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Riken Technos Corporation
Riken Vitamin Co Ltd
Rikenkaki Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Riken Technos Corp
Riken Keiki Co Ltd
Riken Genesis Co Ltd
Riken Corundum Co Ltd
Riken And Chiome Bioscience Inc
Rikenseiko Co Ltd
Riken Public University Corporation Yokohama City University
Riken Techno System Co Ltd

Riken patents

Recent patent applications related to Riken. Riken is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Riken may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Riken, we're just tracking patents.

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08/23/12Manufacturing process of a wheel nut wrench
01/28/16Vehicle door checker
12/24/15Door hinge for automobile and manufacturing first bracket thereof
03/06/14Door checker for automobile
09/20/12Checker-equipped door hinge device for use in vehicle
06/10/10Checker-equipped door hinge device for vehicle
05/28/09Checker-equipped door hinge device for vehicle
10/19/17 new patent  Activator of adiponectin receptor
09/28/17Method for nucleic acid amplification
09/14/17Imaging device and method
09/07/17Method for producing cerebellar progenitor tissue
08/31/17Crystal substrate, ultraviolet light-emitting device, and manufacturing methods therefor
08/17/17High temperature superconducting multicore tape wire, and manufacturing method thereof and manufacturing device
08/10/17Memory invariant nkt cell marker
07/20/17Agent for promoting substance incorporation in intestinal tract
07/20/17Magnetic storage media and data storage device
06/22/17Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory-device, solid-state electronic device, data-storage device, data processing and communication device
06/22/17Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, solid-state electronic device, data-storage device, data processing and communication device
06/22/17Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory-device, solid-state electronic device, data-storage device, data processing and communication device
06/22/17Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory device, skyrmion-memory embedded solid-state electronic device, data storage apparatus, data processing and communication apparatus
06/22/17Magnetic element, skyrmion memory, solid-state electronic device, data-storage device, data processing and communication device
06/15/17Magnetic device, skyrmion memory, skyrmion memory-device, solid-state electronic skyrmion-device, data-storage device, data processing and transferring device
06/08/17Multiplexed same type-antigenic peptide
05/25/17Fluorescent labeled single-stranded nucleic acid and use thereof
04/20/17Agent for inducing callus and inducing callus
03/16/17Medical laser light source system
03/16/17Method for differentiating between lung squamous cell carcinoma and lung adenocarcinoma
03/02/17Plant transformation method
02/23/17Magnetic element, skyrmion memory and arithmetic processing unit
02/02/17Compositions and methods for induction of th17 cells
02/02/17Stem cell culture medium and method
01/12/17Low-resistance connection body for high-temperature superconducting wire material and connection method
12/29/16Method for manufacturing ciliary marginal zone-like structure
12/29/16Nitride semiconductor template and ultraviolet led
12/01/16Method for producing plastic raw material from blue-green algae
12/01/16Skyrmion driving method and driving apparatus
11/24/16Metallic-magnetic-domain-wall-based nonvolatile tunable resistor for memory and sensor applications
11/17/16Gas analysis device and gas analysis method
11/17/16Anti-tissue factor monoclonal antibody
11/10/16Anti-malarial agent
10/06/16Method for manufacturing telencephalon or progenitor tissue thereof
09/29/16Polypeptide exhibiting fluorescent properties, and utilization of the same
09/22/16Hydrogel forming composition and hydrogel formed thereof
09/15/16Method for producing retinal pigment epithelial cells
09/15/16Mutant plant
09/15/16Composition for preparing biomaterial with excellent light-transmitting property, and use thereof
09/01/16Method for producing retinal tissue and retina-related cells
09/01/16Drive control objective lens and fluorescence microscope system
08/18/16Method of producing retinal pigment epithelial cell
07/28/16Activator of adiponectin receptor
07/07/16Method of regulating neuronal axon elongation
07/07/16Method for analysis of nkt cell function
06/30/16Method for producing anterior eye segment tissue
06/16/16Method for rendering biological material transparent and processing kit for rendering biological material transparent
05/26/16Compositions containing combinations of bioactive molecules derived from microbiota for treatment of disease
05/26/16Agent for imparting resistance to feeding damage by phytophagous arthropod (as amended)
05/19/16Microscope, focusing unit, fluid holding unit, and optical unit
05/12/16Threshold estimation apparatus, threshold estimation method, and non-transitory computer-readable information recording medium
05/12/16Heat-storage composition
05/12/16Deep ultraviolet led and manufacturing the same
05/05/16Animal test device
