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QUALCOMM Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to QUALCOMM Inc., listed under QUALCOMM Inc. as Agent/Assignee. QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with QUALCOMM Inc.. Updates: QUALCOMM Inc. RSS RSS


System and method of sensing a memory cell


Adapative power amplifier


Apparatus and method for optimizing uplink semi-persistent scheduling activation

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Application # Date QUALCOMM Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140267790 09/18/14  new patent  Adaptive data path for computer-vision applications
20140269260 09/18/14  new patent  Distributed path update in hybrid networks
20140269335 09/18/14  new patent  System and methods for determining opt in/opt out status of middleware reception reporting for embms services
20140269349 09/18/14  new patent  Establishing reliable always-on packet data network connections
20140269353 09/18/14  new patent  Inter-radio access technology (irat) measurement scheduling
20140269354 09/18/14  new patent  Inter-radio access technology and/or inter-frequency measurement performance enhancement
20140269356 09/18/14  new patent  Reducing the frequency of measurement of a stationary ue
20140269360 09/18/14  new patent  Access point proxy and multi-hop wireless communication
20140269358 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for statistically profiling channels in mimo communications
20140269363 09/18/14  new patent  In-transit detection using low complexity algorithm fusion and phone state heuristics
20140269364 09/18/14  new patent  Method and system for cloud-based management of self-organizing wireless networks
20140269367 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for mitigating the impact of short interference bursts
20140269449 09/18/14  new patent  Full-duplex wireless transceiver with hybrid circuit and reconfigurable radiation pattern antenna
20140269461 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for link augmentation
20140269462 09/18/14  new patent  Signature-coded wake-up transmission
20140269463 09/18/14  new patent  Intelligent beaconing by software-enabled access point
20140269464 09/18/14  new patent  Communications methods and apparatus that facilitate discovery of small coverage area base stations
20140269251 09/18/14  new patent  Network-based alarming and network-based reconfiguration
20140269246 09/18/14  new patent  Interference cancellation
20140267799 09/18/14  new patent  Always-on camera sampling strategies
20140267875 09/18/14  new patent  Imaging method and system with optical pattern generator
20140268446 09/18/14  new patent  Radio frequency integrated circuit (rfic) charged-device model (cdm) protection
20140268447 09/18/14  new patent  Radio frequency integrated circuit (rfic) charged-device model (cdm) protection
20140268615 09/18/14  new patent  Two-stage power delivery architecture
20140268616 09/18/14  new patent  Capacitor with a dielectric between a via and a plate of the capacitor
20140268873 09/18/14  new patent  Thin illumination system
20140268895 09/18/14  new patent  Mixed semiconductor h-bridge power converters and methods related thereto
20140269017 09/18/14  new patent  Process corner sensor for bit-cells
20140269018 09/18/14  new patent  Write-assisted memory with enhanced speed
20140269020 09/18/14  new patent  System and method to regulate operating voltage of a memory array
20140269031 09/18/14  new patent  System and method of sensing a memory cell
20140269104 09/18/14  new patent  Sense amplifier column redundancy
20140269112 09/18/14  new patent  Apparatus and method for writing data to memory array circuits
20140269212 09/18/14  new patent  Ultrasound mesh localization for interactive systems
20140269217 09/18/14  new patent  User control interface button flex antenna system
20140269467 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for saving power in monitoring and tracking devices
20140269468 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for wireless band switching
20140269633 09/18/14  new patent  Coexistence of a wireless wide area network device in time division duplex (tdd) mode with a wireless access point (ap)
20140269637 09/18/14  new patent  Detecting missing rrc connection release message
20140269638 09/18/14  new patent  Methods and systems for providing enhanced position location in wireless communications
20140269644 09/18/14  new patent  Acknowledgement rate modification in wireless communication systems
20140269645 09/18/14  new patent  Wireless access point synchronization
20140269646 09/18/14  new patent  Wifi direct connection using machine-readable labels
20140269650 09/18/14  new patent  Devices, systems, and methods implementing a front end partition of a wireless modem
20140269652 09/18/14  new patent  Automatic selection of coordinating functionality in a hybrid communication network
20140269658 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for sharing context information in a neighbor aware network
20140269659 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for segmentation of modulation coding scheme
