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Raytheon Company Company
Raytheon Company Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona
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Raytheon Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Raytheon Company. Raytheon Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Raytheon Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Raytheon Company, we're just tracking patents.

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Misregistration correction using non-pinhole camera model and non-linear scan equations


Misregistration correction using non-pinhole camera model and non-linear scan equations

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Count Application # Date Raytheon Company patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014033940711/20/14 new patent  Carbon nanotube blackbody film for compact, lightweight, and on-demand infrared calibration
22014034150511/20/14 new patent  Optical interconnect for rolling slip rings
32014033188911/13/14Apparatus for automated transfer of large-scale missile hardware
42014033294911/13/14Method for creating a selective solder seal interface for an integrated circuit cooling system
52014033337911/13/14Broadband power amplifier having high efficiency
62014033378311/13/14Misregistration correction using non-pinhole camera model and non-linear scan equations
72014033468611/13/14Misregistration correction
82014033545811/13/14Optical air slit and method for manufacturing optical air slits
92014032820511/06/14Method for indirect link characterization and quality measurement of a digital network
102014032822111/06/14Using selected bearer channels
112014031958610/30/14Photolithographic, thickness non-uniformity, compensation features for optical photolithographic semiconductor structure formation
122014032084310/30/14Time-multiplexed broadband and multi-filtered electro-optic sensor
132014032151410/30/14Synchronous data system and method for providing phase-aligned output data
142014032169710/30/14Kernel with iterative computation
152014032303810/30/14Intelligent communication mobile transponder
162014032474710/30/14Artificial continuously recombinant neural fiber network
172014031116610/23/14Cryocoolers with electronic cryostat flow controllers and related system and method
182014031216010/23/14Flight vehicles including scribed frangible seals and methods for the manufacture thereof
192014031271110/23/14Genset with integrated resistive loadbank management system and method
202014031356810/23/14Hyper-hemispherical beam angle magnifier
212014031421010/23/14X-ray cells and other components having gas cells with thermally-induced density gradients
222014031451410/23/14Reverse wedgelock device
232014030647310/16/14Robotic grabber and method of use
242014030685110/16/14Integrated antenna and antenna component
252014030864710/16/14Computer-based virtual trainer
262014030050810/09/14Coherent aggregation from multiple diverse sources on a single display
272014030280710/09/14Array antenna and related techniques
282014029223610/02/14Bidirectional motor driver low voltage power supply (lvps)
292014029255310/02/14Electromagnetic attenuating object and method of electromagnetic attenuation
302014029439910/02/14Laser relay for free space optical communications
312014028466109/25/14Monolithic integrated circuit (mmic) structure and method for forming such structure
322014026023609/18/14Wave energy concentration using water wave band gap structure with defect cavities
332014026071509/18/14Linear/rotary motion transforming device
342014026073709/18/14Rotary actuation mechanism
352014026282109/18/14Methods of etching carbon nanotube sheet material for electrical circuit and thin film thermal structure applications
362014026358009/18/14Temporary adhesive for component bonding
372014026398209/18/14Sensor including dielectric metamaterial microarray
382014026605409/18/14Energy storage peak shaving of electrical power for facilities
392014026675809/18/14Methods and apparatus for device detection in response to signal broadcast
402014026693409/18/14Multi-mode signal source
412014026695009/18/14Directive, instantaneous wide bandwidth antenna
422014026838309/18/14Reaction compensated tilt platform
432014026979909/18/14Diode driver for battery operated laser systems
442014026985609/18/14Rf puck
452014027036809/18/14Associating signal intelligence to objects via residual reduction
462014027036909/18/14Associating signal intelligence to objects via residual reduction
472014027074909/18/14Free-space optical network with agile beam-based protection switching
482014027080209/18/14Quantum synchronization for classical distributed systems
492014027092709/18/14Remote antenna deployment latch
502014027211309/18/14Gum rosin protective coating and methods of use
512014027821409/18/14Frequency difference of arrival (fdoa) for geolocation
522014027980909/18/14Data broker reasoner
532014028177909/18/14Iterative kalman filtering
542014025112309/11/14Unmanned range-programmable airburst weapon system for automated tracking and prosecution of close-in targets
