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Research x26 Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University
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Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University patents

Recent patent applications related to Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University. Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Research & Business Foundation Sungkyunkwan University patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
10/05/17Method and device for transmitting/receiving data using cache memory in wireless communication system supporting relay node
09/28/17Composition comprising dual ionic ph-sensitive copolymer for delivering sdf-1 topically to the brain and the use thereof
09/28/17Primary coil circuit for wireless power transfer, ground assembly using the same, and manufacturing method therefor
09/28/17Stereo image generating method using mono cameras in vehicle and providing omnidirectional image including distance information in vehicle
09/14/17Wavelength multiplexing device
09/14/17Wireless power transfer pad and ground assembly having the same
09/07/17Biochemical molecule detection sensor and detecting specific molecule using multi-wavelength fluorescence
09/07/17Method and energy adaptive resource allocation in energy harvesting network
08/24/17Method of forming electrodes for electronic device using two dimensional semiconductor and electronic device thereof
08/10/17Interleaving and puncturing apparatus and method thereof
07/27/17Electronic device and controlling sensors connnected through network
07/20/17Method and processing image data
07/20/17Method and intra prediction
07/06/17Acquisition pseudo noise code at receiver and receiver for acquiring pseudo noise code
06/29/17Electroluminescent diode having delayed florescence quantum dot
06/22/17Apparatus and file recording based on non-volatile memory
06/22/17Thermal management apparatus and method using dynamic thermal margin, and semiconductor processor device, non-volatile data storage device and access control method using the same
06/22/17Apparatus and file recording based on non-volatile memory
06/22/17Method of detecting color object by using noise and system for detecting light emitting apparatus by using noise
06/22/17Magnetic sheet, making the same, and loud speaker including the same
06/22/17Method and outputting images
06/22/17Method and device for encoding in wireless communication system
06/15/17Method of controlling electric vehicle transmission
06/15/17Electric energy harvester for display panel
06/15/17Display apparatus and and manufacturing the display apparatus
06/15/17Electronic apparatus, system for internet-of-things environment and control method thereof
06/08/17Method of handling page fault in nonvolatile main memory system
06/08/17Memory mapping management nonvolatile main memory system
06/08/17Substance inducing expression of parkin polypeptide and use thereof
06/01/17Power supply apparatus, and electric apparatus and vacuum cleaner having the same
06/01/17Method for encoding/decoding image and device using same
05/25/17Method of manufacturing carbon-coated electrode active material and electrode active material manufactured by the method
05/25/17Apparatus and measuring position
05/18/17Method of analysing images of rod-like particles
05/18/17Methods and apparatuses of lens flare rendering using linear paraxial approximation, and methods and apparatuses of lens flare rendering based on blending
05/04/17Method of doping 2-dimensional semiconductor
04/27/17Method and system for determining optimal exposure time and number of exposures in structured light-based 3d camera
04/20/17Semiconductor device including two-dimensional material
04/06/17Composition including indoprofen and use thereof
04/06/17Substrate for stretchable electronic device, manufacturing the substrate, and electronic device having the substrate
04/06/17Thermoelectric structure, thermoelectric device and manufacturing the same
04/06/17Delayed fluorescence material and organic light emitting device having the delayed fluorescence material
04/06/17Method and joint random access control and resource allocation in wireless communication systems
03/30/17Composition for inducing differentiation into beige and brown adipocytes and inducing the same
03/30/17Mxene nanosheet and manufacturing method thereof
03/30/17Novel polymer, hydrogel including the polymer and manufacturing the hydrogel
03/30/17Receiver and decoding method thereof
03/16/17Method for producing bio-heavy oil from sewage sludge and bio-heavy oil produced by the method
03/16/17Method for manufacturing metal chalcogenide thin film and thin film manufactured thereby
