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Roquette Freres
Roquette Freres Sa
Roquette Freress

Roquette Freres patents

Recent patent applications related to Roquette Freres. Roquette Freres is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Roquette Freres may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Roquette Freres, we're just tracking patents.

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02/09/17Rectangular parallelepipedal maltitol
11/09/17Process for manufacturing succinic acid from a fermentation broth using nano filtration to purify recycled mother liquor
11/09/17Isosorbide epoxide diesters, and the use thereof as a plasticizer in pvc compositions
11/09/17Composition of soluble indigestable fibers and of eukaryotic organisms with a polysaccharide wall, used, in the well-being field
10/12/17Method for preparing thermoplastic polyurethane pellets
10/05/17Compressible and free-flow co-agglomerates of mannitol and granular starch
09/28/17Method for conditioning a dianhydrohexitol, aqueous solution of conditioned dianhydrohexitol, and uses thereof
09/28/17Dextrin copolymer with styrene and an acrylic ester, manufacturing method thereof, and use thereof for paper coating
08/10/17Liquid plasticising composition
07/27/17Sugar compositions for tableting by direct compression
07/06/17Thermoplastic aromatic polyesters comprising tetrahydrofuran-dimethanol motifs
06/01/17Method for extracting soluble proteins from microalgal biomass
05/25/17Thermoplastic aromatic polyesters comprising tetrahydrofuran-dimethanol and furandicarboxylic acid motifs
05/25/17Methanogen substrate for biogas production
05/18/17Novel fat-free confectionery item
05/18/17Novel composition of a confectionery product
05/18/17Novel sweetening composition
05/18/17Agitator shaft for a grinding mill
05/18/17Method for extracting soluble proteins from microalgal biomass
05/11/17Production of xylitol from glucose by a recombinant strain
05/04/17Method for producing compositions of furan glycidyl ethers, compositions produced and uses of same
05/04/17Method for maufacturing a stable aqueous solution of beta-amylase, aqueous solution obtained and uses thereof
04/13/17Assembly of at least one plant protein and at least one milk protein, production thereof and uses of same
03/23/17Method for thermal permeabilization of a microalgae biomass
03/23/17Optimized decontaminating production of glucose polymers and glucose polymer hydrolyzates
03/23/17Biological dosage of peptidoglycans
02/16/17Method for in-line control of the integrity of a filtering system
02/02/17Methods for detecting contaminants in solutions containing glucose polymers
01/05/17Process for producing isohexide glycidyl ethers, products thus obtained, and uses thereof
12/29/16Granules of protein-rich microalgal biomass flour and preparing same
12/29/16Optimised breaking chlorella walls by mechanical crushing
12/29/16Process for enrichment of microalgal biomass with carotenoids and with proteins
12/15/16Compositions based on methyl cyclodextrins for the treatment and/or prevention of diseases by increasing the hdl cholesterol level
11/24/16Method for the protein enrichment of microalgal biomass
11/17/16Protein food product comprising d-allulose
11/17/16Orodispersible mannitol
11/10/16Method for fed-batch fermentation of chlorellae fed by sequential, automated provisions of glucose
10/13/16Novel non-allergenic snacks containing vegetable proteins
10/13/16Method for enriching the biomass of thraustochytrium genus microalgae with dha
09/29/16Improved variant of d-psicose 3-epimerase and uses thereof
09/01/16Use of a polyol in the remineralisation of enamel
08/04/16Process for texturing a microalgal biomass
07/28/16Use of an anti-caking agent for improving the hardness of chewing-gum containing maltitol in a powdery form
07/28/16Method for producing chewing-gum with improved hardness, containing xylitol, using an anti-caking agent, and chewing-gum thus obtained
07/21/16Method for the industrial production of flour from lipid-rich microalga biomass with no "off-notes" by controlling the oxygen availability
07/07/16Method for preparing lipid-rich compositions of microalga flour with optimized organoleptic properties
07/07/16Method for optimising the production efficiency, organoleptic quality and stability over time of a protein-rich microalgae biomass
07/07/16Protein-rich microalgal biomass compositions of optimized sensory quality
06/30/16Flexible storage device comprising a flexible container and an inner liner
06/23/16Optimised breaking chlorella cell walls by means of very high pressure homogenisation
06/16/16Biosourced alkyd resin and manufacturing such an alkyd resin
06/09/16Microalgal flour compositions of optimised sensory quality
05/26/16Method for the production of a microalgal biomass of optimised sensory quality
05/26/16Lipid-rich microalgal flour and preparing same
05/26/16Biomass of the microalgae schizochytrium mangrovei and preparing same
03/24/16Method for stabilizing a composition containing at least one product of internal dehydration of a hydrogenated sugar, resulting composition and uses thereof
03/17/16Dextrin-based coating slips
02/25/16Novel confectionery with improved crunchiness
02/25/16Film-forming compostions for the film-coating of solid forms
02/25/16Biological assay of peptidoglycans
02/18/16Microalgal biomass protein enrichment method
02/11/16Method for stabilising oxidation-sensitive metabolites produced by microalgae of the chlorella genus
