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QUALCOMM Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to QUALCOMM Inc., listed under QUALCOMM Inc. as Agent/Assignee. QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with QUALCOMM Inc.. Updates: QUALCOMM Inc. RSS RSS


Transformer signal coupling for flip-chip integration


Systems and methods for tracking and detecting a target object


Strain induced reduction of switching current in spin-transfer torque switching devices

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Application # Date QUALCOMM Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140203167 07/24/14  new patent  Optical sensing interface with modulation gratings
20140204782 07/24/14  new patent  Interpolation-based channel state information (csi) enhancements in long-term evolution (lte)
20140204784 07/24/14  new patent  Systems and methods for pre-association discovery of services on a network
20140204826 07/24/14  new patent  Systems and methods for pre-association discovery of services on a network
20140204848 07/24/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for resolving ambiguous user equipment (ue) capability signaling
20140204849 07/24/14  new patent  Enhanced control channel element (ecce) based physical downlink shared channel (pdsch) resource allocation for long-term evolution (lte)
20140204851 07/24/14  new patent  Enhanced physical broadcast channel for new carrier type in long term evolution
20140204856 07/24/14  new patent  Efficient uplink resource indication for csi feedback
20140204857 07/24/14  new patent  Managing interference in a network
20140204881 07/24/14  new patent  Systems, apparatus and methods for facilitating frequency reuse for downlink control channels
20140204773 07/24/14  new patent  Opportunistic interference alignment for multi-cell multi-user uplink
20140204488 07/24/14  new patent  Esd clamping transistor with switchable clamping modes of operation
20140203381 07/24/14  new patent  Process and apparatus for transforming nitridation/oxidation at edges, and protecting edges of magnetoresistive tunnel junction (mtj) layers
20140203401 07/24/14  new patent  Metal-on-metal (mom) capacitors having laterally displaced layers, and related systems and methods
20140203404 07/24/14  new patent  Spiral metal-on-metal (smom) capacitors, and related systems and methods
20140203761 07/24/14  new patent  Buck boost charging for batteries
20140203768 07/24/14  new patent  Systems, methods, and apparatus related to inductive power transfer transmitter with sonic emitter
20140203769 07/24/14  new patent  Method of multi-coil operation and optimization
20140204080 07/24/14  new patent  Indexed streamout buffers for graphics processing
20140204114 07/24/14  new patent  Spatio-temporal error diffusion for imaging devices
20140204425 07/24/14  new patent  Fast vector error diffusion
20140204889 07/24/14  new patent  Systems and methods for enhancing uplink coverage in interference scenarios
20140204919 07/24/14  new patent  Multiple power control and timing advance loops during wireless communication
20140207781 07/24/14  new patent  Method and system for generating a pictorial reference database using geographical information
20140207991 07/24/14  new patent  Hardware accelerated communications over a chip-to-chip interface
20140208027 07/24/14  new patent  Configurable cache and method to configure same
20140208039 07/24/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus to reduce cache pollution casued by data prefetching
20140208112 07/24/14  new patent  Providing an encrypted account credential from a first device to a second device
20140208179 07/24/14  new patent  Methods and devices for facilitating data retransmissions in wireless communication systems
20140208279 07/24/14  new patent  System and method of testing through-silicon vias of a semiconductor die
20140208336 07/24/14  new patent  System and method for providing notifications on a mobile computing device
20140208387 07/24/14  new patent  Device utilizing an optical signal to access an access point
20140207727 07/24/14  new patent  Determining a dynamic user profile indicative of a user behavior context with a mobile device
20140206390 07/24/14  new patent  Generic positioning protocol
20140206389 07/24/14  new patent  Visual identifier of third party location
20140204927 07/24/14  new patent  Determining to use multi-ran interworking by correlating different ran identifiers
20140205036 07/24/14  new patent  System and methods for reducing uplink resources to provide channel performance feedback for adjustment of downlink mimo channel data rates
20140205099 07/24/14  new patent  Inter-module authentication for securing application execution integrity within a computing device
20140205141 07/24/14  new patent  Systems and methods for tracking and detecting a target object
20140206104 07/24/14  new patent  Strain induced reduction of switching current in spin-transfer torque switching devices
20140206105 07/24/14  new patent  Transformer signal coupling for flip-chip integration
