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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Method of operating nearby function and electronic device supporting the same

Samsung Electronics

Method of operating nearby function and electronic device supporting the same

Apparatus and  controlling power based on energy efficiency in multiple-input and multiple-output (mimo) communication…

Samsung Electronics

Apparatus and controlling power based on energy efficiency in multiple-input and multiple-output (mimo) communication…

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015010250504/16/15 new patent  Semiconductor package and fabricating the same
22015010301404/16/15 new patent  Multi display apparatus, input pen, multi display apparatus controlling method, and multi display system
32015010683304/16/15 new patent  Mobile terminal, display apparatus and controlling methods thereof
42015010158804/16/15 new patent  Grease filter, manufacturing method thereof and cooking device having the same
52015010223604/16/15 new patent  Electron beam exposure apparatus and detecting error using the same
62015010228204/16/15 new patent  Semiconductor memory device having three-dimensional cross point array
72015010232704/16/15 new patent  Optical film for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display device employing the same
82015010232804/16/15 new patent  Optical film for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display device employing the same
92015010236504/16/15 new patent  Nanostructure semiconductor light emitting device
102015010237304/16/15 new patent  Light emitting diode package and manufacturing the same
112015010239404/16/15 new patent  Electrostatic discharge protection device
122015010241804/16/15 new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing the device
132015010248504/16/15 new patent  Non-conductive film and non-conductive paste including zinc particles, semiconductor package including the same, and manufacturing the semiconductor package
142015010250604/16/15 new patent  Semiconductor package and forming
152015010250704/16/15 new patent  Semiconductor package
162015010267004/16/15 new patent  Method for operating booting and electronic device thereof
172015010272804/16/15 new patent  Light emitting module testing apparatus
182015010283104/16/15 new patent  Method of inspecting a semiconductor device and probing assembly for use therein
192015010289904/16/15 new patent  Door lock apparatus, display apparatus, mobile device, and controlling thereof
202015010293904/16/15 new patent  Wearable body sensor and system including the same
212015010299604/16/15 new patent  Display apparatus and power-saving processing method thereof
222015010299704/16/15 new patent  3d interaction apparatus, display device including the same, and driving the same
232015010301404/16/15 new patent  Multi display apparatus, input pen, multi display apparatus controlling method, and multi display system
242015010305904/16/15 new patent  Method and apparatus of controlling brightness of display
252015010307104/16/15 new patent  Method and rendering object and recording medium for rendering
262015010307204/16/15 new patent  Method, apparatus, and recording medium for rendering object
272015010308204/16/15 new patent  Pipeline system including feedback routes and operating the same
282015010310404/16/15 new patent  Display driving circuit, display device, and portable terminal including the display driving circuit and the display device
292015010310504/16/15 new patent  Display apparatus, driving the same, and portable terminal including the same
302015010310804/16/15 new patent  Display device and method thereof
312015010316304/16/15 new patent  Apparatus, method, and processor for measuring change in distance between a camera and an object
322015010320504/16/15 new patent  Method of controlling digital apparatus and image capture method by recognition of hand shape, and apparatus therefor
332015010322204/16/15 new patent  Method for adjusting preview area and electronic device thereof
342015010322304/16/15 new patent  Photographing device for displaying a manual focus guide and method thereof
352015010322404/16/15 new patent  Electronic device having camera and operating the same
362015010324904/16/15 new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof
372015010328804/16/15 new patent  Liquid crystal display apparatus
382015010333804/16/15 new patent  Method of evaluating image blur of optical film and optical film with reduced image blur
392015010337404/16/15 new patent  Method for initial setup of image forming apparatus using near field communication and image forming performing the same
402015010349404/16/15 new patent  Printed circuit boards having metal layers and semiconductor packages including the same
412015010353904/16/15 new patent  Light source module and manufacturing the same
422015010354704/16/15 new patent  Light emitting device assembly and headlamp including the same
432015010355904/16/15 new patent  Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display
442015010359604/16/15 new patent  Coding method and decoding method in memory system
452015010359904/16/15 new patent  Method of operating memory device assuring reliability and memory system
462015010368604/16/15 new patent  Stochastic transmission/reception mu-mimo scheme in mimo radio communication system
472015010369504/16/15 new patent  Method and controlling topology
482015010370804/16/15 new patent  Method and device for operating as an access point, and transmitting data
492015010371804/16/15 new patent  Method and controlling discontinuous reception in mobile communication system
502015010372604/16/15 new patent  Method and reducing delay in wireless communication system supporting broadcast service
512015010372804/16/15 new patent  Method and transmitting multimedia broadcast data in wireless communication system
