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Salesforce com Inc
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Salesforce com Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Salesforce com Inc. Salesforce com Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Salesforce com Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Salesforce com Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Computer implemented methods and composing and batch publishing feed items in a feed-based interaction context
04/27/17 new patent  Buffering request data for in-memory cache
04/27/17 new patent  Builder program code for in-memory cache
04/27/17 new patent  Visibility parameters for an in-memory cache
04/27/17 new patent  In-memory cache for web application data
04/27/17 new patent  System, method and computer program product for creating a visual component for tenants of an on-demand database service
04/27/17 new patent  Methods and systems for optimizing queries in a multi-tenant store
04/27/17 new patent  Document rendering service
04/20/17Automatically matching start criteria and completion criteria of a walkthrough for an application or online service
04/20/17Security descriptors for record access queries
04/13/17Computing systems and processes for simultaneous co-development of dashboard interfaces
04/13/17Computer implemented methods and providing internal custom feed items
04/13/17Following data records in an information feed
04/13/17System for broadcasting events
04/06/17Generating dashboards using a mobile computing device
04/06/17Importing data using a mobile computing device
04/06/17Methods and presenting search results according to a priority order determined by user activity
04/06/17Computer implemented methods and identifying topical influence in an online social network
03/30/17Fast css parser
03/30/17Combined directed graphs
03/30/17Integrating and managing social networking information in an on-demand database system
03/23/17Simplified entity lifecycle management
03/23/17Maintaining throughput of a stream processing framework while increasing processing load
03/23/17Managing processing of long tail task sequences in a stream processing framework
03/23/17Managing resource allocation in a stream processing framework
03/23/17Processing events generated by internet of things (iot)
03/23/17Recovery strategy for a stream processing system
03/23/17Sytems and methods for making visual data representations actionable
03/23/17Systems and methods for securing data
03/23/17Simplified entity engagement automation
03/16/17Displaying reduced and detailed visual representations of calendar items based on mouse cursor movement
03/16/17System having in-memory buffer service, temporary events file storage system and backup events file uploader service
03/16/17Handling multiple task sequences in a stream processing framework
03/16/17Providing strong ordering in multi-stage streaming processing
03/16/17System having in-memory buffer service, temporary events file storage system and events file uploader servic
03/16/17Methods and systems for executing tests using grouped/filtered test classes during testing of an application
03/16/17Methods and systems for computing code coverage using grouped/filtered source classes during testing of an application
03/16/17Publication of collaborative file to library
03/16/17Derived fields in log file processing
03/16/17Processing log files using a database system
03/16/17Secure isolation of scripting from native graphic rendering of animated data visualizations
03/16/17Processing keyboard input to perform events in relation to calendar items using a web browser-based application or online service
03/16/17Configuring service consoles based on service feature templates using a database system
03/16/17Polarity turn-around time of social media posts
03/16/17Recursive cell-based hierarchy for data visualizations
03/16/17Cross domain in-browser proxy
03/09/17Systems and methods for creating custom actions
03/09/17System, method and computer program product for publicly providing web content using a multi-tenant system
03/09/17Analytic data export tool
03/09/17Switching between restricted-access websites on mobile user devices
03/02/17Platform provider architecture creation utilizing platform architecture type unit definitions
03/02/17In-memory buffer service
03/02/17System and generating and storing real-time analytics metric data using an in memory buffer service consumer framework
03/02/17Transforming columns from source files to target files
03/02/17Unicode-based image generation and testing
03/02/17Unicode-based image generation and testing
03/02/17Unicode-based image generation and testing
03/02/17Generating feature vectors from rdf graphs
03/02/17Evaluating personalized recommendation models
03/02/17Quantitative metrics for assessing status of a platform architecture for cloud computing
03/02/17Database systems and related queue management methods
03/02/17Generic scheduling
03/02/17Platform architecture planning process utilizing platform architecture type unit definitions
02/23/17Records management
02/23/17Method and system for providing information to a mobile handheld device from a database system
Patent Packs
02/23/17System and providing an information-centric application
02/23/17Systems and methods for implementing an encrypted search index
02/23/17Partition balancing in an on-demand services environment
02/23/17Systems and methods for an omni-channel routing broker
02/16/17System, method and computer program product for displaying a record as part of a selected grouping of data
02/16/17Responsive self-service website template
02/16/17Intra-platform data migration
02/16/17Persistent data objects in a database system
02/16/17Generating or updating sets of events using a database system
02/16/17Systems and methods of improving parallel functional processing
02/16/17Three-dimensional (3d) convolution with 3d batch normalization
02/16/17Background authentication refresh
02/16/17Phishing and threat detection and prevention
02/16/17Techniques for metadata-driven dynamic content serving
02/16/17Methods and systems for priority-based notifications for mobile devices
Patent Packs
02/09/17Testing software enhancements in database applications
02/09/17Disambiguation of online social mentions
02/02/17Systems and methods for implementing customized drop-down menus
02/02/17System and automatically inserting correct escaping functions for field references in a multi-tenant computing environment
