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Solid propellant additive manufacturing method and system

A method of additively manufacturing propellant elements, such as for rocket motors, includes partially curing a propellant mixture before extruding or otherwise dispensing the material, such that the extruded propellant material is deposited on the element in a partially-cured state. The curing process for the partially-cured extruded material may be... Raytheon Company

Systems and methods for real time carrier phase monitoring

The concepts, systems and methods described herein are directed towards real time carrier phase monitoring and platform attitude solutions on a moving platform. In an embodiment, highly accurate platform attitude and monitored carrier phases can be determined in a single step and use data screening, error bounds inflation and statistical... Raytheon Company

High voltage high frequency power converter

A power converter includes an outer housing formed of dielectric material and including a low voltage compartment and a high voltage compartment is disclosed. The power converter also includes a low voltage DC-to-AC converter disposed in the low voltage compartment, a first coil in the low voltage compartment, a first... Raytheon Company

System and integrated and synchronized planning and response to defeat disparate threats over the threat kill chain with combined cyber, electronic warfare and kinetic effects

An automated system and method provides for planning and response to disparate threats with combined kinetic (e.g., missile interceptor) and non-kinetic (e.g., cyber and electronic warfare) effects. The threat and effects inputs and the results of analysis tools that individually apply a single effect type to negate a threat vulnerability... Raytheon Company

Flight vehicle with control surfaces usable as momentum wheels

A flight vehicle, such as a missile, operates both atmospherically and exo-atmospherically. The flight vehicle has control surfaces which are able to rotate relative to a fuselage of the flight vehicle, with the control surfaces extending outside of the fuselage into the airstream (or space) around the fuselage. The control... Raytheon Company

Central processing unit architecture and methods for high availability systems

Aspects are directed to a start-up or recovery method and a central processing unit (CPU) architecture. In one example, the CPU architecture includes read-only memory (ROM) storing instructions addressable by a first range of physical memory addresses, random access memory (RAM), a direct memory access (DMA) engine, the DMA engine... Raytheon Company

Thermal storage heat exchanger structures employing phase change materials

A heat exchanger includes at least one conduit configured to carry a working fluid. The heat exchanger also includes a plurality of chambers in proximity to the at least one conduit, each chamber configured to contain a phase change material (PCM) that expands upon freezing. The at least one conduit... Raytheon Company

Thermal storage heat exchanger structures employing phase change materials

A heat exchanger includes a housing configured to contain a working fluid. The heat exchanger also includes a plurality of chambers disposed within the housing and arranged so as to be surrounded by the working fluid when the working fluid is within the housing, each chamber configured to contain a... Raytheon Company

Rotary optical communication joint

Systems for communication in a rotary joint. In one example, a communication system includes a stator, a rotor, a plurality of optical receivers circumferentially disposed at a first radius of one of the stator and the rotor, a plurality of optical transmitters circumferentially disposed at a second radius of the... Raytheon Company

Cross-band apochromatic correction and applications in the lwir and swir bands

A method for cross-band apochromatic correction in a multi-element optical system. In one example, the method includes selecting a set of design wavelengths, determining a set of optical materials that are transmissive at each design wavelength, identifying a system of linear equations that describe the multi-element optical system in terms... Raytheon Company

Controller and a power sequencing a computer

A controller and a method for power sequencing a computer. The controller may be configured to provide to a south bridge, before the south bridge has completed power management resets, a real time clock signal at a first frequency, and provide to the south bridge, after the south bridge has... Raytheon Company

Device and multi-dimensional frequency domain extrapolation of sensor data

Embodiments of a device and a frequency data extrapolator are generally described herein. The frequency data extrapolator may receive input frequency data mapped to a two-dimensional frequency grid. As an example, the input frequency data may be based on return signals received, at a sensor of the device, in response... Raytheon Company

Monolithic microwave integrated circuit (mmic) and forming such mmic having rapid thermal annealing compensation elements

A method and structure, the structure having a substrate, an active device in an active device semiconductor region; of the substrate, a microwave transmission line, on the substrate, electrically connected to the active device, and microwave energy absorbing “dummy” fill elements on the substrate. The method includes providing a structure... Raytheon Company