522015010372904/16/15 new patent  Method and transmitting/receiving access information of broadcast service in a broadcasting system, and system thereof
532015010376304/16/15 new patent  Apparatus and automation of frequency resource management of ims-based wireless video surveillance system
542015010377104/16/15 new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving data using plurality of carriers in wireless communication system
552015010378504/16/15 new patent  Method and controlling resource
562015010380504/16/15 new patent  Method and appratus for avoiding inteference in terminal with plural heterogeneous communication modules in wireless communication system
572015010388204/16/15 new patent  Method and determining reference picture set of image
582015010391104/16/15 new patent  Method and determining reference images for inter-prediction
592015010395304/16/15 new patent  Apparatus and controlling power based on energy efficiency in multiple-input and multiple-output (mimo) communication system
602015010397604/16/15 new patent  X-ray imaging apparatus and control the same
612015010403704/16/15 new patent  Audio system, outputting audio, and speaker apparatus
622015010407704/16/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
632015010408204/16/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
642015010411204/16/15 new patent  Large radius edge-preserving low-pass filtering
652015010411504/16/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
662015010471604/16/15 new patent  Electrolyte solution for secondary lithium battery and secondary lithium battery using the same
672015010472004/16/15 new patent  Lithium air battery
682015010481404/16/15 new patent  Sample analysis methods and apparatuses and dynamic valve operation methods
692015010487904/16/15 new patent  Composition for diagnosing liver cancer and methods of diagnosing liver cancer and obtaining information for diagnosing liver cancer
702015010488704/16/15 new patent  Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
712015010489004/16/15 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device and fabrication method thereof
722015010490504/16/15 new patent  Method of manufacturing a semiconductor package
732015010492104/16/15 new patent  Method of fabricating a variable reistance memory device
742015010493204/16/15 new patent  Compositions for etching and methods of forming a semiconductor device using the same
752015010494404/16/15 new patent  Method of forming patterns for semiconductor device
762015010494604/16/15 new patent  Methods of forming fine patterns for semiconductor devices
772015010494704/16/15 new patent  Methods of forming semiconductor devices using hard masks
782015010502304/16/15 new patent  Method for using legacy wi-fi and wi-fi p2p simultaneously
792015010505004/16/15 new patent  Apparatus and sharing information through presence service in a communication network
802015010512004/16/15 new patent  Communication supporting multiple wireless communication technologies
812015010524904/16/15 new patent  Metal suboxide and methods of preparing same
822015010565804/16/15 new patent  Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and control method thereof
832015010591804/16/15 new patent  Method and controlling indoor temperature based on information about moving user
842015010600904/16/15 new patent  Apparatus and integrated positioning
852015010609004/16/15 new patent  Display apparatus and performing voice control
862015010609904/16/15 new patent  Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
872015010610404/16/15 new patent  Display device and control method thereof
882015010617504/16/15 new patent  Method of operating nearby function and electronic device supporting the same
892015010621804/16/15 new patent  Apparatus and providing interaction information by using image on device display
902015010629704/16/15 new patent  User terminal device, information providing system, and providing information
912015010636804/16/15 new patent  System and sharing profile image card
922015010639304/16/15 new patent  Method and file management
932015010643504/16/15 new patent  Method, device and system for providing services based on location information and terminal device thereon
942015010645304/16/15 new patent  Server device and display apparatus providing donation service, and providing service thereof
952015010645404/16/15 new patent  Method and device for transferring and receiving message in roaming system
962015010649204/16/15 new patent  Electronic device, display electronic device, and computer-readable recording medium
972015010652904/16/15 new patent  Terminal connecting to virtual server in virtual desktop infrastructure
982015010655304/16/15 new patent  Solid state drive card and an electronic system including the same
992015010655904/16/15 new patent  Nonvolatile storage device and operating system (os) image program method thereof
1002015010660304/16/15 new patent  Method and apparatus of instruction scheduling using software pipelining
1012015010670604/16/15 new patent  Electronic device and controlling object display
1022015010671204/16/15 new patent  Apparatus and editing synchronous media
1032015010671404/16/15 new patent  Electronic device and providing information thereof
1042015010675704/16/15 new patent  Electronic apparatus, executing application, and computer-readable recording medium
1052015010684204/16/15 new patent  Content summarization server, content providing system, and summarizing content
1062015010684704/16/15 new patent  Content providing apparatus, system, and recommending contents
1072015009810904/09/15Image forming apparatus, controlling thereof and computer-readable recording medium
1082015009844804/09/15Method and supporting rlf reason detection or handover failure reason detection
1092015009956404/09/15System and adaptive in-network time alignment for envelope tracking power amplifier
1112015009703604/09/15Device and conducting transactions
