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Qualcomm Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Qualcomm Incorporated. Qualcomm Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Qualcomm Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Qualcomm Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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04/20/17 new patent  System and page-by-page memory channel interleaving
04/20/17 new patent  System and memory channel interleaving using a sliding threshold address
04/20/17 new patent  System and page-by-page memory channel interleaving
04/20/17 new patent  Task signaling off a critical path of execution
04/20/17 new patent  Accelerating task subgraphs by remapping synchronization
04/20/17 new patent  Method for efficient task scheduling in the presence of conflicts
04/20/17 new patent  Universal serial bus (usb) split cable
04/20/17 new patent  Conditional embedding of dynamically shielded information on a bus
04/20/17 new patent  Cover-glass optical isolation for optical touch and fingerprint sensing
04/20/17 new patent  On-screen optical fingerprint capture for user authentication
04/20/17 new patent  Systems and methods for producing an image visualization
04/20/17 new patent  Screen related adaptation of higher order ambisonic (hoa) content
04/20/17 new patent  Coding higher-order ambisonic coefficients during multiple transitions
04/20/17 new patent  Enhanced memory built-in self-test architecture for de-featured memories
04/20/17 new patent  High performance inductors
04/20/17 new patent  Reverse self aligned double patterning process for back end of line fabrication of a semiconductor device
04/20/17 new patent  Nanowire channel structures of continuously stacked nanowires for complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) devices
04/20/17 new patent  Integrated piezoelectric micromechanical ultrasonic transducer pixel and array
04/20/17 new patent  Nanowire channel structures of continuously stacked heterogeneous nanowires for complementary metal oxide semiconductor (cmos) devices
04/20/17 new patent  Adjusting source voltage based on operating voltage response
04/20/17 new patent  Flexible time division duplexing (tdd) subframe structure with latency reduction
04/20/17 new patent  Key hierarchy for network slicing
04/20/17 new patent  Methods for placing a video telephony call for non-ims 4g subscriptions
04/20/17 new patent  Constant field of view for image capture
04/20/17 new patent  Support of random access and switching of layers and sub-layers in multi-layer video files
04/20/17 new patent  Hdr and wcg coding architecture with sdr backwards compatibility in a single bitstream for video coding
04/20/17 new patent  Signaling of parameter sets in files of multi-layer bitstreams
04/20/17 new patent  Alignment of operation point sample group in multi-layer bitstreams file format
04/20/17 new patent  System and device-to-device communication with evolved machine type communication
04/20/17 new patent  Systems and methods for machine to machine device control and triggering
04/20/17 new patent  D2d communication for emtc design considerations
04/20/17 new patent  Quality of service aware access point and device steering
04/20/17 new patent  Power gains and capacity gains for a relaxed frame erasure rate
04/20/17 new patent  Dynamic bandwidth switching for reducing power consumption in wireless communication devices
04/20/17 new patent  Uplink control channel for low latency communications
04/20/17 new patent  Collision detection in a shared radio frequency spectrum band
04/13/17Systems, methods, and apparatus related to mutual detection and identification of electric vehicle and charging station
04/13/17Forming semiconductor structure with device layers and trl
04/13/17Adaptive thermal control and power budget
04/13/17System and providing operating system independent error control in a computing device
04/13/17Method and aggregating and presenting data associated with geographic locations
04/13/17Quantization of spatial vectors
04/13/17Method and source-drain junction formation in a finfet with in-situ doping
04/13/17Magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) device array
04/13/17Inductor shielding
04/13/17Audio interface circuits and methods
04/13/17Adjusting local oscillator frequency during gaps in data transmission
04/13/17Acknowledgment based on short cell radio network temporary identifier
04/13/17Sounding reference signal enhancements for wireless communication
04/13/17Methods to avoid i2c void message in i3c
04/13/17Apparatus and combining currents from passive equalizer in sense amplifier
04/13/17Methods and systems of coding a predictive random access picture using a background picture
04/13/17Methods and systems of performing predictive random access using a background picture
