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 new patent  Authentication-free configuration for service controllers

Embodiments generally relate to out-of-band management of a computing system. The present technology discloses enable a primary service controller to provide a centralized configuration of multiple secondary service controllers so that they can share a same configuration. It can utilize an authentication-free protocol to modify and manage credentials for a... Quanta Computer Inc

Disposable ear probe cover for the same, and ear probe cover set

A disposable ear probe cover includes a light-transmissive cover body, a flange and a spacer member. The flange is formed on the light-transmissive cover body to surround an opening end of the light-transmissive cover. The spacer member is formed on the light-transmissive cover body. Therefore, when the disposable ear probe... Quanta Computer Inc

Computer device and hot swappable fan module thereof

A hot swappable fan module includes an outer frame, a cooling fan, a fixing element, and a light guide assembly. The cooling fan is located on one side of the outer frame. The fixing element is operable to fix the outer frame and the cooling fan. The light guide assembly... Quanta Computer Inc

Hard drive carrier with reduced airflow-induced vibrations

A hard drive disk carrier for reducing airflow-induced vibration of a hard disk drive includes a bracket assembly configured to removably secure the hard disk drive to a receiving component within an enclosure. The bracket assembly is configured for substantially exposing major surfaces of the hard drive to yield exposed... Quanta Computer Inc

Rotatable mounting bracket on chassis

A mounting bracket for mounting server/switch chassis to a rack is provided. The mounting bracket includes a mounting flange, a member portion connected to a server/switch chassis, a pivoting mechanism connecting the member portion and the mounting flange, where the mounting flange pivots along the pivoting mechanism to move from... Quanta Computer Inc

Server rack system and bidirectional power inlet

A server device is provided. The server device includes a chassis with a containing space, first and second openings. The first and second openings are located at two opposite ends of the containing space. The chassis includes a motherboard module in the containing space; a power-supply module disposed in the... Quanta Computer Inc

Touchpad supporting structure for supporting touchpad

Described herein is a structure for supporting a touchpad, including: a frame body having an upper and lower surfaces and an opening, in which the opening including a main edge and an adjacent side edge, wherein the side edge has an indention; a supporting component for supporting the touchpad in... Quanta Computer Inc

Battery device, electronic device and protecting a battery device

A battery device includes at least a battery cell, a management chip and a bus. The management chip is coupled to the battery cell for detecting voltage or remaining capacity of the battery cell and managing an operation state of the battery device according to the voltage or the remaining... Quanta Computer Inc

Head-mounted display device

A head-mounted display device includes a wearable device, a display mainframe and a pivoting mechanism. The display mainframe includes a cover body and a display-receiving portion connected to one side of the cover body. The cover body is provided with a light transmissive area and an accommodation area in which... Quanta Computer Inc

Hard drive tray device

A hard drive tray device applied in a server is provided. The server includes a housing. The hard drive tray device includes a rail member and a tray. The rail member is disposed at the inner wall of the housing. The tray is slidably engaged with the rail member so... Quanta Computer Inc

Modularized server

A modularized server comprises a rack, a switching mechanism, and a removable electronic device. The rack comprises a first slot and a second slot. The switching mechanism is disposed on the rack. When the removable electronic device is inserted into the first slot, the removable electronic device is operable to... Quanta Computer Inc

Linear-based eulerian motion modulation

In an embodiment, a method converts two images to a transform representation in a transform domain. For each spatial position, the method examines coefficients representing a neighborhood of the spatial position that is spatially the same across each of the two images. The method calculates a first vector in the... Quanta Computer Inc

Anti-snore devices

An anti-snore device includes a headrest, a snoring detector, an inflator, and a pressure detector. The headrest includes a first airbag and a second airbag. The snoring detector detects snore information to transmit an enable signal. The inflator inflates the first airbag or the second airbag according to the enable... Quanta Computer Inc

