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Rockwell Automation Technologies Inc
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Rockwell Automation Technologies Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Rockwell Automation Technologies Inc. Rockwell Automation Technologies Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Rockwell Automation Technologies Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Rockwell Automation Technologies Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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03/16/17Industrial automation packaged power solution for intelligent motor control and intelligent switchgear with energy management
03/02/17Modular illuminator for extremely wide field of view
03/02/17Modular lens for extremely wide field of view
03/02/17Augmentable and spatially manipulable 3d modeling
03/02/17Cable clamping system for strain relief and grounding
03/02/17Method for tuning a motor drive using frequency response
02/16/17Single action din rail latch
02/09/17Method for consistent storage of data in an industrial controller
02/09/17Auxiliary commutated silicon-controlled rectifier circuit methods and systems
01/26/17Snapshot management architecture for process control operator training system lifecycle
01/26/17Active front end power converter with boost mode derating to protect filter inductor
01/19/17Cloud-based operator interface for industrial automation
01/19/17Remote industrial monitoring using a cloud infrastructure
01/12/17Electronic operator interface based controller and device automatic downloads
12/22/16Enhanced wake activation response speeds for industrial control systems
12/22/16Electronic trapped keys
12/22/16Active report of event and data
12/22/16Network security module for ethernet-receiving industrial control devices
12/08/16Security system for industrial control infrastructure
12/08/16Security system for industrial control infrastructure using dynamic signatures
12/08/16Active response security system for industrial control infrastructure
12/08/16Rapid configuration security system for industrial control infrastructure
12/01/16Data collection for assistance in an industrial automation environment
12/01/16Responsive user interface for an industrial environment
12/01/16Presentation of tasks to a user
12/01/16Device-to-device communication in an industrial automation environment
12/01/16Offline investigation in an industrial automation environment
12/01/16Secondary security authority
12/01/16Custom security policies for multiple objects
12/01/16One time use password for temporary privilege escalation in a role-based access control (rbac) system
11/24/16Multiple deployment of applications with multiple configurations in an industrial automation environment
11/24/16Method and bypassing cascaded h-bridge (chb) power cells and power sub cell for multilevel inverter
11/17/16Cable clamping system for strain relief and grounding
11/17/16Method and increasing current capacity of a distributed drive system
11/17/16Sparse matrix multilevel actively clamped power converter
11/10/16Multipole electromechanical switching device
11/10/16System and method to capture and document cross-product compatibility status information for industrial devices
11/10/16System and methodology providing automation security analysis and network intrusion protection in an industrial environment
11/10/16Industrial data analytics in a cloud platform
11/03/16Offline access control for an application
11/03/16Transformation of industrial data into useful cloud information
10/27/16Predective emissions monitor systems and methods
10/27/16Safety automation builder
10/20/16Recognition-based industrial automation control with person and object discrimination
10/20/16Machine procedure simulation
10/13/16Smart taps for a single-wire industrial safety system
10/13/16Portable human-machine interface device
10/06/16Single-wire industrial safety system with safety device diagnostic communication
10/06/16Method and scrambling a high speed data transmission
10/06/16Layered map presentation for industrial data
10/06/16Low-power dissipation input circuit
10/06/16Method and system for data aggregation in an industrial communication protocol
09/29/16Systems and methods for electronically tracking a status of industrial equipment
09/29/16Systems and methods for enhancing monitoring of an industrial automation system
09/29/16Systems and methods for virtually assessing an industrial automation system
09/29/16Systems and methods for recommending components for an industrial system
09/29/16Systems and methods for assessing a quality of an industrial enterprise
09/29/16Systems and methods for maintaining equipment in an industrial automation environment
09/29/16Method and system for defining slot addresses
09/29/16Systems and methods for a multi-purpose sensing device for industrial automation equipment
09/29/16Systems and methods for assessing a facility based on audio/visual delta analysis
09/29/16Systems and methods for presenting an augmented reality
09/29/16Systems and methods for virtually tagging and securing industrial equipment
09/29/16Systems and methods integrating multiple pieces of industrial equipment
09/29/16Systems and methods for exchanging information between devices in an industrial automation environment
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09/22/16Cloud-based industrial controller
09/22/16Modeling of an industrial automation environment in the cloud
09/22/16Cloud-based analytics for industrial automation
09/22/16Backup of an industrial automation plant in the cloud
09/22/16System and determining sensor margins and/or diagnostic information for a sensor
09/22/16Firewall industrial systems
09/15/16Pulsed based sensing
09/15/16Application-based power consumption optimization for sensing devices
09/15/16Industrial control system with integrated circuit elements partitioned for functional safety and employing watchdog timing circuits
