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Safran Aircraft Engines
Safran Aircraft Engines Pi aji

Safran Aircraft Engines patents

Recent patent applications related to Safran Aircraft Engines. Safran Aircraft Engines is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Safran Aircraft Engines may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Safran Aircraft Engines, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17 new patent  Composite blade comprising a platform equipped with a stiffener
11/16/17 new patent  Method for manufacturing a turbine engine blade including a tip provided with a complex well
11/16/17 new patent  Method for friction-welding a blade to a turbomachine vane, including a surfacing process
11/16/17 new patent  Turbine assembly of an aircraft turbine engine
11/16/17 new patent  Turbine blade having an end cap
11/16/17 new patent  Vane for turbomachinery, such as an aircraft turbojet or turbofan engine or an aircraft turboprop engine
11/16/17 new patent  A holder device for being present at the surface of a part made of composite material
11/16/17 new patent  Plain self-centering bearing
11/16/17 new patent  Method of manufacturing parts based on analysis of statistical indicators in a situation of diminished control
11/16/17 new patent  Method for producing mechanical devices comprising several assembled identical parts
11/09/17Method for producing a turbine engine part
11/09/17A fabricating three-dimensional parts out of an alloy of aluminum and titanium
11/09/17Device for de-icing a splitter nose of an aviation turbine engine
11/02/17Method for repairing an upstream rail of a turbine engine turbine casing
11/02/17Method for checking the position of a preform in a mould
11/02/17Propeller ring comprising radial housings with an ovoid cross-section
11/02/17Aircraft propulsion assembly with a filtered cradle
11/02/17Air circulation device for a turbomachine comprising a hot air bypass system to a heat exchanger
11/02/17Regulation of the oil flow in a cooling circuit of a turbomachine
11/02/17Method and device for monitoring an aircraft engine vane wheel via balance position measurement
10/26/17Simplified pitch actuation system for a turbine engine propeller
10/26/17Peeling test coupon
10/19/17Method for demoulding a composite material with an organic matrix
10/19/17Stator of an aircraft turbine engine
10/19/17Turbine engine guide vane
10/19/17Machining process for multi-vane nozzle
10/19/17Vane with spoiler
10/19/17Assembly of two parts comprising a removable centring seat for an aircraft turbine engine
10/19/17Turbomachine combustion chamber
10/19/17Method for modeling a blade of a non-ducted propeller
10/12/17Turbine engline, such as for example an aircraft turbojet engine or a turboprop engine
10/12/17Sealing system and turbopump comprising such a system
10/12/17Panel for heat exchange and improved noise reduction for a turbomachine
10/05/17Optimized for crimping attachment of an abradable piece support to a radially inner wall of a vane sector of a turbomachine
10/05/17Aircraft including a wing with improved acoustic treatment
10/05/17Propeller pitch control system
10/05/17Variable pitch bladed disc
10/05/17Aircraft turbine engine comprising a discharge device
10/05/17Supply of air to an air-conditioning circuit of an aircraft cabin
10/05/17Output director vane for an aircraft turbine engine, with an improved lubricant cooling function using a heat conduction matrix housed in an inner duct of the vane
10/05/17Method for inspecting a connection seal between two parts
09/28/17Method for manufacturing turbomachine member ring supports
09/28/17Method for producing a ceramic core
09/28/17Method of manufacturing a leading edge shield
09/28/17Repair of an assembly comprising a main body and a reinforcement
09/28/17Variable pitch bladed disc
09/28/17Guide vane made from composite material, comprising staggered attachment flanges for a gas turbine engine
09/28/17Control device of a variable section nozzle and the implementation method thereof
09/28/17Blade with a platform and a hollow bumper
09/21/17Self-stiffened casing consisting of a composite material with an organic matrix
09/21/17Method for monitoring the operation of a turbomachine
09/14/17Method and device for mounting an engine on an aircraft pylon
09/14/17Mechanism for driving members for adjusting the orientation of blades
09/14/17Air inlet duct for an aircraft turbine engine
09/07/17A guide vane made of composite material for a gas turbine engine, and it's fabrication
09/07/17Turbomachine shaft
08/24/17Stack molding pattern and improved shell for manufacturing aircraft turbine engine blade elements via lost wax casting
08/24/17Aircraft with a propulsion unit with offset fan
