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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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12014026702209/18/14 new patent  Input control method and electronic device supporting the same
22014026055009/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for checking sealing state of housing
32014026951909/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving control channel in wireless communication system
42014027987009/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for synchronizing shared data in mobile terminal and server
52014028134009/18/14 new patent  Multidimensional resource manager/allocator
62014028214609/18/14 new patent  Use of perspective to improve visual information density
72014028223209/18/14 new patent  Automatically expanding panes
82014026763809/18/14 new patent  Display apparatus for visual and audio multiplexed display
92014026787109/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and method for processing image
102014027337709/18/14 new patent  Method for fabricating a semiconductor device
112014028194909/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for case conversion
122014028292409/18/14 new patent  Application connection for devices in a network
132014026052409/18/14 new patent  Phantom, ultrasound system including the same, and method of manufacturing the phantom
142014026064209/18/14 new patent  Electronic system with surface detection mechanism and method of operation thereof
152014026067509/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for measuring tactile information
162014026097709/18/14 new patent  Carbon dioxide adsorbents and production methods thereof, carbon dioxide capture module including the same, and methods for separating carbon dioxide using the same
172014026117409/18/14 new patent  Apparatus for processing wafers
182014026165009/18/14 new patent  Solar cell
192014026316609/18/14 new patent  Graphene base and method of preparing the same
202014026394809/18/14 new patent  Optical biosensor and biosensing system
212014026396109/18/14 new patent  Performing spatial & temporal image contrast detection in pixel array
222014026396509/18/14 new patent  Pixel, method of manufacturing the same, and image processing devices including the same
232014026405209/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for monitoring semiconductor fabrication processes using polarized light
242014026408909/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for generating extreme ultra violet radiation
252014026425409/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device and illumination apparatus including the same
262014026428209/18/14 new patent  Heterogeneous layered structure, method of preparing the heterogeneous layered structure, and electronic device including the heterogeneous layered structure
272014026429809/18/14 new patent  Image sensor and method of forming the same
282014026433909/18/14 new patent  Heat slug having thermoelectric elements and semiconductor package including the same
292014026441209/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device package
302014026449809/18/14 new patent  Memory device and method of manufacturing the same
312014026451709/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor devices having a silicon-germanium channel layer and methods of forming the same
322014026452909/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor memory devices
332014026456809/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and methods of manufacturing the same
342014026459709/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and a method for fabricating the same
352014026467109/18/14 new patent  Magnetic junctions having insertion layers and magnetic memories using the magnetic junctions
362014026469909/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
372014026472709/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
382014026472909/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
392014026477809/18/14 new patent  Precursor composition for deposition of silicon dioxide film and method for fabricating semiconductor device using the same
402014026489209/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device with dummy lines
412014026493609/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor package
422014026494009/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor package and package on package having the same
432014026495309/18/14 new patent  Wiring structures, methods of manufacturing the same, and methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices having the same
442014026561409/18/14 new patent  Wireless power transmission apparatus and wireless power reception apparatus
452014026561509/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for controlling wireless power transmission
462014026590309/18/14 new patent  Light-emitting device package and light-emitting apparatus
472014026613709/18/14 new patent  Current generator, method of operating the same, and electronic system including the same
482014026629909/18/14 new patent  Circuit and method for on-die termination, and semiconductor memory device including the same
492014026630909/18/14 new patent  Cds circuit and analog-digital converter using dithering, and image sensor having same
502014026635109/18/14 new patent  Delay-locked loop circuit and method of controlling the same
512014026636209/18/14 new patent  Digital duty cycle correction circuit
