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Robert Bosch Gmbh
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Robert Bosch Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Robert Bosch Gmbh. Robert Bosch Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Robert Bosch Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Robert Bosch Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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08/17/17 new patent  Electric drive operating an electric machine for an electric vehicle
08/17/17 new patent  Control of a secondary battery with battery cells which can be connected in series with one another
08/17/17 new patent  Method and device for operating a vehicle and a parking lot
08/17/17 new patent  Vehicle collision energy absorbance with magnetorheological or electrorheological material
08/17/17 new patent  Fin ray wiper
08/17/17 new patent  Method and device for operating a vehicle
08/17/17 new patent  Solenoid valve for a vehicle braking system
08/17/17 new patent  System and method to predict calibration values based on existing calibrations
08/17/17 new patent  Hydrostatic drive
08/17/17 new patent  Subscriber station for a bus system, and checking the correctness of a message
08/17/17 new patent  Barometric pressure to reduce security false alarms
08/17/17 new patent  Sensor apparatus, ascertaining a parking position, and creating a digital parking area map
08/17/17 new patent  Electronic component having a connection element
08/17/17 new patent  Frame device for accommodating storage cells of an energy storage module
08/17/17 new patent  Receptacle for a battery module, and battery module having a receptacle of this kind
08/17/17 new patent  Method for producing a prismatic battery cell
08/17/17 new patent  Method for monitoring a parking facility for motor vehicles, and drone
08/17/17 new patent  Method for identifying objects, in particular three-dimensional objects
08/17/17 new patent  Integrated self-test for electro-mechanical capacitive sensors
08/10/17Reagent pre-storage having defined extraction
08/10/17Information providing device and program for motorcycle
08/10/17Fin ray wiper having a clamping device
08/10/17Apparatus for transporting a container relative to a filling station
08/10/17Conveying arrangement
08/10/17Micromechanical structure
08/10/17Electrochemically active agents for ph modulation in biological buffers
08/10/17Electrohydraulic system for use under water, and process valve having an electrohydraulic system of said type
08/10/17Hydraulic drive device with load-dependent pressure distributor
08/10/17Sensor device for ascertaining at least one rotation characteristic of a rotating element
08/10/17Gas sensor
08/10/17Method and control unit for setting an activation signal for activating at least one safety device of a vehicle
08/10/17Hybrid supercapacitor
08/10/17Battery retaining device for securing a vehicle battery to a vehicle body of a vehicle
08/10/17Electrode for a battery cell and battery cell
08/10/17Superhydrophobic, nanostructured protective layer for rechargeable lithium battery cells having a metal lithium anode
08/10/17Primary unit and operating method therefor
08/10/17User station for a communication high-data rate can-based communication
08/10/17Sensor module with at least one interface
08/10/17Mems loudspeaker device and corresponding manufacturing method
08/03/17Method and recognizing fatigue affecting a driver
08/03/17Capsule filling machine
08/03/17Active accelerator pedal comprising a worm gear
08/03/17Wheel stability control based on the moment of an electrical motor
08/03/17Power switch, battery operating a power switch
08/03/17Holder for fastening a unit, in particular a pump, to a motor vehicle
08/03/17Fastening arrangement for fin ray wiper
08/03/17Quick connecting device for fin ray wiper
08/03/17Braking mechanism for a motor vehicle, and controlling the braking mechanism when different force components are combined
08/03/17Diesel exhaust fluid delivery system with pressure control
08/03/17Method for determining an ammonia mass flow
08/03/17Valve and producing a valve
08/03/17Fuel injection valve and fuel injection system
08/03/17Winding plan for a transformer of a step-up converter and ignition system for supplying a spark gap of an internal combustion engine with electrical power
08/03/17Device and system for the pressurization of a fluid, and corresponding use
08/03/17Handheld power tool gearbox unit
08/03/17Valve rotor for a solenoid valve, and valve cartridge for a solenoid valve
08/03/17Sensor for determining at least one rotation characteristic of a rotating element
08/03/17Method and device for providing a computer program
08/03/17Device and detecting a curbstone in an environment of a vehicle and system for curbstone control for a vehicle
08/03/17Method and device for measuring a system to be tested
08/03/17Method and device for sealing an electrochemical cell
08/03/17Device for anisotropically etching a substrate, and operating a device for anisotropically etching a substrate
08/03/17Fuel cell device
08/03/17Separator comprising force-locked particles
08/03/17Secondary battery management
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08/03/17Secondary battery management system
08/03/17Secondary battery management system
07/27/17Battery system, and operating said battery system
07/27/17Wiper arm arrangement
07/27/17Windscreen wiper device
07/27/17Safety coupling for fin ray wiper
07/27/17Quick fastening for fin ray wipers
07/27/17Fastening device for a windscreen wiping device
07/27/17Brake hydraulic pressure unit
07/27/17Method for operating a brake device, and control unit
07/27/17Dynamic stuck switch monitoring
07/27/17Ignition controlling an ignition system for a spark-ignited internal combustion engine