552014025320009/11/14Link path delay estimator that combines coarse and fine delay estimates
562014025354309/11/14Performance prediction for generation of point clouds from passive imagery
572014025399909/11/14Compact internal field of view switch and pupil relay
582014025684009/11/14Carbon nanotube (cnt) materials having increased thermal and electrical conductivity
592014024625709/04/14Robotic mobile low-profile transport vehicle
602014024654409/04/14Thermal management system and method for space and air-borne sensors
612014024708809/04/14Minimizing power consumption in asynchronous dataflow architectures
622014024737209/04/14Foveated imaging system and method
632014024747809/04/14Infrared camouflage textile
642014024747909/04/14Molded dichroic mirror and method of manufacture thereof
652014025031309/04/14Minimizing power consumption in asynchronous dataflow architectures
662014023863108/28/14Rf aperture coldplate
672014024005608/28/14Symmetric baluns and isolation techniques
682014024055808/28/14Gain and level correction of multi-tap ccd cameras
692014024082008/28/14Afocal telescope for back-scanned imagery
702014024138708/28/14Multiple-current-source laser diode driver system
712014024163308/28/14Rapid detection
722014024163908/28/14Reduction of cfar false alarms via classification and segmentation of sar image clutter
732014024505808/28/14Multi-processor system and method for internal time synchronization and event scheduling of multiple processors
742014024544908/28/14System, method, and software for cyber threat analysis
752014023151408/21/14Short-wave infrared based scope
762014023157608/21/14Multi-mode seekers including focal plane array assemblies operable in semi-active laser and image guidance modes
772014023165008/21/14Digitally scanned multi-cell electro-optic sensor
782014023165208/21/14Semi-active laser (sal) beacon
792014023172708/21/14Solid solution-based nanocomposite optical ceramic materials
802014023187008/21/14Semiconductor structure having silicon devices, column iii-nitride devices, and column iii-non-nitride or column ii-vi devices
812014023258108/21/14Reconstruction of sparse frequency spectrum from ambiguous under-sampled time domain data
822014023259008/21/14Sar image formation
832014023320108/21/14Carrier board for attachment of integrated circuit to circuit board
842014023379108/21/14Synthetic aperture radar map aperture annealing and interpolation
852014023386208/21/14Local area processing using packed distribution functions
862014023646508/21/14Connecting user actions on a touchscreen electronic flight strip system
872014023701108/21/14Random number generator for generating truly random numbers
882014022414208/14/14Shock hardened initiator and initiator assembly
892014022452508/14/14Dummy structure for visual aid in printed wiring board etch inspection
902014022478108/14/14Ergonomic armrests for use with hotplate
912014022492108/14/14Air vehicle with bilateral steering thrusters
922014022626308/14/14Load spreading interposer
932014022668808/14/14Multiple output diode driver with independent current control and output current modulation
942014022696808/14/14Multiple access point laser communications terminal
952014022952208/14/14System for organizing, managing and running enterprise-wide scans
962014022986108/14/14Map collaboration
972014021593608/07/14Friction damping mechanism for damped beams and other structures
982014021608808/07/14Aircraft thermal management system for cooling using expendable coolants
992014021623608/07/14Bomb rack lock
1002014021823108/07/14Enhanced radar range resolution
1012014021825308/07/14Stacked bowtie radiator with integrated balun
1022014021874908/07/14Sparse aperture optical alignment and related methods
1032014021886608/07/14Leadless chip carrier thermal adapter for dewar packaging
1042014021956908/07/14Image recognition system and method for identifying similarities in different images
1052014020892707/31/14Payload deployment system and method
1062014021052007/31/14Low power low voltage differential driver
1072014021154807/31/14Low power static random access memory
1082014021312607/31/14Unmanned underwater vehicle
1092014020436107/24/14Laser range finding
1102014020508907/24/14Differential encryption
1112014020537007/24/14Vehicle having a nanocomposite optical ceramic dome
1122014020617307/24/14Method for processing semiconductors using a combination of electron beam and optical lithography
1132014020770907/24/14Predictive information transmission
1142014020772007/24/14Asynchronous explanation and propagation-based constraint solving
1152014020804307/24/14Synchronizing parallel applications in an asymmetric multi-processing system
1162014019674507/17/14Removing biofouling from a protected surface in a liquid environment
1172014019727007/17/14Air vehicle with control surfaces and vectored thrust
1182014019789107/17/14Integrated circuit chip temperature sensor
1192014019886407/17/14Polynomial phases for multi-carrier modulation schemes with time domain windowing
1202014019974407/17/14Algal cell lysis and lipid extraction using electromagnetic radiation-excitable metallic nanoparticles
