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Red Hat Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Red Hat Inc. Red Hat Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Red Hat Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Red Hat Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17 new patent  Enforcing consistency of file to storage node mapping
06/15/17Data integrity checking in a distributed filesystem using object versioning
06/15/17Timestamp alignment across a plurality of computing devices
06/08/17Secure remote kernel module signing
06/01/17Distributed transactions on mobile devices via a messaging service provided by a mobile network operator
05/25/17Active representation of a composite application
05/25/17Source to image transformation pipeline for a platform-as-a-service system
05/25/17Pci slot hot-addition deferral for multi-function devices
05/25/17Allocating file system metadata to storage nodes of distributed file system
05/25/17Maintaining secure clustered software with a container-based architecture
05/25/17Network bound decryption with offline encryption
05/25/17Providing link aggregation and high availability through network virtualization layer
05/25/17Cross-domain single login
05/18/17Recreating a computing environment using tags and snapshots
05/18/17Virtual machine malware scanning
05/18/17Filesystem i/o scheduler
05/11/17Enabling single sign-on authentication for accessing protected network services
05/11/17Selection of a mesh access point in a wireless mesh network
05/04/17Service implementation based debugger for service oriented architecture projects
05/04/17System, debugging of reactive applications
05/04/17Enabling resource access for secure application containers
04/27/17Systems and methods for set membership matching
04/27/17Multithreaded memory manager to de-allocate memory objects using private freelists
04/27/17Restricting access by services deployed on an application server
04/20/17Scheduling multi-phase computing jobs
04/13/17Deduplicated file system
04/13/17Monitoring cloud computing environments
04/06/17Quality of service tagging for computing jobs
04/06/17Custom object paths for object storage management
03/30/17Distributed system test automation framework
03/30/17Debugger write interceptor
03/30/17Scsi command jammer
03/16/17Identifying application usage roles for devices provided to virtual machines
03/16/17Providing centralized message notification
03/16/17System and flexible holding storage during messaging
03/09/17Updating software utilizing domain name system (dns)
03/09/17Multi-factor simple password exponential key exchange (speke) authentication
03/02/17Pluggable knowledge types in a rule engine
03/02/17Determining state of virtual router instance
02/16/17Isolating network resources in a virtualized environment
02/16/17Mobile device camera display projection
02/09/17Asymmetric distributed cache with data chains
02/09/17Non-repudiation of broadcast messaging
02/09/17Unified system for authentication and authorization
01/26/17Configuration of a computer system for real-time response from a virtual machine
01/12/17Creating a digital certificate for a service using a local certificate authority
01/05/17Hybrid security batch processing in a cloud environment
01/05/17Data reduction in a system
12/01/16Dynamic thread pool management
12/01/16Management of contextual information for data
12/01/16Provisioning cloud resources
11/24/16User interface state saving and restoration
11/17/16Universal database driver
11/17/16Mechanisms for reproducing storage system metadata inconsistencies in a test environment
11/03/16Distributed resource contention detection and handling
10/27/16Kerberos preauthentication with j-pake
10/13/16Detecting events in cloud computing environments and performing actions upon occurrence of the events
09/29/16Non-intrusive storage of garbage collector-specific management data
09/29/16Dynamic data partitioning extension
09/29/16Mobile device user authentication for accessing protected network resources
09/22/16Container and image scanning for a platform-as-a-service system
09/22/16Generating application build options in cloud computing environment
09/15/16Managing storage block of a data volume
09/08/16Password authentication
09/08/16Determining consistencies in staged replication data for data migration in cloud based networks
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09/08/16Cloud provider selection
09/01/16Data communication in a distributed data grid
09/01/16Visual representation of network-discovered components
09/01/16Peer to peer volume extension in a shared storage environment
09/01/16Optimized extended context management for virtual machines
09/01/16Dirty page tracking of guest-uncached memory
09/01/16Management of inter-dependent configurations of virtual machines in a cloud
09/01/16Finding objects in a key-based data structure by their approximate location
09/01/16Incorporating external data into a database schema
09/01/16Database query processing
09/01/16System and distributed revision control
09/01/16Database query optimization
09/01/16Grid topology change in a distributed data grid when iterating on the contents of the data grid
09/01/16Data hub architecture to provide actionable data from remote sensor feeds
09/01/16System and data synchronization using revision control
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09/01/16Storing entries as ordered linked lists
