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Raytheon Company General Dynamics Ordnance And Tactical Systems ots
Raytheon Company Company
Raytheon Company Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona
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Raytheon Company patents

Recent patent applications related to Raytheon Company. Raytheon Company is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Raytheon Company may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Raytheon Company, we're just tracking patents.

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12016016795906/16/16 Hermetically sealed package having stress reducing layer
22016016981806/16/16 Screening of electronic components for detection of counterfeit articles using automated inspection system
32016017003006/16/16 Orientation measurements for drift correction
42016017435706/16/16 Vertical radio frequency module
52016015970806/09/16 Ferrocenyl bonding agent oxidizers
62016015996806/09/16 Zinc sulfide coupling agents
72016016129306/09/16 Remote optical position sensing device and methods
82016016416306/09/16 Antenna lifting apparatus and related techniques
92016016417406/09/16 Phased array steering
102016016424006/09/16 System and generating high energy optical pulses with arbitrary waveform
112016016424106/09/16 System and cooling a laser gain medium using an ultra-thin liquid thermal optical interface
122016016444606/09/16 Method and back electromotive force (emf) position sensing in a cryocooler or other system having electromagnetic actuators
132016016452806/09/16 Frequency source with improved phase noise
142016016455206/09/16 Transmit noise reducer
152016016456906/09/16 Frequency conversion system with improved spurious response and frequency agility
162016016532506/09/16 Multi-function beacon for optical communications laser relay
172016016576906/09/16 Oven-style nozzle for reworking operations involving bottom-side terminated components or other components
182016015196506/02/16 Coupling components to one another utilizing electromagnetic energy
192016015231406/02/16 Composite structural component
202016015411106/02/16 Mitigation of radio frequency interference (rfi) in global positioning system (gps) signals
212016015506206/02/16 Continuous-time baum-welch training
222016015524906/02/16 Interactive multimedia process flow chart builder
232016015556406/02/16 Shield for toroidal core electromagnetic device, and toroidal core electromagnetic devices utilizing such shields
242016015610006/02/16 Satellite-based phased array calibration
252016014756405/26/16 Apparatus and allocating resourses using prioritization of requests and updating of requests
262016014839005/26/16 Method and system for processing a sequence of images to identify, track, and/or target an object on a body of water
272016014900605/26/16 Semiconductor structures having a gate field plate and methods for forming such structure
282016014902205/26/16 Heterojunction field effect transistor (hfet) variable gain amplifier having variable transconductance
292016015012805/26/16 Method and improving resolution in a tdi image
302016013727005/19/16 Automated cable breakout assembly
312016013897405/19/16 Multi-mode imaging spectrometer
322016013127905/12/16 Telescoping mast cable management system
332016013146705/12/16 Fuze shock transfer system
342016013167605/12/16 System and measuring doppler effect utilizing elastic and inelastic light scattering
352016013236105/12/16 System and topology-aware job scheduling and backfilling in an hpc environment
362016013482005/12/16 Method and increasing pixel sensitivity and dynamic range
372016012369105/05/16 Apparatus for enhanced counterbalancing of weapon mount
382016012692005/05/16 Output matching network having a single combined series and shunt capacitor component
392016012725705/05/16 Resource allocating in a network
402016012823505/05/16 Power converter magnetics assembly
412016010872604/21/16 System and determing soil characteristics and drilling instability during horizontal directional drilling
422016010921104/21/16 Multisegmented toroidal magnetic field projector
432016011181804/21/16 Longitudinal, tolerance-mitigating cam-lock fastening system
442016011235004/21/16 Systems and methods for server and switch failover in a black core network
452016010295304/14/16 Attack capability enhancing ballistic sabot
462016010300004/14/16 Optical position encoder
472016010493604/14/16 Multiple input loop antenna
482016010525404/14/16 Methods and apparatuses for allocating electromagnetic-spectrum jamming assets
492016010596304/14/16 Interconnect transition apparatus
502016009761504/07/16 Mechanism for defeating armor using ballistic weapons
512016009791404/07/16 Sparse aperture optical alignment methods
522016009975104/07/16 Methods and underwater electrical near-field signal system
532016009159603/31/16 Real-time multi-array sum power spectrum control
542016009160803/31/16 Determination of a ground receiver position
552016009258203/31/16 System for image intelligence exploitation and creation
562016008308903/24/16 Aircraft store deployment system with improved safety of arming and releasing stores
572016008311703/24/16 Dynamic testing of attitude determination and control systems, reaction wheel and torque rods using automotive robotic techniques
