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QUALCOMM Inc. patents

Recent patent applications likely related to QUALCOMM Inc.. These are listed under QUALCOMM Inc. because it's listed as Agent/Assignee. Note: QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with QUALCOMM Inc., we're just tracking patents. Full list of Stock Symbols and Company RSS Feeds. SUBSCRIBE to updates on this page: QUALCOMM Inc. patents RSS Feed (FREE) RSS

Application # Date QUALCOMM Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140103862 04/17/14 Power path switching in an electronic device including a plurality of charging ports
20140105083 04/17/14 Cooperative data mules
20140105085 04/17/14 Devices and methods for facilitating discontinuous transmission on access terminals
20140105120 04/17/14 Methods and apparatus for synchronously coded subcarriers in ofdma systems
20140105121 04/17/14 Methods and apparatus for feedback computation and decoding with synchronously coded subcarriers in ofdma systems
20140105125 04/17/14 Criteria for ue-initiated bearer deactivation when maximum number of active bearers has been reached
20140105126 04/17/14 Apparatus and methods for enhanced maximum power in multicarrier wireless communications
20140105184 04/17/14 Paging of a user equipment (ue) within a wireless communications system
20140105187 04/17/14 Support for signaling over flexible bandwidth carrier
20140105227 04/17/14 Determinative segmentation resegmentation and padding in radio link control (rlc) service data units (sdu)
20140105041 04/17/14 Method and apparatus for packet loss rate-based codec adaptation
20140104445 04/17/14 Gyroscope conditioning and gyro-camera alignment
20140103869 04/17/14 Protection device and method for power transmitter
20140103881 04/17/14 Repeaters for enhancement of wireless power transfer
20140103897 04/17/14 Glitch suppression in dc-to-dc power conversion
20140103906 04/17/14 Integrated real power detector
20140103984 04/17/14 Quadrature symmetric clock signal generation
20140104157 04/17/14 Transparent antennas on a display device
20140104184 04/17/14 Backplate electrode sensor
20140104284 04/17/14 Through substrate via inductors
20140104437 04/17/14 Sensor calibration and position estimation based on vanishing point determination
20140105299 04/17/14 Performing residual prediction in video coding
20140105327 04/17/14 Method and apparatus for predicting signal characteristics for a nonlinear power amplifier
20140105336 04/17/14 Reduced power-consumption receivers
20140106809 04/17/14 Selectively granting a floor during set-up of a communication session within a wireless communications system
20140107816 04/17/14 Dynamically creating future routes based on user characteristics
20140107919 04/17/14 Predictive scheduling of navigation tasks
20140107963 04/17/14 Method and apparatus for enhanced sleep mode tiering to optimize standby time and test yield
20140108466 04/17/14 Detection of planar targets under steep angles
20140108478 04/17/14 Magnetic tunnel junction based random number generator
20140108679 04/17/14 Virtual gpio
20140108780 04/17/14 Wireless communications using a sound signal
20140108826 04/17/14 Compact low power level shifter for dual rail
20140106794 04/17/14 Methods and apparatus for using ussd over a common channel
20140106789 04/17/14 Providing base station almanac to mobile station
20140106788 04/17/14 Techniques for transitioning an electronic device between different selectable power modes
20140106668 04/17/14 Circuit tuning for device detection in near-field communications
20140106669 04/17/14 Carrier frequency variation for device detection in near-field communications
20140106671 04/17/14 Methods and apparatus for reducing overhead for nfc data exchange protocol messages
20140106677 04/17/14 Wireless area network enabled mobile device accessory
20140106681 04/17/14 Ku adaptation for phase-locked loop with two-point modulation
20140106684 04/17/14 Transparent antennas on a display device
20140106724 04/17/14 Controlling communications between a mobile device and a base station
20140106740 04/17/14 Blind and traffic demand based configurations of compressed mode for inter-frequency femtocell search
20140106758 04/17/14 Method and apparatus for facilitating a beacon-assisted handover to a home node-b for users on an active call
20140098752 04/10/14 Lte random access channel (rach) back off
20140098751 04/10/14 Reference signals for an enhanced physical downlink control channel
20140098744 04/10/14 Method for controlling transmission of protocol data units
20140098745 04/10/14 Method and system for compressing data packets in lte evolved multicast broadcast multimedia service
20140098732 04/10/14 Processing pmch and epdcch in lte