02/04/16Process for preparing a confectionery, and confectioneries thus obtained
02/04/16Microalgal flour granules and process for preparation thereof
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01/28/16Lightened fat and its use in breadmaking and patisserie
01/28/16Cooking product comprising microalgal flour in the form of granules and production method
01/21/16Microalgal-flour-based vegetable fat and its use in breadmaking and patisserie
12/24/15Method for fractionating soluble fractions of peas, fraction thus obtained and upgrade thereof
12/17/15High-fluidity non-caking dianhydrohexitol pellets
11/12/15Compositions of mixed diesters of 1,4: 3,6-dianhydrohexitol
11/05/15Method for manufacturing a chewing gum with improved hardness by implementing an anti-caking agent and chewing gum thereby obtained
11/05/15Method for thickening or dehydrating sludge
10/29/15Process for making water drinkable
10/22/15Use of polysaccharides for the intestinal well-being of nursing infants and/or infants
10/22/15Method for the reactive extrusion of an amylaceous material in the presence of a polyphosphate serving as a cross-linking agent, resulting products, and uses thereof
10/15/15Method for producing protein compositions of low solubility, compositions produced, and use thereof in bread-making products
10/15/15Method for producing complex compositions of mixed diesters of 1,4: 3,6- dianhydrohexitol
10/08/15Jelly confection and producing such a confectionery product
10/01/15Microalgal flour granules and process for preparation thereof
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10/01/15Method for synthesising 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid from a composition containing furan-2,5-dialdehyde
09/10/15Method for synthesising 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)furan and 2,5-di(hydroxymethyl)tetrahydrofuran by selective hydrogenation of furan-2,5-dialdehyde
09/10/15Oil enriched with arachidonic acid of microorganisms (unicellular fungus mortierella alpina) and the production thereof
08/27/15Assembly of at least one vegetable protein and at least one dairy protein
08/13/15Method for preparing a composition rich in lutein produced by microalgae
08/06/15Process for producing compositions rich in crystals of mannitol in delta form, compositions and crystals obtained and uses thereof
07/23/15Method for preparing dialkyloxydianhyrohexitol by etherification of dianhydrohexitol using a light alcohol, in the presence of an acidic catalyst
07/02/15Method of synthesis of a composition containing at least one internal dehydration product of a hydrogenated sugar by heterogeneous catalysis
07/02/15Method for extracting b-amylases from a soluble fraction of a starch plant and in the presence of a protease
07/02/15Mixtures of polyvinylamines and of liquid compositions of cationic amylaceous materials as agents for improving the dry strength of paper and cardboard
06/18/15Aqueous suspensions of titanium dioxide and cationic amylaceous matter, intended for the production of paper and cardboard
06/11/15Method for continuously enriching an oil produced by microalgae with ethyl esters of dha
05/21/15Method for refining squalene produced by microalgae
05/14/15Coating slips for paper and cardboard containing a dextrin with a high amylopectin content
05/07/15Plasticiser compositions comprising gelification accelerators based on ester(s) of 1,4 : 3,6-dianhydrohexitol having low molar weight
05/07/15Methods for decontaminating circuits for producing glucose polymers and hydrolysates of glucose polymers
05/07/15Strain producing turanose and uses thereof
04/30/15Method for producing an emulsion of alkenyl succinic anhydride (asa) in an aqueous solution of a cationic amylaceous substance, resulting emulsion, and use thereof
02/26/15Polymers, the process for the synthesis thereof and compositions comprising same
02/12/15Methionine compound intended for animal feed
01/29/15Biobased alkyd resin and process for manufacturing such an alkyd resin
01/22/15Hypoglycemic hyper-branched maltodextrins
01/01/15Method for measuring the thermal stability of a succinic acid crystal intended for the production of polymers
12/25/14Method for selectively oxidizing 5-hydroxymethyl furaldehyde
12/18/14Gluten-free cooking products
11/06/14Partially soluble dextrins of high molecular weight
11/06/14Coating slips based on partially soluble dextrins of high molecular weight
10/23/14Industrial preparing alkaline hydrolysates of vegetable proteins
07/17/14Potabilisation method
06/12/14Packaged dianhydrohexitols having high chemical stability
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04/24/14Novel strain of microalga that produces squalene
03/27/14Method for the preparation and extraction of squalene from microalgae
03/13/14Method for extracting squalene from microalgae
02/20/14Methods for detecting contaminants in solutions containing glucose polymers
01/30/14Process for manufacturing polycarbonate from derivatives of dianhydrohexitols bearing two alkyl carbonate functions
01/30/14Process for manufacturing polycarbonate from dianhydrohexitol dialkylcarbonate
10/31/13Compressible, highly viscous polysaccharide and polyol powder
10/24/13High-fluidity non-caking dianhydrohexitol pellets
09/05/13Method for decontaminating starch hydrolysates for the preparation of glucose polymers for peritoneal dialysis
08/29/13Method for manufacturing high-purity sorbitol syrups from sucrose and uses thereof
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08/15/13Method for producing a multilayer structure comprising an adhesive composition based on an amylaceous material
