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Qualcomm Mems Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Qualcomm Mems Technologies Inc. Qualcomm Mems Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Qualcomm Mems Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Qualcomm Mems Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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05/04/17Transducer with piezoelectric, conductive and dielectric membrane
03/30/17Etendue-preserving light coupling system having light output aperture smaller than light input aperture
03/30/17Illumination system with overlapping light guiding units
03/30/17Stochastic temporal dithering for color display devices
03/23/17Pixel capacitance measurement
03/23/17Driver circuits with shared node
03/16/17Electromechanical systems device with segmented electrodes and thin film transistors for increasing stable range
12/15/16Electromechanical systems device with hinges for reducing tilt instability
12/01/16System and method to achieve a desired white point in display devices by combining complementary tinted native white colors
12/01/16System and method to achieve a desired white point in display devices by combining a tinted native white color with a complementary primary color
11/10/16Frontlight system with multiple angle light-turning features
10/27/16Illumination structure for use with frontlight
10/27/16Conduit for coupling light source into thin waveguide film
10/13/16Pre-release encapsulation of electromechanical system devices
10/06/16Methods and systems of allocating application functions to motion-correlated devices
09/22/16Interferometric modulator mirror design without metal layer in the hinge
09/15/16Driver circuit with reduced leakage
08/25/16Display drive scheme without reset
08/25/16Tunnel thin film transistor with hetero-junction structure
08/11/16Integrated diffuser with variable-index microlens layer
08/11/16Creep resistant reflective structure in mems display
08/04/16System and method to adjust displayed primary colors based on illumination
07/28/16Tin based p-type oxide semiconductor and thin film transistor applications
07/21/16Device encapsulation using a dummy cavity
07/21/16System and primary-matched color gamut mapping
07/14/16Method and system for writing data to mems display elements
07/07/16Dot inversion layout
06/30/16Atomic layer deposition of p-type oxide semiconductor thin films
05/26/16Embossed frontlight systems and methods of forming same
05/26/16Launch control of movable layer in electromechanical devices
05/05/16Temperature sensor using on-glass diodes
05/05/16Ledge-free display
04/28/16Spatial light modulator with integrated optical compensation structure
04/14/16Asymmetrical light-turning features
04/14/16Triaxial lattice array of interferometric modulator pixels
04/07/16Microbolometer supported by glass substrate
03/24/16Laser annealing technique for metal oxide tft
02/11/16Light extracting diffusive hologram for display illumination
02/11/16Illumination device with metalized light-turning features
01/28/16System and illuminating interferometric modulator display
01/28/16System and illuminating interferometric modulator display
01/28/16Content update from a display driver in mobile applications
01/14/16Microlens color shift control
01/07/16Driver output stage
12/10/15Absorber stack for multi-state interferometric modulators
12/10/15System and vector error diffusion
12/03/15Protection of thin film transistors in a display element array from visible and ultraviolet light
12/03/15Display panel drivers
12/03/15Systems, devices, and methods for driving an analog interferometric modulator utilizing dc common with reset
12/03/15Robust driver with multi-level output
12/03/15Fabrication of transistor with high density storage capacitor
12/03/15Electrostatic discharge mitgation in display devices
10/22/15Voltage controlled microlens sheet
10/22/15Optical loss structure integrated in an illumination apparatus
10/08/15Error-diffusion based temporal dithering for color display devices
10/08/15Charge recycling driver output stage
10/01/15Flexible ems device using organic materials
10/01/15Ems device having a non-electrically active absorber
10/01/15Ems device having flexible support posts
09/17/15Interferometric modulator with dual absorbing layers
09/10/15Method of patterning pillars
08/06/15Stacked lateral overlap transducer (slot) based three-axis accelerometer
07/23/15Integrating color filters into frontlight for reflective display
07/23/15Multi-state interferometric modulator with large stable range of motion
07/23/15Optical touch device with pixilated light-turning features
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06/18/15Mems encapsulation by multilayer film lamination
06/18/15Frontlight diffuser with integrated black mask
06/18/15Illumination device having a tapered light guide
06/18/15Illumination device having a tapered light guide
05/14/15Light redirection hologram for reflective displays
04/23/15Closed loop dynamic capacitance measurement
04/23/15Dot inversion configuration
04/23/15Spatio-temporal vector screening for color display devices
04/23/15Embedded surface diffuser
04/16/15Region-dependent color mapping for reducing visible artifacts on halftoned displays
04/09/15Illumination device with spaced-apart diffractive media
04/09/15Nozzle design for improved distribution of reactants for large format substrates
04/09/15Nozzle designs for distribution of reactants across substrates
04/02/15Semiconductor device with via bar
