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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Method and  entropy coding video and  entropy decoding video

Samsung Electronics

Method and entropy coding video and entropy decoding video

Method for sharing file and electronic device thereof

Samsung Electronics

Method for sharing file and electronic device thereof

X-ray imaging apparatus and  controlling the same

Samsung Electronics

X-ray imaging apparatus and controlling the same

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015013906705/21/15Method and transmitting multimedia broadcast data in wireless communication system
22015013773305/21/15Electronic apparatus and charging the same
42015013578005/21/15Washing machine
52015013583905/21/15Photoacoustic probe module and photoacoustic imaging apparatus having the same
62015013668805/21/15Membrane, water treatment membrane, water treatment device, and manufacturing the membrane
72015013695305/21/15Apparatus for controlling pixel output level and image sensor having the same
82015013707405/21/15Graphene device including separated junction contacts and manufacturing the same
92015013707505/21/15Inverter including two-dimensional material, manufacturing the same and logic device including inverter
102015013716805/21/15Wavelength-converting light emitting diode (led) chip and led device equipped with chip
112015013725105/21/15Semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
122015013726105/21/15Semiconductor device
132015013726205/21/15Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
142015013728505/21/15Capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer and fabricating the same
152015013732005/21/15Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
162015013732505/21/15Semiconductor device having metal patterns and piezoelectric patterns
172015013734505/21/15Semiconductor package having heat spreader
182015013738905/21/15Semiconductor package
202015013774905/21/15Wireless charging apparatus and wireless charging method
212015013790605/21/15Matching segment circuit to which radio frequency is applied and radio frequency integrated devices using the matching segment circuit
222015013795905/21/15Display apparatus and setting a universal remote controller
232015013801705/21/15Method and beamforming in wireless communication system
242015013803505/21/15Microstrip patch antenna in cavity-backed structure including via-hole
252015013809405/21/15Electronic apparatus, docking apparatus, controlling method thereof, and computer-readable recording medium
262015013811605/21/15Method of displaying image based on pressure change, image processing apparatus, radiation imaging apparatus, and magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
272015013811905/21/15Method and providing advertisement using touch pen
282015013812005/21/15Method for reducing power consumption and electronic device thereof
292015013812205/21/15Portable device and controlling screen brightness thereof
302015013812305/21/15Touch pen, providing touch function
312015013814505/21/15Touch screen controller to generate single-ended touch signal, and touch screen system and display apparatus including the same
322015013819205/21/15Method for processing 3d object and electronic device thereof
332015013819705/21/15Method for domain shading, and devices operating the same
342015013820005/21/15Display devices and image creating methods for layered display technologies
352015013820205/21/15Method and traversing binary tree in ray tracing system
362015013821005/21/15Method and system for controlling display parameters through multiple pipelines
372015013821205/21/15Display driver ic and operating system including the same
382015013821405/21/15Display device and controlling the same
392015013822105/21/15Method and controlling camera for color calibration of multi-displays
402015013822405/21/15Head-mounted display device and changing light transmittance of the same
412015013823405/21/15Method for effect display of electronic device, and electronic device thereof
422015013824205/21/15Apparatus and reproducing multi image
432015013829705/21/15Multibeam light source unit, adjusting the same, light scanning unit, and electrophotography type image forming apparatus
442015013831305/21/15Digital photographing apparatus, methods of controlling the same, and computer-readable storage medium to increase success rates in panoramic photography
452015013832505/21/15Camera integrated with light source
462015013832605/21/15Display apparatus and control method thereof
472015013839405/21/15Apparatus and managing image files by displaying backup information
482015013840805/21/15Digital correlated double sampling circuit and image sensor including the same
492015013841205/21/15Image sensors and systems with an improved resolution
502015013841905/21/15Electronic apparatus and controlling the same