522014026637109/18/14 new patent  Multi-phase generator
532014026640009/18/14 new patent  Method of reducing current collapse of power device
542014026640409/18/14 new patent  Method for detecting environmental value in electronic device and electronic device
552014026641409/18/14 new patent  Internal voltage generator and contactless ic card including the same
562014026692409/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and method for manufacturing the same
572014026702109/18/14 new patent  Display control method and apparatus
582014026702309/18/14 new patent  Method for displaying dynamic image and electronic device therefor
592014026702509/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for operating sensors of user device
602014026710809/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for operating touch screen
612014026711109/18/14 new patent  Method for handling function corresponding to multiple touches and electronic device thereof
622014026711509/18/14 new patent  Method for controlling display function and an electronic device thereof
632014026711909/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for displaying screen in a portable terminal
642014026716109/18/14 new patent  User interface apparatus and method in user terminal with a capacitive touch input scheme
652014026723309/18/14 new patent  Electronic system with three dimensional user interface and method of operation thereof
662014026728509/18/14 new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof for applying motion compensation to remove artifacts from images
672014026731709/18/14 new patent  Multimedia system and operating method of the same
682014026732909/18/14 new patent  System on chip, system including the same, and operating method thereof
692014026735909/18/14 new patent  Screen control method and electronic device therefor
702014026738409/18/14 new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof
712014026738709/18/14 new patent  Area selection processing apparatus and method for media editing and computer readable recording medium
722014026743509/18/14 new patent  Image editing method, machine-readable storage medium, and terminal
732014026746909/18/14 new patent  Display drive circuit and standby power reduction method thereof
742014026759109/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and method of outputting image in electronic device
752014026759209/18/14 new patent  Method for capturing image and electronic device thereof
762014026759309/18/14 new patent  Method for processing image and electronic device thereof
772014026776009/18/14 new patent  Electronic device with camera module
782014026779609/18/14 new patent  Application information processing method and apparatus of mobile terminal
792014026780009/18/14 new patent  Digital image stabilization method and imaging device using the same
802014026781609/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and method for processing image
812014026783809/18/14 new patent  Image signal processor circuits and methods for correcting crosstalk artifacts
822014026784209/18/14 new patent  Image data processing method and electronic device supporting the same
832014026784509/18/14 new patent  Image processing device and system comprising same
842014026786109/18/14 new patent  Image sensors
852014026786709/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and method for image processing
862014026788609/18/14 new patent  Image generation system, method, and medium, generating plurality of images with different resolution and brightness from single image
872014026790509/18/14 new patent  Data transmitting apparatus, data receiving apparatus, data transceiving system, method for transmitting data, and method for receiving data
882014026791009/18/14 new patent  Method of mirroring content from a mobile device onto a flat panel television, and a flat panel television
892014026791409/18/14 new patent  Wide dynamic range image processing method and image signal processor using the same
902014026792209/18/14 new patent  Control of frequency lifting super-resolution with image features
912014026792609/18/14 new patent  Power supply for television and television including the same
922014026793509/18/14 new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof
932014026795109/18/14 new patent  Digitizer and method of manufacturing the same
942014026799009/18/14 new patent  Electronic device having display module
952014026807909/18/14 new patent  Particle counter and immersion exposure system including the same
962014026816509/18/14 new patent  Optical biosensor and method of operating the same
972014026817009/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for estimating depth of buried defect in substrate
982014026817109/18/14 new patent  Stage device and driving method thereof
992014026821009/18/14 new patent  Data transmitting method of image forming apparatus and image forming apparatus for performing data transmitting method
1002014026826409/18/14 new patent  Spatial light modulator, holographic three-dimensional image display including the same, and method for modulating spatial light
1012014026834009/18/14 new patent  Telephoto zoom lens system and electronic apparatus including the same
1022014026851709/18/14 new patent  Electronic device with protective case and operating method thereof
1032014026852509/18/14 new patent  Case, method of manufacturing case, and electronic device
1042014026854209/18/14 new patent  Docking apparatus of electronic apparatus
