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Realtek Semiconductor Corp patents

Recent patent applications related to Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Realtek Semiconductor Corp is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Realtek Semiconductor Corp may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Realtek Semiconductor Corp, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital signal conversion method thereof
12/07/17Solid state drive control device and method
11/30/17Data processing circuit and data processing method
11/23/17System and direct disk accessing
11/23/17Memory device, memory controller, and control method thereof
11/09/17Electro-static discharge protection circuit
11/02/17Maximum likelihood detector and detecting method, and wireless signal receiver with maximum likelihood detection function
11/02/17Maximum likelihood detector and wireless signal receiver with maximum likelihood detection function
11/02/17Maximum likelihood detector
10/19/17Filtering device and filter the same
10/19/17Trench-type heat sink structure applicable to semiconductor device
10/19/17Calibration circuit and calibration dac
09/21/17Bonding wire-type heat sink structure for semiconductor devices
09/21/17Device and calculating excursion of diaphragm of loudspeaker and controlling loudspeaker
09/21/17Wireless communication device and controlling same
08/31/17Electronic apparatus and control method thereof
08/03/17Patterned ground shield
07/27/17Memory device and guaranteeing a mapping table
07/20/17Charge-redistribution successive approximation adc and control method thereof
07/20/17Noise variance estimation circuit and wireless communication
07/13/17Weighting-type data relocation control device and method
07/13/17Integrated inductor structure
07/06/17Transmitter with compensating mechanism of pulling effect
07/06/17Transmitter with compensating mechanism of pulling effect
06/29/17Division operation apparatus and the same
06/22/17Sampling circuit and sampling method
06/22/17Clock and data recovery apparatus and the same
06/15/17Inductor structure
06/08/17Helical stacked integrated inductor and transformer
06/01/17Network device and controlling method thereof
05/11/17Method and circuit for testing successive approximation adc
05/04/17Integrated circuit
05/04/17Wireless communication
04/27/17Helical stacked integrated transformer and inductor
04/20/17Data output dispatching device and method
04/06/17Integrated inductor structure and integrated transformer structure
04/06/17Decryption device, method, and circuit
04/06/17Decryption device, method, and circuit
03/30/17Data backup system and method thereof
03/23/17Device capable of using external volatile memory and device capable of releasing internal volatile memory
03/02/17Common mode noise restrainer applicable to ethernet
03/02/17Communication device and method applicable to stacking communication system
02/16/17Storage device, booting procedure acceleration method and storage controller
01/12/17Structures of planar transformer and balanced-to-unbalanced transformer
12/08/16Ssic device and link control ssic device
11/24/16Inductor device
11/10/16Memory system and memory physical layer interface circuit
11/10/16Structure of integrated inductor
10/27/16Integrated inductor
10/13/16Image processing device and method thereof
09/29/16Image processing apparatus and method
09/29/16Current-mirror-based electrostatic discharge clamping circuit and current-mirror-based electrostatic discharge detector
09/22/16Summing amplifier and method thereof
09/15/16Image processing apparatus and method
09/15/16Communication system and method
08/18/16Memory control module and control method
08/04/16Integrated inductor structure
07/28/16Integrated inductor structure and manufacturing the same
07/21/16Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
06/16/16Sampling circuit and sampling method
05/05/16Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter and conversion method
04/14/16Data allocation
04/07/16Structure of integrated inductor
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03/17/16Dc-to-dc converter and converting discontinuous conduction mode
03/17/16Multimedia generating method and related computer program product
03/03/16Method and circuit for establishing network connection
02/11/16Multi-channel timing recovery device
02/04/16Structure of integrated inductor
02/04/16Digital pre-distortion circuit and method, and digital pre-distortion training circuit
02/04/16Signal receiving device for ethernet and control method thereof
01/07/16Clock generator, communication device and sequential clock gating circuit
12/31/15Lc tank capable of reducing electromagnetic radiation by itself and manufacturing method thereof
12/17/15Integrated circuit having electromagnetic shielding capability and manufacturing method thereof
12/17/15Wireless communication device and method
11/12/15Dictionary-based compression method, dictionary-based decompression method and dictionary composing method
11/12/15Circuit and clock data recovery and circuit and analyzing equalized signal
11/05/15Clock generation circuit and method thereof
10/29/15Passive auto-focus device and method
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10/15/15Wireless communication
10/01/15Usb hub, control module of usb hub and controlling usb hub
09/17/15Pixel value calibration device and method
09/17/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
09/10/15Dc voltage generation circuit and pulse generation circuit thereof
09/10/15Dc voltage generation circuit and pulse generation circuit thereof
08/13/15Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter and conversion method
