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QUALCOMM Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to QUALCOMM Inc., listed under QUALCOMM Inc. as Agent/Assignee. QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with QUALCOMM Inc.. Updates: QUALCOMM Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date QUALCOMM Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140306349 10/16/14 Low cost interposer comprising an oxidation layer
20140307646 10/16/14 Enhanced antenna management for uplink operation under carrier aggregation in lte
20140307623 10/16/14 Ue initiated scell connection establishment
20140307622 10/16/14 Packet-level splitting for data transmission via multiple carriers
20140307612 10/16/14 Systems and methods for backwards-compatible preamble formats for multiple access wireless communication
20140307603 10/16/14 Discontinuous reception for multicarrier systems with flexible bandwidth carrier
20140307601 10/16/14 Power saving enhancements with low latency 802.11
20140307595 10/16/14 Methods and apparatus for employing multiple subframe configurations for harq operations
20140307569 10/16/14 Adaptive data interference cancellation
20140307566 10/16/14 Method and apparatus for sir estimation using time multiplexed pilots and tpc commands
20140307563 10/16/14 Apparatus and methods of processing a protocol data unit
20140307168 10/16/14 Apparatus and method for displaying video data
20140307044 10/16/14 Reference image selection for motion ghost filtering
20140306971 10/16/14 Intra-frame timestamps for tile-based rendering
20140306910 10/16/14 Id tracking of gesture touch geometry
20140306903 10/16/14 Methods of evaluating touch procesing
20140306735 10/16/14 Flip-flop with reduced retention voltage
20140307649 10/16/14 Systems and methods for backwards-compatible preamble formats for multiple access wireless communication
20140307650 10/16/14 Systems and methods for backwards-compatible preamble formats for multiple access wireless communication
20140310573 10/16/14 Systems and methods to improve the reliability and lifespan of flash memory
20140310536 10/16/14 Storage device assisted inline encryption and decryption
20140310402 10/16/14 Application traffic pairing
20140310217 10/16/14 Defining dynamics of multiple neurons
20140310216 10/16/14 Method for generating compact representations of spike timing-dependent plasticity curves
20140308976 10/16/14 Varying processes to control transmission characteristics for position determination operations
20140308973 10/16/14 Varying processes to control transmission characteristics for position determination operations
20140307960 10/16/14 Generation of ghost-free high dynamic range images
20140307820 10/16/14 Enhanced antenna management by a base station
20140307800 10/16/14 Rice parameter update for coefficient level coding in video coding process
20140307703 10/16/14 Precoder resource bundling information for interference cancellation in lte
20140307717 10/16/14 Feedback message alignment for multicarrier systems with flexible bandwidth carrier
20140307734 10/16/14 Methods for delivery of flows of objects over broadcast/multicast enabled networks
20140307768 10/16/14 Frequency dependent i/q impairment compensation
20140307777 10/16/14 Coding of transform coefficients for video coding
20140307795 10/16/14 Backward view synthesis prediction
20140307803 10/16/14 Non-entropy encoded layer dependency information
20140301271 10/09/14 Channel state information reference signal (csi-rs) handling for network assisted interference cancellation
20140301272 10/09/14 Common reference signal interference cancellation triggering in homogeneous networks
20140301292 10/09/14 Tpr management for epdcch in lte
20140301293 10/09/14 Control channel overhead assumptions for deriving csi feedback
20140301295 10/09/14 Systems and methods for collision management in a neighborhood aware network
20140301297 10/09/14 Adaptive antenna management in lte
20140301298 10/09/14 Methods and apparatus for transmission restriction and efficient signaling
20140301302 10/09/14 Enhanced transmission time interval bundling design for machine type communications
20140301305 10/09/14 Physical broadcast channel (pbch) coverage enhancements for machine type communications (mtc)
20140301309 10/09/14 Low complexity blind detection of transmission parameters of interferers
20140301268 10/09/14 Network assisted interference cancellation/suppression for multiple services
