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Rohde x26 Schwarz Gmbh x26 Co Kg
Rohde x26 Schwarz Gmbh x26 Co Kg xfc
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Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg patents

Recent patent applications related to Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg. Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Rohde & Schwarz Gmbh & Co Kg, we're just tracking patents.

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11/09/17Signal generation device and method
11/09/17Multiple input multiple output, mimo, baseband apparatus
11/02/17Measurement accessory device
10/26/17Measurement arrangement
10/26/17Directional antenna module and method
10/19/17Electronically switchable diplexer
10/19/17Amplifier device for high frequency signals
10/19/17Stochastic jitter measuring device and method
10/12/17Mobile communication test device and a corresponding method
09/21/17Coil for a switching device with a high-frequency power
09/21/17Method and analyzing a transmission signal
09/14/17Channel sounding testing device and method to estimate large-scale parameters for channel modelling
09/07/17Housing for a communication device and communication device
08/24/17Hand tool with adjustable fastening head and variable output torque
08/24/17Radio-device system and a method with time-parameter evaluation
08/24/17Measuring system for over-the-air power measurements with active transmission
08/24/17Measuring system for over-the-air power measurements
08/03/17Apparatus and testing beamforming behavior
08/03/17Over the air measurement module
08/03/17Over the air measurement module
07/27/17Measuring device and measuring measuring the ambiguity function of radar signals
07/13/17Method and expanding a message coverage
07/06/17Signal amplitude measurement and calibration with an ion trap
06/29/17Method and processing measurement tuples
06/29/17Method and calibration of a device under test
06/22/17Configuration of a frequency converter, frequency converter kit and configuring a frequency converter
06/15/17Measuring device and method with automated trigger function
06/08/17Measurement apparatus
06/08/17Measuring system, calibration device and measuring method with uncertainty analysis
06/08/17Detection of simultaneous double transmission
06/01/17Analysis device, analysis method and computer readable medium
05/25/17Logging logging
05/25/17Measuring media stream switching based on barcode images
05/25/17Testing system, testing method, computer program product, and non-transitory computer readable data carrier
05/25/17Method and system for testing network's data transmission performance
05/18/17Measurement device and a multidimensional signal analysis
05/18/17Method and signal generator for simulation of sea clutter
05/11/17Providing mounting information
05/04/17Measuring device and visually presenting a signal parameter in a displayed signal
05/04/17Smart testing management
04/06/17Sampling device
03/30/17Combiner, a power directional coupler and a manufacturing a power directional coupler and a combiner
03/30/17Test testing multiple devices under test simultaneously
03/30/17Measuring device and measuring systematic error detection
03/16/17Measuring system and measuring measuring amplification and noise by correlation
03/09/17Method and synchronization of a decoding unit
03/02/17Method and a measuring device for investigating signal parameters
03/02/17Method and processing a data signal
02/23/17Measuring device and measuring method with tutorial function
02/23/17Method and system for providing secure point-to-point communication
02/09/17Directional antenna module
01/26/17Printed circuit board and corresponding producing a printed circuit board
01/19/17Electronic measurement device and operating an electronic measurement device
01/12/17Testing methods and systems for mobile communication devices
01/12/17Printed circuit board and corresponding producing a printed circuit board
01/05/17Delay line system, high frequency sampler, analog-to-digital converter and oscilloscope
12/15/16Method for calibrating a cable and respective measuring device
12/08/16Measuring system and measuring measuring devices under test with antenna-arrays
12/01/16Switching device for switching radio frequency signals
12/01/16Method and measurement system for testing multiple mobile phones in parallel
11/24/16A equalising distorted signals and an associated equalisation filter
11/24/16Attenuator and signal generator for stepwise attenuating a radio frequency signal
11/17/16Measuring system and measuring method with power calibration
11/17/16Hf testing equipment and testing d2d-enabled mobile communications terminals
11/10/16A measuring system and a measuring method with broadband synchronisation and narrow-band signal analysis
