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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Method and apparatus, computer-readable medium for content aware multimedia resizing

Samsung Electronics

Method and apparatus, computer-readable medium for content aware multimedia resizing

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015006176403/05/15 new patent  Analog amplifier for recovering abnormal operation of common mode feedback
22015006354403/05/15 new patent  Method for removing of residual charge, x-ray imaging method and apparatus using the method
32015006212703/05/15 new patent  Rendering method and apparatus
42015006248903/05/15 new patent  Liquid crystal display device having improved cooling efficiency
52015006757803/05/15 new patent  Apparatus and executing function in electronic device
62015005911803/05/15 new patent  Vacuum cleaner
72015005912203/05/15 new patent  Vacuum cleaner
82015005919803/05/15 new patent  Dish washer
92015005939803/05/15 new patent  Storage container and refrigerator having the same
102015005948603/05/15 new patent  Resistive pressure sensor including piezo-resistive electrode
112015006003203/05/15 new patent  Heat exchanger and ventilator having the same
122015006036103/05/15 new patent  Draw solutes including amino acid ionic oligomers
132015006064603/05/15 new patent  Image sensors and image processing systems including the same
142015006075703/05/15 new patent  Field emission devices and methods of manufacturing gate electrodes thereof
152015006075803/05/15 new patent  Field emission devices and methods of manufacturing emitters thereof
162015006076403/05/15 new patent  Nitride semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing the same
172015006076603/05/15 new patent  Tunneling field effect transistors
182015006079103/05/15 new patent  Condensed-cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
192015006086203/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor device
202015006087403/05/15 new patent  Flexible electric device and manufacturing the same
212015006092503/05/15 new patent  Light emitting device and manufacturing the same
222015006093103/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor packages and display devices including semiconductor packages
232015006098803/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
242015006099003/05/15 new patent  Transistors, methods of manufacturing the same, and electronic devices including the transistors
252015006103003/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor structure including metal silicide buffer layers and methods of fabricating the same
262015006103903/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor device having silicide on gate sidewalls in isolation regions
272015006107303/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor device comprising capacitor and manufacturing the same
282015006107403/05/15 new patent  Mim capacitors with diffusion-blocking electrode structures and semiconductor devices including the same
292015006113203/05/15 new patent  Conductive line structures and methods of forming the same
302015006113603/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor devices having metal silicide layers and methods of manufacturing such semiconductor devices
312015006116103/05/15 new patent  Wire structure and semiconductor device having the same, and manufacturing the wire structure
322015006121403/05/15 new patent  Printing medium supplying apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
332015006138903/05/15 new patent  Voltage adjusting circuit and contactless card and contactless card system which include the same
342015006139903/05/15 new patent  Wireless power reception and transmission apparatus
352015006146003/05/15 new patent  Textile-based energy generator
362015006146403/05/15 new patent  Energy harvester using mass and mobile device including the energy harvester
372015006148403/05/15 new patent  Refrigerator
382015006150103/05/15 new patent  Ambient light sensor and electronic system having the same
392015006153003/05/15 new patent  Light source driving apparatus having a snubber to prevent voltage and current spikes, display apparatus and driving method thereof
402015006153103/05/15 new patent  Light source driving apparatus, light source driving method, and display apparatus
412015006154503/05/15 new patent  Method and controlling lighting
422015006156003/05/15 new patent  Washing machine and control method thereof
432015006157503/05/15 new patent  Method and charging a battery
442015006167403/05/15 new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging system including radio frequency coil
452015006173503/05/15 new patent  Methods and apparatuses for adaptively determining voltage reset timing
462015006186203/05/15 new patent  Method of providing notification and electronic device thereof
472015006188103/05/15 new patent  Apparatus, method and computer readable recording medium for displaying status of electronic device
482015006188403/05/15 new patent  Display device and controlling the same
