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QUALCOMM Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to QUALCOMM Inc., listed under QUALCOMM Inc. as Agent/Assignee. QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with QUALCOMM Inc.. Updates: QUALCOMM Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date QUALCOMM Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20150108842 04/23/15 Systems and methods for reducing cross-supply current
20150109843 04/23/15 Monolithic three dimensional (3d) integrated circuits (ics) (3dics) with vertical memory components, related systems and methods
20150109675 04/23/15 Embedded surface diffuser
20150109355 04/23/15 Spatio-temporal vector screening for color display devices
20150109293 04/23/15 Selectively merging partially-covered tiles to perform hierarchical z-culling
20150109265 04/23/15 Dot inversion configuration
20150109045 04/23/15 Scalable layout architecture for metal-programmable voltage level shifter cells
20150109034 04/23/15 Delay architecture for reducing downtime during frequency switching
20150109030 04/23/15 Calibrated output driver with enhanced reliability and density
20150109025 04/23/15 Area saving in latch arrays
20150109023 04/23/15 Output driver with slew rate calibration
20150109000 04/23/15 Systems, methods, and apparatus for increased foreign object detection loop array sensitivity
20150108986 04/23/15 Closed loop dynamic capacitance measurement
20150109865 04/23/15 High frequency pseudo dual port memory
20150109925 04/23/15 Media playout for voip applications
20150109969 04/23/15 Full duplex communication in the presence of mixed full and half duplex users
20150113388 04/23/15 Method and apparatus for performing topic-relevance highlighting of electronic text
20150113159 04/23/15 Layered adaptive http streaming
20150112909 04/23/15 Congestion avoidance in networks of spiking neurons
20150112908 04/23/15 Dynamically assigning and examining synaptic delay
20150112646 04/23/15 Methods of designing three dimensional (3d) integrated circuits (ics) (3dics) and related systems and components
20150111610 04/23/15 Apparatus and methods of bluetooth and wireless local area network coexistence
20150111589 04/23/15 Method and apparatus for optimizing coverage area of a small cell
20150111583 04/23/15 Communicating detection of controlled radio frequencies
20150111341 04/23/15 Laser annealing methods for integrated circuits (ics)
20150110103 04/23/15 Media playout for voip applications
20150110090 04/23/15 Group owner selection for a peer-to-peer group
20150110076 04/23/15 Reducing latency during redirection
20150110068 04/23/15 Serving cell and neighbor cell path loss ratio reporting
20150103738 04/16/15 Selecting an access point for determining position of a device based on traffic load information
20150103750 04/16/15 Methods and apparatus for enhanced downlink communication
20150103751 04/16/15 Dynamic transmit power and signal shaping
20150103758 04/16/15 Systems and methods for identifying a radio access technology
20150103809 04/16/15 Dynamic transmit power and signal shaping
20150103680 04/16/15 Dynamic scheduling for multi-channel concurrency switching
20150103668 04/16/15 Low overhead and highly robust flow control apparatus and method
20150103586 04/16/15 Write driver and program driver for otp (one-time programmable) memory with magnetic tunneling junction cells
20150103192 04/16/15 Refocusable images
20150103146 04/16/15 Conversion of at least one non-stereo camera into a stereo camera
20150103051 04/16/15 Infrared touch and hover system using time-sequential measurements
20150102994 04/16/15 System and method for multi-touch gesture detection using ultrasound beamforming
20150102775 04/16/15 Systems, methods, and device for intelligent electric vehicle supply equipment
20150103812 04/16/15 Methods and apparatus for wifi quality estimation based on basic service set load and wide area network metrics
20150103817 04/16/15 Global time synchronization server for wireless devices
20150106823 04/16/15 Mobile coprocessor system and methods
20150106649 04/16/15 Dynamic scaling of memory and bus frequencies
20150106640 04/16/15 Accelerated thermal mitigation for multi-core processors
20150106630 04/16/15 Apparatus and method for hardware-based secure data processing using buffer memory address range rules
20150106538 04/16/15 Receiver architecture for memory reads
20150105099 04/16/15 Beacon group information assisted wireless location determination