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11/03/16Portable directional antenna, measurement arrangement and measurement method
10/20/16Communication device and wireless signal transmission
10/13/16Measurement device and measuring at least one signal
10/13/16Measurement device and measuring at least one signal
10/06/16Measuring device and measuring efficiently processing measuring results
09/15/16Method and device for detecting aircraft radio signals transmitted in the same channel simultaneously
09/08/16Circuit for compensating an offset voltage in an amplifier
09/08/16Calibration method and calibration arrangement
09/08/16Testing front end module, testing methods and modular testing systems for testing electronic equipment
09/08/16Compensation circuit for offset voltage in a measurement amplifier and/or for dc-signal component in a measurement signal
09/08/16Measuring device and measuring method using broadcast measuring signals
09/01/16A measuring device and a measuring a high-frequency signal with deembedding
09/01/16Testing front end modules, testing methods and modular testing systems for testing electronic equipment
09/01/16A doherty amplifier with additional delay element
09/01/16Measuring device and measuring dynamically measuring carrier aggregation signals
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08/25/16A method, a calibration unit and a system for determining system errors and power values for the calibration of a network analyser
08/25/16Switch-extender and a calibrating
08/25/16Method and providing a degree of a resource pool occupation of resources used in device-to-device communication
08/18/16Method for the controlled connection of a calibration standard in a calibration module and an associated calibration module
08/04/16A method and a device for detecting an all-round view
08/04/16Measuring device, wirelessly measuring radiation patterns
08/04/16Measuring device and measuring method retroactively checking preconditions
07/28/16A system and a the efficient scanning of objects
06/23/16Measurement housing for a communication device
06/16/16Apparatus, measurement equipment and displaying images
06/09/16Function generator for the delivery of electrical signals
06/02/16Traffic control system
06/02/16Coil for a switching device with a high-frequency power
06/02/16Matching circuit for matching an impedance value and a corresponding system and method
05/26/16Detection of simultaneous double transmission
05/19/16Current source for the delivery of a first current and a second current
04/07/16Frequency-converting sensor and system for providing a radio frequency signal parameter
03/31/16Directional coupler
03/24/16Method and a measuring device for measuring broadband measurement signals
03/10/16A measuring device and measuring method with multiple display
03/03/16Method and efficient storage of frequency values for a display device
03/03/16Method and efficient storage of frequency values for a display device
03/03/16Measuring device with a display memory having memory cells with a reduced number of bits and a corresponding method
02/18/16Power meter with two detector elements for a power measurement even of extremely low frequencies
02/18/16Switchable frequency filter
02/18/16Radio communication test testing
02/18/16Test apparatus, radio communication test apparatus, testing and computer program product
02/04/16Method and a device for determining an estimated value for a noise power
01/28/16Asset management system for hf sensitive measurement devices
01/28/16Method for providing a mobile device with report data of a measurement apparatus
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01/28/16Method for updating software of a measuring device, smart computer and computer readable program product
01/21/16Measuring device and measuring direction finding and direction uncertainty determination
01/21/16Measuring device and a measuring the synchronisation of measurement procedures
01/21/16Efficiency-optimised high-frequency power amplifier
01/21/16Radio device and a the transmission of information
01/14/16Measuring system, a measuring method and a computer-program product for resource-saving measurement
12/31/15Measurement device and measuring method using simulated uplink fading
12/24/15A circuit on a thin carrier for use in hollow conductors and a manufacturing method
12/10/15Measuring system and measuring model based generation of global navigation satellite system signals
12/10/15A filter for interpolated signals
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12/03/15Measuring device, measuring operating a measuring system with rapid synchronization of settings
12/03/15Power measuring device with internal calibration of diode detectors
