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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Nonvolatile memory and erasing method thereof

Samsung Electronics

Nonvolatile memory and erasing method thereof

Terminal and speech-recognized text edit method thereof

Samsung Electronics Ltd

Terminal and speech-recognized text edit method thereof

Terminal and speech-recognized text edit method thereof

Samsung Electronics

Host apparatus, processing file thereof, and image forming apparatus

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015002937901/29/15 new patent  Image photographing apparatus and method thereof
22015003036201/29/15 new patent  Image fixing device and image forming apparatus having the same
32015003246001/29/15 new patent  Terminal and speech-recognized text edit method thereof
42015003305001/29/15 new patent  Semiconductor integrated circuit and computing device including the same
52015002714401/29/15 new patent  Air conditioner and control method thereof
62015002715401/29/15 new patent  Heat pump and flow path switching apparatus
72015002766001/29/15 new patent  Indoor unit of air conditioner and connecting refrigerant pipe thereof
82015002809701/29/15 new patent  Sensor strip cartridge, and biometric information measuring method and apparatus using the same
92015002820601/29/15 new patent  Display apparatus
102015002839901/29/15 new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
112015002842301/29/15 new patent  Semiconductor device having dual metal silicide layers and manufacturing the same
122015002843001/29/15 new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
132015002845801/29/15 new patent  Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
142015002873501/29/15 new patent  Refrigerator
152015002883801/29/15 new patent  Electronic apparatus and power controlling method
162015002906001/29/15 new patent  Wireless communication device
172015002908901/29/15 new patent  Display providing personalized service thereof
182015002909001/29/15 new patent  Character input method and display apparatus
192015002916601/29/15 new patent  Display apparatus and control the same
202015002917901/29/15 new patent  Multi view image processing apparatus and image processing method thereof
212015002920601/29/15 new patent  Method and electronic device for displaying wallpaper, and computer readable recording medium
222015002923201/29/15 new patent  Display apparatus and control method thereof
232015002934201/29/15 new patent  Broadcasting providing apparatus, broadcasting providing system, and providing broadcasting thereof
242015002935501/29/15 new patent  Image sensors and imaging devices including the same
252015002936201/29/15 new patent  User terminal device and the control method thereof
262015002936501/29/15 new patent  Unit pixel of image sensor and image sensor having the same
272015002937201/29/15 new patent  Image sensor and controlling the same
282015002937801/29/15 new patent  Image photographing apparatus and photographing method thereof
292015002937901/29/15 new patent  Image photographing apparatus and method thereof
302015002938001/29/15 new patent  Electronic viewfinder capable of providing various photographing angles to a user, and photographing apparatus using the same
312015002938101/29/15 new patent  Electronic device and photographing image using the same
322015002938501/29/15 new patent  Imaging lens system and electronic apparatus employing the same
332015002939001/29/15 new patent  Display apparatus
342015002939401/29/15 new patent  Display power reduction using histogram metadata
352015002939901/29/15 new patent  Signal transfer apparatus
362015002943801/29/15 new patent  Display panel preventing reflection of external light and display apparatus having the same
372015002951701/29/15 new patent  Method for measuring thickness of object
382015002952401/29/15 new patent  Host apparatus, processing file thereof, and image forming apparatus
392015002953201/29/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus and near field communication (nfc) device supporting nfc function and performing authentication thereof cross-reference to related applications
402015002953901/29/15 new patent  Image forming providing user interface and method thereof
412015002954001/29/15 new patent  Image forming apparatus and mobile device for forming wireless configuration by using near field communication (nfc)
422015002954101/29/15 new patent  Mobile device and image forming providing user interface screen, and providing user interface screen in the mobile device and image forming apparatus
432015002954401/29/15 new patent  System and context-aware printing service
442015002955401/29/15 new patent  Method and printing data with predetermined format using bluetooth communication, and storing template data
