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Qualcomm Incorporated patents (2011 archive)

Recent patent applications related to Qualcomm Incorporated. Qualcomm Incorporated is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Qualcomm Incorporated may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Qualcomm Incorporated, we're just tracking patents.

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12/29/11Digital tunable inter-stage matching circuit
12/29/11Amplifier module with multiple operating modes
12/29/11Three dimensional wire bond inductor and transformer
12/29/11Leading edge detection
12/29/11Integrated voltage regulator with embedded passive device(s) for a stacked ic
12/29/11Non-volatile memory with split write and read bitlines
12/29/11Method and apparatus for testing traffic and auxiliary channels in a wireless data communication system
12/29/11Event-triggered peer discovery
12/29/11Apparatus and methods for managing operator information
12/29/11Methods of control/data partition scheme in heterogeneous networks for lte-a
12/29/11Apparatus and method for receiving cell system information during autonomous gaps
12/29/11System and process for transmission sequence number management in an intra-node b unsynchronized serving cell change
12/29/11Control information signaling for mimo transmissions
12/29/11Demodulation reference signals for retransmission in wireless communication
12/29/11Cluster-specific reference signals for communication systems with multiple transmission points
12/29/11System, apparatus, and method for circuit switched fallback reliability in wireless communication systems
12/29/11System, apparatus, and method for utilizing network access parameters in wireless communication systems
12/29/11Soft handoff across different networks assisted by an end-to-end application protocol
12/29/11Td-lte hetnet partition
12/29/11Multiple-access hybrid ofdm-cdma system
12/29/11Intra prediction mode signaling for finer spatial prediction directions
12/29/11Signaling video samples for trick mode video representations
12/29/11Inclusion of switched interpolation filter coefficients in a compressed bit-stream
12/29/11Signaling random access points for streaming video data
12/29/11Modified preamble structure for ieee 802.11a extensions to allow for coexistence and interoperability between 802.11a devices and higher data rate, mimo or otherwise extended devices
12/29/11Apparatus and method to control idle-mode radio measurements
12/29/11Method and apparatus for mitigating interference in femtocell deployments
12/29/11Method and apparatus for mitigating interference in femtocell deployments
12/29/11Resource utilization measurements for heterogeneous networks
12/29/11Method and apparatus for performing position determination with a short circuit call flow
12/29/11Method and apparatus for using and/or implementing control channels in white space
12/29/11Interaction between maximum power reduction and power scaling in wireless networks
12/29/11Method and apparatus for device transmit power capping in wireless communications
12/29/11Multi-channel multi-port memory
12/29/11Dynamic interleaving of multi-channel memory
12/29/11Indirect branch hint
12/29/11Link stack repair of erroneous speculative update
12/29/11Surrogate circuit for testing an interface
12/29/11Method and apparatus for providing shared scheduling request resources
12/22/11Methods and apparatus for contactless gesture recognition
12/22/11User interface transition between camera view and map view
12/22/11Mobile device based content mapping for augmented reality environment
12/22/11Method and apparatus for qos context transfer during inter radio access technology handover in a wireless communication system
12/22/11Automatic neighbor relation (anr) functions for relay nodes, home base stations, and related entities
12/22/11Method and apparatus for managing packet data network connectivity
12/22/11Adaptive resource partitioning information (arpi) transition behavior in heterogeneous networks
12/22/11Physical resource block (prb) bundling for open loop beamforming
12/22/11Method and apparatus for qos context transfer during inter radio access technology handover in a wireless communication system
12/22/11Method and apparatus for qos context transfer during inter radio access technology handover in a wireless communication system
12/22/11Beacon signaling method and apparatus
12/22/11Hybrid time and frequency domain csi feedback scheme
12/22/11Opportunistic uplink scheduling
12/22/11Ofdm control signaling in the presence of timing asynchronization in a peer-to-peer network
12/22/11Method and apparatus for block-wise decision-feedback equalization for wireless communication
12/22/11Joint coding of partition information in video coding
12/22/11Apparatus and method for transitioning enhanced security context from a utran/geran-based serving network to an e-utran-based serving network
12/22/11Signal reception method and apparatus for non-stationary channels
12/22/11Requested transmission of interference management messages
12/22/11Rf ranging-assisted local motion sensing
12/22/11Positioning protocol conveyance
12/22/11Methods and apparatuses facilitating synchronization of security configurations
12/22/11Methods and apparatuses for gesture based remote control
12/22/11Satellite-assisted positioning in hybrid terrestrial-satellite communication systems
12/22/11System, apparatus, and method for improving circuit switched fallback call setup delay in wireless communication systems
12/22/11Device discovery on white space frequencies
12/22/11Layout design of proximity sensors to enable shortcuts
12/22/11Energy saving mode with maintained number of advertised transmit antennas
12/22/11Channel quality reporting for different types of subframes
12/22/11Downlink scheduling in fractional frequency reuse (ffr) systems
12/22/11Inertial sensor orientation detection and measurement correction for navigation device
12/22/11Method and apparatus for supporting operator specific profiles in wireless communications
12/22/11Managing a client application session based on a status of a local wireless connection between primary and secondary communication terminals
12/22/11Method and apparatus for binding subscriber authentication and device authentication in communication systems
12/22/11Glonass data bit edge detection
12/22/11Method and apparatus for relay node management and authorization
12/15/11Wideband phase modulator
12/15/11Methods and apparatus for a gray-coded phase rotating frequency divider
12/15/11Auto-correction for mobile receiver with pointing technology
12/15/11Auto-morphing adaptive user interface device and methods
12/15/11Calculating disparity for three-dimensional images
12/15/11Method and apparatus for atsc signal processing
12/15/11Reverse link power-controlled repeater
12/15/11Method and apparatus for sending very high throughput wlan acknowledgment frames
12/15/11Peer-to-peer communication with symmetric waveform for downlink and uplink
12/15/11Methods and apparatus related to controlling access to communications resources
12/15/11Rate adaptation for sdma
12/15/11Secondary synchronization codebook for e-utran
12/15/11Using a field format on a communication device
12/15/11Interference cancellation under non-stationary conditions
12/15/11Method and apparatus for virtual pairing with a group of semi-connected devices
12/15/11Harmonic suppression and/or rejection
12/15/11Pre-fetching information based on gesture and/or location
12/15/11Quick detection of signaling in a wireless communication system
12/15/11Acquisition of navigation assistance information for a mobile station
12/15/11Method and system for rate prediction in coordinated multi-point transmission
12/15/11Use of inertial sensor data to improve mobile station positioning
12/15/11System and apparatus for power-efficiently delivering webpage contents in a broadcast network
12/15/11Techniques for error diagnosis in vlsi systems
12/08/11Rail-to-rail input stage circuit with dynamic bias control
12/08/11Position determination using measurements from past and present epochs
12/08/11System and/or method for acquisition of gnss signals
12/08/11Communication circuit for driving a plurality of devices
12/08/11Communication devices for generating and using a matrix-mapped sequence
12/08/11Multiple frequency band operation in wireless networks
12/08/11Reducing power consumption by taking advantage of superior in-circuit duplexer performance
12/08/11Application-proxy support over a wireless link
12/08/11Format of vht-sig-b and service fields in ieee 802.11ac
12/08/11Method and apparatus for supporting adaptive channel state information feedback rate in multi-user communication systems
12/08/11Antenna sharing for radio frequency signals in same frequency bands
12/08/11Methods and systems for resizing multimedia content based on quality and rate information
12/08/11Apparatus and method for encoding digital image data in a lossless manner
12/08/11Apparatus and method for encoding digital image data in a lossless manner
12/08/11Feedback of channel state information for mimo and subband scheduling in a wireless communication system
12/08/11Methods and apparatus employing fec codes with permanent inactivation of symbols for encoding and decoding processes
12/08/11Performance of image recognition algorithms by pruning features, image scaling, and spatially constrained feature matching
12/08/11Fast subspace projection of descriptor patches for image recognition
12/08/11Techniques for optimizing gain or noise figure of an rf receiver
12/08/11Method and apparatus for wireless distributed computing
12/08/11Method and apparatus for wireless distributed computing
12/08/11Reducing power consumption by in-circuit measurement of receive band attenuation and/or noise
12/08/11Method and apparatus for seamlessly switching reception between multimedia streams in a wireless communication system
12/01/11Tunable wireless power device
12/01/11Temperature sensor interface for wireless and wired charging
12/01/11Method and apparatus to sterialize parallel data input values
12/01/11Fast-switching low-noise charge pump
12/01/11High-speed sensing for resistive memories
12/01/11Through via inductor or transformer in a high-resistance substrate with programmability
12/01/11Almanac maintenance for mobile station positioning
12/01/11North centered orientation tracking in uninformed environments
12/01/11Three-dimensional image processing
12/01/11Selectively provisioning call setup quality of service (qos) resource reservations during a communication session within a wireless communications system
12/01/11H-arq acknowledgment detection validation by re-decoding
12/01/11Methods and apparatus for preemptive backoff for medium access in wireless peer-to-peer networks
12/01/11Two-way ranging messaging scheme
12/01/11Two-way ranging messaging scheme
12/01/11Sounding reference signal (srs) in heterogeneous network (hetnet) with time division multiplexing (tdm) partitioning
12/01/11Smu architecture for turbo decoder
12/01/11Dynamic clock buffer power optimization based on modes of operation
12/01/11Power headroom reporting for multicarrier lte systems
12/01/11Apparatus and method for physical broadcast channel (pbch) decoding for multiple cells
12/01/11Methods and apparatus supporting load balancing in a wireless communications system
12/01/11Multiple carrier activation/deactivation in wireless communications
12/01/11System and method for timing adjustment to protect cqi
12/01/11System and method for transmtting and receiving signal with quasi-periodic pulse sequence
12/01/11Control of video encoding based on image capture parameters
12/01/11Systems, methods, devices, apparatus, and computer program products for audio equalization
12/01/11Dataset creation for tracking targets with dynamically changing portions
12/01/11Signal-based gain control
12/01/11Signal characteristic-based leading edge detection
12/01/11Adaptive quality of service for wireless communication device
12/01/11Multi-homed peer-to-peer network
12/01/11Modulating cell information on a physical channel
12/01/11Codec deployment using in-band signals
12/01/11Sounding reference signal enhancements for wireless communication
12/01/11Preamble based uplink power control for lte
12/01/11Camera parameter-assisted video frame rate up conversion
12/01/11Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer program products for wideband speech coding
12/01/11Fallback procedures for domain name server update in a mobile ip registration
12/01/11File delivery over a broadcast network using file system abstraction, broadcast schedule messages and selective reception
12/01/11Cooperative bandwidth aggregation using multipath transport
12/01/11Uplink data throttling by buffer status report (bsr) scaling
12/01/11Memory pool interface methods and apparatuses
12/01/11Virtual buffer interface methods and apparatuses for use in wireless devices
12/01/11Robust erasure detection and erasure-rate-based closed loop power control
12/01/11Tasking system interface methods and apparatuses for use in wireless devices
11/24/11Electrically broken, but mechanically continuous die seal for integrated circuits
11/24/11Process for improving package warpage and connection reliability through use of a backside mold configuration (bsmc)
11/24/11Adaptive wireless energy transfer system
11/24/11Output circuits with class d amplifier
11/24/11Output circuits with class d amplifier
11/24/11Visual tracking using panoramas on mobile devices
11/24/11Online creation of panoramic augmented reality annotations on mobile platforms
11/24/11Time-sliced search of radio access technologies during connected-mode radio link failure
11/24/11Method and apparatus for seamless transitions of data transmission transfer between radio links
11/24/11Hybrid satellite and mesh network system for aircraft and ship internet service
11/24/11Measurement of received power and received quality in a wireless communication network
11/24/11Cqi reporting for mimo transmission in a wireless communication system
