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Robert Bosch Gmbh patents

Recent patent applications related to Robert Bosch Gmbh. Robert Bosch Gmbh is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Robert Bosch Gmbh may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Robert Bosch Gmbh, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Dc/dc converter, battery energy management system and hybrid vehicle
10/19/17 new patent  Battery system with a battery, which is designed to supply a high-voltage network with electric energy, and a measuring device for measuring at least one insulation resistance of the battery
10/19/17 new patent  Fixing device for a line in a vehicle
10/19/17 new patent  Vehicle electrical system
10/19/17 new patent  Braking device for a motor vehicle, and controlling the braking device
10/19/17 new patent  Regional adjustment for driver assistance functions
10/19/17 new patent  Autonomous driving system for a vehicle and performing the operation
10/19/17 new patent  Method and device for assisting a driver of a vehicle when driving onto a carriageway via an approach road
10/19/17 new patent  Method and device for operating a vehicle
10/19/17 new patent  Epi-poly etch stop for out of plane spacer defined electrode
10/19/17 new patent  Corrugated package for microelectromechanical system (mems) device
10/19/17 new patent  Bypass valve and expander unit having a bypass valve
10/19/17 new patent  Housing component with a hydraulic line and the manufacture thereof
10/19/17 new patent  Method for controlling the function of a sensor for detecting particles
10/19/17 new patent  Sensor element for thermal anemometry
10/19/17 new patent  Method for foreign object detection for an induction charging device and induction charging device
10/19/17 new patent  Assembly workstation comprising position determination device
10/19/17 new patent  Method for loading a vehicle
10/19/17 new patent  Direct memory access control device for at least one computing unit having a working memory
10/19/17 new patent  Method and system for verifiable searchable symmetric encryption
10/19/17 new patent  Camera device for the exterior region of a building
10/19/17 new patent  Electric actuator with pre-heating
10/19/17 new patent  Smart dc microgrid parking structures using power line communications
10/19/17 new patent  Method for foreign object detection for an induction charging device and induction charging device
10/19/17 new patent  Control device for an electric machine, a vehicle, and a method
10/19/17 new patent  Camera device for the exterior region of a building
10/19/17 new patent  Microphone package with molded spacer
10/19/17 new patent  Method and device for communicating between a parking facility management system and a motor vehicle
10/12/17Portable machine tool comprising an sds tool holder
10/12/17Method and operating a vehicle
10/12/17Piston pump
10/12/17Electronically slip-controlled vehicle brake system
10/12/17Three-way valve
10/12/17Hydrostatic axial piston machine
10/12/17Pump unit
10/12/17Hydrostatic traction drive and vehicle with such a hydrostatic traction drive
10/12/17Valve armature for a solenoid valve, and corresponding solenoid valve
10/12/17Gate valve
10/12/17Sensor arrangement for the contactless sensing of angles of rotation on a rotating part
10/12/17Method and assigning control instructions in a vehicle, and vehicle
10/05/17Hand-held cutting tool
10/05/17Clamping apparatus with control mechanism for spring-actuated lever
10/05/17Drive device for a motor vehicle, motor vehicle
10/05/17Method and control device for operating a vehicle brake system equipped with an electrohydraulic brake booster device
10/05/17Micromechanical component having integrated passive electronic components and its production
10/05/17Method and device for controlling an internal combustion engine
10/05/17Ignition checking electrodes of a spark plug of an internal combustion engine
10/05/17Method and control device for measuring a load on a rotor blade of a wind power plant
10/05/17Method and device for detecting at least a portion of the measuring gas component containing bound oxygen in a gas mixture
10/05/17Method for furnishing a warning signal, and generating a pre-microsleep pattern for detection of an impending microsleep event for a vehicle
10/05/17Method and device for monitoring a traffic space
10/05/17Method and control unit for monitoring the lane of a vehicle
10/05/17Plug housing for a sensor device and plug module
10/05/17Battery management system with multiple observers
10/05/17Method for serially transmitting a frame from a transmitter to at least one receiver by means of a bus system, and a subscriber station for a bus system
10/05/17Method for serially transmitting a frame from a transmitter to at least one receiver via a bus system, and a subscriber station for a bus system