20140206340 07/24/14  new patent  Efficient generation of radio coverage map of access points in an indoor environment
20140206380 07/24/14  new patent  Fast generation of radio coverage map of access points in an indoor environment
20140206386 07/24/14  new patent  Methods and apparatuses for providing peer-to-peer positioning in wireless networks
20140198677 07/17/14 Channel state information and adaptive modulation and coding design for long-term evolution machine type communications
20140198664 07/17/14 Methods and system for resource management in tti (transmission time interval) bundling for improved phase continuity
20140198663 07/17/14 Methods and apparatus for power efficient operation of lte based machine type communications
20140198659 07/17/14 Cell range expansion elasticity control
20140198642 07/17/14 Systems and methods for modifying carrier sense multiple access (csma) for dense networks
20140198618 07/17/14 Determining room dimensions and a relative layout using audio signals and motion detection
20140198598 07/17/14 System and method of performing power on reset for memory array circuits
20140198685 07/17/14 Broadcast and paging channels for machine type communication
20140198695 07/17/14 Apparatus and method for avoiding system losses for m2m devices operating at longer slot cycle
20140198693 07/17/14 Devices and methods for facilitating reacquisition procedures
20140198719 07/17/14 Methods and apparatus for providing location information with private expressions
20140198720 07/17/14 Antenna port management for localized enhanced physical downlink control channel transmissions
20140198724 07/17/14 Systems and methods for formatting frames in neighborhood aware networks
20140198725 07/17/14 Systems and methods for formatting frames in neighborhood aware networks
20140198726 07/17/14 Broadcast and system information for machine type communication
20140198736 07/17/14 Management of wireless communications using information relating to scheduling request performance
20140198749 07/17/14 Transmission and processing of higher order modulation
20140198588 07/17/14 N-well switching circuit
20140198563 07/17/14 Magnetic tunneling junction non-volatile register with feedback for robust read and write operations
20140197519 07/17/14 Mim capacitor and mim capacitor fabrication for semiconductor devices
20140197520 07/17/14 Resistor and resistor fabrication for semiconductor devices
20140197814 07/17/14 Programmable frequency range for boost converter clocks
20140197879 07/17/14 Method and apparatus for reducing crowbar current
20140197886 07/17/14 Amplifier with switchable common gate gain buffer
20140197888 07/17/14 Hybrid amplifier
20140197902 07/17/14 Diplexer design using through glass via technology
20140198119 07/17/14 Rendering graphics data using visibility information
20140198126 07/17/14 Methods and apparatus for reduced low-tone half-tone pattern visibility
20140198128 07/17/14 Dynamic zone plate augmented vision eyeglasses
20140198129 07/17/14 Apparatus and method for controlling an augmented reality device
20140198181 07/17/14 Disabling inter-view prediction for reference picture list in video coding
20140198227 07/17/14 Orientation determination based on vanishing point computation
20140198237 07/17/14 Generating a zoomed image
20140198363 07/17/14 Method for generating a point light source in a plane at an arbitrary location using a dynamic hologram
20140198414 07/17/14 Electrostatic discharge clamp with disable
20140196940 07/17/14 Through mold via relief gutter on molded laser package (mlp) packages
20140198753 07/17/14 Prioritizing radio access types for closed subscriber group cells
20140201851 07/17/14 Method and apparatus for using dynamic voltage and frequency scaling with circuit-delay based integrated circuit identification
20140200026 07/17/14 Methods and systems for positioning based on observed difference of time of arrival
20140200032 07/17/14 Method and apparatus for configuring secure user plane location (supl) enabled terminals
20140200037 07/17/14 Region determination control
20140200045 07/17/14 High data rate aircraft to ground communication antenna system
20140200046 07/17/14 Apparatus and method for mitigating voltage droop in dual-transceiver wireless communication device
20140200846 07/17/14 Access network node based barometric reference pressure network
20140201210 07/17/14 Automatic model selection for assistance data generation based on apriori information
20140201271 07/17/14 User generated rating by machine classification of entity
20140201323 07/17/14 Supporting transport diversity and time-shifted buffers for media streaming over a network
20140201415 07/17/14 Wireless docking service with direct connection to peripherals
20140201435 07/17/14 Heterogeneous memory systems, and related methods and computer-readable media for supporting heterogeneous memory access requests in processor-based systems
20140201449 07/17/14 Data cache way prediction
20140201494 07/17/14 Overlap checking for a translation lookaside buffer (tlb)
20140201556 07/17/14 Managing modem power consumption
20140201587 07/17/14 Fec-based reliable transport control protocols for multipath streaming