12/03/15A measuring device and a measuring determining an active channel
11/05/15A quasi-broadband amplifier according to the doherty principle
10/29/15Measuring device with functional units controllable via a block diagram
10/29/15Measuring device and operating a measuring device using transparent display content
10/29/15Measuring device and measuring method with interactive operation
10/22/15A method and a device for determining a trigger condition for a rare signal event
10/15/15System and calibrating a measuring arrangement and characterizing a measurement mount
10/15/15Method and system for millimeter-wave image reconstruction
09/17/15Method and a test system for automatically configuring a tester
09/17/15Technique for testing lte-advanced carrier aggregation receiver characteristics
09/17/15Radio-transmission system and a radio-transmission method with multiple-channel access
09/10/15Capacitor circuit for a quasi-broadband doherty amplifier
09/03/15Digital oscilloscope and a method with parallel acquisition and signal post-processing
09/03/15System comprising a probe and a measuring device
08/27/15Measuring method and a measuring device with fingertip zoom
08/27/15Measuring device and a measuring method with user dialogs capable of being adapted in size and information content
08/13/15Phase-locked loop with a varactor based on mems technology
08/13/15Transmitter system with reconfigurable amplifiers
07/30/15Method and device for broadband high isolation coupling
07/09/15Box-frame housing and a manufacture
06/25/15Method and system for the determination of scattering coefficients of a frequency-converting device under test
06/25/15Calibration module with integrated power detector
06/25/15Semiconductor component with chip for the high-frequency range
06/04/15Testing device and a protocol testing with a playing-card metaphor
05/28/15Testing device and a test method with zoom display
05/21/15Method and a system for hierarchical time synchronisation in an ad-hoc network
05/21/15Signal generator and signal generation method with cyclic prefix generation
05/14/15Sampling device with time-interleaved optical clocking
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05/14/15Ultra-wide band measurement bridge
05/07/15Optically clocked digital/analog converter and a dds unit with such a converter
04/23/15Measuring device and a measuring a signal with several component signals
04/23/15Method and a mobile ad-hoc network for the effective identification of neighboring nodes
04/23/15Measuring device and a improved imaging of the spectral characteristics
03/26/15Method and a parallel frequency-mask trigger
03/19/15Automated evaluation of test logs
02/26/15Method and device for detecting structures in an object under investigation
02/19/15Method and graphic display of i/q values of a baseband signal
02/12/15Method for integrating network subscribers into an ad-hoc network and an associated ad-hoc network
02/05/15Slotline antenna
01/22/15System and a illumination and imaging of an object
01/22/15Device and a the testing of electronic equipment with a spatially separate control unit
01/15/15Method and a device for avoiding error detection of control channels
01/15/15Method and system for optimizing short term stability of a clock pulse
01/15/15Method and a device for measuring the amplitude noise and/or phase noise of a signal
01/08/15Method and displaying ordinate abscissa value pairs on a display device
01/01/15Microwave arrangement for the transmission of high-frequency signals
01/01/15Optoelectronic circuit and a the transmission of an optical clock signal
11/27/14Electronic switch with compensation of non-linear distortions
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11/20/14Encryption based on network information
10/30/14Coupled line system with controllable transmission behaviour
10/16/14Measuring system and measuring method using position and/or orientation sensors
10/16/14Varactor and varactor system
10/09/14Printed circuit board arrangement for supplying antennas via a three-conductor system for exciting different polarizations
10/02/14Method and a device for determining an extrinsic information
09/11/14Measuring device and measurement non-intrusive throughput measurement in communication networks
09/04/14Method, system and calibration target for the automatic calibration of an imaging antenna array
08/14/14Semiconductor circuit with electrical connections having multiple signal or potential assignments
08/14/14Over-voltage protection device having a coil assembly
08/14/14Force application ring for foamed radomes
07/24/14Headend with redundancy, and an associated method
06/19/14Method and device for detecting aircraft radio signals transmitted in the same channel simultaneously
05/08/14Method and a device for extending the illumination of a test object
