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Qualcomm Incorporated patents

Recent patent applications related to Qualcomm Incorporated. Qualcomm Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Qualcomm Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Qualcomm Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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02/16/17 new patent  Autonomous landing and control
02/16/17 new patent  Ldo life extension circuitry
02/16/17 new patent  Simd multiply and horizontal reduce operations
02/16/17 new patent  Storing narrow produced values for instruction operands directly in a register map in an out-of-order processor
02/16/17 new patent  Table lookup using simd instructions
02/16/17 new patent  Determining prefetch instructions based on instruction encoding
02/16/17 new patent  Power efficient fetch adaptation
02/16/17 new patent  Efficient handling of register files
02/16/17 new patent  High performance recovery from misspeculation of load latency
02/16/17 new patent  Predicting memory instruction punts in a computer processor using a punt avoidance table (pat)
02/16/17 new patent  Scalable single-instruction-multiple-data instructions
02/16/17 new patent  Reducing system downtime during memory subsystem maintenance in a computer processing system
02/16/17 new patent  Systems and methods of memory bit flip identification for debugging and power management
02/16/17 new patent  Systems and methods of memory bit flip identification for debugging and power management
02/16/17 new patent  Way mispredict mitigation on a way predicted cache
02/16/17 new patent  Efficient utilization of memory gaps
02/16/17 new patent  Method and updating replacement policy information for a fully associative buffer cache
02/16/17 new patent  Methods and systems of building classifier models in computing devices
02/16/17 new patent  Mitigating electromigration, in-rush current effects, ir-voltage drop, and jitter through metal line and via matrix insertion
02/16/17 new patent  Semiconductor device with self-aligned back side features
02/16/17 new patent  Metallization process for a memory device
02/16/17 new patent  Shadow-effect compensated fabrication of magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) elements
02/16/17 new patent  Method and in-band signaling using parasitic resistances
02/16/17 new patent  Method and varying a wireless charging category of a wireless power receiver in wireless charging applications
02/16/17 new patent  Method and closed loop power estimation for determination of optimal placement of a power receive unit on a power transmit unit with visual and/or haptic feedback
02/16/17 new patent  Switched power control circuits for controlling the rate of providing voltages to powered circuits, and related systems and methods
02/16/17 new patent  Automatically calibrating operational amplifier (op-amp) systems for mitigating effects of offset voltages
02/16/17 new patent  Comparator including a magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) device and a transistor
02/16/17 new patent  N-bit compare logic with single ended inputs
02/16/17 new patent  Dynamic voltage level shifters employing pulse generation circuits, and related systems and methods
02/16/17 new patent  Calibration and beamforming in a wireless communication system
02/16/17 new patent  Methods and he-sigb encoding
02/16/17 new patent  Extending lte-d discovery for v2v
02/16/17 new patent  Contention-based co-existence on a shared communication medium
02/16/17 new patent  Phase noise estimation
02/16/17 new patent  System and method to control an imaging process
02/16/17 new patent  Camera zoom based on sensor data
02/16/17 new patent  Memory-efficient coded light error correction
02/16/17 new patent  Partial timing synchronization function (tsf) synchronization in fine timing measurement (ftm) protocol
02/16/17 new patent  Mobility design for emtc
02/16/17 new patent  Systems, methods and apparatus configured to manage neighbor cell lists
02/16/17 new patent  Methods to improve single radio long term evolution (srlte) performance
02/16/17 new patent  Method and handling out-of-order packets during handover in a wireless communication system
02/16/17 new patent  Handoff procedures in mobile devices
02/16/17 new patent  Mobility enhancements for high speed scenarios
02/16/17 new patent  Methods and apparatuses for providing quality of service dependent services to mobile clients in multiple backhaul environments
02/16/17 new patent  Method and signaling in dense network operations
02/16/17 new patent  Single-frequency network (sfn) operation for machine-type communications (mtc) coverage enhancements
02/16/17 new patent  Resource allocation signaling in a high efficiency wireless local area network preamble
02/16/17 new patent  Techniques for reporting radio resource management (rrm) measurements for a shared radio frequency spectrum band
02/16/17 new patent  Lte-direct communication for vehicle-to-vehicle
02/16/17 new patent  Interference mitigation techniques for broadcast multimedia receiver device