04/13/17Luma-driven chroma scaling for high dynamic range and wide color gamut contents
04/13/17Signaling of updated video regions
04/13/17Conversion from channel-based audio to hoa
04/13/17Conversion from object-based audio to hoa
04/13/17Method and inter-satellite handovers in low-earth orbit (leo) satellite systems
04/13/17Evolved packet data gateway (epdg) reselection
04/13/17Techniques for identifying wi-fi device collocated with a cellular cell
04/13/17System and controlling paging delay with timing arrangements and dual page scans
04/13/17Techniques for downlink scheduling and uplink scheduling in a shared radio frequency spectrum band
04/06/17Systems, methods, and detecting metallic objects in a predetermined space via inductive kinematic sensing
04/06/17Behavior-based distracting application detection on vehicles
04/06/17Apparatus and in-application licensing
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04/06/17Techniques for entering codes on computing devices
04/06/17Refresh timer synchronization between memory controller and memory
04/06/17Package-on-package (pop) device comprising a gap controller between integrated circuit (ic) packages
04/06/17Integrated device comprising embedded package on package (pop) device
04/06/17Integrated circuits (ics) on a glass substrate
04/06/17Noise cancelling baseband amplifier
04/06/17Enhanced component carrier discovery reference signals
04/06/17System and modem management based on key performance indicators
04/06/17High dynamic range solid state image sensor and camera system
04/06/17Constrained intra-prediction for block copy mode
04/06/17Intra block copy merge mode and padding of unavailable ibc reference region
04/06/17Method and using historic network information for determining approximate position
04/06/17Minimization of resource allocation delay for v2x application
04/06/17Method and distributed processing for wireless sensors
04/06/17Device positioning
Patent Packs
04/06/17Techniques for using an enhanced physical control format indicator channel to identify characteristics of a control region including a set of physical downlink control channels
04/06/17Techniques for system information block (sib) management using sib resource block allocation and physical downlink shared channel (pdsch) data resource block blanking
04/06/17Clear channel assessment in lte controlled wi-fi
04/06/17Transmission power based clear channel assessement deferral
03/30/17Bi-directional current sensing circuit
03/30/17Techniques to identify a process corner
03/30/17Lidar system with reflected signal strength measurement
03/30/17Ultrasonic imaging devices and methods
03/30/17Receive-side beam forming for an ultrasonic image sensor
03/30/17Phase detection autofocus arithmetic
03/30/17Method and effective clock scaling at exposed cache stalls
03/30/17Power-aware cpu power grid design
03/30/17Memory interface with adjustable voltage and termination and methods of use
03/30/17Switching a wireless display mode and refreshing a graphics processing unit in an unstable state
03/30/17Secure patch updates for programmable memories
03/30/17Method and dynamically tuning speculative optimizations based on instruction signature
03/30/17Timestamp repair mechanism in case of decompression failure
03/30/17Maintaining cache coherency using conditional intervention among multiple master devices
03/30/17Avoiding deadlocks in processor-based systems employing retry and in-order-response non-retry bus coherency protocols
03/30/17Providing coherent merging of committed store queue entries in unordered store queues of block-based computer processors
03/30/17Providing memory management functionality using aggregated memory management units (mmus)
03/30/17Method and cache line deduplication via data matching
03/30/17N-phase signal transition alignment
03/30/17Rectilinear macros having non-uniform channel spacing
03/30/17Determination of nutritional factors
03/30/17Secure identification information entry on a small touchscreen display
03/30/17Clustering a repository based on user behavioral data
03/30/17High-resolution electric field sensor in cover glass
03/30/17Fast, high-accuracy, large-scale fingerprint verification system
03/30/17Multispectral eye analysis for identity authentication
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03/30/17Selective backpropagation
03/30/17Graphics processing unit preemption with pixel tile level granularity
03/30/17Optimized object detection
03/30/17Adaptive noise suppression for super wideband music
03/30/17Enhancement of chip thermal performance through silicon thermal conductivity modulation
03/30/17Integrated circuit devices and methods
03/30/17Low profile package with passive device
03/30/17High-density stacked grounded coplanar waveguides
