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Robert Bosch Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Robert Bosch Gmbh. Robert Bosch Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Robert Bosch Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Robert Bosch Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Hand-held machine tool having an electronically commutated electric motor as direct drive
04/27/17 new patent  Drilling tool
04/27/17 new patent  Device for connecting a base vehicle electrical system to a, in particular, safety-relevant subsystem
04/27/17 new patent  Structures for reducing and preventing stress and tensions during processing of silicon with the aid of melting by a laser
04/27/17 new patent  Structures and process for preventing a projection of the laser resealing structure beyond the wafer surface
04/27/17 new patent  Structures for reducing and avoiding stresses on the seal bottom side during laser reseal
04/27/17 new patent  Laser resealing with stress-reducing prestructuring
04/27/17 new patent  Mems chip scale package
04/27/17 new patent  Method and diagnosing a water injection into a combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine
04/27/17 new patent  Method and device for actuating a reciprocating pump
04/27/17 new patent  Detector lens
04/27/17 new patent  Detector housing assembly
04/27/17 new patent  Method and circuit arrangement for determining the coulombic efficiency of battery modules
04/27/17 new patent  Method for finding the position of objects using an fmcw radar
04/27/17 new patent  Lens carrier, manufacturing a lens carrier, device for manufacturing a lens carrier, and camera system
04/27/17 new patent  Device and operating a vehicle
04/27/17 new patent  Controlling a motor vehicle
04/27/17 new patent  Method for detecting a malfunction of at least one sensor for controlling a restraining device of a vehicle, control apparatus and vehicle
04/27/17 new patent  Method for ascertaining a parking area of a street section
04/27/17 new patent  System and speech-enabled personalized operation of devices and services in multiple operating environments
04/27/17 new patent  Method for producing a dielectric field plate in a substrate trench, a corresponding substrate, and a power transistor
04/27/17 new patent  Arrangement of a plurality of galvanic elements stacked in a housing, and battery comprising such an arrangement of galvanic elements
04/27/17 new patent  Battery cell with partially flexible and moldable wall
04/27/17 new patent  Pin mount for battery module
04/27/17 new patent  Cathode material for a lithium/sulfur cell
04/20/17Blade and blade attachment system for an oscillating tool
04/20/17System at least comprising an electronically commutated electric motor of a defined construction size, and a rechargeable battery of at least one voltage class
04/20/17System for transmitting a piece of information to a subunit
04/20/17Method and device for disconnecting at least one ignition output stage for a squib of a pyrotechnic protection means for a vehicle
04/20/17Damping device and slip-controllable vehicle brake system
04/20/17Vehicle hydraulic brake booster system and method
04/20/17Sensor device for an electromechanical brake booster, and ascertaining a torque loss of an electromechanical brake booster of a braking system
04/20/17Apparatus for furnishing water and controlling an electric pump for furnishing water for injection into a combustion chamber of an engine
04/20/17Sensor assembly for ascertaining the path of a moved part
04/20/17Micromirror device and projection device
04/20/17Method for selecting an optimized trajectory
04/20/17Method and operating at least one partly or highly automated vehicle
04/20/17Method for transmitting information to a driver of a motor vehicle, and adaptive driver assistance system
04/20/17Detection, identification, and mitigation of lens contamination for vehicle mounted camera systems
04/20/17Method for analyzing a traffic situation in an area surrounding a vehicle
04/20/17Force generating assembly for a battery pack
04/20/17Filling device for filling battery devices with battery cells
04/20/17Method for operating an energy storage unit, battery management system for performing such a method and energy storage unit with such a battery management system
04/20/17Method and device for current sensing of small currents
04/20/17Electric machine and method, and use thereof
04/20/17Device and reducing switching losses in power transistors
04/20/17Method and device for conditioning a radio data signal for a broadcast receiver
04/20/17Method and authenticating a terminal device in a communication network
04/20/17Adaptive vacancy timer
04/13/17Straight cutting oscillating blade
04/13/17Suspension bushing service tool and use
04/13/17Cornering brake control
04/13/17Micromechanical component having two axes of oscillation and producing a micromechanical component
04/13/17Method and device for diagnosing a variable setting of a compression ratio in a reciprocating internal combustion engine