09/15/16In-context user feedback probe
09/08/16Cooling fan kit
09/08/16Safety relay configuration editor
09/08/16Single action din rail latch
09/01/16Industrial automation control system content protection
09/01/16Inverter phase current reconstruction apparatus and methods
Patent Packs
08/25/16Techniques for improving industrial control systems
08/25/16Motor drive system data interface system and method
08/25/16Smart device for industrial automation
08/25/16Motor drive with lcl filter inductor with built-in passive damping resistor for afe rectifier
08/25/16Rotor position estimation apparatus and methods
08/04/16Content management
07/28/16Flexible security control environment
07/28/16Technique for reducing cogging in closed track linear motors
07/28/16Method and speed reversal control of motor drive
07/21/16Modular stack light with central connectors
07/21/16Modular multilevel converter and charging circuit therefor
07/14/16Precharging apparatus and power converter
06/23/16Diagnostics and enhanced functionality for single-wire safety communication
06/23/16Light curtain sensitivity optimization
06/23/16Systems and methods for asynchronous searching and filtering of data
06/23/16Industrial automation visualization dashboard creation paradigm
06/23/16Predictive analysis having data source integration for industrial automation
06/23/16Cloud-based emulation and modeling for automation systems
06/16/16Online integration of model-based optimization and model-less control
06/16/16Secure models for model-based control and optimization
06/16/16Ac drive scr and relay precharging apparatus
06/16/16Sensorless motor drive vector control with feedback compensation for filter capacitor current
06/16/16Sensorless motor drive vector control
06/09/16Linear drive transport system and method
06/09/16P&id and control system synchronization
06/09/16Controlled motion system having end teeth to facilitate the formation of a magnetic flux bridge joining linear motor sections
05/26/16Time-stamping and synchronization for single-wire safety communication
05/26/16Capture of power quality information at the time a device fails
05/26/16Inferred energy usage and multiple levels of energy usage
05/26/16Implementing engineering unit conversions associated with control devices
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05/26/16Energy usage auto-baseline for diagnostics and prognostics
05/26/16Quantifying operating strategy energy usage
05/26/16Event generation management for an industrial controller
05/26/16Firewall with application packet classifier
05/19/16Configurable safety logic solver
05/19/16Power structure diagnostic improved motor drive diagnostic coverage
05/12/16Wellness monitoring of electromagnetic switching devices
05/12/16Control system database systems and methods
05/12/16Crawler for discovering control system data in an industrial automation environment
05/12/16Dynamic search engine for an industrial environment
Patent Packs
05/12/16Operator coil parameter based electromagnetic switching
05/12/16Intelligent timed electromagnetic switching
05/12/16Temperature-based electromagnetic switching
05/12/16Single-pole, single current path switching system and method
05/12/16Single-pole, single current path switching system and method
05/12/16Wear-balanced electromagnetic motor control switching
05/12/16Electromagnetic switch interlock system and method
05/12/16Detection of electric motor short circuits
05/12/165-pole based wye-delta motor starting system and method
05/12/16Synchronized reapplication of power for driving an electric motor
05/12/16Torque-based stepwise motor starting
05/12/166-pole based wye-delta motor starting system and method
05/12/16Modular multiple single-pole electromagnetic switching system and method
05/12/16Cleaning and motor heating electromagnetic motor control switching
05/05/16Adjustable pwm method to increase low speed starting torque and inverter voltage measurement accuracy
05/05/16System for analyzing an industrial control network
04/28/16Methods and mitigating arc flash incident energy in motor control devices
04/21/16Custom properties in an application environment
04/21/16Power cell bypass multilevel inverter
04/21/16Remote industrial monitoring and analytics using a cloud infrastructure
04/14/16Auxiliary light source associated with an industrial application
04/14/16Apparatus and analyzing a control network
04/07/16Virtual design engineering
04/07/16Sizing and selection closer to the executing environment
04/07/16Transparency augmented industrial automation display
04/07/16Configuration management of industrial data
03/24/16Wireless push button assembly for industrial automation environments
03/10/16Thermal well for transformer and methods
03/10/16Integration of optical area monitoring with industrial machine control
03/03/16Intelligent device-configurable icons
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03/03/16Intelligent device-configurable icons
03/03/16Motor drive with integrated server module
02/25/16Inductive sensing systems and methods based on multiple frequencies
02/25/16Transition scheme for position sensorless control of ac motor drives
02/11/16System and ventilating and isolating electrical equipment
02/04/16Automated operator interface generation in a control system
02/04/16Internet protocol addressing of devices employing the network ring topology
01/28/16User configurable terminals for an input module of an industrial controller
01/21/16Drive performance measurement
01/21/16Empirical modeling with globally enforced general constraints
01/14/16Integrated optimization and control for production plants
01/14/16Systems and methods for aligning a ground stab
01/14/16Lcl filter resonance mitigation technique for voltage source converters
01/07/16System and incremental encoder loss detection
01/07/16Methods and power conversion system control apparatus to control igbt junction temperature at low speed