03/17/16Heat storage material
03/17/16Compositions and methods for diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy
03/03/16Radiation detecting element, radiation detecting apparatus and manufacturing radiation detecting element
03/03/16Nitride semiconductor quantum cascade laser
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02/25/16Vascular viscoelasticity evaluation device, vascular viscoelasticity evaluation method, and program
02/18/16Glucuronosyltransferase, gene encoding same and use thereof
02/11/16Semiconductor light emitting element and producing the same
02/11/16Solution search system, solution search method, and solution search program
01/28/16Stem cell preservation medium, stem cell preservation method, and stem cell preservation system
01/21/16Methods of prognosing preeclampsia
01/14/16Novel polypeptide exhibiting fluorescent properties and use thereof
01/07/16Electroencephalography signal processing device, electroencephalography signal processing method, recording medium, and computer
01/07/16Analysis assessing stage of prostate cancer, prostate-cancer stage assessment method, prostate-cancer detection method, and test kit
12/24/15Ultraviolet light emitting diode and producing same
12/10/15G-c3n4 film production method, and use of said film
12/03/15Antibody composition, kit for preparing antibody composition, and immunostaining method
11/12/15Brain function evaluation system and brain function evaluation method
11/05/15Control agent for plant pest and/or plant disease
10/29/15Test method and test kit for psychiatric ailments
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10/29/15Ultraviolet light-emitting diode and electric apparatus having the same
10/15/15Novel complex and use of same
10/15/15Cell preparation containing myocardium-committed cell
10/01/15Hydrogel forming composition and hydrogel produced therefrom
10/01/15Triterpene oxidase derived from plant belonging to genus glycyrrhiza, gene encoding the same, and using the same
10/01/15Water splitting catalyst, and producing oxygen and hydrogen using the same
09/24/15Hydrogel forming composition and hydrogel produced therefrom
09/17/15Triterpene oxidase derived from plant belonging to genus glychyrrhiza, gene encoding the triterpene oxidase, and use of the protein or the gene
09/17/15Selective capture and stimulated release of circulating tumor cells on nanostructured devices
09/10/15Method for producing retinal pigment epithelial cell sheet
08/20/15Pesticidal/ovicidal composition and pesticidal/ovicidal method
08/13/15Method for adhering hydrogels
08/13/15Control device for alternate reality system, alternate reality system, control alternate reality system, program, and recording medium
08/06/15Hydroxylated krn7000 analogue and use thereof
08/06/15Method of introducing nucleic acid into plant cells
08/06/15Marker for acute coronary syndrome, and use thereof
08/06/15Epitaxial wafer and producing same
07/30/15Agent for treating or inhibiting recurrence of acute myeloid leukemia
07/30/15Polyester resin composition and molded article containing this resin composition
07/23/15Primer set for detecting bovine leukemia virus and use thereof
07/09/15Optical lattice clock, clock device and laser light source
06/25/15Imaging marker and utilization thereof
06/25/15Nitride semiconductor multilayer structure, producing same, and nitride semiconductor light-emitting element
06/04/15New carbamate glycolipid and use thereof
05/21/15Vessel for culturing human es cells
05/14/15Method for producing ciliary marginal zone-like structure
04/30/15Quantum cascade laser element
04/30/15Neutron source and neutron generator
04/30/15Nucleic acid fragment binding to target protein
04/23/15Generating pluripotent cells de novo
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04/09/15Therapeutic agent for treating trypanosoma-associated disease, killing trypanosoma parasites, and use thereof
03/19/15Cyclic rna and protein production method
03/12/15Drug having regulatory cell ligand contained in liposome
03/12/15Method for detecting hla-a*31:01 allele
02/26/15Agent for increasing sugar content in fruit
01/29/15Polypeptide involved in morphogenesis and/or environmental stress resistance of plant
01/22/15Method of measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens, a determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic, an measuring the elasticity of crystalline lens and an determining whether crystalline lens is presbyopic
01/22/15Signal data processing for radiation detection
10/30/14Mutant pyrrolysyl -trna synthetase, and production of protein having non-natural amino acid integrated therein by using the same
10/09/14Terahertz wave detection device and method
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10/09/14Method for producing polyhydroxyalkanoate having long main chain structure
10/02/14Primer set, amplifying target nucleic acid sequence using same, and detecting mutated nucleic acid using same
10/02/14Gel dosimeter for measuring radiation dosage and manufacturing method therefor
09/18/14Leukemia stem cell markers
08/28/14Light-emitting element having nitride semiconductor multiquantum barrier, and process for production thereof