20140098754 04/10/14 Methods and apparatus for improved resource management in lte
20140098755 04/10/14 Apparatus and method for deferring cell update messages from user equipment
20140098756 04/10/14 Apparatus and methods for improved user equipment (ue) capability signaling
20140098757 04/10/14 Cqi reporting and generation in wireless network
20140098773 04/10/14 Method and apparatus for interference cancellation by a user equipment using blind detection
20140098796 04/10/14 Interface selection in a hybrid communication device
20140098797 04/10/14 Apparatus and methods for managing hyper frame number (hfn) de-synchronization in radio link control (rlc) unacknowledged mode (um)
20140098725 04/10/14 Controlling transmission of protocol data units
20140098692 04/10/14 Scheduling inter-radio access technology (irat) measurement during continuous data transmission
20140097535 04/10/14 Stacked multi-chip integrated circuit package
20140097806 04/10/14 Apparatus and method for improving power factor
20140097874 04/10/14 Systems and methods of harmonic extraction and rejection
20140097905 04/10/14 Sps receiver with adjustable linearity
20140098100 04/10/14 Multiview synthesis and processing systems and methods
20140098109 04/10/14 Movable layer design for stress control and stiffness reduction
20140098117 04/10/14 Multi-primitive graphics rendering pipeline
20140098194 04/10/14 Method and apparatus for calibrating an imaging device
20140098447 04/10/14 Electrostatic discharge protection for class d power amplifiers
20140098448 04/10/14 Electrostatic protection for stacked multi-chip integrated circuits
20140098489 04/10/14 Heat dissipating apparatus for folding electronic devices
20140097512 04/10/14 Hybrid semiconductor module structure
20140098798 04/10/14 Uplink timing control to reduce call drop
20140099885 04/10/14 Sps receiver with adjustable linearity
20140099893 04/10/14 Systems and methods for active interference cancellation to improve coexistence
20140099952 04/10/14 Methods and systems for avoiding transitions between radio access technologies when packet data networks are inaccessible
20140099977 04/10/14 Self positioning of a wireless station
20140099992 04/10/14 Ear position and gesture detection with mobile device
20140100781 04/10/14 Positioning network availability and reliability based routing
20140100793 04/10/14 Position location aided by chemical characteristic
20140101368 04/10/14 Binding microprocessor to memory chips to prevent re-use of microprocessor
20140101419 04/10/14 Method for preemptively restarting software in a multi-subsystem mobile communication device to increase mean time between failures
20140101511 04/10/14 Algorithm for optimal usage of external memory tuning sequence
20140101661 04/10/14 Method and apparatus for time management and scheduling for sychronous processing on a cluster of processing nodes
20140098969 04/10/14 Multi-pin plug with expansion nub
20140098913 04/10/14 System and method for i-q imbalance correction
20140098906 04/10/14 Transmit diversity architecture with optimized power consumption and area for umts & lte systems
20140098807 04/10/14 Coding methods of communicating identifiers in peer discovery in a peer-to-peer network
20140098843 04/10/14 Digitally controlled jitter injection for built in self-testing (bist)
20140098851 04/10/14 Indication of video properties
20140098860 04/10/14 File format for video data
20140098868 04/10/14 File format for video data
20140098880 04/10/14 Prediction mode information upsampling for scalable video coding
20140098882 04/10/14 Inter-view predicted motion vector for 3d video
20140098881 04/10/14 Motion field upsampling for scalable coding based on high efficiency video coding
20140098894 04/10/14 Identification of operation points applicable to nested sei message in video coding
20140098895 04/10/14 Hypothetical reference decoder parameter syntax structure
20140098896 04/10/14 Sub-bitstream applicability to nested sei messages in video coding
20140092774 04/03/14 Channel reuse among communication networks sharing a communication channel
20140092819 04/03/14 Scheduling transmission for multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output data
20140092838 04/03/14 Determining maximum power reduction (mpr) for multi-cluster wireless transmissions
20140092893 04/03/14 Preamble structure and acquisition for a wireless communication system
20140092955 04/03/14 Signaling layer identifiers for operation points in video coding
20140092760 04/03/14 Randomization procedure for assigning interference measurement resources in wireless communication
20140092523 04/03/14 Bone frame, low resistance via coupled metal oxide-metal (mom) orthogonal finger capacitor
