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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Samsung Electronics

Resonator having increased isolation

Samsung Electronics

System and method for managing an application or software component for use in a device to be controlled in a home…

Samsung Electronics

Nonvolatile memory device, memory system having the same, external power controlling method thereof

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014020387307/24/14 new patent  Signal processing apparatus and method
22014020423607/24/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for processing image in mobile terminal having camera
32014020437107/24/14 new patent  Method of inspecting wafer
42014020467507/24/14 new patent  Multi-page program method, non-volatile memory device using the same, and data storage system including the same
52014020739807/24/14 new patent  Transient normalization for appliance classification, disaggregation, and power estimation in non-intrusive load monitoring
62014020221607/24/14 new patent  Washing machines
72014020286607/24/14 new patent  Nanosensor and method of manufacturing same
82014020288907/24/14 new patent  Foldable pouch for mobile terminal
92014020308107/24/14 new patent  Electronic device for recognizing erroneous insertion of card, and operating method thereof
102014020324007/24/14 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method of the same
112014020325707/24/14 new patent  Compound for organic optoelectronic device, organic light emitting diode including the same, and display including the organic light emitting diode
122014020329207/24/14 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device
132014020329307/24/14 new patent  Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
142014020330407/24/14 new patent  Light-emitting device package strip and method for manufacturing the same
152014020331507/24/14 new patent  Led lens and led package using the same
162014020331707/24/14 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device and light emitting apparatus
172014020333507/24/14 new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
182014020334807/24/14 new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
192014020336207/24/14 new patent  Semiconductor devices including gates and dummy gates of different materials
202014020337707/24/14 new patent  Semiconductor devices
212014020345107/24/14 new patent  Electronic device package and packaging substrate for the same
222014020345707/24/14 new patent  Stacked die package, system including the same, and method of manufacturing the same
232014020365707/24/14 new patent  Wireless power transmission apparatus and wireless power transmission method
242014020368607/24/14 new patent  Resonator and fabricating method thereof
252014020369807/24/14 new patent  Refrigerator
262014020372807/24/14 new patent  Light emitting device package
272014020377207/24/14 new patent  Wireless electric power transmitter
282014020380507/24/14 new patent  Magnetic resonance imaging system, data processing apparatus, and method for generating magnetic resonance image
292014020383007/24/14 new patent  Test system and method for wafer including optical component
302014020385507/24/14 new patent  Gate line driver capable of controlling slew rate thereof
312014020389507/24/14 new patent  Resonator having increased isolation
322014020395107/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for providing public transportation service in a communication system
332014020398207/24/14 new patent  Antenna and portable device having the same
342014020398307/24/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for controlling antenna in mobile communication system
352014020399907/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for arranging a plurality of icons on a screen
362014020400107/24/14 new patent  Method and system for controlling dual-processing of screen data in mobile terminal
372014020402207/24/14 new patent  Method of operating electronic display device and electronic display device
382014020402307/24/14 new patent  Transparent display apparatus and method thereof
392014020418307/24/14 new patent  Photographing device and photographing method for taking picture by using a plurality of microlenses
402014020423707/24/14 new patent  User terminal and image processing method for recognizing user in user terminal
412014020424407/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for photographing in portable terminal
422014020425807/24/14 new patent  Image sensor, method for operating thereof, and image pick-up device having the same
432014020426007/24/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for controlling display of mobile terminal
442014020427207/24/14 new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof
452014020427907/24/14 new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof
462014020430807/24/14 new patent  Display apparatus
472014020440607/24/14 new patent  Image forming apparatus, host apparatus, image forming method, print control method, and computer-readable recording medium
482014020441407/24/14 new patent  Image scanning apparatus and control method thereof and management server and control method thereof
492014020451107/24/14 new patent  Cover, an electronic device using the same and operating method thereof