03/16/17Method of performing one-time password (otp) authentication using color code and otp authentication server using color code
03/09/17Tactile sensor
03/09/17Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
02/23/17Graphene electronic device having channel layer including graphene islands and fabricating the same
02/16/17Lung phantom system for 4d-ct
02/16/17Achromatic colorimetric sensor using nano particles
02/09/17Dynamic bias modulator with multiple output voltage converter and power amplification apparatus using the same
02/02/17Atomic layer junction oxide and preparing method thereof
02/02/17Method of outputting color code for data communication to display screen and transmitting data using color code
01/26/17Collector electrode protection layer for dye-sensitized solar cells and forming the same
01/19/17Mesoporous cobalt-metal oxide catalyst for fischer-tropsch synthesis reactions and a preparing method thereof
01/19/17Delta sigma modulator for shaping noise and audio codec having the same
01/12/17Apparatus and discriminating biological tissue, surgical apparatus using the apparatus
01/12/17Sonosensitizer composition containing titanium oxide nanoparticle as active ingredient, composition for preventing or treating cancer comprising the same, and the preparation thereof
01/12/17Pyrrolidine carboxamido derivatives and methods for preparing and using the same
01/05/17Flexible bimodal sensor
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01/05/17Electric energy harvester using ultrasonic wave
01/05/17Average power tracking mode power amplifier using dual bias voltage levels
12/29/16Functionalized reduced graphene oxide and methods of producing the same
12/29/16Cross point memory device
12/29/16Synchronous rectifier and control circuit thereof
12/22/16Optoelectronic device
12/22/16Receiver and decoding method thereof
12/15/16Embedded system, fast structured light based 3d camera obtaining 3d images using the same
12/08/16Method of manufacturing pellicle assembly and photomask assembly including the same
12/01/16Method for upgrading bio-oil using supercritical alcohols and upgraded bio-oil by the method
11/24/16Method for electrical contact materials including ag plated cnts
11/24/16Electrode structure for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery having the electrode structure
11/10/16Method of sharing key between devices using physical access restriction
11/03/16Method of manufacturing metal composite powder by wire explosion in liquid and multi carbon layer coated metal composite powder
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11/03/16Mutual authentication method and system with network in machine type communication
11/03/16Method and transmitting vehicle accident information based on interaction between devices and method and vehicle accident information collection apparatus
10/27/16Method and device for fusing a plurality of uncertain or correlated data
10/20/16Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device comprising the same
10/13/16Task mapping network-on-chip semiconductor device
10/13/16Multi-layer capacitor package and package housing
10/13/16Electronic device including 2-dimensional material and manufacturing the electronic device
10/13/16On-chip waveguide feeder for millimiter wave ics and feeding methods, and multiple input and output millimeter wave transceiver system using same
10/13/16Power supply circuit for gate driver and gate driver circuit of floating switch having the same
10/06/16Strain sensor using nanocomposite and manufacturing thereof
10/06/16Condensed-cyclic compound and organic light emitting device including the same
10/06/16Triboelectric energy harvester
10/06/16Method of expanding transmission range and base station apparatus using the same
10/06/16Fast wireless local area network communication method and apparatus using multiple transfer rate partitioning and cooperative transmission
10/06/16Fast wireless local area network communication method and apparatus using multiple transfer rate partitioning and cooperative transmission
09/29/16Pellicle film including graphite-containing thin film for extreme ultraviolet lithography
09/29/16Patterning device
09/29/16Method for receiving coordinated signal on basis of terminal-to-terminal direct communication and apparatus therefor
09/22/16Composition for preventing or treating bacterial infectious disease comprising phospholipase d2 inhibitor
09/22/16Method and generating apparatus latent keyword
09/15/16Partial skull replacements capable of monitoring in real time and delivering substances into brain tissue, and uses thereof
09/15/16System and controlling a voltage unbalance in a low-voltage direct current distribution system
