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Regents Of The University Of Minnesota
Regents Of The University Of Minnesota_20100128

Regents Of The University Of Minnesota patents

Recent patent applications related to Regents Of The University Of Minnesota. Regents Of The University Of Minnesota is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Regents Of The University Of Minnesota may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Regents Of The University Of Minnesota, we're just tracking patents.

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09/21/17 new patent  Induced pluripotent stem cells
09/21/17 new patent  Usp14 as a biomarker for predicting recurrence in endometrial and ovarian cancer
09/21/17 new patent  Analysis of single cell transcriptomics
09/14/17Inverse sliding-window filters for vision-aided inertial navigation systems
09/07/17Ataxia therapeutic compositions and methods
09/07/17Compositions and methods for transplantation of colon microbiota
09/07/17Polysynchronous stochastic circuits
08/31/17Compositions and methods for transplantation of colon microbiota
08/31/17Recovery of monomer from polyurethane materials by depolymerization
08/24/17Single-chain variable fragment anti-cd133 antibodies and uses thereof
08/24/17Multilayer iron nitride hard magnetic materials
08/24/17Composite material having domains of lithium oxometallates in a matrix
08/17/17Targeted delivery system, system components, and methods
08/17/17Lateral flow assays with thermal contrast readers
08/17/17Electrolyte-gated transistors for detection of molecules
08/10/17Graphically mapping rotors in a heart
08/10/17Method for screening for autophagy activator or inhibitor
08/10/17Forming iron nitride hard magnetic materials using chemical vapor deposition or liquid phase epitaxy
08/03/17Immunomodulators and immunomodulator conjugates
08/03/17Nucleic acid amphiphiles and nanostructures
08/03/17System and digital inline holography
07/27/17Catheter system with guidewire compartmentalization
07/27/17Delivery compositions and methods
07/27/17Fluidic control valve with small displacement actuators
07/27/17Combined loop-dipole antenna array system and methods
07/27/17Real time voltage regulation through gather and broadcast techniques
07/20/17Methods and compositions for the treatment of neurologic disease
07/13/17Nucleotide repeat expansion-associated polypeptides and uses thereof
07/13/17Multi-modal data and class confusion: application in water monitoring
07/06/17Transducer with magnetic nanowire array
07/06/17Coils and coil assemblies that are radio-translucent
07/06/17Modular disc array for minimally invasive medical device
06/29/17Methods and compositions for applying pharmacologic agents to the ear
06/29/17Iron nitride magnetic material including coated nanoparticles
06/22/17Cryopreservative compositions and methods
06/22/17Hyperspectral imaging for detection of parkinson's disease
06/22/17Compositions and methods for controlling infections
06/22/17Pore opened zeolite nanosheets and their suspensions and methods and uses related thereto
06/22/17Polypeptides, cells, and methods involving engineered cd16
06/22/17Methods for using a 5'-exonuclease to increase homologous recombination in eukaryotic cells
06/22/17Method for editing a genetic sequence
06/22/17Automated detection of nitrogen deficiency in crop
06/15/17Devices, monitoring neuromuscular blockage
06/15/17Particulate medium prepared from partially decomposed organic matter for selective sorption between competing metal ions in aqueous solutions
06/15/17Compositions including asphalt component and graphite component
06/15/17Compositions including lignin
06/08/17Graphically mapping rotors in a heart using shannon entropy
06/08/17Ankle-foot prosthesis for automatic adaptation to sloped walking surfaces
06/08/17Antibody fragments for detecting cancer and methods of use
06/08/17Aerosol particle growth systems using polymer electrolyte membranes
06/08/17Particulate sorption medium prepared from partially decomposed organic matter
06/08/17Titanium (iv) compounds and methods of forming heterocyclic compounds using same
06/08/17Devices having a volume-displacing ferrofluid piston
06/08/17Methods for detecting and monitoring colorectal cancer
06/08/17Ultralow power carbon nanotube logic circuits and making same
05/25/17Methods and systems for thermoembolization
05/25/17Compositions and methods related to tauopathy