20150105098 04/16/15 Method and apparatus for detecting location changes and monitoring assistance data via scanning
20150105097 04/16/15 Method and apparatus for asynchrosous positioning of wireless base stations
20150105070 04/16/15 Method to improve cell selection procedures in a single sim/multi-sim environment
20150105067 04/16/15 Long term evolution interference management in unlicensed bands for wi-fi operation
20150105032 04/16/15 Dynamic bias to improve switch linearity
20150103866 04/16/15 Digital temperature estimators (dtes) disposed in integrated circuits (ics) for estimating temperature within the ics, and related systems and methods
20150103818 04/16/15 Transport and error compensation of a globally synchronized time-base
20150098457 04/09/15 Enabling internet protocol connectivity across multi-hop mobile wireless networks via a service oriented architecture
20150098536 04/09/15 N factorial dual data rate clock and data recovery
20150099359 04/09/15 Nozzle design for improved distribution of reactants for large format substrates
20150099371 04/09/15 Nozzle designs for distribution of reactants across substrates
20150099516 04/09/15 System and methods for using wireless network correlations to acquire service on a multi-sim device
20150098445 04/09/15 Apparatus and method for enhanced multi-sim tune-away operation
20150098392 04/09/15 Multidimensional algorithm for roaming
20150098374 04/09/15 Power saving with adaptive inactivity time out
20150098345 04/09/15 Ternary sequences with power of two exponent dimensionalities suitable for channel estimation
20150098243 04/09/15 Illumination device with spaced-apart diffractive media
20150097978 04/09/15 System and method for high fidelity, high dynamic range scene reconstruction with frame stacking
20150097727 04/09/15 Low cost cableless ground station antenna for medium earth orbit satellite communication systems
20150099523 04/09/15 Inter-radio access technology (irat) measurement during handover
20150100318 04/09/15 Systems and methods for mitigating speech signal quality degradation
20150101048 04/09/15 Malware detection and prevention by monitoring and modifying a hardware pipeline
20150101047 04/09/15 Pre-identifying probable malicious behavior based on configuration pathways
20150101037 04/09/15 Physically unclonable function pattern matching for device identification
20150100875 04/09/15 Display of spatially-related annotation for written content
20150100842 04/09/15 Buffer testing for reconfigurable instruction cell arrays
20150100753 04/09/15 Multi-core heterogeneous system translation lookaside buffer coherency
20150100746 04/09/15 System and method for uniform interleaving of data across a multiple-channel memory architecture with asymmetric storage capacity
20150100529 04/09/15 Compiling network descriptions to multiple platforms
20150100531 04/09/15 Method and apparatus to control and monitor neural model execution remotely
20150100701 04/09/15 Request cancellation method for media streaming
20150100702 04/09/15 Switching between adaptation sets during media streaming
20150100715 04/09/15 Supporting unrecognized protocol in wireless docking
20150092577 04/02/15 Devices and methods for facilitating closed-loop transmission diversity in wireless communications systems
20150092611 04/02/15 Multiple sim multiple network diversity for enhancing call connectivity
20150092638 04/02/15 Discontinuous transmission timing for systems with flexible bandwidth carrier
20150092639 04/02/15 Indicating a busy period in a wireless network
20150092672 04/02/15 System information for wireless communications systems with flexible bandwidth carrier
20150092674 04/02/15 System information for wireless communications systems with flexible bandwidth carrier
20150092681 04/02/15 Dynamic snr adjustment in a receiver supporting 256qam
20150092738 04/02/15 Methods and apparatuses for user equipment assisted time and frequency synchronization of small cells
20150092573 04/02/15 Multiflow with antenna selection
20150092479 04/02/15 Resistance-based memory cells with multiple source lines
20150092314 04/02/15 Connector placement for a substrate integrated with a toroidal inductor
20150091060 04/02/15 Semiconductor device having high mobility channel
20150091132 04/02/15 Stiffener with embedded passive components
20150091179 04/02/15 Semiconductor device with via bar
20150091702 04/02/15 Power efficient and flexible update rate positioning system