20140092213 04/03/14 Sub-bitstream extraction for multiview, three-dimensional (3d) and scalable media bitstreams
20140092110 04/03/14 Electromechanical systems device with protrusions to provide additional stable states
20140092013 04/03/14 Video-based image control system
20140091860 04/03/14 System and method of implementing input/output drivers with low voltage devices
20140091634 04/03/14 Systems and methods for detecting wireless charging transmit characteristics
20140092963 04/03/14 Signaling of regions of interest and gradual decoding refresh in video coding
20140092965 04/03/14 Intra-coding for 4:2:2 sample format in video coding
20140096148 04/03/14 Fast remote procedure call
20140095809 04/03/14 Coherency controller with reduced data buffer
20140095807 04/03/14 Adaptive tuning of snoops
20140094210 04/03/14 Controlling the transfer of telematics data using session related signaling
20140094173 04/03/14 Registration and access control in femto cell deployments
20140094164 04/03/14 Iterative coordinated beamforming systems and methods
20140094147 04/03/14 Authentication in secure user plane location (supl) systems
20140093081 04/03/14 Authentication in secure user plane location (supl) systems
20140093021 04/03/14 Methods and apparatuses for enhanced received signal processing based on a data-signal-aided channel impulse response estimation
20140092996 04/03/14 Signaling of layer identifiers for operation points
20140092983 04/03/14 Coded block flag coding for 4:2:2 sample format in video coding
20140092967 04/03/14 Using base layer motion information
20140086292 03/27/14 Systems and methods for detecting data collisions for a near field communication system
20140086301 03/27/14 Pulse shaping for generating nfc initiator transmit waveform
20140086307 03/27/14 Context derivation for context-adaptive, multi-level significance coding
20140086317 03/27/14 Indication and activation of parameter sets for video coding
20140086324 03/27/14 Long-term reference picture signaling in video coding
20140086325 03/27/14 Scalable extensions to hevc and temporal motion vector prediction
20140086328 03/27/14 Scalable video coding in hevc
20140086265 03/27/14 Method and apparatus for a memory based packet compression encoding
20140086226 03/27/14 Transport of control protocol for trusted wlan (twan) offload
20140086199 03/27/14 Frequency tracking loops in wireless network
20140086162 03/27/14 Adaptive non-linear interference cancellation using side-band information
20140086158 03/27/14 Scheduling assignment and ack/nack reporting to facilitate centralized d2d scheduling
20140086145 03/27/14 Optimized harq recombining within transmission window
20140086092 03/27/14 Method and apparatus for channel feedback based on reference signal
20140086078 03/27/14 Method and apparatus for supporting hybrid carrier aggregation
20140086076 03/27/14 Idle time slot allocation for irat measurement in td-hsdpa
20140086329 03/27/14 Base layer merge and amvp modes for video coding
20140086332 03/27/14 Access unit independent coded picture buffer removal times in video coding
20140089933 03/27/14 Systems and methods to coordinate resource usage in tightly sandboxed environments
20140089598 03/27/14 Methods and apparatus for managing page crossing instructions with different cacheability
20140089078 03/27/14 System and method for managing carbon emission credits at a fuel dispensing station using vehicle on-board diagnostics data
20140089073 03/27/14 System and method for managing carbon emission credits at a fuel dispensing station via a portable computing device
20140087763 03/27/14 Non-geotagged access point positioning
20140087759 03/27/14 Selected acknowledgment positioning optimizations
20140087741 03/27/14 Backhaul network for femto base stations
20140086416 03/27/14 Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for three-dimensional audio coding using basis function coefficients
20140086347 03/27/14 Apparatus and method of receiver architecture and low-complexity decoder for line-coded and amplitude-modulated signal
20140086333 03/27/14 Bitstream properties in video coding

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This listing is an abstract for educational and research purposes is only meant as a recent sample of applications filed, not a comprehensive history. is not affiliated or associated with QUALCOMM Inc. in any way and there may be associated servicemarks. This data is also published to the public by the USPTO and available for free on their website. Note that there may be alternative spellings for QUALCOMM Inc. with additional patents listed. Browse our Agent directory for other possible listings. Page by



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