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Riken Technos Corporation
Riken Vitamin Co Ltd
Rikenkaki Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Riken Technos Corp
Riken Keiki Co Ltd
Riken Genesis Co Ltd
Riken Techno System Co Ltd
Riken And Chiome Bioscience Inc
Riken Corundum Co Ltd
Rikenseiko Co Ltd
Riken Public University Corporation Yokohama City University

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Optical lattice clock at operational magic frequency and operating the same

An embodiment of an optical lattice clock comprising atoms and a laser light source at an operational magic frequency is provided. The atoms are capable of making a clock transition between two levels of electronic states, and the laser light source generates at least a pair of counterpropagating laser beams,... Riken

System for restraining mouse

A system, of the present invention, for restraining a mouse includes: at least one home cage (10); a passage (20) through which the mouse (60) moves, the passage (20) having at least one first open end (21a); and a restraining device (50) which restrains the mouse by physically fixing the... Riken

Compositions containing combinations of bioactive molecules derived from microbiota for treatment of disease

Compositions consisting of bioactive molecules derived from the microbiota of a mammal are provided herein. When administered orally with a colonic delivery system, the compositions are useful for the prophylaxis and treatment of diseases, in particular inflammatory, autoimmune and infectious diseases. The compositions comprise combinations of small molecules and bacterial... Riken

Cell for use in immunotherapy which contains modified nucleic acid construct encoding wilms tumor gene product or fragment thereof, producing said cell, and said nucleic acid construct

A cell of the present invention contains a nucleic acid construct encoding a WT1 gene product or a fragment of the WT1 gene product. The nucleic acid construct contains (i) a region encoding a desired fragment of the WT1 gene product and (ii) only AUG as a functional start codon.... Riken

Visible light absorption element, and temperature visualization device and infrared ray visualization device equipped with same

In accordance with heat received from a target object, a visible light absorption element 10 changes a frequency component of visible light to reflect or transmit. The visible light absorption element 10 possesses a resonance frequency included in a visible light frequency region. The visible light absorption element 10 absorbs... Riken

Biological-specimen transparentizing agent, system, and use therefor

A clearing reagent in accordance with an embodiment of the present invention for making a biological material transparent is a solution containing: at least one compound selected from the group consisting of urea and a urea derivative; sorbitol; and a surfactant which is contained at a concentration of 5 (w/v)... Riken

Time measurement device

A time measurement device measures a time interval between input timings of first and second pulsed target signals. The device includes: a processor; a number-of-periods detector that detects, by using a clock signal with a predetermined clock frequency and a predetermined clock period, the time interval in units of the... Riken

Deep ultraviolet led and manufacturing the same

A deep ultraviolet LED with a design wavelength of λ is provided that includes a reflecting electrode layer, a metal layer, a p-type GaN contact layer, and a p-type AlGaN layer that are sequentially stacked from a side opposite to a substrate, the p-type AlGaN layer being transparent to light... Riken

Radiation dosimetry gel and radiation dosimeter comprising the same as material for measuring radiation dose

A radiation dosimetry gel is excellent in heat resistance, and a radiation dosimeter includes the radiation dosimetry gel as a material for measuring a radiation dose. A radiation dosimetry gel includes a water-soluble organic polymer (A) having an organic acid salt structure or an organic acid anion structure, a silicate... Riken

Method for classifying data, data classification apparatus, and medium

A method for classifying data executed by a computer includes obtaining a plurality of data groups, each of the data groups including a plurality of data items about detected intensities being associated with physical index values, respectively; and classifying, based on identification information of each of the data groups and... Riken

Undulator magnet array and undulator

In an undulator magnet array, an upper magnet array is formed by coupling an upper shift magnet array and an upper reference magnet array, and a lower magnet array is formed by coupling a lower reference magnet array and lower shift magnet array arranged so as to face the magnet... Riken

Method for manufacturing ciliary margin stem cells

The invention provides a method for producing a ciliary marginal zone stem cell induced to differentiate from a pluripotent stem cell, including either the following step (1) or step (2), or both of these steps: (1) a step of floating culturing cells obtained from a cell aggregate containing a ciliary... Riken

Production nerve tissue

(3) a third step of culturing the aggregate obtained in the second step in suspension in the presence or absence of a differentiation-inducing factor to obtain an aggregate containing neural cells or a neural tissue.... Riken

Production retinal tissue

(3) a third step of culturing the aggregate obtained in the second step in suspension in the presence of a 1) a BMP signal transduction pathway activating substance to obtain an aggregate containing retinal cells or a retinal tissue.... Riken

Upper-limb rehabilitation assisting device and controlling the same

An upper-limb rehabilitation assisting device includes first and second handles coupled to first and second rotating shafts and rotationally operated by hands on a paralytic limb side and a healthy limb side; first and second biosignal detecting parts that detect first and second biosignals corresponding to the paralytic limb side... Riken