05/18/17Compositions and storing liquid biospecimens
05/18/17Recombinant cells and methods for nonphosphorylative metabolism
05/18/17Process control strains and methods of detecting
05/11/17Annexin ii compositions and methods
05/11/17Systems and methods for tuning closed-loop phasic burst stimulation based on a phase response curve
05/11/17Intracellular genomic transplant and methods of therapy
05/04/17Modified cells and methods of therapy
05/04/17Targeted adenoviruses and methods of making, isolating, and using
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05/04/17Aryl hydrocarbon receptor disruption and enhancement
05/04/17Workzone safety system
04/27/17Wound-healing compositions and use
04/27/17Intravenous baclofen and methods of treatment
04/27/17Treatment of gvhd
04/27/17Massaging lactation assistive device
04/20/17Reduction of egfr therapeutic toxicity
04/20/17Gene encoding fhb1 resistance to fusarium head blight disease and uses thereof
04/13/17Systems and methods for programming and operating deep brain stimulation arrays
04/13/17Three-way control valve
04/06/17Multi-functional fatty acid ester derivatives useful as biorenewable plasticizers
03/30/17Silica-based composite ocular device and methods
03/23/17Methods of making and using live attenuated viruses
03/23/17Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus vaccines and methods of use thereof
03/23/17Biocompatible composites and methods of making same
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03/23/17Lymphoma prognostic methods and kits
03/23/17Ultra-compact, passive, varactor-based wireless sensor using quantum capacitance effect in graphene
03/23/17Spin hall effect magnetic structures
03/16/17Ankle-foot prosthesis for automatic adaptation to sloped walking surfaces
03/09/17Modified cells and methods of therapy
03/09/17Modified cells and methods of therapy
03/02/17Methods and devices for brain cooling for treatment and/or prevention of epileptic seizures
03/02/17Opioid receptor modulators and use thereof
03/02/17Automated passenger counter systems and methods
03/02/17Formaldehyde graphene sensor
02/23/17Instrumented wearable device for measurement of physiological parameters
02/23/17Embedded mask patterning process for fabricating magnetic media and other structures
02/16/17Topiramate compositions and methods of making and using the same
02/16/17Poly(beta-methyl-delta-valerolactone) block polymers
02/09/17Methods of making modified alcohol containing products
02/02/17Tuning surface properties of melt blown polyester fibers by hydrolysis and solution grafting
01/19/17Estimating frequency-offsets and multi-antenna channels in mimo ofdm systems
01/12/17Kinase activity detection methods
01/05/17Sunless tanning compounds and compositions
01/05/17Novel therapeutics for the treatment of glaucoma
01/05/17Compositions and methods that involve protein scaffolds that specifically bind to hepatocyte growth factor receptor
01/05/17Static liquid piston compressor and expander same
01/05/17Methods and materials for assessing enzyme-nucleic acid complexes
12/29/16Therapeutic compositions and methods involving cell-permeable iron
12/29/16Compositions and methods for transplantation of colon microbiota
12/29/16Methods of rational nicotine hapten design and uses thereof
12/29/16Therapeutic compounds
12/29/16Kinase activity detection methods
12/29/16Composite material having domains of lithium oxometallates in a matrix
12/22/16Talen-based gene correction
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12/15/16Novel ordered macroporous materials
12/15/16Variable displacement linkage mechanism
12/08/16Therapeutic formulations and methods
12/08/16Spin current generation with nano-oscillator
12/01/16Polymers including galactose based blocks and uses thereof
12/01/16Balloon-occluded retrograde transvenous obliteration catheters and related systems and methods
12/01/16Visual-based inertial navigation
11/24/16Methods for treating autism spectrum disorder and associated symptoms
11/24/16Polypeptide tagging fusions and methods
11/17/16A process to produce polyolefin ionomers and ionomers produced thereby
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11/10/16Methods of extracting phosphorus from distillates
11/10/16Inverse sliding-window filters for vision-aided inertial navigation systems
10/27/16Multi-focal intravascular pressure catheter devices, systems and methods
10/27/16Classification of highly-skewed data