452015002964501/29/15 new patent  Key button and manufacturing the same
462015002971901/29/15 new patent  Omnidirectional light emitting device lamp
472015002978901/29/15 new patent  Nonvolatile memory device including memory cell array with upper and lower word line groups
482015002979001/29/15 new patent  Nonvolatile memory and erasing method thereof
492015002984301/29/15 new patent  Apparatus and providing web service in wireless communication system
502015002987801/29/15 new patent  Multi-path search apparatus and method in a wireless communication system
512015002996201/29/15 new patent  Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus, and controlling method thereof
522015003008101/29/15 new patent  Parameter update entropy coding and decoding of conversion coefficient level, and entropy coding device and entropy decoding device of conversion coefficient level using same
532015003008601/29/15 new patent  Video encoding and video decoding for parallel processing
542015003009601/29/15 new patent  Computing system with joint-transmission mechanism and operation thereof
552015003013501/29/15 new patent  X-ray stitching jig
562015003020401/29/15 new patent  Apparatus and analyzing image including event information
572015003022001/29/15 new patent  Method and processing medical image signal
582015003033501/29/15 new patent  Apparatus for receiving and transmitting optical information
592015003059601/29/15 new patent  Bispecific chimeric proteins with darpins
602015003059901/29/15 new patent  Anti-egfr antibody and anti-c-met/anti-egfr bispecific antibodies comprising the same
612015003060301/29/15 new patent  Anti-ang2 antibody
622015003060401/29/15 new patent  Method of blocking vascular leakage using an anti-ang2 antibody
632015003080001/29/15 new patent  Vacuum heat insulating material and refrigerator including the same
642015003098301/29/15 new patent  Resist top coat composition and patterning process
652015003102301/29/15 new patent  Method of detecting nucleic acids containing a genetic variation
662015003110101/29/15 new patent  Bacterial cell having enhanced succinic acid production and a producing the succinic acid using the same
672015003112501/29/15 new patent  Micro- disrupting cells
682015003113601/29/15 new patent  Test apparatus and controlling the same
692015003114901/29/15 new patent  Multi-chip package and manufacturing the same
702015003117001/29/15 new patent  Method and stacked semiconductor chips
712015003118301/29/15 new patent  Semiconductor devices including silicide regions and methods of fabricating the same
722015003119501/29/15 new patent  Method of fabricating a semiconductor device
732015003134701/29/15 new patent  Method for execution control using cover and electronic device supporting the same
742015003136001/29/15 new patent  Method and device for load balancing in wireless communication system
752015003141101/29/15 new patent  Electronic device with radio function and operating method thereof
762015003200001/29/15 new patent  Ultrasound diagnostic method and apparatus using shear waves
772015003200301/29/15 new patent  Ultrasound apparatus and generating ultrasound image
782015003200401/29/15 new patent  Ultrasonic probe, system including the same, and operation method thereof
792015003225901/29/15 new patent  Cleaning robot and controlling the same
802015003226001/29/15 new patent  Auto-cleaning system, cleaning robot and controlling the cleaning robot
812015003236501/29/15 new patent  System, method, and minimizing power consumption in a portable device capable of receiving satellite navigational system signals
822015003237101/29/15 new patent  Method and guided acquisition and tracking in global navigation satellite system receivers
832015003245701/29/15 new patent  Apparatus and controlling voice input in electronic device supporting voice recognition
842015003254401/29/15 new patent  Apparatus and notifying destination based on velocity
852015003279201/29/15 new patent  Method and communication using ip address exchanged via nfc
862015003284501/29/15 new patent  Packet transmission protocol supporting downloading and streaming
872015003290601/29/15 new patent  Apparatus and assigning ip address in communication system
882015003291501/29/15 new patent  Storage system including data transfer speed manager and changing data transfer speed thereof
892015003300501/29/15 new patent  System and boot acceleration of a data processing system
902015003305301/29/15 new patent  Method and controlling power consumption of a portable terminal
912015003307301/29/15 new patent  Method and processing error event of medical diagnosis device, and for providing medical information
922015003309701/29/15 new patent  Storage device
932015003312501/29/15 new patent  Method and operating window of electronic device with touch screen