11/24/11Broadcast control of access terminal radio event handling
11/24/11Efficient method for determining a preferred antenna pattern
11/24/11Per-cell timing and/or frequency acquisition and their use on channel estimation in wireless networks
11/24/11Method and apparatus for multicast block acknowledgment
11/24/11Network registration procedures
11/24/11Qos-based power control in aggregated carrier communication systems
11/24/11Method and apparatus of confirming reception of clear-to-send frame for virtual carrier sensing
11/24/11Method and apparatus for seamless transitions of transfer between radio links for data reception
11/24/11Acknowledgment transmissions under cross-subframe resource allocation in lte-a
11/24/11Systems and methods for enhancing uplink coverage in interference scenarios
11/24/11Method and apparatus for soft migration of frequency spectrum blocks
11/24/11Apparatus and method for channel estimation using compressive sensing
11/24/11Apparatus and method for channel estimation using compressive sensing based on taylor series expansion
11/24/11Predictive clipping in multi-carrier wireless communication systems
11/24/11Dc offset calibration
11/24/11Acquisition of timing information in wireless communication systems
11/24/11Apparatus and method for compressive sensing tap indentification for channel estimation
11/24/11Home agent proxied mipv6 route optimization mode
11/24/11Real time tracking/detection of multiple targets
11/24/11Methods and apparatus to make open market handsets (c.s0023-d or c.s0065-b complaint) backward compatible with old ruim cards
11/24/11Location-based service based on access point identifiers
11/24/11Method and apparatus for facilitating a layered cell search for long term evolution systems
11/24/11Providing configuration information for broadcast control of access terminal radio event handling
11/24/11Methods and apparatus for enabling a channel access protocol for directional mac
11/24/11Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for processing of speech signals using head-mounted microphone pair
11/24/11System and method to evaluate a data value as an instruction
11/17/11Resonance detection and control within a wireless power system
11/17/11Area efficient concurrent matching transceiver
11/17/11High sensitivity satellite positioning system receiver
11/17/11Compressed sensing for navigation data
11/17/11Apparatus providing thermal management for radio frequency devices
11/17/11Write energy conservation in memory
11/17/11Multi-bank read/write to reduce test-time in memories
11/17/11Scalable scheduler architecture for channel decoding
11/17/11Reducing idle mode power consumption for monitoring neighboring base stations
11/17/11Dai designs for fdd carrier aggregation
11/17/11Wireless personal area network coordinator
11/17/11Method and apparatus for setting reverse link cqi reporting modes in wireless communication system
11/17/11Method and apparatus for parallel de-interleaving of lte interleaved data
11/17/11Rate matching device
11/17/11Optimization of the presence information refresh for a wireless device
11/17/11Multiple-user multiple-input and multiple-output for high-speed packet access systems
11/17/11Hardware implementation of uplink receiver with matched throughput
11/17/11System, apparatus and method for control channel configuration in wireless communication systems
11/17/11Methods and apparatuses for direct link setup
11/17/11Cir-based and ssc-based ftl/ttl/channel estimation
11/17/11Recursive implementation for calculation of whitening matrix
11/17/11One-stream coding for asymmetric stereo video
11/17/11Dedicated reference signal
11/17/11Mimo transmission with rank-dependent precoding
11/17/11Tail-biting convolutional decoding
11/17/11Method and apparatus for facilitating tri-state decoding on a shared uplink channel
11/17/11Controlling field distribution of a wireless power transmitter
11/17/11Idle access terminal-assisted time and/or frequency tracking
11/17/11Access terminal-assisted time and/or frequency tracking
11/17/11Delivery of targeted content related to a learned and predicted future behavior based on spatial, temporal, and user attributes and behavioral constraints
11/17/11Resource coordination for peer-to-peer groups through distributed negotiation
11/17/11Method of providing a gap indication during a sticky assignment
11/17/11Configuring surrogate memory accessing agents using non-priviledged processes
11/10/11Signal generator for a built-in self test
11/10/11Method and apparatus to dynamically adjust a clock rate in a mobile device
11/10/11Method for processing combined navigation signals
11/10/11Method and apparatus of probabilistic programming multi-level memory in cluster states of bi-stable elements
11/10/11System and method to read a memory cell with a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (cmos) read transistor
11/10/11Packet flow processing in a communication system
11/10/11Carrier preconfiguration for pdcch monitoring in multi-carrier systems
11/10/11Systems and methods for monitoring parameters of a wireless device
11/10/11Data transmission via a relay station with ack/nack feedback
11/10/11Detecting a wlan signal using a bluetooth receiver during bluetooth scan activity
11/10/11Modulation and coding scheme adjustment for uplink channel power control in advanced telecommunication networks
11/10/11Expanded search space for r-pdcch in lte-a
11/10/11Method and apparatus for avoiding unnecessary bearer establishment in circuit switched fallback
11/10/11System and method for controlling downlink packet latency
11/10/11Protocol for communication
11/10/11Subframe-specific search space design for cross-subframe assignments
11/10/11Power control with cross-subframe assignment
11/10/11Methods and apparatus for estimating a geolocation of a wireless communications device
11/10/11Detecting and reporting physical-layer cell identifier collisions in wireless networks
11/10/11Methods and systems for srs power scaling in carrier aggregation
11/10/11Restricting access point transmissions
11/10/11Systems, methods, and computer program products for compensating for interference in sector transmissions
11/10/11Resource partitioning information for enhanced interference coordination
11/10/11Uplink power control in aggregated carrier communication systems
11/10/11Orientation sensor calibration
11/10/11Software management with hardware traversal of fragmented llr memory
11/10/11Methods and apparatus for peer-to-peer transfer of secure data using near field communications
11/10/11Data transmission with multi-level ack/nack feedback
11/03/11Native devices having improved device characteristics and methods for fabrication
11/03/11On-chip low voltage capacitor-less low dropout regulator with q-control
11/03/11Noise-canceling for differential amplifiers requiring no external matching
11/03/11Invalid write prevention for stt-mram array
11/03/11Interference cancellation
11/03/11Static uu-un bearer mapping based on quality of service
11/03/11Multiple-frame offset between neighbor cells to enhance the geran signaling performance when power control for signaling is in use
11/03/11Harq feedback for relay systems
11/03/11Coordinated multi-point (comp) network and protocol architecture
11/03/11Using joint decoding engine in a wireless device
11/03/11Apparatus and method for random access signaling in a wireless communication system
11/03/11Apparatus and method for joint encoding of user specific reference signal information in wireless communication
11/03/11Multi-user uplink communication using edca with polling
11/03/11Resource availability for pdsch in relay backhaul transmissions
11/03/11Method and apparatus for control and data multiplexing in wireless communication
11/03/11Lte forward handover
11/03/11Method and apparatus for hierarchical codebook design in wireless communication
11/03/11Transmission and reception of proximity detection signal for peer discovery
11/03/11Optimizing a receiver for multiple antenna configurations
11/03/11Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving a timing correction message in a wireless communication system
11/03/11Method and apparatus for timestamping uplink messages
11/03/11Methods and systems for managing participation in multiple wireless networks
11/03/11Device for round trip time measurements
11/03/11Automated verification and estimation of quiescent power supply current
11/03/11Nonlinear identification using compressed sensing and minimal system sampling
11/03/11Spectral noise shaping in audio coding based on spectral dynamics in frequency sub-bands
11/03/11Synchronization of interactivity with linear advertisement in a mobile broadcast network
11/03/11System, apparatus and method for coordinating peer communication in wireless systems
11/03/11Apparatus and methods employing variable clock gating hysteresis for a communications port
10/27/11Wireless power distribution among a plurality of receivers
10/27/11Level shifter with balanced duty cycle
10/27/11Hybrid tracking device
10/27/11Multi-user interactive motion tracking using sensors
10/27/11Adjusting backlight intensity based on a progress of a task
10/27/11Modified spatial diversity schemes for coverage enhancement
10/27/11Sequential ack for multi-user transmissions
10/27/11Ranging and distance based wi-fi spectrum selection
10/27/11Sharing control channel resources
10/27/11System and method for detecting and processing received signal with pulse sequence
10/27/11Method and apparatus for allocating downlink resources in a multiple-input multiple-output (mimo) communication system
10/27/11Compressed sensing channel estimation in ofdm communication systems
10/27/11Reduction in bearer setup time
10/27/11Viewpoint detector based on skin color area and face area
10/27/11Ranging and distance based spectrum selection in cognitive radio
10/27/11Method and apparatus for network personalization of subscriber devices
10/27/11Uniquely identifying target femtocell to facilitate femto-assisted active hand-in
10/27/11Determining handover parameter for transmission by access point
10/27/11Active macro-femto hand-in with help from out-of-band proxy
10/27/11Determining cell reselection parameter for transmission by access point
10/27/11Method and apparatus for contention-based wireless transmissions
10/27/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for speech feature detection
10/27/11Location source determination
10/27/11Gateway device for multimedia content
10/20/11Wireless power transmission in electric vehicles
10/20/11Wireless power antenna alignment adjustment system for vehicles
10/20/11Software programmable logic using spin transfer torque magnetoresistive devices
10/20/11Pll charge pump with reduced coupling to bias nodes
10/20/11Method and apparatus for soft symbol determination
10/20/11Systems, apparatus and methods to facilitate simultaneous traffic-idle or idle-idle demodulation
10/20/11Coordinated silent period with sounding reference signal (srs) configuration
10/20/11Power savings through cooperative operation of multiradio devices
10/20/11Multiplexing of peer-to-peer (p2p) communication and wide area network (wan) communication
10/20/11Enhancing uplink coverage in interference scenarios
10/20/11Downlink association set for uplink ack/nack in time division duplex system
10/20/11Method and apparatus for conveying resource assignment for multiple system bandwidths
10/20/11Methods and apparatus for cross-cell coordination and signaling
10/20/11Methods and apparatuses for channel selection
10/20/11Heterogeneous network partition in tdd beyond radio frame
10/20/11Methods and systems for processing overhead reduction for control channel packets
10/20/11Allocating and receiving tones for a frame
10/20/11Methods and apparatus for reduction of a peak to average ratio for an ofdm transmit signal
10/20/11Apparatus and method for transitioning enhanced security context from a utran-based serving network to a geran-based serving network
10/20/11Power savings through cooperative operation of multiradio devices
10/20/11Apparatus and method for transitioning from a serving network node that supports an enhanced security context to a legacy serving network node
10/20/11Efficient descriptor extraction over multiple levels of an image scale space
10/20/11Method and apparatus to facilitate support for multi-radio coexistence
10/20/11Radio link monitoring (rlm) and reference signal received power (rsrp) measurement for heterogeneous networks
10/20/11Method and apparatus for supporting location services via a home node b (hnb)
10/20/11Power savings through cooperative operation of multiradio devices
10/20/11Autonomous electromagnetic emissions reduction for sensitivity improvement
10/20/11Open loop power offset update
10/20/11Dynamic sensor range
10/20/11Universal address book
10/20/11Network-assisted peer discovery
10/20/11Bus arbitration techniques to reduce access latency
10/20/11Methods of bus arbitration for low power memory access
10/20/11Apparatus and method for signaling enhanced security context for session encryption and integrity keys
10/13/11Dual-side interconnected cmos for stacked integrated circuits
10/13/11Selective patterning for low cost through vias
10/13/11Energy storage device security
10/13/11Clock divider system and method
10/13/11Variable length codes for coding of video data
10/13/11Asymmetric write scheme for magnetic bit cell elements
10/13/11Circuits, systems, and methods for dynamic voltage level shifting
10/13/11Programmable tracking circuit for tracking semiconductor memory read current
10/13/11Circuits, systems and methods for adjusting clock signals based on measured performance characteristics
10/13/11Efficient zadoff-chu sequence generation
10/13/11Scheme and apparatus for multi-resource flow control
10/13/11Systems and methods for page delivery to a wireless client device in idle state
10/13/11Antenna selection based on performance metrics in a wireless device
10/13/11Periodic cqi reporting in a wireless communication network
10/13/11Combining transmission with incrementing fields