04/13/17Method and delay-free operation of a control device
04/13/17Method and functional monitoring functional monitoring of an variable setting of a cylinder compression in a reciprocating-piston internal combustion engine
04/13/17Method and updating a control device
04/13/17System and secure review of audit logs
04/13/17System and audio scene understanding of physical object sound sources
04/06/17Blind hole puller with interchangeable actuator
04/06/17Driver assistance adapting the illumination of control elements in motor vehicles
04/06/17Method and device for determining an impact location of an object on a vehicle
04/06/17Slip-controllable vehicle brake system
04/06/17Mems element including a stress decoupling structure and a component including such a mems element
04/06/17Braking device for a motor vehicle, and controlling the braking device
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04/06/17Pressure sensor and producing the pressure sensor
04/06/17Elastic bladder and battery cell assemblies including same
04/06/17Elastic plates and battery cell assemblies including same
04/06/17Elastic bellows and battery cell assemblies including same
03/30/17Device and regulating the operation of a hydraulically operated towing unit on a vehicle
03/30/17Hand-guided stroke-type saw having an untrue-running correction device, and correction of untrue running
03/30/17On-board electrical system isolating circuit for dc/dc converters, and isolating an on-board electrical system from a dc/dc converter
03/30/17Ground-preparation appliance device and operating a ground-preparation appliance device
03/30/17Control unit for a restraint system in a vehicle
03/30/17Damping device
03/30/17Microelectronic component arrangement and production a microelectronic component arrangement
03/30/17Device and processing a biological sample and analysis system for analyzing a biological specimen
03/30/17Method and device for operating a drive system for a motor vehicle including an acceleration monitoring system
03/30/17Electromagnetically actuatable gas valve, and increasing the seal of an electromagnetically actuatable gas valve
03/30/17Pump-regulator combination with power limitation
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03/30/17Linear travel measurement apparatus and measurement a compression travel of an electrically conductive spring and also a corresponding spring unit
03/30/17Linear travel measurement a compression travel of a telescopic spring unit, and corresponding telescopic spring unit
03/30/17Method for estimating an electrical capacitance of a secondary battery
03/30/17Vehicle lidar system
03/30/17Vehicle lidar system
03/30/17Method and device for operating a many-core system
03/30/17Dynamic task scheduler in a multi-core electronic control unit
03/30/17Method and device for generating an output data stream
03/30/17Method for redundant processing of data
03/30/17Method and device for checking calculation results in a system having multiple processing units
03/30/17Method and system for range search on encrypted data
03/30/17Methods and systems for operating a point device included in a system of point devices
03/30/17Symmetric hybrid supercapacitor and use of limnxfe1-xpo4 as electrode material for a hybrid supercapacitor
03/30/17Modulation the boost converter operating mode of a push-pull converter
03/30/17User station for a bus increasing the transmission capacity in a bus system
03/23/17Integrated circuit
03/23/17Securing a motor vehicle
03/23/17Abs hydraulic unit
03/23/17Abs hydraulic unit
03/23/17Method and device for ascertaining a state of drowsiness of a driver
03/23/17Method and device for operating a vehicle
03/23/17Interposer for mounting a vertically integrated hybrid component on a component carrier
03/23/17Micromechanical component
03/23/17Micromechanical layer system
03/23/17Method and device for establishing whether an error condition exists in a motor vehicle or not
03/23/17Cooling sleeve for a bearing and bearing including a cooling sleeve
03/23/17Control device for controlling a valve arrangement and controlling a safety arrangement comprising said control device and said valve arrangement
03/23/17Electronic module, for manufacturing an electronic module
03/23/17Trench based capacitive humidity sensor
03/23/17Method for detecting anomalies in a battery cell, and short-circuit sensor system
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03/23/17Lidar sensor including an optical filter
03/23/17Method for propagation time calibration of a lidar sensor
03/23/17Method for generating a unique package identifier based on physical properties of a package
03/23/17Packaging structured for authentication and measurement
03/23/17Electronic unit for a vehicle communication interface
03/23/17Battery unit comprising a plurality of electrochemical cells and battery module comprising a plurality of battery units
03/23/17Electrochemical cell and producing an electrochemical cell
