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Rolls royce Corporation
Rolls royce Corporation Rolls royce North American Technologies Inc

Rolls royce Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Rolls royce Corporation. Rolls royce Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Rolls royce Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Rolls royce Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/19/17 new patent  Vented sand core for sand casting
10/19/17 new patent  High strength aerospace components
10/19/17 new patent  Fiber reinforced airfoil
10/19/17 new patent  Gas turbine engine with compliant layer for turbine vane assemblies
10/19/17 new patent  Compartmentalization of cooling air flow in a structure comprising a cmc component
10/12/17Impingement plate with stress relief feature
10/12/17Gas turbine engine variable porosity combustor liner
10/05/17Predicting cracking in cooled metal or alloy components
09/28/17Engine hot section component and making the same
09/28/17Clearance gage
09/21/17High strength vibrational-dampened components
09/21/17Gas turbine engine with cooling air system
09/14/17Gas turbine engine with compliant layer for turbine shroud mounts
09/14/17Dual splined shaft
09/07/17Turbine blade with heat shield
09/07/17Turbine blade with heat shield
09/07/17Fuel heat exchanger with leak management
08/31/17Directed energy deposition for processing gas turbine engine components
08/24/17Environmental barrier fiber coating
08/17/17Circumferential lubricant scoop
08/17/17Ceramic seal runner and mount for a rotating shaft
08/17/17Ceramic seal runner support system
08/17/17Thermal and thrust management in dynamic pressure exchangers
08/10/17Clutch coupled to gas turbine engine and cooling
08/03/17Plasma spray physical vapor deposition deposited in multilayer, multi-microstructure environmental barrier coating
08/03/17Plasma spray physical vapor deposition deposited environmental barrier coating including a layer that includes a rare earth silicate and closed porosity
08/03/17Airfoils for reducing secondary flow losses in gas turbine engines
08/03/17Thermal management system controlling dynamic and steady state thermal loads
07/27/17Aircraft engine cleaning system
07/27/17Turbine endwall and tip cooling for dual wall airfoils
07/27/17Forward flowing serpentine vane
07/27/17Power control system
07/20/17Gas turbine engine with health monitoring system
07/20/17Full hoop blade track with interstage cooling air
07/20/17Turbine shroud with mounted full hoop blade track
07/20/17Multi-piece impeller
07/13/17Brazing titanium aluminum alloy components
07/13/17Impeller blade morphology
07/13/17Casing arrangement
07/13/17Apparatus and manufacturing a containment case with embedded containment core
07/13/17Fan track liner subassembly angled upturn joint
06/29/17Method for making ceramic matrix composite articles
06/08/17Multi-shaft gas turbine engine
05/25/17Multilayer environmental barrier coatings
05/25/17Turbine engine flow path
05/25/17Shell and tiled liner arrangement for a combustor
05/18/17Liner for a combustor of a gas turbine engine
05/18/17Combustor tile with monolithic inserts
05/11/17Plasma spray physical vapor deposition deposited environmental barrier coating
05/04/17Coating interface
05/04/17Rare earth silicate environmental barrier coatings
05/04/17Containment hook for composite fan case
04/27/17Reducing impurities in ceramic matrix composites
04/27/17System and method to retain a turbine cover plate with a spanner nut
04/27/17System and method to retain a turbine cover plate between nested turbines with a tie bolt and spanner nut
04/27/17Power transmission device
04/27/17Rotary exhaust valve system
04/20/17Rotating structure and a producing the rotating structure
04/13/17Fabric seal and assembly for gas turbine engine
04/13/17Turbine shroud with sealing features
04/13/17Visual indicator of coating thickness
04/13/17All co2 aircraft
03/30/17Turbine engine advanced cooling system
03/23/17Propulsion system using supercritical co2 power transfer
03/16/17Applying silicon metal-containing bond layer to ceramic or ceramic matrix composite substrates
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03/16/17Dense environmental barrier coatings
03/16/17Compliant layer for ceramic components and methods of forming the same
03/02/17Low diameter turbine rotor clamping arrangement
03/02/17Cooling systems for high mach applications
03/02/17Gas turbine engine driven by sco2 cycle with advanced heat rejection
03/02/17Cmc combustor shell with integral chutes
03/02/17Battery arrangments for gas turbine engines
02/23/17Aircraft vehicle thermal management system and method
02/23/17Case and liner arrangement for a combustor
02/16/17Ceramic matrix composite having a silicide layer
02/16/17Rapid ceramic matrix composite production method
02/09/17Rotating components with blind holes
02/09/17Aircraft boundary layer removal with auxilliary power unit suction