07/24/14Nucleic acid construct, nucleic acid-protein complex, and use thereof
07/10/14Method for preparing nucleic acid aptamer
06/26/14Pet device and imaging method therefor
06/26/14Clarifying reagent for biological materials and use thereof
06/26/14Cell for use in immunotherapy which contains modified nucleic acid construct encoding wilms tumor gene product or fragment thereof, producing said cell, and said nucleic acid construct
06/12/14Probe for detecting dead cell
06/05/14Quantum cascade laser element
06/05/14Method for detecting cancer cell using fluorescently labeled l-glucose derivative, and cancer cell-imaging agent comprising fluorescently labeled l-glucose derivative
05/29/14Kit for detecting bovine leukemia virus(blv), and use thereof
05/22/14Method for diagnosing arrhythmia based on single nucleotide polymorphism in chromosome 1q24, neurl gene, or cux2 gene
05/22/14Composition that augments plant disease resistance and/or branching
05/01/14Method for analyzing glycan structure
04/17/14Functional nucleic acid molecule and use thereof
03/27/14Method for making biological material transparent and use thereof
03/27/14Manufacturing multidimensional polymer, and multidimensional polymer
02/27/14Method of forming fine pattern, and developer
02/27/14Method of producing retinal pigment epithelial cell sheet
02/20/14Method of judging inflammatory disease by using single nucleotide polymorphism
02/13/14Method and kit for detecting 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in nucleic acids
01/23/14Human erythroid progenitor cell line and producing human enucleated red blood cells
01/23/14Ester compound of cellulose derivative and manufacturing same
01/16/14Control agent for controlling undifferentiated state and use thereof
01/09/14Fluid-controlling device for microchip and use thereof
12/19/13Imaging device using gamma rays, image signal processor, and image processing gamma ray measurement data
12/05/13Endoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase kinetics indicator and use thereof
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11/28/13Method for producing substrate having surface nanostructure
11/14/13Production of cell tissue having three-dimensional structure using electrostatic ink jet phenomenon
11/14/13Method for conferring disease resistance to plant
11/07/13Immunotherapy using allo-nkt cells, cells for immunotherapy in which alpha chain of t-cell receptor (tcr) gene has been rearranged to uniform v-alpha-j-alpha, and banking of nkt cells derived from said cells
11/07/13Method for treating malaria, killing malaria parasite, and use of the methods
11/07/13Nucleic acid construct for expression of oxidative stress indicator and use thereof
10/31/13Electron beam device
10/31/13Method of regulating neuronal axon elongation
10/31/13Compound, nucleic acid, producing nucleic acid, and kit for producing nucleic acid
09/19/13Compounds having activity of suppressing activation of tgf-beta receptor, screening of the compounds, and composition for preventing or treating disease caused by hepatitis c virus
09/12/13Therapeutic agent for malignant tumors expressing mhc class ii
09/12/13Method of detecting type ii diabetes
08/29/13Complex having tumor vaccine effect, and use thereof
08/29/13Method of producing human retinal pigment epithelial cells
08/29/13Glioma treatment method, glioma testing method, delivering desired substance to glioma, and drugs used in these methods
08/15/13Therapeutic agent of non-allergic airway inflammation and/or non-allergic hyperresponsive airway
08/15/13Biomarker for fatigue, and use thereof
08/15/13Method for increasing plant biomass by controlling active cytokinin expression level
08/08/13Method for detection of cleavage product of soluble amyloid-b precursor protein 770b for diagnosis of diseases associated with accumulation of amyloid-b peptide
08/01/13Method for forming protein crystal
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08/01/13Use of active cytokinin synthase gene
07/25/13Immunotherapeutic method using artificial adjuvant vector cells that co-express cd1d and target antigen
07/11/13Process for producing reveromycin a or a synthetic intermediate thereof, process for producing compounds containing a spiroketal ring and novel antineoplastics, fungicides and therapeutic agents for bone disorders
06/20/13Electric current-spin current conversion device
06/06/13Antibody binding to lysophosphatidylglucoside, and composition comprising the same
05/23/13Method of synthesizing a suppressor trna, dna construct and use thereof for producing a non-natural amino acid-incorporated protein
05/16/13Nucleic acid base analogs with quenching and fluorescent activities and applications thereof
05/02/13Method for producing cell sheet
05/02/13Bna crystal
04/18/13Method for constructing recombinant bacterium for producing non-native protein, and utilization of same
03/21/13Light-emitting element having nitride semiconductor multiquantum barrier, and process for production thereof
03/14/13Method for diagnosing bone and joint disease based on single nucleotide polymorphism in chromosome 10q24
03/07/13Method for preparing es cells