High voltage high frequency transformer

A transformer includes: a core having a central arm and first and second outer arms on opposite sides of the of the central arm; a primary winding surrounding the central arm; a secondary winding surrounding the central arm; a primary winding shield surrounding the primary winding including a center tap... Raytheon Company

Counter counterfeit technology

An identification patch having a plasmonic resonance structure may be used to ensure that an article is counterfeit-proof. The identification patch may be formed by a printing process, such as roll-to-roll printing or nanoimprinting, to create a distinctive ordered pattern of resonance elements. When the plasmonic resonance structure is irradiated,... Raytheon Company

Stage separation mechanism and method

A missile or other flight vehicle has a stage separation mechanism for separating a downstream stage from an upstream portion of the missile. The mechanism includes one or more holes in fluid communication with a cavity between the upstream and downstream portions of the missile. The holes are located downstream... Raytheon Company

Cupped antenna

Described embodiments provide a cupped antenna for transmitting and receiving radio signals. The cupped antenna includes a cup having a rear surface and one or more side surfaces. The rear surface and side surfaces define a cavity having a first radiating element of the cupped antenna disposed within it. The... Raytheon Company

Apparatus for orthogonal 16-qpsk modulated transmission

An apparatus, method and article of manufacture comprise a transceiver coupled to a phased array of antenna elements that are configured into pluralities of antenna elements to generate N modes of orthogonal radio waves where N is equal to or greater than 2. The coupling is via a plurality of... Raytheon Company

Computing device for high speed optical data switching

Embodiments of a computing device and optical data switching circuitry are generally described herein. A processing element of the optical data switching circuitry may generate a plurality of optical data signals, and may send the optical data signals to an optical switch of the optical data switching circuitry. The optical... Raytheon Company

Method for forming patterned tantalum nitride (tan) resistors on dielectric material passivation layers

A structure having: a substrate; a passivation layer disposed over a surface of substrate; an etch stop layer disposed on the passivation layer; resistor comprising tantalum nitride, disposed on the etch stop layer. The etch stop layer has an etch rate at least 100 times slower than an etch rate... Raytheon Company

Positional alignment mechanism for a lens assembly

An alignment mechanism to position and focus a lens assembly includes a housing and an eccentric shaft supported by the housing. The eccentric shaft is configured to rotate with respect to the housing. The alignment mechanism further includes a lens assembly having a bracket coupled to the eccentric shaft, and... Raytheon Company

Conformal broadband directional 1/2 flared notch radiator antenna array

An antenna array includes a plurality of ½ flared notch radiators recessed within a missile nose cone and positioned in a circumferential arrangement around and extending radially from the payload's metal skin to contact an annular metal cover that provides a ground plane such that each ½ flared notch radiator... Raytheon Company

High-gain single planar waveguide (pwg) amplifier laser system

A system includes a master oscillator configured to generate a low-power optical beam. The system also includes a planar waveguide (PWG) amplifier configured to receive the low-power optical beam and generate a high-power optical beam having a power of at least about ten kilowatts. The PWG amplifier includes a single... Raytheon Company

Electrode ignition and control of electrically operated propellants

Electrical ignition of electrically operated propellant in a gas generation system provides an ignition condition at an ignition surface between a pair of electrodes that satisfies three criteria of a current density J that exhibits a decreasing gradient along an axis normal to an ignition surface, is substantially constant across... Raytheon Company

High range resolution radar profiling using frequency jump burst-pulse doppler waveform and processing

The concepts, systems and methods described herein are directed towards frequency jump burst-pulse-Doppler (FJB-PD) waveforms and processing to provide wideband, high range resolution (HRR) radar profiling capability in a clutter dense environment. The method includes transmitting a FJB-PD waveform comprising a plurality of frequency steps over a predetermined time period... Raytheon Company

Lens mount assembly

A lens mount assembly is configured to support a lens assembly having a lens ring and at least one lens secured to the lens ring. The lens mount assembly includes a ring mount having an annular body with at least two retaining arms that project from the annular body, a... Raytheon Company

