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QUALCOMM Inc. patents

Recent patent applications related to QUALCOMM Inc., listed under QUALCOMM Inc. as Agent/Assignee. QUALCOMM Inc. (QCOM) may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with QUALCOMM Inc.. Updates: QUALCOMM Inc. RSS RSS

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Application # Date QUALCOMM Inc. patents - extended list - ARCHIVE: New2014201320122011
20140231940 08/21/14  new patent  Stt-mram design enhanced by switching current induced magnetic field
20140233449 08/21/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for supporting multiple connections
20140233450 08/21/14  new patent  Multicasting within a wireless communications system
20140233478 08/21/14  new patent  Acknowledgement (ack) type indication and deferral time determination
20140233530 08/21/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for accessing dormant cells
20140233529 08/21/14  new patent  Selecting a type of circuit switched fallback
20140233551 08/21/14  new patent  Acknowledgement (ack) type indication and deferral time determination
20140233618 08/21/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for self-testing to improve factory throughput
20140233621 08/21/14  new patent  Gsm/edge transmit power calibration and characterized digital predistortion calibration using multi-band multi-channel multi-chain sweep
20140233624 08/21/14  new patent  Method and apparatus to determine time and distance between transceivers using phase measurements
20140233716 08/21/14  new patent  Teleconferencing using steganographically-embedded audio data
20140233725 08/21/14  new patent  Personalized bandwidth extension
20140233741 08/21/14  new patent  System and method of detecting a plug-in type based on impedance comparison
20140233444 08/21/14  new patent  Systems and methods for wireless coexistence
20140233443 08/21/14  new patent  Link verification in a wireless network
20140233425 08/21/14  new patent  Automatic configuration of a wireless device
20140231957 08/21/14  new patent  Complementary back end of line (beol) capacitor
20140232188 08/21/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for hybrid chip-level voltage scaling
20140232197 08/21/14  new patent  Modular inductive power transfer power supply and method of operation
20140232331 08/21/14  new patent  Vehicle wireless charging pad mounting systems
20140232362 08/21/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for improving device reliability using estimated current in a dynamic programmable switcher driver
20140232451 08/21/14  new patent  Three terminal semiconductor device with variable capacitance
20140232553 08/21/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for determining location using a smart meter as a location reference
20140232560 08/21/14  new patent  Facilitating vehicle merging utilizing road markers
20140232601 08/21/14  new patent  Position estimation assistance information for mobile station
20140232612 08/21/14  new patent  Multiple antenna system
20140233404 08/21/14  new patent  Applying error resiliency based on speed
20140233416 08/21/14  new patent  Interference management in a wireless communication system using frequency selective transmission
20140233750 08/21/14  new patent  Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for adaptive active noise cancellation
20140233845 08/21/14  new patent  Automatic image rectification for visual search
20140237611 08/21/14  new patent  Method for protecting the integrity of a group of memory elements using an aggregate authentication code
20140236584 08/21/14  new patent  Systems and methods for quantizing and dequantizing phase information
20140236585 08/21/14  new patent  Systems and methods for determining pitch pulse period signal boundaries
20140236587 08/21/14  new patent  Systems and methods for controlling an average encoding rate
20140236588 08/21/14  new patent  Systems and methods for mitigating potential frame instability
20140237160 08/21/14  new patent  Inter-set wear-leveling for caches with limited write endurance
20140237191 08/21/14  new patent  Methods and apparatus for intra-set wear-leveling for memories with limited write endurance
20140237237 08/21/14  new patent  Message authentication using a universal hash function computed with carryless multiplication
20140237275 08/21/14  new patent  Multiple critical paths having different threshold voltages in a single processor core
20140237385 08/21/14  new patent  System and method for providing notifications on a mobile computing device
20140237466 08/21/14  new patent  User experience and dependency management in a mobile device
20140237595 08/21/14  new patent  Apis for obtaining device-specific behavior classifier models from the cloud
20140237609 08/21/14  new patent  Hardware enforced content protection for graphics processing units
20140236583 08/21/14  new patent  Systems and methods for determining an interpolation factor set