07/27/17Press on heat/splash and engine cooling fan assembly having same
07/27/17Semiconductor sensor for gas concentration
07/27/17Automotive radar alignment
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07/27/17Method and localizing a motor vehicle
07/27/17Method and system for ascertaining data for an autonomous driving operation of a motor vehicle
07/27/17Method and device for monitoring and controlling quasi-parallel execution threads in an event-oriented operating system
07/27/17Method and device for the quasi-parallel execution of threads
07/27/17Methods and systems for searching computer-aided design data
07/27/17Method for insulating a battery module
07/27/17Current collectors
07/27/17Method for connecting the cells of a battery, and associated battery system
07/27/17Switching converter and converting an input voltage into an output voltage
07/20/17Self-tightening rotary tool holding system
07/20/17Wiper lip for a windshield wiper device
07/20/17Pretensioning device for a windscreen wiping device
07/20/17Spoiler for fin ray wiper
07/20/17Method for operating an assistance system of a vehicle with at least one electrical energy store
07/20/17Vibrating trough and vibratory conveying device for transporting shingled products in food production
07/20/17Method for manufacturing a micromechanical component
07/20/17Micromechanical component including a diffusion stop channel
07/20/17Sensor unit including a decoupling structure and manufacturing method therefor
07/20/17Method for determining an opening delay of a fuel injector
07/20/17Device and projecting a light pattern
07/20/17Production a detection apparatus and detection apparatuses
07/20/17Electrochemically active agents for ph modulation in biological buffers
07/20/17Method for migrating radar sensor limitations with video camera input for active braking for pedestrians
07/20/17Micromirror array and the manufacture thereof
07/20/17Method and device for monitoring an autonomous driving operation of a motor vehicle within a parking facility
07/20/17Methods and systems for root cause analysis for assembly lines using path tracking
07/20/17Value addition dependent data mining techniques for assembly lines
07/20/17Model adaption and online learning for unstable environments
07/20/17System and packaging and distribution optimization
07/20/17Methods and systems for diagnosing a vehicle using sound
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07/20/17Etching device and etching method
07/20/17Cathode material for lithium sulphur cells
07/20/17Method for producing a prismatic battery cell
07/20/17Method and device for measuring the electric current of a battery with multiple battery modules
07/20/17Method for battery management and battery management system
07/20/17Electrical linear machine
07/20/17Electric machine for the power supply of a motor vehicle electrical system
07/13/17Hydraulic unit for a brake system of a vehicle, and producing a hydraulic unit for a brake system of a vehicle
07/13/17Micromechanical pressure sensor
07/13/17Process for the production of a coated rubber item and rubber item
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07/13/17Production a layer structure and layer structure
07/13/17Pump apparatus and particle detector having a pump apparatus
07/13/17Method for operating a particle sensor
07/13/17User station for a bus increasing interference immunity in the area of electromagnetic compatibility for a user station
07/13/17Vehicle diagnostic device and data transmission device
07/13/17Valet parking method and system
07/13/17Carrier assembly for carrying and holding components for battery cells of a battery module, in particular for an electric vehicle
07/13/17Suppression of a dc component in a transformer of a voltage converter
07/13/17Method and device for operating a circuit arrangement, circuit arrangement
07/06/17Method for controlling an electric motor of a power tool
07/06/17Parked vehicle interior lifeform recognition
07/06/17Brake controlling a brake system
07/06/17Method for actuating a parking brake in a vehicle
07/06/17Device for determining steering wheel rotation information and determining steering wheel rotation information
07/06/17Movable joint
07/06/17Engine cooling dual fan system with ec and dc motors and operating
07/06/17Brake disk and producing a brake disk
07/06/17Method and device for assisting a driver
07/06/17Interactive map informational lens
07/06/17Methods and systems for configuring a device using a firmware configuration block
07/06/17Transmission unit with checking function
07/06/17Polymer electrolyte for a lithium sulfur cell
07/06/17Silicon particles having a cavity in the shape of a microorganism
07/06/17Metal oxide cathode
07/06/17Evaluating capacity fade in dual insertion batteries using potential and temperature measurements
07/06/17Metalized microphone lid with integrated wire bonding shelf
07/06/17Low closure force gasket
06/29/17Saw blade for oscillating tool or handheld tool
06/29/17Method for distributing a brake force, and braking device
06/29/17Torque reserve in a hybrid system
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06/29/17Sensing device, sensing system and steering system
06/29/17Small vehicle adjustable lift
06/29/17Vehicle lift adapter system
06/29/17Trapped membrane
06/29/17Getter device for a micromechanical component
06/29/17Fastening concept for the play-free mounting of adjustment drives in a motor vehicle
06/29/17Nozzle assembly for a fuel injector, and fuel injector
06/29/17Sensor for detecting a pressure of a fluid medium
06/29/17Sensor and producing a sensor
06/29/17Object recognition device
06/29/17Housing for a plurality of battery cells, comprising three main components
06/29/17Pressure equalization element having a membrane, housing, battery cell module, and motor vehicle
06/29/17Method for operating a rechargeable battery