07/30/15Negative resistance generator, load including negative resistance and load of amplifier
07/23/15Wireless communication device and method capable of peer-to-peer interconnection
07/16/15Emi suppression device and network transmission
07/02/15Temperature insensitive testing device and method
07/02/15Active mixer and active mixing method
07/02/15Wireless communication device and determining transmission rate of wireless communication device
06/11/15Mimo wireless communication method and system
05/14/15Current balancing device and method
05/14/15Wireless signal receiving device and method
04/30/15Pixel clock generation circuit and method thereof
04/30/15Audio codec with audio jack detection function and audio jack detection method
04/16/15Signal transmitting and receiving circuit of digital subscriber line
04/09/15Data receiving device and method thereof
03/19/15Memory card access device, control method thereof, and memory card access system
02/26/15Protection circuit for use in controlling integrated circuit of light emitting diode
02/19/15Gain control circuit and method capable of easing leakage current influence
02/19/15Memory control circuit and controlling data reading process of memory module
02/19/15Audio device and audio utilization method having haptic compensation function
02/19/15Parameter generating device and method
02/12/15Communication device and method capable of power calibration
02/05/15Circuit lifetime measuring device and method
01/22/15Clock edge detection device and method
01/15/15Clock and data recovery device, sampler and sampling method thereof
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11/06/14Electronic device, communication method, audio device and amplifier device using pulse density modulation for communication
10/02/14Universal serial bus network interface controller and operation mode switching method
09/25/14Wireless network system and connecting method thereof
09/25/14Network apparatus and connection detecting method thereof
09/18/14Signal level decision device and method
08/28/14Transceiver and communication digital subscriber line
07/17/14Successive approximation register analog-to-digital converter and conversion time calibration method thereof
07/10/14White balance adjusting method with scene detection and device thereof
06/26/14Signal transmission device performing compensation by filtering characteristics and method thereof, and signal reception device offsetting compensation and method thereof
06/19/14Wireless transmission rate adjustment method
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05/15/14Three-dimension image format converter and three-dimension image format conversion method thereof
05/08/14Energy efficient network communication device and method
03/20/14Interface adapter and interface adapting method thereof
03/13/14Image processing method, image output processing method, and image reception processing method
02/06/14Semiconductor device and fabricating method thereof
11/28/13Combo-jack detecting circuit
11/28/13Wireless apparatus and interference determination method thereof
11/14/13Phase-locked loop circuit
10/31/13Transceiver and voltage calibration method thereof
09/05/13Modulating determination apparatus, modulating determination method, and power supply circuit thereof
07/04/13Successive approximation analog to digital converter and conversion method thereof
10/04/12Single-to-differential conversion circuit
01/20/11Apparatus and adjusting transmission power of communication system
07/29/10Wireless communication apparatus and power management the same
11/26/09Video system and scaler
11/05/09Power amplifier, power amplifier circuit and power amplifying method
08/06/09Order adaptive finite impulse response filter and operating method thereof
07/23/09High-resolution digitally controlled tuning circuit elements
04/20/17Communication receiving end and auto gain control method thereof
12/07/17Method and device of audio source separation
11/30/17Method for resetting a memory in a computer system
11/16/17Voltage regulator having wide common voltage operating range and operating method thereof
11/16/17Reference voltage buffer circuit
11/02/17Ip camera with wireless relay function
10/19/17Image contrast enhancement method and apparatus thereof
10/12/17Low dropout regulator with pmos power transistor
10/12/17Fin field effect transistor and manufacturing method thereof
09/21/17Single-ended inductor
09/21/17Network communication apparatus and electronic apparatus
09/14/17Method for handover procedure enhancement
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09/07/17Fast divider and fast division method thereof
09/07/17Image de-noising method and apparatus thereof
08/17/17Integrated circuit device
08/17/17Device and handling soft information
08/03/17Ssd controlling circuit for determining reusability of data block of ssd
08/03/17Method of cell search
07/20/17Method for generating a pixel filtering boundary for use in auto white balance calibration
07/20/17Feedback control circuit and method thereof
07/20/17Method for generating target gain value of wide dynamic range operation
07/13/17Voltage selecting circuit
06/29/17Half-rate clock data recovery circuit
06/22/17Debugging method executed via scan chain for scan test and related circuitry system
06/22/17Transmission circuit with leakage prevention circuit
06/22/17Receiving apparatus and packet processing method thereof
06/08/17Universal serial bus converter circuit and related method
05/25/17Method for adaptively regulating coding mode and digital correction circuit thereof
05/04/17Successive approximation register (sar) analog-to-digital converting circuit and method thereof
