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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015023809808/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and sensing body information
22015023816408/27/15  new patent  Method and ultrasound displaying location information of bursa
32015023881508/27/15  new patent  Method and recommending exercise routes
42015023895408/27/15  new patent  Fluid analysis cartridge
52015023895508/27/15  new patent  Microfluidic device
62015023896408/27/15  new patent  Microfluidic apparatus and microfluidic system including the same
72015024026908/27/15  new patent  3-hydroxypropionic acid-producing recombinant microorganism and producing 3-hydroxypropionic acid using the same
82015024035808/27/15  new patent  Susceptor and chemical vapor deposition apparatus having the same
92015024040408/27/15  new patent  Washing apparatus and controlling method thereof
102015024040608/27/15  new patent  Washing machine with ball balancer and controlling vibration reduction thereof
112015024108408/27/15  new patent  Diffuser and air conditioner having the same
122015024151908/27/15  new patent  Method for managing power of electronic device and electronic device thereof
132015024177108/27/15  new patent  Photoresist compositions and methods of forming patterns using the same
142015024178008/27/15  new patent  Methods of forming insulation layer structures and methods of manufacturing metal interconnections
152015024191608/27/15  new patent  Wearable devices
162015024191708/27/15  new patent  Curved body and wearable device therewith
172015024192508/27/15  new patent  Foldable device
182015024193008/27/15  new patent  Selectively recessed reference plane structure in module tab area of memory module and forming selectively recessed reference plane
192015024193508/27/15  new patent  Mobile communication terminal having radiant-heat sheet
202015024193608/27/15  new patent  Hardware shield device and electronic devices including the same
212015024197008/27/15  new patent  Method and providing haptic effect
222015024198208/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and processing user input
232015024199208/27/15  new patent  Electronic device, input device, and controlling electronic device using the input device
242015024199508/27/15  new patent  Electronic device and controlling display
252015024200608/27/15  new patent  Method and operating functions of portable terminal having bended display
262015024201408/27/15  new patent  Touch panel and manufacturing the same
272015024201508/27/15  new patent  Identifying input in electronic device
282015024204508/27/15  new patent  Method and touch panel input
292015024206508/27/15  new patent  Method and displaying screen on electronic device
302015024207208/27/15  new patent  Display system including a display apparatus and an upgrading apparatus, and control method
312015024207608/27/15  new patent  Method of editing one or more objects and same
322015024210508/27/15  new patent  Method to provide user interface to display menu related to image to be photographed, and photographing apparatus applying the same
332015024210808/27/15  new patent  Method and displaying content using proximity information
342015024214308/27/15  new patent  Flash memory system and method controlling same
352015024215508/27/15  new patent  Method for protecting storage device data integrity in an external operating environment
362015024217808/27/15  new patent  Display device, mobile device, system including the same, and image quality matching method thereof
372015024220108/27/15  new patent  Method for updating firmware and electronic device thereof
382015024220208/27/15  new patent  Method of updating firmware of memory device including memory and controller
392015024233508/27/15  new patent  Method of operating storage device including nonvolatile memory and memory controller
402015024235208/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor memory device, memory system, and method using bus-invert encoding
412015024237008/27/15  new patent  Method and processing data
422015024238108/27/15  new patent  Data transition processing method and electronic device supporting the same
432015024240608/27/15  new patent  Method and system for synchronizing, organizing and ranking contacts in an electronic device
442015024242708/27/15  new patent  Device and recommending content based on interest information
452015024244208/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and processing image
462015024260808/27/15  new patent  Controlling input/output devices
472015024262208/27/15  new patent  Method and apparatus to sandbox run-time android applications with lightweight container
482015024264408/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and an antitheft secure operating system module