942015003314401/29/15 new patent  Method and registering schedule in portable terminal
952015003315101/29/15 new patent  Method and message processing
962015003315901/29/15 new patent  Method of providing user interface of device and device including the user interface
972015003316001/29/15 new patent  Display device and providing user interface thereof
982015003316401/29/15 new patent  Method and providing graphic user interface
992015003316501/29/15 new patent  Device and controlling object on screen
1002015003318401/29/15 new patent  Method and executing application in electronic device
1012015003322801/29/15 new patent  Method and recovering lock holder preemption
1022015003326001/29/15 new patent  Method and providing information about broadcasting program and medium thereof
1032015003327901/29/15 new patent  Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and control methods thereof
1042015002622901/22/15Method in an electronic device for controlling functions in another electronic device and electronic device thereof
1052015002323101/22/15Method and transceiving channel related to terminal that supports half duplex transmission in mobile communication system
1062015002355701/22/15Apparatus for recognizing objects, learning classification trees, and operating same
1072015002370801/22/15Waste toner collecting structure of an image forming apparatus
1082015002031901/22/15Washing machine and control method thereof
1092015002053901/22/15Compressor and air conditioning apparatus using the same
1102015002055601/22/15Clothes treatment apparatus
1112015002085601/22/15Dish washing machine
1122015002100301/22/15Heat exchanger
1132015002118501/22/15Capacitive deionization apparatus and methods of treating fluid using the same
1142015002161601/22/15Nitride-based semiconductor devices
1152015002165801/22/15Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
1162015002168401/22/15Semiconductor device having buried channel array and manufacturing the same
1172015002176101/22/15Multi-chip package
1182015002178701/22/15Semiconductor package
1192015002184601/22/15Device and controlling paper interval in paper feeder of image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus including the device
1202015002201101/22/15Method and network communication in wireless power transmission system
1212015002201201/22/15Method and detecting coupling region
1222015002201301/22/15Power transmitting unit (ptu) and power receiving unit (pru), and communication ptu and pru in wireless power transmission system
1232015002201501/22/15Method and synchronization control in wireless power transmission system
1242015002201601/22/15Method and controlling interference in wireless power transmission system
1252015002201701/22/15Method of controlling impedance matching with respect to multiple targets in wireless power transmission system, and wireless power transmission system adopting the method
1262015002201801/22/15Method and authentication in wireless power transmission system
1282015002206701/22/15Storage having pair of drawers drawn in opposite directions
1292015002211401/22/15Tubular light-emitting apparatus
1302015002214501/22/15Method and transmitting communication power in wireless power transmission system
1312015002216201/22/15Discharge circuit unit and image forming apparatus having the same
1322015002220101/22/15Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and notification information providing method performed by using the same and radio frequency coil and notification information providing method performed by using the radio frequency coil
1332015002244101/22/15Method and detecting interfacing region in depth image
1342015002244201/22/15Electronic device having hinge structure and operating method thereof
1352015002246801/22/15Method for processing input and electronic device thereof
1362015002247101/22/15Mobile terminal including display and operating the same
1372015002247201/22/15Flexible device, controlling device, and displaying object by flexible device
1382015002250401/22/15Method and device for transmitting/receiving data between wireless terminal and electronic pen
1392015002252001/22/15Tessellation device including cache, method thereof, and system including the tessellation device
1402015002252401/22/15Image processing apparatus and method
1412015002254001/22/15Method and controlling writing of data to graphic memory
1422015002254501/22/15Method and generating color image and depth image of object by using single filter
1432015002255901/22/15Method and displaying images in portable terminal
1442015002262801/22/15Image photographing device and control method thereof
1452015002269601/22/15Electronic device having camera module and operating method thereof
1462015002269801/22/15Removing unwanted objects from photographed image
1472015002270201/22/15Analog-to-digital converter, image sensor including the same, and image processing device including the image sensor