10/20/16Magnetic nanostimulator and nanosensor array for biological material stimulation and sensing
10/20/16Rna amplification and oligonucleotide library preparation
10/20/16Iterative kalman smoother for robust 3d localization for vision-aided inertial navigation
10/20/16Robotic surveying of fruit plants
10/06/16System and temporal sparse promoting imaging of cardiac activation
10/06/16Prrsv compositions
10/06/16Cellulose ethers esterified with dicarboxylic acid
10/06/16Mycobacterium biomarkers and methods
10/06/16Medical imaging device rendering predictive prostate cancer visualizations using quantitative multiparametric mri models
09/29/16Methods for reducing development of resistance to antibiotics
09/29/16Compositions and methods for transplantation of colon microbiota
09/29/16Annexin ii variant compositions and methods
09/29/16Regenerable system for the removal of sulfur compounds from a gas stream
09/29/16Polypeptides, cells, and methods for biofilm therapy and detection
09/29/16Position sensing system
09/22/16Systems and methods for assessing and training wrist joint proprioceptive function
09/22/16Triorthogonal reagents for dual protein conjugation
09/15/16Therapeutic composition for treatment of glioblastoma
09/15/16Cardiopulmonary resuscitation catheter and related systems and methods
09/15/16Genetically modified diazotrophs and methods of using same
09/15/16Estimating frequency-offsets and multi-antenna channels in mimo ofdm systems
09/15/16Wireless communication between devices that use different wireless protocols
09/08/16Decentralized optimal dispatch of photovoltaic inverters in power distribution systems
09/01/16Biodegradable magnetic nanoparticles and related methods
09/01/16Detection assays and methods
08/25/16Protein scaffolds and methods of use
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08/18/16A process to produce a polyolefin reactive telechelic pre-polymer, polyolefin reactive telechelic pre-polymers and crosslinked elastomers and high molecular weight elastomers
08/18/16Conferring resistance to geminiviruses in plants using crispr/cas systems
08/18/16Stitched stretch sensor
08/11/16Methods to treat dysregulated blood glucose disorders
08/04/16Semi-solid delivery systems
07/28/16Biomimetic hybrid gel compositions and methods of use
07/28/16Single-chain variable fragment anti-cd133 antibodies and uses thereof
07/21/16Magnetic detection of mercuric ion using giant magnetoresistive based biosensing system
07/14/16Titanium (iv) compounds and methods of forming heterocyclic compounds using same
07/14/16Time efficient asl imaging with segmented multiband acquisition
07/07/16Drug delivery method
07/07/16Porous silica having high pore volume and methods of making and using same
06/30/16Laser catheter with use of reflected light to determine material type in vascular system
06/30/16Laser catheter with use of reflected light and force indication to determine material type in vascular system
06/30/16Laser catheter with use of determined material type in vascular system in ablation of material
06/23/16Compositions including matrix and biomaterial, uses thereof and methods of using the same
06/23/16Aurora kinase inhibitors
06/23/16Therapeutic polynucleotides, compositions, and methods
06/16/16Genetically modified cells, tissues, and organs for treating disease
06/16/16Cd200 inhibitors and methods of use thereof
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06/16/16Therapeutic compounds
06/16/16Articles of handwear for sensing forces applied to medical devices
06/09/16Nucleosides with antiviral and anticancer activity
06/02/16Inducible regulatory t-cell generation for hematopoietic transplants
06/02/16Compositions and methods related to tauopathy
05/26/16Ultrasound image formation and/or reconstruction using multiple frequency waveforms
05/19/16Iron nitride materials and magnets including iron nitride materials
05/19/16Spin current generation with nano-oscillator
05/12/16Catheter devices, injection of adhesive materials
05/12/16Valve and splitting system for multi-dimensional liquid analysis
05/05/16Deep vein thrombosis prohpylaxis
05/05/16Adeno-associated virus mediated gene transfer to the central nervous system
05/05/16Sugar containing, amphiphilic copolymers
04/21/16Epoxy estolide fatty acid alkyl esters useful as biorenewable plasticizers
04/14/16Exciton gating in organic photovoltaic cells
04/14/16Channel tracking and transmit beamforming with frugal feedback