02/16/17 new patent  Methods and devices for scheduling subscription tasks in multi-subscription devices
02/16/17 new patent  Managing service acquisition on a wireless communication device
02/16/17 new patent  Techniques for managing uplink transmissions in a shared radio frequency spectrum band and a dedicated radio frequency spectrum band
02/16/17 new patent  Techniques for contention window adjustment for transmissions in a shared radio frequency spectrum band
02/16/17 new patent  Reiterated downlink grant design for multiple transmission time interval grant support in ecc
02/16/17 new patent  Contention-based co-existence on a shared communication medium
02/16/17 new patent  Techniques for harmonization between crs and dm-rs based transmission modes in unlicensed spectrum
02/16/17 new patent  Multiple broadband subscription sharing
02/09/17Tether system for aerial vehicle
02/09/17Methods and apparatus having a two-surface microlens array for low f-number plenoptic cameras
02/09/17Submicron wafer alignment
02/09/17Submicron wafer alignment
02/09/17Power distribution network (pdn) droop/overshoot mitigation
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02/09/17System and thermoelectric memory temperature control
02/09/17System and improved thermal management of a portable computing device with skin temperature sensors
02/09/17System and cache aware low power mode control in a portable computing device
02/09/17Power distribution network (pdn) droop/overshoot mitigation
02/09/17Enhanced input using recognized gestures
02/09/17System and flush power aware low power mode control in a portable computing device
02/09/17Dynamic data-link selection over common physical interface
02/09/17Reducing transmitter encoding jitter in a c-phy interface using multiple clock phases to launch symbols
02/09/17Hardware enforced content protection for graphics processing units
02/09/17Hardware enforced content protection for graphics processing units
02/09/17Detection of unknown classes and initialization of classifiers for unknown classes
02/09/17Opportunistic unmanned autonomous vehicle energy harvesting
02/09/17Termination circuit to reduce attenuation of signal between signal producing circuit and display device
02/09/17Finfet device and making the same
02/09/17Controlling a load and an energy source based on future energy level determinations
Patent Packs
02/09/17Switching regulator current sensing circuits and methods
02/09/17Antiferromagnetically coupled spin-torque oscillator with hard perpendicular polarizer
02/09/17Cascaded switch between pluralities of lnas
02/09/17Circuits and methods providing amplification with input common mode voltage following
02/09/17Accurate sample latch offset compensation scheme
02/09/17New fractional phase locked loop (pll) architecture
02/09/17Analog interference cancellation using digital computation of cancellation coefficients
02/09/17Dynamic selection of analog interference cancellers
02/09/17Configurable bi-directional time division duplex (tdd) subframe structure
02/09/17Aperiodic cqi reporting for lte-tdd eimta system
02/09/17Adaptation to 3-phase signal swap within a trio
02/09/17Methods and systems for virtual conference system using personal communication devices
02/09/17Methods and systems for virtual conference system using personal communication devices
02/09/17Methods and systems for virtual conference system using personal communication devices
02/09/17Hybrid pocket router
02/09/17Method and multiple personality support and dynamic personality selection
02/09/17Apparatus and methods for timestamping in a system synchronizing controller and sensors
02/09/17Enhanced passive positioning with adaptive active positioning
02/09/17Media access control segmentation and packet data convergence protocol delivery notification with enhanced component carriers
02/09/17Packet data convergence protocol reordering with enhanced component carriers
02/09/17Methods and enhanced system access control for peer-to-peer wireless communication networks
02/09/17Supporting multiple concurrent service contexts with a single connectivity context
02/09/17Methods for connection capability exchange
02/09/17Subsystem for authorization and activation of features
02/09/17Validating authorization for use of a set of features of a device
02/09/17Training sequence generation for wireless communication networks
02/09/17Satellite-to-satellite handoff in satellite communications system
02/09/17Software access point standby power optimization across an arbitrary number of associated clients
02/09/17Context aware system with multiple power consumption modes
02/09/17Detection of fades for receive diversity enablement in a fading channel
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02/09/17Wireless networking-enabled personal identification system
02/09/17Local transmitter synchronization based on wwan base station network
02/09/17Apparatus and methods for synchronizing a controller and sensors
02/09/17Open-loop timing and cyclic prefixes in cellular internet of things communication