05/01/14Labeling of hardware modules
04/24/14Method for testing transmission modes of a wireless communication device
04/24/14Method and test equipment for automatically initializing a mobile station during a test
04/03/14Device and a fixing a gain or attenuation factor
03/27/14Doherty amplifier with efficiency optimization
03/13/14Measuring device and marking common timing points
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03/06/14Quasi-broadband doherty amplifier with associated capacitor circuit
03/06/14Printed-circuit board arrangement for millimeter-wave scanners
01/30/14Devices for automatic adjustment of gain and attenuation factors
12/26/13High-frequency signal generator with low phase noise
12/26/13Signal analysis in time and frequency
12/26/13Method and measuring device for suppressing interference signals
11/28/13Switchable frequency diplexer circuit
11/07/13System with a gesture-identification unit
10/31/13Thermally stabilized power sensor
10/31/13Measuring device, a calibration device, a measuring system and a method with a dynamic data sheet
10/24/13Circuit arrangement for a thermally conductive chip assembly and a manufacturing method
08/29/13Method and device for measuring the phase-noise spectrum of a pulsed sinusoidal signal
08/29/13Calibration unit for a measurement device
08/22/13Measurement bridge in a printed circuit board
08/15/13Probe system with compensating network
08/15/13Method and a base station for prioritizing mobile terminals
08/01/13Measuring device and a the decimation of a datastream
07/25/13Measuring unit and a measuring transmission parameters of a device under test
07/04/13High frequency signal combiner
06/27/13Evaluation unit and a demodulation of ofdm data
06/20/13Calibration device for a network analyzer (as amended)
06/13/13Box-frame housing and a manufacture
06/13/13Switch-extender and a calibrating
05/30/13Microwave circuit in strip line technology
05/09/13Linear differential amplifier with high input impedance
05/09/13Electronic assembly with cooling device
03/28/13Device and a the identification of persons
03/14/13Method and a device for controlling the level of a pulsed high-frequency signal
02/28/13Method and a system for determining the place of origin of passive intermodulation products
02/21/13Locking system for modules within a housing and a fitting
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01/03/13Test probe with integrated test transformer
01/03/13Method and a device for preventing signal-edge losses
12/20/12Screen unit with a touch panel
11/29/12Method and system for measuring mobile stations in communications networks with virtual antenna arrays
11/29/12Amplifier component comprising a compensation element
11/15/12Holding device and system for positioning a device for a wireless communication in a measurement system
11/15/12Measuring device and a measuring method with histogram formation
11/08/12Circuit arrangement for a redundant power supply for a power amplifier
11/08/12Measuring device and a measuring testing mobile-radio relay stations
10/18/12Broadband directional coupler
08/23/12High-frequency signal combiner
08/09/12Filter having electrical circuit arrangement with concentrated elements in multi-layer substrates
07/26/12Universal broadband broadcasting
06/28/12Frequency selective measuring device and frequency selective measuring method
06/21/12Closure mechanism for a measuring station
06/14/12Coding device, device for reprocessing a digital baseband signal or intermediate frequency signal, external digital coding
05/24/12Thermoelectric power measurement cell and corresponding measurement method
05/10/12Measuring instrument and measuring method featuring dynamic channel allocation
05/10/12Systems, apparatus, methods and computer program products for providing atsc interoperability
05/03/12Synthesizer having adjustable, stable and reproducible phase and frequency
03/22/12Forward coupler with strip conductors
03/15/12Method and device for determining estimated values for transmitted symbols in a mimo-ofdm system
02/16/12Method for capturing and displaying image data of an object
12/01/11Method and test instrument for analyzing a device communicating via a radio link
11/24/11Method and network analyzer for measuring group runtime in a measuring object
11/03/11Method and device for displaying lines between sampled measurement values
10/13/11Method for testing appliances for a mobile-radio system, signal generator, appliance for a mobile-radio system, and a measurement system
09/22/11Method and device for the analysis of code domain power and code domain error power
09/15/11Method and device for testing a mobile-radio device by means of static channel simulation

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