492015024269608/27/15  new patent  Method for recognizing biometrics information and electronic device thereof
502015024298208/27/15  new patent  Method and displaying image
512015024298708/27/15  new patent  Image processing method and electronic device
522015024298908/27/15  new patent  Method of providing preview image regarding display setting for device
532015024304508/27/15  new patent  Tomography reconstructing tomography image thereof
542015024305208/27/15  new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof
552015024305608/27/15  new patent  Diagnostic imaging method and apparatus, and recording medium thereof
562015024306308/27/15  new patent  Method and displaying biometric information
572015024307008/27/15  new patent  Tomography apparatus and reconstructing a tomography image by the tomography apparatus
582015024315008/27/15  new patent  Notification method and electronic device
592015024315708/27/15  new patent  Cradle for exhibiting wearable device and warning stolen state of cradled wearable device
602015024322708/27/15  new patent  Electronic device and display control method thereof
612015024324508/27/15  new patent  Low power driving method and electronic device performing thereof
622015024324608/27/15  new patent  Synchronization between electronic devices
632015024324808/27/15  new patent  Image processing apparatus, display apparatus, and image processing system and method, for displaying image data
642015024328108/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and generating a guide sentence
652015024333808/27/15  new patent  Memory device and memory system having the same
662015024334508/27/15  new patent  Memory module and memory system including the same
672015024335208/27/15  new patent  Nonvolatile memory device having resistive memory cell and method sensing data in same
682015024335308/27/15  new patent  Nonvolatile memory device having variable resistance memory cells and a resetting same
692015024335508/27/15  new patent  Variable resistance memory device and related programming method designed to reduce peak current
702015024337108/27/15  new patent  Circuit board having bypass pad
712015024339808/27/15  new patent  X-ray grid structure and x-ray apparatus including the same
722015024340208/27/15  new patent  Nanoparticle multilayer film
732015024352008/27/15  new patent  Methods of forming a pattern of a semiconductor device
742015024352508/27/15  new patent  Method of forming a fine pattern by using block copolymers
752015024369308/27/15  new patent  Cmos image sensors including vertical transistor and methods of fabricating the same
762015024370108/27/15  new patent  Cmos image sensors having a transfer gate electrode, and methods of fabricating cmos image sensors having a transfer gate electrode
772015024372708/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
782015024373308/27/15  new patent  Semiconductor device including multiple nanowire transistor
792015024374708/27/15  new patent  Integrated circuit devices including contacts and methods of forming the same
802015024384608/27/15  new patent  Light emitting device package
812015024385308/27/15  new patent  Method of manufacturing light emitting diode package
822015024396908/27/15  new patent  Anode active material, lithium battery comprising the same, and preparing the anode active material
832015024397808/27/15  new patent  Positive electrode active material, lithium battery containing the same, and manufacturing the positive electrode active material
842015024399708/27/15  new patent  Negative electrode for secondary battery and secondary battery including the negative electrode
852015024418508/27/15  new patent  Method and power sharing
862015024420408/27/15  new patent  Wireless power multi-charging method and power transmitter
872015024433708/27/15  new patent  Method and automatically controlling gain based on sensitivity of microphone in electronic device
882015024439808/27/15  new patent  Bit interleaver and bit de-interleaver
892015024442708/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and using near field communication and wireless power transmission
902015024443908/27/15  new patent  Methods and multi-user mimo transmissions in wireless communication systems
912015024444308/27/15  new patent  Reporting of multiple processes for aperiodic channel state information
922015024447908/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and controlling communication
932015024450208/27/15  new patent  Automatic retransmission and error recovery for packet oriented point-to-multipoint communication
942015024450908/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and transmitting and receiving reference signal in wireless communication system using multiple-input and multiple-output
952015024452208/27/15  new patent  Method and system for providing data security
