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Realtek Semiconductor Corp
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation
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Realtek Semiconductor Corp patents

Recent patent applications related to Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Realtek Semiconductor Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Realtek Semiconductor Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Realtek Semiconductor Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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Pluggable electronic device and  determining output data of pluggable electronic device

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Pluggable electronic device and determining output data of pluggable electronic device

Multiple defect diagnosis method and machine readable media

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Multiple defect diagnosis method and machine readable media

Count Application # Date Realtek Semiconductor Corp patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015020845507/23/15  new patent  Wireless communication device and method capable of peer-to-peer interconnection
22015020064407/16/15 Emi suppression device and network transmission
32015018527807/02/15 Temperature insensitive testing device and method
42015018849407/02/15 Active mixer and active mixing method
52015018953707/02/15 Wireless communication device and determining transmission rate of wireless communication device
62015016296006/11/15 Mimo wireless communication method and system
72015013043905/14/15 Current balancing device and method
82015013307005/14/15 Wireless signal receiving device and method
92015011659404/30/15 Pixel clock generation circuit and method thereof
102015011766304/30/15 Audio codec with audio jack detection function and audio jack detection method
112015010398604/16/15 Signal transmitting and receiving circuit of digital subscriber line
122015009852704/09/15 Data receiving device and method thereof
132015008195103/19/15 Memory card access device, control method thereof, and memory card access system
142015005442402/26/15 Protection circuit for use in controlling integrated circuit of light emitting diode
152015004888502/19/15 Gain control circuit and method capable of easing leakage current influence
162015004956202/19/15 Memory control circuit and controlling data reading process of memory module
172015004988202/19/15 Audio device and audio utilization method having haptic compensation function
182015005218102/19/15 Parameter generating device and method
192015004249702/12/15 Communication device and method capable of power calibration
202015003555502/05/15 Circuit lifetime measuring device and method
212015002224201/22/15 Clock edge detection device and method
222015001657901/15/15 Clock and data recovery device, sampler and sampling method thereof
232014032838111/06/14 Electronic device, communication method, audio device and amplifier device using pulse density modulation for communication
242014029789910/02/14 Universal serial bus network interface controller and operation mode switching method
252014028632309/25/14 Wireless network system and connecting method thereof
262014028939309/25/14 Network apparatus and connection detecting method thereof
272014026997409/18/14 Signal level decision device and method
282014024140508/28/14 Transceiver and communication digital subscriber line
292014019797207/17/14 Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and conversion time calibration method thereof
302014019222207/10/14 White balance adjusting method with scene detection and device thereof
312014017769806/26/14 Signal transmission device performing compensation by filtering characteristics and method thereof, and signal reception device offsetting compensation and method thereof
322014016919506/19/14 Wireless transmission rate adjustment method
332014013271605/15/14 Three-dimension image format converter and three-dimension image format conversion method thereof
342014012644405/08/14 Energy efficient network communication device and method
352014008222103/20/14 Interface adapter and interface adapting method thereof
362014007116903/13/14 Image processing method, image output processing method, and image reception processing method
372014003504902/06/14 Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
382013031542111/28/13 Combo-jack detecting circuit
392013031666011/28/13 Wireless apparatus and interference determination method thereof
402013030047111/14/13 Phase-locked loop circuit
412013028861410/31/13 Transceiver and voltage calibration method thereof
422013022916109/05/13 Modulating determination apparatus, modulating determination method, and power supply circuit thereof
432013016946507/04/13 Successive approximation analog to digital converter and conversion method thereof