502014020453807/24/14 new patent  Assembling structure for module and electronic device having it
512014020458807/24/14 new patent  Led luminous flux converting lens and lighting apparatus including the same
522014020459107/24/14 new patent  Lens for controlling illuminance distribution and light-emitting diode package including the lens
532014020463807/24/14 new patent  Power supply apparatus with low power in standby mode
542014020465207/24/14 new patent  Resistive memory device
552014020467607/24/14 new patent  High voltage switch and a nonvolatile memory device including the same
562014020468007/24/14 new patent  Nonvolatile memory device, memory system having the same, external power controlling method thereof
572014020469707/24/14 new patent  Integrated circuits and methods for dynamic frequency scaling
582014020475407/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for controlling traffic in wireless communication system
592014020475507/24/14 new patent  Apparatus for distributing data traffic in heterogeneous wireless networks
602014020480707/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for performing uplink/downlink transmission in a flexible subframe
612014020486007/24/14 new patent  Reception node and transmission node using mutual resonance, power and data transceiving system using mutual resonance, and method thereof
622014020487007/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for determining message transmission in mobile communication system
632014020487507/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving data including a plurality of data streams in a broadcasting/communication system
642014020488307/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus of allocating uplink feedback channel for feeding data corresponding to an enhanced-physical downlink control channel (e-pdcch)
652014020488607/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for controlling rate of voice service in a mobile communication system supporting voice service via packet network
662014020491807/24/14 new patent  Tcp recovery method and apparatus
672014020492007/24/14 new patent  Method to prevent hyper frame number de-synchronization in a wireless communication system
682014020492907/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for controlling wireless lan access point selection of user equipment in wireless communication system
692014020494507/24/14 new patent  Method of transmitting data packet from content provider in content-centric network and content provider
702014020496207/24/14 new patent  Transmitting device, receiving device, and transceiving method thereof
712014020500307/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video, based on hierarchical structure of coding unit
722014020500407/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for encoding video and method and apparatus for decoding video, based on hierarchical structure of coding unit
732014020504307/24/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for generating soft-decision information in a multiple antenna system
742014020506407/24/14 new patent  X-ray image apparatus
752014020506507/24/14 new patent  Radiation generator, anti-scatter grid, and radiation imaging apparatus including at least one of the same
762014020511807/24/14 new patent  Method of determining operation mode of hearing device and hearing device
772014020516807/24/14 new patent  Image processing apparatus, ultrasonic imaging apparatus, and imaging processing method for the same
782014020518707/24/14 new patent  Pose classification apparatus and method
792014020531407/24/14 new patent  Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and development cartridge
802014020531507/24/14 new patent  Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
812014020531607/24/14 new patent  Electrophotographic image forming apparatus and development cartridge
822014020531807/24/14 new patent  Electrophotographic image forming apparatus
832014020533607/24/14 new patent  Resistance heating element and heating member and fusing device employing the same
842014020595007/24/14 new patent  Coating composition for duv filtering, method of forming photoresist pattern using the same and method of fabricating semiconductor device by using the method
852014020607307/24/14 new patent  Microfluidic system for nucleic acid analysis
862014020608507/24/14 new patent  Cassette including promoter sequence of target gene and method of gene manipulation using the same
872014020608707/24/14 new patent  Temperature control device, test apparatus and control method thereof
882014020609707/24/14 new patent  Apparatus for providing sample gas and related methods
892014020611607/24/14 new patent  Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
902014020616907/24/14 new patent  Methods of fabricating semiconductor device using nitridation of isolation layers
912014020618607/24/14 new patent  Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
922014020628407/24/14 new patent  Method and system for communication in near field communication network
932014020629007/24/14 new patent  Bluetooth device and method for providing and obtaining bluetooth device information
942014020632407/24/14 new patent  Method and electronic device for providing call rejection function