03/17/16Flexible sensors and related systems for determining forces applied to an object, such as a surgical instrument, and methods for manufacturing same
03/10/16Immunomodulators and immunomodulator conjugates
03/10/16Biosynthetic pathways and products
03/03/16Copy number variations and autoimmune diseases
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03/03/16Travel and activity capturing
02/25/16Mesoporous silica-coated nanoparticles
02/25/16Triptolide prodrugs
02/25/16Polystyrene-polyacrylate block copolymers, methods of manufacture thereof and articles comprising the same
02/18/16Stabilized mutant opsin proteins
02/18/16Oligomer-grafted nanofillers and advanced composite materials
02/18/16Novel cd177 haplotypes, their role in hna-2 deficiency, and methods of using
02/11/16Inductor including alpha"-fe16z2 or alpha"-fe16(nxz1-x)2, where z includes at least one of c, b, or o
02/11/16Magnetic material including a"-fe16(nxz1-x)2 or a mixture of a"-fe16z2 and a"-fe16n2, where z includes at least one of c, b, or o
02/04/16Devices, systems, and methods for obtaining and analyzing urine flow rate data using acoustics and software
02/04/16Systems and methods for transient control of a free-piston engine
02/04/16Paper-based reference electrode and potentiometric ion sensing
02/04/16Context-based metadata generation and automatic annotation of electronic media in a computer network
02/04/16Providing search results based on an identified user interest and relevance matching
01/28/16Coatings containing polymer modified enzyme for stable self-cleaning of organic stains
01/21/16Cryopreservative compostions and methods
01/21/16Symbiotic unmanned aerial vehicle and unmanned surface vehicle system
01/14/16Ischemia/reperfusion protection compositions and methods of using
01/07/16Receptor-targeting reagents
01/07/16Methods and cell-free microfluidic-assisted biosynthesis
01/07/16Extrinsic parameter calibration of a vision-aided inertial navigation system
12/31/15Freeze dried fecal microbiota for use in fecal microbial transplantation
12/31/15Analgesic conjugates
12/31/15Silica support structure for a zeolite membrane
12/31/15Multi-surface nanoparticle sources and deposition systems
12/31/15Content recommendation selection and delivery within a computer network based on modeled psychological preference states
12/31/15Iron nitride permanent magnet and technique for forming iron nitride permanent magnet
12/31/15Applied magnetic field synthesis and processing of iron nitride magnetic materials
12/24/15Composition for detection and treatment of bed bugs
12/24/15Efficient vision-aided inertial navigation using a rolling-shutter camera with inaccurate timestamps
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12/17/15Anti-flt-1 antibodies in treating duchenne muscular dystrophy
12/17/15Multiband rf/mri pulse design for multichannel transmitter
12/10/15Compositions and methods involving endogenous retrovirus proteins
12/10/15Particle functionalization
12/10/15Electrospray coating of objects
12/10/15Compositions, devices, and methods involving degradation of cyanuric acid
12/10/15High magnetic moment particle detection
12/03/15Therapeutic compounds and methods
12/03/15Methods of making and using chemically self assembled-nanorings
12/03/15Cell-level signal electromigration
11/26/15Nanoporous filtration membranes
11/26/15Factor ix variants
11/26/15Biosynthetic pathways and methods
11/26/15Direct fuel injectors with variable injection flow rate
11/26/15Ion-selective electrodes and reference electrodes with a solid contact having mesoporous carbon
11/26/15Excessive vehicle acceleration detection using a mobile device
11/19/15Optical interconnect in spin-based computation and communication systems
11/12/15Production of insulin producing cells
11/12/15Group iv nanocrystals having a surface substantially free of oxygen
11/05/15Protective garments and methods of making
11/05/15Alternans prevention and termination
10/29/15Ergoline derivatives as dopamine receptor modulators
10/29/15High-resolution patterning of graphene by screen and gravure printing for highly flexible printed electronics
10/29/15Dna assimilation
10/29/15Apparatus and multi-band mr imaging
10/22/15Intravenous line lifter devices, systems and methods
10/22/15Cancer-associated germ-line and somatic markers and uses thereof
10/22/15Crankshaft assembly
10/15/15Non-invasive lung pacing

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