Material deposition system for additive manufacturing

A material deposition system for additive manufacturing including an extruder that defines a first input passage for supplying a first material, a second input passage for supplying a second material, a chamber for combining the first and second materials to form a combined deposition material, and an extrusion port for... Raytheon Company

Multi-directional optical receiver and method

Aspects and embodiments are generally directed to optical systems, receivers, and methods. In one example, an optical receiver includes a plurality of fused fiber optic bundles, at least a first fused fiber optic bundle of the plurality of fused fiber optic bundles positioned to collect optical radiation from a scene,... Raytheon Company

Continuous motion scene based non-uniformity correction

Methods and apparatus are disclosed for reducing an amount of fixed pattern noise from sequential frames captured by IR imaging sensor(s) that contain known continuous motion component(s). Improved scene based non-uniformity correction techniques are employed for recursively updated set of pixel correction terms for each frame, in order to generate... Raytheon Company

System and adaptive power modulation for power amplifier

A method includes determining one or more characteristics of a system that uses a power amplifier. The method also includes determining, based on the one or more determined characteristics, a switching speed and a supply voltage for the power amplifier. The method further includes modulating a power supply of the... Raytheon Company

Lcwg steered laser transmitter and situational awareness sensor with wavelength conversion

A steerable laser transmitter and situational awareness sensor uses a liquid crystal waveguide (LCWG) to steer a spot-beam onto a conical mirror, which in turn redirects the spot-beam to scan a FOV. The spot-beam passes through one or more annular sections of non-linearly material (NLM) formed along the axis and... Raytheon Company

Additively manufactured concrete-bearing radiation attenuation structure

A radiation-shielding attenuation structure and method of forming the attenuation structure, wherein the attenuation structure is made by additively manufacturing a concrete material that includes one or more attenuation dopants configured to enhance the radiation shielding of the concrete material. The one or more attenuation dopants may be configured in... Raytheon Company

Ring amplifier for extended range steerable laser transmitter and active sensor

A ring amplifier amplifies one or more spot-beams that scan a circular pattern in a two-dimensional FOV to extend the range of range steerable laser transmitter or an active situational sensor. Mechanical, solid-state or optical phase array techniques may be used to scan the spot-beam(s) in the circular pattern. Mirrors... Raytheon Company

Systems and methods for encrypting optical signals

The concepts, systems and methods described herein are directed towards encrypting optical signals prior to the optical signals being sensed, for example, by a sensor. An optical phased array (OPA) may be disposed between an optical chain and a sensor to encrypt an optical signal being sensed before the signal... Raytheon Company

Apparatus and high energy density linear actuation with integral braking

A pneumatic artificial muscle (PAM) actuator includes first and second end caps, an elastic bladder connected to the end caps, and a covering around the elastic bladder and connected to the end caps. At least one of the first and second end caps is configured to move and narrow a... Raytheon Company

12/14/17 / #20170356558

Frangible valve

A frangible valve is disclosed. The frangible valve can include an outer portion operable to form a pressure boundary for a pressure vessel. The frangible valve can also include an inner portion integrally formed with the outer portion and having a central region and a separation region about a perimeter... Raytheon Company

12/14/17 / #20170356698

Internal cavity support methodology for ultrasonic additive manufacturing

A manifold structure and method of forming a manifold structure includes using an ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) process to build up a solid structure, machining the solid structure to form a cavity and free-standing support pillars within the cavity, and using a UAM process to build up a finstock layer... Raytheon Company

12/14/17 / #20170356984

Non-uniform sampling for unambiguous doppler measurement

A method for removing Doppler ambiguity in a ladar system. The time of each pulse of a sequence of transmitted pulses is offset from that of a uniform sequence of pulses. Each received pulse is represented by a complex number corresponding to its amplitude and phase, and each complex number... Raytheon Company

12/14/17 / #20170357281

Large scale sub-sea high voltage distributed dc power infrastructure using series adaptive clamping

A system includes at least one pair of series adaptive clamps (SACs). Each SAC is configured to connect to a single conductor that is configured to conduct a constant current between shore-side power sources on opposite ends of the single conductor. Each SAC is configured to clamp a specified amount... Raytheon Company