952014020641307/24/14 new patent  Method for realizing user interface using camera and mobile communication terminal for the same
962014020641707/24/14 new patent  Antenna device of mobile terminal
972014020693807/24/14 new patent  Endoscope device
982014020694607/24/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for measuring stress based on behavior of a user
992014020696907/24/14 new patent  Blood glucose meter
1002014020699607/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for generating a temperature image
1012014020700107/24/14 new patent  Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic medical system adopting the same
1022014020705107/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for controlling ultrasound system
1032014020740107/24/14 new patent  Apparatus for recognizing motion feature of user, method for generating orthogonal non-negative matrix factorization (onmf)-based basis matrix, and method for generating orthogonal semi-supervised non-negative matrix factorization (ossnmf)-based basis matrix
1042014020747007/24/14 new patent  Electronic apparatus and voice processing method thereof
1052014020770707/24/14 new patent  Smart home system using portable device
1062014020779607/24/14 new patent  Computing system with correlation estimation mechanism and method of operation thereof
1072014020780607/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for processing information of a terminal
1082014020781107/24/14 new patent  Electronic device for determining emotion of user and method for determining emotion of user
1092014020796007/24/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for reducing transmission delay of http protocol and processing load of http server in wireless communications network
1102014020796507/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for improving quality of multimedia streaming service
1112014020796707/24/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for provisioning a transport service in a multi-domain multi-layer network
1122014020800207/24/14 new patent  Multilevel cell nonvolatile memory system
1132014020800607/24/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for extending memory in terminal
1142014020812107/24/14 new patent  Near field communication (nfc) device and method for selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (ndef) message
1152014020818307/24/14 new patent  Method and system for encoding and decoding data using concatenated polar codes
1162014020819307/24/14 new patent  Method and electronic device for sharing resource file data
1172014020821907/24/14 new patent  Display apparatus and method for providing customer-built information using the same
1182014020827007/24/14 new patent  Method and electronic device for providing guide
1192014020827607/24/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for performing multi-tasking
1202014020831107/24/14 new patent  System and method for managing an application or software component for use in a device to be controlled in a home network
1212014019802407/17/14System and method for detecting three dimensional gestures to initiate and complete the transfer of application data between networked devices
1222014019805707/17/14Apparatus and method for an adaptive edge-to-edge display system for multi-touch devices
1232014019868907/17/14Apparatus and method for mixed signal spread spectrum receiving technique
1242014019997407/17/14Apparatus and method for transmitting information in voicemail
1252014020166007/17/14Apparatus and method for application peel
1262014019624907/17/14Nozzle assembly having subsidiary brush unit
1272014019628007/17/14Method of manufacturing a flip chip package and apparatus to attach a semiconductor chip used in the method
1282014019823307/17/14Method for compressing image data collected by camera and electronic device for supporting the method
1292014019869607/17/14Apparatus and method for discontinuous receive in communication systems with large number of antennas
1302014019873707/17/14Overhead reduction for transmission of acknowledgment signals
1312014019904307/17/14Method and computing device for performing virtual camera functions during playback of media content
1322014019910007/17/14Fusing device and image forming device comprising the same
1332014020168007/17/14Special character input method and electronic device therefor
1342014019623107/17/14Robot cleaner
1352014019677807/17/14Light absorbing material and solar cell including the same
1362014019702607/17/14Sputtering apparatus and method for forming a transmissive conductive layer of a light emitting device
1372014019703807/17/14Copper electroplating solution and copper electroplating apparatus
1382014019706807/17/14Wafer holding apparatus
1392014019737407/17/14Method for manufacturing a nitride semiconductor light emitting device and nitride semiconductor light emitting device manufactured thereby
1402014019738607/17/14Material for organic optoelectronic device, organic light emitting diode including the same, and display including the organic light emitting diode
1412014019738707/17/14Nanocomposite, method of preparing the same, and surface light emitting device using the same
1422014019743607/17/14Light emitting device and light emitting device package
1432014019744307/17/14Led device having improved luminous efficacy