03/23/17System, in particular for a motor vehicle or utility vehicle, and the same
03/23/17Method for operating intrinsically safe battery cells
03/23/17Electrical device and connection arrangement including an electrical device
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03/23/17Monitoring an inductive energy transmission - apparatus and method
03/23/17Method and aligning an armature shaft
03/23/17Electronic control module, in particular for gear mechanism control, with electrical components which are welded to press contacts
03/16/17Hydraulic block for a hydraulic assembly of a slip control system of a hydraulic vehicle brake system
03/16/17Electronic system, as well as manufacturing method, and device for manufacturing an electronic system
03/16/17Method for regulating a common-rail injector
03/16/17Decoupling element for a fuel injection device
03/16/17Air spring device for a vehicle
03/16/17Food packaging arrangement
03/16/17Multi-target laser distance meter
03/16/17Method and system for operating a motor vehicle
03/16/17Integrated circuit
03/16/17Method and device for determining whether there is an object in the surroundings of a motor vehicle inside a parking facility
03/16/17Method and device for determining whether a motor vehicle is instantaneously driven manually or automatically
03/16/17Insulating of adjacent lithium-ion batteries by complete overmoulding/pouring of containers in a device
03/16/17Electric machine comprising a pole housing
03/16/17Method for changing an operating state of an electric machine and device for changing the operating state of an electric machine
03/16/17Method for operating a primary unit
03/16/17Oscillator, transmission/reception device for a bus generating a clock frequency using the oscillator
03/16/17System and transmitting camera-based parameters without a dedicated back channel
03/09/17Control device and traction control for an electric drive system
03/09/17Device for controlling a volumetric flow rate of a medium stored under pressure in order to activate an impact protection device, and device for activating an impact protection device
03/09/17Driver assistance system with reduced activation time
03/09/17Method and device for detecting at least one sensor malfunction of at least one first sensor of at least one first vehicle
03/09/17Distributor valve assembly
03/09/17Method for detecting objects on a parking area
03/09/17Asymmetric hybrid supercapacitor
03/09/17Hybrid supercapacitor
03/09/17Direct current energy source and electrical consumer
03/09/17Commutation cell
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03/09/17Hybrid storage system
03/09/17Hybrid storage system
03/09/17Method and device for controlling an electric motor
03/09/17Electric drive system
03/09/17Electric drive system
03/09/17User station for a bus improving the transmission quality in a bus system
03/09/17Elimination of 3d parasitic effects on microphone power supply rejection
03/09/17Low-power wake-up mechanism for wireless devices
03/02/17Sanding plate of a hand-guided electric power tool, and electric power tool system
03/02/17Inductively charging an electric vehicle
03/02/17Method for operating a reagent metering system, device for carrying out the method, computer program and computer program product
03/02/17Method and device for operating an electrically operable compressor of a supercharger
03/02/17Method and device for operating a drive system including an internal combustion engine
03/02/17Method and device for operating a drive system for a motor vehicle
03/02/17Gaseous fuel, egr and air mixing device and insert
03/02/17Hydrostatic axial piston machine
03/02/17Supply system, in particular for gear mechanisms and generators
03/02/17Method for manufacturing a mems element
03/02/17Combination electrode for drive, drive detection, coriolis detection, and quadrature compensation
03/02/17Object recognition device
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03/02/17Pivot a micromirror, and illumination apparatus having a pivot a micromirror
03/02/17Capacitor, in particular an intermediate circuit capacitor for a multi-phase system
03/02/17Contact element
03/02/17User station for a bus reducing line-conducted emissions in a bus system
03/02/17Method for operating a gateway
03/02/17Security monitor for a vehicle
02/23/17Dynamic camera view to aid with trailer attachment
02/23/17Method and system for vehicle rollover engine protection, emergency call and location services
02/23/17Spectroscopic sensor device and operating a spectroscopic sensor device
02/23/17Micromechanical structure for an acceleration sensor
02/23/173d laser scanner
02/23/17Mirror system and projection device
02/23/17Assembly body for micromirror chips, mirror device and production a mirror device
02/23/17Forming a logical microcontroller from at least two physical microcontrollers on a common semiconductor substrate
02/23/17Method for diagnosing a state in a vehicle, and diagnostic testing device
02/23/17Battery pack
02/23/17Galvanic element and the production thereof