03/26/15Constrained color palette for multi-primary display devices
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03/26/15Method and system for reducing power consumption in a display
03/12/15Photoconductive optical touch
03/12/15Display element reset using polarity reversal
03/12/15Optical fiber array for achieving constant color off-axis viewing
03/05/15Method and system for accessing media
02/19/15Stacked via structures and methods of fabrication
02/12/15Metal-insulator-metal capacitors on glass substrates
02/05/15System and providing positive and negative voltages with a single inductor
02/05/15Integration of a coil and a discontinuous magnetic core
01/22/15Multi-state interferometric modulator with color attenuator
12/18/14Systems, devices, and methods for driving an interferometric modulator
12/04/14Ultrasonic sensor with bonded piezoelectric layer
12/04/14Analog interferometric modulator color calibration
11/27/14Processing for electromechanical systems and equipment for same
09/18/14Sun-tracking photovoltaic solar concentrator panel
09/18/14Near-field optical sensing system
09/18/14Backplate interconnect with integrated passives
09/18/14Zero current switching with a secondary energy storage capacitor in a solar inverter
09/18/14Combined optical touch and gesture sensing
09/18/14Color performance of imods
09/18/14Method and verifying display element state
09/18/14Active capacitor circuit for display voltage stabilization
09/18/14Methods and systems for driving segment lines in a display
09/18/14Electromechanical systems device with segmented electrodes
09/18/14Microbolometer supported by glass substrate
09/18/14Imaging method and system with optical pattern generator
09/18/14Thin illumination system
09/18/14Comprehensive framework for adaptive touch-signal de-noising/filtering to optimize touch performance
09/11/14Large area photovoltaic energy-collecting window/skylight
09/11/14Gesture based commands
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09/11/14Methods and color rendering
09/04/14High density, low loss 3-d through-glass inductor with magnetic core
08/28/14Annulus scattering diffuser for display with reflective surface
08/14/14Apparatus and methods for subtractive color imaging detection
08/14/14Interferometric optical modulator with broadband reflection characteristics
08/14/14Reduced metamerism spectral color processing for multi-primary display devices
08/07/14Integrated front light solution
08/07/14Image-dependent temporal slot determination for multi-state imods
08/07/14Matching layer thin-films for an electromechanical systems reflective display device
08/07/14Devices and methods for achieving non-contacting white state in interferometric modulators
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07/31/14Metal oxide layer composition control by atomic layer deposition for thin film transistor
07/31/14Layer for reduced charge migration between mems layers
07/31/14Systems, devices, and methods for driving an analog interferometric modulator
07/24/14Optical sensing interface with modulation gratings
07/17/14Methods and reduced low-tone half-tone pattern visibility
07/17/14Method for generating a point light source in a plane at an arbitrary location using a dynamic hologram
07/10/14Device and rendering content to multiple displays
07/10/14System for reuse of touch panel and controller by a secondary display
07/10/14System and method to display contextual information on a handheld device having a secondary ambient display
07/10/14Controlling movable layer shape for electromechanical systems devices
07/10/14Adaptive temporal dither scheme for display devices
07/10/14Device having a conductive light absorbing mask and fabricating same
06/26/14High flow xef2 canister
06/26/14Adjustable coil for inductively coupled plasma
06/26/14Laser encapsulation of multiple dissimilar devices on a substrate
06/19/14Motion compensated video halftoning
06/19/14Pixel actuation voltage tuning
06/12/14Solar radiation filter and electric power generator
06/12/14Tri-functional light and energy generating panel system
06/12/14Dynamic adaptive illumination control for field sequential color mode transitions
06/12/14Solar energy harvesting skylights and windows with integrated illumination
06/12/14Field-sequential color mode transitions
05/29/14Adhesive metal nitride on glass and related methods
05/29/14Patterned illumination scanning display
05/29/14In-plane mems varactor
05/22/14Methods and interpolating colors
05/15/14Real-time compensation for blue shift of electromechanical systems display devices
05/08/14Selective tuning of acoustic devices
05/08/14Color performance and image quality using field sequential color (fsc) together with single-mirror imods
05/01/14Distortion correction for visual objects in motion
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05/01/14Electromechanical systems display device including a movable absorber and a movable reflector assembly
04/24/14Composite dilation mode resonators
04/17/14Transparent antennas on a display device
04/17/14Backplate electrode sensor
04/17/14Through substrate via inductors
04/17/14Transparent antennas on a display device
04/10/14Movable layer design for stress control and stiffness reduction
04/10/14Ear position and gesture detection with mobile device
04/03/14Electromechanical systems device with protrusions to provide additional stable states
03/13/14Apparatus and methods for physical vapor deposition
03/13/14Autostereoscopic display with preconvergence
