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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015033457711/19/15  new patent  Methods, systems and devices for small cell communications
22015033472111/19/15  new patent  Method and avoiding resource collision in mobile communication system
32015032781411/19/15  new patent  Method and measuring a biological signal
42015032783911/19/15  new patent  Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
52015032796811/19/15  new patent  Fixing device for endotracheal intubation of rodents
62015032912111/19/15  new patent  Mobile terminal and controlling application for vehicle
72015032933411/19/15  new patent  Overhead hoist transfer system and factory system employing the same
82015032984711/19/15  new patent  Fusion protein comprising granzyme b and use thereof
92015032988111/19/15  new patent  Microorganism having novel acrylic acid synthesis pathway and producing acrylic acid by using the microorganism
102015032988211/19/15  new patent  Microorganism having enhanced productivity of succinate and producing succinate using the same
112015032988311/19/15  new patent  Genetically engineered bacterial cell and producing succinic acid using the same
122015032998411/19/15  new patent  Thin film deposition apparatus and thin film deposition method using electric field
132015033064311/19/15  new patent  Evaporative humidifier and control method thereof
142015033065211/19/15  new patent  Method and controlling temperature
152015033080111/19/15  new patent  Method and recommending a route
162015033080511/19/15  new patent  System for providing personalized information and providing the personalized information
172015033108411/19/15  new patent  Device and measuring position of electronic device
182015033108511/19/15  new patent  Destination prediction apparatus and method
192015033128411/19/15  new patent  Display module and display apparatus having the same
202015033129711/19/15  new patent  Spatial light modulator including nano-antenna electrode and display apparatus including the spatial light modulator
212015033145411/19/15  new patent  Method of controlling output of screen of flexible display and portable terminal supporting the same
222015033145511/19/15  new patent  Detachable electronic device
232015033147411/19/15  new patent  Serial communication method
242015033149211/19/15  new patent  Method and identifying spatial gesture of user
252015033149611/19/15  new patent  Flexible display apparatus and controlling method thereof
262015033151111/19/15  new patent  Method and processing input using display
272015033155111/19/15  new patent  Image display apparatus, image display method, and computer-readable recording medium
282015033156011/19/15  new patent  Electronic device and displaying object
292015033160011/19/15  new patent  Operating method using an input control object and electronic device supporting the same
302015033160211/19/15  new patent  Apparatus and setting user interface according to user preference
312015033160811/19/15  new patent  Electronic system with transactions and operation thereof
322015033165911/19/15  new patent  Electronic device and playing music in electronic device
332015033171911/19/15  new patent  Apparatus and job scheduling method thereof
342015033172811/19/15  new patent  User terminal device for supporting data share function and methods thereof
352015033205711/19/15  new patent  Method and obtaining sensing data
362015033209111/19/15  new patent  Device and processing image
372015033209311/19/15  new patent  Object tracking apparatus and method thereof
382015033212011/19/15  new patent  Detecting and processing small text in digital media
392015033217011/19/15  new patent  Electronic system with low confidence prediction and operation thereof
402015033244711/19/15  new patent  Method and generating spanning tree, stereo matching, up-sampling, and generating reference pixel
412015033246111/19/15  new patent  Method for registering medical images, apparatus performing the method, and computer readable media including the method
422015033266811/19/15  new patent  Audio signal recognition method and electronic device supporting the same
432015033278111/19/15  new patent  Nonvolatile memory system with improved signal transmission and reception characteristics and operating the same
442015033292011/19/15  new patent  Electronic device having graphene-semiconductor multi-junction and manufacturing the electronic device
452015033295511/19/15  new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
462015033299311/19/15  new patent  Printed circuit board having traces and ball grid array package including the same
472015033307511/19/15  new patent  Semiconductor device
482015033309111/19/15  new patent  Image sensors having reduced interference between pixels
492015033310011/19/15  new patent  Image sensors includng well regions of different concentrations and methods of fabricating the same
502015033314811/19/15  new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
512015033315111/19/15  new patent  Method of forming semiconductor device including protrusion type isolation layer
522015033319611/19/15  new patent  Optoelectronic device including ferroelectric material
532015033320211/19/15  new patent  Lateral type photodiode, image sensor including the same, and manufacturing the photodiode and the image sensor.
