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Saab Ab patents

Recent patent applications related to Saab Ab. Saab Ab is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Saab Ab may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Saab Ab, we're just tracking patents.

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10/15/09Side lobe suppression
08/13/09Wideband antenna pattern
10/19/17 new patent  Subsurface imaging radar
05/25/17A fluid actuator arrangement
05/18/17Optical fiber sensor system for detecting temperature changes in an aircraft
05/11/17A composite article having multifunctional properties and its manufacture
04/20/17Line-of-sight apparatus locking arrangement
03/30/17Line-of-sight apparatus locking arrangement with front and rear fastener
01/26/17Arrangement for locking arming conditions
01/19/17An antenna system for polarization diversity
01/12/17A switching mode dc/dc power converter for delivering a direct current to a pulse radar unit
12/29/16Stiffening element and reinforced structure
12/29/16Container for packaging and storing ammunition units, a unit cargo comprising such containers and a packaging and storing such containers
12/15/16Initiating device and manufacturing such a device
12/15/16Power divider and power combiner
10/20/16Arrangement for recoil simulation and weapon training
09/29/16Flap angle measurement system and method
08/11/16End-effector body for a fixture device
08/04/16Fixture device for manufacture of aeronautical structures and a applying the device
06/30/16Method and transceiver for network diversity in long distance communications
05/05/16Route planning minimizing exposure to threats
04/28/16Head-up display for night vision goggles
02/25/16Electric detonator and producing an electric detonator
12/31/15Dynamic memory access management
11/19/15Subsurface imaging radar
11/05/15De-icing arrangement and de-icing a structural element
11/05/15Method and system of mission planning
10/29/15Fastening means and attachment assembly
10/22/15An airframe leading edge
10/22/15Multifunctional erosion protection strip
10/22/15Flexible display system
10/22/15De-icing arrangement and de-icing a structural element
10/15/15Smooth surface forming tool and manufacture thereof
10/15/15A porous coating applied onto an aerial article
09/24/15Method for managing single channel spatial reuse in the presence of potentially disruptive nodes in a mobile ad-hoc network
09/10/15Method and an estimating values for a set of parameters of an imaging system
08/27/15Method and arrangement for identifying a difference between a first 3d model of an environment and a second 3d model of the environment
08/27/15Method and a system for building a three-dimensional model from satellite images
08/27/15Airborne network extension cluster
07/30/15Antenna assembly with shielding structure
07/23/15Method for integrating an antenna with a vehicle fuselage
07/16/15Method for resource allocation in mission planning
06/18/15Method for determining a direction to a signal-emitting object
06/04/15Landing arresting system for vertical take-off and landing (vtol) aerial vehicles, landing and take-off platform for vtol aerial vehicles and vtol locking member for aerial vehicles
05/07/15Power conversion system
04/16/15Combined antenna, antenna array and using the antenna array
03/19/15Method and system for determining a relation between a first scene and a second scene
03/05/15Countermass container for use in a recoilless weapon and a recoilless weapon comprising such a countermass container
02/19/15Tactical differential gps
02/12/15Dynamic ignition and ignition delay multi-mode fuse system
01/08/15Method and mould system for net moulding of a co-cured, integrated structure
01/08/15Method for variable control of a zone sensor in a combat aircraft
12/25/14Object-focussed decision support
12/18/14Weapon firing and target simulator and methods thereof
10/23/14Method and system for analyzing images from satellites
10/02/14Aerial vehicle hold-down harpoon
09/25/14Aircraft structure with structural non-fiber reinforcing bonding resin layer
09/25/14Method for duel handling in a combat aircraft
09/18/14Method for determining threat status for combat aircrafts
09/18/14Calculating time to go and size of an object based on scale correlation between images from an electro optical sensor
09/04/14Route planning minimizing exposure to threats
09/04/14Dynamic route planning
07/17/14Method and system for steering an unmanned aerial vehicle
07/10/14Method and arrangement for de-icing a structural element
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06/19/14Split range control for pressurization
06/19/14Antenna arrangement for a radar system
06/05/14Distributed avionics backup handling in an avionics system
05/29/14Composite article and a forming a composite article
05/15/14Double-curved cover for covering a gap between two structural portions of an aircraft
05/08/14Best quality given a maximum bit rate
04/24/14Decoy material package, a dispenser and a dispensing decoy material
04/17/14Variable jet engine outlet with a mainly circle sector-formed cross section