Plant growth-promotion agent and promoting plant growth

wherein Ar1 represents a substituted or unsubstituted phenyl group, NZ represents a nitrogen-containing heterocyclic ring group or an acyclic nitrogen-containing group having a partial structure of the nitrogen-containing heterocyclic ring group, n is 0, 1, or 2, R1 and R2 each represent a hydrogen atom, a substituted or unsubstituted C1-3-alkyl... Riken

Optical response measuring device and optical response measuring method

An optical response measuring device is provided with a light source, first and second wavelength conversion elements, and a light intensity sensor array. The light source generates a pair of light beams including light beams of first and second wavelengths. The first wavelength conversion element generates measurement light of a... Riken

Activator of adiponectin receptor

An AdipoR activator for activating both AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 is provided. A compound represented by the following formula (1), wherein A is a substituted or unsubstituted aryl group or the like, Y1 is (CHR2)a— or the like, X is CH or N, R1 is a C1-7 alkyl group, m is... Riken

Method for nucleic acid amplification

It is an object of the present invention to provide a method for amplifying a nucleic acid, using RNA as a template, which can realize elimination of the risk of non-specific amplification caused by DNA mixed from reagents and/or working environment, an increase in the detection sensitivity of trace RNA,... Riken

Imaging device and method

Focusing on a gamma ray detection phenomenon (event) in which a gamma ray from a gamma ray source is Compton scattered at a first-stage detector, the gamma ray is photoelectrically absorbed at a second-stage detector, the spatial distribution of the gamma ray source is imaged within a predetermined image space... Riken

Method for producing cerebellar progenitor tissue

The present invention provides a method for producing a human cell aggregate containing a midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural progenitor tissue, including subjecting an aggregate of human pluripotent stem cells to suspension culturing in a serum-free medium containing insulin, and treating, in the suspension culturing, the aggregate of human pluripotent stem cells... Riken

Crystal substrate, ultraviolet light-emitting device, and manufacturing methods therefor

To fabricate a practically useful non-polar AlN buffer layer on a sapphire crystal plate and manufacture a UV light-emitting device on a non-polar crystal substrate by adopting the crystal substrate as an example, an embodiment of the present invention provides a crystal substrate 1D comprising an r-plane sapphire crystal plate... Riken

High temperature superconducting multicore tape wire, and manufacturing method thereof and manufacturing device

The method is for manufacturing a high temperature multi-filamentary superconducting tape wire having an oxide superconducting layer formed on a tape-shaped metal substrate with an intermediate layer therebetween and a metal stabilizing layer formed on the oxide superconducting layer, wherein one or more lengthwise slits are formed in the oxide... Riken

Memory invariant nkt cell marker

The present invention provides use of KLRG1 as a marker specific to memory invariant NKT cells. Using an antibody that specifically recognizes KLRG1, memory invariant NKT cells can be easily detected or isolated.... Riken

Agent for promoting substance incorporation in intestinal tract

An object of the present invention is to provide means for efficiently incorporating substances such as lactic acid bacteria, which are useful for intestinal immune induction, into the intestinal tract. According to the present invention, the following are provided: an agent for promoting substance incorporation in the intestinal tract which... Riken

Magnetic storage media and data storage device

A magnetic storage media which has an endurance (durability) characteristics close to an infinite number of writing times of data and a data retention (holding) characteristics close to permanency, and is ultra-high-speed writable and erasable, and a data storage device and an image storage device which apply this magnetic storage... Riken

Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory-device, solid-state electronic device, data-storage device, data processing and communication device

To provide a magnetic element capable of performing skyrmion transfer, a skyrmion memory to which this magnetic element is applied, and a shift register, for example, a magnetic element capable of performing skyrmion transfer is provided, the magnetic element providing a transverse transfer arrangement in which the skyrmion is transferred... Riken

Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, solid-state electronic device, data-storage device, data processing and communication device

To provide a magnetic element with a chiral magnet for generating a skyrmion, the chiral magnet is made of a magnetic material having a β-Mn type crystal structure. Also, to provide a magnetic element with a chiral magnet for generating a skyrmion, the chiral magnet is made of a magnetic... Riken

Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory-device, solid-state electronic device, data-storage device, data processing and communication device

A magnetic element capable of generating and erasing a skyrmion, including a magnet shaped as a thin layer and including a structure surrounded by a nonmagnetic material; a current path provided surrounding an end region including an end portion of the magnet, on one surface of the magnet; and a... Riken

Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory device, skyrmion-memory embedded solid-state electronic device, data storage apparatus, data processing and communication apparatus

Provided is a magnetic element capable of generating one skyrmion and erasing the one skyrmion. The magnetic element includes a magnet shaped like a substantially rectangular flat plate, an upstream electrode connected to the magnet in a width Wm direction of the magnet and made of a non-magnetic metal, a... Riken

Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, solid-state electronic device, data-storage device, data processing and communication device

Provided is a magnetic element which can generate a skyrmion by a stacked film including a magnetic layer and a non-magnetic layer, and a skyrmion memory to which the magnetic element is applied and the like. Provided is a magnetic element for generating a skyrmion, the magnetic element comprising a... Riken

Magnetic device, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory-device, solid-state electronic skyrmion-device, data-storage device, data processing and transferring device

Provided is a skyrmion memory circuit capable of circularly transferring a magnetic element skyrmion, comprising one or more current paths in a magnet having a closed-path pattern that are provided surrounding an end region including an end portion of the magnet in a plane of the magnet with the closed-path... Riken

Multiplexed same type-antigenic peptide

The present invention provides a synthetic peptide capable of inducing an antibody to an autoantigen, and specifically, provides: a multiplexed same type-antigenic peptide having a dendritic core and B-cell recognition peptides, wherein the multiplexed same type-antigenic peptide comprises 4 to 8 B-cell recognition peptides of the same type that are... Riken

Fluorescent labeled single-stranded nucleic acid and use thereof

The present invention is intended to provide a novel fluorescent labeled single-stranded nucleic acid, by which the background of an exciton oligomer can be further reduced and the novel use thereof. The present invention relates to a labeled single-stranded nucleic acid having at least two fluorescent atomic group pairs that... Riken

Agent for inducing callus and inducing callus

wherein Ar1 represents phenyl substituted with substituent or substituents selected from alkoxy and methylenedioxy; Ar2 represents phenyl substituted with halogen; R1 and R2 each represent hydrogen, alkyl, cyano, or carboxyl; R1 and R2 may together form oxo; R3 to R10 each represent hydrogen or methyl; and R3 and R4, R5... Riken

03/16/17 / #20170071695

Medical laser light source system

A medical laser light source system including an excitation laser light source apparatus that generates first excitation light having a wavelength greater than or equal to 1.5 μm and less than or equal to 2.2 μm and second excitation light having a wavelength greater than or equal to 1.5 μm... Riken

03/16/17 / #20170073766

Method for differentiating between lung squamous cell carcinoma and lung adenocarcinoma

Provided is an approach for differentially determining the histological type of a lung cancer lesion objectively and rapidly with high accuracy. A method for differentially assessing a lesion in a lung cancer patient as squamous cell carcinoma or adenocarcinoma, comprising a step of measuring an expression level of an expression... Riken

03/02/17 / #20170058283

Plant transformation method

An object of the present invention is to provide a plant transformation method that is convenient and is widely applicable to various types of plant cells and nucleic acids. The present invention relates to a method for transforming a target plant, comprising the steps of: a) contacting a carrier peptide... Riken

02/23/17 / #20170053686

Magnetic element, skyrmion memory and arithmetic processing unit

To provide a magnetic element that controls generation and annihilation of a skyrmion. A magnetic element is provided, and the magnetic element comprises: a magnetic body that has a spiral magnetic structure in a stable state; a skyrmion control unit that generates skyrmion in the magnetic body by supplying energy... Riken

02/02/17 / #20170028061

Compositions and methods for induction of th17 cells

Strains of human-derived bacteria have been obtained from complex fecal samples and shown to induce accumulation of Th17 cells in the intestine and promote immune functions. Pharmaceutical compositions containing these bacteria can be used as anti-infectives and as adjuvants in mucosal vaccines.... Riken

02/02/17 / #20170029771

Stem cell culture medium and method

Stem cells such as embryonic stem cells (ES cells), including human ES cells, are cultured in a medium comprising a ROCK inhibitor, and a stem cell culture medium, optionally serum free, comprises a ROCK inhibitor.... Riken

01/12/17 / #20170011823

Low-resistance connection body for high-temperature superconducting wire material and connection method

Provided is a low-resistance connection body for a high-temperature superconducting wire, in which a high-temperature superconducting bulk body and a high-temperature superconducting wire including a high-temperature superconducting layer are connected to each other, wherein a melting point of the high-temperature superconducting layer is higher than a melting point of the... Riken

01/11/18 / #20180009125

Process for producing resinous panel

A process for producing a resinous panel which is for use as at least some of the front panel of an article, the process including (A) a step in which a resin sheet having a thickness of 0.5-10 mm is fixed to a working table and (B) a step in... Riken

01/11/18 / #20180009959

Hard coat laminate film

According to at least one embodiment, there is provided a hard coat laminate film having a total light transmittance of 80% or more and having (γ) a hard coat on at least one surface of (α) an aromatic-polycarbonate resin film containing 30 mol % or more of a structural unit... Riken