10/13/11Apparatus and method for multiple wireless service coexistence
10/13/114c-hsdpa acknowledgment signaling
10/13/11Header compression for relay nodes
10/13/11Subframe staggering for relay communication
10/13/11Supl 3.0 concept
10/13/11System, apparatus, and method to enable domain selection in a multimode device
10/13/11Methods and apparatus for channel selection in a peer to peer network
10/13/11Apparatus and method for connection establishment in a communications network
10/13/11Adaptive resource negotiation between base stations for enhanced interference coordination
10/13/11Channel state information reporting in a wireless communication network
10/13/11Systems, apparatus and methods to facilitate transmission of acknowledgement signals in wireless communication systems
10/13/11Variable length coding of coded block pattern (cbp) in video compression
10/13/11Mixed tap filters
10/13/11Block and partition signaling techniques for video coding
10/13/11Variable length coding of coded block pattern (cbp) in video compression
10/13/11Antenna selection based on measurements in a wireless device
10/13/11Method and apparatus for reference signal sequence mapping in wireless communication
10/13/11Frequency selection and transition over white space
10/13/11Selectively transitioning between physical-layer networks during a streaming communication session within a wireless communications system
10/13/11Enhanced telephony services
10/13/11Method and apparatus for continuity of positioning determination at handover
10/13/11Methods and apparatus for facilitating robust forward handover in long term evolution (lte) communication systems
10/13/11Uplink power control in long term evolution networks
10/13/11Noise padding techniques in heterogeneous networks
10/13/11Random access procedure enhancements for heterogeneous networks
10/13/11Methods and apparatus for determining and assigning spectrum for wireless communications
10/13/11Cqi estimation in a wireless communication network
10/13/11Dynamic antenna selection in a wireless device
10/13/11Navigational coordinate systems in conjunction with transports and/or mobile devices
10/13/11Method and apparatus for puncturing data regions for signals to minimize data loss
10/06/11Circuits, systems and methods to detect and accommodate power supply voltage droop
10/06/11System and method to control a power on reset signal
10/06/11Augmented reality direction orientation mask
10/06/11Combining data from multiple image sensors
10/06/11Combining data from multiple image sensors
10/06/11Combining data from multiple image sensors
10/06/11Method and apparatus to facilitate support for multi-radio coexistence
10/06/11Methods and apparatus to facilitate relay startup and radio link failure (rlf) handling
10/06/11Single and dual internet protocol bearer support
10/06/11Method and apparatus for conducting measurements when multiple carriers are supported
10/06/11Method and apparatus for adaptive mac layer fragmentation and harq channel identifier assignment
10/06/11Systems, apparatuses, and methods to facilitate coordinated scheduling in wireless communication systems
10/06/11Interference management to support peer-to-peer communication in a wide area network
10/06/11Feedback of control information for multiple carriers
10/06/11Automatic gain control acquisition in time division duplex systems
10/06/11Method and apparatus to facilitate support for multi-radio coexistence
10/06/11Femtocell one-to-many packet delivery
10/06/11Delayed automatic repeat request (arq) acknowledgment
10/06/11Method and apparatus for access procedure in a wireless communication system
10/06/11Method and apparatus for providing quality of service for similar priority logical channels
10/06/11Method and apparatus for communications of data rate control information in a communication system
10/06/11Method and apparatus for signaling user equipment capabilities
10/06/11Method and apparatus to facilitate support for multi-radio coexistence
10/06/11Computing device interface
10/06/11Efficient concurrent sampling at different rates
10/06/11Forward link signaling
10/06/11Scalable quantization of channel state information for mimo transmission
10/06/11Method and apparatus for using channel state information reference signal in wireless communication system
10/06/11Methods and apparatus for paging in wireless communication networks
10/06/11Methods and apparatus for determining a communications mode and/or using a determined communications mode
10/06/11Systems, apparatuses, and methods to facilitate coordinated scheduling in wireless communication systems
10/06/11Method and apparatus for maximum ratio transmission mobile transmit diversity system
10/06/11method and circuit to generate race condition test data at multiple supply voltages
10/06/11Radio model updating
10/06/11Methods and apparatus for device applet management on smart cards
09/29/11Magnetoresistive random access memory (mram) with integrated magnetic film enhanced circuit elements
09/29/11Perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction structure
09/29/11Heterogeneous technology integration
09/29/11Sacrificial material to facilitate thin die attach
09/29/11Low voltage temperature sensor and use thereof for autonomous multiprobe measurement device
09/29/11Three dimensional inductor and transformer design methodology of glass technology
09/29/11Wireless tracking device
09/29/11Fabricating a magnetic tunnel junction storage element
09/29/11Power conversion
09/29/11Reference cell write operations at a memory
09/29/11Dual sensing current latched sense amplifier
09/29/11Protocol to support adaptive station-dependent channel state information feedback rate in multi-user communication systems
09/29/11Managing a data network connection for mobile communications based on user location
09/29/11Efficient resource utilization in tdd
09/29/11Femtocell one-to-many packet delivery
09/29/11Radio bearer management at a donor base station in a wireless network with relays
09/29/11Subframe dependent transmission power control for interference management
09/29/11Method and apparatus for reliable transmission of control information in a wireless communication network
09/29/11Network resource leasing
09/29/11Uplink sdma transmit opportunity scheduling
09/29/11Reference signals for multi-user mimo communication
09/29/11Physical downlink shared channel (pdsch) protection
09/29/11Subframe dependent physical uplink control channel (pucch) region design
09/29/11Handoff between base stations of different protocol revisions in a cdma system
09/29/11Mc-cdma multiplexing in an orthogonal uplink
09/29/11Signaling method in an ofdm multiple access system
09/29/11Pilots for mimo communication systems
09/29/11Signaling method in an ofdm multiple access system
09/29/11Signaling method in an ofdm multiple access system
09/29/11Signaling method in an ofdm multiple access system
09/29/11Hybrid phase sweeping for mobile transmit diversity
09/29/11Management of allowed csg list and vplmn-autonomous csg roaming
09/29/11Cellular network energy saving
09/29/11Transmitting substitute reselection parameters
09/29/11Ue-rs sequence initialization for wireless communication systems
09/29/11Multi-point equalization framework for coordinated multi-point transmission
09/29/11Scalable channel feedback for wireless communication
09/29/11Method and apparatus to provide a clock signal to a charge pump
09/29/11Enhanced block-request streaming system using signaling or block creation
09/29/11Secure bootstrapping for wireless communications
09/29/11Method and apparatus for portable self-contained node computer
09/29/11Power efficient way of operating motion sensors
09/29/11Enhanced block-request streaming using cooperative parallel http and forward error correction
09/29/11Induced sleep intervals for devices receiving bursty non-real time broadcast flows
09/22/11Through-silicon via fabrication with etch stop film
09/22/11Method and apparatus for suppressing bitline coupling through miller capacitance to a sense amplifier interstitial node
09/22/11Discrete time operational transconductance amplifier for switched capacitor circuits
09/22/11Anti-spoofing detection system
09/22/11Methods and apparatus for sum of address compare write recode and compare reduction
09/22/11Multi-port non-volatile memory that includes a resistive memory element
09/22/11Memory cell that includes multiple non-volatile memories
09/22/11Method and apparatus for establishing and maintaining peer-to-peer (p2p) communication on unlicensed spectrum
09/22/11Methods and apparatus for establishing reciprocal inter-radio access technology neighbor relations
09/22/11Methods and apparatus for uplink macro-diversity in packet-switched cellular networks
09/22/11Methods and appartus for controlling interference to broadcast signaling in a peer to peer network
09/22/11Methods and systems for multiplexing multiple service components into one flow in a forward link only network
09/22/11User-specific search space design for multi-carrier operation
09/22/11Scheduling simultaneous transmissions in wireless network
09/22/11Uplink control channel resource allocation for transmit diversity
09/22/11Methods of resolving pdcch confusion in lte
09/22/11Method and apparatus for facilitating prefix allocation and advertisement or delegation
09/22/11Methods and apparatus for supporting data flows over multiple radio protocols
09/22/11Combining decision metrics for decoding based on payload difference
09/22/11Through glass via manufacturing process
09/22/11Fabrication of magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) devices with reduced surface roughness for magnetic random access memory (mram)
09/22/11Methods and systems for wireless platform attitude determination
09/22/11Enhanced block-request streaming using url templates and construction rules
09/22/11Enhanced block-request streaming using block partitioning or request controls for improved client-side handling
09/22/11Methods and apparatus for priority initialization of a second processor
09/22/11Apparatus and method for employing codes for telecommunications
09/22/11Logic built-in self-test programmable pattern bit mask
09/22/11Data recirculation in configured scan paths
09/22/11Loop transformation for computer compiler optimization
09/22/11Burst access protocol
09/15/11Pre-processing to reduce wafer level warpage
09/15/11Detection and protection of devices within a wireless power system
09/15/11Systems and methods for over the air load indicator for wireless scheduling
09/15/11Media (voice) playback (de-jitter) buffer adjustments based on air interface
09/15/11Method and apparatus for enhancing high data rate uplink operations
09/15/11Protocol to support adaptive station-dependent channel state information feedback rate in multi-user communication systems
09/15/11Protocol to support adaptive station-dependent channel state information feedback rate in multi-user communication systems
09/15/11Method and apparatus for sending control information with enhanced coverage in a wireless network
09/15/11Methods and apparatus for supporting synchronization between groups of devices
09/15/11Method and apparatus for codebook exchange in a multiple access wireless communication system
09/15/11Switching power amplifier for quantized signals
09/15/11Image feature detection based on application of multiple feature detectors
09/15/11Gain control metric computation in a wireless repeater
09/15/11Access point-based control of access control list
09/15/11Access control based on receipt of defined information from access terminal
09/15/11Wired cellular telephone system
09/15/11Access control based on receipt of message from access terminal
09/15/11Distributed hierarchical scheduling in an ad hoc network
09/15/11Adjustable sampling rate converter
09/15/11Interconnect coupled to master device via at least two different connections
09/08/11Through silicon via bridge interconnect
09/08/11Method and apparatus for testing a memory device
09/08/11Integrated voltage regulator with embedded passive device(s)
09/08/11Fluorescent dye to improve primer coverage accuracy for bonding applications
09/08/11Sending a parameter based on screen size or screen resolution of a multi-panel electronic device to a server
09/08/11Driving and synchronizing multiple display panels
09/08/11Reducing end-to-end latency for communicating information from a user device to a receiving device via television white space
09/08/11Circuit switched fallback procedure
09/08/11Methods and apparatus related to signaling request to transmit traffic in wireless communications
09/08/11Multiuser scheduling in wlan systems
09/08/11Method of multiplexing over an error-prone wireless broadcast channel
09/08/11System and method for the simultaneous reception of flo and flo-ev data
09/08/11Method and apparatus for channel quality indicator (cqi) enhancements
09/08/11Enhanced frequency division multiple access for wireless communication
09/08/11Transmission of multiplex protocol data units in physical layer packets
09/08/11System and method for signaling overhead information in a network
09/08/11Methods and apparatuses for demodulating multiple channel satellite positioning system signals
09/08/11Enabling delta compression and modification of motion estimation and metadata for rendering images to a remote display
09/08/11Block aggregation of objects in a communication system
09/08/11Transmission of ue-specific reference signal for wireless communication
09/08/11Reverse link signaling via impedance modulation
09/08/11Systems and methods for incremental update of a preferred roaming list
09/08/11Method and apparatus to control visited network access for devices
09/08/11Predictive short-term channel quality reporting utilizing reference signals
09/08/11Resource management and admission control for non-members of a closed subscriber group in home radio access networks
09/08/11Automated messaging response in wireless communication systems
09/08/11System and method of processing hierarchical very long instruction packets