09/15/16Method of generating binary offset carrier correlation function based on partial correlation functions, tracking binary offset carrier signal, and spread spectrum signal receiver system using the same
09/15/16Apparatus and generating a network on chip in an electronic device
09/15/16Method and encoding/decoding image
09/08/16Display apparatus and and manufacturing the display apparatus
09/08/16Triboelectric energy harvester using electrolyte
08/25/16Injection locked frequency divider capable of adjusting oscillation frequency
08/18/16Reduced titanium dioxide and preparing the same
08/18/16Aluminum alloy composition, aluminum extrusion tube and fin material with improved corrosion durability comprising same, and heat exchanger constructed of same
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08/18/16Perforation resistance improved aluminum alloy for heat exchanger, perforation resistance improved aluminum extrusion tube and fin material comprising aluminum alloy, and heat exchanger formed of extrusion tube and fin material
08/18/16Seamless hexagonal boron nitride atomic monolayer thin film and fabricating the same
08/18/16Tag anti-collision method, reader apparatus and system for rfid systems with multi-packet reception capability
08/18/16Input driver for power amplifier and transmitter
08/11/16Composition for inhibiting human cytomegalovirus replication
08/11/16Clock and data recovery circuit using digital frequency detection
08/04/16Robot for inspection of pipeline using multi-output differential module
07/28/16Method of producing glass substrate for patterned solar cell and thin-film solar cell using the glass substrate
07/21/16Dry bonding system and wearable device for skin bonding including the same
07/21/16Energy generating device using temperature variation and sensor for detecting temperature variation comprising the same
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07/21/16Apparatus and providing device-to-device communication-based service for isolated user equipment in mobile communication system
07/14/16Composition for the prevention or treatment of the symptoms in the stroke comprising the inhibitor of pin1
07/14/16Nickel-based catalyst for low temperature co oxidation prepared using atomic layer deposition and application thereof
07/07/16Methods of fabricating pellicles using supporting layer
07/07/16Apparatus and selecting peer discovery resource in device-to-device communication system
06/30/16Thermal fatigue tester
06/30/16Method for active detection bio molecules
06/30/16Method and partial garbage collection in filesystems
06/23/16Device for wirelessly stimulating body using light
06/23/16Energy generating device, and manufacturing the same
06/09/16Electrostatic energy generator using tire cord fabric
06/09/16Method of manufacturing zinc oxide nanosheet structure, and electronic apparatus and touch sensor apparatus having the zinc oxide nanosheet structure
06/09/16Triboelectric energy generator using control of dipole polarization direction and fabricating thereof
06/02/16Fibrous triboelectric generator and electronic stimulator using the fibrous triboelectric generator and clothes using the electronic stimulator
05/19/16Active joint module and robot for inspection of pipeline with this module
05/19/16Power control guaranteeing quality of service of device to device direct communication and apparatus therefor
05/12/16Apparatus and diagnosing actuators in vehicle
05/12/16Broadcasting method using device-to-device (d2d) communication in wireless communication system
05/05/16High-sensitivity sensor comprising conductive thin film containing cracks and manufacturing same
05/05/163d memory with error checking and correction function
05/05/16Method and performing interleaving in communication system
05/05/16Flexible printed circuit board
04/28/16Compositon based on biocompatible anionic polymer for drug delivery and preparing method thereof
04/28/16Data interface and data transmission method
04/28/16Method for operating sensor panel and electronic device for supporting the same
04/28/16Apparatus for charging and discharging battery
04/28/16Method and image encoding/decoding
04/21/16Biocompatible fiducial marker using multi-block copolymers
04/21/16Data processing system and operating the same
04/21/16Electrostatic energy harvester with improved transparency and mechanical property using two-dimensional material on ferroelectric or piezoelectric material
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04/14/16Apparatus and managing battery
04/07/16Method for preparing metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite using supercritical fluid and metal oxide nanoparticle/graphene composite prepared by the same
03/31/16Composition comprising farnesol and use thereof