1052014026858809/18/14 new patent  Portable terminal and method of manufacturing a module thereof
1062014026859009/18/14 new patent  Window member and method of manufacturing the same
1072014026859509/18/14 new patent  Flexible display device
1082014026897909/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and semiconductor package
1092014026903209/18/14 new patent  Architecture for magnetic memories including magnetic tunneling junctions using spin-orbit interaction based switching
1102014026905709/18/14 new patent  Non-volatile memory device and programming method
1112014026910309/18/14 new patent  Nonvolatile memory device and method of manufacturing the same
1122014026911909/18/14 new patent  Synchronous semiconductor memory device having delay locked loop circuit and method of controlling the delay locked loop circuit
1132014026912009/18/14 new patent  Synchronous semiconductor memory device having dual delay locked loop circuit and method of managing dual delay locked loop circuit
1142014026912309/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor memory device and refresh method thereof
1152014026913409/18/14 new patent  Memory device and method of controlling refresh operation in memory device
1162014026938109/18/14 new patent  Methods and devices for allocating resources for communications with base stations
1172014026938709/18/14 new patent  Scheduling method and apparatus in system performing device-to-device communication
1182014026945109/18/14 new patent  Transmission of sounding reference signals for adaptively configured tdd communication systems
1192014026945209/18/14 new patent  Transmission of acknowledgement information in adaptively configured tdd communication systems
1202014026945309/18/14 new patent  Computing and transmitting channel state information in adaptively configured tdd communication systems
1212014026945409/18/14 new patent  Uplink power control in adaptively configured tdd communication systems
1222014026946009/18/14 new patent  Channel state information for adaptively configured tdd communication systems
1232014026947809/18/14 new patent  System, apparatus, and method for connecting short distance communication
1242014026951709/18/14 new patent  System and method for switching mobile station identification in wireless communication system
1252014026954409/18/14 new patent  Transmission opportunity operation of uplink multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output communication in wireless networks
1262014026954809/18/14 new patent  Method to manage interference between idle devices
1272014026956909/18/14 new patent  Apparatuses and methods for data transmission and reception
1282014026957409/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for controlling mdt measurement report in 3gpp system
1292014026963909/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving data and control information through an uplink in a wireless communication system
1302014026965709/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for friend discovery
1312014026970609/18/14 new patent  Ring topology storage system, storage device in ring topology storage network and method for handling multicast command packets in ring topology
1322014026975709/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for allowing playback devices to perform synchronized playback of streaming content
1332014026980309/18/14 new patent  Hybrid vertical cavity laser and method of manufacturing the same
1342014026987809/18/14 new patent  Wireless communication system with signal processing mechanism and method of operation thereof
1352014026989909/18/14 new patent  Image coding method and device for buffer management of decoder, and image decoding method and device
1362014026992409/18/14 new patent  Methods and apparatuses for encoding and decoding video
1372014026992809/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for determining a context model for transform coefficient level entropy encoding and decoding
1382014026995909/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for symbol mapping in wireless communication system using multi tone frequency quadrature amplitude modulation
1392014026999209/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding for frequency and quadrature-amplitude modulation in wireless communication system
1402014027001009/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for soft-decision detection in 2x2 mimo system
1412014027001409/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for performing soft demapping in rotated quadrature amplitude modulation (qam) based communication system
1422014027002509/18/14 new patent  Communication system with charge pump mechanism and method of operation thereof
1432014027002909/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for supporting device to device communication
1442014027006409/18/14 new patent  X-ray imaging apparatus and control method for the same
1452014027007809/18/14 new patent  Methods of detecting inhomogeneity of a layer and apparatus for performing the same
1462014027008709/18/14 new patent  X-ray generator including heat sink block
1472014027013109/18/14 new patent  Communication system with message prioritization mechanism and method of operation thereof
1482014027030109/18/14 new patent  Electronic device including sound output module and housing for the electronic device
1492014027033009/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for embedding and detecting watermark
1502014027037209/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and method of operating the same
