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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015028780710/08/15  new patent  Method for manufacturing a transistor device
22015028740910/08/15  new patent  Recording support electronic device and method
32015028848310/08/15  new patent  Method, enb, terminal and system for adaptively adjusting modulation coding scheme and reference signal pattern
42015028928110/08/15  new patent  Apparatus and transmission/reception in radio communication system
52015028275610/08/15  new patent  Apparatus and diagnosing health by using voice
62015028276910/08/15  new patent  Image display apparatus and operating method thereof
72015028277610/08/15  new patent  X-ray apparatus and capturing x-ray image
82015028348910/08/15  new patent  Air filter mounting/demounting over-the-range microwave oven
92015028469410/08/15  new patent  Aldehyde dehydrogenase mutant, polynucleotide encoding the mutant, vector and microorganism having the polynucleotide, and producing 1,4-butanediol by using the same
102015028480810/08/15  new patent  Biomarker for predicting effect of an anti-c-met antibody
112015028484710/08/15  new patent  Method of forming an epitaxial layer and processing a substrate used for the method
122015028489610/08/15  new patent  Washing machine
132015028552710/08/15  new patent  Method and controlling energy in hvac system
142015028562510/08/15  new patent  High resolution, high frame rate, low power image sensor
152015028574810/08/15  new patent  Examination apparatus, examining semiconductor device and manufacturing electronic device
162015028597610/08/15  new patent  Method for displaying service screen and electronic device thereof
172015028605910/08/15  new patent  Image sensor having improved light utilization efficiency
182015028606010/08/15  new patent  Color separation device and image sensor including the color separation device
192015028607810/08/15  new patent  Optical device including three-coupled quantum well structure
202015028609410/08/15  new patent  Film for backlight unit and backlight unit and liquid cyrstal display including same
212015028611810/08/15  new patent  Projector with reduced ghost image occurrence
222015028618610/08/15  new patent  Apparatus and fast generation of three-dimensional (3d) hologram
232015028626310/08/15  new patent  Apparatus and waking up a processor
242015028627110/08/15  new patent  System and predicting a central processing unit idle pattern for power saving in a modem system on chip
252015028627710/08/15  new patent  Wearable type electronic device
262015028629810/08/15  new patent  Input device, method, and system for electronic device
272015028632810/08/15  new patent  User interface method and apparatus of electronic device for receiving user input
282015028635810/08/15  new patent  User interface mobile terminal having touchscreen
292015028636810/08/15  new patent  Method of operating a background content and terminal supporting the same
302015028638810/08/15  new patent  Mobile device
312015028639210/08/15  new patent  Electronic device and display method thereof
322015028645210/08/15  new patent  Image forming apparatus and cloning using mobile device
332015028645710/08/15  new patent  Tiled display processing images thereof
342015028656410/08/15  new patent  Hardware-based memory management apparatus and memory management method thereof
352015028656710/08/15  new patent  Method for driving nonvolatile memory device
362015028662310/08/15  new patent  Method and marking relevant updates to html 5
372015028670910/08/15  new patent  Method and system for retrieving information from knowledge-based assistive network to assist users intent
382015028672910/08/15  new patent  Method and system for content searching
392015028681410/08/15  new patent  Lock control method and electronic device thereof
402015028686710/08/15  new patent  Method of tracking marker and electronic device thereof
412015028708910/08/15  new patent  System and preventing addiction to electronic device, and electronic device adapted to the same
422015028717310/08/15  new patent  Periodic pattern handling by displacement vectors comparison
432015028723310/08/15  new patent  Method and rendering same regions of multi frames
442015028735510/08/15  new patent  Display apparatus and controlling method thereof
452015028738410/08/15  new patent  Method of configuring map and electronic device thereof
462015028741310/08/15  new patent  Speech recognition using electronic device and server
472015028743110/08/15  new patent  Optical disk and optical disk reproduction device for reproducing same
482015028744210/08/15  new patent  Memory system and electronic device including memory system
492015028746510/08/15  new patent  Nonvolatile memory device and operating the same