08/08/13Modified starch derivative-based matrix for colon targeting
07/18/13Plasticizing of aliphatic polyesters with alkyl esters of dianhydrohexitols
04/18/13Plant material compositions and preparing same
03/28/13Indigestible polymer: starch acetate -based film coatings for colon targeting
03/07/13Method for preparing alkaline hydrolysates of plant proteins
01/17/13Process for manufacturing soluble and functional plant proteins, products obtained and uses
11/22/12Confectionery products with pea proteins
11/22/12Branched soluble glucose polymers for peritoneal dialysis
11/15/12Method for preparing thermoplastic compositions of plasticized starch, and such compositions
11/08/12Use of polysaccharides for treating stress and anxiety
10/11/12Granulated maltitol for direct compression and preparation thereof
08/16/12Method for preparing acetylated derivatives of an amylaceous material
08/09/12Methionine-rich composition for feeding animals
07/12/12Fermentation process for producing glycolic acid
06/28/12Process for the total or partial replacement of talc in chewing gum
06/28/12Method for obtaining chewing gum, in which talc is replaced with agglomerates of crystals
06/21/12Mannitol crystal powder having a low fine-particle content, and producing same
05/10/12Method for preparing diahydrohexitol diester compositions
03/08/12Flexible container for packaging solid particulate materials in bulk, and use thereof
03/01/12Compressible and free-flow co-agglomerates of mannitol and granular starch
02/23/12Method for purifying glucose polymers for peritoneal dialysis solutions
02/16/12Method for preparing a dialkyl carbonate of dianhydrohexitol
02/09/12Method for obtaining a preparation of beta-amylases from the soluble fractions of starch plants
01/19/12Vegetable milk granulated powder, process for producing vegetable milk, and uses thereof
12/22/11Granulated powder containing vegetable proteins and fibers, process for producing same, and use thereof
12/15/11Granulated powder containing vegetable proteins and maltodextrins, process for producing same, and uses thereof
12/01/11Large particle size crystallised maltitol powder, preparing same and applications thereof, particularly in chocolate production
10/20/11Water insoluble polymer: indigestible water-soluble polysaccharide film coatings for colon targeting
10/20/11Process for crosslinking proteins with dihydroxyacetone
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09/29/11Use of a material based on a thermoplastic polymer having a high content of antioxidants for packaging dianhydrohexitols
09/29/11Aqueous dispersions of at least one biodegradable polymer
08/18/11Water insoluble polymer: starch-based film coatings for colon targeting
08/11/11Thermoplastic or elastomeric compositions based on esters of a starchy material and preparing such compositions
08/11/11Elastomeric compositions based on esters of a starchy material and preparing such compositions
08/11/11Method for preparing dianhydrohexitol diester compositions
05/19/11Method of manufacturing cellular films directly
05/19/11Composition of soluble indigestible fibre and of microalgae used in the well-being field
05/19/11Process for preparing compositions based on a starchy component and on a synthetic polymer
05/12/11Composition of soluble indigestible fibers and of eukaryotic organisms with a polysaccharide wall, used in the well-being field
05/12/11Orodispersible mannitol
05/05/11Wheat gluten pellets
04/14/11Starch-containing thermoplastic or elastomer compositions, and preparing such compositions
04/07/11Carbohydrate compositions having a greater impact on the insulinemic response than on the glycemic response, their preparation and their uses
02/24/11Confectionery containing algae for the prevention of oro-dental infections
02/03/11High-fluidity and non-caking pulverulent crystalline maltitol composition
12/09/10Method for preparing thermoplastic compositions based on plasticized starch and resulting compositions
12/09/10Method for preparing thermoplastic compositions based on plasticized starch and resulting compositions
12/02/10Thermoplastic compositions based on soluble starch and preparing such compositions
11/25/10Method for producing succinic acid
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10/28/10Soluble, highly branched glucose polymers for enteral and parenteral nutrition and for peritoneal dialysis
09/30/10Aqueous composition containing at least one soluble gelatinized anionic starch
08/26/10Fiber-rich baked product and the production thereof
08/05/10Encapsulation agent comprising a pea maltodextrin and/or a pea glucose syrup, compositions containing it and its preparation method
06/24/10Method for the cationisation of legume starches, cationic starches thus obtained applications thereof
06/24/10Method for cooking a starchy material with a high content of dry matter for the preparation of an adhesive composition
03/11/10Use of a leguminous starch derivative for coating paper or folding carton and coating composition containing same
12/31/09Granulated sorbitol and process for its preparation
10/15/09Optimized sugar-free hard coating process
09/10/09Granulated sweetening composition
07/16/09Rectangular parallelepipedal maltitol
06/25/09Granulated maltitol for direct compression and preparation thereof
05/07/09Process for the evapocrystallization of maltitol
02/26/15Process for the crystallization of succinic acid

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