1442014019746407/17/14Cmos image sensor and method of manufacturing the same
1452014019746507/17/14Nonvolatile memory devices with aligned trench isolation regions
1462014019747107/17/14Non-volatile memory devices having reduced susceptibility to leakage of stored charges and methods of forming same
1472014019747907/17/14Semiconductor device having dual parallel channel structure and method of fabricating the same
1482014019754907/17/14Semiconductor package and method of manufacturing the same
1492014019769007/17/14Battery, power supply apparatus and electronic apparatus
1502014019776507/17/14Methods and apparatuses for controlling output voltages of inverters driving of electric motors
1512014019778307/17/14Apparatus and method for transmitting power and transceiving data using mutual resonance, and apparatus and method for receiving power and transceiving data using mutual resonance
1522014019778507/17/14Wireless power transmitter, wireless power receiver, and control methods thereof
1532014019783307/17/14Radio frequency (rf) coil device, magnetic resonance apparatus employing the rf coil device, and method of operating the rf coil device
1542014019786107/17/14Test equipment for testing semiconductor device and methods of testing semiconductor device using the same
1552014019792707/17/14Method and apparatus for operating near field communication function in a portable terminal
1562014019803207/17/14Method and apparatus for displaying screen with eye tracking in portable terminal
1572014019803607/17/14Method for controlling a portable apparatus including a flexible display and the portable apparatus
1582014019806407/17/14Touch sensitivity control method and electronic device therefor
1592014019806807/17/14Method for providing haptic effect in portable terminal, machine-readable storage medium, and portable terminal
1602014019806907/17/14Portable terminal and method for providing haptic effect to input unit
1612014019807007/17/14Mobile device and method for displaying information
1622014019807107/17/14Force sensing touchscreen
1632014019810107/17/143d-animation effect generation method and system
1642014019810207/17/14Apparatus and method for generating medical image
1652014019817107/17/14Weight-balanced polygonal mirror, light scanning unit using the polygonal mirror, and image forming apparatus
1662014019818307/17/14Sensing pixel and image sensor including same
1672014019822407/17/14Server and method of controlling the same
1682014019824407/17/14Focus aid system
1692014019825307/17/14Display apparatus, terminal, and a method of providing video using the display apparatus
1702014019832207/17/14Surface profile measurement system
1712014019833107/17/14Image forming apparatus, method of connecting with external device thereof, and computer-readable recording medium
1722014019833207/17/14Method and apparatus for creating instance of driver of image forming apparatus
1732014019833307/17/14Image forming apparatus, method of control thereof and computer readable medium
1742014019834307/17/14Image forming apparatus and method of controlling image forming apparatus
1752014019835207/17/14Apparatus and method of scanning and/or printing an image
1762014019838707/17/14Method and apparatus for adjusting position of optical element
1772014019846407/17/14Frame structure for preventing deformation, and electronic device including the same
1782014019852807/17/14Wavelength conversion chip for a light emitting diode, and method for manufacturing same
1792014019855607/17/14Nonvolatile memory device using variable resistive element and memory system having the same
1802014019858907/17/14Memory core and semiconductor memory device including the same
1812014019859307/17/14Redundancy circuit and semiconductor memory device including the same
1822014019859607/17/14Circuit for controlling sense amplifier source node in semiconductor memory device and controlling method thereof
1832014019862107/17/14Beamforming module, ultrasonic imaging apparatus using the same, beamforming method using the beamforming module, and method of controlling the ultrasonic imaging apparatus using the beamforming module
1842014019862807/17/14Method and apparatus for setting snooze interval in mobile device
1852014019868107/17/14Method and device for measuring signal in beam forming system
1862014019870007/17/14Method and apparatus for controlling traffic in electronic device
1872014019883007/17/14Method and apparatus for timing synchronization at sub-sampled rate for sub-sampled wideband systems
1882014019885007/17/14Method for multiview video prediction encoding and device for same, and method for multiview video prediction decoding and device for same
1892014019888407/17/14Communication system with frequency synthesis mechanism and method of operation thereof
1902014019899007/17/14Method and apparatus for encoding and decoding image
1912014019899607/17/14Method and apparatus for performing interpolation based on transform and inverse transform
1922014019899807/17/14Novel criteria for gaussian mixture model cluster selection in scalable compressed fisher vector (scfv) global descriptor
1932014019904707/17/14Method of controlling digital photographing apparatus and digital photographing apparatus using the same
1942014019909507/17/14Image forming apparatus