02/02/17Turbine airfoils with micro cooling features
01/26/17Nozzle guide vane with composite heat shields
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01/26/17Seal segment for a gas turbine engine
01/26/17Sectioned gas turbine engine driven by sco2 cycle
01/26/17Rotor structure for rotating machinery and assembly thereof
01/05/17Turbine shroud with movable attachment features
01/05/17Combustor tile
12/29/16Automated coating application
12/29/16Automated bi-casting
12/29/16Turbine shroud segment with flange-facing perimeter seal
12/29/16Turbine shroud segment with buffer air seal system
12/29/16Turbine shroud segment with load distribution springs
12/29/16Turbine shroud segment with integrated cooling air distribution system
12/29/16Lubrication for an expendable bearing
12/22/16Method for integral joining infiltrated ceramic matrix composites
12/22/16Directed energy deposition with cooling mechanism
12/22/16Engine driven by sc02 cycle with independent shafts for combustion cycle elements and propulsion elements
12/22/16Labyrinth seal with tunable flow splitter
12/22/16Turbine cooled cooling air by tubular arrangement
12/15/16Varying quantities of motor poles for noise reduction
12/15/16Long life low cost environmental barrier coating for ceramic matrix composites
12/15/16Fault identification and isolation in an electric propulsion system
12/15/16Synchronizing motors for an electric propulsion system
12/08/16Thermal spray diagnostics
12/08/16Modifying metal or alloy substrates
12/08/16Machinable cmc insert
12/08/16Machinable cmc insert
12/08/16Fuel system coking sensor
12/08/16Machinable cmc insert
12/08/16Machinable cmc insert
12/08/16Diagnosis of thermal spray gun ignition
12/01/16Machine tool monitoring
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12/01/16Cooling holes manufactured with ebc in place
12/01/16Cmc airfoil with cooling channels
12/01/16Monolithic ceramic rods to enable cooling holes in cmc
12/01/16Split line flow path seals
12/01/16Pressure activated seals for a gas turbine engine
12/01/16Closed-loop engine testing system
11/24/16Pre-sintered preform braze for joining alloy castings
11/24/16Lubrication system for a reconfigurable gas turbine engine
11/17/16Speed sensing system
11/10/16Braze for ceramic and ceramic matrix composite components
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11/10/16Electric direct drive for aircraft propulsion and lift
11/10/16Oil flow enhancer bearing assembly
11/03/16Brazed blade track for a gas turbine engine
11/03/16Seals for a gas turbine engine assembly
11/03/16Seal for a gas turbine engine assembly
11/03/16Full hoop blade track with flanged segments
11/03/16Keystoned blade track
11/03/16Controller modulated oil system for a gas turbine propulsion system
11/03/16High speed bearing assembly
10/27/16Aircraft vehicle thermal management system and method
10/27/16Method for fabricating a ceramic matrix composite rotor blade
10/13/16Machining parameter control based on acoustic monitoring
10/06/16Vacuum plasma sprayed coating including oxide dispersions
10/06/16Compliant rail hanger
10/06/16Engine nacelle
09/29/16Self-propagating braze
09/22/16Diffusion barrier layers for ceramic matrix composites
09/15/16Turbine vane with heat shield
09/15/16Return flow powered turbine
09/15/16Multi-stage co-rotating variable pitch fan
09/15/16Compound fillet varying chordwise and method to manufacture
09/08/16Turbine assembly with load pads
09/08/16Turbine shroud with axially separated pressure compartments
09/08/16Vane assembly for a gas turbine engine
09/08/16Gas turbine engine with airfoil dampening system
09/08/16Removal of material from a surface of a dual walled component
09/01/16Repair of dual walled metallic components using braze material
09/01/16Repair of dual walled metallic components using directed energy deposition material addition
08/25/16Method for incorporating refractory metal element into ceramic matrix composite
08/25/16Aqueous braze paste
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08/25/16Machined film holes
08/25/16Segmented turbine shroud with sealing features
08/25/16Apparatus and methods for sealing components in gas turbine engines
08/25/16Probabilistic evaluation of turbomachinery design to predict high cycle fatigue failure
08/18/16Patterned abradable coatings and methods for the manufacture thereof
08/18/16Patterned abradable coating and methods for the manufacture thereof
08/18/16Fan assembly
08/11/16Acoustic breakthrough detection
08/11/16Ceramic matrix composite gas turbine engine blade
08/11/16Modified atmosphere melt infiltration
08/11/16Vane assemblies for gas turbine engines
08/11/16Turbine assembly having a rotor system lock
08/04/16Turbine vane with load shield
08/04/16Seals for gas turbine engines
08/04/16Turbine vane with load shield
08/04/16Charge control system for trans-critical vapor cycle systems