512015013842505/21/15Imaging lens system and electronic apparatus employing the same
522015013843105/21/15Photographing lens group and electronic apparatus including the same
532015013844205/21/15Power supply apparatus and display apparatus using the same
542015013855305/21/15Device for detecting surface plasmon and polarization by using topological insulator, manufacturing the device, and detecting surface plasmon and polarization
552015013856405/21/15Non-destructive inspection system for display panel and method, and non-destructive inspection apparatus thereof
562015013862005/21/15Transmissive image modulator using multi-fabry-perot resonant mode and multi-absorption mode
572015013864505/21/15Head-mounted display apparatus
582015013864805/21/15Optical zoom probe
592015013873505/21/15Semiconductor memory device
602015013887005/21/15One-time programmable memory and system-on chip including one-time programmable memory
612015013888405/21/15Memory systems including nonvolatile buffering and methods of operating the same
622015013888905/21/15Method of programming non-volatile memory device and apparatuses for performing the method
632015013889005/21/15Nonvolatile memory devices and driving methods thereof
642015013889305/21/15High voltage switch, nonvolatile memory device comprising same, and related operation
652015013901705/21/15Mdt information-reporting format in a wireless communication system, and time-stamp configuring method and apparatus
662015013902005/21/15Device and controlling drive test in wireless communication system
672015013905305/21/15Method and system for minimizing power consumption of user equipment during cell detection
682015013906405/21/15Method and transmitting multimedia broadcast data in wireless communication system
692015013906505/21/15Method and transmitting multimedia broadcast data in wireless communication system
702015013906605/21/15Method and transmitting multimedia broadcast data in wireless communication system
712015013906805/21/15Method and apparatus of receiving different types of subframes in mobile communication system
722015013907805/21/15Communication supporting method and apparatus using non-access stratum protocol in mobile telecommunication system
732015013912805/21/15Frequency assignment method and transmission apparatus therefor
742015013913005/21/15Uplink demodulation reference signal design for mimo transmission
752015013913305/21/15Method and transmitting and receiving control channels by restricting a set of the control channels in a wireless communication system
762015013914605/21/15Method and transmission and reception of data streams in digital video broadcasting systems
772015013917005/21/15Method and apparatus of activating/deactivating secondary carriers in mobile communication system using carrier aggregation
782015013917105/21/15Method and apparatus of activating/deactivating secondary carriers in mobile communication system using carrier aggregation
792015013919805/21/15Sensor node and gateway mutually communicating in wireless sensor network
802015013922705/21/15Communication method and apparatus
812015013929405/21/15Method and performing superposition coded modulation scheme in a broadcasting or communication system
822015013929705/21/15Method and entropy coding video and entropy decoding video
832015013929805/21/15Method and coding video and method decoding video, accompanied with intra prediction
842015013929905/21/15Method and coding video and decoding video accompanied with arithmetic coding
852015013930105/21/15Method and decoding video according to individual parsing or decoding in data unit level, and encoding video for individual parsing or decoding in data unit level
862015013931205/21/15Method and encoding video by using deblocking filtering, and decoding video by using deblocking filtering
872015013931305/21/15Method and encoding video by using deblocking filtering, and decoding video by using deblocking filtering
882015013931405/21/15Method and coding video and decoding video, using intra prediction
892015013931505/21/15Method and encoding video based on scanning order of hierarchical data units, and decoding video based on scanning order of hierarchical data units
902015013932105/21/15Method and motion vector determination in video encoding or decoding
912015013932705/21/15Method and encoding motion information, and decoding same
922015013932805/21/15Method and lossless encoding and decoding
932015013933005/21/15Method and decoding video according to individual parsing or decoding in data unit level, and encoding video for individual parsing or decoding in data unit level
942015013933205/21/15Method and coding video and decoding video accompanied with arithmetic coding
952015013933305/21/15Method and entropy encoding using hierarchical data unit, and decoding
