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Raytheon Company Company
Raytheon Company Arizona Board Of Regents On Behalf Of The University Of Arizona
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Raytheon Company patents

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04/20/17 new patent  Apparatus for automated transfer of large-scale missile hardware
04/20/17 new patent  Joule thomson aided stirling cycle cooler
04/20/17 new patent  In-flight insulation generation using matrix-based heat sink for missiles and other flight vehicles
04/20/17 new patent  In-situ thin film based temperature sensing for high temperature uniformity and high rate of temperature change thermal reference sources
04/20/17 new patent  Stacked power converter assembly
04/13/17Anisotropic thermal conduit
04/13/17Range generation using multiple analog ramps
04/13/17Detection of spoofed satellite signals
04/13/17Stacked low loss stripline circulator
04/13/17Optically-activated array utilizing photonic integrated circuits (pics)
04/13/17Methods and antenna having dual polarized radiating elements with enhanced heat dissipation
04/13/17Electronic module with free-formed self-supported vertical interconnects
04/06/17Benzoxazine cyanate ester resin for pyrolisis densification of carbon-carbon composites
04/06/17Electrically operated pulse initiators and ignition
04/06/17Multidimensional angle determination using fine position sensors
04/06/17Passive micromirror device for non-imaging wide field of view
04/06/17Scalable thermal solution for high frequency panel array applications or other applications
03/30/17Gimbal transmission cable management
03/30/17Five-mirror afocal wide field of view optical system
03/30/17High-stiffness structure for larger aperture telescope
03/30/17Multiple target tracker and liquid crystal waveguide (lcwg) beam steerer for designation, range finding and active imaging
03/30/17Coaxial electrical interconnect
03/23/17Method and ultra-clean seeker transportation and storage
03/23/17Duct with shape memory material, and installation method
03/23/17Systems and methods for determining whether a circuit is operating properly
03/23/17Optical waveguide coude path for gimbaled systems having an optical coupling element (as amended)
03/23/17System and identifying manufactured parts
03/23/17Mediated secure boot for single or multicore processors
03/23/17Systems and methods for sharpening multi-spectral imagery
03/23/17Reusable resettable retriggerable rebuildable squibless missile battery
03/23/17Multi-octave 180 degree phase bit
03/23/17Method and system for creating a display with a distributed aperture system
03/16/17Magnetic field gradient navigation aid
03/16/17Measurement of magnetic field gradients
03/16/17Systems and methods for digital elevation map filters for three dimensional point clouds
03/16/17N-way coaxial-to-coaxial combiner / divider
03/16/17Point-to-point communications link
03/09/17Techniques for forming waveguides for use in laser systems or other systems and associated devices
03/09/17Method of flight plan filing and clearance using wireless communication device
03/09/17Methods and wide bandwidth antenna with enhanced connection
03/09/17Discrete time current multiplier circuit
03/09/17Discrete time polyphase channelizer
03/09/17Clock authentication circuitry for clock signals
03/09/17Ultrasonic consolidation with integrated printed electronics
03/02/17Mirror mount
03/02/17Controlled release nanoparticulate matter delivery system
03/02/17Rotational degree of freedom joint constraint
03/02/17Method and multiple degree of freedom precision adjustable mount
03/02/17Enclosure pressurization device
03/02/17Space time interleaved matched-filters
03/02/17Dual-pupil re-imaging optical systems
03/02/17Polarized pixelated filter array with reduced sensitivity to misalignment for polarimetric imaging
03/02/17Systems and methods for identifying similarities using unstructured text analysis
03/02/17Uwb and ir/optical feed circuit and related techniques
03/02/17Electro-mechanical kinetic energy storage device and operation
02/23/17Field effect transistor having two-dimensionally distributed field effect transistor cells
02/23/17Field effect transistor having loop distributed field effect transistor cells
02/16/17Compliant fastener starter for simultaneous hardware installation
02/16/17Fixture to support reel-to-reel inspection of semiconductor devices or other components