04/27/17Transmission apparatus and transmission method thereof
04/20/17Charge-pump and dynamic charge-pump device including the same
03/16/17Shielding structure for integrated inductor/transformer
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03/16/17Electrostatic discharge protection element
03/09/17Wide dynamic range imaging method
02/16/17Satellite positioning device and electronic device
01/12/17Usb control circuit with built-in bypass function
01/12/17Usb control circuit with built-in signal repeater circuit
12/29/16Wide dynamic range imaging method
12/01/16Burst mode clock data recovery device and method thereof
11/24/16Method and charge transfer
11/03/16Multimedia synchronization system and method
10/20/16Combo chip for usb connector
10/13/16Switch and multiplexer including the same
10/13/16Signal transmission method and communication system using the same
10/13/16Control circuit of wireless user equipment for dynamically rearranging transmission orders of rrc messages
10/13/16Control circuit of wireless user equipment for dynamically replacing rrc messages
09/29/16Control circuit for controlling wireless user equipment to actively retransmit rrc message
09/29/16Control circuit of wireless user equipment
09/22/16Device and detecting types of universal serial bus cable
09/22/16Apparatus and methods for generating a precise resistor
09/22/16United power module and system using the same
09/15/16Apparatus and method thereof
Social Network Patent Pack
09/15/16Method and transmission of logical signals
09/15/16Logical signal driver with dynamic output impedance and method thereof
09/15/16Transmitter and lowering signal distortion
09/15/16Full-duplex transceiver circuit and method thereof
09/08/16Three-way handshaking method and computer readable media
09/08/16Transformer based lctank structure
09/08/16Analog switch circuit
08/11/16Memory controller and associated control method
08/11/16Channel detection method and system thereof
07/28/16Audio plug detection structure and method thereof
07/21/16Clock and data recovery circuit and frequency detection method thereof
07/14/16Method and generating a spread-spectrum clock
06/30/16Dualband antenna with isolation enhanced and method thereof
06/30/16Multiplex module and electronic apparatus thereof for high-speed serial transmission
06/30/16Computer program product for timing analysis of integrated circuit
06/09/16Biasing voltage generating circuit for avalanche photodiode and related control circuit
05/12/16Control method applied to operating-mode finite-state-machine and computer readable media
05/05/16Wireless communication system and associated wireless communication method
05/05/16Wireless communication system and associated wireless communication method
04/28/16Front-end circuit for wireless communication system and wireless communication system thereof
04/21/16Electronic apparatus and electromagnetic radiation suppression method
04/14/16Processor and accessing memory
04/07/16Audio codec, portable electronic apparatus and button control method
04/07/16Transmission line driver circuit for adaptively calibrating impedance matching
04/07/16Method and calibrating comparator offset of successive-approximation-register analog-to-digital converter
03/31/16Transmission line driver circuit for automatically calibrating impedance matching
03/24/16Image signal processing method and image signal processor
03/17/16Digital circuit design method and associated computer program product
03/17/16High-speed inverter and method thereof
03/03/16Method and gain enhancement of differential amplifier
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03/03/16Controller and voice transmission system using the same
02/25/16Electrostatic discharge protection circuit
02/04/16Memory control circuit and associated memory control method
02/04/16Semiconductor device and multiple gate field effect transistor
02/04/16Method and calibrating cmos inverter
01/21/16High-speed clocked comparator and method thereof
01/21/16Transmission circuit with leakage prevention circuit
01/21/16Ball grid array formed on printed circuit board
01/14/16Decryption engine and decryption method
01/07/16Integrated circuit with self-verification function, verification method and generating a bist signature adjustment code
01/07/16Quadrature output ring oscillator and method thereof
12/31/15Power amplifier and class ab power amplifier
12/24/15De-noising method and image system
12/17/15Electronic device with two planar inductors
12/10/15Method and reducing power bouncing of integrated circuits
12/03/15Parameter-variable device, variable inductor and device having the variable inductor
12/03/15Self-calibrating vco-based analog-to-digital converter and method thereof
12/03/15Wideband calibration method and wideband calibration calibrating mismatch between first signal path and second signal path of transmitter/receiver
12/03/15Calibration method and calibration calibrating mismatch between first signal path and second signal path of transmitter/receiver
11/12/15Solid state drive controlling circuit and related solid state drive device and solid state drive access system
11/12/15Hub control method and associated circuit
10/29/15Circuit for generating horizontal synchronizing signal of display and associated method
10/29/15Integrated stacked transformer
10/29/15Integrated transformer
10/29/15Radio frequency power amplifier and increasing power added efficiency and linearity
10/22/15Semiconductor device with inductor-capacitor resonant circuit
10/15/15Memory controller and associated method
10/15/15Low-voltage amplifier and method thereof
10/15/15Wireless receiver and wireless reception

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