962015013933405/21/15Method for parallel processing of a video frame based on wave-front approach
972015013933505/21/15Video encoding method using offset adjustments according to pixel classification and apparatus therefor, video decoding method and apparatus therefor
982015013936205/21/15Pulse shaping circuit for improving spectrum efficiency and on-off keying (ook) transmitter including pulse shaping circuit
992015013938205/21/15X-ray imaging apparatus and controlling the same
1002015013939405/21/15X-ray imaging apparatus and controlling the same
1012015013939505/21/15X-ray imaging apparatus and controlling the same
1022015013945205/21/15Electro-acoustic transducer
1032015013949505/21/15Electronic device and processing image thereof
1042015013949605/21/15Method for processing image and electronic device thereof
1052015013951105/21/15Method for identifying fingerprint and electronic device thereof
1062015013952605/21/15Image reconstruction unit, x-ray imaging apparatus, and reconstructing image
1072015013954505/21/15Method and system to detect objects in multimedia using non-textural information within segmented region
1082015013956105/21/15Method and encoding images and decoding images
1092015013956205/21/15Method and encoding images and decoding images
1102015013956305/21/15Method and encoding and decoding image by using large transform unit
1112015013956505/21/15Filtering removing block artifacts and/or ringing noise and apparatus therefor
1122015013960905/21/15Method and system for enhancing user experience during an ongoing content viewing activity
1132015013966005/21/15Method of visible light communication using illuminance sensor and mobile communication terminal for the same
1142015013969005/21/15Developing device and electrophotographic image forming apparatus having the same
1152015014001405/21/15Method of combination therapy using an anti-c-met antibody
1162015014034705/21/15Composition for forming film of metal object, film formed using the same, and forming film
1172015014045005/21/15Electrolyte solution, preparing the same, and magnesium battery including the electrolyte solution
1182015014045205/21/15Metal-air battery having folded structure and manufacturing the same
1192015014062505/21/15Genetically engineered yeast cell capable of producing lactate, producing the same, and producing lactate by using the cell
1202015014062605/21/15Genetically engineered yeast cell producing lactate including acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, producing yeast cell, and producing lactate using the same
1212015014068405/21/15Target affinity material including biodegradable polymer and use thereof
1222015014070705/21/15Semiconductor light emitting device and manufacturing method thereof
1232015014074705/21/15Semiconductor device including transistor and manufacturing the same
1242015014074905/21/15Semiconductor device having reduced-damage active region and manufacturing the same
1252015014075705/21/15Methods of forming semiconductor devices including an embedded stressor, and related apparatuses
1262015014075905/21/15Integrated circuit devices including finfets and methods of forming the same
1272015014078505/21/15Method of manufacturing semiconductor device
1282015014081005/21/15Method of forming wirings
1292015014082405/21/15Jig, manufacturing method thereof, and flip chip bonding chips of ultrasound probe using jig
1302015014090005/21/15Cmp apparatus
1312015014098805/21/15Method of processing event and electronic device thereof
1322015014099005/21/15Method and controlling home devices on group basis in a home network system
1332015014101105/21/15Method and device for preventing mobile-terminated call drop
1342015014101205/21/15Method and system for operating multi-subscriber identity module (sim) mobile device in wireless communication networks
1352015014102805/21/15Method and measuring inter-frequency neighboring cell and user equipment thereof
1362015014105805/21/15Method and apparatus to transmit and receive data based on location
1372015014106505/21/15Method and transmitting and receiving an integrated message using portable device
1382015014179505/21/15Breast scanning apparatus using photoacoustic ultrasonic wave
1392015014181405/21/15Apparatus and processing a medical image of a body lumen
1402015014182305/21/15Method of providing copy image and ultrasound apparatus therefor
1412015014188605/21/15Muscular strength assisting apparatuses and methods of controlling the same
1422015014188905/21/15Joint protection apparatus and control method thereof
1432015014216905/21/15Cleaning robot and controlling the same
1442015014231205/21/15Method and estimating moving direction of user and computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon the method
1452015014241605/21/15Method of recognizing situation requiring translation and performing translation function, and electronic device implementing the same