1952014019961207/17/14Solid oxide fuel cell having hybrid sealing structure
1962014019961407/17/14Composite, and electrode and fuel cell including the composite
1972014019979607/17/14Semiconductor light emitting device and method of manufacturing the same
1982014019981007/17/14Methods for forming semiconductor devices using sacrificial layers
1992014019982007/17/14Methods of forming a pattern and methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
2002014019987507/17/14Sim card socket and terminal device including the same
2012014019994307/17/14Method and apparatus for transferring content between portable electronic devices
2022014019997707/17/14System and method for transmitting and receiving an event message
2032014020001507/17/14Base station and terminal connection method for the base station
2042014020002707/17/14Apparatus and method for identifying location information using visible light communication and gps
2052014020003107/17/14Apparatus and method for controlling whether to provide location information in broadband wireless access system
2062014020015607/17/14Genes inducing agonistic effects by anti-c-met antibody treatment and drug screening method using the genes
2072014020043307/17/14Apparatus and method for estimating malignant tumor
2082014020045207/17/14User interaction based image segmentation apparatus and method
2092014020046807/17/14Method for analyzing stress based on multi-measured bio-signals
2102014020048807/17/14Method of cooling ultrasound treatment apparatus and ultrasound treatment apparatus using the same
2112014020084107/17/14Geomagnetic sensor calibration apparatus and method thereof
2122014020086007/17/14Apparatus and method for booting
2132014020089607/17/14Image processing apparatus, control method thereof, and image processing system
2142014020112207/17/14Electronic apparatus and method of controlling the same
2152014020114307/17/14Method and apparatus for storing and retrieving profile data for electronic devices
2162014020120007/17/14Visual search accuracy with hamming distance order statistics learning
2172014020123007/17/14Method and system for providing sponsored information on electronic devices
2182014020126207/17/14User device, communication server and control method thereof
2192014020128507/17/14Content sharing method based on schedule organizer application
2202014020136807/17/14Method and apparatus for enforcing behavior of dash or other clients
2212014020140707/17/14Interconnect, bus system with interconnect and bus system operating method
2222014020149007/17/14Method and system for dynamically changing page allocator
2232014020153407/17/14Near field communication (nfc) device and method for selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (ndef) message
2242014020160507/17/14Signal reception apparatus, block decoding unit and method thereof in radio communication system
2252014020160907/17/14Mark-up composing apparatus and method for supporting multiple-screen service
2262014020165307/17/14Method and apparatus for controlling multitasking in electronic device using double-sided display
2272014020167507/17/14Method and mobile device for providing recommended items based on context awareness
2282014020167707/17/14Method and device for displaying scrolling information in electronic device
2292014020174507/17/14Method and apparatus for executing application program in electronic device
2302014020183007/17/14Application program launching method and system for improving security of embedded linux kernel
2312014019501807/10/14Method and apparatus for identifying exercise information of user
2322014019406307/10/14Apparatus and method for pairing mobile devices
2332014019406607/10/14Apparatus and method for sharing screens from multiple mobile devices
2342014019595107/10/14Method for managing schedule and electronic device thereof
2352014019223007/10/14Apparatus and method for capturing image with audio data
2362014019224507/10/14Method and mobile terminal for implementing preview control
2372014019237207/10/14Method of processing image and image forming apparatus using the same
2382014019273607/10/14Method and apparatus for configuring configuration information at user equipment in a mobile communication system
2392014019302307/10/14Terminal having speaker and method of manufacturing the same
2402014019556007/10/14Two way local feature matching to improve visual search accuracy
2412014019570207/10/14Method of operating data compression circuit and devices to perform the same
2422014019570507/10/14Communication method of host apparatus capable of connecting with device by using wireless universal serial bus and wireless connection system including host apparatus and device
2432014019572407/10/14Apparatus and method of converting address and data of memory in a terminal
2442014019572707/10/14Apparatus and method for generating descriptors to reaccess a non-volatile semiconductor memory of a storage drive due to an error
2452014019021807/10/14Balancer and washing machine having the same
2472014019110707/10/14Method and apparatus for adjusting an aperture in an optical system
2482014019112907/10/14Fresnel lens and pyroelectricity sensor module including the same
2492014019118507/10/14Apparatus and method for fabricating nano resonator using laser interference lithography

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