Systems and methods for sharing information about product materials

A system for sharing information about product materials, including a database, a part-analyzing module, a part-searching module, and a disclosure-rate calculating module. The database includes a first sub-database corresponding to an enterprise and a second sub-database corresponding to a first supplier. The first sub-database stores information of a plurality of... Quanta Computer Inc

Mobile device

A mobile device includes a ground plane, a first antenna, a second antenna, a first metal element, and a second metal element. The first antenna has a first feeding point coupled to a first signal source. The second antenna has a second feeding point coupled to a second signal source.... Quanta Computer Inc

Cooling system for streamlined airflow

A cooling system includes a fan and a system component. The fan includes a plurality of fan blades and configured to rotate in a fan direction. The system component is located downstream of the fan, and includes a cutout for passing of airflow from the fan, and a bridge spanning... Quanta Computer Inc

Riser card

An apparatus having a first interface of a first type supporting a plurality of data ports, a second interface of a second type supporting at least a portion of the plurality data ports, and a third interface of the second type. The apparatus also including a switching module coupled to... Quanta Computer Inc

Indoor positioning system and method thereof

An indoor positioning method for use in an indoor positioning system is provided. The indoor positioning system includes beacon devices, a mobile device, and a positioning server. The method includes the steps of: utilizing the mobile device to receive a positioning signal from each beacon device and determine distance information... Quanta Computer Inc

Virtual chassis management controller

A system for chassis management includes a plurality of motherboards of a chassis, a plurality of baseboard management controllers (BMCs), and at least one chassis level component. Each of the plurality of BMCs is associated with one of the plurality of motherboards. The plurality of BMCs are interconnected via a... Quanta Computer Inc

Individual front hot-pluggable power suppy unit with cable routing

Server rack assembly having a chassis and two or more power supply units configured to be received within the chassis. Each power supply unit configured to be coupled with a power distribution unit by a power cord and having an aperture formed on a front surface to receive the power... Quanta Computer Inc

Remote keyboard-video-mouse technologies

Technologies for remote keyboard-video-mouse sessions can include failover mechanisms. In some embodiments, a system can establish a first remote keyboard-video-mouse session between a console application on the system and a first server application executed by a controller on a server. The first remote keyboard-video-mouse session can be established via a... Quanta Computer Inc

Portable electronic devices and operating methods thereof

A portable electronic device includes a three-axis acceleration sensor, a touch-sensing module, a processor, and a display screen. The three-axis acceleration sensor outputs a first sensing signal according to the state of motion. The touch-sensing module generates a touch-sensing signal according to the touch action of a touching object. The... Quanta Computer Inc

Electronic device

An electronic device includes a battery module, a first switch circuit, a connector, a voltage stabilizer and a controller circuit. The controller circuit is coupled to the connector and the first switch circuit. A configuration channel is implemented between the controller circuit and the connector. When a voltage of the... Quanta Computer Inc

Flexible nvme drive management solution

In some embodiments, a system for flexible non-volatile memory express drive management can include a first controller including a first drive register and a second drive register, a first processor communicatively coupled with the first drive register via a first serial bus, and a second processor communicatively coupled with the... Quanta Computer Inc

Two rack unit chassis and low profile tool-less hard drive carrier

Disclosed is a two rack unit chassis and low profile tool-less hard disk drive carrier (HDD). The two rack chassis including a plurality of HDD bays and a backplane including a plurality of connectors corresponding to the plurality of bays, each bay configured to receive a low profile tool-less carrier.... Quanta Computer Inc

Server rack power management

A method for power management by a rack management controller (RMC) of a server rack includes collecting power consumption data from a first baseboard management controller (BMC) of a first server in the server rack and sending the power consumption data to a management server. The RMC receives power requirements... Quanta Computer Inc