492015006190403/05/15 new patent  Successive approximation analog-to-digital converter and analog-to-digital conversion
502015006196703/05/15 new patent  Image adjusting device and performing image calibration using a patch image
512015006196803/05/15 new patent  User terminal apparatus, controlling user terminal apparatus thereof, and expanded display system
522015006197003/05/15 new patent  Method for sharing screen and electronic device thereof
532015006197103/05/15 new patent  Method and system for presenting content
542015006197203/05/15 new patent  Method and providing service by using screen mirroring
552015006200203/05/15 new patent  Method and controlling screen of mobile device
562015006200503/05/15 new patent  Method and system for providing user interaction when capturing content in an electronic device
572015006202703/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and controlling screen
582015006203503/05/15 new patent  Method of manufacturing touch panel, touch panel, and electronic device
592015006204103/05/15 new patent  Apparatus and executing functions related to handwritten user input on lock screen
602015006204303/05/15 new patent  Method of operating electronic handwriting and electronic device for supporting the same
612015006204603/05/15 new patent  Apparatus and setting gesture in electronic device
622015006204803/05/15 new patent  Electronic outputting content
632015006209603/05/15 new patent  Method for display control and electronic device thereof
642015006209703/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and operating method thereof
652015006210403/05/15 new patent  Method for controlling display brightness and electronic device thereof
662015006212603/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and operation method thereof
672015006212803/05/15 new patent  Image processing method and apparatus therefor
682015006214303/05/15 new patent  Method and apparatus of transforming images
692015006217103/05/15 new patent  Method and device for providing a composition of multi image layers
702015006217703/05/15 new patent  Method and fitting a template based on subject information
712015006218303/05/15 new patent  Method of adjusting screen magnification of electronic device, machine-readable storage medium, and electronic device
722015006218803/05/15 new patent  Display apparatus, light source driving apparatus and driving method thereof
732015006228903/05/15 new patent  Method for shooting image and electronic device thereof
742015006229703/05/15 new patent  Method of controlling stereo convergence and stereo image processor using the same
752015006235203/05/15 new patent  Method for transmitting contents and electronic device thereof
762015006236503/05/15 new patent  Method for capturing image and electronic device thereof
772015006237503/05/15 new patent  Device and making quick change to playback mode after photographing subject
782015006238103/05/15 new patent  Method for synthesizing images and electronic device thereof
792015006241003/05/15 new patent  Image stabilization method and electronic device therefor
802015006243503/05/15 new patent  Video signal processing device and video signal processing method
812015006243603/05/15 new patent  Method for video recording and electronic device thereof
822015006244303/05/15 new patent  Display controlling the same
832015006247503/05/15 new patent  Thin film transistor and driving same
842015006250003/05/15 new patent  Wire grid polarizer and liquid crystal display panel and liquid crystal display device having the same
852015006259403/05/15 new patent  Electronic device having sensor unit and operating method thereof
862015006262503/05/15 new patent  Storage information update method, image forming apparatus, system for managing image forming apparatus, and mobile device
872015006266603/05/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus, processing image thereof and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
882015006282403/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor device having thermoelectric module
892015006284003/05/15 new patent  Flexible electronic device
902015006284403/05/15 new patent  Electronic device including removable component
912015006285203/05/15 new patent  Semiconductor packages having passive components and methods for fabricating the same
922015006286603/05/15 new patent  Control panel assembly and washing machine having the same
932015006296703/05/15 new patent  Light conversion device and manufacturing method thereof, and light source unit including the light conversion device
942015006300803/05/15 new patent  Input data alignment circuit and semiconductor device including the same
952015006307503/05/15 new patent  Wearable electronic device
962015006309203/05/15 new patent  Method of receiving or transmitting a packet, terminal thereof, and system thereof
972015006316803/05/15 new patent  Method and scanning channel
982015006317103/05/15 new patent  Method and transmitting multimedia data during call origination in communication terminal
992015006317403/05/15 new patent  Transmitter apparatus of mobile device and operation method thereof