03/31/16Dielectric ceramic composition and multilayer ceramic capacitor using the same
03/31/16Redundancy-ready control apparatus, redundancy configuring redundant logics for assuring low power consumption and reliability at the same time
03/31/16Capacitor and manufacturing the same
03/31/16Negative active material, lithium battery including the negative active material, and preparing the negative active material
03/31/16Transparent electrode and manufacturing same
03/24/16Composition for preventing or treating edema containing flavonoid compound
03/24/16Self-repairing energy generating element using shape memory polymer
03/24/16Time synchronization slave apparatus capable of adjusting time synchronization period, and determining time synchronization period
03/17/16Gateway synchronization between heterogeneous network domains within vehicle
03/10/16Method for generating plasma uniformly on dielectric material
03/10/16Three-dimensional integrated circuit and tsv repairing method thereof
03/03/16Graphene quantum dot and preparing the same
03/03/16Aqueous compositions, methods of producing conductive thin films using the same, conductive thin films produced thereby, and electronic devices including the same
03/03/16Method of improving error checking and correction performance of memory
03/03/16Light emtting device using graphene quantum dot and preparing the same
02/25/16Method and managing life of battery bank
02/18/16Thermosensitive ionic composite, preparing method thereof, and biodegradable composition containing the same
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02/18/16Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
02/11/16Method of manufacturing porous three-dimensional micro/nanofibrous scaffold using electrohydrodynamic process and porous three-dimensional micro/nanofibrous scaffold manufactured thereby
02/04/16Color-change sensor using film for detecting harmful material
01/28/16Albumin conjugated temperature and ph-sensitive multi-block copolymer, a preparation thereof and drug delivery system using the same
01/28/16Biocompatible protein, biocompatible protein gel and biocompatible conducting protein gel comprising the protein and preparing the same
01/28/16Porous film with high hardness and a low dielectric constant and preparation method thereof
01/28/16Complex plating film formed using multi-layer graphene-coated metal particles through electric explosion and manufacturing the complex plating film
01/28/16Apparatus and fsync system call processing using ordered mode journaling with file unit
01/28/16Video encoding circuit and video encoding method using the same, and operation processing device
01/07/16Sensor and manufacturing the same
01/07/16Tension and compression tester for fracture stress test of compact pipe sample
01/07/16Method, apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for depth warping based occlusion culling
12/31/15Composition for inducing differentiation into beige and brown adipocytes and inducing the same
12/31/15Method and apparatus of per-block-group journaling for ordered mode journaling file system
12/31/15Data transmission reservation method and apparatus, data reception method and apparatus, and data transmission and reception system in receiver-initiated asynchronous medium access control protocol
12/24/15Antimicrobial method by blocking mannitol metabolism and antimicrobial composition containing mannitol metabolic inhibitor
12/24/15Metal-containing graphene hybrid composite, and preparing the same
12/24/15Method of manufacturing three-dimensional semiconductor chip
12/24/15Method and controlling transmission power of device-to-device communication network
12/17/15Caterpillar for cable mobile robot and cable mobile robot using the same
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12/17/15Functionalized graphene oxide and methods of producing the same
12/17/15Method and measuring link quality in wireless communication system supporting device-to-device communication
12/03/15Stretchable thermoelectric material and thermoelectric device including the same
12/03/15Method of selecting satellite for positioning in global navigation satellite system, satellite signal receiver, and creating dop index
12/03/15Phantom and phantom system
12/03/15Method and prevention of fragmentation of non-volatile memory for black box device
12/03/15Led package
12/03/15Method of creating altboc correlation function, tracking altboc signal, and system for tracking altboc signal cross-reference to related applications
11/26/15Electronic device including horizontal type diode using 2d material and manufacturing the same
11/19/15Colormetric sensor detecting analytes with visual examination
11/19/15Electronic device having graphene-semiconductor multi-junction and manufacturing the electronic device
