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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016014749905/26/16  new patent  Method of exchanging information with external device and electronic device for the same
22016014353205/26/16  new patent  Wearable device and controlling the same
32016014355405/26/16  new patent  Apparatus for measuring bioelectrical signals
42016014355805/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and analyzing body tissue layer in electronic device
52016014360905/26/16  new patent  X-ray apparatus and x-ray detector
62016014362405/26/16  new patent  Probe, ultrasound imaging apparatus and controlling the ultrasound imaging apparatus
72016014380005/26/16  new patent  Assisting torque setting method and apparatus
82016014402705/26/16  new patent  Combination therapy using c-met inhibitor and igf-1r inhibitor
92016014402805/26/16  new patent  Combination therapy using dual inhibitor of c-met and egfr and igf-1r inhibitor
102016014423605/26/16  new patent  Exercise information providing method and electronic device supporting the same
112016014439205/26/16  new patent  Apparatus for organic layer deposition
122016014499505/26/16  new patent  Corrugated packaging box
132016014568605/26/16  new patent  Biomarker for senescence and use thereof
142016014578905/26/16  new patent  Balancer and washing machine including the same
152016014650205/26/16  new patent  Air conditioning equipment
162016014652805/26/16  new patent  Refrigerator
172016014672705/26/16  new patent  Methods and systems of computational analysis for predicting characteristics of compound
182016014693505/26/16  new patent  Method and detecting that a device is immersed in a liquid
192016014695105/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and photon counting detection, and radiographic imaging apparatus
202016014695205/26/16  new patent  Photon counting apparatus and method, and radiographic imaging apparatus comprising the same
212016014700305/26/16  new patent  Backlight unit for holographic display apparatus and holographic display apparatus including the same
222016014720705/26/16  new patent  Home appliance, mobile device and home appliance control system
232016014726305/26/16  new patent  Foldable electronic device
242016014726505/26/16  new patent  Portable terminal having display buttons and inputting functions using display buttons
252016014727705/26/16  new patent  Processor and semiconductor device including the same
262016014727805/26/16  new patent  User terminal and controlling display apparatus
272016014728405/26/16  new patent  Method and controlling display of electronic device
282016014729205/26/16  new patent  Power control reducing power consumption
292016014729305/26/16  new patent  Device and controlling a plurality of input/output devices
302016014729405/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and recognizing motion in spatial interaction
312016014729605/26/16  new patent  Method for controlling image display and apparatus supporting same
322016014736705/26/16  new patent  Touch panel measuring biosignals and measuring biosignals by using the same
332016014737605/26/16  new patent  Method and recognizing touch gesture
342016014738405/26/16  new patent  Electronic device and controlling object in electronic device
352016014738605/26/16  new patent  Image scanning controlling the same
362016014738705/26/16  new patent  Method and displaying summarized data
372016014738805/26/16  new patent  Electronic device for executing a plurality of applications and controlling the electronic device
382016014739005/26/16  new patent  Image display apparatus, image display method, and non-transitory computer readable recording medium
392016014740105/26/16  new patent  Electronic apparatus and a displaying a screen of the electronic apparatus
402016014740605/26/16  new patent  Method for providing graphical user interface and electronic device for supporting the same
412016014741005/26/16  new patent  Computing providing three-dimensional (3d) interaction
422016014742905/26/16  new patent  Device for resizing window, and controlling the device to resize window
432016014743405/26/16  new patent  Device and providing handwritten content in the same
442016014744605/26/16  new patent  Solid state drive (ssd) memory cache occupancy prediction
452016014745805/26/16  new patent  Computing system with heterogeneous storage and operation thereof
462016014749605/26/16  new patent  Display apparatus and display method
472016014749805/26/16  new patent  Method for displaying image and electronic device thereof
482016014751505/26/16  new patent  Method and processing data using calculators having different degrees of accuracy
492016014757305/26/16  new patent  Computing system with heterogeneous storage and process mechanism and operation thereof
502016014758705/26/16  new patent  Method of analyzing a fault of an electronic system
512016014762305/26/16  new patent  Rank and page remapping logic in a volatile memory
522016014766705/26/16  new patent  Address translation in memory
532016014767005/26/16  new patent  Page cache device and efficient mapping
542016014767605/26/16  new patent  Peripheral component interconnect (pci) device and system including the pci
552016014771705/26/16  new patent  Method for configuring screen, electronic apparatus, and storage medium
562016014772305/26/16  new patent  Method and device for amending handwritten characters
572016014776805/26/16  new patent  Device and providing media resource
582016014779205/26/16  new patent  Image display
592016014792905/26/16  new patent  Method of resolving multi-patterned color conflicts for multi-row logic cells
602016014793305/26/16  new patent  Method of resolving color conflicts for cell-based designs with multi-pattern lithography