04/10/14Head-up display for night vision goggles
03/27/14Tapered slot antenna
03/27/14Configurable input/output processor
03/13/14Validity check of vehicle position information
03/06/14Flight data display
02/20/14Electrically steerable antenna arrangement
02/06/14Signal directing means for dividing an input signal into at least two output signals or combining at least two input signals into one output signal
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12/05/13Method and an image-based navigation
11/07/13Plasma-enhanced active laminar flow actuator system
10/24/13Training weapon system for recoilless antitank rifle weapons
10/17/13Power supply arrangement for distribution of power
10/17/13Method and solving position and orientation from correlated point features in images
10/03/13System and vehicle separation for a plurality of vehicles
09/19/13Smooth surface forming tool and manufacture thereof
09/12/13Method and radar system for repetition jammer and clutter supression
08/15/13System and tracking and guiding at least one object
08/15/13Method and optimization and incremental improvement of a fundamental matrix
08/15/13Method and arrangement for recording a media stream,
08/08/13Wideband transmitter/receiver arrangement for multifunctional radar and communication
08/08/13Hull inspection system
08/08/13Method and arrangement for recording a media stream
07/18/13Mounting system for transmitter receiver modules
07/11/13Multiphase transformer rectifier unit
07/04/13Pyrotechnic countermeasure dispensing system
07/04/13Active circulator
07/04/13Ethernet for avionics
06/27/13Cooling device for cooling combustion gases from recoilless anti-tank weapons
06/20/13Method for configuring a distributed avionics control system
06/06/13Target locating method and a target locating system
05/23/13Helicopter obstacle detection and information system
05/23/13Composite article comprising particles and a forming a composite article
05/02/13Wireless target system
04/11/13Method and arrangement for positioning of an object in a warehouse
03/21/13Methods and arrangements for augmented reality
02/21/13Multifunctional de-icing/anti-icing system
02/14/13Three dimensional model method based on combination of ground based images and images taken from above
02/07/13Wind turbine blade having an outer surface with improved properties
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01/31/13Automated three dimensional mapping method
01/31/13Method and arrangements for firing a fire arm
01/31/13Multifunctional de-icing/anti-icing system of a wind turbine
01/03/13Helicopter with removable fuel tank
01/03/13Method estimating absolute orientation of a vehicle
12/13/12Radiation element retainer device
12/06/12Mounting device for electronic components in uav helicopters
11/22/12Article with de-icing/anti-icing function
11/15/12Array antenna system
11/08/12Radar detecting and tracking a target
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11/08/12Method in wireless network using relays
10/11/12High power electrical distribution system
08/30/12Centralized supervision of network traffic
07/19/12Microwave filter
07/19/12Method and an arrangement for estimating 3d models in a street environment
07/19/12Main rotor arrangement of an uav-helicopter
07/12/12Method and arrangement of a flight simulator system
07/05/12Method for reducing electromagnetic interference radiated from a power supply arrangement
06/21/12Centering above a predetermined area of a landing platform
06/14/12Rotor damper and tail rotor with such a rotor damper
05/24/12Arrangement for storing and launching payloads
05/24/12Method and system for facilitating autonomous landing of aerial vehicles on a surface
05/10/12Method and wideband antenna system to minimise the influence of interference sources
05/10/12System and mixing a scene with a virtual scenario
05/03/12Closable counter-measure compartments for a dispenser unit
05/03/12Radar system comprising a switching mode power converter
05/03/12Radar a synthetic aperture radar
04/26/12Countermeasure arrangement
04/26/12Wideband antenna pattern
04/26/12Calculating time to go and size of an object based on scale correlation between images from an electro optical sensor
04/19/12System, protection of a vehicle against a possible threat
04/19/12Air guiding means for a dispenser
04/12/12Distributed power amplifier with active matching
04/12/12Structural longitudinal composite joint for aircraft structure
03/29/12Nano-reinforced radius filler for an aircraft structure and a producing an aircraft structure comprising such filler
03/08/12Decoy material package, a dispenser and a dispensing decoy material
01/26/12Arrangement at an aircraft of a dispenser unit for countermeasures
01/19/12Ignition and delay circuit
01/19/12Cassette arranged for accommodating a pay load of pyrophoric material
01/19/12Dispenser unit for countermeasures
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01/12/12Cable connection system for underwater vehicle
01/05/12Recoil dampening mechanism
01/05/12Method and device for shaping of composite material