502015028746610/08/15  new patent  Method of programming non-volatile memory device and non-volatile memory device using the same
512015028747110/08/15  new patent  Memory controller and system including the same
522015028747510/08/15  new patent  Nonvolatile memory device and memory system including the same
532015028750910/08/15  new patent  Electromagnetic actuator
542015028759010/08/15  new patent  Method of rinsing and drying semiconductor device and manufacturing semiconductor device using the same
552015028762810/08/15  new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
562015028768310/08/15  new patent  Semiconductor device and semiconductor package
572015028771110/08/15  new patent  Semiconductor device
582015028771810/08/15  new patent  Semiconductor integrated circuit devices
592015028780710/08/15  new patent  Method for manufacturing a transistor device
602015028782910/08/15  new patent  Semiconductor device including field effect transistor
612015028794610/08/15  new patent  Organic photoelectronic device and image sensor
622015028805510/08/15  new patent  Antenna module and electronic devices comprising the same
632015028805610/08/15  new patent  Electronic device case with antenna and electronic device for use therewith
642015028811310/08/15  new patent  Electronic device
652015028823310/08/15  new patent  Rotor and motor using the same
662015028829410/08/15  new patent  Switching mode power supply
672015028829910/08/15  new patent  Piezoelectric energy harvester and mobile device having the same
682015028835310/08/15  new patent  Voltage doubler and nonvolating memory device having the same
692015028836710/08/15  new patent  Phase locked loop having dual bandwidth and operating the same
702015028836810/08/15  new patent  Method and calibrating output frequency of oscillator
712015028839610/08/15  new patent  Reception apparatus having dual reception structure, and receiving signal using dual reception structure
722015028843910/08/15  new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving single stream through multiple beams in wireless communication system
732015028849310/08/15  new patent  Methods and mapping modulation symbols to resources in ofdm systems
742015028849910/08/15  new patent  Periodic and aperiodic channel state information reporting for advanced wireless communication systems
752015028850210/08/15  new patent  Method and system for uplink acknowledgement signaling in carrier-aggregated wireless communication systems
762015028852810/08/15  new patent  Method for application installation, electronic device, and certificate system
772015028855210/08/15  new patent  Preamble transmission and reception ofdm system
782015028862910/08/15  new patent  Electronic device and providing information by electronic device
792015028864010/08/15  new patent  Method and device for providing notification
802015028864810/08/15  new patent  Method and managing dns addresses
812015028864910/08/15  new patent  Method for managing contact information and electronic device implementing the same
822015028866710/08/15  new patent  Apparatus for sharing a session key between devices and method thereof
832015028868110/08/15  new patent  Method and controlling authentication state of electronic device
842015028869510/08/15  new patent  Apparatus and providing security to cloud data to prevent unauthorized access
852015028873710/08/15  new patent  Media streaming method and electronic device thereof
862015028874510/08/15  new patent  Systems and methods for adaptive notification networks
872015028874810/08/15  new patent  Method and processing web intent message and event in terminal using cloud server
882015028879610/08/15  new patent  Wearable device paired with mobile terminal and operating method thereof
892015028882810/08/15  new patent  Method and processing charging in wireless communication system and providing policy service using the same
902015028888110/08/15  new patent  Electronic apparatus and controlling the same
912015028888410/08/15  new patent  Method for detecting content based on recognition area and electronic device thereof
922015028890010/08/15  new patent  Linear-logarithmic image sensors and electronic devices including the same
932015028893610/08/15  new patent  Method and controlling focus of projector of portable terminal
942015028894610/08/15  new patent  Image processing apparatus and method to adjust disparity information of an image using a visual attention map of the image
952015028896610/08/15  new patent  Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
962015028896710/08/15  new patent  Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
972015028897010/08/15  new patent  Video encoding parallel processing using reference picture information, and video decoding parallel processing using reference picture information