20140301263 10/09/14 Timing resolution for devices with long sleep cycles
20140301262 10/09/14 In-subframe adaptive adjusting
20140300424 10/09/14 Transformer-based cmos oscillators
20140301180 10/09/14 Opportunistic media patching for a communication session
20140301181 10/09/14 Detecting, reporting, and recovering from potential service disruptions
20140301190 10/09/14 Systems and methods for collision management in a neighborhood aware network
20140301201 10/09/14 Management of communications with multiple access points based on inter-access point communications
20140301208 10/09/14 Systems and methods for generating and decoding short control frames in wireless communications
20140301246 10/09/14 Rewinding a real-time communication session
20140301251 10/09/14 Interference cancellation/suppression in tdd wireless communications systems
20140301259 10/09/14 Dynamic voltage and frequency scaling in wireless modems
20140300417 10/09/14 Amplifiers with boosted or deboosted source degeneration inductance
20140301311 10/09/14 Multiplexing of control and data with varying power offsets in a sc-fdma system
20140301436 10/09/14 Cross-layer alignment in multi-layer video coding
20140301474 10/09/14 Determining palettes in palette-based video coding
20140301475 10/09/14 Determining palette indices in palette-based video coding
20140301484 10/09/14 Parameter set designs for video coding extensions
20140301483 10/09/14 Non-entropy encoded representation format
20140301485 10/09/14 Irap access units and bitstream switching and splicing
20140301498 10/09/14 Non-linear interference cancellation across aggressor transmitters and victim receivers
20140301512 10/09/14 Methods and apparatus for joint demodulation with max-log map (mlm)
20140302802 10/09/14 Routing and shielding of signal lines to improve isolation
20140302863 10/09/14 Virtual cell management for interference suppression and interference cancellation in lte
20140304078 10/09/14 Systems and methods for power efficient discovery of infrastructure services on a network
20140301467 10/09/14 Advanced merge mode for three-dimensional (3d) video coding
20140301469 10/09/14 Coding video data for an output layer set
20140301437 10/09/14 Picture alignments in multi-layer video coding
20140301438 10/09/14 Sample adaptive offset scaling based on bit-depth
20140301439 10/09/14 Cross-layer poc alignment for multi-layer bitstreams that may include non-aligned irap pictures
20140301441 10/09/14 Non-entropy encoded set of profile, tier, and level syntax structures
20140301454 10/09/14 Depth coding modes signaling of depth data for 3d-hevc
20140301456 10/09/14 Inter-layer picture signaling and related processes
20140301457 10/09/14 Multiple base layer reference pictures for shvc
20140301458 10/09/14 Device and method for scalable coding of video information
20140301460 10/09/14 Intra rate control for video encoding based on sum of absolute transformed difference
20140301466 10/09/14 Generalized residual prediction in high-level syntax only shvc and signaling and management thereof
20140293887 10/02/14 Method and apparatus for a smart random access procedure in a telecommunication network
20140293905 10/02/14 System and method for channel-dependent cca thresholds to balance different use cases in wireless networks
20140293970 10/02/14 Wlan uplink scheduler for lte-wlan aggregation
20140293971 10/02/14 Employing neighboring cell assistance information for interference mitigation
20140293886 10/02/14 Devices and methods for facilitating automated configuration of communications interfaces
20140293851 10/02/14 Systems and methods for synchronization within a neighborhood aware network
20140293780 10/02/14 Mechanism to limit signaling storms over a network
20140293748 10/02/14 Magnetic synchronization for a positioning system
20140292404 10/02/14 Radio-frequency device calibration
20140292403 10/02/14 Power amplifier signal compensation
20140292292 10/02/14 Voltage regulator over-current protection
20140293991 10/02/14 Systems and methods for synchronization within a neighborhood aware network
20140293992 10/02/14 Systems and methods for synchronization within a neighborhood aware network
20140294062 10/02/14 Inter-layer reference picture restriction for high level syntax-only scalable video coding
20140297905 10/02/14 Improving serial peripheral performance over wireless communication links
20140297883 10/02/14 Method and apparatus for altering bandwidth consumption
20140295881 10/02/14 Determination of differential forward link calibration in lte networks for positioning