02/02/17Engagement estimator
02/02/17Methods and systems for proxying data
02/02/17System and sharing restricted customer data with an enterprise user during customer interaction
02/02/17Method, system, and computer program product for facilitating communication in an interoperability network
02/02/17Managing memory usage in server systems
01/26/17Synchronize collaboration entity files
01/26/17Version control and management
01/26/17Social files
01/26/17Dynamic memory network
01/26/17Sensor data gathering
01/26/17Spam flood detection methodologies
01/26/17Spam flood detection methodologies
01/19/17Methods and systems for joining indexes for query optimization in a multi-tenant database
01/12/17System, method and computer program product for enabling access to a resource utilizing a token
01/12/17Session table framework
01/05/17Systems and methods for exporting, publishing, browsing and installing on-demand applications in a multi-tenant database environment
01/05/17Methods and interfacing with a phone system in an on-demand service environment
01/05/17Methods and systems of data security in browser storage
01/05/17Inter-application management of user credential data
01/05/17Secure identity federation for non-federated systems
01/05/17Displaying aggregated connection data using a database system
12/29/16Multi-tenant aware debugging methods and systems
12/29/16Methods and systems for internally debugging code in an on-demand service environment
12/29/16Triggering actions in an information feed system
12/29/16Account routing to user account sets
12/29/16System and supporting natural language queries and requests against a user's personal data cloud
Social Network Patent Pack
12/29/16Escalation of community content to associated case
12/29/16Account recommendations for user account sets
12/29/16Prioritizing accounts in user account sets
12/29/16Methods and surfacing incomplete feedback requests in a social media environment
12/29/16Authoring tool for creating new electronic posts
12/29/16Securedinter-application communication in mobile devices
12/29/16Electronic content engagement determination
12/22/16User interface for aggregated task data
12/22/16Processing a file to generate a recommendation using a database system
12/22/16Providing access to a private resource in an enterprise social networking system
Patent Packs
12/15/16System, method and computer program product for deploying an update between environments of a multi-tenant on-demand database system
12/15/16Business networking information feed alerts
12/08/16Methods and systems for regulating user engagement
12/01/16Tools and techniques for extracting knowledge from unstructured data retrieved from personal data sources
12/01/16Matching objects using match rules and lookup key
12/01/16Database searching using a graph of nodes and edges formed using log node pairs
12/01/16Dynamic memory network
12/01/16Transactional electronic meeting scheduling utilizing dynamic availability rendering
11/24/16Systems, methods and techniques for polymorphic queries
11/24/16Inter-application management of user credential data
11/24/16Integration user for analytical access to read only data stores generated from transactional systems
11/17/16Automated prescription workflow for device management
11/17/16System and cloud-based product catalog
11/17/16Systems and methods of implementing tracking of resource usage for a cloud-based system
11/17/16Obfuscation of references to network resources
11/10/16Systems and methods of optimizing delivery of form factor specific content
11/10/16Centralized throttling service
10/27/16Systems and methods of implementing extensible browser executable components
10/27/16Identifying entities in semi-structured content
10/27/16Method and system for allowing access to developed applications via a multi-tenant on-demand database service
10/27/16Database, interface, and personalized, skill-set based crm engagement
10/20/16Systems and methods of bypassing suppression of event bubbling for popup controls
10/20/16Multi-master data replication in a distributed multi-tenant system
10/20/16Methods and systems for sharing information in a supply chain
10/20/16Combining topic suggestions from different topic sources to assign to textual data items
10/20/16Methods and systems for providing context-based outbound processing application firewalls
10/20/16Methods and systems for context-based application firewalls
10/13/16Site management in an on-demand system
10/13/16Customized user validation
10/06/16Dynamically created contextual information via a browser extension
Patent Packs
10/06/16Systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing data upload, processing, and predictive query api exposure
10/06/16Extracting a portion of a document, such as a web page
10/06/16Automatic generation of dynamically assigned conditional follow-up tasks
10/06/16System, method and computer program product for authenticating and authorizing an external entity
10/06/16Delegating administration rights using application containers
09/29/16Systems and methods for multimedia multipoint real-time conferencing allowing real-time bandwidth management and prioritized media distribution
09/29/16Sharing knowledge article content via a designated communication channel in an enterprise social networking and customer relationship management (crm) environment
09/29/16Systems and methods for utilizing uni-directional inter-host communication in an air gap environment
09/29/16Systems and methods for utilizing uni-directional inter-host communication in an air gap environment
09/22/16Systems and methods for using graphs for application updates
09/22/16Methods and systems for predictive engine evaluation and replay of engine performance
09/15/16Service cloud console
09/15/16Mechanism for facilitating evaluation of data types for dynamic lightweight objects in an on-demand services environment
09/15/16Methods and systems for controlling access to custom objects in a database
09/15/16Method and system for granting access to secure data
09/15/16Systems and methods for partitioning sets of features for a bayesian classifier
09/15/16Electronic notifications of users concurrently interacting with the same feed item of a social network feed
09/15/16Methods and systems for providing a token-based application firewall correlation
09/08/16Systems and methods for securing data
09/01/16Techniques for implementing batch processing in a database system