Systems and methods for flexible hdd/ssd storage support

Various examples of the present technology provide systems and methods for incorporating a switch card and adapter cards in a server system to provide flexible HDD and SSD supports. More specifically, a server system comprises a switch card having at least two different types of interfaces (e.g., a Serial Attached... Quanta Computer Inc

Dynamic pcie switch reconfiguration mechanism

A system and method for dynamic reconfiguration of at least one peripheral bus switch of a system includes a management controller that detects whether a server system is connected to each peripheral bus slot of the system. The management controller selects a peripheral bus switch topology for the at least... Quanta Computer Inc

Flexible configuration server system

A flexible server configuration system includes a connector array including a plurality of slots and a first jumper board configured to removably engage with the connector array by connecting to a first set of consecutive slots from the plurality of slots. The first jumper board is configured to disengage and... Quanta Computer Inc

System with fresh air flow toward downstream components for cooling

The present technology provides a system for supplying fresh air to downstream components. The system comprises a housing with a first end and a second end, a first plurality of partitions disposed in the housing, and a second plurality of partitions disposed in the housing. The housing comprises a base... Quanta Computer Inc

Smart plug node management

In the maintenance of rack system, a computing device may implement a plurality of smart plugs and a communication bus in a system. A smart plug may be plugged into a server node for communication between a management node and a designated server node. The communication bus may be coupled... Quanta Computer Inc

System and reducing management ports of a multiple node chassis system

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage devices for reducing the amount of management ports (and associated cabling) for a top-of-rack server environment. Whereas other server management configurations have cabling connecting each node in multiple multi-node chassis in a server rack to a top-of-rack, systems configured as described herein designate a single... Quanta Computer Inc

Methods and systems for analyzing record and usage in post package repair

Various examples of the present technology provide systems and methods for tracking PPR usage in dual in-line memory modules (DIMMs) of a server system. BIOS of the server system can check a record of the PPR usage before conduct a PPR flow and send a usage status of spare row(s)... Quanta Computer Inc

Mobile device

A mobile device includes a metal cavity, a dielectric substrate, and a feeding element. A slot is formed on a side wall of the metal cavity. The dielectric substrate is disposed in the metal cavity. The feeding element is disposed on the dielectric substrate, and is electrically connected to a... Quanta Computer Inc

Electronic device

An electronic device is provided, including a housing having a side wall, a display panel, a push latch, a video/audio transceiver, and an elastic member, wherein the display panel is disposed in the housing. The push latch is fixed on the housing. The video/audio transceiver is movably disposed in the... Quanta Computer Inc

10/12/17 / #20170293325

Component carrier

A component carrier with a tray, a slide cage, a level, and a tilting mechanism. The tray has a bottom surface with a groove formed therein. The slide cage is actuatably coupled with the tray and has a receiving space and an undercarriage. The lever is pivotally coupled with the... Quanta Computer Inc

10/12/17 / #20170295053

Virtualized rack management modules

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for managing nodes through virtual rack management modules. A system can have a first rack that includes a first top-of-rack (ToR) switch and a first group of nodes. The first ToR switch can be connected to the first group of nodes. The system can also... Quanta Computer Inc

10/05/17 / #20170285728

System and smart power clamping of a redundant power supply

Systems, methods, and non-transitory computer-readable storage media for smart power clamping of a redundant power supply. A system configured according to this disclosure can measure, at a baseboard management controller, a system power consumption which indicates total power being delivered by a first power supply unit and a second power... Quanta Computer Inc

09/21/17 / #20170268531

Engagement fan

An engagement fan includes a fan base, a cover plate and a fan base plate. The fan base has an opening at the bottom surface thereof. The rim of the opening is disposed with at least one engagement slot and at least one restricting protrusion. The cover plate covers the... Quanta Computer Inc

09/21/17 / #20170272919

Method for providing push-to-talk communication service in a wireless communications system

A method for providing push-to-talk communication service is provided. The method is used in a broadcast server and includes: receiving an invitation message from a calling device; broadcasting a plurality of push-to-talk invitation messages to a plurality of called devices identified in a group list associated with the calling device;... Quanta Computer Inc