582016008462303/24/16 Adaptive electronically steerable array (aesa) system for interceptor rf target engagement and communications
592016008571203/24/16 Multi-channel, selectable identity tagging data translator and method
602016008649603/24/16 Runway incursion detection and indication using an electronic flight strip system
612016008699803/24/16 Pin diode structure having surface charge suppression
622016008733503/24/16 Programmable beamforming system including element-level analog channelizer
632016008753603/24/16 Stacked power converter assembly
642016008849903/24/16 Systems and methods to create message traffic
652016007544003/17/16 External-bladder fuel system
662016007733303/17/16 Adaptive optic having meander resistors
672016006824803/10/16 Moving conformal window for large aperture optics on aircraft mounted pods
682016006868603/10/16 Long wave infrared transparent window and coating materials
692016006999603/10/16 Phase center alignment for fixed repetition rate synthetic aperture systems
702016007065803/10/16 Multi-level, hardware-enforced domain separation using a separation kernel on a multicore processor with a shared cache
712016007067403/10/16 Methods and apparatuses for eliminating a missile threat
722016007180903/10/16 Air bridge structure having dielectric coating
732016007217203/10/16 Time delay unit
742016005932003/03/16 Method for forming lanthanide nanoparticles
752016006194603/03/16 Methods and adaptive motion compensation to remove translational movement between a sensor and a target
762016006482503/03/16 Directive artificial magnetic conductor (amc) dielectric wedge waveguide antenna
772016006530803/03/16 Electro-optical payload for high-bandwidth free space optical communications
782016006544703/03/16 Network utilization in policy-based networks
792016006595603/03/16 Optical non-uniformity correction (nuc) for active mode imaging sensors
802016005443902/25/16 Phased array antenna using stacked beams in elevation and azimuth
812016005472502/25/16 Inverse-contour machining to eliminate residual stress distortion
822016005503502/25/16 Multiple simultaneous request resource management
832016005597102/25/16 Forced convection liquid cooling of fluid-filled high density pulsed power capacitor with native fluid
842016005600502/25/16 Rapid 3d prototyping and fabricating of slow-wave structures, including electromagnetic meta-material structures, for millimeter-wavelength and terahertz-frequency high-power vacuum electronic devices
852016005652402/25/16 Antenna lifting apparatus and related techniques
862016005655502/25/16 Additive elx and mech interfaces for adapting to cots plug-and-play variance
872016005689202/25/16 Apparatus and reducing signal fading due to atmospheric turbulence
882016005701602/25/16 System and cluster management based on hpc architecture
892016005736402/25/16 Compact short flat-field schmidt optics for mm-wave operation
902016004653902/18/16 Bonding agents for nitrogen-containing oxidizers
912016004765702/18/16 Autonomous range-only terrain aided navigation
922016004798102/18/16 End pumped pwg with tapered core thickness
932016004798202/18/16 Asymmetric pwg with asymmetric cooling
942016004995002/18/16 Defeat of aliasing by incremental sampling
952016005049002/18/16 Adaptive phase control of cryocooler active vibration cancellation
962016003966502/11/16 Hermetically sealed package having stress reducing layer
972016004028202/11/16 Getter structure and forming such structure
982016004083002/11/16 Cryogenic assembly including carbon nanotube electrical interconnect
992016004091302/11/16 Temperature control of multi-stage cryocooler with load shifting capabilities
1002016004096702/11/16 Air vehicle with control system mechanical coupler
1012016004125202/11/16 Pnt sensor relay communication system
1022016004126702/11/16 Orbital determination (od) of geosynchronous satellites
1032016004189502/11/16 Preprocessor directive symbol analyzer devices and methods
1042016004290702/11/16 Compact magnet design for high-power magnetrons
1052016004346502/11/16 Portable apparatus and associated phased array field calibration
1062016004362302/11/16 Bidirectional low voltage power supply (lvps) with single pulse width modulator (pwm), cryogenic cooler system, and method
1072016004377802/11/16 Method and system for characterizing an array antenna using near-field measurements
1082016003301702/04/16 Relative translation system
1092016003364202/04/16 Linear mode computational sensing ladar
1102016003553602/04/16 Particle beam detector
1112016003708902/04/16 Multi-band thermal imaging sensor with integrated filter array
1122016002546701/28/16 Low-collateral damage directed fragmentation munition
1132016002546801/28/16 Low-collateral damage directed fragmentation munition
1142016002549501/28/16 Autonomous coordination of agents via attraction and repulsion
1152016002606601/28/16 Methods and idler extraction in high power optical parametric amplifiers
1162016002815501/28/16 Electronically reconfigurable, piecewise-linear, scalable analog monopulse network
1172016002853501/28/16 System and synchronizing ground clocks
1182016002854101/28/16 Quantum key distribution via pulse position modulation
