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Rohm Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Rohm Co Ltd. Rohm Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Rohm Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Rohm Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Rohm Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011358504/28/16  new patent  Pulse wave sensor and semiconductor module
22016011692804/28/16  new patent  Usb power supply apparatus
32016011888004/28/16  new patent  Usb power supply apparatus
42016011890004/28/16  new patent  Power supply adaptor
52016011891604/28/16  new patent  Fan motor driving apparatus and method, cooling system including the same, and electronic equipment
62016011896104/28/16  new patent  Semiconductor device
72016010745204/21/16 Thermal print head and thermal printer
82016010928704/21/16 Optical sensor and output circuit thereof
92016011113804/21/16 Semiconductor memory device
102016011136504/21/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
112016011186804/21/16 Overcurrent protection circuit and switching power apparatus using the same
122016011196304/21/16 Switching converter and control circuit thereof, current sensing method, ac/dc converter, and power adaptor and electronic devices
132016011196404/21/16 Switch driving circuit and switching power device using the same
142016011197004/21/16 Switching power supply circuit
152016011198904/21/16 Fan motor driving means, driving method, and cooling device and electronic equipment using the same
162016011204304/21/16 Electronic circuit
172016010346604/14/16 Clock signal generating circuit
182016010500104/14/16 Igniter
192016010517504/14/16 Power semiconductor drive circuit, power semiconductor circuit, and power module circuit device
202016009749104/07/16 Led lamp
212016009937704/07/16 Light-emitting element
222016008284503/24/16 Current mode control type switching power supply device
232016008284603/24/16 Current mode control type switching power supply device
242016008525103/24/16 Power supply device
252016008528403/24/16 Power supply device
262016008687703/24/16 Semiconductor device
272016008694103/24/16 Semiconductor device
282016008702703/24/16 Chip resistor and electronic equipment having resistance circuit network
292016008704603/24/16 Semiconductor device
302016008718303/24/16 Semiconductor light-emitting device, producing same, and display device
312016008762303/24/16 Gate driver
322016008869403/24/16 Driving circuit for light-emitting element with burst dimming control
332016007700803/17/16 Cancer diagnostic device, diagnostic system, and diagnostic device
342016007984803/17/16 Bootstrap circuit
352016006951703/10/16 Led lighting apparatus
362016007156903/10/16 Data retention control circuit, data writing method, data reading method, testing characteristics of ferroelectric storage device, and semiconductor chip
372016007179803/10/16 Semiconductor device
382016007200603/10/16 Semiconductor light emitting device including gaas substrate
392016007203903/10/16 Device using a piezoelectric element and manufacturing the same
402016007232203/10/16 Protection switch circuit, charging circuit, and electronic device
412016007239103/10/16 Switching power supply device
422016007239903/10/16 Insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter
432016007346303/10/16 Driving current generation circuit, led power supply module and led lamp
442016006448803/03/16 Nitride based semiconductor device
452016006454203/03/16 Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
462016006461903/03/16 Light emitting device and optical device
472016006490203/03/16 Semiconductor laser device and manufacturing method thereof
482016006505203/03/16 Protection circuit
492016006507103/03/16 Buck dc/dc converter and control ic thereof, communication machine for office, electric bicycle
502016006520503/03/16 Gate driving circuit of high-side transistor, switching output circuit, inverter device, and electronic device
512016005474902/25/16 Regulator circuit and integrated circuit
522016005613302/25/16 High efficiency module
532016005633202/25/16 Semiconductor light emitting device
542016005677102/25/16 Switching circuit
552016005684702/25/16 Method and system for initializing rf module through non-volatile control
562016004986602/18/16 Soft start circuit
572016005076002/18/16 Composite chip component, circuit assembly and electronic apparatus
582016004329902/11/16 Device using a piezoelectric element and manufacturing the same