09/14/17 / #20170258021

Hydroponic device

A hydroponic device includes a water tank, a drain pan, a hydroponic module and a light emitting diode module. The water tank delivers water to the drain pan via a drain pump. The water is then dispensed to each pot body of the hydroponic module. Each pot body includes an... Quanta Computer Inc

09/14/17 / #20170265332

Different hdd gap architecture to reduce upstream preheat for high-density storage

Systems, methods and computer-readable media for reducing upstream preheat for high-density hard disk drive storage. A system can include first and second rows of storage devices installed in a storage rack, the first and second rows having a first distance between consecutive storage devices. The second row can be located... Quanta Computer Inc

09/07/17 / #20170255583

Scalable pooled nvme storage box

Various examples of the present technology provide a cluster-architecture to support a scalable pooled-NVMe storage box that can be shared among a scalable number of nodes. The scalable pooled-NVMe storage box comprises NVMe drives, one or more switches and one or more switch ports. The number of NVMe drives in... Quanta Computer Inc

08/31/17 / #20170248998

Method and system for boosting power supply

Various embodiments of the present technology provide methods for boosting a voltage differential of an energy storage by using a boost component, determining a server system being switched to a boost mode, and discharging the energy storage to provide additional power supplies to the server system during the boost mode.... Quanta Computer Inc

08/24/17 / #20170242758

Hardware recovery systems

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for hardware recovery are disclosed. In some examples, a system can detect a hardware error and identify a system component associated with the hardware error. The system can then generate a request configured to trigger an operating system of the system to place the... Quanta Computer Inc

08/24/17 / #20170244640

Offloading of management controller traffic

A system for offloading management controller traffic includes a data port, an out-of-band port, and a leaf switch. The leaf switch includes a switch application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) and an unmanaged chip directly connected to the switch ASIC. The switch ASIC is configured to direct data traffic to the data... Quanta Computer Inc

08/24/17 / #20170245399

Optimized and intelligent fan control mechanism inside rack system

Disclosed are a system, method, and computer-readable medium for optimizing a fan control system inside a rack system. In at least one example embodiment, the system can include a rack server with a plurality of chassis each having at least one node, each of the nodes including at least one... Quanta Computer Inc

08/17/17 / #20170235696

Chassis with lock mechanism

An apparatus may include a chassis that can receive a sled and a locking mechanism. The locking mechanism can mechanically lock the sled to the chassis to prevent a sudden power loss that can be caused from an unexpected removal of the sled from the chassis. To avoid a sudden... Quanta Computer Inc

08/10/17 / #20170228228

Remote launch of deploy utility

A method for remotely launching a deployment utility includes booting up a server and performing a power-on self-test (POST). The server determines a location of the deployment utility stored on a remote server. The server retrieves the deployment utility from the remote server, based on the location, and executes the... Quanta Computer Inc

08/10/17 / #20170229898

Charging device

A charging device is provided. The charging device includes a charging box and a power bank. The charging box includes a first battery, a first control module, a wireless charging transmission module, and a first wired charging connection module. The power bank includes a second battery, a second control module,... Quanta Computer Inc

08/03/17 / #20170220802

System and firmware verification

A system, method and computer-readable storage devices for providing protection mechanisms to a server motherboard prior to its booting. A system configured according to this would, upon receiving power at a motherboard, and prior to booting the motherboard: generate a nonce, send the nonce to a first component on the... Quanta Computer Inc

08/03/17 / #20170222458

Charging system

A charging system is provided, including a charging device and an electronic device. The charging device includes a housing, a metal connector, a power supply source electrically connected to the metal connector, a first magnetic member, and a second magnetic member. The electronic device includes a main body, a power... Quanta Computer Inc