12/14/17 / #20170358836

Method for dynamic heat sensing in hypersonic applications

A heat sensing system and method for dynamic heat sensing may be implemented in a flight vehicle having a main antenna configured for sending and/or receipt of signals. The system includes an auxiliary antenna system that is arranged within a radome of the flight vehicle for detecting temperatures around the... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170348739

Method and removing biofouling from a protected surface in a liquid environment

A system includes a UV light source and an optical medium coupled to receive UV light from the UV light source. The optical medium is configured to emit UV light proximate to a surface from which biofouling is to be removed once the biofouling has adhered to the protected surface.... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170349252

Hydraulic drives for use in charging systems, ballast systems, or other systems of underwater vehicles

An apparatus includes first and second tanks each configured to receive and store a refrigerant under pressure. The apparatus also includes at least one generator configured to receive flows of the refrigerant between the tanks and to generate electrical power based on the flows of the refrigerant. The apparatus further... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170349325

Method and ultra-clean seeker transportation and storage

An ultra-clean transportation and storage system includes a product storage container with a base having product supports and a segmented lid enclosing the product supports. Rollers on the base have grooved sidewalls receiving a rail to support the product storage container and rolling along the rail edges. Lift-off hinges allow... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170349767

Coating for the mitigation of metal whiskers

A coating for mitigating metal whiskers on a metal surface includes a polymeric coating material; and a metal ion complexing agent impregnated within the polymeric coating material, the metal ion complexing agent having a standard reduction potential (E°) that is greater than a metal in the metal surface.... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170350558

Apparatus and periodically charging ocean vessel or other system using thermal energy conversion

An apparatus includes multiple tanks each configured to receive and store a liquid refrigerant under pressure. The apparatus also includes one or more insulated water jackets each configured to receive and retain water around at least part of an associated one of the tanks. The apparatus further includes at least... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170350956

System and multi-sensor multi-target 3d fusion using an unbiased measurement space

System and method for determining a position of a target in an unbiased 3D measurement space: generating 2D measurement data in focal planes of each sensor; calculating a line of sight (LOS) from the target for each sensor; intersecting the LOSs and finding the closest intersection point in a 3D... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170350979

Optical system for object detection and location

Optical systems and methods for object detection and location. One example of an optical system includes a laser radar optical source positioned to emit a pulsed laser beam, a non-mechanical beamsteering device positioned to scan the beam in a linear scan over a first area of a scene, a laser... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170351057

Primary mirror mount assembly and method

A primary mirror mount assembly includes a body including a mirror surface and a mount surface, with the mount surface having at least one feature formed therein. The mount assembly further includes a hub configured to be secured to the body. The hub includes at least one corresponding mating feature... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170352281

Integrated management for airport terminal airspace

A management software is provided for assisting air traffic control personnel with planning and monitoring aircraft departures and arrivals with regards to one or more airspaces, such as a terminal airspace predefined about an airport. Airspace output data structures are generated by an algorithm included in the management software and... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170352969

Radially compliant, axially free-running connector

A connectable assembly is provided and includes a body defining a recess, a male conductive element supportively disposed proximate to the body and a conductive compliant (CC) plug disposed within the recess for establishing a radially compliant, axially free running electrical connection with the male conductive element.... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170353005

High-power planar waveguide (pwg) pumphead with modular components for high-power laser system

A system includes a laser system having a master oscillator and a planar waveguide (PWG) amplifier having one or more laser diode pump arrays, a PWG pumphead, input optics, and output optics. The PWG pumphead is configured to receive a low-power optical beam from the master oscillator and generate a... Raytheon Company

12/07/17 / #20170353978

Self-configuring backbone for mobile ad-hoc networks (manets)

Described embodiments provide systems, methods and apparatus for operating a mobile ad-hoc network (MANET). The MANET includes a plurality of nodes that are identified as stationary nodes or mobile nodes. One or more of the identified stationary nodes are set as backbone nodes. A backbone network is formed by the... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170341726

Optical window system with aero-optical conductive blades

A method of improving optical characteristics of an optical window operating in a flow of fluid and having first and second panes of optically transmissive material—each having an edge adjacent to, parallel with, and at least partially coextensive with each other—is described herein. The method includes inserting a thermally conductive... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170343086