02/09/17Techniques for reducing scans for indoor position determination
02/09/17Multiple subframe set csi feedback
02/09/17Enb pdcch implementation to avoid ambiguous dci information
02/09/17Configurable threshold for format selection for enhanced carrier aggregation
02/09/17Bandwidth dependent carrier sensing for ofdma
02/09/17Techniques for using traffic monitoring for co-existence with unlicensed networks
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02/09/17Techniques for using collision avoidance signaling for co-existence with unlicensed networks
02/09/17Adjustment of medium access parameters based at least in part on reverse link delay
02/09/17Systems and methods to authenticate a request to modify or access information related to an asset in association with a transfer of management
02/09/17Systems and methods for maintaining data communications on a multi-subscriber identity module (sim) wireless communication device
02/09/17Techniques for retransmitting physical layer packets after inactivity on a secondary component carrier
02/02/17Visual inertial odometry attitude drift calibration
02/02/17Adaptive voltage scaling using analytical models for interconnect delay
02/02/17Method for simplified task-based runtime for efficient parallel computing
02/02/17Systems, methods, and frequency reset of a memory
02/02/17Method and using context information to protect virtual machine security
02/02/17Media label propagation in an ad hoc network
02/02/17Scanning window in hardware for low-power object-detection in images
02/02/17Media classification
02/02/17Updating image regions during composition
02/02/17Reuse of index of huffman codebook for coding vectors
02/02/17Reuse of syntax element indicating vector quantization codebook used in compressing vectors
02/02/17Coding numbers of code vectors for independent frames of higher-order ambisonic coefficients
02/02/17Reuse of syntax element indicating quantization mode used in compressing vectors
02/02/17Adjacent device isolation
02/02/17Multi-layer ground shield structure of interconnected elements
02/02/17Tunable cavity resonator
02/02/17Calibration and adaptive control of antenna tuners
02/02/17Low-profile antenna with high isolation for bluetooth and wifi coexistence
02/02/17Systems, methods, and apparatus implementing hybrid symmetric and asymmetric control for soft switching in wireless power transfer applications
02/02/17System and detecting and characterizing an object for wireless charging
02/02/17High linearity structure for amplifier
02/02/17Boosting amplifier gain without clipping signal envelope
02/02/17Notch filter with differential split inductor
02/02/17Clock gating using a delay circuit
02/02/17Integrated circuit power rail multiplexing
Patent Packs
02/02/17Sharing an antenna between lte-u and wlan
02/02/17Machine type communication (mtc) configuration, interference management, and retuning time for uplink transmissions
02/02/17Techniques for improving coverage of communication devices
02/02/17Estimating beamformed mimo channel properties from non-beamformed soundings
02/02/17Narrowband operation with reduced sampling rate
02/02/17Methods and apparatus employing fec codes with permanent inactivation of symbols for encoding and decoding processes
02/02/17Scalable projection-based mimo detector
02/02/17Multiplexing downlink control information of same aggregation level by coding together
02/02/17Recovery mechanism for rohc with lost initialization and refresh messages
02/02/17Channel estimation
02/02/17Techniques for managing sounding intervals of a wireless communications device
02/02/17Frame format for facilitating channel estimation for signals transmitted via bonded channels
02/02/17Smart processing of wwan packets transmitted over wlan
02/02/17Efficient datagram segmentation and reassembly for packet-switched networks
02/02/17Sensor-based camera initialization
02/02/17Methods and systems of restricting bi-prediction in video coding
02/02/17Delayed adaptive tile download
02/02/17Techniques for multimedia broadcast multicast service transmissions in unlicensed spectrum
02/02/17Multicast messaging within a wireless communication system
02/02/17Reducing call failure rate in multi-subscriber identity module capable devices
Social Network Patent Pack
02/02/17Lte-d2d discovery in the unlicensed band
02/02/17Subscriber identity module (sim) access profile (sap)
02/02/17Systems and methods of serial port enumeration for multi-subscription multi-standby communication devices
02/02/17Intelligent dynamic frequency selection techniques
02/02/17Managing tune away during an ongoing voice call
02/02/17Measurement and report of signal transmissions in lte/lte-a including contention-based shared spectrum
02/02/17Bundle size determination for narrowband communication
02/02/17Mechanism to avoid ping pong during inter radio access technology redirection failure
02/02/17Snr-based blind fast return to lte after a csfb or srvcc call
02/02/17Mechanisms for differentiated treatment of offloaded traffic
02/02/17Inter-radio access technology measurement scheduling based on measurement gap