442012024918610/04/12 Single-to-differential conversion circuit
452011001356101/20/11 Apparatus and adjusting transmission power of communication system
462010019199207/29/10 Wireless communication apparatus and power management the same
472009029064611/26/09 Video system and scaler
482009027339911/05/09 Power amplifier, power amplifier circuit and power amplifying method
492009019875408/06/09 Order adaptive finite impulse response filter and operating method thereof
502009018474907/23/09 High-resolution digitally controlled tuning circuit elements
512015020493907/23/15  new patent  Multiple defect diagnosis method and machine readable media
522015020590707/23/15  new patent  Systematic defect analysis method and machine readable media
532015020802607/23/15  new patent  Pluggable electronic device and determining output data of pluggable electronic device
542015019898607/16/15 Electronic apparatus, functional unit, and power-down method thereof
552015019497607/09/15 Converter with an additional dc offset and method thereof
562015018869407/02/15 Multi-lane serial data link receiver and method thereof
572015018952007/02/15 Antenna diversity and beamforming coexistence method and machine readable media
582015018041206/25/15 Controllable oscillator and method thereof
592015018049806/25/15 Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and associated control method
602015018056206/25/15 Beamformer and wireless communication method thereof for improving communication quality
612015017181006/18/15 Receiver device and controlling amplification factor thereof
622015017270506/18/15 Window detection device and method on multi-media system
632015015587706/04/15 Phase lock loop device with correcting function of loop bandwidth and method thereof
642015015595506/04/15 Calibration method and calibration calibrating mismatch between i-path and q-path of transmitter/receiver
652015015604206/04/15 Binary signal detection based on non-uniform adc
662015015604806/04/15 Carrier frequency offset calibration method
672015014648105/28/15 Method and sensing tunnel magneto-resistance
682015014974305/28/15 Management virtual-to-physical address translation system using part of bits of virtual address as index
692015013843905/21/15 Real-time false color reduction color interpolation
702015013886105/21/15 Content addressable memory
712015013943705/21/15 Signal processing circuit and associated signal processing method applied to headset
722015013955405/21/15 Consecutive thin edge detection enhancing a color filter array image
732015012436105/07/15 Esd protection circuit
742015012498305/07/15 Circuit and driving a loudspeaker
752015011763504/30/15 Network apparatus with multiple communication ports
762015010367604/16/15 Method for determining connection status of wired network
772015009206704/02/15 Image sharing system and related computer program product
782015008591103/26/15 Method for equalizing transmission spectrum of a wireless communication transmitter
792015007848803/19/15 Wireless communication controlling multi-antenna module and related method thereof
802015008192903/19/15 Control circuit and control adaptively adjusting parameter setting of pci-e device
812015006983803/12/15 Integrated switch-capacitor dc-dc converter and method thereof
822015007101703/12/15 Electronic device and control electronic device
832015006107503/05/15 Metal trench de-coupling capacitor structure and forming the same
842015006108303/05/15 Metal trench de-noise structure and forming the same
852015006178703/05/15 Method and suppressing a deterministic clock jitter
862015006722703/05/15 Signal adaptor, signal receiving circuit and associated methods
872015006762303/05/15 Timing analysis non-standard cell circuit and associated machine readable medium
882015005458502/26/15 Pre-distortion method, associated apparatus and non-transitory machine readable medium
892015005850002/26/15 Communication apparatus and related signal receiving apparatus
902015004962002/19/15 Method for estimating cable length in ethernet system and receiver thereof
912015004965602/19/15 Impedance adjustment method, delay capacitance adjustment method and associated communication device
922015005090002/19/15 Voltage regulating circuit and method thereof
932015004240702/12/15 Method for detecting frequency offset of oscillator and associated circuit
942015002238701/22/15 Feedforward delta-sigma modulator
952015001527101/15/15 Detecting circuit and detecting determining connection status between first pin and second pin
962015001532801/15/15 Pre-distortion method and associated apparatus and non-transitory machine readable medium
972015001647401/15/15 Communicating apparatus
982015000990401/08/15 Channel map generation method and apparatus therefor