1122015009715404/09/15Semiconductor device having selector and resistive change device and forming the same
1132015009715904/09/15Quantum computing device spin transfer torque magnetic memory
1142015009725004/09/15Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
1152015009750304/09/15Image forming apparatus, motor control apparatus, and controlling motor
1162015009760604/09/15Signaling method using constant reference voltage and devices thereof
1172015009763804/09/15Acoustic filter with suppressed nonlinear characteristics
1182015009772604/09/15Digital real time clock monitor for a gnss receiver and single pin signalling for power-on reset and wake-up interrupt
1192015009775704/09/15Master device, client device, and screen mirroring method thereof
1202015009778404/09/15Mobile device and driving method thereof
1212015009783004/09/15Image processing apparatus and method
1222015009786504/09/15Method and computing device for providing augmented reality
1232015009786904/09/15Display apparatus and image display method using the same
1242015009791804/09/15Display preventing divulgence of image information thereof
1252015009792304/09/15Display apparatus and display method using the same
1262015009793404/09/15Display device and control method thereof
1272015009796404/09/15Method of controlling exposure time by using infrared light, computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon computer program codes for performing the method, and electronic apparatus having photographing function
1282015009798304/09/15Method and operating camera with interchangeable lens
1292015009810204/09/15Image forming controlling the same
1302015009811604/09/15Facsimile machine
1312015009817404/09/15Electronic device with curved display module
1322015009832304/09/15Method and transmitting traffic in mobile network
1332015009832804/09/15Real-time charging managing qos and charging rule of service
1342015009835304/09/15Method and controlling power in wireless communication system
1352015009839504/09/15Apparatus and obtaining information related to removing interference based on structural identifier allocation in wireless communication system
1362015009840804/09/15Computing system with factor estimation mechanism and operation thereof
1372015009843104/09/15Apparatus and allocating resources in a single carrier-frequency division multiple access system
1382015009843204/09/15Method and controlling retransmission on uplink in a wireless communication system supporting mimo
1392015009843304/09/15Control and data multiplexing in communication systems
1402015009843504/09/15Method and system for mapping pilot signals in multi-stream transmissions
1412015009844804/09/15Method and supporting rlf reason detection or handover failure reason detection
1422015009844904/09/15Method and system for managing handover in radio access networks
1432015009848904/09/15Semiconductor devices including electrodes for temperature measurement
1442015009849004/09/15Method and frequency assignment in a frequency hopping mode of a wireless communication system
1452015009851704/09/15Method for mapping and demapping resource in a wireless communication system and an apparatus thereof
1462015009851804/09/15Method for mapping and demapping resource in a wireless communication system and an apparatus thereof
1472015009852304/09/15Apparatus and power amplification
1482015009855004/09/15X-ray imaging apparatus and control the same
1492015009855104/09/15X-ray apparatus and x-ray detector
1502015009855604/09/15Method and system for voice-based contact updation
1512015009861804/09/15Method and estimating orientation of body, and computer readable storage medium of recording the method
1522015009865804/09/15Method and processing image data, and recording medium
1532015009871604/09/15Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
1542015009871704/09/15Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
1552015009934804/09/15Method of growing nitride semiconductor layer and nitride semiconductor formed by the same
1562015009935104/09/15Method for fabricating semiconductor device
1572015009946704/09/15Method of and device for broadcasting ble packet, and and device for adjusting operation mode of application processor
1582015009947004/09/15Pairing terminals with a sound wave signal
1592015009947104/09/15Receiver and transmitter of coping with interference in super-regenerative communication system, and using the receiver and the transmitter
1602015009948304/09/15System and data usage management in an electronic device
1612015009948604/09/15Mobile terminal, mobile terminal auxiliary device and controlling the same
1622015009949104/09/15Instant message transmitting and receiving system, terminal device and controlling method thereof
1632015009950104/09/15Method and device for transmitting and receiving data by using multiple carriers in mobile communication system
1642015009950204/09/15Method and device for customizing configuration of printing application
1652015009951304/09/15Method for reducing power consumption and electronic device thereof
1662015009954304/09/15Method for positioning target terminal while protecting privacy of user thereof
1672015009954604/09/15Location-based service provision method and system of electronic device
1682015009955304/09/15Apparatus and providing map service using global positioning service in a mobile terminal
1692015009996004/09/15Ultrasonic probe and medical apparatus including the same
1702015009997704/09/15Apparatus and beamforming
1712015010031004/09/15Apparatus and reducing noise and audio playing apparatus with non-magnet speaker
1722015010032204/09/15Remote control inputting user voice and method thereof
1732015010058004/09/15Method for managing communication records and electronic device thereof
1742015010061204/09/15Apparatus and processing numeric calculation
1752015010063604/09/15Method of transmitting contents and user's interactions among multiple devices