542015033327111/19/15  new patent  Condensed cyclic compound and organic light emitting device including the same
552015033327311/19/15  new patent  Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
562015033327811/19/15  new patent  Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
572015033332611/19/15  new patent  Negative electrode active material for non-lithium secondary battery, preparing the same, negative electrode for non-lithium secondary battery including the same, and non-lithium secondary battery including the negative electrode
582015033338411/19/15  new patent  Metal-air battery
592015033362711/19/15  new patent  High voltage switching circuit and ultrasound probe
602015033376711/19/15  new patent  Encoding apparatus and encoding method thereof
612015033376911/19/15  new patent  Interleaving and puncturing apparatus and method thereof
622015033379211/19/15  new patent  Apparatus and performing resource allocation and communication in a wireless communication system, and system using same
632015033381411/19/15  new patent  Beam forming apparatus, forming beams, ultrasonic imaging apparatus, and ultrasonic probe
642015033385011/19/15  new patent  Method and calibrating distortion of signals
652015033386711/19/15  new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving packet in a communication system
662015033387211/19/15  new patent  Transmission of acknowledgement signals
672015033387811/19/15  new patent  Method and hybrid automatic retransmit request (harq) feedback in wireless communication system
682015033388711/19/15  new patent  Transmission of sounding reference signals from a user equipment in response to multiple requests
692015033394411/19/15  new patent  Method and processing a transmission signal in communication system
702015033395111/19/15  new patent  Content playback method and electronic device implementing the same
712015033397611/19/15  new patent  Method for scheduling management operation on devices in a home network
722015033398211/19/15  new patent  Method and managing application package installed in mobile communication terminal
732015033400811/19/15  new patent  Method of distributing data and device supporting the same
742015033407411/19/15  new patent  Electronic device and notification method in internet service
752015033414611/19/15  new patent  Method and video communication
762015033414711/19/15  new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving adaptive streaming mechanism-based content
772015033416011/19/15  new patent  Method and loading web page
782015033419311/19/15  new patent  Method and inter-local network communication
792015033419611/19/15  new patent  Method and preserving packet switched (ps) signaling connection
802015033432611/19/15  new patent  Image sensor and stacked structure thereof
812015033433811/19/15  new patent  Content output apparatus, mobile apparatus, and controlling methods thereof
822015033434011/19/15  new patent  Content recording control peers, and a device therefor
832015033434311/19/15  new patent  Converting apparatus, contents converting method, and computer readable recording medium
842015033436311/19/15  new patent  Method for play synchronization and device using the same
852015033437011/19/15  new patent  Method and generating header information of stereoscopic image data
862015033437211/19/15  new patent  Method and generating depth image
872015033437611/19/15  new patent  Method of acquiring depth image and image acquiring apparatus using thereof
882015033438011/19/15  new patent  Stereo source image calibration method and apparatus
892015033440411/19/15  new patent  Method and video encoding for each spatial sub-area, and video decoding for each spatial sub-area
902015033440811/19/15  new patent  Method and video encoding for each spatial sub-area, and video decoding for each spatial sub-area
912015033440911/19/15  new patent  Method and video encoding for each spatial sub-area, and video decoding for each spatial sub-area
922015033441011/19/15  new patent  Method and video encoding for each spatial sub-area, and video decoding for each spatial sub-area
932015033446411/19/15  new patent  Display apparatus and control the same
942015033448611/19/15  new patent  Glasses controlling glasses apparatus, audio providing audio signal and display apparatus
952015033448811/19/15  new patent  Method and communicating audio data
962015033451611/19/15  new patent  System, wireless network connection using near field communication
972015033452011/19/15  new patent  Apparatus and controlling built-in microphone of portable terminal