08/03/17 / #20170222544

Electronic device and soft start module

An electronic device is provided. The electronic device includes a power supply module, a system load, a soft start unit, a unidirectional conducting unit and a connector. The system load is electrically coupled with the power supply module. The soft start unit is electrically coupled with the system load and... Quanta Computer Inc

07/27/17 / #20170210062

Substrate-bonding device and the same

A method of bonding substrates includes steps as follows. Providing a curved glass substrate and a flexible light-transmissive film; moving a roller to press the flexible light-transmissive film onto the curved glass substrate so that the flexible light-transmissive film matches a curvature of the curved glass substrate to gradually fit... Quanta Computer Inc

07/27/17 / #20170212561

Power supply unit fan management

In some implementations, a system controller of a computing device can be configured to obtain power supply unit (PSU) fan airflow direction information. The system controller is configured to retrieve t a pre-defined airflow direction of PSU fan, and to determine whether the current airflow direction of PSU fan is... Quanta Computer Inc

07/27/17 / #20170212858

System for switching between a single node pcie mode and a multi-node pcie mode

A system for switching between a high performance mode and dual path mode is disclosed. The system includes a first device, a second device, a third device, and a switch configured to receive control signals, and in response causing the switch to selectively couple one or more first lanes of... Quanta Computer Inc

07/27/17 / #20170214539

System and avoiding deadlock in transmission of broadcast traffic in a server system

A server system may include a plurality of internal hubs communicatively coupled to a plurality of server nodes. The plurality of internal hubs may communicate with an external hub to transmit broadcast traffic to reach a designated server node. A hub controller, a routing device coupled to the plurality of... Quanta Computer Inc

07/13/17 / #20170202111

Server system

A server system includes an enclosure, a first section, a motherboard section, a fan section, and a midplane board. The first section is disposed at a first end of the enclosure and includes at least one heat generating component. The motherboard section is disposed at a second end of the... Quanta Computer Inc

07/13/17 / #20170201346

Error-correcting code

An example method to decode an error-correcting code includes receiving a tuple including a seed and a coded packet over a communication channel, and based on the seed, reconstructing a set of pseudorandom coefficients used by an encoder to create the coded packet. The method also includes entering the set... Quanta Computer Inc

07/06/17 / #20170191292

Quick release latch

A latch having a support bracket having a guide slot formed in a bottom surface. A linkage at least partially received within the guide slot and a handle coupled to the linkage transitionable between an open position and a closed position. A pin releasably coupled to the linkage such that... Quanta Computer Inc

07/06/17 / #20170196107

Component quick release

An assembly bracket coupled to a component for locking and releasing the component with a latch of a component receiving module on a component board. The assembly bracket having a rotary hinge connected to a support bracket, a handle rotatable about the rotatory hinge between a retracted position and a... Quanta Computer Inc

06/29/17 / #20170185125

Electronic device

An electronic device includes a multi-input power system and a power management system. The multi-input power system is configured to combine a first power signal with a second power signal, and output a combined power signal. The power management system is configured to manage the combined power signal. The electronic... Quanta Computer Inc

06/29/17 / #20170185495

Manage power supply units and modularized automatic transfer switches

Various embodiments of the present technology provide systems and methods to pair each of a plurality power supply units (PSUs) of a server system with a corresponding one of a plurality of ATS modules. A failed ATS module or PSU can be detected and replaced without forcing a shutdown of... Quanta Computer Inc

06/22/17 / #20170177033

Positioning frame for a touch pad film and adhering a film to a touch pad

A method for adhering a film to a touch pad includes adhering a fixing bracket to a back surface of a touch pad, and aligning a plurality of screw holes of the fixing bracket with a plurality of the screw holes of a front cover of a system body, respectively,... Quanta Computer Inc

06/22/17 / #20170177036

Portable electronic device

A portable electronic device includes a display, a sliding track, a hinge, and a host. The display has a receiving groove. The sliding track is disposed in the display, and faces the receiving groove. The hinge is movably disposed on the sliding track, and located in the receiving groove. The... Quanta Computer Inc