02/02/17Techniques for broadcasting service discovery information
02/02/17Synchronization for device-to-device positioning in wireless networks
02/02/17Protocol for device-to-device positioning
02/02/17Techniques for joint transmission in unlicensed spectrum
02/02/17Managing downlink and uplink resources for low cost user equipments
02/02/17Adaptive user equipment implementation in diversity tune away scenarios
02/02/17Pilot sequences in data streams
02/02/17Quality of service related enhancements for lte over shared spectrum
02/02/17Techniques and apparatuses for virtual radio link monitoring during carrier aggregation and cross-carrier scheduling
Social Network Patent Pack
02/02/17Scheduler methods for data aggregation over multiple links
02/02/17Methods and multi-channel medium access control protocol
02/02/17Enhanced dedicated channel (e-dch) transmissions related to tune-away occurrences
02/02/17Bundling and hybrid automatic repeat request operation for enhanced machine-type communication
01/26/17Wearable dual-ear mobile otoscope
01/26/17Adjustable weight distribution for drone
01/26/17Handler based automated testing of integrated circuits in an electronic device
01/26/17Bias techniques and circuit arrangements to reduce leakage current in a circuit
01/26/17Memory hierarchy monitoring systems and methods
01/26/17Concurrent access to memory space by multiple interfaces
01/26/17Address translation and data pre-fetch in a cache memory system
01/26/17Application profile driven scheduling and configuration in a system on a chip
01/26/17Simd instructions for multi-stage cube networks
01/26/17Mixed-width simd operations using even/odd register pairs for wide data elements
01/26/17Sliding window operation
01/26/17Systems and methods for scheduling tasks in a heterogeneous processor cluster architecture using cache demand monitoring
01/26/17Transfer learning in neural networks
01/26/17Methods and systems for using an expectation-maximization (em) machine learning framework for behavior-based analysis of device behaviors
01/26/17Systems and methods for selecting an image transform
01/26/17Zero pixel culling for graphics processing
01/26/17Devices and methods for facilitating transmission of video streams in remote display applications
01/26/17Conductive seal ring for power bus distribution
01/26/17Motor feed antenna for vehicle
01/26/17Devices, systems, and methods for adjusting output power using synchronous rectifier control
01/26/17Circuits and methods for controlling a boost switching regulator based on inductor current
01/26/17High-speed level-shifting multiplexer
01/26/17Time based equalization for a c-phy 3-phase transmitter
01/26/17Universal object delivery and template-based file delivery
01/26/17Effective utilization of cyclic prefix in ofdm systems under benign channel conditions
01/26/17Data transmission in carrier aggregation with different carrier configurations
Social Network Patent Pack
01/26/17Code block segmentation and rate matching for multiple transport block transmissions
01/26/17Devices and methods for facilitating video and graphics streams in remote display applications
01/26/17Camera orientation notification system
01/26/17Switching display devices in video telephony
01/26/17Modification to block size for transform mode in display stream compression
01/26/17Bluetooth low energy interlaced advertising and scanning
01/26/17Mapping multiple antenna systems using crowdsourcing data
01/26/17Unintrusive position tracking using physical random access channel
01/26/17Method and assisted positioning in a wireless communication system
01/26/17Out-of-band hidden node detection
01/26/17Profiling rogue access points
01/26/17Configurable measurement gap and window for machine type communications
01/26/17Tune away procedure based on tdd uplink/downlink configuration
01/26/17Neighbor aware network data link presence indication
01/26/17Bluetooth low energy combined listen and scan window
01/26/17Methods, systems, and saving power by synchronizing wakeup intervals
01/26/17Selective tile download using a cache of transmitter parameters
01/26/17Signaling support for multi-layer mbsfn
01/26/17Semi-persistent scheduling for enhanced machine type communications
01/26/17Inter-radio access technology measurement scheduling during connected mode discontinuous reception duration
01/26/17Multiple carrier transmission on a communication channel
01/26/17Flexible coding schemes
01/26/17Method and apparatus that facilitates interference reduction in wireless systems
01/26/17Time division duplex (tdd) subframe structure supporting single and multiple interlace modes
01/26/17Transmitting uplink control channel information when a clear channel assessment of an unlicensed carrier fails
01/26/17Efficient application synchronization using out-of-band device-to-device communication
01/26/17Device-to-device relay selection
01/26/17Method and discontinuous transmission in bent-pipe relay in satellite communication systems
01/19/17Control normalization for unmanned autonomous systems

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