20140236476 08/21/14  new patent  Mobile device positioning
20140236380 08/21/14  new patent  System and method for thermal management in a multi-functional portable computing device
20140234179 08/21/14  new patent  Methods and devices for detecting and measuring environmental conditions in high performance device packages
20140235208 08/21/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for using service capability information for user plane location
20140235225 08/21/14  new patent  Controlling access to a mobile device
20140235242 08/21/14  new patent  Systems and methods for inter-radio access technology (rat) mobility
20140235243 08/21/14  new patent  Activation procedure for dormant cells
20140235260 08/21/14  new patent  Antenna to transceiver mapping of a multimode wireless device
20140235263 08/21/14  new patent  Method and apparatus for determining a change in position of a location marker
20140235264 08/21/14  new patent  Modifying navigation assistance parameters of a mobile-based positioning capability based on observations gathered by a network-based positioning capability
20140235299 08/21/14  new patent  Parallel arrangement of asynchronous buck converters for advanced power capability
20140235288 08/21/14  new patent  Self calibration of downlink transmit power
20140235286 08/21/14  new patent  Continuous interface maintenance for group communications to a wireless communication device group
20140235280 08/21/14  new patent  Focused assistance data for wifi access points and femtocells
20140235266 08/21/14  new patent  Focused assistance data for wifi access points and femtocells
20140226499 08/14/14 Transmit power control systems, devices, and methods
20140226500 08/14/14 Conditional channel measurement operations based on resource availability
20140226498 08/14/14 Transmit power control systems, devices, and methods
20140226497 08/14/14 Adjustable carrier sense threshold for wireless broadcast
20140226493 08/14/14 Access terminal adaptation of handover parameter
20140226426 08/14/14 Protection for system configuration information
20140226418 08/14/14 Weak keeper circuit for memory device
20140226395 08/14/14 Latch-based array with robust design-for-test (dft) features
20140226501 08/14/14 Conditional channel measurement operations based on measurement timing criterion
20140226502 08/14/14 Coexistence of cellular and connectivity networks with global navigation satellite systems
20140226504 08/14/14 Joint scheduling of device-to-device (d2d) links and wide area network (wan) uplink (ul) user equipments (ues)
20140226569 08/14/14 High data rate broadcast channel systems, devices, and methods
20140226550 08/14/14 Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a wireless communication device
20140226546 08/14/14 Systems and methods for adapting a network search algorithm
20140226538 08/14/14 Method and apparatus for managing interference in full-duplex communication
20140226529 08/14/14 Method for allowing devices to interact with each other in a user-determined manner
20140226511 08/14/14 Calibration of a downlink transmit path of a base station
20140226505 08/14/14 Receiver measurement assisted access point control
20140226506 08/14/14 Receiver measurement assisted access point control
20140225918 08/14/14 Human-body-gesture-based region and volume selection for hmd
20140225912 08/14/14 Reduced metamerism spectral color processing for multi-primary display devices
20140225280 08/14/14 Semiconductor device having stacked memory elements and method of stacking memory elements on a semiconductor device
20140225248 08/14/14 Power distribution and thermal solution for direct stacked integrated circuits
20140225246 08/14/14 Dual substrate, power distribution and thermal solution for direct stacked integrated devices
20140225235 08/14/14 Three-dimensional (3-d) integrated circuits (3dics) with graphene shield, and related components and methods
20140225223 08/14/14 Metal-insulator-metal capacitor over conductive layer
20140225224 08/14/14 Metal-insulator-metal capacitor under redistribution layer
20140225218 08/14/14 Ion reduced, ion cut-formed three-dimensional (3d) integrated circuits (ic) (3dics), and related methods and systems
20140225208 08/14/14 Small form factor magnetic shield for magnetorestrictive random access memory (mram)
20140225635 08/14/14 All-digital phase locked loop self test system
20140225639 08/14/14 Integrated circuit identification and dependability verification using ring oscillator based physical unclonable function and age detection circuitry
20140225910 08/14/14 Methods and apparatus to render colors to a binary high-dimensional output device
20140225905 08/14/14 Interferometric optical modulator with broadband reflection characteristics
20140225800 08/14/14 Apparatus and methods to improve antenna isolation
20140225770 08/14/14 Position determination using measurements from past and present epochs
20140225706 08/14/14 In substrate coupled inductor structure
20140225700 08/14/14 Substrate-less discrete coupled inductor structure
