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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Application processor and dynamic thermal management method thereof

Samsung Electronics

Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding method and apparatus based on signaling of sample adaptive…

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014031970910/30/14 new patent  Lens with low birefringence, method of fabricating the lens, and light scanning unit including the lens
22014032103810/30/14 new patent  Convertible computing apparatus
32014032483110/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for storing and displaying content in mobile terminal
42014031858510/30/14 new patent  Dishwasher and sensing module for the same
52014031885110/30/14 new patent  Shielding reinforcing apparatus
62014031899410/30/14 new patent  Portable electronic device equipped with protective cover and driving method thereof
72014031938710/30/14 new patent  Extreme ultraviolet ligth source devices
82014031946110/30/14 new patent  Single-walled carbon nanotube-based planar photodector
92014031968110/30/14 new patent  Semiconductor package including solder ball
102014031969010/30/14 new patent  Semiconductor device and method of fabricating the same
112014031978410/30/14 new patent  Method for manufacturing semiconductor device
122014031998310/30/14 new patent  Door assembly and clothes treatment apparatus having the same
132014032040310/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for recognizing motion by using an event-based vision sensor
142014032043710/30/14 new patent  Method for displaying and electronic device thereof
152014032050710/30/14 new patent  User terminal device for providing animation effect and display method thereof
162014032051610/30/14 new patent  Electronic device and icon arrangement method therefor
172014032054710/30/14 new patent  Image display device and method and apparatus for implementing augmented reality using unidirectional beam
182014032059410/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for generating image data in portable terminal
192014032070610/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for sensing spatial information based on vision sensor
202014032072310/30/14 new patent  Camera apparatus and wireless communication terminal including the same
212014032072410/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for transmitting information in portable device
222014032074310/30/14 new patent  Image processing apparatus and method for selective power supply
232014032074510/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for displaying an image
242014032078110/30/14 new patent  Light source unit and display device including the same
252014032129310/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for performing retransmission operation in device to device communication system
262014032129910/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for determining channel quality in a wireless communication system
272014032135410/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for managing packet in system supporting network coding
282014032137510/30/14 new patent  Method and system for acquiring high frequency carrier in a wireless communication network
292014032137710/30/14 new patent  Scheme for d2d communication using priority
302014032141910/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for allocating resources for communication between base stations
312014032143810/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for synchronization for device-to-device communication in unlicensed frequency bands
322014032144610/30/14 new patent  Connection information control method and electronic device therefor
332014032152110/30/14 new patent  Link performance abstraction method and apparatus in a wireless communication system
342014032154810/30/14 new patent  Image encoding method and apparatus and image decoding method and apparatus based on motion vector normalization
352014032161110/30/14 new patent  Radiation imaging apparatus, computed tomography apparatus, and radiation imaging method
362014032162110/30/14 new patent  Radiographic apparatus and control method thereof
372014032165610/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for outputting audio
382014032167110/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for playing content
392014032167310/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for controlling a sound input path
402014032175610/30/14 new patent  System and method for circling detection based on object trajectory
412014032288210/30/14 new patent  Methods of forming field effect transistors, including forming source and drain regions in recesses of semiconductor fins
422014032304810/30/14 new patent  Communication service in communication modes
432014032304910/30/14 new patent  Wireless connection method, machine-readable storage medium and electronic device using out-of band channel
442014032308910/30/14 new patent  Power-off protection method and an apparatus therefor
452014032311310/30/14 new patent  System, apparatus, method, and computer-readable recording medium for changing user terminal settings
462014032311410/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for controlling built-in microphone of portable terminal
472014032312610/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for indicating discovery signal resources in device-to-device wireless communications
482014032314310/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for providing optimal transmission and reception beams in beamforming system
492014032314410/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for transmitting/receiving reference signal in wireless communication system supporting beam forming scheme
502014032317810/30/14 new patent  Electronic device for multiple radio access and method thereof
512014032318210/30/14 new patent  Portable electronic device, flip-type cover of the portable electronic device, and method for controlling the flip-type cover
522014032407010/30/14 new patent  Surgical robot system and control method thereof