1212014019182207/10/14Transmission line phase shifter
1222014019241407/10/14Variable length light shield for an electro-optical sensor within a nose cone
1232014019323607/10/14Power producing device with control mechanism
1242014019394807/10/14Integrated bondline spacers for wafer level packaged circuit devices
1252014019553507/10/14Methods and apparatuses for providing and displaying cluster data
1262014018290107/03/14Room temperature low contact pressure method
1272014018330707/03/14Multi-stage thermal isolator for focal plane arrays and other devices
1282014018354507/03/14Polarization effect carrier generating device structures having compensation doping to reduce leakage current
1292014017392606/26/14Removing oxide from a sensor clip assembly
1302014017431306/26/14Electrically operated propellants
1312014017507706/26/14Electronically induced ceramic fusible metal system
1322014017508206/26/14Radio frequency stimulated blackbody with vacuum and cryogenic capability
1332014017559006/26/14Getter structure for wafer level vacuum packaged device
1342014017629206/26/14Shield for toroidal core electromagnetic device, and toroidal core electromagnetic devices utilizing such shields
1352014017637306/26/14Multiple input loop antenna
1362014017924006/26/14Embedded element electronically steerable antenna for improved operating bandwidth
1372014016685406/19/14Methods and apparatus for passive covert location detection and identification
1382014016785906/19/14Current mirror with saturated semiconductor resistor
1392014016787606/19/14Meandered slow wave taper matching network
1402014016845806/19/14Pixel multiplication using code spread functions
1412014016965806/19/14Methods and apparatus for image fusion
1422014015789706/12/14Hung mass accelerometer with differential eddy current sensing
1432014015949806/12/14Methods and apparatus for emi filter having switched capacitance based on loading
1442014015993406/12/14Jam assignment manager
1452014016045806/12/14Bistatic synthetic aperture ladar system
1462014016385806/12/14Non-kinematic behavioral mapping
1472014015099206/05/14Threaded cooling apparatus with integrated cooling channels and heat exchanger
1482014014568705/29/14Multiphase power converter
1492014014589105/29/14Dual linear and circularly polarized patch radiator
1502014014618005/29/14Infrared thermal imaging system and method
1512014014663905/29/14Detection of subterranean voids
1522014014941005/29/14Identifying clusters within a collection of data entities
1532014013753905/22/14Thrust-producing device with detonation motor
1542014013847505/22/14Rocket propelled payload with divert control system within nose cone
1552014013854705/22/14Hybrid high energy photon detector
1562014013930005/22/14Line isolation of radio frequency devices
1572014013937405/22/14Kalman filtering with indirect noise measurements
1582014013963005/22/14Methods and apparatus for imaging without retro-reflection
1592014013992605/22/14Refractive optics with broad spectral coverage
1602014014377905/22/14Contextual routing of data elements
1612014013030005/15/14Releasable ball lock hinge
1622014013238005/15/14Apparatus and method for thermal management of magnetic devices
1632014013244905/15/14Antenna system having guard array and associated techniques
1642014013245105/15/14Maximum likelihood angle estimation of wideband signals using phased array antennas
1652014013247305/15/14Dual polarization current loop radiator with integrated balun
1662014013492805/15/14Hinge mechanism for small optics and related methods
1672014013672105/15/14Adaptive network of networks architecture
1682014012489905/08/14Integrated bondline spacers for wafer level packaged circuit devices
1692014012513505/08/14Technology for extending a radio frequency (rf) bandwidth of an envelope tracking (et) power amplifier (pa)
1702014012586505/08/14Variable aperture mechanism for creating different aperture sizes in cameras and other imaging devices
1712014012596405/08/14Directed energy beam power control system and method
1722014012683605/08/14Correction of variable offsets relying upon scene
1732014012684805/08/14Friction and wear reduction in cryogenic mechanisms and other systems
1742014012912605/08/14Maritime autonomous station keeping (mask)
1752014011618305/01/14Hand control device for conrtolling a peripheral system
1762014011726005/01/14Grey-scale holographic structure and system for generating a millimeter-wave collimated wavefront in a compact range
1772014011811605/01/14Protection system for radio frequency communications
1782014011815405/01/14Maintainer spotlighting
1792014011821705/01/14Multi-bandpass, dual-polarization radome with embedded gridded structures
1802014011821805/01/14Multi-bandpass, dual-polarization radome with compressed grid
1812014011851405/01/14Image stacking
1822014011860405/01/14Multispectral imaging camera
1832014011871605/01/14Video and lidar target detection and tracking system and method for segmenting moving targets
1842014012090205/01/14Hybrid communication system for smartphone/tablet network