12/31/15Coil architecture for inductive sensors
12/31/15Systems and methods for a fused motor load ground
12/31/15Phase lock loop with cascade tracking filters for synchronizing an electric grid
12/24/15Photoelectric sensor with tone modulation
12/24/15System and an extended web of trust
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12/24/15System and autonomous dynamic provisioning
12/17/15Systems and methods for incorporating proxy components into an industrial automation system
12/17/15Systems and methods for designing an industrial automation system
12/17/15Digital rights management system and method
12/17/15Systems and methods for adapting a user interface based on a profile
12/10/15Filter capacitor degradation identification using measured and expected voltage
12/10/15Apparatus and automatic ground fault location determination in high resistance grounded motor drive system
12/10/15Pld editor and editing pld code
12/10/15Systems and methods for scaling visualizations
12/03/15Input/output devices having reconfigurable functionality
12/03/15System and identifying connections in an industrial enclosure
11/26/15Industrial controller automation interface
11/26/15Industrial automation service templates for provisioning of cloud services
11/19/15Power quality event localization by multiple indexes
11/19/15Waveform reconstruction in a time-of-flight sensor
11/19/15Optical area monitoring with spot matrix illumination
11/19/15Integration of optical area monitoring with industrial machine control
11/19/15Quasi variable frequency motor controller
11/19/15Quasi vector motor controller
11/19/15Optical safety monitoring with selective pixel array analysis
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11/12/15Method and apparatus to track changes in an industrial controller
11/12/15Methods for firmware signature
11/05/15Systems and methods for industrial automation device awareness
11/05/15Systems and methods for adjusting operations of an industrial automation system based on multiple data sources
11/05/15Systems and methods for operating industrial automation devices based on hierarchical level awareness
11/05/15Systems and methods for balancing loads in an industrial automation system
11/05/15Systems and methods for broadcasting data and data tags associated with an industrial automation system
11/05/15Mobile computing application for industrial automation manufacturing data
11/05/15Motor drive with silicon carbide mosfet switches
10/29/15Calculating line-to-neutral voltages without a connection to a system neutral or earth ground
10/15/15System and continuous enzyme addition to a fermentation process
10/08/15System for generating or modifying cams
10/08/15Industrial-enabled mobile device
10/08/15System and detection of motor vibration
10/01/15Cloud-level analytics for boiler networks
10/01/15Thermocouple module with wire resistance compensation
10/01/15Cloud-level control loop tuning analytics
10/01/15Component factory for human-machine interface migration to a cloud platform
10/01/15Multiple controllers configuration management interface for system connectivity
10/01/15Radiation heat transfer of internal motor components by electro-magnetic waves
10/01/15Device authentication to facilitate secure cloud management of industrial data
10/01/15Cloud manifest configuration management system
10/01/15On-premise data collection and ingestion using industrial cloud agents
10/01/15Unified data ingestion adapter for migration of industrial data to a cloud platform
10/01/15Cloud-based global alarm annunciation system for industrial systems
09/24/15Generation and publication of shared tagsets
09/24/15Control system components with key
09/17/15Filter capacitor degradation identification using computed power
09/17/15Industrial automation system web application performance enhancement system and method
09/10/15Systems and methods for testing motor drives
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09/10/15Input/output module bus contact system and method
09/10/15Dc pre-charge circuit
09/03/15Configuration-enabled motor drive safety
09/03/15Modular motor drive communication system and method
09/03/15Enhanced motor drive communication system and method
08/27/15Filter capacitor degradation identification using computed current
08/27/15Graphical interface for display of assets in an asset management system
08/27/15Input/output circuits and devices having physically corresponding status indicators
08/27/15Input/output module
08/27/15Converter circuit with adjustable dc bus voltage
08/20/15Adaptable automation control module with integrated power bus distributor
08/13/15Spreadsheet to webpage conversion system and method
08/13/15Extensible device object model
08/13/15Double fed induction generator (dfig) converter and improved grid fault ridethrough
08/13/15Security model for industrial devices
07/30/15System and methodology providing automation security analysis and network intrusion protection in an industrial environment
07/16/15Stack light with modular function generator
07/16/15Stack light with modular power converter
07/16/15Multilevel converter systems and methods with reduced common mode voltage
07/16/15Stack light with in-line sound module
07/09/15Dynamic representation of component configuration method and system
07/09/15Content management
07/09/15Position sensorless open loop control for motor drives with output filter and transformer
07/09/15Multilevel converter systems and methods with reduced common mode voltage
07/02/15Safety relay configuration system with safety monitoring and safety output function blocks
07/02/15Graphical function blocks for a safety relay configuration system
07/02/15Parametric universal nonlinear dynamics approximator and use
07/02/15Software workstation and employing appended metadata in industrial automation software
07/02/15Development environment for a safety relay configuration system

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