592016004083202/11/16 Led illumination module
602016004284402/11/16 Chip resistor and making the same
612016004302802/11/16 Package-in-substrate, semiconductor device and module
622016004316702/11/16 Semiconductor device having a breakdown voltage holding region
632016004329902/11/16 Device using a piezoelectric element and manufacturing the same
642016004368002/11/16 Driving circuit for voice coil motor
652016003433302/04/16 Power supply device, controller thereof, controlling the same, and electronic device employing the same
662016003543502/04/16 Memory circuit
672016003549302/04/16 Multilayered structure, capacitor element, and fabrication the capacitor element
682016003582402/04/16 Semiconductor device, manufacturing the same, and power module
692016003588502/04/16 N-channel double diffusion mos transistor, and semiconductor composite device
702016003633902/04/16 Insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter
712016003634002/04/16 Insulation-type synchronous dc/dc converter
722016002531501/28/16 Lighting system
732016002759001/28/16 Solid electrolytic capacitor, and manufacturing the same
742016002769001/28/16 Semiconductor device
752016002775601/28/16 Semiconductor device
762016002798801/28/16 Piezoelectric membrane, piezoelectric device, and inkjet head
772016002831101/28/16 Switching power supply device
782016002840801/28/16 Parallel interface and integrated circuit
792016001886801/21/16 Power management circuit and electronic device employing the same
802016002028901/21/16 Semiconductor device
812016002057701/21/16 Semiconductor laser device
822016002064301/21/16 Wireless power receiving device, receiver circuit thereof, and control wireless power receiving device
832016001161001/14/16 Dc-dc converter and television receiver therewith
842016001164401/14/16 User interface device
852016001311901/14/16 Semiconductor device
862016001314301/14/16 Electronic device
872016001314901/14/16 Electronic device
882016001374201/14/16 Motor driving circuit, cooling device and electronic apparatus including the same
892016000534501/07/16 Noise removal circuit
902016000570801/07/16 Semiconductor device and making semiconductor device
912016000577901/07/16 Photodetection device and sensor package
922016000582701/07/16 Semiconductor device
932016000585701/07/16 Semiconductor device, and manufacturing the same
942016000588401/07/16 Semiconductor device
952016000592901/07/16 Light-emitting element, light-emitting element unit, and light-emitting element package
962016000635401/07/16 Switching power supply circuit
972016000746401/07/16 Electronic device and mounting structure of the same
982015037782312/31/15 Limiting-current type gas sensor, fabrication the limiting-current type gas sensor and sensor network system
992015037850612/31/15 Touch pad module and electronic device using the same
1002015037991012/31/15 Electro-optical device, measuring characteristics of electro-optical device, and semiconductor chip
1012015038037212/31/15 Semiconductor device including a protective film
1022015038048412/31/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method
1032015038050312/31/15 Semiconductor device and manuracturing the same
1042015038067012/31/15 Organic thin film photovoltaic device, fabrication method thereof, and electronic apparatus
1052015038092412/31/15 Overcurrent detection circuit, host using the same, and detecting overcurrent
1062015038097612/31/15 Mobile device
1072015038118012/31/15 Interface circuit
1082015036651312/24/15 Pulse wave sensor
1092015037193712/24/15 Semiconductor device
1102015037198312/24/15 Semiconductor device and semiconductor package
1112015037215412/24/15 Semiconductor device
1122015037245212/24/15 Two-dimensional photonic crystal laser and producing the same
1132015037265312/24/15 Level adjusting circuit, digital sound processor, audio amp integrated circuit, electronic apparatus and automatically adjusting level of audio signal
1142015036439312/17/15 Power module semiconductor device
1152015036499912/17/15 Semiconductor integrated circuit and power supply
1162015035696412/10/15 Audio signal processing circuit and electronic device using the same
1172015035799712/10/15 Correction arithmetic circuit and a signal processor
1182015034671512/03/15 Motor driving device
1192015034886212/03/15 Semiconductor device with a semiconductor chip connected in a flip chip manner