992015001010901/08/15 Method for compensating mismatch of in-phase signal and quadrature signal of transmitter/receiver
1002015000232501/01/15 Self-calibrated delta-sigma modulator and method thereof
1012014037536512/25/14 Oversampling data signal and oversampling apparatus thereof
1022014036836412/18/14 Method and estimating sampling delay error between first and second analog-to-digital converters of time-interleaved analog-to-digital converter
1032014034126311/20/14 Calibration method performing spectrum analysis upon test signal and associated communication system
1042014032747211/06/14 Frequency detection apparatus with internal output voltage which changes along with input signal frequency
1052014032747311/06/14 Method and a programmable frequency divider
1062014032756011/06/14 Successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter (sar adc) and method thereof
1072014032033010/30/14 Successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter for programmably amplifying amplitude of input signal and method thereof
1082014030776510/16/14 Wireless transmission system, and determining default gain of wireless transmission system
1092014030782710/16/14 Communication device and configuring data transmission
1102014030786710/16/14 Analog front-end transmitter and a connection an x-digital subscriber line having a pre-distortion mechanism
1112014030039710/09/14 Clock generator and method thereof
1122014030041810/09/14 Auto gain adjusting device and method thereof
1132014028476109/25/14 Integrated inductor and integrated inductor fabricating method
1142014028476209/25/14 Integrated inductor and integrated inductor fabricating method
1152014028476309/25/14 Integrated inductor and integrated inductor fabricating method
1162014028877309/25/14 Automotive electronic system and power supply method thereof
1172014026635009/18/14 Signal generating circuit and method thereof
1182014026950409/18/14 Method and mobile device for automatically choosing communication network
1192014025856709/11/14 Data transmission circuit and data transmission method using configurable threshold and related universal serial bus system
1202014025857509/11/14 Master-slave detection method and master-slave detection circuit
1212014022339808/07/14 Method for determining interface timing of integrated circuit automatically and related machine readable medium thereof
1222014021056007/31/14 Triple cascode power amplifier
1232014021056207/31/14 Single-ended ring oscillator with fully differential signal
1242014021067307/31/14 Dual-band antenna of wireless communication apparatus
1252014020386107/24/14 Control circuit for controlling a push-pull circuit and method thereof
1262014019898507/17/14 Image processing performing color interpolation upon captured images and related method thereof
1272014019203207/10/14 Overdriving control method with image compression control and related circuit
1282014019307907/10/14 Image correction method using approximately non-linear regression approach and related image correction circuit
1292014018445907/03/14 Dual band antenna
1302014016799306/19/14 Hybrid digital-to-analog converter and method thereof
1312014016976606/19/14 Method and computer program product for establishing playback timing correlation between different contents to be playbacked
1322014015998506/12/14 Current breaker and wireless communication device having the same
1332014014570205/29/14 Constant current generating circuit using on-chip calibrated resistor and related method thereof
1342014012988505/08/14 Scan clock generator and related method thereof
1352014011800605/01/14 Communication apparatus and associated estimation method
1362014011803005/01/14 Sampling circuit and sampling method
1372014011804405/01/14 Duty cycle tuning circuit and method thereof
1382014011804705/01/14 Method and clock transmission
1392014009769804/10/14 Multi-mode power amplifying circuit, and multi-mode wireless transmission module and method thereof
1402014009181204/03/14 Method of integrated circuit scan clock domain allocation and machine readable media thereof
1412014008511803/27/14 Successive approximation analog to digital converter and method thereof
1422014007839103/20/14 Mobile high-definition link data converter and mobile high-definition link data converting method
1432014007084203/13/14 Adjustable impedance circuit and impedance setting providing differential-mode impedance matching and common-mode impedance matching
1442014007326903/13/14 Wireless transceiver apparatus having circuit unit forming frequency resonance mode when operated under reception mode
1452014006188103/06/14 Integrated circuit
1462014006255003/06/14 Phase locked loop
1472014006411503/06/14 Bandwidth selection method
1482014006442303/06/14 Clock and data recovery circuit selectively configured to operate in one of a plurality of stages and related method thereof