09/01/16Employing dependency graph in software build projects
09/01/16Non-repudiable atomic commit
09/01/16Host network analyzer
09/01/16Resource-centric authorization schemes
08/25/16Duplicating a task sequence from a graphical user interface interaction for a development application in view of trace data
08/25/16Contract based builder
08/25/16Generic semantic configuration service
08/25/16Applying configuration alignment in build projects
08/25/16Detecting an interrupted operation associated with a virtual machine
08/25/16Status indicator for a merge operation associated with a virtual machine
08/25/16Service implementation based debugger for service oriented architecture projects
08/25/16Using script description to encode conditional statements
08/25/16Source code unit testing using an indexing tool
08/25/16Adaptive optimization of second level cache
08/25/16Creating federated data source connectors
08/25/16Container host discovery
08/18/16Copy-offload on a device stack
08/18/16Generating command line interface using application programming interface specification
08/18/16System and entity generation
08/18/16Object creation based on copying objects corresponding to similar entities
08/18/16Integration of intentional noise into a communication channel to simulate activity
08/18/16Workflow-based push notifications
08/11/16Dynamic asynchronous communication management
08/11/16Complex event processing using pseudo-clock
08/11/16Peer to peer volume merge and delete in a shared storage environment
08/11/16Maintaining relative references when unlinking volumes from a volume chain
08/11/16Idempotent mode of executing commands triggered by complex event processing
08/11/16Transaction log for audit purposes
08/11/16Data virtualization for workflows
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08/11/16Key establishment and management protocol optimizations in view of channel reliability
08/04/16Multiple recipient message encryption
08/04/16Obtaining incremental updates from a database using a partial query
08/04/16Secure shell (ssh) proxy for a platform-as-a-service system
07/28/16Source to image framework for a platform-as-a-service system
07/28/16Automated container migration in a platform-as-a-service system
07/28/16Pro-active self-healing in a distributed file system
07/28/16Simulated control of a third-party database
07/28/16Operating system consistency and malware protection
07/28/16Security policy management
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07/28/16Cache data validation
07/21/16Determining task scores reflective of memory access statistics in numa systems
07/21/16Reconfiguring virtual machines
07/21/16Distributed transaction with dynamic form
07/21/16Distributed transaction with dynamic form
07/21/16Using a pkcs module for opening multiple databases
07/14/16Resource closing
07/14/16Commit-one-phase distributed transactions with multiple starting participants
07/14/16System and inspection of system state during testing
07/14/16Media compression in a digital device
07/14/16Query union and split
07/07/16Using domain name system security extensions in a mixed-mode environment
06/30/16Providing random data to a guest operating system
06/23/16Building file system images using cached logical volume snapshots
06/23/16Automatic switch to debugging mode
06/16/16Providing an instruction notification for navigation
06/16/16Time related points of interest for navigation system
06/16/16Tagging non-upstream source code
06/16/16Searching data based on entities related to the data
06/16/16Creating a digital certificate for a service using a local certificate authority having temporary signing authority
06/09/16Time based touch screen input recognition
06/09/16Creation of a binding based on a description associated with a server
05/26/16Caching policies for solid state disks
05/26/16Source code management for a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system
05/26/16Metadata-based class loading using a content repository
05/26/16Hot-swapping storage pool backend functional modules
05/26/16Modification of context saving functions
05/26/16Wake-up ordering of processing streams using sequential identifiers
05/26/16Multisource semantic partitioning
05/26/16Federation optimization using ordered queues
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05/26/16Subscriber identity module (sim) selection in multi-sim communication devices
05/26/16Utilizing access control data structures for sharing computing resources
05/26/16Downloadable cartridges for a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system
05/19/16File classification in a distributed file system
05/19/16File lookup in a distributed file system
05/19/16Replication with adustable consistency levels
05/19/16Pattern-based object serving
05/12/16Method and system for updating firmware
05/12/16Viewable suggestions for federation engine
05/12/16Native federation view suggestion
05/05/16Fault tolerant listener registration in the presence of node crashes in a data grid
05/05/16Dual overlay query processing
05/05/16Registering data modification listener in a data-grid
05/05/16Proactive query migration to prevent failures
05/05/16Non-blocking listener registration in the presence of data grid nodes joining the cluster
04/21/16Application migration in a process virtual machine environment
04/14/16Transaction compensation for single phase resources