962015024465908/27/15  new patent  Message processing method and electronic device supporting the same
972015024466508/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and transmitting message
982015024468608/27/15  new patent  Apparatus, method, and system for accessing and managing security libraries
992015024471108/27/15  new patent  Method and authenticating client credentials
1002015024472008/27/15  new patent  Security management group communication in mobile communication system
1012015024472408/27/15  new patent  Service authorization methods and apparatuses
1022015024479308/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and determining group owner in establishment of wi-fi direct connection
1032015024482308/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and providing push service based on location
1042015024483808/27/15  new patent  Platform agnostic modular framework
1052015024484508/27/15  new patent  Second microphone device of a mobile terminal
1062015024485308/27/15  new patent  Method for communicating with neighbor device, electronic device, and storage medium
1072015024491608/27/15  new patent  Electronic device and control the same
1082015024492308/27/15  new patent  Method for acquiring image and electronic device thereof
1092015024492908/27/15  new patent  Method of displaying focus and electronic device applying the same
1102015024493208/27/15  new patent  Test apparatus and control method thereof
1112015024494508/27/15  new patent  Method of generating image by compensating excluded pixel data and image generation device therewith
1122015024494708/27/15  new patent  Device and transferring sensed data in image sensor
1132015024496408/27/15  new patent  Broadcast receiver and control method thereof
1142015024499008/27/15  new patent  View sensor, home control system including view sensor, and controlling home control system
1152015024501508/27/15  new patent  Autostereoscopic multi-view image display apparatus
1162015024504908/27/15  new patent  Image processing predicting motion vector and disparity vector
1172015024505608/27/15  new patent  Motion vector smoothing method and apparatus
1182015024505808/27/15  new patent  Method and device for interpolating images by using a smoothing interpolation filter
1192015024506508/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and coding/decoding multi-view image
1202015024509108/27/15  new patent  Broadcast receiving device and method for receiving broadcast thereof
1212015024516608/27/15  new patent  Communication method, electronic device, and storage medium
1222015024517108/27/15  new patent  Communication function-equipped electronic device and message communication method thereof
1232015024518308/27/15  new patent  Method of connecting electronic devices and electronic device employing the same
1242015024518608/27/15  new patent  Method of operating function and resource of electronic device
1252015024519408/27/15  new patent  Method of searching for device between electronic devices
1262015024520108/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and providing medical data based on a handover of a medical sensor
1272015024521008/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and managing application in wireless terminal
1282015024523308/27/15  new patent  Method and measuring load of cell in wireless communication system
1292015024526308/27/15  new patent  Handover method and apparatus of electronic device in wireless communication system
1302015024527608/27/15  new patent  Topology management method and network system performing the same
1312015024528508/27/15  new patent  Method for setting communication channel of device, setting communication channel between a plurality of devices, and device
1322015024528808/27/15  new patent  Data transmission method and electronic device adapted to the method
1332015024529908/27/15  new patent  Electronic device and power saving method thereof
1342015024531308/27/15  new patent  Apparatus and controlling transmission of push messages
1352015024535708/27/15  new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving uplink data in mobile communication system
1362015024537808/27/15  new patent  System access method and apparatus of a narrowband terminal in a wireless communication system supporting wideband and narrowband terminals
1372015024539008/27/15  new patent  Method and device for detecting small data from mobile communication system
1382015024541808/27/15  new patent  Induction heating cooker
1392015024548808/27/15  new patent  Display apparatus
1402015024551308/27/15  new patent  Electronic device and manufacturing housing of the electronic device
1412015024551408/27/15  new patent  Electronic device including physical key
1422015024551508/27/15  new patent  Electronic device including card tray