1002015006319903/05/15 new patent  Method for mobile relay node obtaining ta information, mobile relay node switching, updating location of user location and paging user
1012015006321103/05/15 new patent  Method and applying nested network cording in multipath protocol
1022015006323003/05/15 new patent  Establishing data strategy
1032015006326103/05/15 new patent  Method for transmitting and receiving voice packet and electronic device implementing the same
1042015006327603/05/15 new patent  Service connection apparatus and method in portable terminal
1052015006330503/05/15 new patent  Method and transmitting/receiving data on multiple carriers in mobile communication system
1062015006332403/05/15 new patent  Method and reporting channel status information in a wireless communication system
1072015006333703/05/15 new patent  Method for controlling transmission speed and electronic device thereof
1082015006333803/05/15 new patent  Restricting the operation of an electronic device
1092015006333903/05/15 new patent  Method and configuring wireless communication using device names in electronic device
1102015006335703/05/15 new patent  Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and signal processing method thereof
1112015006342403/05/15 new patent  Method and generating orthogonal codes with wide range of spreading factor
1122015006345603/05/15 new patent  Image encoding and decoding apparatus and method
1132015006346303/05/15 new patent  Method and device for coding multi-layer video, and for decoding multi-layer video
1142015006349003/05/15 new patent  Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus and signal processing method thereof
1152015006350503/05/15 new patent  Apparatus and compensating for channel loss in an electronic device
1162015006352803/05/15 new patent  X-ray imaging apparatus and controlling the same
1172015006353703/05/15 new patent  X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof
1182015006354003/05/15 new patent  Flat panel type x-ray generators and x-ray imaging systems including the same
1192015006354203/05/15 new patent  Method and managing x-ray accumulation amount
1202015006354303/05/15 new patent  Radiation detectors, methods of manufacturing the radiation detectors, and radiation imaging systems including the radiation detectors
1212015006354503/05/15 new patent  X-ray imaging apparatus and control method thereof
1222015006357703/05/15 new patent  Sound effects for input patterns
1232015006358803/05/15 new patent  Method and system for audio channel setup
1242015006361303/05/15 new patent  Method of preventing feedback based on detection of posture and devices for performing the method
1252015006361703/05/15 new patent  Elastic body of audio accessory, audio accessory and electronic device supporting the same
1262015006363603/05/15 new patent  Method and processing digital images
1272015006366103/05/15 new patent  Method and computer-readable recording medium for recognizing object using captured image
1282015006366203/05/15 new patent  Function execution method based on a user input, and electronic device thereof
1292015006369703/05/15 new patent  Method and segmenting object in image
1302015006370303/05/15 new patent  Mobile terminal and code recognition method thereof
1312015006370503/05/15 new patent  Method and apparatus, computer-readable medium for content aware multimedia resizing
1322015006371503/05/15 new patent  Method for processing image and electronic device thereof
1332015006372303/05/15 new patent  Medical imaging apparatus and medical image management method
1342015006377803/05/15 new patent  Method for processing an image and electronic device thereof
1352015006377903/05/15 new patent  Content control using an auxiliary device
1362015006378503/05/15 new patent  Method of overlappingly displaying visual object on video, storage medium, and electronic device
1372015006383103/05/15 new patent  Burst mode optical receiver and memory system using the same
1382015006385303/05/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus and control method thereof
1392015006386603/05/15 new patent  Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
1402015006386903/05/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus
1412015006387203/05/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus
1422015006387403/05/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus
1432015006411403/05/15 new patent  Liposome including hydrophobic material and imaging agent and use of the liposome
1442015006456003/05/15 new patent  Electrode active material, electrode including the same, and lithium battery including the electrode
1452015006457803/05/15 new patent  Electrolyte for lithium secondary battery and lithium secondary battery using the same
1462015006459503/05/15 new patent  Fluid tube increasing uniformity of fluid flow and apparatus including the same
1472015006472103/05/15 new patent  Composition and kit for separating cancer cell, and separating cancer cell by using the composition and kit