03/30/17Wireless power transfer receiver having closed loop voltage control
03/30/17Wireless power transfer receiver having closed loop voltage control
Patent Packs
03/30/17Methods and apparatus utilizing a bipolar double d vehicle coupler in wireless power transfer applications
03/30/17Multiple-axis wireless power receiver
03/30/17Systems and methods for enabling a universal back-cover wireless charging solution
03/30/17Amplifier circuits
03/30/17Metal-oxide-metal (mom) capacitor with reduced magnetic coupling to neighboring circuit and high series resonance frequency
03/30/17Inversely proportional voltage-delay buffers for buffering data according to data voltage levels
03/30/17Segmented successive approximation register (sar) analog-to-digital converter (adc) with reduced conversion time
03/30/17Online residual side band (rsb) calibration utilizing a frequency correction channel (fcch)
03/30/17Techniques for channel estimation and packet decoding using an enhanced license assisted wi-fi header
03/30/17Design of synchronization signals for narrowband operation
03/30/17Control signaling in a shared communication medium
03/30/17Systems and methods for signaling and generating variable length block acknowledgment fields in a wireless network
03/30/17Secure boot devices, systems, & methods
03/30/17Techniques for managing certificates on a computing device
03/30/17Router connectivity for client devices
03/30/17Network device with shared hardware for multiple communication networks
03/30/17Scheduling of shared hardware for dual network operation
03/30/17Methods and providing messaging using voicemail
03/30/17System and accessing images with a captured query image
03/30/17Phase detection autofocus noise reduction
03/30/17Systems and methods for performing automatic zoom
03/30/17Mask-less phase detection autofocus
03/30/17Optics architecture for 3-d image reconstruction
03/30/17Testing of display subsystems
03/30/17Short distance intra prediction (sdip) based video coding
03/30/17Video parameter set for hevc and extensions
03/30/17Video intra-prediction using position-dependent prediction combination for video coding
03/30/17Methods and systems of improved video stream switching and random access
03/30/17Bi-directional optical flow for video coding
03/30/17Non-separable secondary transform for video coding
Patent Packs
03/30/17Non-separable secondary transform for video coding with reorganizing
03/30/17Message processing based on the reception condition of satellite signals
03/30/17Reliable data channel over periodic discovery messages
03/30/17Channel state computation for enhanced carrier aggregation
03/30/17Dynamic frequency selection channel scan optimizations
03/30/17Cell transition threshold adjustment during high speed reselection or handover
03/30/17Measurement reporting threshold configuration
03/30/17Tune away adjustment procedure
03/30/17Conducting public land mobile network (plmn) searches in a multi-radio access technology (rat) environment
03/30/17Methods and systems for representing errors
03/30/17Common synchronization channel design for narrowband communications
03/30/17Handover in wireless communications
03/30/17Method and mobile positioning optimization with reporting
03/30/17Methods and a transmit path with frequency hopping phase locked loop
03/30/17Techniques for wireless communications using a modified subframe structure
03/30/17Channel availability coordination for wi-fi and unlicensed bands using radio access network
03/30/17Service request, scheduling request, and allocation of radio resources for service contexts
03/30/17Blind detection and reporting of interference in unlicensed spectrum
03/30/17Channel configuration for co-existence on a shared communication medium
03/30/17Opportunistic extended channel uplink grants for ecc
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03/30/17Clear channel assessment procedures in synchronized networks
03/30/17Aligning measurement gap with drx wakeup period
03/30/17Efficiency crowdsourcing of wireless network-related data
03/23/17System and obtaining blood pressure measurement
03/23/17System and obtaining blood pressure measurement
03/23/17System and obtaining vital measurements using a mobile device
03/23/17Pixel receiver with low frequency noise reduction for ultrasonic imaging apparatus
03/23/17Light detection and ranging (lidar) system with dual beam steering
03/23/17Timing synchronization of lidar system to reduce interference
03/23/17Spoof detection by ultrasonic subdermal probe
03/23/17Leakage current supply circuit for reducing low drop-out voltage regulator headroom
03/23/17Frequency sensor for side-channel attack
03/23/17Circuits and methods providing temperature mitigation for computing devices using in-package sensor
03/23/17Circuits and methods providing temperature mitigation for computing devices using estimated skin temperature