982015033453411/19/15  new patent  Method and system for determining a position of a mobile device by an access point
992015033453811/19/15  new patent  Method and managing a group profile in a wi-fi direct communication system
1002015033454111/19/15  new patent  Apparatus and receiving mobile message
1012015033454411/19/15  new patent  Method for managing disaster and electronic device thereof
1022015033457711/19/15  new patent  Methods, systems and devices for small cell communications
1032015033458711/19/15  new patent  Method of detecting indicator information in wireless communication system
1042015033462811/19/15  new patent  Method and device for transferring data traffic
1052015033463711/19/15  new patent  Apparatus and transmitting and receiving in mobile communication system
1062015033469011/19/15  new patent  Extension of physical downlink control signaling in a communication system
1072015033472311/19/15  new patent  Communication apparatus and communication method in wireless power transmission system
1082015033476911/19/15  new patent  Apparatus and transmitting/receiving signals in mobile communication system supporting carries
1092015033400811/19/15  new patent  Method of distributing data and device supporting the same
1102015032408011/12/15 Method and electronic device for managing screen
1112015032642211/12/15 Apparatus and demodulating hybrid modulation symbol in wireless communication system using hybrid modulation scheme
1122015032649211/12/15 Distributed scheduling resource allocation for device-to-device communication
1132015032716311/12/15 Method and selecting mobility anchor in mobile communication system
1142015032717011/12/15 Method and device for power saving mode control in mobile communication system
1152015032719311/12/15 Apparatus and acquiring d2d synchronization information
1162015032727411/12/15 Distributed turbo encoder and method
1172015032012811/12/15 Wearable device
1182015032032411/12/15 Method, apparatus, and system for providing medical image
1192015032039311/12/15 Ultrasonic probe and manufacturing the same
1202015032040011/12/15 Method and registering medical images
1212015032051411/12/15 Surgical robots and control methods thereof
1222015032053411/12/15 Fixing device for inhalation anesthesia of rodents
1232015032119211/12/15 Microfluidic structure, microfluidic device having the same and controlling the microfluidic device
1242015032135911/12/15 Picker assembly
1252015032141511/12/15 Patterning method using imprint mold, pattern structure fabricated by the method, and imprinting system
1262015032186211/12/15 Sheet pickup apparatus and image forming apparatus having the same
1272015032210211/12/15 Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
1282015032216211/12/15 Anti-her2 antibody and anti-c-met/anti-her2 bispecific antibodies comprising the same
1292015032216511/12/15 Anti-cmet/anti-egfr/anti-her3 multipecific antibodies and use thereof
1302015032221811/12/15 Polyimide films and production methods thereof
1312015032319111/12/15 Cooking appliance
1322015032323811/12/15 Control refrigerator
1332015032324311/12/15 Refrigerator
1342015032326211/12/15 Heat dissipating apparatus and electronic device having the same
1352015032334711/12/15 Piezoelectric actuator and measuring motion by using the same
1362015032338511/12/15 Spectro-sensor and spectrometer employing the same
1372015032370711/12/15 Optical film for reducing color shift and organic light-emitting display device employing the same
1382015032372111/12/15 Wire grid polarizer, liquid crystal display having the same and manufacturing the same
1392015032380011/12/15 Color separation devices and image sensors including the same
1402015032381611/12/15 Light modulators and digital exposure apparatuses including the same
1412015032389711/12/15 Imaging cartridge and electrophotographic image forming apparatus using the same
1422015032399511/12/15 Tactile feedback apparatuses and methods for providing sensations of writing
1432015032400011/12/15 User input method and portable device
1442015032400311/12/15 Sensor module and device including the same
1452015032400411/12/15 Electronic device and recognizing gesture by electronic device
1462015032403311/12/15 Touch sensing device, display device including the same, and sensing touch
1472015032406411/12/15 Multi-touch sensing apparatus using rear view camera of array type
1482015032407011/12/15 Apparatus and providing user interface
1492015032407811/12/15 Wearable device and controlling method thereof
1502015032408711/12/15 Method and electronic device for providing user interface