1482015006475203/05/15 new patent  Polypeptide conferring acid tolerant property to yeast cell, polynucleotide encoding the same, yeast cell having increased amount of the polypeptide, producing a product by using the yeast cell, and producing acid-tolerant yeast cell
1492015006475303/05/15 new patent  Corynebacterium comprising nad+ dependent formate dehydrogenase gene and producing c4 dicarboxylic acid using the same
1502015006475803/05/15 new patent  Microorganism comprising pyruvate dehydrogenase variant and producing c4-chemicals using the same
1512015006477403/05/15 new patent  Microfluidic apparatus
1522015006486003/05/15 new patent  Methods of forming semiconductor films and methods of manufacturing transistors including semiconductor films
1532015006486503/05/15 new patent  Memory devices including vertical pillars and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
1542015006486703/05/15 new patent  Method of fabricating three-dimensional semiconductor device
1552015006489903/05/15 new patent  Method of fabricating semiconductor devices having through-silicon via (tsv) structures
1562015006490203/05/15 new patent  Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
1572015006495603/05/15 new patent  Connector device
1582015006503503/05/15 new patent  Method and providing user with information received by electronic device
1592015006505203/05/15 new patent  Executing applications in conjunction with other devices
1602015006505303/05/15 new patent  Method of controlling short-range wireless communication and apparatus supporting the same
1612015006505403/05/15 new patent  Method and automatically connecting short range wireless network in portable terminal
1622015006505603/05/15 new patent  Multi display method, storage medium, and electronic device
1632015006507503/05/15 new patent  Receiving device and removing mismatch in wireless communication system, and low-power amplifier thereof
1642015006508003/05/15 new patent  Method and system for supporting emergency call using non-access stratum protocol in mobile telecommunication system
1652015006509503/05/15 new patent  Method for transmitting notification information and electronic device thereof
1662015006512003/05/15 new patent  Methods for controlling transmit power and electronic devices thereof
1672015006512603/05/15 new patent  Method for connecting to network and electronic device thereof
1682015006513203/05/15 new patent  Method and system for optimizing power consumption in multi-sim mobile device
1692015006518703/05/15 new patent  Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
1702015006519603/05/15 new patent  Method and performing function by combining one or more function blocks
1712015006520203/05/15 new patent  Electronic device including openable cover and operating the same
1722015006520703/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and expanding function in electronic device
1732015006520903/05/15 new patent  Cover member and manufacturing the same
1742015006522103/05/15 new patent  Method and device for operating 3d virtual chessboard
1752015006585903/05/15 new patent  Method and registering medical images
1762015006586703/05/15 new patent  Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and operating the same
1772015006587803/05/15 new patent  Methods and apparatuses for monitoring temperature change of region of interest by using periodic bio-signals of object
1782015006588103/05/15 new patent  Ultrasound diagnostic apparatus and operating the same
1792015006588203/05/15 new patent  Ultrasound probe and operating the same
1802015006590803/05/15 new patent  Reconfigurable measuring controlling apparatus
1812015006605103/05/15 new patent  Surgical robot and control method thereof
1822015006615803/05/15 new patent  Method and configuring and recommending device action using user context
1832015006616503/05/15 new patent  Electronic system with presentation mechanism and operation thereof
1842015006641303/05/15 new patent  Method for correcting errors associated with asynchronous timing offsets between transmit and receive clocks in mri wireless radiofrequency coils
1852015006642403/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and measuring position change
1862015006651103/05/15 new patent  Image processing method and electronic device thereof
1872015006662203/05/15 new patent  Method for providing mobile coupon and mobile electronic device supporting the same
1882015006664303/05/15 new patent  Method and device for providing recommendation panel, and method and server for providing recommendation item
1892015006701603/05/15 new patent  Method for playing contents on an electronic device
1902015006705403/05/15 new patent  Method for sharing media data and electronic device thereof
1912015006708003/05/15 new patent  Method and remotely controlling home device in home network system
1922015006709803/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and updating accessory information
1932015006715003/05/15 new patent  Systems and methods for proactive media data sharing
1942015006725803/05/15 new patent  Cache management apparatus of hybrid cache-based memory system and the hybrid cache-based memory system
1952015006732103/05/15 new patent  Method of changing algorithm and electronic device therefor