Relative translation assembly

A relative translation assembly operable with a drive mechanism. The relative translation assembly can have a fixed support member, a translatable member supported by the fixed support member, and a translation guide portion to facilitate translation of the translatable member relative to the fixed support member. The translation guide portion... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170344341

Rate domain numerical processing circuit and method

Rate domain numerical processing comprises receiving an input serial data stream on a single input wire in which a multi-valued number is represented as a rate of pulse events comprising pulses, null pulses or a combination thereof. The rate of pulse events in an output serial data stream is varied... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170344439

System and input data fault recovery in a massively parallel real time computing system

A massively parallel real-time computing system receives input data events across many compute nodes, each with a processing algorithm in its processing pipeline. An Event Manager is placed before the algorithm processing pipelines, receives metadata about each incoming event, and collects and organizes it in a database. A fast histogram... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170344760

Detection system and method

A system for detecting changes to circuitry includes: a processor; and a memory, and the memory has stored thereon instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to: periodically measure physical characteristic data of the circuitry, operational data of the circuitry, and environmental data; periodically capture the measured... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170344761

Authentication system and method

A system for authenticating a circuit includes: a processor; and a memory, and the memory has stored thereon instructions that, when executed by the processor, cause the processor to: periodically measure physical characteristic data of the circuit, operational data of the circuit, and environmental data; periodically capture the measured data;... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170345156

Systems and methods for facilitating tracking a target in an imaged scene

In systems and methods disclosed herein, a transform may be determined for a given target object and background in an image between a native color space of the image and a second multi-dimensional color space representing a preferred color space for a tracker. The transform may then be applied to... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170345707

Foundry-agnostic post-processing a wafer

A foundry-agnostic post-processing method for a wafer is provided. The wafer includes an active surface, a substrate and an intermediate layer interposed between the active surface and the substrate. The method includes removing the wafer from an output yield of a wafer processing foundry, thinning the substrate to the intermediate... Raytheon Company

11/30/17 / #20170346253

Heat exchangers with tapered light scrapers for high-power laser systems and other systems

An apparatus includes a heat exchanger with a body having a passage through the body. The passage defines apertures on multiple sides of the body, and the passage is configured to allow optical signals to pass through the body. One or more tapered edges are at least partially around one... Raytheon Company

11/23/17 / #20170336184

Split chord deployable wing

A split-chord deployable wing for aerial vehicles such as missiles, UAVs, MALDs and SDBs that require both longer wing span and increased chord length. Such split-chord deployable wings must address unique problems such as synchronized deployment and integrity of the deployed wing to both vertical and sheer loads. Each wing... Raytheon Company

11/23/17 / #20170336434

Athermal hung mass accelerometer with reduced sensitivity to longitudinal temperature gradients

An athermal open-loop hung mass accelerometer configures the CTE of the sensor heads such that any growth by the body in response to a body temperature gradient along the longitudinal axis is offset by the growth of the sensor heads in the equal and opposite direction to null the effects... Raytheon Company

11/23/17 / #20170336460

Systems and methods for testing arm and fire devices

Systems and methods for testing an Arm and Fire Device (AFD). The system includes an AFD arm controller and a first power supply coupled to the AFD controller to provide arming power to the AFD controller. The system further includes a monitoring module coupled to the AFD controller through a... Raytheon Company

11/23/17 / #20170336807

Gyroscopic attitude control system

An attitude control system includes one or more control moment gyro pairs, with gyros of individual of the pairs being counter-rotated to rotate the rotation axes of flywheels of the gyros of a gyro pair in opposite direction. The flywheels of a gyro pair may be in paddle configuration, with... Raytheon Company

Patent Packs
11/23/17 / #20170339779

Expanding thermal device and system for effecting heat transfer within electronics assemblies

Heat transfer devices and systems for thermally coupling electrical components to a heatsink can comprise one or more all-metal heat transfer device(s) thermally coupling at least one electrical component to a heatsink. A heat transfer device can comprise a metal cup attached to a metal heatsink, and a metal piston... Raytheon Company