20140225658 08/14/14 Adaptive voltage scalers (avss), systems, and related methods
20140225655 08/14/14 Clock-gated synchronizer
20140224971 08/14/14 Apparatus and methods for subtractive color imaging detection
20140226571 08/14/14 Apparatus and method for enhanced application coexistence on an access terminal in a wireless communication system
20140230018 08/14/14 Biometrics based electronic device authentication and authorization
20140229170 08/14/14 Systems and methods of performing gain control
20140229109 08/14/14 Navigational coordinate systems in conjunction with transports and/or mobile devices
20140229107 08/14/14 Method and apparatus for navigation based on media density along possible routes
20140228079 08/14/14 Dynamic power management control
20140228069 08/14/14 Beacon transmit power schemes
20140228068 08/14/14 System and method for providing an early notification when paging a wireless device
20140228063 08/14/14 Method for storing and sharing a history of interactions between devices in a network
20140228059 08/14/14 Room and floor level position location scheme
20140229171 08/14/14 Systems and methods of performing filtering for gain determination
20140229172 08/14/14 Systems and methods of performing noise modulation and gain adjustment
20140229952 08/14/14 Intelligent task manager using onboard sensors
20140229832 08/14/14 Media file user interface
20140229808 08/14/14 Guard interval signaling for data symbol number determination
20140229788 08/14/14 Ldpc design for high rate, high parallelism, and low error floor
20140229789 08/14/14 Ldpc design for high parallelism, low error floor, and simple encoding
20140229545 08/14/14 System and method for delivering content to users on a network
20140229538 08/14/14 Peer-to-peer picture sharing using custom based rules for minimal power consumption and better user experience
20140229529 08/14/14 Enabling devices without native broadcast capability to access and/or receive broadcast data in an efficient manner
20140228046 08/14/14 Measurements for indoor navigation
20140228038 08/14/14 Systems and method for bt amp and wlan concurrency
20140226748 08/14/14 Power tracker for multiple transmit signals sent simultaneously
20140226721 08/14/14 Repositioning of prediction residual blocks in video coding
20140226701 08/14/14 Re-configurable receiver architecture for cable transmission
20140226681 08/14/14 Centralized task management using a router
20140226676 08/14/14 Proportional scheduling in communications systems
20140226638 08/14/14 Single-frequency network (sfn) operation for machine-type communications (mtc) coverage enhancements
20140226620 08/14/14 Access terminal maintenance of handover parameter for source and target access point pairs
20140226572 08/14/14 Smart wifi access point that selects the best channel for wifi clients having multi-radio co-existence problems
20140226823 08/14/14 Signaling audio rendering information in a bitstream
20140226837 08/14/14 Speaker equalization for mobile devices
20140226864 08/14/14 Camera aided motion direction and speed estimation
20140228028 08/14/14 Multiple input multiple output (mimo) based concurrent scan of neighbor cells
20140228026 08/14/14 Reducing out-of-service and extending effective cell coverage with receiver diversity
20140228025 08/14/14 Handover decisions based on absolute channel quality of serving cell
20140228021 08/14/14 Systems, methods and apparatus to facilitate identification and acquisition of access points
20140228011 08/14/14 Group communication sessions in a wireless communications system
20140227970 08/14/14 Methods and apparatus for improving remote nfc device detection using an oscillator circuit
20140227835 08/14/14 Process for improving package warpage and connection reliability through use of a backside mold configuration (bsmc)
20140226977 08/14/14 Methods and apparatus for efficient joint power line and visible light communication
20140219167 08/07/14 Quality of service for web client based sessions
20140219157 08/07/14 Managing broadcast services
20140219147 08/07/14 Systems and methods for power saving for multicast and broadcast data
20140219117 08/07/14 Apparatus and method for inter cell interference coordination
20140219111 08/07/14 Method and system for dual-mode rate control in a wireless communication system
20140219110 08/07/14 Method and system for dynamic ampdu duration control in a wireless communication system
20140219189 08/07/14 Precoding for segment sensitive scheduling in wireless communication systems
20140219217 08/07/14 Scrambling and modulation to constrain the constellation size of ack/nak transmission on the data channel
20140219243 08/07/14 Apparatus and methods of joint transmit power and resource management
20140219244 08/07/14 Resource reservation for handover signaling
20140219250 08/07/14 High rate packet data (hrpd) idle state handout from femto access point to macro access network

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