20140269667 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for dynamic configuration of packet preambles for synchronization-based transmissions
20140269666 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for efficient signaling of communication mode and delimiter information
20140269690 09/18/14  new patent  Network element with distributed flow tables
20140269691 09/18/14  new patent  Distributed path selection in hybrid networks
20140269763 09/18/14  new patent  Switching a network connection from a first network protocol to a second network protocol
20140269768 09/18/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for increasing diversity in downlink transmissions
20140269631 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for grouping nodes to reduce collisions
20140269629 09/18/14  new patent  Retransmission timer in a high speed data network
20140269472 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for fast tch to idle transition
20140269475 09/18/14  new patent  Apparatus and method for optimizing uplink semi-persistent scheduling activation
20140269479 09/18/14  new patent  Multiplexing and feedback support for wireless communication systems
20140269491 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for scanning for a wireless access point
20140269495 09/18/14  new patent  Selecting a network for a wireless device
20140269497 09/18/14  new patent  System and method for allowing multiple devices to communicate in a network
20140269509 09/18/14  new patent  System and method of publishing service availability
20140269522 09/18/14  new patent  Adaptive clock rate for high speed data communications
20140269540 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for scheduling wireless communications
20140269541 09/18/14  new patent  Apparatus and method for scheduling delayed acks/nacks in lte cellular systems
20140269547 09/18/14  new patent  Base station employing shared resources among antenna units
20140269555 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for sharing context information in a neighbor aware network
20140269559 09/18/14  new patent  Subframe format indication field
20140269616 09/18/14  new patent  Pilot grouping and route protocols in multi-carrier communication systems
20140269623 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for pdcch power and rate control for dense small cells
20140269627 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for sharing decoding time across transport blocks
20140269773 09/18/14  new patent  Protected control frames
20140267770 09/18/14  new patent  Image-based application launcher
20140261622 09/18/14  new patent  Sun-tracking photovoltaic solar concentrator panel
20140266143 09/18/14  new patent  Voltage regulator
20140266228 09/18/14  new patent  Active measurement of battery equivalent series resistance
20140266286 09/18/14  new patent  Through-substrate via with a fuse structure
20140266307 09/18/14  new patent  Circuit and method to extend a signal comparison voltage range
20140266353 09/18/14  new patent  Mixed signal tdc with embedded t2v adc
20140266357 09/18/14  new patent  Measure-based delay circuit
20140266369 09/18/14  new patent  Low power architectures
20140266382 09/18/14  new patent  Low-power interface and method of operation
20140266398 09/18/14  new patent  Method and semiconductor apparatus for reducing power when transmitting data between devices in the semiconductor apparatus
20140266448 09/18/14  new patent  Adapative power amplifier
20140266461 09/18/14  new patent  Split amplifiers with improved linearity
20140266471 09/18/14  new patent  Programmable frequency divider for local oscillator generation
20140266475 09/18/14  new patent  Ring oscillator circuit and method
20140266479 09/18/14  new patent  Hybrid voltage controlled oscillator
20140266494 09/18/14  new patent  Integration of a replica circuit and a transformer above a dielectric substrate
20140266508 09/18/14  new patent  Bandpass filter implementation on a single layer using spiral capacitors
20140266127 09/18/14  new patent  Low power and dynamic voltage divider and monitoring circuit
20140266123 09/18/14  new patent  Truncated ramp waveforms in switching regulators
20140262160 09/18/14  new patent  Vapor chambers based skin material for smartphones and mobile devices
20140264034 09/18/14  new patent  Near-field optical sensing system
20140264331 09/18/14  new patent  Daisy chain connection for testing continuity in a semiconductor die
20140264485 09/18/14  new patent  Fin-type semiconductor device
20140264610 09/18/14  new patent  Metal oxide semiconductor (mos) isolation schemes with continuous active areas separated by dummy gates and related methods
20140264629 09/18/14  new patent  Local interconnect structures for high density
20140264715 09/18/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for congestion-aware buffering using voltage isolation pathways for integrated circuit designs with multi-power domains
20140264751 09/18/14  new patent  Metal-insulator-metal (mim) capacitor