02/16/17Metallic nosecone with unitary assembly
02/16/17Programmable synthesized filter notch
02/16/17Dc bias regulator for cascode amplifier
02/16/17Secure cross domain solution systems and methods
02/09/17Shape memory material based thermal coupler/decoupler and method
02/09/17Methods and tracking pulse trains
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02/09/17Temporally adaptive processing
02/09/17Robust target identification
02/09/173d printed transmission line assembly
02/09/17Hybrid circuit assembly
02/02/17Electronic enhanced receiver scheduler system
02/02/17Large area format sapphire windows via transient liquid phase bonding
02/02/17Dual mode optical and rf reflector
02/02/17Real time polarization compensation for dual-polarized millimeter wave communication
02/02/17Low power encoded signal detection
01/26/17Dispenser and dispensing system for radar jamming material
01/26/17Apparatus and methods for estimating corn yields
01/26/17Semiconductor structures having t-shaped electrodes
01/26/17Secure switch assembly
01/26/17Automated compliance checking through analysis of cloud infrastructure templates
01/26/17Low capacitance, shielded, watertight device interconnect
Patent Packs
01/26/17Expandable analog manifold
01/19/17Thermal trigger with an integrated out-of-line lockout device for a thermally-initiated ventilation system or other system
01/19/17Methods and thermal testing of antennas
01/19/17Multi-processor internal time synchronization and event scheduling of multiple processors
01/19/17Logic utilization with axi4 augmented address
01/12/17High performance plastic radome
01/12/17Wearable retina/iris scan authentication system
01/12/17Methods and deceiving optical augmentation
01/12/17Thermal switch
01/12/17Wafer level package solder barrier used as vacuum getter
01/12/17Dual mode iii-v superlattice avalanche photodiode
01/12/17Methods and orbital angular momentum (oam) system
01/05/17Geolocating a remote emitter
01/05/17Multi-beam phased array antenna
01/05/17Adaptive interposer and electronic apparatus
12/29/16Wafer level mems package including dual seal ring
12/29/16Munition with multiple fragment layers
12/29/16Liquid crystal waveguide steered active situational awareness sensor
12/29/16System and global object recognition
12/29/16Methods and video wall with feed indicators
12/29/16Methods and data communication using bandwidth modulation
12/29/16Data communication using bandwidth modulation
12/22/16Penetrator munition with enhanced fragmentation
12/22/16Bias circuitry for depletion mode amplifiers
12/15/16Munition modification kit and modifying munition
12/15/16Methods and determining angle of arrival (aoa) in a radar warning receiver
12/15/16Coolant distribution structure for monolithic microwave integrated circuits (mmics)
12/15/16Ground structures between resonators for distributed electromagnetic wave filters
12/15/16High power radio frequency (rf) antenna switch
12/15/16Ip address translation for tactical networks
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12/08/16Additive manufactured combustible element with fuel and oxidizer
12/08/16Rocket motor produced by additive manufacturing
12/08/16Hyper-velocity impact sensor
12/08/16Radioactive anomaly detector
12/08/16Systems and methods for non-destructive testing of energetic materials
12/08/16Micro-hoses for integrated circuit and device level cooling
12/01/16Energy absorbing restraint device
12/01/16Ceramics with engineered microstructures via 3d printing and templated grain growth
12/01/16Munition with preformed fragments
12/01/16Characterization of absolute spectral radiance of an unknown ir source
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12/01/16System and method to provide a dynamic situational awareness of attack radar threats
12/01/16Computing cross-correlations for sparse data
12/01/16Dynamic runtime modular mission management
12/01/16System and providing power from a standardized component without a power source output to an accessory component
11/24/16Method of stress relief in anti-reflective coated cap wafers for wafer level packaged infrared focal plane arrays
11/24/16Power-by-light architecture for optically remote analog-to-digital converters
11/17/16Detector arrays with electronically adjustable detector positions
11/17/16Multi-level security domain separation using soft-core processor embedded in an fpga