1512015032409211/12/15 Display apparatus and highlighting object on image displayed by a display apparatus
1522015032416211/12/15 Method and device for controlling multiple displays
1532015032416311/12/15 Electronic device and interconnecting the same
1542015032416411/12/15 Display aligning thereof
1552015032419811/12/15 Control flow without branching
1562015032422811/12/15 Trace-based instruction execution processing
1572015032433411/12/15 Apparatus and executing application
1582015032440911/12/15 Server, control method thereof, and system for producing rankings of search terms whose popularities increase rapidly
1592015032456911/12/15 Fingerprint recognition method and electronic device performing thereof
1602015032457011/12/15 Method for processing fingerprint and electronic device therefor
1612015032460511/12/15 Method and sharing content between electronic devices
1622015032462911/12/15 Liveness testing methods and apparatuses and image processing methods and apparatuses
1632015032494911/12/15 Micro-coded transcendental instruction execution
1642015032502511/12/15 Image processing apparatus, processing image, and computer-readable storage medium
1652015032503711/12/15 Reduction of graphical processing through coverage testing
1662015032504111/12/15 Image processing method and apparatus
1672015032505011/12/15 Apparatus and providing augmented reality
1682015032513911/12/15 Apparatus and supporting rehabilitation of brain-damaged patient
1692015032520011/12/15 Source driver and display device including the same
1702015032521111/12/15 Display device and control method therefor
1712015032521311/12/15 Display device and mobile electronic apparatus including the same
1722015032521711/12/15 Data generator and display driver including the same
1732015032524111/12/15 Method for processing data and electronic device thereof
1742015032524411/12/15 System, medium, and encoding/decoding multi-channel audio signals
1752015032525411/12/15 Method and displaying speech recognition information
1762015032527411/12/15 Input buffer and memory device including the same
1772015032530411/12/15 Method of providing an operating voltage in a memory device and a memory controller for the memory device
1782015032531611/12/15 Repair circuit and fuse circuit
1792015032543811/12/15 Precursor solution for forming metal chalcogenide film
1802015032547811/12/15 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device and a semiconductor device fabricated by the method
1812015032549011/12/15 Apparatus for and processing substrate
1822015032551811/12/15 Semiconductor device having fuse pattern
1832015032558011/12/15 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
1842015032561111/12/15 Semiconductor packages including electrical insulation features
1852015032562311/12/15 Method for controlling magnetic properties through ion diffusion in a magnetic junction usable in spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory applications
1862015032567011/12/15 Semiconductor device having high-k gate insulation films and fabricating method thereof
1872015032568311/12/15 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
1882015032574511/12/15 Three-dimensional light-emitting device and fabrication method thereof
1892015032579711/12/15 Optoelectronic material and organic optoelectronic device and image sensor
1902015032579911/12/15 Condensed cyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
1912015032580211/12/15 Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
1922015032580711/12/15 Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
1932015032604511/12/15 Apparatus for charging wearable device
1942015032605411/12/15 Portable terminal having a wireless charging module
1952015032619611/12/15 Method and electronic device for controlling volume
1962015032625711/12/15 Non-linear capacitance based parametric mixer
1972015032625811/12/15 Apparatus and controlling power amplifier bias
1982015032626111/12/15 Method of supporting multi-frequency bands and electronic device supporting the same
1992015032629511/12/15 Mimo transmission method and mimo transmission device using plurality of cells in multi-cell wireless communication system
2002015032630011/12/15 Communication device and orientation control method
2012015032632411/12/15 Method and efficient utilization of resources for interference cancellation and suppression in wireless communication systems
2022015032636711/12/15 Transmission of acknowledgement signals in a communication system
2032015032636811/12/15 Method and transmitting/receiving uplink signaling information in a single carrier fdma system