1202015034888012/03/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1212015034890012/03/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1222015034894912/03/15 Led module and led module packaging structure
1232015034905712/03/15 Semiconductor device
1242015034941612/03/15 Wireless module with plural in-plane terminals
1252015034969312/03/15 Motor driving device
1262015034985112/03/15 Wireless power transmitter and receiver
1272015034033511/26/15 Semiconductor package, printed circuit board substrate and semiconductor device
1282015034035011/26/15 Semiconductor device
1292015034049211/26/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method thereof
1302015034084011/26/15 Semiconductor laser
1312015033058211/19/15 Led illumination apparatus
1322015033106611/19/15 Mems sensor, manufacturing the same, and mems package including the same
1332015033284211/19/15 Chip parts
1342015033299011/19/15 Package
1352015033312011/19/15 Semiconductor device
1362015033313711/19/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
1372015033319011/19/15 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
1382015032550411/12/15 Semiconductor device
1392015032554111/12/15 Semiconductor device
1402015032555811/12/15 Semiconductor device
1412015032557111/12/15 Switching device
1422015032612311/12/15 Dc/dc converter, control circuit and control method thereof, and electronic apparatus
1432015032615311/12/15 Motor driving circuit, cooling apparatus and electronic device using the same
1442015032619211/12/15 Audio amplifier, audio output circuit, integrated circuit for audio, electronic device, and amplifying audio signal
1452015032621111/12/15 Variable delay circuit
1462015031621711/05/15 Led lamp with light-diffusing end cap
1472015031837211/05/15 Semiconductor device
1482015031844011/05/15 Semiconductor light emitting device having patterns
1492015031093410/29/15 Semiconductor device
1502015031116510/29/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
1512015031118410/29/15 Led module
1522015031127810/29/15 Semiconductor device and producing same
1532015031139410/29/15 Semiconductor light-emitting device
1542015031173510/29/15 Charging circuit, power management circuit, and electronic device using the same
1552015031177910/29/15 Electronic circuit
1562015031178710/29/15 Control circuit for switching power supply
1572015031179010/29/15 Driving device
1582015031187910/29/15 Microphone bias circuit
1592015030313610/22/15 High efficiency module
1602015030318410/22/15 Semiconductor device and fabrication the same
1612015030333010/22/15 Photoelectric conversion device and manufacturing photoelectric conversion device
1622015030515910/22/15 Chip capacitor, circuit assembly, and electronic device
1632015029492810/15/15 Semiconductor device
1642015029495210/15/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
1652015029507110/15/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
1662015029507910/15/15 Semiconductor device and semiconductor device manufacturing method
1672015028547910/08/15 Led lamp
1682015028766510/08/15 Power module semiconductor device and inverter equipment, and fabrication the power module semiconductor device, and metallic mold
1692015028767810/08/15 Semiconductor device and fabrication method thereof
1702015028770410/08/15 Optical apparatus
1712015028905410/08/15 Mixer circuit, audio signal processing circuit, mixing audio signals, and audio device for a vehicle, audio component device and electronic device using the same
1722015027752610/01/15 Power management controller, power management circuit using the same, and electronic device
1732015027763110/01/15 Control circuit of electrostatic capacitive sensor and electronic device using the same
1742015027980710/01/15 Semiconductor device
1752015027984810/01/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
1762015027993210/01/15 Semiconductor device, manufacturing the same, and power module
1772015027998210/01/15 Nitride semiconductor device and fabrication method therefor
1782015028001610/01/15 Discrete capacitor and manufacturing method thereof
1792015028009410/01/15 Semiconductor light emitting device
1802015028045310/01/15 Power reception apparatus, power transmission apparatus, non-contact power supply system, power reception method, and power transmission method
1812015028056710/01/15 Switching regulator
1822015028059010/01/15 Control circuit and control digital control power supply circuit, and digital control power supply circuit, electronic device and base station using the same