Social Network Patent Pack
09/01/16Methods and suppressing network feed activities using an information feed in an on-demand database service environment
09/01/16Computer implemented methods and implementing a topical-based highlights filter
09/01/16Method and system for controlling access to a multi-tenant database system using a virtual portal
09/01/16Managing virtual business instances within a computer network
09/01/16Meeting initiation based on physical proximity
09/01/16Generation of a visually obfuscated representation of an alphanumeric message that indicates availability of a proposed identifier
08/25/16Automatically generating a walkthrough of an application or an online service
08/25/16Converting video into a walkthrough for an application or an online service
08/25/16Framework for custom actions on an information feed
08/25/16Interest groups based on network feed items
08/25/16Method and multi-domain authentication
08/25/16System, method and computer program product for sharing tenant information utilizing a multi-tenant on-demand database service
08/11/16Verification of shared display integrity in a desktop sharing system
08/11/16Methods and systems for upgrading and installing application packages to an application platform
08/11/16Predicting interest for items based on trend information
08/11/16Method and system for viewing a contact network feed in a business directory environment
08/11/16Creating linked communications
08/11/16Method and system for synchronizing a server and an on-demand database service
08/04/16Systems and methods of data mining to customize software trial demonstrations
08/04/16Workload-driven techniques for providing biased service level guarantees
Social Network Patent Pack
08/04/16System, method and computer program product for interacting with a process diagram
08/04/16Method and system for on-demand communities
07/28/16Intelligent automated messaging for computer-implemented devices
07/21/16Deep linking and state preservation via a url
07/21/16System, method and computer program product for managing access to systems, products, and data based on information associated with a physical location of a user
07/21/16System and synchronizing data objects in a cloud based social networking environment
07/14/16Sharing information between tenants of a multi-tenant database
07/07/16On-demand database service system, method and computer program product for conditionally allowing an application of an entity access to data of another entity
07/07/16Providing context for instant messages
06/30/16System, method and computer program product for publicly providing web content using a multi-tenant system
06/30/16Providing on-demand access to services in a wide area network
06/23/16Systems, methods, and apparatuses for implementing in-app live support functionality
06/23/16Data extraction using object relationship templates
06/23/16Identifying relevant material for cases
06/23/16Asynchronous interaction in the report generator
06/23/16Providing features in a database system environment
06/23/16Systems and methods for automatically collection of performance data in a multi-tenant database system environment
06/23/16Slipstream bandwidth management algorithm
06/23/16Managing messages sent between services
06/16/16Template based software container
06/16/16System, method and computer program product for conditionally sharing an object with one or more entities
06/16/16User interface with analytics overlay
06/16/16Mechanism for facilitating spin mode-based dynamic updating of application servers in an on-demand services environment
06/09/16System and configuring action buttons displayed in a gui
06/09/16Methods and systems for applying responsive design to subframes on a web page
06/09/16Method and system for scoring articles in an on-demand services environment
06/09/16Statistics mechanisms in multitenant database environments
06/09/16Computer implemented methods and communicating feed information to one or more recipients
06/09/16Techniques for metadata-driven dynamic content serving
06/02/16Geographically-oriented profile-based object assistance
Social Network Patent Pack
05/26/16Static query optimization
05/19/16System and generating a user profile based on skill information
05/19/16Dynamic integration of disparate database architectures for efficient management of resources in an on-demand services environment
05/19/16User trust scores based on registration features
05/19/16Database using credibility ratings of users to process online resumes in a social networking environment
05/19/16Systems and methods for tracking and responding to mobile events in a relationship management system
05/12/16Method and system for document integration
05/12/16Mechanism for facilitating management of data in an on-demand services environment
05/12/16Computer implemented methods and providing near real-time predicted engagement level feedback to a user composing a social media message
05/05/16Method and system for managing recent data in a mobile device linked to an on-demand service
05/05/16Systems, methods, and apparatuses for populating a table having null values using a predictive query interface
05/05/16User scores based on bulk record updates
05/05/16User scores based on bulk record updates
05/05/16Providing a security mechanism on a mobile device
04/28/16Facilitating elastic allocation of organization-specific queue resources in an on-demand services environment
04/28/16Facilitating dynamically unified system of record in an on-demand services environment
04/28/16Identifying entities in email signature blocks
04/28/16Information discovery system
04/28/16Method and system for determining on-line influence in social media
04/28/16Purchasing contact information from an electronically displayed map
04/28/16Facilitating workload-aware shuffling and management of message types in message queues in an on-demand services environment
04/28/16Facilitating dynamic hierarchical management of queue resources in an on-demand services environment
04/28/16Re-routing incoming email for a multi-tenant database system
04/21/16Selective capture of incoming email messages for diagnostic analysis
04/21/16Matching objects using keys based on match rules
04/21/16Fragmenting newsfeed objects
04/21/16Method and system for inter-social network communications
04/21/16Methods and systems for regulating database activity
04/21/16Conference call management system

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