11/17/16Apparatus and processes for photosynthetic activity measurement and mapping
11/17/16Parallel hypothesis formation for multiple hypotheses tracking
11/17/16System and parallel configuration of hybrid energy storage module
11/17/16Method and system for non-persistent communication
11/10/16Low particulating toggle clamp with secondary lock apparatus
11/10/16Electrically operated propellants with elevated self-sustaining threshold pressures
11/10/16Field effect transistor structure having notched mesa
11/03/16Rotary tool
11/03/16Flechette weapon system and method employing minimal energetic material
11/03/16Optical navigation system
11/03/16Sensor installation monitoring
11/03/16Sensor installation monitoring
11/03/16Systems and methods for 3d point cloud processing
11/03/16Estimation of available user data rate in a communications channel
10/27/16Broadband graphene-based optical limiter for the protection of backside illuminated cmos detectors
10/20/16Shape memory alloy disc vent cover release
10/20/16Semi-active rf target detection and proximity detonation based on angle-to-target
10/20/16Image plane sensor alignment system and method
10/20/16Characterization of spectral emissivity via thermal conductive heating and in-situ radiance measurement using a low-e mirror
10/20/16Automated work piece center of mass identification same
10/20/16Systems and methods for internet traffic analysis
10/13/16Vibration test methodology using an electromagnet and related apparatus and automated testing system with material handling robot
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10/13/16Apparatus and processing electronic intelligence (elint) and radar tracking data
10/13/16Apparatus and processes for corn moisture analysis and prediction of optimum harvest date
10/13/16Monolithic integrated circuit (mmic) structure having composite etch stop layer and forming such structure
10/06/16Sequential multi-beam radar for maximum likelihood tracking and fence search
10/06/16Optical component including nanoparticle heat sink
10/06/16Digital infrared holograms
10/06/16Substrate for molecular beam epitaxy (mbe) hgcdte growth
10/06/16Device and data storage using network buffer
09/29/16Quantum dot-based identification, location and marking
09/29/16Current to frequency converter
09/29/16System and imaging device motion compensation
09/22/16Multi-function radio frequency (mfrf) module and gun-launched munition with active and semi-active terminal guidance and fuzing sensors
09/22/16Tunable multi-band spectro-polarimeter
09/22/16Multiple-beam triangulation-based range finder and method
09/22/16Multi-dimensional video navigation system and method using interactive map paths
09/22/16Thermal spreader having inter-metal diffusion barrier layer
09/22/16Monolithic microwave integrated circuit (mmic) cascode connected transistor circuit
09/15/16Tube to bulkhead bonded joint design
09/15/16Shock mitigation assembly for a penetrating weapon
09/15/16Wideband channel equalization for signals propagated in lossy transmission media
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09/15/16Coherent ladar using intra-pixel quadrature detection
09/15/16Synthetic aperture sonar system for inspecting underwater surfaces
09/15/16Position and motion informed navigation system
09/15/16System and depth profiling by temporal and spatial range gating based on penetrating electromagnetic radiation
09/15/16Method for encryption obfuscation
09/15/16Radio frequency (rf) series attenuator module for bridging two rf transmission lines on adjacent circuit substrates
09/15/16Digital weapons factory and digital operations center for producing, deploying, assessing, and managing digital defects
09/15/16System, method, and computer-readable medium for performing automated security validation on a virtual machine
09/15/16Component support for dense circuit board
09/08/16Compensating drive nut assembly
09/08/16Method and executing a weapon safety system utilizing explosive flux compression
09/08/16Pattern matching techniques in analog and mixed signal circuits
09/08/16Methods and reducing audio conference noise using voice quality measures
09/01/16Laser synthetic aperture sonar for buried object detection
09/01/16High power optical switch
09/01/16System and asymmetric missile defense
09/01/16Robust solid-state circuit protection apparatus