1192016002949001/28/16 Method and cleaning an electronic circuit board
1202016001667801/21/16 Solar rejection system with movable sunshade
1212016001861801/21/16 Precision optical mount for optical devices
1222016001956001/21/16 Agricultural situational awareness tool
1232016002079201/21/16 Signal detection and characterization
1242016002143601/21/16 Optical multiplexor switch for free space optical communication
1252016000936001/14/16 Optical window system with aero-optical conductive blades
1262016001094001/14/16 Weapon posturing system and methods of use
1272016001131201/14/16 Frequency agile ladar
1282016001436601/14/16 Extended dynamic range charge transimpedance amplifier input cell for light sensor
1292015037758612/31/15 Stowable effector launch system
1302015037759012/31/15 Multimode shared aperture seeker
1312015037809312/31/15 Reflection/absorption coating for laser slabs
1322015037863912/31/15 Inter-processor memory
1332015038034312/31/15 Flip chip mmic having mounting stiffener
1342015036956612/24/15 Composite launch acceptability region software
1352015036966712/24/15 Imaging spectrometer with extended resolution
1362015036967012/24/15 Digital imaging bolometer and measuring photon radiation in a pixelated image
1372015037075212/24/15 Translation of universal armament interface (uai) to military standard (mil-std-1760) messaging interface
1382015037177012/24/15 Broadband power amplifier having high efficiency
1392015037216812/24/15 Photovoltaic device for generating electrical power using nonlinear multi-photon absorption of incoherent radiation
1402015037239412/24/15 Active electronically scanned array antenna
1412015037239512/24/15 Near-field gradient probe for the suppression of radio interference
1422015037262212/24/15 Method and integrated motor drive power electronics system with improved efficiency
1432015037277112/24/15 Magnetic antennas for ultra low frequency and very low frequency radiation
1442015036222112/17/15 Frequency-matched cryocooler scaling for low-cost, minimal disturbance space cooling
1452015036230112/17/15 Passive stability system for a vehicle moving through a fluid
1462015036232012/17/15 Correction of navigation position estimate based on the geometry of passively measured and estimated bearings to near earth objects (neos)
1472015036236312/17/15 Derotation assembly and a scanning sensor
1482015036335912/17/15 Butterfly channelizer
1492015036480912/17/15 Dual stripline tile circulator utilizing thick film post-fired substrate stacking
1502015036518512/17/15 Dynamically reconfigurable channelizer
1512015035278612/10/15 Selective composite manufacturing for components having multiple material properties
1522015035531612/10/15 Optical pulse contrast improvement using nonlinear conversion
1532015035545212/10/15 Adjustable drive mechanism
1542015035720612/10/15 Use of an etch stop in the mim capacitor dielectric of a mmic
1552015034398812/03/15 Electrically controlled variable force deployment airbag and inflation
1562015034645612/03/15 Primary mirror mount assembly and method
1572015034713112/03/15 Fast transitions for massively parallel computing applications
1582015034787112/03/15 Data fusion analysis for maritime automatic target recognition
1592015034871412/03/15 Integrated capacitively-coupled bias circuit for rf mems switches
1602015034900612/03/15 Dynamic polarizer
1612015034991412/03/15 Analog rf memory system
1622015033980711/26/15 Video contrast enhancement with sub-segments
1632015034155311/26/15 Ultra-wide field of view seeker
1642015034207011/26/15 Method of making an object with a metal-non-metal seal
1652015033115811/19/15 Magnesium mirrors and methods of manufacture thereof
1662015033120911/19/15 Thermal management for high-power optical fibers
1672015033368411/19/15 Linear actuator force matching using back emf
1682015033478711/19/15 Microwave module lid
1692015032190511/12/15 Wafer level packaged infrared (ir) focal plane array (fpa) with evanescent wave coupling
1702015032328611/12/15 Shooting system with aim assist
1712015032344811/12/15 Classification and identification of solid propellant rocket motors
1722015032566111/12/15 Substrate for molecular beam epitaxy (mbe) hgcdte growth
1732015031509311/05/15 Methods to desensitize hydrazinium nitroformate (hnf)
1742015031636311/05/15 Projectile with aft obturating device
1752015031637611/05/15 Non-contacting electro-magnetic spherical planar motor providing 3-axis control of a ball joint gimbal mounted electro-optic system
1762015031665511/05/15 Global positioning system (gps) and doppler augmentation (gdaug) and space location inertial navigation geopositioning system (spacelings)
1772015031666211/05/15 Combined neutron and gamma-ray detector and method
1782015031676111/05/15 Ball joint gimbal imaging system with an off-gimbal directional electro-optic component
1792015031862211/05/15 Interleaved electronically scanned arrays
1802015031891111/05/15 Communications extender
1812015031934711/05/15 Methods and imaging in scattering environments
1822015030078010/22/15 Rocket cluster divert and attitude control system
1832015030079610/22/15 Separable sabot for launching payload
1842015030275210/22/15 Track collision avoidance control system
1852015030356710/22/15 Beam forming system having linear samplers