20140295771 10/02/14 Off-line device testing using video and audio code control
20140294097 10/02/14 Device and method for scalable coding of video information
20140294093 10/02/14 Rtp payload format designs
20140294092 10/02/14 Rtp payload format designs
20140294078 10/02/14 Bandwidth reduction for video coding prediction
20140294064 10/02/14 Rtp payload format designs
20140294063 10/02/14 Inter-layer reference picture restriction for high level syntax-only scalable video coding
20140294061 10/02/14 Depth coding modes signaling of depth data for 3d-hevc
20140286413 09/25/14 Disabling sign data hiding in video coding
20140286412 09/25/14 Intra dc prediction for lossless coding in video coding
20140286421 09/25/14 Disparity vector refinement in video coding
20140286423 09/25/14 Disparity vector derivation in 3d video coding for skip and direct modes
20140286400 09/25/14 Intra prediction modes for lossy coding when transform is skipped
20140286324 09/25/14 Method and/or system for passive location estimation
20140286262 09/25/14 Method for forwarding in peer-to-peer wireless communications
20140286214 09/25/14 Method and apparatus for ue-only discontinuous-tx smart blanking
20140286213 09/25/14 Mobile device power management while providing location services
20140285522 09/25/14 System and method for presenting true product dimensions within an augmented real-world setting
20140283578 09/25/14 Mobile device and vehicle mounted sensor calibration
20140286466 09/25/14 Multi-wire open-drain link with data symbol transition based clocking
20140286527 09/25/14 Systems and methods for accelerated face detection
20140289500 09/25/14 Method and apparatus for providing an interface between a uicc and a processor in an access terminal that supports asynchronous command processing by the uicc
20140289193 09/25/14 Synchronizing forwarding databases in a network device background
20140288873 09/25/14 Pre-processing inertial sensor measurements for navigation
20140288828 09/25/14 Estimating an initial position and navigation state using vehicle odometry
20140288825 09/25/14 Heading, velocity, and position estimation with vehicle sensors, mobile device, and gnss inputs
20140288824 09/25/14 Method and/or system for selective application of direction of travel
20140288822 09/25/14 Controlling position uncertainty in a mobile device
20140288820 09/25/14 Methods and apparatuses for location-triggered sensor initialization
20140287783 09/25/14 Methods and apparatuses for use in determining a likely motion state of a mobile device
20140287753 09/25/14 Inter-rat transitioning utilizing system information messaging
20140287746 09/25/14 Decoupling wlan selection from plmn/service provider selection
20140269360 09/18/14 Access point proxy and multi-hop wireless communication
20140269356 09/18/14 Reducing the frequency of measurement of a stationary ue
20140269354 09/18/14 Inter-radio access technology and/or inter-frequency measurement performance enhancement
20140269353 09/18/14 Inter-radio access technology (irat) measurement scheduling
20140269349 09/18/14 Establishing reliable always-on packet data network connections
20140269335 09/18/14 System and methods for determining opt in/opt out status of middleware reception reporting for embms services
20140269260 09/18/14 Distributed path update in hybrid networks
20140269358 09/18/14 Systems and methods for statistically profiling channels in mimo communications
20140269363 09/18/14 In-transit detection using low complexity algorithm fusion and phone state heuristics
20140269364 09/18/14 Method and system for cloud-based management of self-organizing wireless networks
20140269367 09/18/14 Method and apparatus for mitigating the impact of short interference bursts
20140269449 09/18/14 Full-duplex wireless transceiver with hybrid circuit and reconfigurable radiation pattern antenna
20140269461 09/18/14 Systems and methods for link augmentation
20140269462 09/18/14 Signature-coded wake-up transmission
20140269463 09/18/14 Intelligent beaconing by software-enabled access point
20140269464 09/18/14 Communications methods and apparatus that facilitate discovery of small coverage area base stations
20140269467 09/18/14 Systems and methods for saving power in monitoring and tracking devices
20140269251 09/18/14 Network-based alarming and network-based reconfiguration
20140269246 09/18/14 Interference cancellation

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