1492014005480102/27/14 Electronic device
1502014005913402/27/14 Multimedia delivery system and related computer program product for providing statistical graph related to auxiliary multimedia data
1512014005925402/27/14 Mode switching electronic device and associated electronic device
1522014005941802/27/14 Multimedia annotation editing system and related method and computer program product
1532014003576702/06/14 Successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter and method thereof
1542014003577102/06/14 Predictive successive approximation register analog-to-digital conversion device and method
1552014003577202/06/14 Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter using capacitor array with sub-capacitors configured by capacitor disassembling and related method thereof
1562014002965701/30/14 Method and circuit of clock and data recovery with built in jitter tolerance test
1572014002969101/30/14 Communication cancelling timing dependence of signals
1582013034251512/26/13 Over-drive controller applied to a display panel and over-drive control therein
1592013034257912/26/13 Multimedia interaction system and related computer program product capable of avoiding unexpected interaction behavior
1602013032863012/12/13 Power amplifier
1612013030873111/21/13 Wireless lan communication device, relevant signal processing circuit, and method thereof
1622013029809511/07/13 Method for checking i/o cell connections and associated computer readable medium
1632013028563010/31/13 Voltage regulating apparatus with enhancement functions for transient response
1642013029053510/31/13 Apparatus and managing an access control list in an internet device
1652013028114410/24/13 Channel selection method using channel quality information of neighboring channels and related channel selection device
1662013027120010/17/13 Switched capacitor circuit utilizing delayed control signal and inverting control signal for performing switching operation and related control method
1672013026505610/10/13 Apparatus and led short detection
1682013026513210/10/13 On-chip transformer having multiple windings
1692013026548710/10/13 Video playback system and related computer program product for jointly displaying video with multiple screens
1702013026548810/10/13 Multi-screen video playback system and related computer program product
1712013026549210/10/13 Multimedia system, relevant multimedia information display device and multimedia information transmission method
1722013026628410/10/13 Multimedia system, relevant multimedia information display device and multimedia information transmission method
1732013026628510/10/13 Video playback system for enhancing drama effect and related computer program product
1742013026628610/10/13 Multi-screen video playback system and related computer program product for dynamically generating scaled video
1752013026718510/10/13 Transceiver having an on-chip co-transformer
1762013026885710/10/13 Multimedia content providing device, multimedia content providing method, and relevant computer program product
1772013024950609/26/13 Integrated switch-capacitor dc-dc converter and method thereof
1782013023475509/12/13 Impedance calibration device and method
1792013022932509/05/13 Multimedia interaction system and related computer program product capable of blocking multimedia interaction commands that against interactive rules
1802013022934009/05/13 Multimedia interaction system and related computer program product capable of avoiding unexpected interaction behavior
1812013023222309/05/13 Cross-platform multimedia interaction system with multiple displays and dynamically-configured hierarchical servers and related method, electronic device and computer program product
1822013023242209/05/13 Multimedia interaction system and related computer program product capable of filtering multimedia interaction commands
1832013022202308/29/13 Digital phase lock loop and method thereof
1842013022343908/29/13 Ethernet communication circuit with auto mdi/mdix function
1852013021486408/22/13 Signal amplifying circuit of communication device
1862013021599908/22/13 Method for compensating mismatch of in-phase signal and quadrature signal of transmitter/receiver
1872013020337008/08/13 Wireless communication receiver and method thereof
1882013019404008/01/13 Limiting amplifier and method thereof
1892013018790807/25/13 Image processing device and method thereof
1902013018802707/25/13 Image depth generation device and method thereof
1912013018851807/25/13 Electronic device having network auto-switching functions and network auto-switching method utilized in electronic device
1922013018568307/18/13 Method of generating integrated circuit model
1932013017687807/11/13 Wireless communication circuit supporting antenna diversity
1942013017732507/11/13 Method and apparatus of automatic power control for burst mode laser transmitter