1462015014244105/21/15Display apparatus and control method thereof
1472015014245205/21/15Method and concealing frame error and audio decoding
1482015014279705/21/15Electronic device and providing messenger service in the electronic device
1492015014283505/21/15Method and system for providing recommendations and performing actions based on social updates in social networks
1502015014291705/21/15Server, user terminal apparatus, and providing streaming data service
1512015014292405/21/15Method for providing contents and electronic device using the same
1522015014297505/21/15Display apparatus and control method thereof
1532015014303505/21/15User device having a host flash translation layer (ftl), a transferring an erase count thereof, a transferring reprogram information thereof, and a transferring a page offset of an open block thereof
1542015014304805/21/15Multi-cpu system and computing system having the same
1552015014307005/21/15Nonvolatile storage and operating methods of computing devices including the nonvolatile storage
1562015014308105/21/15Processor capable of supporting multimode and multimode supporting method thereof
1572015014316505/21/15Memory systems and methods of managing failed memory cells of semiconductor memories
1582015014325005/21/15Display apparatus, remote control apparatus, and providing user interface using the same
1592015014327705/21/15Method for changing an input mode in an electronic device
1602015014329505/21/15Method, apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for displaying and executing functions of portable device
1612015014331205/21/15Method of designing patterns of semiconductor devices
1622015014335705/21/15Method of managing external devices, operating external device, host device, management server, and external device
1632015014337805/21/15Multi-thread processing sequentially processing threads
1642015014338305/21/15Apparatus and job scheduling method thereof
1652015014340205/21/15Method for sharing broadcast channel information and electronic device thereof
1662015014340605/21/15Broadcast receiving displaying notification message using the same
1672015014346305/21/15Method and system for selective protection of data exchanged between user equipment and network
1682015014347305/21/15Electronic device and updating authentication information in the electronic device
1692015014353005/21/15Method for sharing file and electronic device thereof
1702015013171305/14/15Video coding using high-speed edge detection, and related video decoding
1712015013499505/14/15System-on-chip having a symmetric multi-processor and determining a maximum operating clock frequency for the same
1722015012840405/14/15Jig apparatus and fastening method using the same
1732015012865705/14/15Washing machine
1742015012866305/14/15Washing machine
1752015012899905/14/15Dishwasher and controlling method thereof
1762015012900405/14/15Jet unit, jet nozzle and manufacturing method thereof, and dish washing machine having the same
1772015012913205/14/15Showerhead and processing a substrate including the same
1782015012913505/14/15Bonding head and die bonding apparatus having the same
1792015012917905/14/15Indoor unit of ceiling type air-conditioner
1802015012974805/14/15Multiple data rate counter, data converter including the same, and image sensor including the same
1812015012982405/14/15Semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing the same
1822015012983405/14/15Semiconductor light emitting device
1832015012983905/14/15Flexible graphene switching device
1842015012997805/14/15Semiconductor integrated circuit, fabricating the same, and semiconductor package
1852015012999305/14/15Method and system for providing a bulk perpendicular magnetic anisotropy free layer in a perpendicular magnetic junction usable in spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory applications
1862015012999605/14/15Method and system for providing a top pinned layer perpendicular magnetic anisotropy magnetic junction usable in spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory applications
1872015012999705/14/15Dual perpendicular magnetic anisotropy magnetic junction usable in spin transfer torque magnetic random access memory applications
1882015013000505/14/15Image sensor and fabricating the same
1892015013001105/14/15Image sensor packages
1902015013002705/14/15Method of forming carbon-containing thin film and manufacturing semiconductor device by using the method
1912015013008305/14/15Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
1932015013036305/14/15Led driving device, lighting device, and control circuit for led driving device
1942015013036405/14/15Display apparatus and driving backlight thereof
1952015013036505/14/15Lighting system and signal converting device therefor
1962015013046105/14/15Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and operating the same