1962015006737403/05/15 new patent  Electronic device, control electronic device, and image forming apparatus
1972015006739203/05/15 new patent  Clock data recovery device and display device including the same
1982015006739803/05/15 new patent  Method, apparatus, and recording medium for interworking with external terminal
1992015006744803/05/15 new patent  Method of operating memory device and methods of writing and reading data in memory device
2002015006745003/05/15 new patent  Solid state disk controller apparatus
2012015006747003/05/15 new patent  Mobile terminal supporting note function and controlling the mobile terminal
2022015006748503/05/15 new patent  Method of processing data and electronic device thereof
2032015006749303/05/15 new patent  Method of modifying text input from user and electronic device therefor
2042015006750403/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and providing content according to field attribute
2052015006750803/05/15 new patent  Point-to-point content navigation using an auxiliary device
2062015006751103/05/15 new patent  Sound visualization method and apparatus of electronic device
2072015006751703/05/15 new patent  Electronic device supporting music playing function and controlling the electronic device
2082015006752103/05/15 new patent  Method and presenting content using electronic devices
2092015006752403/05/15 new patent  Content items stored in electronic devices
2102015006752603/05/15 new patent  Method and providing information about image painting and recording medium thereof
2112015006753403/05/15 new patent  Method and sharing contents of electronic device
2122015006754003/05/15 new patent  Display apparatus, portable device and screen display methods thereof
2132015006754803/05/15 new patent  Method for displaying content and electronic device thereof
2142015006754903/05/15 new patent  Method for controlling a display apparatus, sink apparatus thereof, mirroring system thereof
2152015006755003/05/15 new patent  Dual screen system and method
2162015006755403/05/15 new patent  Method and electronic device for synthesizing image
2172015006755503/05/15 new patent  Method for configuring screen and electronic device thereof
2182015006755703/05/15 new patent  Method and electronic device for displaying content
2192015006756803/05/15 new patent  Apparatus and displaying chart in electronic device
2202015006757903/05/15 new patent  Method and providing multiple applications
2212015006758303/05/15 new patent  User terminal and control method thereof
2222015006758503/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and displaying application information
2232015006758803/05/15 new patent  Method and changing screen in electronic device
2242015006759003/05/15 new patent  Method and sharing objects in electronic device
2252015006759403/05/15 new patent  Electronic device and controlling screen
2262015006760603/05/15 new patent  Electronic system with continuous navigation mechanism and operation thereof
2272015006760903/05/15 new patent  Method for providing information based on contents and electronic device thereof
2282015006761203/05/15 new patent  Method and operating input function in electronic device
2292015006761403/05/15 new patent  Method for displaying data and electronic device thereof
2302015006761503/05/15 new patent  Method, apparatus, and recording medium for scrapping content
2312015006766903/05/15 new patent  Method for managing application and electronic device thereof
2322015006770003/05/15 new patent  Method and performing task scheduling in terminal
2332015006770503/05/15 new patent  Process operating method and apparatus thereof
2342015006776203/05/15 new patent  Method and system for configuring smart home gateway firewall
2352015006778203/05/15 new patent  Method for connecting to network and electronic device thereof
2362015006788303/05/15 new patent  Computing system with identity protection mechanism and operation thereof
2372015006789503/05/15 new patent  Security device having physical unclonable function
2382015005834202/26/15Method for displaying information and electronic device thereof
2392015005586502/26/15Electronic device and image processing method in electronic device
2402015005800702/26/15Method for modifying text data corresponding to voice data and electronic device for the same
2412015005299502/26/15Water level sensor and heat exchanger sterilizing and humidifying apparatus having the same
2422015005483802/26/15Electronic apparatus and displaying image thereof
2432015005514902/26/15Image forming apparatus and controlling method thereof
2442015005528402/26/15Tablet stand apparatus
2452015005679502/26/15Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
2462015005292002/26/15Refrigerator with removable display
2472015005299502/26/15Water level sensor and heat exchanger sterilizing and humidifying apparatus having the same
2482015005323702/26/15Tine adjustment and adaptable wash cycle control
2492015005323802/26/15Adjustable utensil tray with a detergent dispenser and movable dividers

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