09/08/11Link stack repair of erroneous speculative update
09/08/11System and method of testing an error correction module
09/08/11System and method of test mode gate operation
09/08/11Controlling a multimedia device in remote display mode
09/08/11Devices with multiple subscriptions that utilize a single baseband-radio frequency resource chain
09/01/11Thermal vias in an integrated circuit package with an embedded die
09/01/11Low leakage high performance static random access memory cell using dual-technology transistors
09/01/11Recalibration systems and techniques for electronic memory applications
09/01/11Quality of service (qos) acquisition and provisioning within a wireless communications system
09/01/11Interference rejection by soft-windowing cir estimates based on per-tap quality estimates
09/01/11Method and apparatus for management of multi-carrier communications in a wireless communication system
09/01/11Superposition coding in a wireless communication system
09/01/11Methods and apparatuses for beacon transmission
09/01/11Training sequences for very high throughput wireless communication
09/01/11Method and apparatus to facilitate an early decoding of signals in relay backhaul links
09/01/11Systems and methods for synchronizing filter records
09/01/11Methods and apparatuses for beacon transmission
09/01/11Method and apparatus for selecting wireless communication systems
09/01/11Supporting version negotiation for positioning for terminals in a wireless network
09/01/11Asynchronous media communications using priority tags
09/01/11Fast clustering of position data for user profiling
09/01/11Systems and methods for releasing stale connection contexts
08/25/11Electronic display of sheet music
08/25/11Reducing susceptibility to electrostatic discharge damage during die-to-die bonding for 3-d packaged integrated circuits
08/25/11Semiconductor device with vias having more than one material
08/25/11Wireless power receiver
08/25/11Methods and apparatus for a switchable balun for combined bluetooth and wlan operation
08/25/11Method and apparatus for enhanced indoor position location with assisted user profiles
08/25/11Methods and apparatus for applying tactile pressure sensors
08/25/11Methods and apparatus for communicating information using various transmission power levels
08/25/11Beamforming and sdma methods for wireless lan and other applications
08/25/11Extending an effective control channel periodicity via discontinuous reception (drx)
08/25/11Extension of ue-rs to dwpts
08/25/11Enhancements for increased spatial reuse in ad-hoc networks
08/25/11Multi-node resource request pipelining
08/25/11Method and apparatus that facilitates detecting system information blocks in a heterogeneous network
08/25/11Sending an uplink order to active set base stations
08/25/11Packet aware scheduler in wireless communication systems
08/25/11Method and system for indicating an enabled transport block
08/25/11Method and apparatus for inter-system handover
08/25/11Methods and apparatuses for beacon transmission
08/25/11Block type signalling in video coding
08/25/11Channel estimation using replicas zero forcing
08/25/11Uwb system employing gaussian minimum shift key modulation, common mode signaling, and beamforming
08/25/11Multi-term demapping for multi-channel wireless communication
08/25/11Code block interference cancellation
08/25/11Interference management messaging involving termination of a request for reduction in interference
08/25/11Control for uplink in mimo communication system
08/25/11Methods and apparatus for measuring and/or using transmitter and/or receiver iq imbalance information and/or dc offset information
08/25/11Mobile device profile aggregation
08/25/11Systems, methods and apparatus configured to manage neighbor cell lists
08/25/11Method and apparatus for multi-mode system selection
08/25/11Methods and apparatus for time synchronization and measurement of power distribution systems
08/25/11Voice activity detection based on plural voice activity detectors
08/25/11Protocol stack power optimization for wireless communications devices
08/25/11Golay-code generation
08/25/11Notification of interactivity event asset delivery sources in a mobile broadcast communication system
08/25/11Hierarchical feedback of channel state information for wireless communication
08/18/11Impedance neutral wireless power receivers
08/18/11High data rate interface apparatus and method
08/18/11Managing pages of an access terminal when the access terminal is engaged in a communication session within a wireless communications system
08/18/11Methods and apparatus for assisting in network discovery
08/18/11Method and apparatus for associating a relay in wireless communications
08/18/11User equipment operation mode and channel or carrier prioritization
08/18/11High data rate interface apparatus and method
08/18/11Aperiodic sounding reference signal transmission method and apparatus
08/18/11Method and apparatus for supporting adaptive channel state information feedback rate in multi-user communication systems
08/18/11Method and apparatus for power control in high speed packet access (hspa) networks
08/18/11Reading and caching of system information to reduce call setup delay
08/18/11Method and apparatus for mapping applications to radios in a wireless communication device
08/18/11Flexible uplink control channel configuration
08/18/11Continuous mode operation for wireless communications systems
08/18/11Adaptive transform size selection for geometric motion partitioning
08/18/11Chrominance high precision motion filtering for motion interpolation
08/18/11Fixed point implementation for geometric motion partitioning
08/18/11Smoothing overlapped regions resulting from geometric motion partitioning
08/18/11Encoding motion vectors for geometric motion partitioning
08/18/11Differential quadrature divide-by-three circuit with dual feedback path
08/18/11Compensating for frequency offsets on a base station
08/18/11Methods and apparatus providing intelligent radio selection for legacy and non-legacy applications
08/18/11Interfacing a multimedia application being executed on a handset with an independent, connected computing device
08/18/11Portable electronic device positioning based on identifiable zones presenting reduced wireless communication conditions
08/18/11Method and apparatus for enhanced paging
08/18/11System and method for selective media object removal in group communications among wireless communication devices
08/18/11Methods and apparatus for creation and transport of multimedia content flows
08/18/11Apparatus and methods to reduce duplicate line fills in a victim cache
08/18/11Optimized delivery of interactivity event assets in a mobile broadcast communication system
08/18/11Signaling mechanisms and systems for enabling, transmitting and maintaining interactivity features on mobile devices in a mobile broadcast communication system
08/11/11Surface preparation of die for improved bonding strength
08/11/11Systems and methods providing arrangements of vias
08/11/11Unique package structure
08/11/11On-chip sensor for measuring dynamic power supply noise of the semiconductor chip
08/11/11Voltage level shifter with dynamic circuit structure having discharge delay tracking
08/11/11Voltage level shifter with dynamic circuit structure having discharge delay tracking
08/11/11Wide band lna with noise canceling
08/11/11System and method to select a reference cell
08/11/11Systems and methods of mobile relay mobility in asynchronous networks
08/11/11Resource selection for dual radio terminals
08/11/11Method and apparatus for unified channel estimation for wireless communication
08/11/11Managing dedicated channel resource allocation to user equipment based on radio bearer traffic within a wireless communications system
08/11/11Rate selection for eigensteering in a mimo communication system
08/11/11Assisted state transitions of a user equipment within a wireless communications system
08/11/11Assisted state transition of a user equipment (ue) for delay sensitive applications within a wireless communnications system
08/11/11Resource specification for broadcast/multicast services
08/11/11Method and apparatus for relay backhaul design in a wireless communication system
08/11/11Method and apparatus for relay backhaul design in a wireless communication system
08/11/11Enhanced resequencing of data received over a wireless communication system
08/11/11Method and apparatus for supporting single-user multiple-input multiple-output (su-mimo) and multi-user mimo (mu-mimo)
08/11/11Method and apparatus for sending and receiving a low-complexity transmission in a wireless communication system
08/11/11Multi-user control channel assignment
08/11/11Frequency and time domain range expansion
08/11/11Systems and methods of advertising handoff
08/11/11Method and apparatus for constructing very high throughput long training field sequences
08/11/11Method and apparatus for constructing very high throughput short training field sequences
08/11/11Methods and apparatus for providing linear erasure codes
08/11/11Dl mu-mimo operation in lte-a
08/11/11Video coding with large macroblocks
08/11/11Apparatus and method for enabling uplink beamforming transit diversity
08/11/11Methods and apparatus to perform residual frequency offset estimation and correction in ieee 802.11 waveforms
08/11/11Communication ranking and organization
08/11/11Asymmetric front/back solder mask
08/11/11Ic component benchmarking without external references
08/11/11Methods and apparatus for interference decrease/cancellation on downlink acquisition signals
08/11/11Method and apparatus for communication of emergency response instructions
08/11/11Methods and apparatus for performing registration across radio access technologies
08/11/11Apparatus and method for enabling uplink beamforming transit diversity channel estimation
08/11/11Concealing lost packets in a sub-band coding decoder
08/11/11Streaming encoded video data
08/11/11Write-through-read (wtr) comparator circuits, systems, and methods employing write-back stage and use of same with a multiple-port file
08/04/11Magnetic tunnel junction with domain wall pinning
08/04/11Global navigation satellite system
08/04/11Global navigation satellite system
08/04/11Systems and methods for writing to multiple port memory circuits
08/04/11Apparatus and method for allocating data flows based on indication of selection criteria
08/04/11Radio link control protocol data unit size selection
08/04/11Reporting of channel information to support coordinated multi-point data transmission
08/04/11Apparatus and method for allocating resources in an orthogonal frequency division multiple access mobile communication system
08/04/11Method and system for organizing broadcast content
08/04/11Method and apparatus for sending scheduling information for broadcast/multicast services
08/04/11Reception of parallel warning messages
08/04/11Low complexity unified control channel processing
08/04/11Identifying a domain for delivery of message service information
08/04/11Method and apparatus to enable inter-system transfer of a packet switched session
08/04/11Logical channel mapping for increased utilization of transmission resources
08/04/11Systems and methods for sending power control information
08/04/11Method and apparatus for signaling expansion and backward compatibility preservation in wireless communication systems
08/04/11Facilitating noise estimation in wireless communication
08/04/11Methods and apparatus for subframe interlacing in heterogeneous networks
08/04/11Enhancements to the mu-mimo vht preamble to enable mode detection
08/04/11Reducing phase errors on a communication device
08/04/11Mimo related signaling in wireless communication
08/04/11Mobile station positioning assistance with local mapping data
08/04/11Interference mitigation by puncturing transmission of interfering cells
08/04/11Domain selection for mobile-originated message service
08/04/11Segment and bipartite graph based apparatus and method to address hold violations in static timing
08/04/11Method and apparatus for identity reuse for communications devices
08/04/11Message-based exchange of access point pilot signature indicators
08/04/11Access point identification based on multiple pilot signature indicators
07/28/11Microfabricated pillar fins for thermal management
07/28/11Microelectromechanical systems embedded in a substrate
07/28/11Light illumination of displays with front light guide and coupling elements
07/28/11Apparatus and method for associating a gateway control session with an internet protocol connectivity access network (ip-can) session
07/28/11Transmission of control information with configurable timeline in a wireless communication system
07/28/11Setting up a multicast group communication session within a wireless communications system
07/28/11Header compression enhancement for broadcast/multicast services
07/28/11Closed loop adaptation of device scheduling parameters
07/28/11Network-assisted cell access
07/28/11White space spectrum commmunciation device with multiplexing capabilties
07/28/11Method and apparatus for facilitating efficient handover
07/28/11Application-layer handoff of an access terminal from a first system of an access network to a second system of the access network during a communication session within a wireless communications system
07/28/11Method and apparatus for acknowledgment detection during preamble transmission
07/28/11Method and apparatus for reliability-aided pruning of blind decoding results
07/28/11Method and apparatus for establishing communications in low signal to noise ratio environments
07/28/11Method and apparatus for spectral sensing
07/28/11Methods and apparatuses for use in identifying wireless transmitting devices for use in estimating a location of a mobile device
07/28/11Method and apparatus for dynamic routing
07/28/11Managing session information in a wireless communications system
07/28/11Method and apparatus for peer-assisted localization
07/28/11Network detection device power conservation
07/28/11Location aware recommendation engine