1512014027037309/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and method for synthesizing continuously taken images
1522014027043309/18/14 new patent  System and method for automatic planning of two-dimensional views in 3d medical images
1532014027043409/18/14 new patent  System and method for automatic planning of views in 3d images of brain
1542014027051909/18/14 new patent  Image processing apparatus and method of providing high sensitive color images
1552014027055509/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding an image by using an adaptive search range decision for motion estimation
1562014027056409/18/14 new patent  Creating details in an image with frequency lifting
1572014027056609/18/14 new patent  Creating details in an image with adaptive frequency strength controlled transform
1582014027063209/18/14 new patent  Integrated circuit device packages including optical elements
1592014027068309/18/14 new patent  Measuring user engagement of content
1602014027075809/18/14 new patent  Optical communication apparatus and pcb including optical interface for realizing concurrent read and write operations
1612014027078509/18/14 new patent  Electro-photonic memory system
1622014027137509/18/14 new patent  Mix-type catalyst filter and manufacturing method thereof
1632014027331809/18/14 new patent  Method of forming metallic bonding layer and method of manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device therewith
1642014027335009/18/14 new patent  Method of fabricating semiconductor multi-chip stack packages
1652014027335909/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor device having blocking pattern and method for fabricating the same
1662014027337809/18/14 new patent  Methods of fabricating integrated circuit device with fin transistors having different threshold voltages
1672014027338209/18/14 new patent  Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
1682014027339209/18/14 new patent  Semiconductor integrated circuit device and method of fabricating the same
1692014027339509/18/14 new patent  Methods of forming a thin layer and methods of manufacturing a phase change memory device using the same
1702014027339709/18/14 new patent  Methods of fabricating non-planar transistors including current enhancing structures
1712014027344109/18/14 new patent  Method for forming patterns of semiconductor device using sadp process
1722014027347109/18/14 new patent  Method of forming fine patterns of semiconductor device
1732014027348409/18/14 new patent  Inductively coupled plasma processing apparatus and plasma processing method using the same
1742014027349509/18/14 new patent  Non-volatile memory devices and methods of fabricating the same
1752014027361709/18/14 new patent  Waterproof ear jack socket and method of manufacturing the same
1762014027363209/18/14 new patent  Connector joint support module, electronic device including the same, and methods of assembling and disassembling electronic device
1772014027383209/18/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for connecting antenna for nearfield communication in portable terminal
1782014027383809/18/14 new patent  Method and system for managing multiple applications in near field communication
1792014027383909/18/14 new patent  Method and system for managing multiple applications in near field communication
1802014027384009/18/14 new patent  Method of performing operation related to other device via near field communication and apparatus therefor
1812014027385509/18/14 new patent  Communication connection method in bluetooth device and apparatus thereto
1822014027390609/18/14 new patent  Wireless communication system with interference rejection mechanism and method of operation thereof
1832014027397609/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for executing alarm with respect to missed received call for mobile communication terminal
1842014027399509/18/14 new patent  Alarm method and apparatus for mobile communication terminal
1852014027402109/18/14 new patent  Method and device for controlling use of external data network via mobile access point
1862014027407009/18/14 new patent  Handover method and apparatus in a wireless communication system including femto cells
1872014027408509/18/14 new patent  Methods and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signal by using modulation order of interference signal
1882014027409209/18/14 new patent  Wireless communication system with interference mitigation mechanism and method of operation thereof
1892014027416509/18/14 new patent  Communication system with indoor navigation mechanism and method of operation thereof
1902014027421409/18/14 new patent  Display of an electronic device supporting multiple operation modes
1912014027421709/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for operating electronic device with cover
1922014027576009/18/14 new patent  Augmented reality image display system and surgical robot system comprising the same
1932014027604509/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for processing ultrasound data using scan line information
1942014027605709/18/14 new patent  Method of providing copy image and ultrasound apparatus therefor
1952014027694009/18/14 new patent  Surgical robot and method of controlling the same
1962014027703209/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for making ultrasonic irradiation plan, and ultrasonic irradiation method
1972014027774109/18/14 new patent  Robots and methods of controlling the same