11/19/15Optoelectronic device including ferroelectric material
11/19/15Encoding apparatus and encoding method thereof
11/19/15Interleaving and puncturing apparatus and method thereof
11/12/15Method for detecting malfunction of brake system using yaw rate
11/12/15Design system and method using affordance feature repository
11/05/15Method, apparatus and system for collecting tags using bit map in rfid system
11/05/15Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device comprising the same
10/22/15Method of treating cancer using high efficiency self-illuminative nanocomplexes and manufacturing the same
10/22/15Polycyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate resin composition with high color resistance and heat resistance comprising a non-halogen flame retardant and a non-halogen flame retardant aid
10/22/15Psc anchorage for monitoring a status change of ps steel member and psc girder using the same
10/22/15Logic gate using schmitt trigger circuit
10/15/15Manufacturing spherical gold (au) nanoparticles and spherical gold (au) nanoparticle manufactured by using the same
10/15/15Capacitive type 6-axial force/torque sensor
10/15/15Apparatus and aligning discovery channel intervals among cells in cellular communication system
10/08/15Core-shell nanoparticle including nucleic acid hydrogel and producing the same
10/08/15Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating cancers comprising dendritic cells with dab2 gene silenced
10/08/15Graphene derivative-based composition for drug delivery and preparation method thereof
10/08/15Method of manufacturing graphene-coated composite powder
10/01/15Method of preparing base sequence of 5'-cohesive end for synthesizing branched nucleic acid nanostructure
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10/01/15External merge sort , and distributed processing device for external merge sort
10/01/15Method for preparing silicide of a semiconductor device and a source/drain for use in the semiconductor device
10/01/15Content centric networking system providing differentiated service and controlling data traffic in content centric networking providing differentiated service
10/01/15Method and supporting login through user terminal
09/24/15Magnetic regenerator unit and magnetic cooling system with the same
09/24/15Device and evaluating system performance
09/17/15Recharge systems and methods
09/17/15Apparatus and controlling adaptive reclosing based on transient stability
09/17/15Active rectifier and wireless power receiving apparatus using the same that can reduce reverse current leakage
09/17/15Using a digital delay locked loop synchronous direct current to reduce the electromagnetic interference-wave control a dc buck converter and the switching signal
08/27/15Abrasion resistant, hydrophobic and oleophobic coated film and production thereof
08/27/15Super-hydrophobic thin film and preparing the same
08/20/15Multi mode bias modulator operating in envelope tracking mode or average power tracking mode and envelope tracking power amplifier using the same
08/20/15Apparatus for continuously testing thermal fatigue
08/20/15Multi-mode bias modulator and envelope tracking power amplifier using the same
08/20/15Multi mode bias modulator operating in envelope tracking mode or average power tracking mode and envelope tracking power amplifier using the same
08/13/15Surface modified polymeric nanofiber substrates by plasma-treatment and fabrication process for the same
08/06/15System and analyzing experience in real time
08/06/15Electrostatic energy-harvesting device having 3-dimensional cone shape
08/06/15Method for generating unambiguous correlation function for tmboc(6,1,4/33) signal based on equally split partial correlation functions, tracking tmboc signals and satellite navigation signal receiver system
07/30/15Fusion nano liposome-fluorescence labeled nucleic acid for in vivo application, uses thereof and preparation method thereof
07/30/15Vehicle navigation apparatus and determining trajectory of vehicle
07/30/15Method of forming multilayer graphene structure
07/23/15Artificial lipid-polymer-dna complex, bioimaging agent and preparation method thereof
07/23/15Digital phase-locked loop (dpll), controlling dpll, and ultra low power (ulp) transceiver using dpll
07/16/15Substrate for light emitting diode and manufacturing the same and light source apparatus including the substrate
07/16/15Silicon nanowire structure embedded in nickel silicide nanowires for lithium-based battery anodes
07/09/15Surgical grasper for measuring force
07/09/15Micron sized anode active material containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles and the preparation thereof

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