1762015010064204/09/15Apparatus and providing streaming service in a data communication network
1772015010066804/09/15Method and content verification
1782015010074504/09/15Method and efficiently processing storage commands
1792015010077204/09/15Reconfigurable processor and operating the same
1802015010081304/09/15Method and device for processing images to save power
1812015010083304/09/15Method and generating test bench for verification of processor decoder
1822015010083804/09/15Memory test device and operating method thereof
1832015010084504/09/15Transmitting apparatus and signal processing method thereof
1842015010086704/09/15Method and sharing and displaying writing information
1852015010089004/09/15User interface management method and system
1862015010089504/09/15Method of customizing multimedia attachment in electronic mail and computing device
1872015010091404/09/15Gestures for multiple window operation
1882015010092104/09/15Method of controlling pop-ups, image forming apparatus, and user terminal using the same
1892015010095004/09/15Method and instruction scheduling using software pipelining
1902015010097504/09/15User terminal apparatus, server, and providing broadcast viewing pattern information
1912015010097704/09/15Content control system with filtering mechanism and operation thereof
1922015010099604/09/15Practical delivery of high quality video using dynamic adaptive hypertext transport protocol (http) streaming (dash) without using http in a broadcast network
1932015010100104/09/15Display channel changing
1942015010104104/09/15Method and user authentication
1952015009189204/02/15Method and rendering image data
1962015009400604/02/15Receiver of nfc device and nfc device including the same
1972015009544804/02/15Cloud system, control method thereof, management server and control method thereof
1982015008980104/02/15Mounting apparatus
1992015008983204/02/15Drying apparatus, washing machine having the same and controlling the drying apparatus
2002015008997404/02/15Wearable device
2012015009064804/02/15Softening apparatus and washing machine including the same
2022015009067404/02/15Blood filter separating plasma or serum from blood and use of the blood filter apparatus
2032015009070504/02/15Cooking apparatus and controlling the same
2042015009075604/02/15Baby carrier
2052015009095804/02/15Semiconductor device including nanowire transistor
2062015009096804/02/15Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
2072015009097904/02/15Composition for insulator, insulator, and thin film transistor
2082015009102804/02/15Display device including fluoride phosphor
2092015009107804/02/15Vertical memory devices and methods of manufacturing the same
2102015009113304/02/15Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
2112015009116804/02/15Multi-chip package
2122015009118804/02/15Semiconductor device having dummy cell array
2132015009123104/02/15Stage device and semiconductor fabrication apparatus including the same
2142015009152404/02/15Portable terminal having a wireless charger coil and an antenna element on the same plane
2152015009152804/02/15Auxiliary device having energy harvester and electronic device including auxiliary device
2162015009157104/02/15Magnetic resonance imaging device and control method thereof
2172015009179204/02/15Display apparatus and control method thereof
2182015009179304/02/15Method for controlling device on the basis of eyeball motion, and device therefor
2192015009179504/02/15Display apparatus and controlling the same
2202015009179604/02/15Display apparatus and control method thereof
2212015009179804/02/15Display apparatus and controlling the same
2222015009183504/02/15Method and operating function in touch device
2232015009188004/02/15Touch input device and electronic device having the same
2242015009188204/02/15Portable terminal and controlling the same
2252015009189404/02/15Method and tracing ray using result of previous rendering
2262015009189504/02/15Method and accelerating ray tracing
2272015009189704/02/15Image generating apparatus and display device for layered display scheme based on location of eye of user
2282015009190404/02/15Ray tracing processing apparatus and method
2292015009191804/02/15Graphic processor unit and operating the same
2302015009192504/02/15Method and converting data
2312015009193404/02/15Display providing font effect thereof
2322015009201704/02/15Method of decreasing noise of a depth image, image processing apparatus and image generating apparatus using thereof
2332015009201804/02/15Method and apparatus generating color and depth images
2342015009202604/02/15Multi-view image display apparatus and control method thereof
2352015009203004/02/15Display apparatus and method
2362015009207504/02/15Method, apparatus, and system for generating high dynamic range image
2372015009208104/02/15Apparatus and photographing image in electronic device having camera
2382015009208404/02/15Image acquisition method and apparatus
2392015009213704/02/15Display device
2402015009223304/02/15System and providing cloud printing service
2412015009223404/02/15Printing apparatus which is capable of editing printing data, and a printing use with the printing apparatus
2422015009225104/02/15Image scanning apparatus and method
2432015009225204/02/15Image forming apparatus and controlling the same
2442015009233304/02/15Docking portable electronic device
2452015009257804/02/15Method and device for detecting inter-frequency cell signals in a heterogeneous network
2462015009258404/02/15Method for determining position based on network and electronic device thereof
2472015009262804/02/15Method and pucch resource mapping
2482015009263304/02/15Generation of harq-ack information and power control of harq-ack signals in tdd systems with downlink of carrier aggregation
2492015009268704/02/15Method and device for inter-cluster cooperative communication in mobile communication system

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