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06/22/17 / #20170180850

Waterproof electronic device with pressure-equilibrium functions

A waterproof electronic device that is waterproof and has pressure-equilibrium functions is provided. The waterproof electronic device includes a housing, a microphone, an elastic element, and a waterproof element. The housing has a chamber and an acoustic hole communicating with the chamber. The microphone is disposed in the chamber. The... Quanta Computer Inc

06/22/17 / #20170180987

Method and system for combination wireless and smartcard authorization

A system, method, and non-transitory computer-readable medium for a combination wireless and smartcard login authentication is disclosed. The method discloses validating a smartcard to yield a validation and establishing, based on the validation, a wireless connection with a remote device. The method can further include receiving a smartcard passcode verifying... Quanta Computer Inc

06/22/17 / #20170181312

Reverse mount a rack-mounted systems

An apparatus for reverse mounting an electronic device in a server housing is provided. The apparatus includes a first bracket, a second bracket, and a coupling. The first bracket couples to the device body and extends outward from the device body toward a front rail of the server housing. The... Quanta Computer Inc

06/15/17 / #20170168730

System and storage area network management using serial attached scsi expander

This disclosure generally relate to remote management of a storage system. The present technology relates techniques that enable a new function of a SAS expander to provide scalable and efficient SAN management. By enabling a direct and separate interface for each storage system associated with a SAS expander, the present... Quanta Computer Inc

06/15/17 / #20170168851

System and managing bios setting configurations

A BIOS settings configuration may be stored in BIOS of a computer system. A default BIOS status may be set as a locked state. The BIOS status can be changed from the locked state to an unlocked state when an authentication request is received and when the received authentication information... Quanta Computer Inc

06/15/17 / #20170168943

Component carrier with converter board

A component carrier with a housing and a converter board disposed within the housing. The converter board including a U.2 connector, an M.2 connector configured to receive an M.2 solid state drive having a cache memory, and a capacitor. The capacitor provides backup power for a power loss protection system... Quanta Computer Inc

06/15/17 / #20170171023

Remote zone management of jbod systems

Various examples of the present technology provide a method for remotely controlling zone management of a storage system that comprises generating and initializing a network service for a remote device and a new thread for handing commands from the remote device, determining, for each port of a plurality of ports... Quanta Computer Inc

06/01/17 / #20170153660

Automatic clock configuration system

A method for automatic clock configurations is performed by a system having a host and a peripheral device. The host indicates on a first general-purpose input/output (GPIO) of a peripheral interface connecting the host and the peripheral device, whether the host supports a first clock configuration. The peripheral device receives... Quanta Computer Inc

06/01/17 / #20170154510

Smoke detection mechanism

Systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for detecting smoke in a computer system. The system detects smoke via a first smoke detector located at an airflow inlet of the system or a second smoke detector located at an airflow outlet of the system. Next, the system determines whether the smoke... Quanta Computer Inc

06/01/17 / #20170155198

Mobile device

A mobile device includes a metal back cover and a printed circuit board. The metal back cover has a slot. The printed circuit board includes a dielectric substrate, a first metal element, a second metal element, and via elements. The first metal element is disposed on a top surface of... Quanta Computer Inc

06/01/17 / #20170155560

Management systems for managing resources of servers and management methods thereof

A management method for management of resources of servers is provided, the method including the step of: collecting, by a resource status monitor, performance monitoring data of each resource within each of the servers and operation status data of a plurality of virtual machines within the servers; analyzing, by an... Quanta Computer Inc

06/01/17 / #20170155579

Centralized server switch management

A system for managing server switches includes a plurality of leaf switches, a plurality of spine switches connected to each of the plurality of leaf switches, and a switch manager. The switch manager is connected to the plurality of leaf switches and the plurality of spine switches, and is configured... Quanta Computer Inc