07/28/11Physical-layer system prioritization and communication session management within a wireless communications system
07/28/11Method and apparatus for securing wireless relay nodes
07/28/11Support for optional system parameter values
07/21/11Magnetic tunnel junction (mtj) on planarized electrode
07/21/11Data feedback for broadcast applications
07/21/11High voltage, high frequency esd protection circuit for rf ics
07/21/11Pilot grouping and set management in multi-carrier communication systems
07/21/11Method of selecting bit rate and transmit power for energy-efficient transmission
07/21/11Uplink control and data transmission in a mixed single and multiple carrier network
07/21/11Systems and methods for interfacing a white space device with a host device
07/21/11Retransmission grant handling in a wireless communications system
07/21/11Automatic gain control in radio frequency receivers
07/21/11Dynamic generation, delivery, and execution of interactive applications over a mobile broadcast network
07/21/11Signaling mechanisms, templates and systems for creation and delivery of interactivity events on mobile devices in a mobile broadcast communication system
07/21/11Context-aware mobile incorporating presence of other mobiles into context
07/21/11Session-triggered pushing of group communication data
07/21/11Affecting a navigation function in response to a perceived transition from one environment to another
07/21/11Methods and apparatuses for use in route navigation involving a mobile station
07/21/11Using filtering with mobile device positioning in a constrained environment
07/21/11Using object to align and calibrate inertial navigation system
07/21/11Automatic linking of points of interest for indoor location based searching
07/21/11Multi-stage multiplexing operation including combined selection and data alignment or data replication
07/14/11Composite hardmask architecture and method of creating non-uniform current path for spin torque driven magnetic tunnel junction
07/14/11Solder pillars in flip chip assembly
07/14/11Image identification using trajectory-based location determination
07/14/11Automatic switching between simulcast video signals in a mobile media device
07/14/11Passive coupler between package substrate and system board
07/14/11System and method to control a direction of a current applied to a magnetic tunnel junction
07/14/11Apparatus and method for relay transition time
07/14/11Method and apparatus for detecting transmission signals
07/14/11Optimized resource usage with network initiated qos
07/14/11Apparatus and method for physical control format indicator channel (pcfich) information sharing over relay backhaul link
07/14/11Method and system for real-time calibration and reporting of processing delay
07/14/11Timing synchronization methods and apparatus
07/14/11Methods and apparatus for enabling distributed beacon transmissions
07/14/11Method and system for signaling in broadcast communication system
07/14/11Use of rf reference in a digital baseband interference cancellation repeater
07/14/11Method and apparatus for signaling to a mobile device which set of training sequence codes to use for a communication link
07/14/11Continuous cdm/fdm structure for lte uplink data
07/14/11Method and apparatus for multiplexing data and control information in wireless communication systems based on frequency division multiple access
07/14/11Video encoding and decoding techniques
07/14/11Scale space normalization technique for improved feature detection in uniform and non-uniform illumination changes
07/14/11Using a display to select a target object for communication
07/14/11Scalable routing for mobile station navigation with location context identifier
07/14/11Mobile device positioning in a constrained environment
07/14/11Motion state detection for mobile device
07/14/11State driven mobile search
07/14/11Systems and methods for monitoring and tracking broadcast service point usage
07/14/11System and method of monitoring a central processing unit in real time
07/14/11System and method to access a portion of a level two memory and a level one memory
07/14/11System and method of tuning a dynamic clock and voltage switching algorithm based on workload requests
07/14/11Method and apparatus for processing monitor state by an access network in wireless communication systems
07/14/11System and method of sampling data within a central processing unit
07/14/11System and method of dynamically controlling a processor
07/14/11System and method of controlling power in an electronic device
07/07/11Methods and circuits for optimizing performance and power consumption in a design and circuit employing lower threshold voltage (lvt) devices
07/07/11Determination of time zone and dst participation
07/07/11Simulation of three-dimensional touch sensation using haptics
07/07/11Transport layer modification to enable transmission gaps
07/07/11Application layer modification to enable transmission gaps
07/07/11Distinguishing and communicating between white space devices transmitting atsc-compatible signals
07/07/11Method for determining mutual and transitive correlation over a wireless channel to form links and deliver targeted content messages
07/07/11Method and apparatus for delay-constrained end-to-end energy optimization for wireless services
07/07/11Downlink control channel for relay resource allocation
07/07/11Heuristic algorithm for calculating target sinr for mmse beamforming
07/07/11Controlling transmission control protocol (tcp) transmissions in handover
07/07/11Virtual real-time clock based on time information from multiple communication systems
07/07/11Utilization of a known portion of a payload to decode a payload having a known and an unknown portion
07/07/11Techniques providing fiducial markers for failure analysis
07/07/11System and apparatus for power-efficiently delivering update information to devices in a broadcast network
07/07/11System for multimedia tagging by a mobile user
07/07/11Exchange of location information using a wireless communication device
07/07/11Apparatus, system, and method for managing transmission power in a wireless communication system
07/07/11System and method of providing content based on user interaction
07/07/11Selectively mixing media during a group communication session within a wireless communications system
07/07/11Adaptive monitoring method for update detection in a mobile broadcast network
07/07/11Method and apparatus for providing simultaneous support for multiple master keys at an access point in a wireless communication system
07/07/11Combined background and 20/40 coexistence scan
06/30/11Transmission of control information across multiple packets
06/30/11Power headroom report for simultaneous transmissions on disparate radio access technologies
06/30/11Systems and methods for joint processing in a wireless communication
06/30/11Robust header compression for relay nodes
06/30/11Positioning reference signals in a telecommunication system
06/30/11Method and apparatus that facilitates interference reduction in wireless systems
06/30/11Noise and channel estimation using low spreading factors
06/30/11Virtual antenna array for wireless devices
06/30/11Time tracking for a communication system utilizing a cyclic prefix
06/30/11Dual-loop transmit noise cancellation
06/30/11Method and apparatus for communicating antenna port assignments
06/30/11Dual frequency tracking loop for ofdma systems
06/30/11Systems, apparatus and methods to facilitate handover security
06/30/11System and method for radio link recovery
06/30/11Interaction between accumulative power control and minimum/maximum transmit power in lte systems
06/30/11Mobile wireless financial instrument for automatically selecting a payment instrument
06/30/11Method and system for minimizing impact of refresh operations on volatile memory performance
06/23/11Apparatus and method for controlling semiconductor die warpage
06/23/11Method and apparatus for adaptive non-linear self-jamming interference cancellation
06/23/11Optimized data retry mechanisms for evolved high rate packet data (ehrpd)
06/23/11Switching between media broadcast streams having varying levels of quality
06/23/11Method and apparatus for facilitating cell detection using additional physical channels in a wireless communication system
06/23/11Radio selection in a multi-radio device
06/23/11Open loop channel reporting in a wireless communication system
06/23/11Transmission power control in multi-hop networks
06/23/11Apparatus and method for transmit-response timing for relay operation in wireless communications
06/23/11Power control method for a geran system to increase geran network capacity
06/23/11Locating a wireless local area network associated with a wireless wide area network
06/23/11Methods and apparatus for supporting multi-hop peer discovery in peer-to-peer wireless networks
06/23/11System and method for supporting higher-layer protocol messaging in an in-band modem
06/23/11Header compression for relay nodes
06/23/11Methods and systems for providing enhanced position location in wireless communications
06/23/11Initiating a random access procedure for determining communication parameters
06/23/11Positioning in the presence of passive distributed elements
06/23/11Protection of broadcast signals in heterogeneous networks
06/23/11Dynamic adjustment of reordering release timer
06/23/11Method and apparatus for enhancing signal-to-noise ratio of position location measurements
06/23/11Time tracking loops for a communication system utilizing a cyclic prefix
06/23/118-point transform for media data coding
06/23/1116-point transform for media data coding
06/23/11Temporal and spatial video block reordering in a decoder to improve cache hits
06/23/11Systems and methods providing frequency-domain automatic gain control (agc)
06/23/11Wireless communication channel blanking
06/23/11Audio and speech processing with optimal bit-allocation for constant bit rate applications
06/23/11Gender detection in mobile phones
06/23/11System and method for computing and transmitting parameters in a distributed voice recognition system
06/23/1116-point transform for media data coding
06/23/11Group communication sessions between session participants communicating via two or more different contact protocols within a wireless communications system
06/23/11Multimedia communication using co-located care of address for bearer traffic
06/23/11Mobile security system and method
06/23/11Enhanced block acknowledgement
06/23/11System, method and apparatus for early termination based on transport block fail for acknowledgment bundling in time division duplex
06/23/11Dynamic live content promoter for digital broadcast tv
06/16/11Via structure integrated in electronic substrate
06/16/11Printed circuit board having embedded dies and method of forming same
06/16/11Systems and methods employing a physically asymmetric semiconductor device having symmetrical electrical behavior
06/16/11Adaptive clock generators, systems, and methods
06/16/11Apparatus and method for network-initiated attachment and registration-less paging
06/16/11Magnetic tunnel junction device and fabrication
06/16/11Radio access network control of multimedia application data rates
06/16/11Robust ue receiver
06/16/11method and apparatus for dispatching a channel quality indicator feedback in multicarrier system
06/16/11Precoding control channels in wireless networks
06/16/11Media forwarding for a group communication session in a wireless communications system
06/16/11Baseband compensation for phase discontinuities in radio frequency communication devices
06/16/11Data prioritization for a power-limited ue in a wireless communication system
06/16/11Backoff procedure for post downlink sdma operation
06/16/11Mechanisms for information exchange across cells to facilitate reception in a heterogeneous network
06/16/11Transmission of reference signal on non-contiguous clusters of resources
06/16/11System and method for supporting higher-layer protocol messaging in an in-band modem
06/16/11Data transmission with spatial spreading in a mimo communication system
06/16/11Methods and apparatuses for identifying and mitigating interference in a wireless signal
06/16/11Method and apparatus that facilitates estimating doppler spread for uplink transmissions
06/16/11User specific downlink power control channel q-bit
06/16/11System and method for biasing active devices
06/16/11System and method for controlling broadcast multimedia using plural wireless network connections
06/16/11Method and systems for parallel channel estimation and interference cancellation
06/16/11Method and apparatus for facilitating radio link monitoring and recovery
06/16/11Portable electronic device positioning based on multipath characterization information associated with wireless network transmitting devices
06/16/11Signal decimation techniques
06/16/11Pusch transmit delivery scheme selection
06/16/11Separate i and q baseband predistortion in direct conversion transmitters
06/16/11Systems, apparatus and methods for physical random access channel processing
06/16/11Transport of lcs-related messages for lte access
06/16/11Pattern filtering for mobile station position estimation
06/16/11Method and apparatus for accounting for user experience in pedestrian navigation routing
06/16/11Apparatus and method of peer-to-peer communication
06/16/11Methods and apparatus for using a distributed message bus for ad hoc peer-to-peer connectivity
06/16/11Apparatus and methods for usb connection in a multi-processor device
06/16/11Apparatuses, systems, and methods for reducing translation lookaside buffer (tlb) lookups
06/16/11Decomposed multi-stream (dms) techniques for video display systems
06/09/11Spin-transfer switching magnetic element utilizing a composite free layer comprising a superparamagnetic layer
06/09/11Magnetic tunnel junction device
06/09/11Apparatus and method for implementing a differential drive amplifier and a coil arrangement
06/09/11Transformer within wafer test probe
06/09/11Low power complementary logic latch and rf divider
06/09/11Phase locked loop with digital compensation for analog integration