10/05/17Imager module for a vehicle camera and the manufacture thereof
09/28/17Atomic layer deposition layer for a microelectromechanical system (mems) device
09/28/17Variable displacement axial piston pump with fluid controlled swash plate
09/28/17Method and monitoring automatic parking of a vehicle
09/28/17Clamping device for battery cells as well as battery module, battery, battery system, vehicle and producing a battery module
09/28/17Thermal insulation of a battery having an elevated operating temperature
09/28/17Wound electrode assembly for an electrochemical cell, and methods and devices for manufacture of same
09/28/17Electrical machine and producing an electrical machine
09/28/17Microphone system with driven electrodes
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09/28/17In-plane overtravel stops for mems microphone
09/28/17Circuit board with a heat-conducting element
09/21/17Control device for a regenerative braking operating a regenerative braking system
09/21/17A vehicle battery system with a plurality of straps
09/21/17A sensor device for a braking system equipped with an electromechanical brake booster and a ascertaining a braking request specification to a braking system equipped with an electromechanical brake booster
09/21/17Method and device for preventing a fall of a bicyclist
09/21/17Method and unit for operating a fuel metering system in an internal combustion engine
09/21/17Fuel pump with improved delivery properties
09/21/17High-pressure fuel pump comprising a piston
09/21/17Gear pump for a waste heat recovery system
09/21/17Bearing device
09/21/17Method and device for monitoring a system of a vehicle which provides an at least partially automated driving function
09/21/17Method and device for operating a control unit
09/21/17Method and device for determining statistical properties of raw measured values
09/21/17Method for detecting a soiling of an optical component of a driving environment sensor used to capture a field surrounding a vehicle; automatically training a classifier; and a detection system
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09/21/17Identification and test support device and method
09/21/17Trench-based diode and manufacturing such a diode
09/21/17Composite anode for a galvanic cell and a galvanic cell
09/21/17Intrinsically safe bleed-down circuit and control strategy for fuel cell systems
09/21/17Contact element
09/21/17Method for connecting multiple battery cells of a battery and battery system having a battery with multiple battery cells and multiple battery-cell-monitoring modules which are respectively assigned to a battery cell
09/21/17Method and device for controlling power semiconductor switches connected in parallel
09/21/17Projector and projecting an image pixel by pixel
09/14/17Handheld tool case
09/14/17Method and device for detecting a direct-current fault current
09/14/17Transmission coil for the inductive transfer of energy
09/14/17Method and system for protecting a contactless charging/discharging process of a battery-operated object, in particular an electric vehicle
09/14/17Method and device for operating a motor vehicle, motor vehicle
09/14/17Sensor device and carrying out or reinforcing an autonomous build-up of brake pressure in a brake system by means of an active brake booster
09/14/17Piston assembly for a pressure-generating device of a braking system of a motor vehicle
09/14/17Method for avoiding a rear-end collision between a first vehicle and a second vehicle and control unit
09/14/17Method and device for determining the cross slope of a roadway
09/14/17Adaptive cruise control system for motor vehicles
09/14/17Reciprocating pump
09/14/17Nozzle needle for a fuel injection device, and fuel injection device
09/14/17Method and system for ascertaining the pose of a vehicle
09/14/17Sensor arrangement for determining at least one parameter of a fluid medium flowing through a measuring channel
09/14/17Method for determining angle errors and light-emitting device
09/14/17Hand-held measuring device having an nmr sensor and the operation thereof
09/14/17Hand-held measuring the operation thereof
09/14/17Device for ascertaining a misalignment of a detection unit fastened on a vehicle
09/14/17Monitoring of a processing system
09/14/17Method for serially transmitting a frame from a transmitter to at least one receiver and participants of a bus system via a bus system
09/14/17Information system for a motor vehicle
09/14/17Battery pack
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09/14/17Cooling plate for an electrical energy storage element
09/14/17User station for a bus the wideband can communication
09/14/17Driver monitoring system in a motor vehicle
09/14/17Controlling mechanical properties of a mems microphone with capacitive and piezoelectric electrodes
09/14/17Unit arrangement with a 19-inch frame