532014032424510/30/14 new patent  Application processor and dynamic thermal management method thereof
542014032427110/30/14 new patent  Cleaning robot, home monitoring apparatus, and method for controlling the cleaning robot
552014032442110/30/14 new patent  Voice processing apparatus and voice processing method
562014032462310/30/14 new patent  Display apparatus for providing recommendation information and method thereof
572014032475510/30/14 new patent  Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
582014032477110/30/14 new patent  Method of providing information about electronic media content and electronic device supporting the same
592014032489110/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for managing application error
602014032494810/30/14 new patent  Information processing apparatus and control method thereof
612014032495310/30/14 new patent  Terminal device and content displaying method thereof, server and controlling method thereof
622014032496010/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for experiencing a multimedia service
632014032497410/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for performing distributed resource scheduling in device-to-device communication system
642014032509110/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for dynamic policy interworking between pcrf and nat
652014032512210/30/14 new patent  Nonvolatile memory system including nonvolatile memory device, memory controller and operating method thereof
662014032512510/30/14 new patent  Atomic write methods
672014032512610/30/14 new patent  Data storage device performing atomic write and related method of operation
682014032516810/30/14 new patent  Management of stored data based on corresponding attribute data
692014032524810/30/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for adjusting bandwidth
702014032535810/30/14 new patent  Method for providing graphical user interface for changing reproducing time point and imaging apparatus therefor
712014032536010/30/14 new patent  Display apparatus and control method capable of performing an initial setting
722014032536110/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for controlling presentation slides
732014032540210/30/14 new patent  User terminal device with pen and controlling method thereof
742014032540310/30/14 new patent  Device and method for processing three-dimensional lighting
752014032541010/30/14 new patent  User terminal device and controlling method thereof
762014032543510/30/14 new patent  User terminal device and display method thereof
772014032543610/30/14 new patent  Mobile communication terminal for displaying event-handling view on split screen and method for controlling the same
782014032543710/30/14 new patent  Content delivery system with user interface mechanism and method of operation thereof
792014032543810/30/14 new patent  Screen control method and electronic device thereof
802014032543910/30/14 new patent  Method for outputting image and electronic device thereof
812014032544310/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for operating menu in electronic device including touch screen
822014032544810/30/14 new patent  Electronic system with interface modification mechanism and method of operation thereof
832014032551810/30/14 new patent  Method and device for managing memory of user device
842014032555410/30/14 new patent  Transmission of digital content to select devices
852014032567910/30/14 new patent  Method and apparatus for notifying of security information in electronic device and computer-readable recording medium for the same
862014032568510/30/14 new patent  Method for controlling access to data and electronic device thereof
872014031338310/23/14Image sensor and computing system having the same
882014031149910/23/14Headset to provide noise reduction
892014031171410/23/14Heat exchanger
902014031192710/23/14External cover for user device
912014031228310/23/14Metallic glass, conductive paste, and electronic device
922014031236910/23/14Semiconductor light emitting device
932014031238710/23/14Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
942014031239110/23/14Image sensor
952014031239310/23/14Fin-fet transistor with punchthrough barrier and leakage protection regions
962014031243010/23/14Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
972014031245510/23/14Patterns of a semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same
982014031245610/23/14Semiconductor devices and methods of fabricating the same
992014031248910/23/14Flip-chip semiconductor package
1002014031249110/23/14Semiconductor device, semiconductor package, and electronic system
1012014031270110/23/14Power supply circuit in electronic device and control method thereof
1022014031275910/23/14Food container and refrigerator having the same
1032014031282910/23/14Electronic apparatus, a method of controlling charge, and a computer-readable recording medium
1042014031285110/23/14Apparatus for preventing electric ovestress in electronic device
1052014031296110/23/14Semiconductor device compensating for negative bias temperature instability effects and related methods of operation
1062014031299310/23/14Method of fabricating multi-band filer module
1072014031304710/23/14Home appliance and method of controlling the same
1082014031309010/23/14Lens with mixed-order cauer/elliptic frequency selective surface
1092014031309610/23/14Antenna and emission filter
1102014031311610/23/14Display apparatus
1112014031314110/23/14Smart apparatus having touch input module and energy generating device, and operating method of the smart apparatus
1122014031314810/23/14Electronic device for processing input from touchscreen
1132014031316210/23/14Electronic device and method for preventing touch input error
1142014031317110/23/14Method for controlling function using electronic pen and electronic device thereof
1152014031320110/23/14Method and apparatus for rendering three-dimensional (3d) object
1162014031321310/23/14Memory apparatus and method for processing data
1172014031321810/23/14Method and apparatus for controlling transparency in portable terminal having transparent display unit
1182014031327610/23/14Method and apparatus for video call in communication system