2042015032637311/12/15 Apparatus and avoiding interference in device-to-device wireless communication system
2052015032639011/12/15 Method of managing keys and electronic device adapted to the same
2062015032651511/12/15 Method for storing conversation upon user's request in cpm system, and system thereof
2072015032655511/12/15 Method of managing files in webdav server-embedded image forming apparatus, and image forming system that performs the method
2082015032662411/12/15 Location-based social community management apparatus and method
2092015032663011/12/15 Method for streaming video images and electrical device for supporting the same
2102015032665411/12/15 Method and providing user input back channel in audio/video system
2112015032669911/12/15 Mobile terminal without microphone hole
2122015032670711/12/15 Terminal device and remote control method thereof, mobile device and remote control method thereof
2132015032680211/12/15 X-ray detecting method, photographing method using the x-ray detecting method, and x-ray detector using the methods
2142015032682211/12/15 Display performing videotelephony using the same
2152015032682311/12/15 Apparatus and changing mode of device
2162015032683911/12/15 Electronic device having projector and color correction method thereof
2172015032684111/12/15 White balancing device and driving the same
2182015032685411/12/15 Method and encoding images and decoding images
2192015032687911/12/15 Image encoding , and decoding therefor
2202015032688511/12/15 Method and encoding video by compensating for pixel value according to pixel groups, and decoding video by the same
2212015032690711/12/15 Electronic device and data control method thereof
2222015032691811/12/15 Image processing apparatus and image processing method
2232015032693011/12/15 Method of providing user specific interaction using device and digital television(dtv), the dtv, and the user device
2242015032693611/12/15 Display apparatus and controlling method thereof
2252015032694311/12/15 Method and using internet protocol television service based on application received in multicast session
2262015032702311/12/15 Apparatus and controlling synchronizing of service timing while moving between spaces in electronic device
2272015032709511/12/15 Interference measurement use in mobile communication system
2282015032709611/12/15 Method and activating carriers in mobile communication system
2292015032710711/12/15 Method for activating pscell and scell in mobile communication system supporting dual connectivity
2302015032711011/12/15 Method and supporting multiple connections in wireless lan system
2312015032713811/12/15 Apparatus and auto link change in wireless communication device
2322015032714311/12/15 Method and inter-radio access network mobility
2332015032716111/12/15 Retrieval of user equipment capabilities by application server
2342015032716911/12/15 Method, user equipment and base station for controlling discontinuous reception (drx) in wireless communication system
2352015032717711/12/15 Method and apparatus of sensor network supporting bidirectional event detection
2362015032718011/12/15 Method and performing communication by d2d communication terminal
2372015032719111/12/15 Method and synchronization in device to device communication system
2382015032720411/12/15 Synchronization d2d communication
2392015032722911/12/15 Method and uplink scheduling in wireless communication system
2402015032725411/12/15 Apparatus and reducing volume of resource allocation information message in a broadband wireless communication system
2412015032726911/12/15 Method and transmitting and receiving ue capability information in mobile communication system
2422015032730811/12/15 Wireless communication system and connection method between user equipment and a mobility management entity
2432015032731511/12/15 Schemes related to resource allocation, discovery and signaling in d2d systems
2442015032738211/12/15 Image processing board and display apparatus having the same
2452015031729911/05/15 Method of controlling a text input and electronic device thereof
2462015031779411/05/15 Apparatus and providing additional information for each region of interest
2472015031871311/05/15 Apparatus for and protecting wireless-coupled power devices from overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature using hysteresis
2482015031963211/05/15 Method and channel estimation in wireless communication system
2492015031969711/05/15 Apparatus and reducing power consumption in portable terminal

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