08/24/17Lubricating-oil collection cap for turbomachine equipment
08/24/17Turbomachine blade, comprising a root with reduced stress concentrations
08/24/17Turbine engine compressor, in particular for an aircraft turboprop engine or turbojet engine
08/17/17Process for molding a thermosetting resin
08/17/17Method for carrying out work on a rotor and associated foil
08/17/17Method for producing a hydrostatic fluid bearing with cells
08/17/17Connection device comprising several curved concentric tubes
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08/10/17Rotary assembly for a turbine engine comprising a self-supported rotor collar
08/10/17Turbomachine turbine blade squealer tip
08/10/17Mobile vane for a turbine engine, comprising a lug engaging in a locking notch of a rotor disk
08/10/17Hybridisation of the compressors of a turbojet
08/10/17Turbine engine combustion chamber
08/03/17Rotor for turbine engine comprising blades with added platforms
08/03/17Rotary assembly for a turbomachine
08/03/17Turbomachine module
08/03/17Method for controlling a bistable shutoff valve for an aircraft engine
08/03/17Extraction sleeve
07/27/17Spacecraft propulsion system and method
07/27/17Method for manufacturing a turbine engine part and the thereby produced part
07/20/17System for supplying pressurised air installed in an aircraft turbine engine including sealing means
07/20/17Outlet guide vane for aircraft turbine engine, presenting an improved lubricant cooling function
07/20/17Method and system for evaluating a flow rate of a fluid
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07/13/17Method of fabricating a textile structure of varying thickness
07/13/17Method of fabricating a textile structure of varying thickness
07/13/17Method for manufacturing a turbine engine vane made of a composite material, resulting vane and turbine engine including same
07/13/17Lubrication device for a turbine engine
07/13/17Method and a device for controlling thrust from a turbojet
07/13/17Method for modelling a bathtub of a blade
07/06/17Assembly for turbine machine with open rotor contra-rotating propellers, comprising a small duct for the passage of ancillaries
07/06/17Turbine blade with optimised cooling at the trailing edge of same comprising upstream and downstream ducts and inner side cavities
07/06/17Variable-pitch fan with low pitch of a turbine engine
07/06/17Measuring comb for measuring parameters of the gases exiting a turbomachine working section
06/29/17Turbine blade with optimised cooling
06/29/17Turbine blade comprising a central cooling duct and two side cavities connected downstream from the central duct
06/29/17Improved interface for a valve for a cryogenic fluid duct
06/29/17Aircraft flight data evaluation system
06/22/17System for clamping a part and sealing the inner casing of a low pressure rectifier of a turbomachine
06/22/17Device for controlling clearance at the tops of turbine rotating blades
06/22/17Turbomachine comprising a means of uncoupling a fan
06/22/17Method for assessing whether or not a measured value of a physical parameter of an aircraft engine is normal
06/15/17Device for fixing blades with variable pitch of a non-streamlined turbomachine propeller
06/15/17Transport and hoisting structure for a turbomachine
06/15/17Turbine rotor for a gas turbine engine
06/08/17Method for dimensioning a turbomachine
06/08/17Method of monitoring a degradation of a device on board an aircraft including the determination of a counting threshold
06/01/17Method for manufacturing a core for moulding a blade
06/01/17Improved manufacturing a shell mold for production by lost-wax casting of bladed elements of an aircraft turbine engine
06/01/17Turbomachine element comprising an auxiliary sealing means, and testing this element
06/01/17Instrumented flow passage of a turbine engine
06/01/17Method for starting a fan operation test
06/01/17Method and a device for estimating a quality index for a 3d image of a composite material part
05/25/17Mounting of vanes at the periphery of a turbine engine disc
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05/25/17Method for creating and repairing a turbomachine component and associated turbomachine component
05/25/17Device and lubricating a turbomachine rolling bearing
05/18/17Method for manufacturing a two-component blade for a gas turbine engine and blade obtained by such a method
05/18/17Propulsion assembly for an aircraft, comprising a gas generator, two offset fans and an air inlet sleeve
05/18/17Propulsion assembly for an aircraft, comprising a gas generator and two offset fans
05/18/17Propulsive wing of an aircraft
05/18/17Aircraft with a propulsion unit comprising a fan at the rear of the fuselage
05/18/17Sealing plate with fuse function
05/18/17Gearbox of aircraft turbine engine