1432015024551808/27/15  new patent  Electronic device and electronic device included in a cover
1442015024552208/27/15  new patent  Electronic device and protective cover therefor
1452015024554308/27/15  new patent  Fastening structure for shield can
1462015023050208/20/15 Cooking apparatus and control method thereof
1472015023075708/20/15 Electrocardiogram (ecg) sensor and operating the same
1482015023077308/20/15 Apparatus and lesion detection
1492015023086908/20/15 Master devices for surgical robots and control methods thereof
1502015023101808/20/15 Walk-assistive apparatus and controlling the walk-assistive apparatus
1512015023141808/20/15 Method of controlling tissue temperature and temperature controlling apparatus using the method
1522015023149408/20/15 Mobile device and control the same
1532015023160908/20/15 Co2 reforming catalyst, preparing the same, and reforming co2
1542015023172308/20/15 Solder ball attaching apparatus, flux dotting apparatus, and manufacturing semiconductor package
1552015023257308/20/15 Anti-egfr/anti-her2 bispecific antibodies with anti-egfr darpins
1562015023289008/20/15 Method of producing unsaturated acid from salt of hydroxycarboxylic acid
1572015023289408/20/15 Lactate dehydrogenase mutant, polynucleotide coding for the mutant, yeast cell including the polynucleotide, preparing the mutant, and producing the lactate using the same
1582015023303708/20/15 Washing machine with balancer and control method thereof
1592015023316208/20/15 Hinge device and foldable display apparatus having the same
1602015023371408/20/15 Motion sensing method and user equipment thereof
1612015023372408/20/15 Method of acquiring image and electronic device thereof
1622015023382108/20/15 Apparatus for evaluating quality of crystal, and manufacturing semiconductor light-emitting device including the apparatus
1632015023399008/20/15 Method for detecting load in wireless charging priority
1642015023399608/20/15 Circuit of measuring leakage current in a semiconductor integrated circuit
1652015023405408/20/15 System, method, and minimizing power consumption in a portable device capable of receiving satellite navigational system signals
1662015023415208/20/15 Photographing lens and electronic device
1672015023426008/20/15 Polarization led module, and lighting device and projector having the same
1682015023430808/20/15 Light scanning unit and image forming apparatus employing the same
1692015023432008/20/15 Cartridge unit and electrophotographic image forming apparatus including the same
1702015023436308/20/15 Method for controlling power of electronic device and electronic device thereof
1712015023442108/20/15 Memory initializing method and electronic device supporting the same
1722015023445208/20/15 Power management device and system-on-chip including the same
1732015023447208/20/15 User input processing method and apparatus using vision sensor
1742015023450408/20/15 Touch screen panel
1752015023452808/20/15 Input processing method and apparatus of electronic device
1762015023457608/20/15 Method and displaying information and electronic device adapted to the method
1772015023457708/20/15 Webpage navigation method, mobile terminal using the same, and volatile storage medium recording the same
1782015023459108/20/15 Apparatus and displaying keypad of electronic device
1792015023460208/20/15 Data storage device for filtering page in two steps, system including the same, and operating the same
1802015023460608/20/15 Storage device for performing in-storage computing operations, operation the same, and system including the same
1812015023461008/20/15 All-in-one data storage device including internationl hardware filter, operating the same, and system including the same
1822015023463708/20/15 Method for creating binary code and electronic device thereof
1832015023465008/20/15 Method of managing firmware and electronic device thereof
1842015023466408/20/15 Multimedia data processing method and multimedia data processing system using the same
1852015023467808/20/15 Controlling method and electronic device for processing method
1862015023473708/20/15 Test system of system on chip and test method thereof
1872015023474608/20/15 Storage device and operating method
1882015023475708/20/15 Security information inputting/outputting method and electronic device adapted to the method
1892015023479408/20/15 Electronic device and displaying electronic documents linked with link objects for the same
1902015023479908/20/15 Method of performing text related operation and electronic device supporting same
1912015023484908/20/15 Swat command and api for atomic swap and trim of lbas
1922015023497408/20/15 Multiple patterning design with reduced complexity
1932015023497708/20/15 Method of verifying layout of mask rom
1942015023501808/20/15 Electronic device, authenticating user, and computer readable recording medium
