherical harmonic coefficients
20140355795 12/04/14 Filtering with binaural room impulse responses with content analysis and weighting
20140355796 12/04/14 Filtering with binaural room impulse responses
20140356635 12/04/14 Substrate comprising inorganic material that lowers the coefficient of thermal expansion (cte) and reduces warpage
20140357193 12/04/14 Dsrc listen mode for wi-fi using dsrc spectrum
20140357249 12/04/14 Methods and apparatus for improving device functionality during long blocking uicc operations
20140357268 12/04/14 Method and apparatus for efficient radio access technology frequency scanning based on false alarms
20140357269 12/04/14 Server-assisted device-to-device discovery and connection
20140358559 12/04/14 Compensating for error in decomposed representations of sound fields
20140358558 12/04/14 Identifying sources from which higher order ambisonic audio data is generated
20140358557 12/04/14 Performing positional analysis to code spherical harmonic coefficients
20140358266 12/04/14 Analysis of decomposed representations of a sound field
20140357314 12/04/14 Cellphone wlan access point
20140357310 12/04/14 Uplink power control for wireless communication
20140348010 11/27/14 Methods and apparatus for improving call performance by enabling uplink transmissions during poor downlink radio conditions
20140348080 11/27/14 Uplink traffic prioritization at a user equipment (ue) within the same bearer
20140348218 11/27/14 Mixer with channel impedance equalization
20140348240 11/27/14 Video coding using sample prediction among color components
20140348274 11/27/14 Receiver front end for carrier aggregation
20140349269 11/27/14 Signaling device for teaching learning devices
20140347983 11/27/14 Methods and apparatus for throttling unattended applications at user devices
20140347941 11/27/14 Low latency synchronization scheme for mesochronous ddr system
20140347492 11/27/14 Venue map generation and updating
20140347433 11/27/14 Establishing and controlling audio and voice back channels of a wi-fi display connection
20140347142 11/27/14 Transformer with integrated notch filter
20140347117 11/27/14 Impedance transformer for use with a quadrature passive cmos mixer
20140347003 11/27/14 Master-slave multi-phase charging
20140347001 11/27/14 Master-slave multi-phase charging
20140346606 11/27/14 Gate rounding for reduced transistor leakage current
20140349469 11/27/14 Processing for electromechanical systems and equipment for same
20140349578 11/27/14 Wireless docking architecture
20140349653 11/27/14 Methods and apparatus for providing enhanced time-to-trigger mechanism to improve ue call performance
20140351932 11/27/14 Systems and methods for broadcast wlan messages with message authentication
20140351927 11/27/14 Access control for wireless docking
20140351886 11/27/14 Methods and apparatuses for protecting positioning related information
20140351598 11/27/14 Systems and methods for broadcast wlan messages with message authentication
20140351475 11/27/14 Wireless docking
20140351476 11/27/14 Utilization and configuration of wireless docking environments
20140351445 11/27/14 Mac layer transport for wi-fi direct services application service platform without internet protocol
20140351374 11/27/14 Delayed actions for a decentralized system of learning devices
20140351190 11/27/14 Efficient hardware implementation of spiking networks
20140349671 11/27/14 Indoor positioning with assistance data learning
20140349701 11/27/14 Uplink power headroom management for connectivity with logically separate cells
20140351180 11/27/14 Learning device with continuous configuration capability
20140351181 11/27/14 Requesting proximate resources by learning devices
20140351182 11/27/14 Modifying learning capabilities of learning devices
20140351186 11/27/14 Spike time windowing for implementing spike-timing dependent plasticity (stdp)
20140341053 11/20/14 Wireless feedback communications over unlicensed spectrum
20140341073 11/20/14 Method and metrics for merging with a neighborhood aware network
20140341085 11/20/14 Selecting an application server at which to register one or more user equipments for an internet protocol multimedia subsystem (ims) session
20140341099 11/20/14 Access point response to ps-poll
20140341098 11/20/14 Access point response to ps-poll
20140341100 11/20/14 Access point-aided coexistence/concurrency at mobile devices
20140341051 11/20/14 Channel state information (csi) measurement and reporting for enhanced interference management for traffic adaptation (eimta) in lte
20140341050 11/20/14 Channel estimate under non-uniform reference signal pattern
20140341035 11/20/14 Beacon transmission over unlicensed spectrum
20140341024 11/20/14 Concurrent wireless communications over licensed and unlicensed spectrum
20140341018 11/20/14 Techniques for selecting subframe type or for interleaving signals for wireless communications over unlicensed spectrum
20140340132 11/20/14 Method and apparatus for generating a reference signal for a fractional-n frequency synthesizer
20140340027 11/20/14 Systems, methods, and apparatus related to electric vehicle wired and wireless charging
20140339712 11/20/14 Semiconductor device comprising mold for top side and sidewall protection
20140341105 11/20/14 Method and apparatus for managing multi-hop relay networks
20140341125 11/20/14 Dynamic trigger algorithm for antenna switch diversity
20140341135 11/20/14 Collision avoidance scheme for wireless communications over unlicensed spectrum
20140344762 11/20/14 Augmented reality (ar) capture & play
20140344597 11/20/14 Dynamic load and priority based clock scaling for non-volatile storage devices
20140344513 11/20/14 Methods and systems for smart refresh of dynamic random access memory
20140344490 11/20/14 Media time based usb frame counter synchronization for wi-fi serial bus
20140342776 11/20/14 Quad sim functionality for a dual active mobile device
20140342745 11/20/14 Gating scheme for wireless communication over unlicensed spectrum
20140342728 11/20/14 Performing neighbor cell activities in a multi-stack device
20140342662 11/20/14 Method for adapting to venue positioning capabilities
20140341207 11/20/14 Listen-before-talk reservation scheme for wireless communications over unlicensed spectrum
20140341234 11/20/14 Apparatus and methods for improved frames
20140341297 11/20/14 Video coding using adaptive motion vector resolution
20140341311 11/20/14 Unitary precoding based on randomized fft matrices
20140341326 11/20/14 Channel estimation with discontinuous pilot signals
20140341380 11/20/14 Automated gain matching for multiple microphones
20140334438 11/13/14 Systems and methods for wlan roaming
20140334401 11/13/14 Access point-assisted positioning framework
20140334402 11/13/14 Coordinated multipoint (comp) and network assisted interference suppression/cancellation
20140334400 11/13/14 Efficient downlink operation for eimta
20140334399 11/13/14 Methods and apparatus for network synchronization
20140334397 11/13/14 Enhanced pdsch operation
20140334381 11/13/14 Video streaming in a wireless communication system
20140334365 11/13/14 Target wakeup time (twt) grouping modification

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