03/23/17Controlling voltage deviations in processing systems
03/23/17Automatic customization of keypad key appearance
03/23/17Secure transaction management techniques
03/23/17System and controlling memory frequency using feed-forward compression statistics
03/23/17Configuring coarse-grained reconfigurable arrays (cgras) for dataflow instruction block execution in block-based dataflow instruction set architectures (isas)
03/23/17Speculative scalarization in vector processing
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03/23/17Branch target instruction cache (btic) to store a conditional branch instruction
03/23/17Dynamic register virtualization
03/23/17Proactive resource management for parallel work-stealing processing systems
03/23/17Adaptive chunk size tuning for data parallel processing on multi-core architecture
03/23/17Systems and methods for pre-generation and pre-storage of repair fragments in storage systems
03/23/17Self-error injection technique for point-to-point interconnect to increase test coverage
03/23/17Region-based cache management
03/23/17Method and preventing unauthorized access to contents of a register under certain conditions when performing a hardware table walk (hwtw)
03/23/17Integrated circuit with low latency and high density routing between a memory controller digital core and i/os
03/23/17Enhanced serial peripheral interface
03/23/17Identifying multiple identical devices on a shared bus
03/23/17Co-derived data storage patterns for distributed storage systems
03/23/17Semantic multisensory embeddings for video search by text
03/23/17Hybrid diffusion standard library cells, and related systems and methods
03/23/17Detecting software attacks on processes in computing devices
03/23/17Fast cost aggregation for dense stereo matching
03/23/17Systems and methods for incremental object detection using dual-threshold local binary pattern operators
03/23/17Data-driven accelerator for machine learning and raw data analysis
03/23/17Storing bandwidth-compressed graphics data
03/23/17Efficient saving and restoring of context information for context switches
03/23/17Efficient display processing with pre-fetching
03/23/17Systems and methods for non-obstacle area detection
03/23/17Dynamically switching between late depth testing and conservative depth testing
03/23/17Safety motor controller for a vehicle
03/23/17High-band signal coding using multiple sub-bands
03/23/17Collaborative audio processing
03/23/17Programmable magnet orientations in a magnetic array
03/23/17On-package connector
03/23/17Integrated circuits (ics) on a glass substrate
03/23/17Wafer level package (wlp) ball support using cavity structure
Social Network Patent Pack
03/23/17Embedding die technology
03/23/17Substrate-transferred, deep trench isolation silicon-on-insulator (soi) semiconductor devices formed from bulk semiconductor wafers
03/23/17Color filter sensors
03/23/17Deflecting film with mechanical protrusion for actuation & tactile feedback
03/23/17Magnetresistive random-access memory and fabrication method thereof
03/23/17Wireless power transfer antenna having a split shield
03/23/17Low-cost satellite user terminal antenna
03/23/17Wireless charging receiver using piezoelectric material
03/23/17Systems and methods for charging a battery
03/23/17Methods and systems for compatible operation between a wireless power transfer system and wirelessly communicating vehicle systems
03/23/17Multifilament transmitter coupler with current sharing
03/23/17Apparatus and methods for shielding a wireless power transmitter
03/23/17Methods and apparatus utilizing multi-filar alignment assistance in wireless power transfer applications
03/23/17Switching regulator circuits and methods
03/23/17Flicker noise, power consumption, and pulling reduction techniques for voltage-controlled oscillators (vcos)
03/23/17Amplifier with boosted peaking
03/23/17Power multiplexing with flip-flops
03/23/17Level shifter applicable to low voltage domain to high voltage domain conversion
03/23/17Wide frequency/voltage-ratio buffer with adaptive power consumption
03/23/17Systems and methods for multi-mode inductively coupled communication
03/23/17Acquiring leo satellites without compass
03/23/17Synchronization of endpoints using tunable latency
03/23/17Reliable channel assisted hybrid-arq
03/23/17Wireless device architecture to support very-high-reliability (vhr) communication
03/23/17Full duplex technique
03/23/17Dynamic smoothing based on channel flatness detection
03/23/17Switch capacitor decision feedback equalizer with internal charge summation
03/23/17Color assignments for peer-to-peer (p2p) transmissions
03/23/17Configurable and scalable bus interconnect for multi-core, multi-threaded wireless baseband modem architecture

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