05/18/17Device for measuring aerodynamic magnitudes intended to be placed in a flow passage of a turbine engine
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05/18/17Air guidance device for a turbomachine
05/18/17Aircraft turbine engine air intake duct
05/18/17Turbine engine stator vane, fan casing comprising such a vane, thrust reverser system of a turbine engine equipped with such a vane and turbine engine equipped with said vane, said casing or said system
05/11/17Method for producing a low-alloy steel ingot
05/04/17Rotationally symmetrical part for a turbine engine rotor, and related turbine engine rotor, turbine engine module, and turbine engine
05/04/17A turbine engine comprising a drive system for a device such as an accessories case
04/27/17Device for assisting a solid propellant propulsion system of a single-engine helicopter, single-engine helicopter comprising such a device
04/27/17Propulsion assembly for aircraft with a jet engine with a dismountable fan blade
04/20/17Method for assisting with the detection of damage to a turbojet duct
04/13/17System for supplying a turbine engine with fluid having a low pressure pumping assembly comprising two pumps in parallel
04/13/17Ball joint device for a turbine engine
04/06/17Propulsion unit for an aircraft
04/06/17Production maraging steel
04/06/17Turbojet engine with offset fans with a differential system
04/06/17Aviation turbine engine fan assembly including a fitted platform
04/06/17Method for measuring the kinematics of at least one turbomachine rotor
03/30/17Engine for a spacecraft, and spacecraft comprising such an engine
03/30/17Heat-exchange and noise-reduction panel for a propulsion assembly
03/30/17Improved flow-control device with reduced weight
03/23/17Stiffened hub for unshrouded propeller
03/16/17Stator sector for a turbine engine, and a fabricating it
03/16/17Gas turbine engine comprising a starter engaged with a low-pressure body
03/09/17Supporting tools for winding a fibrous texture, process for producing a fibrous texture and making a fibrous preform of revolution
03/09/17Oil cooler integrated into the pylon
03/09/17Bearing element to cushion axial displacements of a sliding traverse of an injection system for a turbomachine
03/02/17Ring-shaped thermomechanical part for turbine engine
03/02/17Pipe supporting system
02/23/17Composite material vane with integrated aerodynamic covering element and manufacturing method thereof
02/23/17Turbine engine module comprising a casing around a device with a cover for recovering lubricating oil
02/16/17Mould for monocrystalline casting
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02/16/17Method for deploying a satellite constellation
02/16/17Modular assembly for a turbine engine
02/16/17Method for detecting an increase in the rating of a low-pressure turbine of an aircraft reactor during a cruising flight phase, and associated device and regulating the cooling air flow rate of a low-pressure turbine
02/09/17Method for synchronising the engines of an airplane with dual intermediate state
02/09/17Turbine engine rotor lock
02/09/17Turbomachine fan frame comprising improved attachment means
02/09/17Riveted assembly and associated production method
02/02/17Synchronisation of the input data links of a computer
01/26/17Nacelle comprising an exchanger for cooling a stream of fluid
01/26/17Heat treatment of an alloy based on titanium aluminide
01/19/17Protective edge for a blade and manufacturing said edge
01/12/17Supply of air to an air-conditioning circuit of an aircraft cabin from its turboprop engine
01/12/17An improved propellant feed system for a space vehicle
01/12/17Tools for supporting powder preform during a heat treatment
01/12/17Fan rotor for a turbo machine such as a multiple flow turbojet engine driven by a reduction gear
01/12/17Cooling of a main line in a multipoint fuel injection system
01/12/17Turbine engine provided with a lubrication unit
01/12/17A simulating shaping a textile strip on a mold presenting a surface of revolution
01/05/17Unducted propeller turboshaft engine provided with a reinforcing shell integrating pipe segments
12/01/16Mould, particularly injection mould, and injection moulding method using such a mould
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12/01/16Supply of air to an air-conditioning circuit of an aircraft cabin from its turboprop engine
12/01/16Method for localised repair of a damaged thermal barrier
11/24/16Lined mold for centrifugal casting
11/24/16Lined centrifugal mould with controlled thermal inertia
11/17/16Supply of air to an air-conditioning circuit of an aircraft cabin from its turboprop engine
06/08/17Instrumented flow passage of a turbine engine
11/24/16Nacelle for an airplane turbojet

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