1952015023503308/20/15 Providing control in a multi user environment
1962015023505208/20/15 Electronic device and protecting users privacy
1972015023505508/20/15 Method and processing biometric information in electronic device
1982015023505608/20/15 Storage device and memory controller thereof
1992015023505808/20/15 Electronic apparatus and protecting method thereof
2002015023508408/20/15 Detecting user viewing difficulty from facial parameters
2012015023509808/20/15 Method and recognizing fingerprint
2022015023512708/20/15 Apparatus and recognizing representative user behavior based on recognition of unit behaviors
2032015023513508/20/15 Creating episodic memory based on unstructured data in electronic devices
2042015023517608/20/15 Method and providing diary service in electronic device
2052015023535308/20/15 Method and device for processing image data
2062015023536608/20/15 Method for processing image data and the same
2072015023537808/20/15 Apparatus and estimating camera pose
2082015023541008/20/15 Image processing apparatus and method
2092015023553108/20/15 Method and device for generating vibration from adjective space
2102015023563808/20/15 Method for transmitting phonetic data
2112015023564308/20/15 Interactive server and controlling the server
2122015023564408/20/15 Electronic device and controlling electronic device
2132015023567008/20/15 Method for creating a content and electronic device thereof
2142015023573108/20/15 Stretchable conductive nanofibers, stretchable electrode using the same and producing the stretchable conductive nanofibers
2152015023583608/20/15 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices including an oxide layer
2162015023585208/20/15 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
2172015023594708/20/15 Multi chip package, manufacturing method thereof, and memory system having the multi chip package
2182015023595908/20/15 Wiring structure and electronic device employing the same
2192015023597408/20/15 Method of forming bump pad structure having buffer pattern
2202015023602808/20/15 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
2212015023608408/20/15 Semiconductor devices having hybrid capacitors and methods for fabricating the same
2222015023608708/20/15 Semiconductor devices including a guard ring and related semiconductor systems
2232015023611108/20/15 Methods of manufacturing non-volatile memory devices
2242015023611308/20/15 Semiconductor device for compensating internal delay, methods thereof, and data processing system having the same
2252015023620208/20/15 Nanostructure semiconductor light emitting device
2262015023622408/20/15 Light emitting device package and fabricating the same
2272015023622808/20/15 Light-emitting diode package
2282015023622908/20/15 Luminous devices, packages and systems containing the same, and fabricating methods thereof
2292015023652108/20/15 Method and controlling wireless power of a receiver in a wireless power transmission/reception system
2302015023652808/20/15 Charging control
2312015023662508/20/15 Apparatus and driving a plurality of permanent magnet synchronous motors using single inverter
2322015023670108/20/15 Clock dividing device
2332015023671708/20/15 System and methods for low complexity list decoding of turbo codes and convolutional codes
2342015023672108/20/15 Transmitting apparatus and interleaving method thereof
2352015023673408/20/15 Computing system with feedback mechanism and operation thereof
2362015023675708/20/15 Method for preventing abnormality during wireless charging
2372015023675808/20/15 Electronic device and operating method thereof
2382015023676508/20/15 Apparatus and channel feedback in multiple input multiple output system
2392015023677408/20/15 Method and processing feedback information in wireless communication system supporting beamforming
2402015023680608/20/15 Method for sharing and playing multimedia content and electronic device implementing the same
2412015023681608/20/15 Transmitter apparatus and interleaving method thereof
2422015023688608/20/15 Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and controlling methods thereof
2432015023690808/20/15 Method and managing access information for registration of device in smart home service
2442015023698808/20/15 Method and changing font size of message in a mobile communication terminal
2452015023699108/20/15 Electronic device and extracting and using sematic entity in text message of electronic device
2462015023704608/20/15 Method and user authentication
2472015023718808/20/15 Method and system for reproducing contents, and computer-readable recording medium thereof
2482015023719008/20/15 Method and creating communication group
2492015023722408/20/15 Method of using address book of image forming apparatus on web browser and image forming performing the same

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