612016014798705/26/16  new patent  Biometrics-based authentication method and apparatus
622016014801105/26/16  new patent  Electronic device for managing use of data from other electronic device and controlling the same
632016014803705/26/16  new patent  Method for registering and authenticating fingerprint and electronic device implementing the same
642016014808005/26/16  new patent  Method and recognizing object, and training recognizer
652016014808705/26/16  new patent  Radio frequency identification devices
662016014811205/26/16  new patent  Multi-qubit coupling structure
672016014823905/26/16  new patent  Electronic apparatus and item information providing method thereof
682016014826005/26/16  new patent  Advertisement providing system and method
692016014826505/26/16  new patent  Method for providing advertisement, electronic apparatus, and server
702016014834905/26/16  new patent  Image processing method and apparatus
712016014836905/26/16  new patent  Method of analyzing growth of two-dimensional material
722016014837505/26/16  new patent  Method and processing medical image
732016014837605/26/16  new patent  Computer aided diagnosis (cad) apparatus and method
742016014841705/26/16  new patent  Electronic device and providing map service
752016014841905/26/16  new patent  Image processing apparatus and method
762016014842005/26/16  new patent  Image processing apparatus and method
772016014842405/26/16  new patent  Graphic processing unit and performing, by graphic processing unit, tile-based graphics pipeline
782016014842505/26/16  new patent  Method and generating personalized 3d face model
792016014842605/26/16  new patent  Rendering method and apparatus
802016014855405/26/16  new patent  Display apparatus and controlling method thereof
812016014861105/26/16  new patent  Voice recognition apparatus and controlling the same
822016014861305/26/16  new patent  Display registration of user command
832016014861505/26/16  new patent  Method and electronic device for voice recognition
842016014865605/26/16  new patent  Address-remapped memory chip, memory module and memory system including the same
852016014868205/26/16  new patent  Memory device reducing test time and computing system including the same
862016014869805/26/16  new patent  Nonvolatile memory and erasing method thereof
872016014875205/26/16  new patent  Nfc antenna and electronic device with the same
882016014880805/26/16  new patent  Method for fabricating semiconductor device
892016014883705/26/16  new patent  Method of treating a porous dielectric layer and a fabricating a semiconductor device using the same
902016014884705/26/16  new patent  Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device
912016014887005/26/16  new patent  Low-k dielectric pore sealant and metal-diffusion barrier formed by doping and forming the same
922016014888105/26/16  new patent  Semiconductor packages
932016014890905/26/16  new patent  Semiconductor packages having through electrodes and methods of fabricating the same
942016014893705/26/16  new patent  Semiconductor device
952016014894405/26/16  new patent  Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
962016014897705/26/16  new patent  Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
972016014900305/26/16  new patent  Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices
982016014905705/26/16  new patent  Semiconductor device
992016014910605/26/16  new patent  Thermoelectric device
1002016014913205/26/16  new patent  Compound for organic photoelectric device and organic photoelectric device image sensor, and electronic device including the same
1012016014914305/26/16  new patent  Organic semiconductor compound, organic thin film including same, and electronic device including the organic thin film
1022016014920205/26/16  new patent  Negative electrode, negative active material, preparing the negative electrode, and lithium battery including the negative electrode
1032016014922205/26/16  new patent  Negative electrode, negative active material, preparing the negative electrode, and lithium battery including the negative electrode
1042016014929005/26/16  new patent  Antenna and electronic device including the same
1052016014929105/26/16  new patent  Antenna and electronic device including the same
1062016014941605/26/16  new patent  Signal receiving and transmitting circuit and electronic device including the same
1072016014941805/26/16  new patent  Electronic device and battery management the same
1082016014945905/26/16  new patent  Hollow brushless motor structure
1092016014958605/26/16  new patent  Delta-sigma modulator having differential output
1102016014965505/26/16  new patent  Methods and calibrating sensors under disruptive conditions
1112016014968505/26/16  new patent  Method and wireless communication
1122016014969405/26/16  new patent  Signal processing apparatus, signal recovery apparatus, signal processing method, and signal recovery method
1132016014973405/26/16  new patent  Apparatus and switching between receivers in communication system
1142016014979805/26/16  new patent  Message transmission system, message transmission server, user terminal apparatus, transmitting message, and receiving message
1152016014983805/26/16  new patent  Method of providing message and user device supporting the same
1162016014990305/26/16  new patent  Method for supporting subscriber's service provider change restriction policy in mobile communications and apparatus therefor
1172016015005005/26/16  new patent  Method for providing content delivery network service and electronic device thereof
1182016015006305/26/16  new patent  Method of sharing contents and electronic device thereof