982015028897510/08/15  new patent  Method and encoding video and method and appartaus for decoding video for random access
992015028898010/08/15  new patent  Method and image encoding and decoding using intra prediction
1002015028900210/08/15  new patent  Display apparatus, controlling the same, server, controlling the same, system for detecting information on location of channel information, and controlling the same
1012015028901110/08/15  new patent  Broadcasting receiving providing broadcasting signal relation information
1022015028901510/08/15  new patent  Broadcast receiving apparatus, upgrade device for upgrading the apparatus, broadcast signal processing system, and methods thereof
1032015028902410/08/15  new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof
1042015028907710/08/15  new patent  Electronic apparatus and outputting content by the electronic apparatus
1052015028909810/08/15  new patent  Operating user-specific device providing customized service to multiple adjacent mobile terminals, user-specific device, and mobile terminal
1062015028911410/08/15  new patent  Method and system for optimized scanning in mobile communication terminal with single/multi sim cards with single rf
1072015028913910/08/15  new patent  Method and controlling network access of ue in wireless communication system
1082015028915910/08/15  new patent  Method and processing packet
1092015028917110/08/15  new patent  Method and transmitting radio link control status report in communication system based on multiple radio access technologies
1102015028920510/08/15  new patent  Method and reducing power consumption by early decoding
1112015028921710/08/15  new patent  Method and device for measuring amount of user
1122015028922410/08/15  new patent  Method and system to improve registration for volte devices in lte networks
1132015028923810/08/15  new patent  Method and spatial multiplexing in wireless communication system
1142015028927410/08/15  new patent  Control signaling for transmissions over contiguous and non-contiguous frequency bands
1152015028930210/08/15  new patent  Method and setting up x2 connection through gateway
1162015028930810/08/15  new patent  Method of reconnecting master device and slave device
1172015028939010/08/15  new patent  Display apparatus
1182015028006210/01/15 Nanostructure semiconductor light emitting device
1192015028215910/01/15 Method and system for providing small cell deployment and access in a wireless communication system
1202015028196110/01/15 Apparatus and authentication in wireless communication system
1212015027858710/01/15 Apparatus and calculating energy consumption based on three-dimensional motion tracking
1222015028074410/01/15 Decoding apparatus and method in mobile communication system using non-binary low-density parity-check code
1232015028215210/01/15 Method for allocating aggregate maximum bit rate of ue, allocating aggregate bit rates of non-gbr services and base stations
1242015028219710/01/15 Method and device for transmitting/receiving feedback signal in multi-cell cooperative communication system
1252015027250910/01/15 Diagnostic apparatus and method
1262015027254610/01/15 Ultrasound apparatus and method
1272015027268910/01/15 Blood testing apparatus and blood testing method thereof
1282015027276410/01/15 Link assembly, frame, and walking assistance robot
1292015027281110/01/15 Joint assembly and walking assistance robot
1302015027454510/01/15 Softening apparatus
1312015027523910/01/15 Genetically engineered bacterial cell having enhanced activity of glnd or glnk and producing organic acid by using the same
1322015027541210/01/15 Washing machine
1332015027541310/01/15 Washing machine
1342015027554510/01/15 Door handle and refrigerator having the same
1352015027618310/01/15 Illumination device that switches light emission direction
1362015027629210/01/15 Cooling apparatus and system including the same
1372015027630210/01/15 Refrigerator and controlling the same
1382015027637810/01/15 Method and device for measuring critical dimension of nanostructure
1392015027683710/01/15 Electronic device and antenna state determining the electronic device
1402015027717310/01/15 Tiled display and bezelless liquid crystal display apparatus
1412015027753310/01/15 Monitoring and managing processor activity in power save mode of portable electronic device
1422015027757410/01/15 Method of interacting with multiple devices
1432015027760910/01/15 Touch data segmentation touch controller
1442015027766910/01/15 Electronic device and displaying user interface
1452015027773910/01/15 Method and mobile communication terminal for changing a configuration of a screen displaying function items
1462015027780910/01/15 Electronic apparatus, management server, image forming controllng printing
1472015027784310/01/15 Display apparatus, control method thereof, and display system