12/29/11Method of attaching elements by bonding
12/29/11Dual frequency antenna aperture
12/15/11Measuring of a landing platform of a ship
12/08/11Inner-ballistic for recoilless weapon
12/08/11Sar radar system
12/01/11Method and arrangement for a low radar cross section antenna
10/27/11Range estimation device
10/20/11Method and device for detecting a fire shot event in a weapon
10/20/11Method, a device and a system for metering of powder
10/13/11Thermoforming apparatus
10/13/11Cascode amplifier with increased linearity
10/13/11Method of forming a composite article
09/01/11Circuit comprising at least a first transistor group and a second transistor group
09/01/11Using image sensor and tracking filter time-to-go to avoid mid-air collisions
08/18/11Target tracking system and a tracking a target
08/18/11Safe termination of uav
08/11/11A cartridge case and a round comprising such a cartridge case
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08/11/11Cartridge case and a round comprising such a cartridge case
07/14/11Re-configurable amplifier
07/14/11Method and arrangement for estimating at least one parameter of an intruder
07/07/11Validity check of vehicle position information
06/30/11Arrangement and launching counter-measures
06/30/11Support structure for a screen
06/16/11Validity check of vehicle position information transmitted over a time-synchronized data link
06/02/11Vacuum bag for hot drape forming
04/28/11Helmet restraint system
03/10/11Weapon with im-characteristics
03/03/11De-icer, a fixture and a adjusting the position of a de-icer
01/27/11Method for displaying a virtual image
01/13/11Weapon system
12/16/10Error detection system for g-suit
11/25/10Device arranged for illuminate an area
11/11/10Arrangement for weapon
11/11/10Launch tube protective cover
11/11/10Positioning system for aerial refueling
10/14/10A system and a transmission of information
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10/07/10Im-lock for weapons having preloaded projectiles
09/30/10Ammunition unit
08/26/10Sluice device for an rov
08/19/10Restoring of strength and wear resistance of a metal matrix composite (mmc)
08/12/10Device and controlling a satellite tracking antenna
07/15/10Avoidance manoeuvre generator for an aircraft
07/08/10Shell restraining device for an anti-armour weapon
06/17/10Curved beam of fiber composite material
05/20/10Internal pressure relieving device for anti-armour ammunition
05/13/10Collision avoidance system and a determining an escape manoeuvre trajectory for collision avoidance
03/18/10Countermass weapon
02/11/10Method of configuring weapon
02/04/10Optical scanner
01/28/10Launchable unit
01/28/10Missile guidance system
01/21/10Vortex detection and turbulence measurement
01/14/10Method and a calculating unit for calculation of a recovery flight path
01/07/10Laser target seeker device
01/07/10Evaluating shooting training
12/31/09Arrangement of components
12/03/09Radar receiver and a processing radar returns
11/12/09Rfi suppression in sar
10/22/09Method and a device for feeding dc power to an amplifier module for a pulsed load
09/17/09Method and system for mapping a target scene using scanning radar
09/10/09Missile launching system, and a hanger member for suspending the missile in a launch rail
09/03/09Method for handling different versions of an application, and an automation system
08/27/09Head-up display with brightness control
08/06/09Dispenser arrangement for discharging countermeasure means
07/30/09Missile launcher
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06/18/09Electricity generating device for use in an armour arrangement, and an armour arrangement of this kind
06/18/09Propellant charge for recoilless gun
06/18/09Warhead casing
06/18/09Method and manufacturing of an article including an empty space
05/28/09Synchronization for fh communication
05/21/09Vehicle integrated antenna
05/21/09Method and arrangement for determining position of vehicles relative each other
05/14/09Dispenser system for discharging countermeasure means
05/14/09Dispenser for flowable material
05/07/09Method and generating at least one voted flight trajectory of a vehicle
04/30/09Method and tool for forming an elongate, hollow article of a fiber-reinforced composite material
04/30/09Propellant blast suppressive transportation box
04/30/09Method of forming a composite structure
04/23/09Method for manufacturing beams of fiber-reinforced composite material
04/23/09Shooting target system for automatic determination of the point of impact
04/23/09Matrix balun
04/23/09Method, computer program and device for determining the risk of midair collision
04/16/09Device and a sight
04/09/09Method and device for shaping of composite material
04/02/09Method of manufacturing an article of fiber-reinforced composite material
03/26/09Low emissive camouflage flakes
03/05/09Method and manufacturing a curved elongated structural element
02/05/09Device for supplying electricity
02/05/09Lifting device suitable for submersibles
02/05/09Method and system for fire simulation

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