1192016015015805/26/16  new patent  Photographing controlling thereof
1202016015018105/26/16  new patent  Video call method in packet-switched network and device supporting the same
1212016015021005/26/16  new patent  Method and matching stereo images
1222016015021105/26/16  new patent  Method and calibrating image
1232016015022105/26/16  new patent  Display apparatus
1242016015022305/26/16  new patent  Method of determining calibration parameter for three-dimensional (3d) display device and 3d display device using the method
1252016015022905/26/16  new patent  Codec, system on chip (soc) including the same, and data processing system including the soc
1262016015023805/26/16  new patent  Method and video encoding for adaptive illumination compensation, video decoding for adaptive illumination compensation
1272016015024405/26/16  new patent  Decoder, decoding system including the decoder and operating the decoder
1282016015028905/26/16  new patent  Method of providing advertising services and electronic device adapted to the same
1292016015033805/26/16  new patent  Sound event detecting apparatus and operation method thereof
1302016015034205/26/16  new patent  Image reproducing device and method
1312016015035005/26/16  new patent  Method and pairing a wearable device and a smart device
1322016015035505/26/16  new patent  Method of controlling operation mode and electronic device therefor
1332016015035705/26/16  new patent  Electronic device and transmitting information
1342016015035805/26/16  new patent  Method and device for executing application
1352016015039205/26/16  new patent  Method of transmitting/receiving signal in proximity network and electronic device thereof
1362016015040005/26/16  new patent  Operating communication profile and electronic device supporting the same
1372016015042305/26/16  new patent  Method and efficiently reporting a cqi/csi measurement report
1382016015042905/26/16  new patent  Method for providing wireless lan service and electronic device therefor
1392016015043505/26/16  new patent  Communication method and apparatus using beamforming
1402016015046505/26/16  new patent  Method for transmitting and receiving signals in proximity network and electronic device thereof
1412016015046605/26/16  new patent  Discovery method and an electronic device thereof
1422016015047205/26/16  new patent  User terminal for controlling display device and control method thereof
1432016015048305/26/16  new patent  Communication power operating method and electronic device supporting the same
1442016015053705/26/16  new patent  Method of transmitting proximity service data and electronic device for the same
1452016015054905/26/16  new patent  Method for data scheduling and power control and electronic device thereof
1462016015058205/26/16  new patent  Electronic device for establishing communication by electronic device
1472016015058705/26/16  new patent  Method and performing communication in wireless communication system
1482016015059005/26/16  new patent  Method and system for indicating a multicast session to user equipment (ue) in an idle mode
1492016015059705/26/16  new patent  Cooking controlling the same
1502016013973105/19/16 Electronic device and recognizing input in electronic device
1512016014236305/19/16 Method and electronic device for processing intent
1522016014252805/19/16 Apparatus and automatic call receiving and sending depending on user posture in portable terminal
1532016013565405/19/16 Vacuum cleaner
1542016013565505/19/16 Robot cleaner, terminal apparatus, and controlling the same
1552016013576705/19/16 X-ray photographing apparatus and collimator
1562016013577105/19/16 Mammography apparatus
1572016013577205/19/16 Mammography apparatus
1582016013577305/19/16 Mammography apparatus
1592016013577905/19/16 X-ray apparatus and system
1602016013604605/19/16 Apparatus for injecting liquid into primo-node and primo-vascular system tracing system comprising the same
1612016013618505/19/16 Composition for preventing or treating side effect of steroid in subject comprising acetylsalicylic acid and use thereof
1622016013661205/19/16 Gas-adsorbing material and vacuum insulation material including the same
1632016013788005/19/16 Slurry compounds and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices using the same
1642016013795305/19/16 Cleaning composition after chemical mechanical polishing of organic film and cleaning method using the same
1652016013820905/19/16 Clothes dryer and control method thereof
1662016013884805/19/16 Refrigerator
1672016013891005/19/16 Camera for measuring depth image and measuring depth image
1682016013919805/19/16 Apparatus for testing electronic devices
1692016013932605/19/16 Backlight unit, display device comprising the same and manufacturing the same
1702016013932705/19/16 Backlight unit, display device comprising the same and manufacturing the same
1712016013941105/19/16 Wearable device and outputting virtual image
1722016013944005/19/16 Display apparatus and manufacturing the same
1732016013950005/19/16 Methods of manufacturing pellicles having graphite layers
1742016013950105/19/16 Mask including pellicle, pellicle repairing apparatus, and substrate manufacturing equipment
1752016013963805/19/16 Method and device for controlling temperature
1762016013965905/19/16 Display apparatus and control method thereof
1772016013967105/19/16 Method for providing haptic effect in electronic device, machine-readable storage medium, and electronic device
1782016013968505/19/16 Method for controlling display and electronic device thereof
1792016013968805/19/16 Method for remote-controlling target apparatus using mobile communication terminal and remote control system thereof
1802016013969705/19/16 Method of controlling device and device for performing the method