1482015027784510/01/15 Method and electronic device for providing frame information
1492015027785510/01/15 Montgomery multiplication performing final modular reduction without comparison operation and montgomery multiplier
1502015027797710/01/15 Method and system for providing stack memory management in real-time operating systems
1512015027808310/01/15 Conditional processing method and apparatus
1522015027810010/01/15 Address re-ordering mechanism for efficient pre-fetch training in an out-of-order processor
1532015027810410/01/15 Hybrid memory device, memory system including same and data processing method
1542015027816410/01/15 Method and constructing documents
1552015027816510/01/15 Method and content management
1562015027820710/01/15 Electronic device and acquiring image data
1572015027828510/01/15 Computing system with error detection mechanism and operation thereof
1582015027836110/01/15 User terminal and control method thereof
1592015027838310/01/15 Method and terminal for providing search-integrated note function
1602015027852910/01/15 Displaying electronic device and electronic device thereof
1612015027857710/01/15 Fingerprint identifying method and electronic device thereof
1622015027863010/01/15 Method and recognizing a character based on a photographed image
1632015027897910/01/15 Automatic image selecting apparatus and method
1642015027926510/01/15 Storage and carriage of green metadata for display adaptation
1652015027931810/01/15 Display apparatus, display system, and control method thereof
1662015027935610/01/15 Speech recognition system and method
1672015027936910/01/15 Display apparatus and user interaction method thereof
1682015027938010/01/15 Frame error concealment method and apparatus and error concealment scheme construction method and apparatus
1692015027942810/01/15 Method for generating thumbnail and electronic device thereof
1702015027949810/01/15 Transparent conductive thin film electrodes, electronic devices and methods of producing the same
1712015027958910/01/15 Input button assembly
1722015027959010/01/15 Electronic device having input button
1732015027966910/01/15 Method of preparing zno nanowire and zno nanowire prepared thereby
1742015027970710/01/15 Substrate separation device and substrate separation system
1752015027978710/01/15 Semiconductor package and manufacturing the same
1762015027999110/01/15 Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
1772015028012910/01/15 Stretchable device, manufacturing the same, and electronic apparatus including stretchable device
1782015028018110/01/15 Electronic device
1792015028035710/01/15 Electronic device
1802015028040110/01/15 Multi-wavelength surface plasmon laser and optoelectronic integrated circuit including the same
1812015028045710/01/15 Method for charging battery and electronic device
1822015028049310/01/15 Method for controlling power supply and electronic device
1832015028065610/01/15 Analog baseband filter for radio transceiver
1842015028070310/01/15 Power gating circuit and integrated circuit
1852015028074010/01/15 Method of compressing and restoring configuration data
1862015028074310/01/15 Apparatus and transmitting and receiving a quasi-cyclic low density parity check code in a multimedia communication system
1872015028075110/01/15 Joint source-channel encoding and decoding for compressed and uncompressed data
1882015028077010/01/15 Electronic device and transmitting data between electronic device and flip cover thereof
1892015028079310/01/15 Method and device for energy efficient signal transmission in massive multi-antenna wireless communication system
1902015028079910/01/15 Communication system and method using space division multi-user multiple input multiple output (sd-mimo) communication method
1912015028080110/01/15 Precoding matrix codebook design and periodic channel state information feedback for advanced wireless communication systems
1922015028083610/01/15 Method of sharing and receiving information based on sound signal and apparatus using the same
1932015028086810/01/15 Method and transmitting uplink and downlink data in tdd system
1942015028087410/01/15 Method and signaling and operation of low delay consumption of media data in mmt
1952015028088410/01/15 Apparatus and channel information feedback in wireless communication system
1962015028093310/01/15 Electronic device and connection method thereof
1972015028095110/01/15 Apparatus and receiving signal in communication system supporting gaussian frequency shift keying modulation scheme
1982015028110810/01/15 Communication method and apparatus in a network including a plurality of devices
1992015028122910/01/15 Method and supporting login through user terminal
2002015028130410/01/15 Apparatus and transmitting and receiving information related to multimedia data in a hybrid network and structure thereof