03/13/14Imod pixel architecture for improved fill factor, frame rate and stiction performance
03/13/14Linear color separation for multi-primary output devices
03/13/14Analog interferometric modulator
03/06/14Electromechanical systems device
03/06/14Conductive bus structure for interferometric modulator array
02/13/14Micromachined piezoelectric x-axis gyroscope
02/13/14Boron nitride antistiction films and methods for forming same
02/13/14Display element change detection for selective line update
02/06/14Hybrid filter including lc- and mems-based resonators
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02/06/14Channel waveguide system for sensing touch and/or gesture
02/06/14Incorporation of passives and fine pitch through via for package on package
02/06/14Passives via bar
02/06/14Thin film stack with surface-conditioning buffer layers and related methods
02/06/14Interferometric modulator with improved primary colors
02/06/14Low-profile led heat management system
01/30/14Multi-gate thin-film transistor
01/30/14Complex passive design with special via implementation
01/30/14Display system with thin film encapsulated inverted imod
01/30/14Devices and methods for protecting electromechanical device arrays
01/30/14Interferometric modulators as dual function electro-optic and electro-acoustic devices
01/16/14Micromachined piezoelectric x-axis gyroscope
01/09/14Cavity liners for electromechanical systems devices
01/09/14Annulus scattering diffuser for reflective display
01/02/14Illumination systems incorporating a light guide and a reflective structure and related methods
01/02/14Mems device encapsulation with corner or edge seals
01/02/14Low-profile lighting system
12/26/13Beam pattern projector with modulating array of light sources
12/26/13Efficient spatially modulated illumination system
12/19/13Micromachined piezoelectric z-axis gyroscope
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12/19/13Integration of thin film switching device with electromechanical systems device
12/19/13Removal of molybdenum
12/19/13Analog imod having high fill factor
12/19/13N2 purged o-ring for chamber in chamber ald system
12/12/13Diffusers for different color display elements
12/12/13Diffuser including particles and binder
12/05/13Photovoltaic power generating window
12/05/13Method of manufacturing a photovoltaic power generating window
12/05/13Optical touch input device with embedded light turning features
12/05/13Charge pump for producing display driver output
12/05/13System and sensing actuation and release voltages of interferometric modulators
12/05/13System and sensing actuation and release voltages of interferometric modulators
12/05/13Frontlight device with integrated electrical wiring
11/28/13Full range gesture system
11/28/13Display with selective line updating and polarity inversion
11/21/13Using a piezo-electric layer to mitigate stiction of a movable element
11/07/13Three-dimensional multilayer solenoid transformer
11/07/13High quality factor planar inductors
11/07/13Transparent through-glass via
11/07/13Grey scale electromechanical systems display device
11/07/13Voltage biased pull analog interferometric modulator with charge injection control
11/07/13Apparatus for positioning interferometric modulator based on programmable mechanical forces
10/31/13Multi-beam light engine
10/31/13Voltage controlled microlens sheet
10/31/13Light fixtures and installation methods thereof
10/31/13Array illumination system
10/24/13Two- and three-substrate level processes for producing evanescent mode electromagnetic wave cavity resonators
10/24/13Touchscreen with bridged force-sensitive resistors
10/24/13Metal-insulator-metal capacitors on glass substrates
10/24/13Isotropically-etched cavities for evanescent-mode electromagnetic-wave cavity resonators
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10/24/13Topped-post designs for evanescent-mode electromagnetic-wave cavity resonators
10/24/13Light guide with narrow angle light output and methods
10/24/13Illumination systems and methods
10/24/13Illumination systems and methods
10/24/13In-plane resonator structures for evanescent-mode electromagnetic-wave cavity resonators
10/24/13Illumination systems and methods
10/17/13Color performance of reflective-displays using environmental spectral sensing
10/17/13Integrated ambient light sensor
10/10/13Multi-state imod with rgb absorbers
10/10/13Content-preserving screen saver
10/10/13Lighting device
10/03/13Light guide with internal light recirculation
09/26/13Functional back glass for a solar panel
09/26/13Multi-level stochastic dithering with noise mitigation via sequential template averaging
09/26/13Controller and driver features for display
09/19/13Optical stack for clear to mirror interferometric modulator
09/19/13Display device including clear to mirror interferometric modulator
09/19/13High capacitance density metal-insulator-metal capacitors
09/19/13Low cost interposer fabricated with additive processes
09/12/13Piezoelectric resonator with airgap
08/29/13Hybrid wedge shaped/microstructured light collector
08/29/13Electromechanical systems device
08/29/13Color mapping interpolation based on lighting conditions
08/22/13Methods of manufacturing illumination systems
08/22/13Phase delay to avoid blade tip collision in rotating blades signage
08/22/13Flash illumination system
08/08/13Lampshade with tapered light guide
08/01/13System and choosing display modes
08/01/13Analog imod having a color notch filter

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