1482015002271101/22/15Apparatus, medium, and photographing based on face detection
1492015002271901/22/15Transmitting apparatus and receiving apparatus, and signal processing method thereof
1502015002272101/22/15Multi contents view display displaying multi contents view
1512015002283001/22/15Image forming apparatus and controlling the same
1522015002283901/22/15Internal interface of image forming apparatus
1532015002285101/22/15Image forming apparatus, server apparatus, and controlling printing of server apparatus
1542015002286401/22/15Image scanning correcting vertical streak thereof
1552015002286901/22/15Demosaicing rgbz sensor
1562015002287701/22/15Method of and device for controlling reflective color of polymeric colloidal photonic crystal display using mixed dispersion medium
1572015002294801/22/15Capacitor structure
1582015002299901/22/15Lighting device and manufacturing the same
1592015002307301/22/15Power control device and image forming apparatus including the same
1602015002310801/22/15Nonvolatile memory device and related programming method
1612015002311201/22/15Integrated circuit and data input method
1622015002318701/22/15Wireless local area network system and operating the same
1632015002323901/22/15Apparatus and reducing power comsumption in multi antenna system
1642015002324901/22/15Transmitting apparatus, receiving apparatus and signal processing method thereof
1652015002325201/22/15Method to use existing nas signaling connection for pending uplink signaling/ data after tau accept
1662015002329701/22/15Communication supporting method and apparatus using non-access stratum protocol in mobile telecommunication system
1672015002330101/22/15Method and transmitting/receiving channel quality information in a communication system using an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing scheme
1682015002334401/22/15Method and system for managing telephony services in a universal plug and play home network environment
1692015002339701/22/15Apparatus and transmitting/receiving the hybrid-arq ack/nack signal in mobile communication system
1702015002340601/22/15Method and video encoding for each spatial sub-area, and video decoding for each spatial sub-area
1712015002341401/22/15Method and encoding video and decoding video, based on hierarchical structure of coding unit
1722015002342401/22/15Hierarchical motion estimation method and apparatus based on adaptive sampling
1732015002342901/22/15Electronic device for storing image and image storage method thereof
1742015002343001/22/15Method and multiview video encoding based on prediction structures for viewpoint switching, and multiview video decoding based on prediction structures for viewpoint switching
1752015002343201/22/15Scalable video-encoding method and apparatus, and scalable video-decoding method and apparatus
1762015002344101/22/15Operating wireless local area network station
1772015002348801/22/15Method and moving call
1782015002354701/22/15Information providing system having content providing apparatus and terminal apparatus, and control method thereof
1792015002355601/22/15Method and selecting seed area for tracking nerve fibers in brain
1802015002355701/22/15Apparatus for recognizing objects, learning classification trees, and operating same
1812015002368401/22/15Image forming apparatus and chip
1822015002369501/22/15Developing apparatus having pushing unit and image forming apparatus having the same
1832015002370201/22/15Image forming color registration correction
1842015002395801/22/15Fusion polypeptide inhibiting vegf-c, vegf-d and/or angiopoietin-2, and use thereof
1852015002423601/22/15Soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure, and high-frequency device component, antenna module, and magnetoresistive device including the soft magnetic exchange-coupled composite structure
1862015002423801/22/15Hard magnetic exchange-coupled composite structures and perpendicular magnetic recording media including the same
1872015002444401/22/15Yeast cell with inactivated nadh dehydrogenase and producing lactate using the yeast cell
1882015002444701/22/15Butyraldehyde dehydrogenase mutant, polynucleotide encoding the mutant, vector and microorganism having the polynucleotide, and producing 1,4-butanediol using the same
1892015002454501/22/15Stacked package structure and manufacturing a package-on-package device
1902015002455101/22/15Semiconductor chip bonding apparatus and forming semiconductor device using the same
1912015002457401/22/15Temporary bonding adhesive compositions and methods of manufacturing a semiconductor device using the same
1922015002469001/22/15Apparatus and controlling built-in microphone of portable terminal
1932015002469101/22/15Three-dimension (3d) glasses and controlling power and pairing thereof