1812016013971805/19/16 Apparatus and user input
1822016013974205/19/16 Method for managing media contents and the same
1832016013975205/19/16 User terminal apparatus and management home network thereof
1842016013976505/19/16 Method for displaying and an electronic device thereof
1852016013978705/19/16 Method of controlling screen and electronic device for processing same
1862016013979505/19/16 Method and detecting movement of object based on event
1872016013979705/19/16 Display apparatus and contol method thereof
1882016013981405/19/16 Cache memory device and data processing the device
1892016013986605/19/16 Apparatus and screen display control in electronic device
1902016013986705/19/16 Apparatus for and detecting layout of multi display apparatus
1912016013986805/19/16 Method and displaying application data in wireless communication system
1922016014000705/19/16 Storage device and operating the same
1932016014003405/19/16 Devices and methods for linked list array hardware implementation
1942016014004105/19/16 Electronic system with partitioning mechanism and operation thereof
1952016014008705/19/16 Method and electronic device for controlling display
1962016014009505/19/16 Device and managing reference information for provided content
1972016014022105/19/16 Display summarizing of document
1982016014022405/19/16 Content processing device and transmitting segment of variable size, and computer-readable recording medium
1992016014025505/19/16 Method and modeling deformable body by fusing surface particles and internal skeletal structure
2002016014026605/19/16 Method and apparatus to model objects including particles
2012016014035005/19/16 Method of securing image data and electronic device adapted to the same
2022016014038305/19/16 Method and extracting facial feature, and facial recognition
2032016014041705/19/16 Method and image processing
2042016014068805/19/16 Texture processing method and unit
2052016014072605/19/16 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and magnetic resonance image processing method
2062016014073105/19/16 Motion analysis method and apparatus
2072016014088705/19/16 Wearable electronic device
2082016014089305/19/16 Method for displaying content and electronic device therefor
2092016014090605/19/16 Computing device and image processing method thereof
2102016014091105/19/16 Method of controlling mirror display and electronic device for the same
2112016014095305/19/16 Speech synthesis apparatus and control method thereof
2122016014096005/19/16 Voice recognition system, server, display apparatus and control methods thereof
2132016014099705/19/16 Method and system for generating multimedia clip
2142016014101505/19/16 Memory device including power-up control circuit, and memory system having the same
2152016014103605/19/16 Nonvolatile memory and related reprogramming method
2162016014106705/19/16 Electrically conductive thin films
2172016014118205/19/16 Slurry compositions and methods of fabricating semiconductor devices using the same
2182016014124305/19/16 Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
2192016014124905/19/16 Semiconductor devices
2202016014128205/19/16 Method of fabricating multi-substrate semiconductor devices
2212016014136705/19/16 Semiconductor devices including channel dopant layer
2222016014138105/19/16 Semiconductor devices and methods for fabricating the same
2232016014138805/19/16 Methods of manufacturing semiconductor devices using masks having varying widths
2242016014139205/19/16 Methods of manufacturing finfet semiconductor devices using sacrificial gate patterns and selective oxidization of a fin
2252016014141705/19/16 Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
2262016014145705/19/16 Light-emitting device
2272016014152605/19/16 Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
2282016014160705/19/16 Cathode active material, secondary battery comprising the same, and manufacturing the positive active material
2292016014169905/19/16 Redox flow battery
2302016014173005/19/16 Method of controlling different kinds of battery cells and electronic device for same
2312016014174605/19/16 Electronic device including antenna
2322016014180905/19/16 Electrical connector and electronic device including the same
2332016014189305/19/16 Electronic device and battery charge/discharge control method thereof
2342016014208305/19/16 Electronic device
2352016014211005/19/16 Portable terminal having a wireless charger coil and an antenna element on the same plane
2362016014211505/19/16 Method and precoding channel state information reference signal
2372016014211705/19/16 Methods to calculate linear combination pre-coders for mimo wireless communication systems
2382016014219905/19/16 High-speed interface apparatus and deskew method thereof
2392016014221805/19/16 Method and providing service in user equipment of mobile communication system
2402016014240205/19/16 Method and registering a device for use
2412016014240705/19/16 Method and displaying user interface in electronic device
2422016014243705/19/16 Method and system for preventing injection-type attacks in a web based operating system
2432016014246705/19/16 Communication method, electronic device and storage medium
2442016014249005/19/16 Content synchronization apparatus and method
2452016014250505/19/16 Method and processing message
2462016014252105/19/16 Method and transmitting signalling in header field
2472016014262905/19/16 Method and image processing
2482016014263005/19/16 Image sensor, manufacturing the same, and image processing device having the image sensor
2492016014264905/19/16 Method of arranging image filters, computer-readable storage medium on which method is stored, and electronic apparatus

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