02/23/17A graphene/he-ncm composite for lithium ion battery, a preparing said composite, and an electrode material and a lithium ion battery comprising said composite
02/23/17Protection an electrical load, voltage converter comprising a protection apparatus, and protecting an electrical load
02/23/17Dc-dc voltage converter
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02/23/17Multiple aperture device for low-frequency line arrays
02/16/17Method for setting at least one parameter of a handheld power tool
02/16/17Method and device for validating an information item regarding a wrong-way driver
02/16/17Slip-controllable vehicle brake system
02/16/17Method and operating a vehicle
02/16/17Device and infeeding products
02/16/17Monolithic cmos-mems microphones and manufacturing
02/16/17Method and purifying biological molecules
02/16/17Determining the conversion efficiency of an exhaust gas catalytic converter
02/16/17Fuzzy control of an internal combustion engine
02/16/17System and injecting oil into an air conditioning circuit
02/16/17Method and device for ascertaining an insulation resistance, and high voltage battery system having a device of this type
02/16/17Method for calibrating a mimo radar sensor for motor vehicles
02/16/17Interactive menu
02/16/17Device and processing user-specific data from a vehicle
02/16/17Method and device for determining whether an error condition is present or not in a motor vehicle
02/16/17Antenna device for a vehicle
02/16/17Transmission system, inductively charging an electrically driven vehicle, and vehicle assembly
02/16/17Control device for an electric motor, vehicle and method
02/16/17Method for generating a secret or a key in a network
02/16/17Method for generating a secret between users of a network, and users of the network which are configured for this purpose
02/16/17Method and device for transmitting a message in a vehicle
02/16/17Mems microphone package
02/16/17System and all electrical noise testing of mems microphones in production
02/16/17Low-cost testing the signal-to-noise ratio of mems microphones
02/09/17Method for operating a hand-held power tool, hand-held power tool
02/09/17Power transmission device and vehicle electrical system
02/09/17Method and device for ascertaining an inner resistance of a supply network for supplying energy to an occupant protection system of a vehicle
02/09/17Device for detecting a parameter of a gas, operating such a device, and measuring system for determining a parameter of a gas
02/09/17Method and device for guiding a vehicle
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02/09/17System and detecting a particular occupancy status of multiple parking positions of a parking facility
02/09/17Dynamic regulation of an electric output
02/02/17Actuator system for self-driving vehicles
02/02/17Method for automatic adjustment of the steering angle in a steering system of a vehicle
02/02/17Method for ascertaining the charging of a store for hydrocarbons
02/02/17Method for processing sensor signals
02/02/17Valve for metering a fluid
02/02/17Method for manufacturing injection openings and fuel injector having such injection openings
02/02/17Rotation/translation converter gear unit
02/02/17Method for ascertaining a position of a rotor of an electrical machine
02/02/17Device and determining a mass flow of a fluid, and producing such a device
02/02/17Sensor element for acquiring at least one property of a measuremnt gas in a measurement gas compartment, and the production thereof
02/02/17Sensor element for detecting at least one property of a measured gas in a measured gas chamber, and manufacturing the same
02/02/17Method and determining a constant current limit value
02/02/17Set-up for measuring a rotational speed, in particular, of a turbocharger of a motor vehicle
02/02/17Method and device for communication between virtual machines
02/02/17Method and device for securing the application programming interface of a hypervisor
02/02/17Method and device for updating a virtual machine operated on a physical machine under a hypervisor
02/02/17Method and device for operating changing guest systems under a hypervisor
02/02/17Method and device for the on-board diagnosis of a control unit including a hypervisor and at least one guest system operated under the hypervisor
02/02/17Method and device for estimating a direction of a view of a vehicle occupant, for determining a head movement gain parameter specific for a vehicle occupant, and for estimating the direction of view of a vehicle occupant
02/02/17Method for producing an electrode of a lithium-ion battery
02/02/17Long cycle-life lithium sulfur solid state electrochemical cell
02/02/17Method and device for increasing the safety during the use of battery systems
02/02/17Capacity estimation in a secondary battery
02/02/17Ultrasonic transducer
01/26/17Network of internet connected automated external defibrillators
01/26/17Dual axis hook assembly for a power tool

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