02/28/13Method for generating nuclear reprogrammed cell, and use thereof
02/28/13Rna including nucleoside compound, regulating amount of protein produced from the rna, and nucleoside compound
02/21/13Clearing reagent for biological material, and use thereof
02/21/13Method of selecting polypeptide sequence, and metal oxide or silicon-containing compound binding peptide and use thereof
02/14/13Method for differentiation induction in cultured stem cells
01/24/13Method for detecting arteriosclerotic diseases on the basis of single nucleotide polymorphism at human chromosome 5p15.3
01/17/13Plant resistant to environmental stress and producing the same
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01/03/13Novel synthetic glycolipid and use thereof
01/03/13Plant with enhanced growth and producing the same
11/15/12Method for high-speed fluoromethylation and process for preparation of pet tracer using same
11/01/12Method for producing proteins comprising non-natural amino acids incorporated therein
11/01/12Transgenic plant having increased biomass and improved environmental stress resistance, and process for production thereof
10/25/12Plant overexpressing abscisic acid transporter protein and producing the same
10/18/12Radiolabeled compound directable in vivo to target tissue and use thereof
09/27/12Novel artificial fluorescent bases
09/27/12Triterpene oxidase derived from plant belonging to genus glycyrrhiza, gene encoding the same, and using the same
09/20/12Method for diagnosing drug eruption risk induced by antiepileptic drug based on single nucleotide polymorphism in 21.33 region of short arm of chromosome 6
09/13/12Labeling compound for pet
09/06/12Plant having enhanced resistance to environmental stress
08/16/12Ifn type-i production inhibitor and screening for same
08/02/12Fluorescent molecule and detecting target nucleic acid
08/02/12Methods, mixtures, kits and compositions pertaining to analyte determination
07/12/12Pancreatic endocrine cell indicating agent and utilization of same
06/28/12Photoreduction processing three-dimensional metal nanostructure
05/31/12Combined preparation for treating joint diseases
05/31/12Thermostable biopolyester
05/17/12Agent for preventing recurrence of leukemia
05/03/12Method for promoting the formation of secondary cell wall of plant
04/26/1218f-labeled azide compound, reagent for 18f-labeling and 18f-labeling of alkyne compound using same
03/22/12Metal recovery method using protonemata of moss plants
03/22/12Leukemia stem cell markers
03/01/12Substrate provided with metal nanostructure on surface thereof and producing the same
02/16/12Lung cancer diagnostic polypeptide, detecting lung cancer, and evaluating therapeutic effect
02/16/12Method for generating homoplasmic cells from heteroplasmic cells
02/09/12Diagnostic skin inflammatory disease
02/09/12Fluorescent protein
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02/02/12Oligonucleotide linkers comprising a variable cohesive portion and the preparation of polynucleotide libraries by using said linkers
02/02/12Polypeptide having activity of aminoacyl-trna synthetase and use thereof
01/05/12Differential mobility analyzer, particle measuring system, and particle sorting system
01/05/12Image display apparatus, image display method, curved line specifying apparatus, curved line specifying method, and recording medium
01/05/12Region data editing apparatus, region data editing method, and recording medium
12/15/11Stabilization functional nucleic acid
12/15/11Mouse having human leukemic stem cell and leukemic non-stem cell amplified therein, and production thereof
12/08/11Cell-free system for synthesis of proteins derived from cultured mammalian cells
11/17/11Novel anti-hsp90 monoclonal antibody
11/17/11Immunotherapeutic method using allo-cells which co-express cd1d and target antigen
11/03/11Fluorescent protein
11/03/11Scheduling device, scheduling method, scheduling program, storage medium, and mass spectrometry system
10/27/11Method for rapidly methylating heteroaromatic arene and producing tracer for use in pet
10/27/11Transgenic plant having increased seed size
10/20/11Solar cell
10/06/11Driver operation prediction device, method, and driver operation prediction program
09/29/11Nkt cell-derived ips cells and nkt cells derived therefrom
09/29/11Method for introducing dota
09/22/11B cell-derived ips cells and application thereof
09/15/11Esterified alpha-galactosylceramide
09/15/11Transformed plants or algae with highly expressed chloroplast protein bpg2
09/08/11Semiconductor inspection device and inspection method
08/25/11Probe reagent for measuring oxidative stress
08/18/11Method of manufacturing a light-emitting device
07/21/11Novel use application of sugar chain-recognizing receptor
07/21/11Plant showing resistance to multiple diseases and producing the same
07/14/11Method for estimating the amount of immobilized probes and use thereof
06/30/11Method for producing cells having characteristic of hematopoietic stem cells/progenitor cells
06/30/11Manufacturing a mixture of amplified double-stranded nucleic acids comprising unknown sequence

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