20140201607 07/17/14 One-time programmable integrated circuit security
20140200010 07/17/14 Hybrid interference alignment for mixed macro-femto base station downlink
20140199998 07/17/14 Distributed mobile access point acquisition
20140198755 07/17/14 Reuse of rf receive chain for hand-in assistance
20140198846 07/17/14 Device and method for scalable coding of video information
20140198855 07/17/14 Square block prediction
20140198865 07/17/14 Ofdm pilot and frame structures
20140198872 07/17/14 Systems and methods for detecting or signaling the presence of bursty interference on wireless networks
20140198877 07/17/14 Using a field format on a communication device
20140198882 07/17/14 Systems, apparatus, and methods for receiving paging messages by creating fat paths in fast fading scenarios
20140198944 07/17/14 Use of emg for subtle gesture recognition on surfaces
20140198956 07/17/14 Leveraging physical handshaking in head mounted displays
20140199044 07/17/14 Supporting transport diversity and time-shifted buffers for media streaming over a network
20140199995 07/17/14 Methods and apparatus for providing unified wireless communication through efficient memory management
20140199993 07/17/14 System and methods for mitigating receiver desense caused by simultaneous transmission on multi-sim wireless communications devices
20140199979 07/17/14 Application driven fast dormancy
20140199952 07/17/14 Method and apparatus to reduce pa/device temperature by switching the antennas on a device
20140199948 07/17/14 Single-ended high voltage input-capable comparator circuit
20140199070 07/17/14 Frame scheduling for channel bonding
20140199069 07/17/14 Idle insertion for physical layer rate adaption and time-division duplexing
20140192712 07/10/14 Methods and apparatus for controlling access points coupled to a common power source
20140192698 07/10/14 Selectively adjusting a rate or delivery format of media being delivered to one or more multicast/broadcast single frequency networks for transmission
20140192697 07/10/14 Evolved multimedia broadcast/multicast services (embms) cluster management
20140192693 07/10/14 Systems and methods to optimize power consumption for lte embms
20140192690 07/10/14 Ue beaconing using rach transmissions for small cells
20140192661 07/10/14 Schedule rate of synchronization channel (sch) base station identity code (bsic)
20140192659 07/10/14 Multiple access scheme for multi-channels of a network with a limited link budget
20140192732 07/10/14 Identifying modulation and coding schemes and channel quality indicators
20140192784 07/10/14 Systems and for reducing interference in long-range wireless communication
20140192793 07/10/14 Systems and methods for hierarchical time source usage in near-me area network discovery and synchronization
20140192821 07/10/14 Dynamic adaptive aggregation schemes for enhancing performance of communication systems
20140192847 07/10/14 Rate adaptation for data communication
20140192846 07/10/14 Rate adaptation for data communication
20140192850 07/10/14 Method and apparatus for eliminating the effects of frequency offsets in a digital communication system
20140192851 07/10/14 Adjusting physical layer transmission properties
20140192853 07/10/14 Apparatus and method for iterative interference cancellation in a wireless communication network
20140192658 07/10/14 Dynamic selection of positioning system and display map
20140192641 07/10/14 Medium access control layer that encapsulates data from a plurality of received data units into a plurality of independently transmittable blocks
20140192395 07/10/14 Device having a conductive light absorbing mask and method for fabricating same
20140191810 07/10/14 Systems and methods for synthesizer locking using iterative numerical techniques
20140191926 07/10/14 Device and method for rendering content to multiple displays
20140191980 07/10/14 System for reuse of touch panel and controller by a secondary display
20140191981 07/10/14 System and method to display contextual information on a handheld device having a secondary ambient display
20140192053 07/10/14 Stereoscopic conversion with viewing orientation for shader based graphics content
20140192060 07/10/14 Controlling movable layer shape for electromechanical systems devices
20140192079 07/10/14 Adaptive temporal dither scheme for display devices
20140192149 07/10/14 Non-nested sei messages in video coding
20140192151 07/10/14 Indication of presence of texture and depth views in tracks for multiview coding plus depth
20140192152 07/10/14 Indication of current view dependency on reference view in multiview coding file format
20140192153 07/10/14 Signaling of spatial resolution of depth views in multiview coding file format
20140192157 07/10/14 View synthesis in 3d video
20140192210 07/10/14 Mobile device based text detection and tracking
20140192266 07/10/14 Method and apparatus of reducing compression noise in digital video streams
20140192267 07/10/14 Method and apparatus of reducing random noise in digital video streams

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