11/16/17 / #20170328742

Hyper-velocity penetrating probe for spectral characterization

A hyper-velocity impact sensor including an optical fiber probe that transmits an optical pulse generated during impact with an object, a spectroscopic analyzer that receives the optical pulse and produces spectral information about the optical pulse, a connecting optical fiber configured to convey the optical pulse between the optical fiber... Raytheon Company

11/16/17 / #20170329013

Optical phasograms for ladar vibrometry

Described embodiments provide a laser detection and ranging (LADAR) system. The LADAR system transmits a laser signal including a train of coherent pulses and receives a return signal based on the transmitted laser signal that is reflected from a target. The LADAR system forms one or more range bins of... Raytheon Company

11/16/17 / #20170329113

Compact five-reflection optical system as a unity magnification finite conjugate relay

An optical system including a unity magnification, finite conjugate, all-reflective image relay configured to receive optical radiation representing an input image and to relay the optical radiation via five reflections to an output image plane to provide an output image at the output image plane, the output image being a... Raytheon Company

11/16/17 / #20170329202

Anti-dazzle imaging camera and method

An anti-dazzle imaging camera is provided that includes a photorefractive crystal that is wavelength-agnostic. The photorefractive crystal is configured to receive an optical beam. When the optical beam includes no laser, the photorefractive crystal is configured to pass the optical beam unchanged to an imaging detector. When the optical beam... Raytheon Company

11/16/17 / #20170330859

Barrier layer for interconnects in 3d integrated device

An electronic device integration method and integrated electronic device. The integration method may include the steps of preparing a first electronic device by forming an electrically conductive trace overlying a substrate, forming a barrier layer overlying the electrically conductive trace, forming one or more electrically conductive interconnects on the barrier... Raytheon Company

11/16/17 / #20170331710

Contact graph generation for mobile and ground station nodes

A method for generating contact graphs for delay/disruption tolerant networking for a constellation of network nodes (e.g., satellites in low earth orbit, terrestrial sensors, and ground stations). A contact graph indicates the availability and data rates for communications links between spacecraft and ground stations. The links may be intermittent due... Raytheon Company

11/16/17 / #20170332017

Self correcting adaptive low light optical payload

Methods and systems are disclosed for compensating for image motion induced by a relative motion between an imaging platform and a scene. During an exposure period, frames of the scene may be captured respectively in multiple spectral bands, where one of the spectral bands has a lower light level than... Raytheon Company

11/09/17 / #20170322298

Ambiguous radar range resolution using range lookup table

System and method for determining range to targets using an M-of-N range resolver includes transmitting multiple coherent processing interval (CPI) signals with different pulse repetition frequencies (PRFs) towards the targets, receiving and storing threshold hits from prior N−1 CPIs; converting the threshold hits from the current CPI and prior N−1... Raytheon Company

11/02/17 / #20170317712

Rate line suppression using chaotic spreading codes

A system, method, and computer program product for chaotically generating a pseudorandom number sequence, such as for use in spread spectrum communications systems and in cryptographic systems. Chaotically generated pseudorandom numbers are not cyclostationary in nature, so output values encoded via such non-cyclostationary bases have no clear correlations. Spread signal... Raytheon Company

11/02/17 / #20170318084

Multi-mode remote collaboration

Generally discussed herein are systems and apparatuses for multi-mode collaboration between entities in different jurisdictions. According to an example a technique can include determining a location of a remote communication device by at least one of a global positioning system (GPS), low frequency (LF) atomic time radio, earth magnetic signature,... Raytheon Company

11/02/17 / #20170318417

Cellular enabled restricted zone monitoring

A restricted zone monitoring system and associated methods are disclosed. The restricted zone monitoring system can include a connection to a network that includes cellular device location information. The restricted zone monitoring system can also include a restricted zone database including information defining one or more restricted zones. In addition,... Raytheon Company

10/26/17 / #20170304964

Powdered metal as a sacrificial material for ultrasonic additive manufacturing

A manifold structure and method of forming a structure having at least one enclosed cavity includes using an ultrasonic additive manufacturing (UAM) process to build up a solid component, forming a cavity in the solid component, filling the cavity with a sacrificial material, using a UAM process to build up... Raytheon Company