06/01/17 / #20170156238

Controlling air flow in a server rack

A method for controlling air flow in a server rack includes storing, by a switch, a connection table, the connection table comprising information for rack positions corresponding to switch ports of the switch. The switch obtains address information of at least one management controller corresponding to at least one device... Quanta Computer Inc

05/25/17 / #20170147059

Portable electronic systems

A portable electronic system is provided. The portable electronic system includes a wearable device and a host. The wearable device includes a connector and a magnetic-reed switch. The connector includes a first detection point. The host detects a voltage at the first detection point and a state of the magnetic-reed... Quanta Computer Inc

05/25/17 / #20170147062

Power control methods and electronic devices utilizing the same

A power control method for an electronic device including a built-in battery and detachably connected to an external adaptor, including: detecting whether the external adaptor is connected to the electronic device; obtaining information regarding the external adaptor when the external adaptor is connected to the electronic device; estimating a current... Quanta Computer Inc

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05/25/17 / #20170147453

Communication bus with baseboard management controller

A system and method of using a baseboard management controller (BMC) to detect a fault on a communication bus. The BMC is connected to and monitors the operation of the communication bus. The BMC automatically detects a communication bus hang and reports bus hang to the host. The BMC attempts... Quanta Computer Inc

05/18/17 / #20170141455

Mobile device

A mobile device includes an upper cover, a lower cover, a hinge element, a coupling element, and a feeding element. The upper cover has a first edge. The lower cover has a second edge. The hinge element is coupled between the first edge and the second edge. The coupling element... Quanta Computer Inc

05/11/17 / #20170131991

System and unified firmware managment

Embodiments generally relate to firmware management in a computing system. Disclosed are techniques that enable a unified firmware management for multiple embedded devices in a basic input/output system (BIOS) setup menu. By enabling a unified and comprehensive firmware update interface for multiple onboard embedded devices, the present technology can achieve... Quanta Computer Inc

05/11/17 / #20170134373

Trusted management controller firmware

A method for ensuring management controller firmware security, by a security manager of a computing device, includes storing a public key and raw identity data, and obtaining, from a management firmware for a management controller of the computing device, encrypted identity data. The security manager decrypts the encrypted identity data... Quanta Computer Inc

05/04/17 / #20170123884

Seamless automatic recovery of a switch device

Embodiments generally relate to automatic recovery of a computing system. The present technology discloses techniques that can enable an automatic detection and recovery of a switch device from system malfunctions. According to some embodiments, a watchdog timer can detect switch system malfunctions and send out signals to reset a switch... Quanta Computer Inc

05/04/17 / #20170123927

System and selective bios restoration

Embodiments generally relate to system firmware management in a computing system. Aspects of the embodiments enable a selective BIOS restoration process by storing and retrieving BIOS modification record in a storage device. By utilizing a relative inexpensive service controller, some embodiments herein can achieve a remote and efficient BIOS recovery... Quanta Computer Inc

05/04/17 / #20170123954

System and indicator light control of storage devices

Embodiments generally relate to status indicator control of a computing system. The present technology discloses techniques that enable sufficient and complex display patterns of indicators such as LEDs to interoperate states of storage devices including SSDs. Aspects of the present technology also relate to storage devices connected by a system... Quanta Computer Inc

05/04/17 / #20170126504

Dynamic resources planning mechanism based on cloud computing and smart device

A dynamic resource management method for remote management of resources of resources devices by a cloud server is provided. The method includes: detecting resource-using-statuses of the resource devices to generate using-load parameters for the resources devices according to the resource-using-statuses of the resources devices by control devices installed on the... Quanta Computer Inc

04/27/17 / #20170117623

Mobile device

A mobile device includes a housing, an antenna element, and a stylus. The stylus includes a metal portion. When the stylus is close to the antenna element, the metal portion resonates with the antenna element in an operation frequency band, so as to enhance the radiation efficiency of the antenna... Quanta Computer Inc