1982014027791809/18/14 new patent  Method for processing data and an electronic device thereof
1992014027805309/18/14 new patent  Navigation system with dynamic update mechanism and method of operation thereof
2002014027823409/18/14 new patent  Method and a system for a statistical equivalence test
2012014027841109/18/14 new patent  Speech recognition vocabulary integration
2022014027844009/18/14 new patent  Framework for voice controlling applications
2032014027911509/18/14 new patent  Mobile payment using cloud computing
2042014027943709/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for electronic payment in electronic device
2052014027956609/18/14 new patent  Secure mobile payment using media binding
2062014027972609/18/14 new patent  Computing system with iterative knowledge management mechanism and method of operation thereof
2072014027981309/18/14 new patent  Random number generator and random number health test method thereof
2082014027981409/18/14 new patent  Context-aware method and apparatus
2092014028009709/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for providing a contact address
2102014028015209/18/14 new patent  Computing system with relationship model mechanism and method of operation thereof
2112014028028809/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for managing conversation messages
2122014028035909/18/14 new patent  Computing system with social interaction mechanism and method of operation thereof
2132014028039609/18/14 new patent  Operating method for user system including host and memory system
2142014028062009/18/14 new patent  Communication system with identification management and method of operation thereof
2152014028073009/18/14 new patent  Contents management method and apparatus
2162014028078809/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for converting content
2172014028098109/18/14 new patent  Application connection for devices in a network
2182014028103809/18/14 new patent  Terminal and application synchronization method thereof
2192014028117009/18/14 new patent  Nonvolatile storage device and operating system (os) image program method thereof
2202014028117209/18/14 new patent  Nonvolatile memory device, electronic device and computing system including the same
2212014028117409/18/14 new patent  Non-volatile multi-level cell memory system and method of performing adaptive data back-up in the system
2222014028118809/18/14 new patent  Method of updating mapping information and memory system and apparatus employing the same
2232014028128609/18/14 new patent  Memory system
2242014028129309/18/14 new patent  Method of operating memory controller and devices including memory controller
2252014028136109/18/14 new patent  Nonvolatile memory device and related deduplication method
2262014028138109/18/14 new patent  System-on-chip and method of operating the same
2272014028149409/18/14 new patent  Access control method and mobile terminal which employs an access control method
2282014028149509/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for performing authentication between applications
2292014028150109/18/14 new patent  Application access control method and electronic apparatus implementing the same
2302014028159409/18/14 new patent  Application processor and driving method
2312014028173609/18/14 new patent  Self-diagnosing method of a volatile memory device and an electronic device performing the same
2322014028175909/18/14 new patent  Bus protocol checker, system on chip including the same, bus protocol checking method
2332014028177109/18/14 new patent  Method and device for optimizing log likelihood ratio (llr) used for nonvolatile memory device and for correcting errors in nonvolatile memory device
2342014028181609/18/14 new patent  Memory controller and method of operating the same
2352014028182709/18/14 new patent  Memory controller, method of operating the same, and system including the same
2362014028191109/18/14 new patent  Selectively activating a/v web page contents in electronic device
2372014028196209/18/14 new patent  Mobile device of executing action in display unchecking mode and method of controlling the same
2382014028199809/18/14 new patent  User interface for displaying and playing multimedia contents, apparatus comprising the same, and control method thereof
2392014028205909/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and operating method thereof
2402014028207009/18/14 new patent  Object control method and apparatus of user device
2412014028211109/18/14 new patent  Capturing and analyzing user activity during a multi-user video chat session
2422014028215909/18/14 new patent  Electronic device and method for controlling screen display using temperature and humidity
2432014028220409/18/14 new patent  Key input method and apparatus using random number in virtual keyboard
2442014028223409/18/14 new patent  Applications presentation method and system of mobile terminal
2452014028226409/18/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for displaying thumbnail image
2462014028228009/18/14 new patent  Gesture detection based on time difference of movements
2472014028229709/18/14 new patent  Method for generating post-opc layout in consideration of top loss of etch mask layer
2482014028255909/18/14 new patent  Computing system with task transfer mechanism and method of operation thereof
2492014028257209/18/14 new patent  Task scheduling with precedence relationships in multicore systems

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