06/09/11Configurable digital-analog phase locked loop
06/09/11Setting up a communication session within a wireless communications system
06/09/11Outer loop power control in a wireless communication system
06/09/11Joint parameter determination and separate cqi generation reporting for lte-a multicarrier
06/09/11Muros modulation using linear baseband combinations with linear gaussian pulse shaping for two users on one timeslot used by non-darp and darp remote stations
06/09/11Synchronized broadcast/multicast communication
06/09/11Synchronized broadcast/multicast communication
06/09/11Method and apparatus for cooperative multifuncitional communication in a wireless communication system
06/09/11Controlling access point functionality
06/09/11Announcing a communication session within a wireless communications system
06/09/11Femtocell access control
06/09/11Paging of a user equipment (ue) within a wireless communications system
06/09/11Enabling phase tracking for a communication device
06/09/11Method and apparatus for distributed processing for wireless sensors
06/09/11Synchronized broadcast/multicast communication
06/09/11Digital image combining to produce optical effects
06/09/11Combined intelligent receive diversity (ird) and mobile transmit diversity (mtd) with independent antenna switching for uplink and downlink
06/09/11Hierarchical information dissemination for location based systems
06/09/11Method and apparatus for distributed processing for wireless sensors
06/09/11Method and apparatus for reducing instructions in an indoor navigation environment
06/09/11Real-time adaptive hybrid bist solution for low-cost and low-resource ate production testing of analog-to-digital converters
06/09/11Mode-based multiply-add recoding for denormal operands
06/09/11Mobile media server
06/09/11Thread allocation and clock cycle adjustment in an interleaved multi-threaded processor
06/09/11System and method for signal detection using a dynamic threshold
06/09/11System and method for dynamic cell searching
06/02/11Fabrication and integration of devices with top and bottom electrodes including magnetic tunnel junctions
06/02/11Methods and apparatus for inductors with integrated passive and active elements
06/02/11Resistance based memory circuit with digital sensing
06/02/11Reverse link data rate indication for satellite-enabled communication systems
06/02/11Forward link data rate control and rate indication for satellite-enabled communications systems
06/02/11Distributed computation of common normalization constant for quantized best effort traffic priority
06/02/11Apparatus and method for spectrum sharing using listen-before-talk with quiet periods
06/02/11Method and apparatus for mutiplexing reference signal and data in a wireless communication system
06/02/11Utility maximization scheduler for broadband wireless communication systems
06/02/11Downlink assignment indicator design for multi-carrier wireless communication
06/02/11Method and apparatus that facilitates operating a relay via a multimedia broadcast single frequency network based backhaul link
06/02/11Multiple-mode correlator
06/02/11Method and system for efficient channel estimation
06/02/11Apparatus and method for modulating an amplitude, phase or both of a periodic signal on a per cycle basis
06/02/11Method and apparatus for switching between shared and individual channels to provide broadcast content services in a wireless telephone network
06/02/11Systems, apparatus and methods for distributed scheduling to facilitate interference management
06/02/11Systems, apparatus and methods for distributed scheduling to facilitate interference management
06/02/11Transaction management
06/02/11Mobile commerce authentication and authorization systems
06/02/11Recursive header compression for relay nodes
05/26/11Edram architecture
05/26/11Magnetic tunnel junction device and fabrication
05/26/11Phase locked loop apparatus with selectable capacitance device
05/26/11Flexible interconnect cable for an electronic assembly
05/26/11Transitioning a user equipment (ue) to a dedicated channel state during setup of a communication session within a wireless communications system
05/26/11Maintaining an allocation of antennas at an access terminal during a communication session within a wireless communications system
05/26/11Method and apparatus for managing client initiated transmissions in multiple-user communication schemes
05/26/11Methods and apparatus for supporting multiple connections
05/26/11Virtual home channel for mobile broadcast networks
05/26/11Configurable pilots in a wireless communication system
05/26/11Methods and apparatus for providing silence periods in directional communications networks
05/26/11System and method for simultaneous operation of multiple modems using a single transceiver
05/26/11Forward link signaling within a wireless power system
05/26/11Spatial alignment determination for an inertial measurement unit (imu)
05/26/11In flight detection
05/26/11Dedicated arithmetic decoding instruction
05/26/11Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving secure and non-secure data
05/26/11Multi-panel electronic device
05/19/11Semiconductor device having strain material
05/19/11Hybrid package construction with wire bond and through silicon vias
05/19/11Semiconductor package assembly systems and methods using dam and trench structures
05/19/11Selective wireless power transfer
05/19/11Power management for electronic devices
05/19/11Cascaded amplifiers with transformer-based bypass mode
05/19/11Methods and apparatus for a resonant transmit/receive switch with transformer gate/source coupling
05/19/11Determination of elevation of mobile station
05/19/11Orientation determination of a mobile station using side and top view images
05/19/11Offsetting beacon positions in a time division duplex communication system
05/19/11Removal of ici/isi errors in frequency domain channel estimation for wireless repeaters
05/19/11Method and apparatus for processing blind decoding results in a wireless communication system
05/19/11Transmission and reception of a reference signal supporting positioning in a wireless communication network
05/19/11Subframe dependent transmission mode in lte-advanced
05/19/11Semi-persistent scheduling for multi-carrier wireless communication
05/19/11Transmission of feedback information for data transmissions on multiple carriers
05/19/11Method and apparatus for facilitating reliable transmission of a control region size and detection of cross-carrier signaling
05/19/11Multicarrier retransmission feedback
05/19/11Removal of multiplicative errors in frequency domain channel estimation for wireless repeaters
05/19/11Apparatus and methods for reducing channel estimation noise in a wireless transceiver
05/19/11Monitoring and correcting timing errors in wireless communication
05/19/11Mimo design with codebook restrictions
05/19/11Delay techniques in active noise cancellation circuits or other circuits that perform filtering of decimated coefficients
05/19/11Methods and apparatus for determining costs associated with sending communications
05/19/11Devices and methods for wireless system acquisition
05/19/11System information collection while camping on a cell
05/19/11Position determination using a wireless signal
05/19/11Method and apparatus for assisted positioning in a wireless communication system
05/19/11Method and apparatus for interlocking communication and tracking applications in a wireless communication device
05/19/11Condition-based wireless power
05/19/11Authorized based receipt of wireless power
05/19/11Methods and apparatus for measuring performance of a multi-thread processor
05/19/11Apparatus and method for providing harq feedback in a multi-carrier wireless communication system
05/12/11Active analog filter having a mos capacitor device with improved linearity
05/12/11Mems varactors
05/12/11Multi-screen image display
05/12/11Camera parameter-assisted video encoding
05/12/11System and method of operating a memory device
05/12/11System and method for single frequency dual cell high speed downlink packet access
05/12/11Transmission of feedback information for multi-carrier operation
05/12/11Cell reselection enhancement
05/12/11Data and control multiplexing in wireless communications
05/12/11False detection reduction during multi-carrier operation
05/12/11Pdcch search space design for lte-a multi-carrier operation
05/12/11System information acquisition in connected mode
05/12/11Method and apparatus for interaction of cell-specific and user-equipment-specific sounding reference signal periodicity and offset
05/12/11Control of video encoding based on image capture parameter
05/12/11Joint layer 3 signalling coding for multicarrier operation
05/12/11Mixed mode preamble design for signaling number of streams per client
05/12/11Rank and precoding indication for mimo operation
05/12/11Receiver with balanced i/q transformer
05/12/11System and method of silicon switched power delivery using a package
05/12/11Methods and apparatus for evaluating base station efficiency in a network
05/12/11Method and apparatus for maintaining quality of service during regulatory domain change
05/12/11Reference signaling for a high-mobility wireless communication device
05/12/11Method and apparatus for uplink power control in a multicarrier wireless communication system
05/12/11Scalable geofences
05/12/11Host initiated connection to a device
05/12/11Systems, methods and apparatus for data communication
05/05/11Interconnect sensor for detecting delamination
05/05/11Techniques employing light-emitting circuits
05/05/11Methods and apparatuses for reducing time to estimate a position using a satellite positioning system
05/05/11Methods and apparatuses for estimating time relationship information between navigation systems
05/05/11Methods and apparatuses using mixed navigation system constellation sources for time setting
05/05/11Method for forwarding in peer-to-peer wireless communications
05/05/11Channel status reporting
05/05/11Method and apparatus for peer discovery in a wireless communication network
05/05/11Mbsfn subframe generation and processing for unicast
05/05/11Apparatus and method for providing relay backhaul communications in a wireless communication system
05/05/11Tdm-fdm relay backhaul channel for lte advanced
05/05/11Method and apparatus for scheduling of quality of service (qos) transmissions in a wireless communication system
05/05/11Access point scheduled peer-to-peer communication
05/05/11Spectrum interpretation in a heterogenous network
05/05/11Deterministic backoff with dynamic adaptation
05/05/11Computing the burst size for a high speed packet data networks with multiple queues
05/05/11Methods and systems for interference cancellation in multi-mode coexistence modems
05/05/11Rapid acquisition methods and apparatus for gps signals
05/05/11Adaptive digital post distortion reduction
05/05/11Controlling video encoding using audio information
05/05/11Global motion parameter estimation using block-based motion vectors
05/05/11Method for providing service and rate negotiation in a mobile communication system
05/05/11Method and apparatus for control and data multiplexing in a mimo communication system
05/05/11Methods and apparatus for estimating a sparse channel
05/05/11Downlink control transmission in multicarrier operation
05/05/11Rank and precoding indication for mimo operation
05/05/11Systems and processes for decoding chain reaction codes through inactivation
05/05/11Single-burst acquisition for wireless communication system
05/05/11Bluetooth introduction sequence that replaces frequencies unusable due to other wireless technology co-resident on a bluetooth-capable device
05/05/11Methods and systems for interference cancellation in multi-mode coexistence modems
05/05/11Cross-carrier/cross-subframe indication in a multi-carrier wireless network
05/05/11Uplink power control for wireless communication
05/05/11Dynamic interference control in a wireless communication network
05/05/11Systems, methods and apparatus for facilitating discontinuous reception
05/05/11Dual inductor circuit for multi-band wireless communication device
05/05/11Delay and backhaul-efficient paging method and apparatus
05/05/11Rank and precoding indication for mimo operation
05/05/11Selecting a position fix to determine the location of a wireless communication device
05/05/11Generating a power model for an electronic device
05/05/11Accurate magnetic compass in mobile electronic device
05/05/11Calibrating multi-dimensional sensor for offset, sensitivity, and non-orthogonality
05/05/11Vehicle identification system
05/05/11Data searching using spatial auditory cues
05/05/11Methods and systems for peer-to-peer network discovery using multi-user diversity
05/05/11System and method for optimizing media playback quality for a wireless handheld computing device
05/05/11App (a priori probability) storage design for lte turbo decoder with quadratic permutation polynomial interleaver
05/05/11Multisigning - a protocol for robust multiple party digital signatures
05/05/11Gesture-based user interface
05/05/11Control link for wireless display unit
04/28/11Ferrite antennas for wireless power transfer
04/28/11Low-power oscillator
04/28/11Adaptive parametric power amplifier protection circuit
04/28/11Feedback circuits with dc offset cancellation
04/28/11Multiplexing data and reference information in a wireless communication system
04/28/11Automatic selection of geographic area specific behavior
04/28/11Systems and methods for measuring and reducing latency of radio link flows
04/28/11Pcfich design for multicarrier operation
04/28/11Method and apparatus for multicarrier control in a wireless communication system
04/28/11Method and an apparatus for adaptively learning a sparse impulse response of a continuous channel
04/28/11Enhanced block-request streaming using scalable encoding
04/28/11Depth map generation techniques for conversion of 2d video data to 3d video data
04/28/11Sounding reference signal for coordinated multi-point operation