09/07/17Mass-coupling arrangement for a vehicle
09/07/17Charging/discharging station, in particular for a battery-operated vehicle
09/07/17Valve assembly for a pressure change damper for a braking-force-regulated, hydraulic vehicle brake system, hydraulic block for a vehicle brake system of said type, and vehicle brake system having a hydraulic block of said type
09/07/17Brake booster for a braking system of a vehicle
09/07/17Regulator for underwater breathing apparatus
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09/07/17Waste-heat utilization assembly of an internal combustion engine and operating a waste-heat utilization assembly
09/07/17Test procedure for high-pressure pumps
09/07/17Hydrostatic drive
09/07/17Piston pump having a region having a non-magnetic material in the magnetic circuit
09/07/17Method and device for operating a vehicle and a parking facility respectively
09/07/17Test methodology to reduce false rejections and increase number of containers tested for tightness
09/07/17Method for ascertaining an internal resistance of an electrical energy accumulator
09/07/17Inductive energy transmission system
09/07/17Battery pack
09/07/17Lithium sulfur cell with dopant
09/07/17Method for solderless electrical press-in contacting of electrically conductive press-in pins in circuit boards
09/07/17Ceramic spark plug insulator, spark plug, and use of a glaze on a spark plug insulator
09/07/17Optimal torque ripple reduction through current shaping
09/07/17Device and providing a signal having an adjustable pulse duty factor
09/07/17Capacitive sensor
09/07/17Device for controlling person-protecting means and producing a device for controlling person-protecting means
08/31/17Mems component
08/31/17Method for operating an exhaust gas aftertreatment system of a motor vehicle
08/31/17Method for the diagnosis of an exhaust gas aftertreatment system for an internal combustion engine
08/31/17Safety garment
08/31/17Sensor element for detecting at least one property of a measuring gas in a measuring gas space, containing a ground, impregnated slip layer
08/31/17Method for operating a micromechanical z-accelerometer
08/31/17Device for ascertaining operating data for a radar sensor
08/31/17Method and device for localizing a vehicle in its surroundings
08/31/17Method for operating a microprocessor
08/31/17Hybrid supercapacitor
08/31/17Aqueous electrolyte, use of the electrolyte and hybrid supercapacitor containing the electrolyte
08/31/17Electric power tool
08/31/17Method and device for ascertaining an image of the surroundings of a vehicle
08/24/17Impact driver having an impact mechanism
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08/24/17Wiper blade device
08/24/17Braking a motor vehicle and control device for a braking method
08/24/17Method for operating a driver assistance function
08/24/17Method and device for ascertaining the steering angle of a one-track vehicle
08/24/17Coaxially situated friction-ring gear unit for a vehicle that is able to be operated using motor power and/or pedaling power
08/24/17Fuel pump module with replaceable filter unit
08/24/17A device and method to define and identify absolute mechanical position for a rotating element
08/24/17Method for operating a battery system, and battery management system
08/24/17Controller for controlling a micromechanical actuator, in particular a micromirror, control system, micromirror system, and controlling a micromechanical actuator
08/24/17Method and device for operating an automated motor vehicle
08/24/17Method and device for interpreting a surrounding environment of a vehicle, and vehicle
08/24/17Coil assembly for inductive energy transmission, inductive energy-transmission device, and manufacturing a coil assembly for inductive energy transmission
08/24/17Storage system
08/24/17Fluid-cooled housing for an electrical machine
08/24/17Multi-layer composite backplate for micromechanical microphone
08/24/17Absolute sensitivity of a mems microphone with capacitive and piezoelectric electrodes
08/17/17Electric drive operating an electric machine for an electric vehicle
08/17/17Control of a secondary battery with battery cells which can be connected in series with one another
08/17/17Method and device for operating a vehicle and a parking lot
08/17/17Vehicle collision energy absorbance with magnetorheological or electrorheological material
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08/17/17Fin ray wiper
08/17/17Method and device for operating a vehicle
08/17/17Solenoid valve for a vehicle braking system
08/17/17System and method to predict calibration values based on existing calibrations
08/17/17Hydrostatic drive
08/17/17Subscriber station for a bus system, and checking the correctness of a message
08/17/17Barometric pressure to reduce security false alarms
08/17/17Sensor apparatus, ascertaining a parking position, and creating a digital parking area map