07/28/16Forming a surface layer of a ceramic matrix composite article
07/28/16Vane assembly for a gas turbine engine
07/21/16Compact axially translational powder deposition head
07/21/16Multilayer braze tape
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07/21/16Turbine shroud with tubular runner-locating inserts
07/14/16Turbine wheel with clamped blade attachment
07/14/16Turbine wheel with clamped blade attachment
07/14/16Gas turbine engine and foil bearing system
07/14/16Captive component on a fastener
07/14/16Split axial-centrifugal compressor
07/14/16Cone brake friction surface coating
07/14/16Shaft coupling seal assembly
07/14/16Wide differential pressure range air riding carbon seal
07/07/16Neuro-fuzzy logic for controlling material addition processes
07/07/16Piezoelectric damping rings
06/30/16Needle punching of composites for preform assembly and thermomechanical enhancement
06/30/16Cooled cooling air taken directly from combustor dome
06/23/16Aircraft and airborne electrical power and thermal management system
06/23/16Composite airfoil for a gas turbine engine
06/23/16Abrasive tips for ceramic matrix composite blades and methods for making the same
06/23/16Turbine wheel with composite bladed ring
06/23/16Full hoop blade track with axially keyed features
06/23/16Gas turbine engine with rotor blade tip clearance flow control
06/23/16Turbine shroud
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06/23/16Microchannel heat exchangers for gas turbine intercooling and condensing
06/23/16Clutch assembly with integrated surface cooling
06/23/16Torque sensor monitoring for gas turbine engine
06/16/16Reducing microtexture in titanium alloys
06/16/16Hanger system for a turbine engine component
06/16/16Cooling feature for a turbine engine component
06/16/16Stiffening rib
06/16/16Gas turbine engine airfoil shaped component
06/16/16Counter-swirl doublet combustor with plunged holes
06/09/16Method of making a ceramic matrix composite (cmc) component including a protective ceramic layer
06/09/16Reactive fiber interface coatings for improved environmental stability
06/09/16Composite components with coated fiber reinforcements
06/09/16Ceramic matrix composites and methods of making the same
06/09/16Melt infiltration wick attachment
06/09/16Environmental barrier fiber coating
06/09/16Method for producing high strength ceramic matrix composites
06/09/16Controlling exit side geometry of formed holes
06/09/16Turbine engine components with chemical vapor infiltrated isolation layers
06/09/16Method to pilot using flexible profile
06/09/16System, propulsion system and vehicle
06/09/16Turbine engine fleet wash management system
06/09/16System and method to manage transients for rapid power demand changes
06/09/16Attachment of piloting feature
06/09/16Cmc oxide-oxide mixer design
05/26/16Bond layer for silicon-containing substrates
05/26/16High strength joints in ceramic matrix composite preforms
05/26/16Radially stacked intershaft bearing
05/26/16Fan case liner removal with external heat mat
05/19/16Milling system
05/19/16Fiber architecture optimization for ceramic matrix composites
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05/19/16Compliant layer for ceramic components and methods of forming the same
05/19/16Split axial-centrifugal compressor
05/12/16Additive process for an abradable blade track used in a gas turbine engine
05/12/16Locking fastener
05/05/16Vane assembly for a gas turbine engine
05/05/16Vane assembly for a gas turbine engine
05/05/16Turbine shroud with locating inserts
04/28/16Composite annulus filler
04/28/16Gas turbine engine with seal inspection features
04/21/16Ceramic matrix composites and methods for producing ceramic matrix composites
04/14/16Dual-walled ceramic matrix composite (cmc) component with integral cooling and making a cmc component with integral cooling
04/14/16Silicon carbide ceramic matrix composites
04/14/16Coating system including oxide nanoparticles in oxide matrix
04/14/16Coating system including alternating layers of amorphous silica and amorphous silicon nitride
04/14/16Turbine shroud with biased blade track
04/14/16Braze materials and joining of ceramic matrix composites
04/14/16Electromagnetic shaft-wheel coupling for arbitrary distribution of shaft torque in a turbine engine
04/07/16Trans-critical vapor cycle system with improved heat rejection
04/07/16Coating fibers using directed vapor deposition
04/07/16Engine nacelle
04/07/16Corrosion and abrasion resistant coating
03/31/16Intelligent integrated propulsion control system and method
03/31/16Dual wall components for gas turbine engines
03/24/16Method for making ceramic matrix composite articles
03/24/16Vane ring band with nano-coating
03/17/16Method of replacing damaged aerofoil
03/17/16Cyclonic air-oil separating fuel cooled oil cooler
03/10/16Wands for gas turbine engine cleaning
03/10/16Dual zone furnace

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