04/28/11Method and apparatus for supporting positioning for terminals in a wireless network
04/28/11Method and apparatus for power control during dtx operation
04/28/11Determining an upperband signal from a narrowband signal
04/28/11Power based rate selection
04/28/11Touch screen keypad layout
04/28/11Streaming encoded video data
04/21/11Rf buffer circuit with dynamic biasing
04/21/11Methods and apparatus for estimating departure time based on known calendar events
04/21/11Mapping wireless signals with motion sensors
04/21/11Binning venues into categories based on propagation characteristics
04/21/11System delay mitigation in interactive systems
04/21/11Method, system, and computer program product combining gestural input from multiple touch screens into one gestural input
04/21/11Magnetic tunnel junction cell adapted to store multiple digital values
04/21/11Radio link control protocol data unit size selection in dual carrier hsupa
04/21/11Methods and apparatus for transport block size determination
04/21/11System and method for allocating resources in an extended bandwidth wireless network
04/21/11Low-pass filter design
04/21/11Downlink and uplink resource element mapping for carrier extension
04/21/11Wireless communication utilizing mixed protocols
04/21/11Duty cycle correction circuitry
04/21/11Equalizer in a wireless communication system
04/21/11Transmission strategy in mbsfn subframes
04/21/11Apparatus and methods for qam modulation using dual polar modulation
04/21/11Adc-based mixed-mode digital phase-locked loop
04/21/11Lr polyphase filter
04/21/11Doubled balanced mixer with improved component matching
04/21/11Method and apparatus for unifying different multi-mode system selection frameworks
04/21/11Systems, methods and apparatus for facilitating handover control using resource reservation with frequency reuse
04/21/11Uplink multi-power amplifier/antenna operation and channel prioritization
04/21/11Time and frequency acquisition and tracking for ofdma wireless systems
04/21/11Group owner selection with crossing requests
04/21/11Adaptively streaming multimedia
04/21/11Methods and apparatus for obtaining content with reduced access times
04/14/11Apparatus and method for through silicon via impedance matching
04/14/11Active diode having no gate and no shallow trench isolation
04/14/11Power saving for hot plug detect
04/14/11Three dimensional inductor and transformer
04/14/11Method and system for building annotation layers based on location aware user context information
04/14/11Qualifying coarse position injection in position determination systems
04/14/11Methods and apparatuses for selectively validating satellite positioning system measurement information
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for selecting and transmitting pilots
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for controlling channel utilization
04/14/11Method and apparatus for supporting user equipments on different system bandwidths
04/14/11Downlink control information for efficient decoding
04/14/11Reporting of timing information to support downlink data transmission
04/14/11System and method for the simultaneous transmission and reception of flo and fio-ev data
04/14/11Blind decoding of uplink control channels
04/14/11Uplink resource allocation for lte advanced
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for interference cancellation
04/14/11Wireless wide area network technology aggregation and broadcast
04/14/11Efficient signaling for closed-loop transmit diversity
04/14/11Power spectral distribution measurement to facilitate system acquisition
04/14/11Time orthogonalization of reference signals
04/14/11Energy management for wireless devices
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for use in a wireless communications system that uses a multi-mode base station
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for communicating information using non-coherent and coherent modulation
04/14/11Method and apparatus for automated determination of features on an electronic map
04/14/11Method and apparatus for transmitting indoor context information
04/14/11Selective transmission of power decision pilot in a wireless communication system
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for scaling transmit power of signals in wireless communications
04/14/11Methods and apparatus for scaling transmit power of signals in wireless communications
04/14/11Method and apparatus for identification of points of interest within a predefined area
04/14/11Coding methods and apparatus for broadcast channels
04/14/11Accessing a multi-channel memory system having non-uniform page sizes
04/14/11Method and apparatus for the automatic predictive selection of input methods for web browsers
04/14/11Apparatus and method for authorization for access point name (apn) usage in a specific access
04/07/11Die stacking system and method
04/07/11Vertically stackable dies having chip identifier structures
04/07/11Vertically stackable dies having chip identifier structures
04/07/11Adaptive voltage scalers (avss), systems, and related methods
04/07/11Delay line calibration
04/07/11Methods and apparatus for beam steering using steerable beam antennas with switched parasitic elements
04/07/11Routing graphs for buildings using schematics
04/07/11Energy efficient quality of service aware communication over multiple air-links
04/07/11Methods and systems for exploitation of well-connected nodes in peer-to-peer wireless networks
04/07/11Method of and apparatus for adaptive control of data buffering in a data transmitter
04/07/11Carrier indicator field for cross carrier assignments
04/07/11Method for transmission of time division multiplexed pilot symbols to aid channel estimation, time synchronization, and agc bootstrapping in a multicast wireless system
04/07/11Channel hopping based content protection having an out-of-band communication band
04/07/11Method and apparatus for motion vector processing
04/07/11Suppressing noise in an audio signal
04/07/11Methods and systems for occlusion tolerant face recognition
04/07/11Apparatus and method for determining multi-antenna radiated performance of wireless devices
04/07/11Methods and systems for registrations and service announcements in peer-to-peer networks via cellular overlays
04/07/11Venue application for mobile station position estimation
04/07/11Mobile device locating in conjunction with localized enviornments
04/07/11Component carrier power control in multi-carrier wireless network
04/07/11Routing graphs for buildings
04/07/11Systems, methods, and apparatus for frame erasure recovery
04/07/11Systems and methods for merchandising transactions via image matching in a content delivery system
04/07/11Wlan peer-to-peer group owner negotiation
03/31/11Wideband digital to analog converter with built-in load attenuator
03/31/11Enhanced image/video quality through artifact evaluation
03/31/11Semiconductor die-based packaging interconnect
03/31/11Methods and apparatus for enabling rate adaptation across network configurations
03/31/11Method and apparatus for ad hoc venue-cast service
03/31/11Recursive realization of polynomial permutation interleaving
03/31/11Method for controlling data and signal in a mobile communication system
03/31/11Time slicing techniques for variable data rate encoding
03/31/11Uplink access request in an ofdm communication environment
03/31/11Encoding parameters with unit sum
03/31/11Systems and methods for providing feedback in an enhanced uplink network
03/31/11Control information signaling
03/31/11Capacity increasing devices and methods for wireless communication
03/31/11Scrambling sequence initialization for coordinated multi-point transmissions
03/31/11Power control for wireless lan stations
03/31/11Methods and apparatus for obtaining integrated content from multiple networks
03/31/11Apparatus and method for user identity authentication in peer-to-peer overlay networks
03/31/11Method for establishing a wireless link key between a remote device and a group device
03/24/11Forming radio frequency integrated circuits
03/24/11System and method for power calibrating a pulse generator
03/24/11Method and apparatus for calibrating oscillators
03/24/11Statistical sub-multiplexer for centrally formatted broadcast programming
03/24/11Peer-assisted transmitter signal attribute filtering for mobile station position estimation
03/24/11Physical layer metrics to support adaptive station-dependent channel state information feedback rate in multi-user communication systems
03/24/11System and method for the simultaneous transmission and reception of flo and flo-ev data over a multi-frequency network
03/24/11Wireless transmission of data using an available channel of a spectrum
03/24/11Method and apparatus for canceling pilot interference in a wireless communication system
03/24/11Transmission of signaling in an ofdm-based system
03/24/11Nonlinear equalizer to correct for memory effects of a transmitter
03/24/11System and apparatus for power-efficiently delivering personalized contents in a broadcast network
03/24/11Multiple carrier indication and downlink control information interaction
03/24/11Gps position tracking method with variable updating rate for power conservation
03/24/11Signal separation for energy harvesting
03/24/11Method for delivery of software upgrade notification to devices in communication systems
03/24/11Apparatus and methods for optimizing power consumption in a wireless device
03/17/11Small form-factor size sensor
03/17/11Headset for receiving wireless power
03/17/11Movable magnetically resonant antenna for wireless charging
03/17/11Delay-locked loop having a delay independent of input signal duty cycle variation
03/17/11Methods and apparatuses for affecting application of a filtering model using carrier phase
03/17/11Using magnetometer with a positioning system
03/17/11Delay line that tracks setup time of a latching element over pvt
03/17/11Physical layer signaling of control parameters
03/17/11Methods and apparatus for including mode information in a frame for system acquisition
03/17/11Cross-subframe control channel design
03/17/11Mc-cdma multiplexing in an orthogonal uplink
03/17/11Frequency division multiple access schemes for wireless communication
03/17/11Methods and apparatus for flexible hopping in a multiple-access communication network
03/17/11Methods and apparatus for flexible hopping in a multiple-access communication network
03/17/11Media extractor tracks for file format track selection
03/17/11Focused antenna, multi-purpose antenna, and methods related thereto
03/17/11Transmitter position integrity checking
03/17/11Method and apparatus for artifacts mitigation with multiple wireless sensors
03/17/11Small form-factor distance sensor
03/17/11Methods and apparatus for controlling switching between resources and/or communicating resource change information in a wireless communications system
03/17/11Apparatus and method for high throughput unified turbo decoding
03/10/11Wireless power for heating or cooling
03/10/11Variable wireless power transmission
03/10/11Position estimation assistance information for mobile station
03/10/11Wireless power display device
03/10/11Wide area and local network id transmission for communication systems
03/10/11System and method for generating a defined pulse
03/10/11Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for dereverberation of multichannel signal
03/10/11Signal measurements employed to affect photographic parameters
03/10/11Rate selection for a quasi-orthogonal communication system
03/10/11Concurrent wireless transmitter mapping and mobile station positioning
03/10/11Sparse network almanac
03/10/11Output power control for advanced wlan and bluetooth-amp systems
03/03/11Magnetic tunnel junction device and fabrication
03/03/11Magnetic tunnel junction device and fabrication
03/03/11Semiconductor wafer-to-wafer bonding for dissimilar semiconductor dies and/or wafers
03/03/11Method and system for powering an electronic device via a wireless link
03/03/11High linear fast peak detector
03/03/11Divide-by-two injection-locked ring oscillator circuit
03/03/11Integrated voltage regulator with embedded passive device(s)
03/03/11System and method for amplifying a signal using multiple amplification stages sharing a common bias current
03/03/11Transformer signal coupling for flip-chip integration
03/03/11Energy domain based peak reconstruction methods and apparatuses
03/03/11Switchable inductor network
03/03/11Flexible word-line pulsing for stt-mram
03/03/11System and method to manufacture magnetic random access memory
03/03/11Fin-type device system and method
03/03/11Address multiplexing in pseudo-dual port memory
03/03/11Method and apparatus for enhanced packet traffic arbitration
03/03/11Adaptive time-filtering for channel estimation in ofdm system
03/03/11Flexible sdma and interference suppression
03/03/11Selection and utilization of shared wireless wide area network modems
03/03/11Method and apparatus for multiple-user communication in a client initiated communication transmission scheme
03/03/11Systems and methods for supporting an enhanced serving cell change when moving among different cell types
03/03/11Mimo and mu-mimo ofdm preambles
03/03/11Unified iterative decoding architecture using joint llr extraction and a priori probability
03/03/11Methods for determining reconstruction weights in a mimo system with successive interference cancellation
03/03/11Driving a mixer with a differential lo signal having at least three signal levels
03/03/11Hardware simplification of sic-mimo decoding by use of a single hardware element with channel and noise adaptation for interference cancelled streams
03/03/11Symbol estimation methods and apparatuses
03/03/11Iterative decoding architecture with harq combining and soft decision directed channel estimation
03/03/11Multi-stage interference suppression
03/03/11Methods for determining decoding order in a mimo system with successive interference cancellation
03/03/11De-tuning in wireless power reception
03/03/11Uplink transmit diversity enhancement