1852014012096805/01/14Frequency tunable transmit/receive (tx/rx) antenna switch
1862014012183505/01/14Serpentine robotic crawler
1872014011137304/24/14Calibration system and technique for a scalable, analog monopulse networks
1882014011151104/24/14Multiple hypotheses testing for surface orientation during 3d point cloud extraction from 2d imagery
1892014011253604/24/14Automatically registering an image to a three-dimensional point set
1902014011257904/24/14Automatic registration of 3d data with electro-optical imagery via photogrammetric bundle adjustment
1912014010209004/17/14Heat-actuated release mechanism
1922014010274804/17/14Low loss and low packaged volume coaxial rf cable
1932014010277404/17/14Radiofrequency absorptive filter
1942014010525604/17/14Band stitching electronic circuits and techniques
1952014010617904/17/14Plating design and process for improved hermeticity and thermal conductivity of gold-germanium solder joints
1962014009651004/10/14Slotted multi-nozzle grid with integrated cooling channels
1972014009667204/10/14Vehicle occupant blast isolation system
1982014009798004/10/14Moving target detection using a two-dimensional folding approach
1992014009799604/10/14Tunable electromagnetic device with multiple metamaterial layers, and method
2002014009090604/03/14Hull robot drive system
2012014009221704/03/14System for correcting rpc camera model pointing errors using 2 sets of stereo image pairs and probabilistic 3-dimensional models
2022014008514303/27/14Methods and apparatus for fragmented phased array radar
2032014008546203/27/14Video-assisted target location
2042014008626803/27/14Microchip laser with single solid etalon and interfacial coating
2052014007622303/20/14Hull robot with hull separation countermeasures
2062014007622403/20/14Hull robot for autonomously detecting cleanliness of a hull
2072014007622503/20/14Autonomous hull inspection
2082014007622603/20/14Hull cleaning robot
2092014007674903/20/14Variable density desiccator housing and method of manufacturing
2102014007714103/20/14Self-assembling inflatable modules
2112014007758703/20/14Magnetic track
2122014007849203/20/14Multi-band imaging spectrometer
2132014007946903/20/14Anti-rotation isolator
2142014008150403/20/14Autonomous hull navigation
2152014006911503/13/14Cryocooler having variable-length inertance channel for tuning resonance of pulse tube
2162014007098303/13/14Extracting spectral features from a signal in a multiplicative and additive noise environment
2172014007098803/13/14Method for maintaining integrity against erroneous ephemeris for a differential gps based navigation solution supporting fast system startup
2182014007144903/13/14High efficiency multi-channel spectrometer
2192014007213603/13/14Apparatus for monitoring the condition of an operator and related system and method
2202014007222003/13/14Identifying a vibrometry spectrum in imaging applications
2212014007484003/13/14Classifying data dump data
2222014007504303/13/14Multi-source sensor stream virtualization
2232014006041703/06/14Unmanned underwater vehicle launcher
2242014006136403/06/14Integrated propulsion and attitude control system from a common pressure vessel for an interceptor
2252014006144203/06/14Shift register with two-phase non-overlapping clocks
2262014006260203/06/14Read out integrated circuit
2272014006280603/06/14Cable reel axle shaft with integrated radio frequency rotary coupling
2282014006329903/06/14Movable pixelated filter array
2292014006357703/06/14Infrared laser holographic projector
2302014006358103/06/14Optical switching assembly with over-center lock
2312014006366403/06/14Ground controlled outlet
2322014006457803/06/14Visual detection system for identifying objects within a region of interest
2332014006731103/06/14System, method, and software for estimating a peak acceleration of an optical system
2342014006826503/06/14Transmitting data within a secure computer system
2352014006860103/06/14Live computer forensics
2362014005367202/27/14Anti-backlash gear control device
2372014005396602/27/14Method of stress relief in anti-reflective coated cap wafers for wafer level packaged infrared focal plane arrays
2382014005445202/27/14Calibration system for detector
2392014005531602/27/14Broadband array antenna enhancement with spatially engineered dielectrics
2402014005578502/27/14Polarimetric calibration of a remote sensor
2412014005652802/27/14Vectorization approach to isolating local maxima in an n-dimensional dataset
2422014005869502/27/14Geometric calibration of a remote sensor
2432014004943502/20/14Universal microwave waveguide joint and mechanically steerable microwave transmitter
2442014004226602/13/14Fin buzz system and method for assisting in unlocking a missile fin lock mechanism
2452014004709202/13/14Topology-aware job scheduling and backfilling in an hpc environment
2462014004744902/13/14Topology-aware job scheduling and backfilling in an hpc environment
2472014003438802/06/14Seismic navigation
2482014003460302/06/14Multi-spectral super-pixel filters and methods of formation
2492014003568702/06/14Distribution system for optical reference

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