2012015028134210/01/15 Method for grouping a plurality of devices and grouping system
2022015028139410/01/15 Data sharing method and electronic device thereof
2032015028143010/01/15 Method and providing information based on movement of an electronic device
2042015028154210/01/15 Image generation generating plurality of images with different resolution and/or brightness from single image
2052015028158910/01/15 Apparatus and supporting zoom microphone functional in mobile terminal
2062015028160610/01/15 Dark signal modeling
2072015028160710/01/15 Methods of calibrating knee-point and logarithmic slope in linear-logarithmic image sensors
2082015028167810/01/15 Image generating device, 3d image display system having the same and control methods thereof
2092015028168310/01/15 Methods of calibrating linear-logarithmic image sensors
2102015028168610/01/15 Signal adaptive filtering method, signal adaptive filter and computer readable medium for storing program therefor
2112015028169410/01/15 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
2122015028171810/01/15 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
2132015028171910/01/15 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
2142015028172010/01/15 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
2152015028172110/01/15 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
2162015028172210/01/15 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
2172015028172310/01/15 Image coding and decoding method and apparatus considering human visual characteristics
2182015028176510/01/15 Display apparatus, controlling method thereof, and display system
2192015028177010/01/15 Signaling and operation of an mmtp de-capsulation buffer
2202015028179410/01/15 Display apparatus and controlling the same
2212015028179910/01/15 Broadcast and broadband hybrid service with mmt and dash
2222015028180110/01/15 Enhanced distortion signaling for mmt assets and isobmff with improved mmt qos descriptor having multiple qoe operating points
2232015028185610/01/15 Method for adapting sound of hearing aid and hearing aid and electronic device performing the same
2242015028191410/01/15 Method and enabling call sharing between user devices
2252015028191510/01/15 Method and forming wi-fi p2p group using wi-fi direct
2262015028191610/01/15 Method and system for providing media stored in a poc box in a poc system
2272015028193510/01/15 Method and system for supporting emergency call using non-access stratum protocol in mobile telecommunication system
2282015028193610/01/15 Method and system for supporting emergency call using non-access stratum protocol in mobile telecommunication system
2292015028194210/01/15 Device and subscribing to network in wireless communication system
2302015028197010/01/15 Near field communication (nfc) device and selectively securing records in a near field communication data exchange format (ndef) message
2312015028200110/01/15 Beamforming serving multiple users
2322015028201210/01/15 Electronic device and providing call services for the same
2332015028201310/01/15 Apparatus and communicating voice data in a wireless network
2342015028202810/01/15 Method and system for reducing signaling overhead in wireless communication
2352015028203010/01/15 Method and reducing power consumption in volte enabled devices
2362015028206810/01/15 Method and apparatus to enable low power synchronization for large bandwidth wireless lan systems
2372015028208310/01/15 Apparatus and transceiving data by user terminal
2382015028209810/01/15 Method for determining transmission power in mimo system based on cooperative transmission
2392015028210710/01/15 System and enhancing reporting information for radio link failure (rlf) in lte networks
2402015028212210/01/15 Method and scheduling in a multi-input multi-output system
2412015028213810/01/15 Soft buffer size determination dual connectivity
2422015028214610/01/15 Method and performing uplink hybrid automatic repeat request operation in an asymmetric multicarrier communication network environment
2432015028215010/01/15 Simultaneous transmission avoidance method and apparatus of ue in wireless communication system supporting dual connectivity
2442015028219210/01/15 Method and receiving downlink data in wireless communication system
2452015028219610/01/15 Antenna switching method
2462015028221910/01/15 Apparatus and providing service in communication network supporting multipath transport control protocol
2472015028222910/01/15 Method and system for establishing wireless fidelity direct (wfd) connection in a wfd network environment
2482015028236410/01/15 Electronic device including a function of water proof and cover thereof
2492015028238710/01/15 Shield can assembly and electronic device having the same

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