04/27/17 / #20170117813

Method and system for testing a power supply unit

Various embodiments of the present technology provide methods for testing one or more components of a power supply unit (PSU) of a server system to identify potential issues before the PSU actually fails. Some embodiments provide systems and methods for determining a value of a performance characteristic (e.g., a current,... Quanta Computer Inc

04/20/17 / #20170108912

Managing network wake-up commands

A method for managing network wake-up commands by a controller of a server includes receiving a system health data. The method includes receiving a network wake-up command from a network interface controller of the server. The method further includes the determining whether to wake-up the server based on the system... Quanta Computer Inc

04/20/17 / #20170109176

Iscsi based bare metal os image deployment and diskless boot

Various examples of the present technology provide a method for iSCSI based bare metal OS image deployment and diskless boot in a server system. In some examples, methods for iSCSI based bare metal OS image deployment and diskless boot in a server system comprise setting a boot order of a... Quanta Computer Inc

04/20/17 / #20170109235

Baseboard management controller recovery

A method for recovering a baseboard management controller (BMC) by determining, by a basic input/output system (BIOS), whether a BMC recovery mode is generated by a recovery mode jumper being triggered. The system performing the method can further install, if the recovery jumper is not triggered, a BMC firmware update... Quanta Computer Inc

04/20/17 / #20170109248

Sharing bus port by multiple bus hosts

A system for sharing a bus port includes a first bus host, a second bus host, a multiplexer configured to select either the first bus host or the second bus host to connect to a bus port, and a port detector configured to detect whether a peripheral is connected or... Quanta Computer Inc

04/20/17 / #20170109531

Security management for rack server system

Various embodiments of the present technology provide methods for activating a security module of a rack system prior to the loading of an operating system. The security module can be configured to examine server platform security, communicate with an administrator through a baseboard management controller (BMC), certify signatures of firmware... Quanta Computer Inc

04/20/17 / #20170111215

Diagnostic monitoring techniques for server systems

A device, such as a baseboard management controller, monitors a physical-layer device in a server and at least one network connector/cable connected to the physical-layer device, determines a status of the physical-layer device or a status of the at least one network connector/cable indicates at least one of a warning... Quanta Computer Inc

04/20/17 / #20170111346

System and low energy double authentication between mobile device and server nodes

Disclosed are systems, methods, and computer-readable storage media for Bluetooth low energy (BLE) double authentication between a mobile device and server nodes. A system using BLE authentication can receive at a mobile device, an identifier of a dongle attached to a server that enables wireless communication and can establish a... Quanta Computer Inc

04/20/17 / #20170111903

Data flow relay device and communication device

A data flow relay device includes a mobile communications device, a proprietary grand master and a transmitting and receiving device. The mobile communications device generates multiple wireless signals for communicating with a peer communications device and generates a clock signal and obtains information regarding a signal of a start phase... Quanta Computer Inc

04/13/17 / #20170105137

Method for reducing load by filtering out broadcast messages

Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for reducing load by filtering out broadcast messages. In some embodiments, a system may receive a broadcast message at a device at a first time. The system can monitor the device until a second time when a pre-determined number of broadcast messages have been received... Quanta Computer Inc

04/06/17 / #20170097003

Hybrid fan arrangement

A server rack assembly having a housing configured to receive at least one server sled. A first fan associated with the housing, the first fan having a first size and a second fan having a second size. The first fan and the second fan are operated at different speeds to... Quanta Computer Inc

04/06/17 / #20170099564

Transmission system using bluetooth low energy technique

A transmission system using the Bluetooth Low Energy is provided. The transmission system includes a broadcast device transmitting broadcast data, and a scanning device receiving the broadcast data and determining whether to execute a response action according to the broadcast data. The response action includes replying with request data to... Quanta Computer Inc

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