03/03/11Systems, apparatus and methods for communicating downlink information
03/03/11Methods and systems for service discovery management in peer-to-peer networks
03/03/11Managing counter saturation in a filter
03/03/11Memory controller page management devices, systems, and methods
03/03/11Hybrid single and dual channel ddr interface scheme by interleaving address/control signals during dual channel operation
03/03/11Nak-to-ack error detection and recovery
02/24/11Adding symmetrical filling material in an integrated circuit layout
02/24/11Ic interconnect
02/24/11Stacked amplifier with diode-based biasing
02/24/11Digital tunable inter-stage matching circuit
02/24/11Dynamic limiters for frequency dividers
02/24/11Compact multi-band planar inverted f antenna
02/24/11Protection circuit for power amplifier
02/24/11Magnetic tunnel junction structure
02/24/11Timing adjustments in a communication system
02/24/11Selectively generating multicast flow identifiers and selectively obtaining session parameters for a multicast communication session
02/24/11Methods and systems for updating channel descriptor information in wimax networks
02/24/11Maximum power spectral density reporting in response to overload indications
02/24/11Reliable inter-radio access technology core network tunnel
02/24/11Systems and methods for downlink outer loop power control for hsupa
02/24/11Methods and apparatus for blind interference decrease/cancellation techniques
02/24/11Uplink power control for multiple transmit antennas
02/24/11Deterministic backoff channel access
02/24/11Techniques for accessing a wireless communication system with tune-away capability
02/24/11Dynamically changing a transmitter sampling frequency for a digital-to-analog converter (dac) to reduce interference from dac images
02/24/11Methods and apparatuses for reducing inter-carrier interference in an ofdm system
02/24/11Method and apparatus for detecting ofdm signals in the presence of frequency orthogonal ofdm interferers
02/24/11Sensing wireless communications in television frequency bands
02/24/11Methods and systems for recovering from an incomplete idle mode entry
02/24/11Power control for point-to-multipoint services provided in communication systems
02/24/11Methods and apparatus to predict non-execution of conditional non-branching instructions
02/24/11Establishing an ad hoc network using face recognition
02/24/11Wireless communication of turbo coded atsc m/h data with time diversity
02/17/11Variable feature interface that induces a balanced stress to prevent thin die warpage
02/17/11Dc offset calibration for complex filters
02/17/11Multi-stage impedance matching
02/17/11Amplifiers with improved linearity and noise performance
02/17/11Amplifier with variable matching circuit to improve linearity
02/17/11System and apparatus for delivering emergency alert messages as a service content in a broadcast network
02/17/11System and method for transmission and detection of frame including bursts of pulses
02/17/11Method and apparatus that facilitates interference cancellation for control channels in heterogenous networks
02/17/11Efficient control channel decoding in comp communications
02/17/11Robust decoding of comp transmissions
02/17/11Method and apparatus for semi-persistent scheduling for multiple uplink voip connections
02/17/11Systems and methods of maintaining core network status during serving radio network subsystem relocation
02/17/11Methods and apparatus for rf handoff in a multi-frequency network
02/17/11Communications channel estimation
02/17/11Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for coherence detection
02/17/11Dynamic selection of random access channel configurations
02/17/11Method and apparatus to indicate communication is wanted or waiting
02/17/11Session-specific signaling for multiple access networks over a single access network
02/17/11Accessing positional information for a mobile station using a data code label
02/17/11Enhanced positioning assistance data for reduced signaling
02/17/11Assistance data for positioning in multiple radio access technologies
02/17/11Methods and apparatus for deriving, communicating and/or verifying ownership of expressions
02/17/11System and method for overload indication
02/17/11Discrete time lowpass filter
02/17/11Location determination during network address lookup
02/17/11Method and apparatus for link aggregation in a heterogeneous communication system
02/10/11High breakdown voltage embedded mim capacitor structure
02/10/11Systems and methods for clock correction
02/10/11Amplifier module with multiple operating modes
02/10/11Transforming video data in accordance with human visual system feedback metrics
02/10/11Transforming video data in accordance with three dimensional input formats
02/10/11Preparing video data in accordance with a wireless display protocol
02/10/11Encapsulating three-dimensional video data in accordance with transport protocols
02/10/11Apparatus and method of processing images
02/10/11Internet radio broadcast using cellular
02/10/11Mitigation of crs misalignment in coordinated multipoint communications
02/10/11Setting up a direct link in a peer to peer wireless network
02/10/11Methods and systems for identifying transmitters in a single frequency network broadcast system
02/10/11Method and apparatus for managing contacts
02/10/11Partitioning a crossbar interconnect in a multi-channel memory system
02/03/11Switch with improved biasing
02/03/11Switches with variable control voltages
02/03/11Switches with bias resistors for even voltage distribution
02/03/11Apparatus and method for tuning a gm-c filter
02/03/11Power amplifier bias current monitor and control mechanism
02/03/11Configurable antenna interface
02/03/11Layer shifting for uplink mimo
02/03/11Adaptive transmissions in coordinated multiple point communications
02/03/11Method and apparatus for detecting a channel condition for a wireless communication device
02/03/11Asynchronous interface for multi-radio coexistence manager
02/03/11Method and apparatus for packer communications in wireless systems
02/03/11Determining control region parameters for multiple transmission points
02/03/11Multiplexing on the reverse link feedbacks for multiple forward link frequencies
02/03/11Self-interference cancellation for multichannel modems
02/03/11Signal and noise power estimation
02/03/11Hybrid automatic repeat request operation and decoding status signaling for uplink multiple-input multiple-output
02/03/11Physical uplink control channel (pucch) resource mapping with transmit diversity
02/03/11Systems, apparatus and methods for broadcast channel decoding
02/03/11Channel estimation for wireless communication
02/03/11Methods and apparatus for using a licensed spectrum to transmit a signal when an unlicensed spectrum is congested
02/03/11Method and system for femto cell self-timing and self-locating
02/03/11Methods and apparatus for facilitating application inter-communications
01/27/11High voltage logic circuits
01/27/11Level shifters and high voltage logic circuits
01/27/11Integrated negative voltage generator
01/27/11Power amplifier with switched output matching for multi-mode operation
01/27/11Multi-mode low noise amplifier with transformer source degeneration
01/27/11Split-biased current scalable buffer
01/27/11Battery charging to extend battery life and improve efficiency
01/27/11Method and apparatus for communicating control information by a wearable device to control mobile and consumer electronic devices
01/27/11Method and apparatus for controlling mobile and consumer electronic devices
01/27/11Interference suppression in uplink acknowledgement
01/27/11Methods and apparatus for improving power efficiency and latency of mobile devices using an out of band wireless resource
01/27/11Methods and apparatus for stabilizing forward link mimo rate prediction
01/27/11Method and apparatus for managing flexible usage of unpaired frequencies
01/27/11Methods and apparatus for improving power efficiency and latency of mobile devices using an external timing source
01/27/11Enhanced techniques for using core based nodes for state transfer
01/27/11Header compression for relay nodes
01/27/11Maximizing service provider utility in a heterogeneous wireless ad-hoc network
01/27/11Method and apparatus for ranking of media services and program packages
01/27/11Methods and systems for mobile station location determination in wimax
01/27/11Multi stage code generator and decoder for communication systems
01/27/11Methods and apparatus for measuring, communicating and/or using interference information
01/27/11Methods and apparatus for spectrum sensing of signal features in a wireless channel
01/27/11Cross-carrier control for lte-advanced multicarrier system
01/27/11Apparatus and method for facilitating transfer to a secondary cell
01/27/11Quality of service (qos) resources within a wireless communications system
01/27/11Watermarking antenna beams for position determination
01/27/11Methods and apparatus for communicating using multiple transmission power levels
01/27/11Method and apparatus for distributed user interfaces using wearable devices to control mobile and consumer electronic devices
01/27/11System and method for sending destination locations to navigation devices
01/27/11System and method for sending destination locations to navigation devices
01/27/11High data rate interface
01/27/11Apparatus and method of early decoding in communication systems
01/27/11Method and apparatus for scheduling data transmission on multiple carriers
01/20/11Barrier layer on polymer passivation for integrated circuit packaging
01/20/11Frequency divider with a configurable dividing ratio
01/20/11Systems and methods for reducing average current consumption in a local oscillator path
01/20/11Channel change to an available channel of a spectrum
01/20/11Low reuse preamble
01/20/11Broadcast signaling l1 overload indication
01/20/11Systems and methods for resource allocation serving communication requirements and fairness
01/20/11Constructing very high throughput short training field sequences
01/20/11Handoff between base stations of different protocol revisions in a cdma system
01/20/11Constructing very high throughput long training field sequences
01/20/11Systems and methods for providing resource allocation meeting communication constraints for multi-hop network data flows
01/20/11Generating and implementing a communication protocol and interface for high data rate signal transfer
01/20/11Systems and methods for improving channel estimation
01/20/11I/q imbalance estimation and compensation for a transmitter and a receiver
01/20/11Wireless provisioning solution for target devices
01/20/11User equipment and base station behavior in response to an overload indicator
01/20/11Antenna array isolation for a multiple channel communication system
01/20/11Header compression for tunneled ipsec packet
01/20/11Automatic interafacing between a master device and object device
01/13/11System and/or method for reducing ambiguities in received sps signals
01/13/11Portable device with versatile keyboard
01/13/11Methods and apparatus for detecting identifiers
01/13/11Multiple peer-to-peer signaling
01/13/11Multiple peer-to-peer signaling
01/13/11Sleep mode design for coexistence manager
01/13/11Method and apparatus for event prioritization and arbitration in a multi-radio device
01/13/11Frequency tracking loop for wireless communications
01/13/11Method and apparatus for ois protection in a wireless communication system
01/13/11Methods and systems for effective handover between base stations
01/13/11Method for directional association
01/13/11Non-zero rounding and prediction mode selection techniques in video encoding
01/13/11Non-zero rounding and prediction mode selection techniques in video encoding
01/13/11Different weights for uni-directional prediction and bi-directional prediction in video coding
01/13/11Spur cancellation in a digital baseband transmit signal using cancelling tones
01/13/11Systems, methods, apparatus, and computer-readable media for adaptive active noise cancellation
01/13/11Image data compression involving sub-sampling of luma and chroma values
01/13/11Adjustable transmitter for privacy protection of content broadcast from a transmitting device to a receiving device
01/13/11Resolution algorithms for multi-radio coexistence
01/13/11Reducing interference with a multiple format channel in a communication system
01/13/11Using lo shifting to prevent a local transceiver from interfering with an fm radio
01/13/11Method and apparatus for assigning priorities to composite events
01/13/11Connectivity dependent application security for remote devices
01/13/11Apparatus and method for receiving packet data on a subset of carrier frequencies in a wireless communication system
01/13/11Channel allocations in a communications system
01/06/11Sensor in battery
01/06/11High speed divide-by-two circuit
01/06/11Mixer-transconductance interface
01/06/11Carrier phase processing in discontinuous satellite positioning system tracking
01/06/11Multiuser scheduling in wlan systems
01/06/11System and method for avoiding and resolving conflicts in a wireless mobile display digital interface multicast environment
01/06/11Apparatus and methods for digital-to-analog conversion with vector quantization
01/06/11Transmitter quieting and null data encoding
01/06/11Coding latency reductions during transmitter quieting
01/06/11Transmitter quieting and different encoding rates for portions of a set of frames
01/06/11Template matching for video coding
01/06/11Transmitter quieting and reduced rate encoding
01/06/11Transmitter quieting during spectrum sensing
01/06/11Transmitter coverage identification using a continuous wave tone
01/06/11Synchronization transmissions in a wireless communication system
01/06/11Low power lo distribution using a frequency-multiplying subharmonically injection-locked oscillator
01/06/11Scheduled downloads: enabling background processes to receive broadcast data
01/06/11Temperature compensating adaptive voltage scalers (avss), systems, and methods

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