04/07/16Activity management tool
04/07/16Execution of a method at a cluster of nodes
04/07/16Assisted garbage collection in a virtual machine
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04/07/16Reuse of documentation components when migrating into a content management system
04/07/16Map-reduce job virtualization
04/07/16Data source security cluster
04/07/16Transferring data between sites
03/31/16Stability measurement for federation engine
03/31/16Process transfer between servers
03/24/16Automatic identification of software test cases
03/24/16Just-in-time computation in a federated system
03/24/16Private cloud api
03/24/16Cryptographically enforcing strict separation of environments
03/17/16User interface for a device
03/17/16System and content storage
03/10/16Server side documents generated from a client side image
03/10/16System and reading file blocks
03/10/16Client authentication
03/03/16Peak data federation multizone splitting
03/03/16Private partition with hardware unlocking
03/03/16Providing centralized message notification
02/25/16Light-weight fork channels for clustering
02/18/16Localized representation of stack traces
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02/11/16Virtual machine high availability management
02/11/16Providing messages for a java message service
02/11/16Secure remote kernel module signing
02/04/16Optimizing loading of relational data for applications
01/28/16Console application through web service
01/28/16Generating predictive diagnostics via package update manager
01/21/16Distributed deduplication using locality sensitive hashing
01/21/16Content management with biometric feature recognition
01/07/16Retiring target machines by a provisioning server
12/17/15Shareable and cross-application non-destructive content processing pipelines
12/10/15Transport layer abstraction for clustering implementation
12/03/15Setup of management system in a virtualization system
12/03/15Using an object retain block in a virtual machine
12/03/15Native java backtracing from the c/c++ runtime
12/03/15Kernel key handling
12/03/15Storage cluster data shifting
12/03/15Cloud management with power management support
11/26/15Shared application store for a platform-as-a-service (paas) system
11/19/15Managing a software appliance
11/19/15Input/output (i/o) processing via a page fault doorbell mechanism
11/05/15Metering software infrastructure in a cloud computing environment
10/29/15Method and system for providing security in a data federation system
10/22/15Extending selinux policy with enforcement of file name translations
10/15/15Method and system for providing high availability to distributed computer applications
10/15/15Routing tier for highly-available applications on a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system
10/08/15Systems and methods for enlisting single phase commit resources in a two phase commit transaction
10/01/15Behavior adjustment based on capabilities of a downstream server
10/01/15Inhibiting denial-of-service attacks using group controls
09/24/15File replication using file content location identifiers
09/24/15Compacting change logs using file content location identifiers
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09/24/15Identifying files in change logs using file content location identifiers
09/24/15Smart card accessible over a personal area network
09/10/15Management of inter-dependent configurations of virtual machines in a cloud
09/03/15Compiled file normalization
09/03/15Systems and methods for semi-durable transaction log storage in two-phase commit protocol transaction processing
09/03/15Systems and methods for prepare list communication to participants in two-phase commit protocol transaction processing
09/03/15Memory distribution across multiple non-uniform memory access nodes
09/03/15Database schema migration
09/03/15Database schema migration
09/03/15Delayed asynchronous file replication in a distributed file system
09/03/15Systems and methods for intelligent batch processing of business events
09/03/15Systems and methods for intelligent batch processing of business events
09/03/15Geographically-aware electronic traveling advertisements
09/03/15Contextual graphical user interface training
09/03/15Systems and methods for communicating information of participants registered with a sub-coordinator during distributed transaction processing
09/03/15Triggering workload movement based on policy stack having multiple selectable inputs
08/27/15Automatic installing and scaling of application resources in a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system
08/27/15Deployment optimization for activation of scaled applications in a multi-tenant platform-as-a-service (paas) system
08/27/15Disk resize of a virtual machine
08/27/15Mechanism to update software packages
08/27/15Source query caching as fault prevention for federated queries
08/27/15Offering additional license terms during conversion of standard software licenses for use in cloud computing environments
08/27/15Duplex services residing in a messaging bus
08/27/15Unified and persistent network configuration
08/27/15Network interface card offloading
08/27/15Offloading to a network interface card
08/27/15Routing a message in a dynamic service mesh
08/27/15Importing and exporting virtual disk images
08/20/15Identifying singleton classes

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