11/30/17 / #20170342235

Thermoplastic elastomer composition for battery pack protective member

Provided is a thermoplastic elastomer composition which exhibits excellent flexibility in a wide temperature range from ordinary temperature to low temperature, which has a flame retardancy of V-0 according to the UL94 vertical burning test, without including any halogen-based flame retardant, which is excellent in thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and... Riken

10/26/17 / #20170306132

Method for producing thermoplastic resin composition film

Embodiments provide a method for producing a film including a thermoplastic resin composition, the method including: (1) a step of subjecting a thermoplastic resin composition to preliminary heating at 100-250° C.; (2) a step of subjecting a first roller and second roller of a calender roll film-forming apparatus to pre-heating;... Riken

10/26/17 / #20170306188

Pressure-sensitive adhesive film

Embodiments provide a pressure-sensitive adhesive film having (α) a poly(meth)acrylimide-based resin film layer and (γ) a pressure-sensitive adhesive agent layer in that order from the surface layer side and having a total light transmittance of 80% or higher. The pressure-sensitive adhesive film may further have (δ) a hard coat layer... Riken

09/14/17 / #20170259379

Method for processing film

Embodiments are directed to a method for processing a film, which includes: (A) a step wherein protective films are temporarily bonded to both surfaces of a film that is a material to be processed, thereby obtaining a film to be processed to both surfaces of which the protective films are... Riken

08/03/17 / #20170217145

Decorative-sheet manufacturing method

A method for producing a decorative sheet includes the steps of: (a) pressing a thermoplastic resin film (a) on a preheated rotating heating drum, and then pressing a transfer film (b) having a hot-melt adhesive layer, a resin coating, a release coating layer, and a film base material in order... Riken

07/13/17 / #20170198164

Actinic-ray-curable resin composition, layered film including hardcoat formed therefrom, and layered transparent resin product

Embodiments of the invention relate to an actinic-ray-curable resin composition which includes 100 parts by mass of a polyfunctional (meth)acrylate; 0.2-4 parts by mass of a compound having an alkoxysilyl group and a (meth)acryloyl group; 0.05-3 parts by mass of an organic titanium; and 5-100 parts by mass of fine... Riken

05/04/17 / #20170120296

Method for producing multilayer coated film

Embodiments of the invention provide a method for producing a multilayer coated film which involves obtaining a first layered body by forming, on a film substrate, a wet-coated film including a coating material (A) containing an active energy ray-curable resin which contains a first photopolymerization initiator and a second photopolymerization... Riken

04/06/17 / #20170095993

Process for producing article from layered hardcoat object, and article formed from layered hardcoat object including poly(meth)acrylimide-based resin layer

The present invention pertains to a process for producing an article from a layered hard coat object including a hard coat layer and a transparent-resin film layer in this order from the outermost layer side, the process comprising: a step (A) in which a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer of a support... Riken

03/02/17 / #20170056921

Hard coat laminated film and producing same

Embodiments of the invention provide a hard coat laminated film including a first hard coat, a second hard coat, and a transparent resin film layer in order from the outermost surface layer side, wherein the first hard coat is formed of a coating material containing no inorganic particles; the second... Riken

02/23/17 / #20170050759

Packing box

Embodiments of the invention provide a packing box wherein strength is improved and efficiency of opening, content retrieval, etc. is improved. Embodiments of the invention provide a packing box obtained from an upper cover and a lower box configured from cardboard for accommodating articles therein, in which: the upper cover... Riken

01/18/18 / #20180016168

 new patent  Mineral functional water, producing the same

Provided is a method of producing mineral function water showing beneficial effects, such as antioxidant effects, or the like. The water including contains mineral-containing water (A) and mineral-containing water (B) according to a ratio of 1:5 to 1:20 (weight ratio), the mineral-containing water (A) containing first mineral components eluted from... Riken

05/04/17 / #20170118995

Mineral functional water, producing the same, and controlling unicellular organisms and/or viruses

Mineral functional water useful for controlling unicellular organisms and/or viruses is provided. The mineral functional water satisfies all of requirements (i), and (iii) and shows excellent controlling effects upon unicellular organisms and/or viruses. (i) In a sample wherein 15 pst·wt. or more of the mineral functional water is fixed with... Riken

12/28/17 / #20170370831

Methane number calculation method and methane number measurement device

The present invention includes: acquiring in advance a particular relational expression between the methane number and the basic calorific value of a plurality of types of reference gases, each formed of a natural gas and each having a different methane number value; measuring the basic calorific value of a natural... Riken

09/28/17 / #20170275675

Detection method and kit of base mutation, and limiting pcr amplification of nucleic acid sample

Detection method of a base mutation in a target base sequence of a nucleic acid sample, includes: performing a PCR reaction with the nucleic acid sample as a template, using a primer set capable of amplifying, by PCR, an amplification target region including the target base sequence; a blocker nucleic... Riken

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