1952013016905307/04/13 Detection control device and method thereof
1962013017052907/04/13 Transmitting method and transmission system using the same
1972013017386207/04/13 Method for cleaning cache of processor and associated processor
1982013016222906/27/13 Charge pump feedback control device and method using the same
1992013016233706/27/13 Charge pump circuit and power-supply dynamically adjusting output voltage
2002013016245406/27/13 High-speed successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter and method thereof
2012013012840105/23/13 Network communication device and printed circuit board with transient energy protection thereof
2022013012864205/23/13 Signal level detector and method thereof
2032013011758605/09/13 Network access device with flexible precise low-power remote wake-up mechanism applicable in various application layer handshake protocols
2042013010651505/02/13 Method and apparatus of common mode compensation for voltage controlled delay circuits
2052013010651605/02/13 Fast settling reference voltage buffer and method thereof
2062013010652505/02/13 Single-staged balanced-output inductor-free oscillator and method thereof
2072013009997404/25/13 Switched beam smart antenna apparatus and related wireless communication circuit
2082013008827404/11/13 Phase interpolator, multi-phase interpolation device, interpolated clock generating method and multi-phase clock generating method
2092013007643903/28/13 Limiting amplifier and method thereof
2102013007673903/28/13 Method and transmitting three-dimensional image
2112013007766803/28/13 Adaptive filter with reduced computational complexity
2122013006972703/21/13 Transimpedance amplifier and method thereof
2132013007389003/21/13 Signal synchronizing device
2142013006319303/14/13 Calibration device and related phase difference between data and clock
2152013004483902/21/13 Wireless apparatus and processing method thereof
2162013004207602/14/13 Cache memory access method and cache memory apparatus
2172013004207702/14/13 Data hazard handling for copending data access requests
2182013002850701/31/13 2d to 3d image conversion apparatus and method thereof
2192012032670112/27/12 Configurable process variation monitoring circuit of die and monitoring method thereof
2202012030414411/29/12 Power mesh managing method
2212012029315511/22/12 Multi-channel power supply and current balancing control method thereof
2222012027439411/01/12 Charge pump feedback control device and method using the same
2232012027863611/01/12 Remote wake mechanism for a network system and remote wake method thereof
2242012026337410/18/12 Device and transforming 2d images into 3d images
2252012026586110/18/12 Method for sharing access to a wireless lan access point
2262012024313309/27/12 Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
2272012023823109/20/12 Dynamic ac-coupled dc offset correction
2282012023987009/20/12 Fifo the boundary of clock trees and method thereof
2292012022918409/13/12 All digital serial link receiver with low jitter clock regeneration and method thereof
2302012022368509/06/12 Voltage regulating apparatus
2312012022368609/06/12 Voltage regulating apparatus with switching and linear operational modes
2322012022684609/06/12 Hdmi device and associated power management method
2332012022024908/30/12 Dynamic ac-coupled dc offset correction
2342012021310408/23/12 Apparatus for adjusting power and method thereof
2352012021330608/23/12 Apparatus and cross clock domain interference cancellation
2362012021331708/23/12 Receiver for compensating i/q mismatch, compensation device, compensation module and compensation parameter calculating module
2372012020723508/16/12 Signal processing circuit and method thereof
2382012016930707/05/12 Sido power converter and driving method thereof
2392012017073507/05/12 Communication rapidly adjusting analog echo cancellation circuit and related echo cancellation method
2402012013966906/07/12 Integrated front-end passive equalizer and method thereof
2412012013979206/07/12 Dual-band antenna and communication device using the same
2422012013343905/31/12 Reference voltage buffer and method thereof
2432012011732605/10/12 Apparatus and accessing cache memory
2442012010818505/03/12 Multi-mode wireless transceiver and multi-mode switching method thereof
2452012010830105/03/12 Apparatus and power-saving in multiple antenna communication system
2462012011041905/03/12 Data structure for flash memory and data reading/writing method thereof
2472012008237904/05/12 Image adjustment
2482012007617303/29/12 Method and device for implementation of adaptive frequency hopping by power spectral density
2492012005664903/08/12 Method and regenerating sampling frequency and then quickly locking signals accordingly

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