06/29/17Protective layer system for a metallic lithium anode
06/29/17Housing for accommodation of a plurality of battery cells having a cooling device integrated in the housing
06/29/17Electric machine with commutating brushes
06/29/17Camera device with red halo reduction
06/29/17Method for generating a depth map using a camera
06/22/17Item of clothing comprising an electrical load and a sensor
06/22/17Film bag for a microfluidic analysis system, microfluidic analysis system, producing and operating a microfluidic analysis system
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06/22/17Transmission device
06/22/17Converter circuit
06/22/17Suction device for a portable power tool
06/22/17System having at least one power tool and having at least one mobile sensor device
06/22/17Method for making safe the use of at least one hand-held power tool
06/22/17Method for operating at least one hand-held power tool
06/22/17Method for dry production of a sliding layer
06/22/17Vacuuming-off device
06/22/17Protection a manipulation device on a handling device, as well as handling device
06/22/17Tire bead holding pliers
06/22/17Device and operating an inductive charging system
06/22/17System and detecting at least one replacement component of a device
06/22/17Occupant protection method and occupant protection device of a vehicle
06/22/17Method for operating a vehicle
06/22/17Motor module and abs hydraulic unit
06/22/17Method for adjusting the brake pedal counter force in a vehicle
06/22/17Method and device for monitoring or regulating a driving task transfer in an autonomous vehicle and system for a driving task transfer in an autonomous vehicle
06/22/17Packaging unit
06/22/17Adjustable universal adaptor for a lifting jack
06/22/17Scissor lift with hydraulic pulling cylinder
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06/22/17Fuel injection system and method
06/22/17Valve for metering a fluid
06/22/17Internal gear pump
06/22/17Valve piston, and slide valve having a valve piston
06/22/17Device and determining a relative deflection
06/22/17Sensor unit for a vehicle
06/22/17Device and determining a mass flow of a fluid, and producing such a device
06/22/17Use of a measuring appliance for examining fuel, oil and/or hydraulic fluid
06/22/17Sensor unit for a vehicle, and producing a sensor unit for a vehicle
06/22/17Wheel speed sensor
06/22/17Use of a measuring appliance for examining constituents of a human or animal body
06/22/17Radar sensor, corresponding operating method and vehicle
06/22/17Mobile function device
06/22/17Method and system for assisted emergency braking
06/22/17Electronic authorization device
06/22/17Method for video monitoring
06/22/17Method and device for creating a map
06/22/17Method for outputting a drowsiness warning and control unit
06/22/17Method and operating a driver assistance system, driver assistance system
06/22/17Battery cell having a metallic housing, and producing it, and battery
06/22/17Polymer electrolyte for a lithium sulfur cell
06/22/17Internal short detection and mitigation in batteries
06/22/17Device for receiving microwave radiation
06/22/17Spark plug having a seal made of an at least ternary alloy
06/22/17Discrete energy reservoir with diagnostics
06/22/17Method and device for transmitting software
06/22/17Mobile functional apparatus
06/22/17Hand-held tool system
06/22/17Optical detector
06/22/17Center-fixed mems microphone membrane
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06/22/17Doped substrate regions in mems microphones
06/22/17Mobile function device
06/22/17Configuring lighting electronics using database and mobile device
06/15/17Device and controlling the operation of a towed implement, which can be activated hydraulically, on a vehicle
06/15/17Method for determining drowsiness
06/15/17Method for the micro-structured application of a fluid or paste onto a surface
06/15/17Method and device for generating a signal representing an occupation of a vehicle seat, corresponding computer program, and machine-readable storage medium
06/15/17Brightness and color matching video from multiple-camera system
06/15/17Acceleration sensing of fast roll and slow roll for vehicle
06/15/17Pressure generating a braking system of a motor vehicle, hydraulic assemblage for interacting with the pressure generating apparatus, braking system, and installing a braking system for a motor vehicle
06/15/17Manufacturing a micromechanical pressure sensor device and corresponding micromechanical pressure sensor device
06/15/17Slide valve for a waste heat recovery system
06/15/17Method and device for ascertaining a gas-mass flow in a combustion engine
06/15/17Rotary power tool lighting system
06/15/17Method and determining the position of a vehicle
06/15/17Capacitive sensor for detecting a medium, and corresponding method
06/15/17Method for monitoring current sensors
06/15/17Method for operating a radar device for a motor vehicle
06/15/17Micromechanical device including a movable element having a laser disposed thereon
06/15/17Method and device for receiving data values and for operating a vehicle
06/15/17Method for transmitting, receiving and processing data values, and a transmission device and receiving device
06/15/17Embedded system
06/15/17Risk-based control of a motor vehicle
06/15/17Method and device for triggering pedestrian protection means and/or pedestrian warning means
06/15/17Battery cell, battery module and operating the same
06/15/17Method for generating a secret sequence of values in a device as a function of measured physical properties of a transmission channel
06/15/17Mount for an objective
06/15/17Method for generating a secret sequence of values in a device as a function of measured physical properties of a transmission channel
06/08/17Reciprocating tool with linear guides

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