1942015002476201/22/15Base station control device, controlling base stations, and computer-readable recording medium
1952015002478001/22/15Mobile terminal and controlling place recognition
1962015002481001/22/15Mobile terminal having antenna
1972015002481101/22/15Fiber-reinforced plastic material and electronic device including the same
1982015002520001/22/15Composition, polymer film, and display device
1992015002532601/22/15Accessories for remote monitoring
2002015002538301/22/15Ultrasonic imaging apparatus and control method thereof
2012015002588201/22/15Method for operating conversation service based on messenger, user interface and electronic device using the same
2022015002588301/22/15Method and recognizing voice in portable device
2032015002589001/22/15Multi-level speech recognition
2042015002589301/22/15Image processing apparatus and control method thereof
2052015002593001/22/15Method and recommending position of interest
2062015002599801/22/15Apparatus and recommending place
2072015002615001/22/15Using smart push to retrieve search results based on a set period of time and a set keyword when the set keyword falls within top popular search ranking during the set time period
2082015002618501/22/15Content classification method and content reproduction apparatus capable of performing the method
2092015002622901/22/15Method in an electronic device for controlling functions in another electronic device and electronic device thereof
2102015002628001/22/15Apparatus and improved electronic mail
2112015002639401/22/15Memory system and operating the same
2122015002640801/22/15Cache memory system and operating the same
2132015002641501/22/15Adaptive application caching for mobile devices
2142015002644901/22/15Method of managing a solid state drive, associated systems and implementations
2152015002648701/22/15Mobile terminal and determining and displaying power efficiency of an application
2162015002649101/22/15Remotely controllable electronic device and system including the same
2172015002649301/22/15Nonvolatile memory device and device sleep state control method thereof
2182015002651601/22/15Auxiliary power supply and user device including the same
2192015002656901/22/15Method for editing object and electronic device thereof
2202015002657101/22/15Display providing a user interface
2212015002658001/22/15Method and device for communication
2222015002659301/22/15Apparatus and transmitting/receiving message in mobile communication terminal with touch screen
2232015002659801/22/15Method for operating application and electronic device thereof
2242015002659901/22/15Portable terminal and controlling external apparatus thereof
2252015002661001/22/15Apparatus and remotely controlling peripheral devices in mobile communication terminal
2262015002661501/22/15Method and configuring home screen of device
2272015002663801/22/15Apparatus and controlling external input device, and computer-readable recording medium
2282015002672401/22/15Broadcasting receiver, controlling broadcasting receiver, controlling information providing apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium
2292015002672601/22/15User terminal apparatus, display apparatus, user interface providing method and controlling method thereof
2302015002677201/22/15Media based authentication and authorization for secure services
2312015002682401/22/15Device and providing user activity information in portable terminal
2322015001491401/15/15Auto document feeder, scanner including the same, and controlling auto document feeding
2332015001549901/15/15Input device for electronic device and input method using the same
2342015001796301/15/15Method, electronic device, and computer readable recording medium for providing location based services
2352015001919601/15/15Arithmetic unit including asip and designing same
2362015001307701/15/15Washing machine with balancer and control method thereof
2382015001337401/15/15Ice making unit and refrigerator having the same
2392015001339701/15/15Washing machine
2402015001404901/15/15Shielding apparatus
2412015001405101/15/15Electronic device
2422015001442201/15/15Code for reading information of an object and object having the same
2432015001463001/15/15Tunneling devices and methods of manufacturing the same
2442015001483701/15/15Image forming apparatus, chip, and chip package
2452015001486001/15/15Semiconductor chip connecting semiconductor package
2462015001491401/15/15Auto document feeder, scanner including the same, and controlling auto document feeding
2472015001526001/15/15Cooling system and superconducting magnet apparatus employing the same
2482015001538001/15/15Portable device, display apparatus, display system, and controlling power of display apparatus thereof
2492015001540901/15/15Electronic device for reminding of task and controlling method thereof

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