20150091759 04/02/15 Collocated omnidirectional dual-polarized antenna
20150091790 04/02/15 Classification of gesture detection systems through use of known and yet to be worn sensors
20150091941 04/02/15 Augmented virtuality
20150092061 04/02/15 Location based brand detection
20150092752 04/02/15 Grant processing for flexible bandwidth carrier systems
20150092753 04/02/15 High precision access point to access point synchronization in an indoor position location system
20150095273 04/02/15 Automated method for modifying neural dynamics
20150095274 04/02/15 Method and apparatus for producing programmable probability distribution function of pseudo-random numbers
20150095350 04/02/15 Methods, apparatuses, and devices for generating maps on a mobile device
20150095419 04/02/15 Method and apparatus for real-time sharing of multimedia content between wireless devices
20150095450 04/02/15 Utilizing multiple switchable adaptation sets for streaming media data
20150095595 04/02/15 Configurable spreading function for memory interleaving
20150095662 04/02/15 Method for securing content in dynamically allocated memory using different domain-specific keys
20150095914 04/02/15 Gpu divergence barrier
20150094887 04/02/15 Device alignment in inductive power transfer systems
20150094100 04/02/15 Base station positioning using doppler observables, position, and velocity
20150094085 04/02/15 Access point selection for network-based positioning
20150092754 04/02/15 High precision network synchronization in an indoor position location system
20150092821 04/02/15 Receive filters to minimize side lobes in a uwb system
20150093107 04/02/15 Rateless visible light communication
20150094004 04/02/15 Harmonic rejective passive up converter
20150094063 04/02/15 Devices and methods for facilitating optimized hand down operations in hybrid access terminals
20150094071 04/02/15 Simultaneous voice and data for dual-sim-dual-standby (dsds) wireless device
20150094081 04/02/15 Determining coordinates of access points in an indoor position location system
20150094082 04/02/15 Channel estimation using cyclic correlation
20150085155 03/26/15 Image capture input and projection output
20150085568 03/26/15 Read/write assist for memories
20150085594 03/26/15 Method and apparatus for refreshing a memory cell
20150085697 03/26/15 On-demand, request-response based discovery in peer-to-peer networks
20150085699 03/26/15 Adaptive network configuration
20150085754 03/26/15 Methods and apparatus for enhanced frequency measurements
20150084980 03/26/15 Constrained color palette for multi-primary display devices
20150084972 03/26/15 Contactless data communication using in-plane magnetic fields, and related systems and methods
20150084829 03/26/15 Multiple antenna system for a wireless device
20150084688 03/26/15 Baseband processing circuitry
20150084653 03/26/15 Current source driven measurement and modeling
20150084623 03/26/15 Adjustable magnetic probe for efficient near field scanning
20150084586 03/26/15 Low power detection of wireless power devices
20150084161 03/26/15 Mixed mode rc clamps
20150085755 03/26/15 Coordinated determination of physical layer identifier and transmit power
20150085762 03/26/15 Apparatus and method for handling out-of-sync and radio link failure with fractional dpch calls
20150089484 03/26/15 Fast, combined forwards-backwards pass global optimization framework for dynamic compilers
20150089216 03/26/15 Method for configuring a remote station with a certificate from a local root certificate authority for securing a wireless network
20150089146 03/26/15 Conditional page fault control for page residency
20150089112 03/26/15 System and method for conserving memory power using dynamic memory i/o resizing
20150088796 03/26/15 Methods and apparatus for implementation of group tags for neural models
20150088656 03/26/15 Access point broadcasting of advertisements
20150087341 03/26/15 Home node b (hnb) location services
20150087328 03/26/15 Method and apparatus for improving positioning accuracy of a mobile device with a lower positioning capability
20150085834 03/26/15 Time division long term evolution (td-lte) frame structure modification
20150085844 03/26/15 Access point coordinated re-association of wireless devices
20150085902 03/26/15 Rfdac transmitter using multiphase image select fir dac and delta sigma modulator with multiple rx band ntf zeros
20150085916 03/26/15 Filtering video data in video coding

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