10/26/17 / #20170310918

Time delay and integration (tdi) imaging sensor and method

According to one aspect, embodiments herein provide a TDI sensor comprising a plurality of light sensing elements arranged in a row, each configured to accumulate charge proportional to an intensity of light incident on it from a field of view, and means for improving the sampling resolution of the TDI... Raytheon Company

10/19/17 / #20170299012

Isolation mount for shock attenuation

An isolator mount system includes multiple isolator mounts that are used to isolate a piece of equipment from a structure. The isolation mounts each include an isolation pad between inner and outer mountings, to provide damping between relative motions of the inner mounting and the outer mounting. A central portion... Raytheon Company

Patent Packs
10/19/17 / #20170299856

Optical configurations for optical field mappings for back-scanned and line-scanned imagers

Optimal field mappings that provide the highest contrast images for back-scanned and time delay integration (TDI) imaging are given. The mapping can be implemented for back-scanned imaging with afocal optics including an anamorphic field correcting assembly configured to implement a non-rotationally symmetric field mapping between object space and image space... Raytheon Company

10/19/17 / #20170301991

Compact wideband radio frequency antenna systems and associated methods

A compact, wideband antenna system includes first and second monopole radiating elements positioned near an edge of a common ground plane. The first and second monopole radiating elements may be located on opposite sides of the ground plane. Additional monopole elements may also be provided. In some embodiments, the ground... Raytheon Company

10/19/17 / #20170302348

Analog multiple beam feed systems and methods

The present disclosure is directed towards an analog beamformer multiple beam feed (MBF). The analog beamformer MBF comprises a plurality of encoder elements to receive radiofrequency (RF) signals and generate coded analog signals. The RF signals may be coded using code division multiple access (CDMA) codes. The analog beamformer MBF... Raytheon Company

10/19/17 / #20170302394

Passive frequency multiplexer

A passive frequency multiplexer includes a beam forming network lens including a plurality of input terminals and a plurality of output terminals; a transmission line for transmitting a signal to the beam forming lens; and a plurality of couplers arranged in series along the transmission line, each of the plurality... Raytheon Company

10/12/17 / #20170291719

Shock-resisting device and method

A shock-resisting device includes a snubber that may be selectively moved from a retracted position to an engaged position to selectively create a stiff attachment between a vibration-isolated gimbal of the device, and an outer shell of the device. The gimbal is movable relative to the outer shell. The snubber... Raytheon Company

10/12/17 / #20170293017

Switchable transmit/receive (t/r) module

A transmit/receive module having a switch, a load and a controller for coupling radar energy fed to switch to the load during a time interval subsequent to the controller producing a transmit enable signal to the transmit/receive module and prior to the controller producing a receive enable signal to the... Raytheon Company

10/12/17 / #20170293019

Universal coherent technique generator

Devices and methods of providing response pulses in response to threat pulses are general described. The threat pulses are detected, identified and validity determined using reprogrammable firmware. Threat pulses are extracted from memory and the amplitude, frequency, phase, length and timing modified to generate a coherent set of superposed response... Raytheon Company

10/12/17 / #20170295333

Digital unit cell with analog counter element

According to one aspect, embodiments herein provide a digital unit cell comprising a photodiode, an integration capacitor, a comparator configured to compare a voltage across the integration capacitor with a threshold voltage and to generate a control signal at a first level each time the voltage across the integration capacitor... Raytheon Company

10/05/17 / #20170283021

Modified co2 cycle for long endurance unmanned underwater vehicles and resultant chirp acoustic capability

A carbon dioxide cycle power generation system includes storage collectively storing portions of carbon dioxide liquid and gas and a transfer connection selectively directing flow of the carbon dioxide through a turbine. The system cycles between different seawater depths in order to employ at least one of seawater pressure and... Raytheon Company

10/05/17 / #20170283095

Satellite with integral thrusters

A satellite has thrusters that are integral parts of its frame. The frame defines cavities therein where thrusters are located. The thrusters may include an electrically-operated propellant and electrodes to activate combustion in the electrically-operated propellant. The frame may be additively manufactured, and the propellant and/or the electrodes may also... Raytheon Company