08/17/17Electronic component having a connection element
08/17/17Frame device for accommodating storage cells of an energy storage module
08/17/17Receptacle for a battery module, and battery module having a receptacle of this kind
08/17/17Method for producing a prismatic battery cell
08/17/17Method for monitoring a parking facility for motor vehicles, and drone
08/17/17Method for identifying objects, in particular three-dimensional objects
08/17/17Integrated self-test for electro-mechanical capacitive sensors
08/10/17Reagent pre-storage having defined extraction
08/10/17Information providing device and program for motorcycle
08/10/17Fin ray wiper having a clamping device
08/10/17Apparatus for transporting a container relative to a filling station
08/10/17Conveying arrangement
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08/10/17Micromechanical structure
08/10/17Electrochemically active agents for ph modulation in biological buffers
08/10/17Electrohydraulic system for use under water, and process valve having an electrohydraulic system of said type
08/10/17Hydraulic drive device with load-dependent pressure distributor
08/10/17Sensor device for ascertaining at least one rotation characteristic of a rotating element
08/10/17Gas sensor
08/10/17Method and control unit for setting an activation signal for activating at least one safety device of a vehicle
08/10/17Hybrid supercapacitor
08/10/17Battery retaining device for securing a vehicle battery to a vehicle body of a vehicle
08/10/17Electrode for a battery cell and battery cell
08/10/17Superhydrophobic, nanostructured protective layer for rechargeable lithium battery cells having a metal lithium anode
08/10/17Primary unit and operating method therefor
08/10/17User station for a communication high-data rate can-based communication
08/10/17Sensor module with at least one interface
08/10/17Mems loudspeaker device and corresponding manufacturing method
08/03/17Method and recognizing fatigue affecting a driver
08/03/17Capsule filling machine
08/03/17Active accelerator pedal comprising a worm gear
08/03/17Wheel stability control based on the moment of an electrical motor
08/03/17Power switch, battery operating a power switch
08/03/17Holder for fastening a unit, in particular a pump, to a motor vehicle
08/03/17Fastening arrangement for fin ray wiper
08/03/17Quick connecting device for fin ray wiper
08/03/17Braking mechanism for a motor vehicle, and controlling the braking mechanism when different force components are combined
08/03/17Diesel exhaust fluid delivery system with pressure control
08/03/17Method for determining an ammonia mass flow
08/03/17Valve and producing a valve
08/03/17Fuel injection valve and fuel injection system
08/03/17Winding plan for a transformer of a step-up converter and ignition system for supplying a spark gap of an internal combustion engine with electrical power
08/03/17Device and system for the pressurization of a fluid, and corresponding use
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08/03/17Handheld power tool gearbox unit
08/03/17Valve rotor for a solenoid valve, and valve cartridge for a solenoid valve
08/03/17Sensor for determining at least one rotation characteristic of a rotating element
08/03/17Method and device for providing a computer program
08/03/17Device and detecting a curbstone in an environment of a vehicle and system for curbstone control for a vehicle
08/03/17Method and device for measuring a system to be tested
08/03/17Method and device for sealing an electrochemical cell
08/03/17Device for anisotropically etching a substrate, and operating a device for anisotropically etching a substrate
08/03/17Fuel cell device
08/03/17Separator comprising force-locked particles
08/03/17Secondary battery management
08/03/17Secondary battery management system
08/03/17Secondary battery management system
07/27/17Battery system, and operating said battery system
07/27/17Wiper arm arrangement
07/27/17Windscreen wiper device
07/27/17Safety coupling for fin ray wiper
07/27/17Quick fastening for fin ray wipers
07/27/17Fastening device for a windscreen wiping device
07/27/17Brake hydraulic pressure unit
07/27/17Method for operating a brake device, and control unit
07/27/17Dynamic stuck switch monitoring
07/27/17Ignition controlling an ignition system for a spark-ignited internal combustion engine
07/27/17Press on heat/splash and engine cooling fan assembly having same
07/27/17Semiconductor sensor for gas concentration
07/27/17Automotive radar alignment
07/27/17Method and localizing a motor vehicle
07/27/17Method and system for ascertaining data for an autonomous driving operation of a motor vehicle
07/27/17Method and device for monitoring and controlling quasi-parallel execution threads in an event-oriented operating system

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