20140264809 09/18/14  new patent  Backplate interconnect with integrated passives
20140264836 09/18/14  new patent  System-in-package with interposer pitch adapter
20140264946 09/18/14  new patent  Package-on-package structure with reduced height
20140265641 09/18/14  new patent  Zero current switching with a secondary energy storage capacitor in a solar inverter
20140266011 09/18/14  new patent  Multiphase charger
20140266018 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for extending the power capability of a wireless charger
20140266103 09/18/14  new patent  Digitally assisted regulation for an integrated capless low-dropout (ldo) voltage regulator
20140266117 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for 100 percent duty cycle in switching regulators
20140266518 09/18/14  new patent  Step attenuator with constant input capacitance
20140266585 09/18/14  new patent  Method for securely delivering indoor positioning data and applications
20140267132 09/18/14  new patent  Comprehensive framework for adaptive touch-signal de-noising/filtering to optimize touch performance
20140267142 09/18/14  new patent  Extending interactive inputs via sensor fusion
20140267166 09/18/14  new patent  Combined optical touch and gesture sensing
20140267197 09/18/14  new patent  Color performance of imods
20140267207 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for verifying display element state
20140267210 09/18/14  new patent  Active capacitor circuit for display voltage stabilization
20140267211 09/18/14  new patent  Methods and systems for driving segment lines in a display
20140267259 09/18/14  new patent  Tile-based rendering
20140267365 09/18/14  new patent  Spectral color reproduction using a high-dimension reflective display
20140267397 09/18/14  new patent  In situ creation of planar natural feature targets
20140267400 09/18/14  new patent  User interface for a head mounted display
20140267403 09/18/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for augmented reality target detection
20140267431 09/18/14  new patent  Intelligent display image orientation based on relative motion detection
20140267443 09/18/14  new patent  Electromechanical systems device with segmented electrodes
20140267543 09/18/14  new patent  Output management for electronic communications
20140267605 09/18/14  new patent  Simplifications on disparity vector derivation and motion vector prediction in 3d video coding
20140267104 09/18/14  new patent  Optimized adaptive thresholding for touch sensing
20140267084 09/18/14  new patent  Enhancing touch inputs with gestures
20140266625 09/18/14  new patent  Assisted energy efficient peer-to-peer (p2p) communications
20140266641 09/18/14  new patent  Compensating power spectral density for power levels
20140266697 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for use in identifying potential anomalies in electronic files supportive of mobile device positioning
20140266698 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for monitoring a proximity of a personal item and automatically assigning safe and unsafe zones
20140266830 09/18/14  new patent  Techniques to reduce harmonic distortions of impedance attenuators for low-power wideband high-resolution dacs
20140266835 09/18/14  new patent  Dual-string digital-to-analog converters (dacs), and related circuits, systems, and methods
20140266836 09/18/14  new patent  Polarity compensating dual-string digital-to-analog converters (dacs), and related circuits, systems, and methods
20140266874 09/18/14  new patent  Cross-correlation mitigation algorithms for gnss systems using common overlay codes
20140266883 09/18/14  new patent  Energy conservation apparatus for geofence applications
20140266886 09/18/14  new patent  Concurrent multi-system satellite navigation receiver with real signaling output
20140266909 09/18/14  new patent  Methods for lci disambiguation
20140266916 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for determining locations of access points
20140266920 09/18/14  new patent  Multipurpose antenna
20140267034 09/18/14  new patent  Systems and methods for device interaction based on a detected gaze
20140267047 09/18/14  new patent  Handling inappropriate input method use
20140267074 09/18/14  new patent  System and method for virtual user interface controls in multi-display configurations
20140267756 09/18/14  new patent  Microbolometer supported by glass substrate
20140274119 09/18/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for indoor positioning based on wireless landmarks
20140278437 09/18/14  new patent  User sensing system and method for low power voice command activation in wireless communication systems
20140279081 09/18/14  new patent  Mobile devices, methods and computer systems for ensuring that a pickup order is freshly prepared when a consumer arrives to pick it up
20140279786 09/18/14  new patent  Application-controlled granularity for power-efficient classification
20140279790 09/18/14  new patent  Context aware localization, mapping, and tracking
20140279860 09/18/14  new patent  Client-server based dynamic search

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