1192014031329710/23/14Display apparatus, 3d glasses, and display system including the same
1202014031330710/23/14Electronic device and method for unlocking in the electronic device
1212014031330810/23/14Apparatus and method for tracking gaze based on camera array
1222014031336010/23/14Electronic device and method for operating the same
1232014031336610/23/14Method of processing image and electronic device and system supporting the same
1242014031338210/23/14Image sensor for compensating column mismatch and method of processing image using the same
1252014031338910/23/14Method for generating split screen image and electronic device thereof
1262014031339410/23/14Zoom lens and imaging apparatus employing the same
1272014031339510/23/14Wide-angle lens system and imaging apparatus employing the same
1282014031341810/23/14Display apparatus and channel searching method thereof
1292014031341910/23/14Display device, user terminal apparatus and control method thereof
1302014031342010/23/14Display device, user terminal apparatus and calibration method thereof
1312014031342110/23/14Apparatus and method for controlling home network devices
1322014031344110/23/14Display device
1332014031368010/23/14Shield apparatus for electronic device
1342014031369610/23/14Backlight unit
1352014031381910/23/14System on chip including dual power rail and voltage supply method thereof
1362014031384710/23/14Clock synchronization circuit and semiconductor memory device including clock synchronization circuit
1372014031391010/23/14Coexistence interference detection, tracking, and avoidance
1382014031391510/23/14Method and apparatus for exchanging messages among evolved node bs in cooperative communication system
1392014031391610/23/14Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving broadcasting data by using mmt in digital broadcasting system
1402014031391710/23/14Method for transmitting data and electronic device thereof
1412014031400510/23/14Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving signal by using multiple modulation and coding schemes in wireless communication system
1422014031405510/23/14Method and apparatus for scheduling resource allocation in wireless communication system
1432014031408010/23/14Method and apparatus for controlling media delivery in multimedia transport network
1442014031409810/23/14Method and apparatus for managing dynamic queue in broadcasting system
1452014031413610/23/14Passive equalizer and high-speed digital signal transmission system using the same
1462014031414110/23/14Video encoding method and apparatus, and video decoding method and apparatus based on signaling of sample adaptive offset parameters
1472014031414910/23/14Method and apparatus for encoding residual block, and method and apparatus for decoding residual block
1482014031415710/23/14Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving packet in a communication system
1492014031416710/23/14Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving feedback information in beamforming communication system
1502014031419310/23/14Wireless data receiving device and a method of receiving wireless data using the same
1512014031431710/23/14Method and apparatus for converting gray level of color image
1522014031432810/23/14Data matching method and data matching module
1532014031439110/23/14Method for displaying image combined with playing audio in an electronic device
1542014031445310/23/14Developing unit and image forming apparatus using the same
1552014031458910/23/14Hermetic reciprocating compressor
1562014031552210/23/14Apparatus and method for displaying unchecked messages in a terminal
1572014031552510/23/14Memo management method and electronic device of the same
1582014031553710/23/14Processing state information
1592014031559410/23/14Method and apparatus for controlling power of uplink in a beam forming system
1602014031560510/23/14Electronic device for preventing leakage of received sound
1612014031624710/23/14Method, apparatus, and system for tracking deformation of organ during respiration cycle
1622014031625210/23/14Marker and method of estimating surgical instrument pose using the same
1632014031663610/23/14Moving robot, user terminal apparatus and control method thereof
1642014031676010/23/14Method of three-dimensional optoelectrical simulation of image sensor
1652014031677710/23/14User device and operation method thereof
1662014031692310/23/14Apparatus and method for providing a specific service
1672014031709410/23/14Method of providing service for user search, and apparatus, server, and system for the same
1682014031724210/23/14Electronic device and method of registering personal cloud apparatus in user portal server thereof
1692014031737310/23/14Method and apparatus for managing memory
1702014031738310/23/14Apparatus and method for compressing instruction for vliw processor, and apparatus and method for fetching instruction
1712014031738810/23/14Apparatus and method for supporting multi-modes of processor
1722014031747110/23/14Semiconductor memory devices including separately disposed error-correcting code (ecc) circuits
1732014031747610/23/14Apparatus and method for transmitting and receiving forward error correction packet
1742014031749910/23/14Apparatus and method for controlling locking and unlocking of portable terminal
1752014031752710/23/14Method and apparatus for providing a changed shortcut icon corresponding to a status thereof
1762014031753010/23/14Method and device for receiving input
1772014031754210/23/14Apparatus and method of executing plural objects displayed on a screen of an electronic device, and computer-readable recording medium for recording the method
1782014031755510/23/14Apparatus, method, and computer-readable recording medium for displaying shortcut icon window
1792014031757310/23/14Display apparatus and method of displaying a context menu
1802014031762610/23/14Processor for batch thread processing, batch thread processing method using the same, and code generation apparatus for batch thread processing
1812014031762710/23/14Scheduling apparatus and method of dynamically setting the size of a rotating register