1832015028073510/01/15 Deltasigma d/a converter, signal processing circuit including the same, and electronic apparatus
1842015028183110/01/15 Audio output circuit
1852015027038609/24/15 Semiconductor device, and manufacturing same
1862015027046109/24/15 Light emitting element unit and manufacturing the same, light emitting element package and illuminating device
1872015027047209/24/15 Device using a piezoelectric film
1882015026324809/17/15 Semiconductor light-emitting device
1892015026354209/17/15 Discharge circuit and power supply device therewith
1902015025144009/10/15 Thermal print head and thermal printer
1912015025312109/10/15 Semiconductor device and making semiconductor device
1922015025318609/10/15 Image sensor module
1932015025536909/10/15 Semiconductor device
1942015025537909/10/15 Semiconductor device with lead terminals having portions thereof extending obliquely
1952015025542509/10/15 Semiconductor device
1962015025545109/10/15 Semiconductor device
1972015025562809/10/15 Bidirectional zener diode
1982015025673109/10/15 Driving circuit for voice coil motor, lens module and electronic device using the same, and driving voice coil motor
1992015024760709/03/15 Led lamp
2002015024905509/03/15 Chip diode and diode package
2012015024907909/03/15 Semiconductor integrated circuit
2022015024938609/03/15 Control circuit and control digital control power supply circuit, and digital control power supply circuit, electronic device and base station using the same
2032015024945709/03/15 Double-integration type a/d converter
2042015023809908/27/15 Pulse wave sensor
2052015024163008/27/15 Directional coupler, and multiplexer and demultiplexer
2062015024341208/27/15 Chip component and production method therefor
2072015024358508/27/15 Semiconductor device
2082015024361208/27/15 Chip parts and manufacturing the same, circuit assembly having the chip parts and electronic device
2092015024418608/27/15 Power supply device
2102015023593108/20/15 Semiconductor device
2112015023599608/20/15 Led module
2122015023621808/20/15 Led module
2132015023623108/20/15 Semiconductor light-emitting device
2142015023662408/20/15 Current detection circuit, motor driving device, magnetic disk storage device, and electronic appliance
2152015023773508/20/15 Lighting apparatus
2162015022673008/13/15 Disc-like assay chip
2172015022640908/13/15 Light-emitting module, light-emitting device and making light-emitting module
2182015022856408/13/15 Semiconductor device
2192015022856508/13/15 Semiconductor device
2202015022857508/13/15 Semiconductor device
2212015022878408/13/15 Superjunction semiconductor device and manufacturing method therefor
2222015022880608/13/15 Chip diode and manufacturing same
2232015022880908/13/15 Schottky barrier diode
2242015023007108/13/15 Information exchanging apparatus
2252015022038308/06/15 Reception circuit of image data, electronic device using the same, and transmitting image data
2262015022176308/06/15 Semiconductor device manufacturing method
2272015022214408/06/15 Power receiving circuit, control wireless power receiving apparatus, and electronic device
2282015022241608/06/15 Serial data transmission circuit and reception circuit, transmission system using the same, electronic device, and serial data transmission method
2292015020893307/30/15 Pulse wave sensor
2302015021425907/30/15 Photoelectric converter and manufacturing the same
2312015021429407/30/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
2322015021435407/30/15 Semiconductor device
2332015021435507/30/15 Semiconductor device
2342015021442807/30/15 Light emitting device
2352015021602007/30/15 Led lamp
2362015021604407/30/15 Chip parts and manufacturing the same, circuit assembly having the chip parts and electronic device
2372015020571907/23/15 Memory control circuit
2382015020733807/23/15 Wireless power receiver circuit
2392015020815307/23/15 Hearing system and finger ring for the hearing system
2402015020834307/23/15 Mobile phone
2412015020017007/16/15 Semiconductor device
2422015020018107/16/15 Semiconductor device
2432015019449207/09/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device
2442015019497407/09/15 Ad conversion circuit
2452015019497807/09/15 Switching power control circuit
2462015018790607/02/15 Semiconductor device and manufacturing method
2472015018841207/02/15 Amplitude normalization circuit, power supply and electronic apparatus
2482015017955406/25/15 Semiconductor device
2492015017989806/25/15 Led module

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