10/05/17 / #20170284339

Thruster with segmented propellant

A thruster includes multiple segments of electrically-operated propellant, electrodes for igniting one or a few of the electrically-operated propellant segments at a time, and a propellant feeder for moving further propellant segments into engagement with the electrodes. The segments may be configured to provide equal increments of thrust, or different... Raytheon Company

10/05/17 / #20170287118

Computational imaging with uncalibrated pupil phase

Systems and methods are disclosed for improving image quality by modifying received radiation wavefronts with one or more uncalibrated variable phase plates at the pupil plane of the optical system, to produce an atmospheric-like blurred image on the focal plane with an effective increase in the sampling parameter Q. Real-time... Raytheon Company

10/05/17 / #20170288303

Systems and techniques for improving signal levels in a shadowing region of a seeker system

The present disclosure is directed to a seeker system having an infrared (IR) sensor pedestal, an IR sensor disposed on the IR pedestal and a plurality of radio frequency (RF) antenna elements symmetrically disposed in a circumferential direction around the IR sensor pedestal. The seeker system further includes a plurality... Raytheon Company

10/05/17 / #20170290172

Ultrasonic lamination of dielectric circuit materials

A method of lamination of dielectric circuit materials is provided. The method includes preparing first and second circuit layers of dielectric materials, stacking the first and second circuit layers with circuit trace elements interposed between the first and second circuit layers and ultrasonically welding the second circuit layer onto the... Raytheon Company

09/21/17 / #20170268270

Releasable ball lock hinge

A releasable ball lock hinge is disclosed. The releasable ball lock hinge includes a first body operable with a hinge ball and a release ball. Each ball can be movable within respective openings of the first body. The releasable ball lock hinge also includes a second body configured to rotatably... Raytheon Company

09/21/17 / #20170268928

Uv led-phosphor based hyperspectral calibrator

A hyperspectral calibrator comprises a composite light source disposed within a housing and including an ultraviolet light emitting diode (UV LED) and a phosphor arranged such that a first beam generated by the UV LED is transmitted through the phosphor to produce and emit a calibration beam that is spectrally... Raytheon Company

09/21/17 / #20170269185

Determination of a ground receiver position

Technology for determining a geographical location of a ground receiver is disclosed. A plurality of radio frequency (RF) signals from a plurality of RF signal carriers may be received at the ground receiver. The plurality of RF signal carriers may include satellites operated by a foreign entity or non-global positioning... Raytheon Company

09/21/17 / #20170269214

Laser beam projection system with dynamic phase compensation

A laser beam projection system builds on a coherent imaging to project a tightly focused laser beam onto a remote object. Coherent flood illumination and local oscillator (LO) illumination are based on one master oscillator. The coherent flood illumination is directed toward a remote object, with a second laser beam... Raytheon Company

09/21/17 / #20170271217

In-situ calibration structures and methods of use in semiconductor processing

Systems and methods of in-situ calibration of semiconductor material layer deposition and Removal processes are disclosed. Sets of test structures including one or more calibration vias or posts are used to precisely monitor processes such as plating and polishing, respectively. Known (e.g., empirically determined) relationships between the test structure features... Raytheon Company

09/21/17 / #20170271281

Microwave monolithic integrated circuit (mmic) amplified having de-q'ing section with resistive via

A microwave amplifier having a field effect transistor formed on an upper surface of a substrate. A de-Q'ing section connected to the field effect transistor includes: a de-Q'ing resistive via that passes through the substrate; and a de-Q'ing capacitor having one plate thereof connected a ground plane conductor through the... Raytheon Company

09/21/17 / #20170271782

Expanding lattice notch array antenna and fabrication

The present disclosure is directed toward methods for forming an expanding lattice notch array antenna that includes a plurality of notch antenna elements extending from a surface of a base plate. The properties and dimensions of the notch antenna elements can be manipulated in order to provide an expanding notch... Raytheon Company

09/21/17 / #20170272668

Methods and system for geometric distortion correction for space-based rolling-shutter framing sensors

Aspects and embodiments are generally directed to an imaging system and methods for correcting geometric distortion induced by rolling-shutter operation of framing sensors. In one example, a method includes the acts of developing a DtoN mapping from a distorted image space to a normalized image space for initial pixels of... Raytheon Company

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