1822014031762810/23/14Memory apparatus for processing support of long routing in processor, and scheduling apparatus and method using the memory apparatus
1832014031766310/23/14Method and apparatus for providing broadcasting service
1842014031766410/23/14Method and apparatus for transmitting media data in multimedia transport system
1852014031766710/23/14Apparatus and method for transmitting signal in digital video broadcasting system
1862014031766910/23/14Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving additional information in a broadcast communication system
1872014031767010/23/14Method and apparatus for reproducing contents in multimedia system
1882014031767410/23/14Method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving signaling information in digital broadcasting system
1892014031775910/23/14Method and apparatus for processing document in touch-sensitive device
1902014030714310/16/14Apparatus and method for shooting video in terminal
1912014031057910/16/14Method for generating forward error correction packet in multimedia system and method and apparatus for transmitting and receiving forward error correction packet
1922014030716110/16/14Digital photographing apparatus and method of controlling the same
1932014030493710/16/14Sensor module and robot cleaner having the same
1942014030515610/16/14Refrigerator with icemaker compartment having an improved air flow
1952014030530210/16/14Carbon dioxide adsorbents and production methods thereof, carbon dioxide capture modules including the same, and methods for separating carbon dioxide using the same
1962014030577810/16/14Input apparatus for electronic device
1972014030600410/16/14Mobile terminal, security server and payment method thereof
1982014030610910/16/14Method for detecting defect of substrate
1992014030626110/16/14Electronic device package and package substrate for the same
2002014030628010/16/14Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
2012014030629310/16/14Semiconductor memory device including guard band
2022014030629510/16/14Semiconductor device and method for fabricating the same
2032014030655310/16/14Method of controlling power and electronic device thereof
2042014030658910/16/14Washing machine
2062014030672710/16/14Facility and a method for testing semiconductor devices
2072014030688510/16/14Apparatus and method for controlling portable terminal
2082014030690010/16/14Imaging apparatus and method of controlling the same
2092014030690510/16/14Method for adjusting display area and electronic device thereof
2102014030690810/16/14Foldable electronic device and method of managing visible regions thereof
2112014030698010/16/14Method and apparatus for displaying screen of portable terminal device
2122014030699910/16/14Objects in screen images
2132014030705210/16/14Apparatuses and methods for extracting defect depth information and methods of improving semiconductor device manufacturing processes using defect depth information
2142014030707510/16/14Imaging apparatus and control method thereof
2152014030712610/16/14Electronic apparatus and method of controlling the same
2162014030714610/16/14Apparatus and method for auto-focusing in device having camera
2172014030728110/16/14Interface card, network device having the same and control method thereof
2182014030729710/16/14Scanner module and image scanning apparatus employing the same
2192014030729810/16/14Apparatus and method for generating hologram pattern
2202014030730010/16/14Athermal optical modulator and method of manufacturing the same
2212014030733210/16/14Wide angle lens system and electronic apparatus having the same
2222014030735610/16/14Method for determining flooded state and electronic device thereof
2232014030739310/16/14Electronic device and assembly structure thereof
2242014030741010/16/14Board assembly
2252014030743310/16/14Reflective diffusion lens and lighting installation
2262014030756710/16/14Method and device for transmitting uplink data in support of multi-subframe scheduling
2272014030757310/16/14Apparatus and method for optimizing data-path in mobile communication network
2282014030757410/16/14Communication connection control method and electronic apparatus supporting the same
2292014030762410/16/14Method and apparatus for scheduling video traffic in wireless communication system
2302014030765210/16/14Method for controlling uplink power in multi-subframe scheduling
2312014030765410/16/14Scheduling method and apparatus for beamforming in mobile communication system
2322014030765710/16/14Device and method for performing device to device communication in wireless communication system
2332014030765910/16/14Method and apparatus for setting up/releasing radio resource control connection between evolved node b and user equipment in communication system
2342014030770810/16/14Method and apparatus for performing handover in wireless communication system
2352014030772510/16/14Access point and method for connecting wireless communication
2362014030772710/16/14Apparatus and method for synchronization between devices
2372014030778310/16/14Method and apparatus for motion vector determination in video encoding or decoding
2382014030783210/16/14Method and apparatus for transmitting/receiving signal in wireless communication system
2392014030787310/16/14Apparatus and method for generating key hierarchy in wireless network
2402014030789610/16/14Method for controlling audio output and device supporting the same
2412014030790010/16/14Apparatus for inputting audiogram using touch input
2422014030790110/16/14Method and apparatus for low power operation of binaural hearing aid
2432014030790210/16/14Hearing apparatus including coil operable in different operation modes
2442014030795510/16/14Apparatus and method for detecting body parts from user image
2452014030796410/16/14Method and apparatus for adjusting brightness of input image
2462014030796610/16/14Method of managing image and electronic device thereof
2472014030817710/16/14Hydrogen separation membrane and device including hydrogen separation membrane
2482014030828410/16/14Method of combination therapy using anti-c-met antibody and fgfr inhibitor
2492014030881010/16/14Method for fabricating semiconductor device

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