1972015013051405/14/15Apparatus and compensating for process variation in electronic device
1982015013053305/14/15Power supply device and power supply method using the same
1992015013054205/14/15Device and controlling output amplitude of voltage control oscillator in electronic device
2002015013067005/14/15Antenna device of a mobile terminal
2012015013068505/14/15Displaying information on wearable devices
2022015013070505/14/15Method for determining location of content and an electronic device
2032015013070805/14/15Method for performing sensor function and electronic device thereof
2042015013072705/14/15Display apparatus and controlling a display apparatus
2052015013073705/14/15Method and controlling electronic device using palm touch
2062015013076105/14/15Method and allocating computing resources in touch-based mobile device
2072015013078105/14/15Three-dimensional image display apparatus
2082015013079305/14/15Multi-view image display apparatus and multi-view image display method thereof
2092015013086105/14/15Driving apparatus, display apparatus, light source driving apparatus and driving method thereof
2102015013086705/14/15Apparatus and controlling power
2112015013090205/14/15Distance sensor and image processing system including the same
2122015013090405/14/15Depth sensor and operating the same
2132015013090705/14/15Plenoptic camera device and shading correction the camera device
2142015013098405/14/15Electronic device including an image sensor
2152015013099605/14/15Micro electric liquid device and apparatus including the same
2162015013103105/14/15Compensation film and optical film, and display device
2172015013103205/14/15Compensation film and optical film and display device
2182015013107105/14/15Semiconductor device manufacturing apparatus
2192015013110405/14/15Apparatus and generating tomography image
2202015013110505/14/15Broadband wavelength-swept light source system and apparatus employing the same
2212015013112105/14/15Image forming controlling display of pop-up window
2222015013116105/14/15Variable liquid lens system
2232015013124205/14/15Semiconductor device
2242015013133105/14/15Apparatus and supplying power
2252015013133205/14/15Electronic apparatus and power controlling method thereof
2262015013137105/14/15Magnetic resistance structure, manufacturing the magnetic resistance structure, and electronic device including the magnetic resistance structure
2272015013137705/14/15Method and device for protecting data of flash memory
2282015013139305/14/15Method of repairing a memory device and booting a system including the memory device
2292015013140805/14/15Laser-induced ultrasound generator and manufacturing the same
2302015013145205/14/15Apparatus and allocating resources in wireless communication system
2312015013146905/14/15Method for processing data and an electronic device thereof
2322015013155805/14/15Method and processing state information in communication system
2332015013157905/14/15Transmission of control channel and data channels for coverage enhancements
2342015013158205/14/15System and an uplink control signal in wireless communication systems
2352015013159605/14/15Secondary carrier activation/deactivation mobile communication system supporting carrier aggregation
2362015013159705/14/15Network access method and apparatus
2372015013160205/14/15Apparatus and defining physical channel transmit/receive timings and resource allocation in tdd communication system supporting carrier aggregation
2382015013161105/14/15Methods and channel interleaving in ofdm systems
2392015013161605/14/15Apparatus and searching target cell for handover in wireless communication system
2402015013163505/14/15Method and apparatus of configuring downlink timing and transmitting random access response in mobile communication system using carrier aggregation
2412015013171605/14/15Apparatus and processing image
2422015013171705/14/15Method and encoding video by using deblocking filtering, and decoding video by using deblocking filtering
2432015013171805/14/15Method and encoding video by using deblocking filtering, and decoding video by using deblocking filtering
2442015013172305/14/15Method and encoding video based on scanning order of hierarchical data units, and decoding video based on scanning order of hierarchical data units
2452015013172605/14/15Method and motion vector determination in video encoding or decoding
2462015013174205/14/15Video encoding method using offset adjustments according to pixel classification and apparatus therefor, video decoding method and apparatus therefor
2472015013177605/14/15Radiation detector and computed tomography apparatus using the same
2482015013178205/14/15Medical imaging system and workstation and x-ray detector thereof
2492015013179905/14/15Apparatus and processing multi-channel audio signal using space information

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