08/25/16Ballistic radome with extended field of view
08/25/16Electronic rotman lens
08/25/16Compact microwave power amplifier circuit
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08/25/16Proactive emerging threat detection
08/18/16Boresight insert for alignment of aiming system with firing system of weapon
08/18/16System and providing active refraction feedback for devices with variable index of refraction
08/18/16Cable with spring steel or other reinforcement member(s) for stable routing between support points
08/18/16Coaxial waveguide antenna
08/11/16Fragmentation munition with limited explosive force
08/11/16Systems for sparse aperture optical alignment and related methods
08/11/16Method and system to detect and characterize electromagnetic pulses for the protection of critical infrastructure components
08/11/16Nano diffuser
08/11/16Electromagnetic interference suppressing shield
08/04/16Telescoping mast utility line management
08/04/16Nadir/zenith inertial pointing assistance for two-axis gimbals
08/04/16Advanced optics for irst sensor
08/04/16Enhanced detection and automatic signature extraction of radar resonance reflections in above and below-ground man-made objects
08/04/16Radar detection of a concealed object on a body
08/04/16Direct view optical sight with integrated laser system
08/04/16Apparatus and processes for classifying and counting corn kernels
08/04/16Apparatus and processes for estimating river velocity
08/04/16Microwave attenuator module
08/04/16Modular actuation device for an aerodynamic control surface of a missile
08/04/16Reflective-type antenna band and polarization selectable transceiver using a rotatable quarter-wave plate
07/28/16Articulated diffuser and door for submerged ram air turbine power and cooling control
07/28/16Method and electro-mechanical super-elevation
07/28/16Gun-launched ballistically-stable spinning laser-guided munition
07/28/16Mitigating low duty factor electronic attack (ea)
07/28/16Optical phased array focus control for active illuminated swir range selection
07/28/16Shape memory circuit breakers
07/28/16Processing system with encoding for processing multiple analog signals
07/28/16Apparatus and efficient waveform portability between different platforms
07/21/16Associating signal intelligence to objects via residual reduction
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07/21/16Runtime creation, assignment, deployment and updating of arbitrary radio waveform techniques for a radio waveform generation device
07/21/16Integrated departure and arrival management for airport runways
07/21/16Methods and structures for forming microstrip transmission lines on thin silicon carbide on insulator (sicoi) wafers
07/21/16Methods and systems for reducing noise in optoelectronic oscillators
07/14/16Tailoring air cooled heat exchanger geometry to achieve environmental protection
07/07/16Method and control of pulsed power in hybrid energy storage module
06/30/16Model based prediction in a critically sampled filterbank
06/23/16Shock hardened initiator and initiator assembly
06/23/16Explosive device with casing having voids therein
06/23/16Pyramidal spacer for increased stability fabry perot resonator
06/23/16Detection of stealth vehicles using vhf radar
06/23/16Photodetector with surface plasmon resonance
06/23/16Frequency selective limiter
06/23/16Radiator, solderless interconnect thereof and grounding element thereof
06/23/16Electromagnetic dc pulse power system including integrated fault limiter
06/23/16Power system based on current source
06/23/16Quasi-switched, multi-band, high-power amplifier and method
06/23/16Extendable synchronous low power telemetry system for distributed sensors
06/16/16Hermetically sealed package having stress reducing layer
06/16/16Screening of electronic components for detection of counterfeit articles using automated inspection system
06/16/16Orientation measurements for drift correction
06/16/16Vertical radio frequency module
06/09/16Ferrocenyl bonding agent oxidizers
06/09/16Zinc sulfide coupling agents
06/09/16Remote optical position sensing device and methods
06/09/16Antenna lifting apparatus and related techniques
06/09/16Phased array steering
06/09/16System and generating high energy optical pulses with arbitrary waveform
06/09/16System and cooling a laser gain medium using an ultra-thin liquid thermal optical interface

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