1862015030396210/22/15 Linear sampler
1872015030505310/22/15 System and methods for using communication resources
1882015030519110/22/15 Method to align surface mount packages for thermal enhancement
1892015030519810/22/15 Monolithic multi-module electronics chassis with multi-planar embedded fluid cooling channels
1902015029322910/15/15 Simultaneous forward and inverse synthetic aperture imaging ladar
1912015029605210/15/15 Method for incorporating network port hopping with minimal or no impact to underlying systems
1922015028408010/08/15 Special forces replenishment vehicle
1932015028522810/08/15 Mechanical actuator
1942015028556410/08/15 Encapsulated phase change material heat sink and method
1952015028568410/08/15 Imaging spectropolarimeter using orthogonal polarization pairs
1962015028827110/08/15 Inertial energy storage system and hydro-fluoro-ether power transformer scheme for radar power systems and large pfn charging
1972015028890710/08/15 Method and system for managing defects in focal plane arrays using redundant components
1982015027225510/01/15 Solid-liquid energy dissipation system, and helmet using the same
1992015027692010/01/15 Detection of concealed object on a body using radio frequency signatures on frequencies and polarizations
2002015027904610/01/15 System for correcting rpc camera model pointing errors using 2 sets of stereo image pairs and probabilistic 3-dimensional models
2012015027975510/01/15 Wafer level package solder barrier used as vacuum getter
2022015028065010/01/15 Modular spatially combined ehf power amplifier
2032015026657809/24/15 Air-launchable container for deploying air vehicle
2042015026834009/24/15 Interferometric inverse synthetic aperture radar and method
2052015026970509/24/15 Bare earth finding and feature extraction for 3d point clouds
2062015027009009/24/15 Compact magnet design for high-power magnetrons
2072015027060909/24/15 Beam broadening with large spoil factors
2082015027067109/24/15 Rotary joint with contactless annular electrical connection
2092015027140309/24/15 Method and inhibiting diversion of devices using an embedded accelerometer
2102015026021009/17/15 Clamp for internally coupling and decoupling two components
2112015026083909/17/15 High-availability isar image formation
2122015026207209/17/15 Creation of a maximally entangled quantum state
2132015026296709/17/15 Hermetically sealed wafer packages
2142015026320409/17/15 Reduced junction area barrier-based photodetector
2152015026348509/17/15 High-efficiency, dual current sink laser diode driver
2162015025313309/10/15 Optical configuration for a compact integrated day/night viewing and laser range finding system
2172015025406809/10/15 Optimized sca descriptors with run-time deployment additions
2182015025584209/10/15 Microwave coupling structure for suppressing common mode signals while passing differential mode signals between a pair of coplanar waveguide (cpw) transmission lines
2192015025584309/10/15 Waveguide mechanical phase adjuster
2202015025584709/10/15 Coplanar waveguide (cpw) microwave transmission line structures
2212015025616209/10/15 Flexible chirp generator
2222015025676809/10/15 Multi-spectral optical tracking system and methods
2232015024904209/03/15 Getter structure and forming such structure
2242015024118008/27/15 Countermeasure defeating incoming projectiles
2252015024303208/27/15 False alarm rejection for boat detection candidates
2262015024382508/27/15 Simultaneous dual-band detector
2272015023385808/20/15 Composite with integral sensor and method
2282015023403008/20/15 Analog signal processing accurate single antenna direction finding
2292015023403908/20/15 Portable programmable ladar test target
2302015023404308/20/15 Phase reference shift for sar images generated from sub-aperture algorithms
2312015023585608/20/15 Semiconductor structures having t-shaped electrodes
2322015023640008/20/15 Array antenna with shaped beam pattern for toll road collection system applications
2332015023776208/20/15 Integrated thermal management system
2342015022564108/13/15 Highly emissive space compatible material
2352015022652508/13/15 Aerial vehicle with combustible time-delay fuse
2362015022661308/13/15 Imaging device with shutterless non-uniformity correction
2372015022685708/13/15 Detection of spoofed satellite signals
2382015022702208/13/15 Robust autofocus algorithm for multi-spectral imaging systems
2392015021945908/06/15 Method for determining future position boundary for a moving object from location estimates
2402015021985508/06/15 Optically transitioned metal-insulator surface
2412015022179608/06/15 Photo-detector having plasmonic resonance and photon crystal thermal noise suppression
2422015022180708/06/15 Integrated photosensitive film and thin led display
2432015022201908/06/15 Optically reconfigurable rf fabric
2442015022296608/06/15 Photonically routed transmission line
2452015022300508/06/15 3-dimensional audio projection
2462015021165207/30/15 Frangible valve
2472015021183207/30/15 Internally coupleable joint
2482015021184907/30/15 Shared-aperture electro-optic imaging and ranging sensor
2492015021192307/30/15 Configurable combination spectrometer and polarizer

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