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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd A Corporation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Of Suwon si Republic Of Korea
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd And Seoul National University Industry Foundation
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Industry Academic Coorperation Foundation Yonsei University
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100128
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20131212
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100121
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100114
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd_20100107
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd x26 Kwangwoon University Industry


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Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Samsung Electronics Co Ltd patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016017913906/23/16  new patent  Electronic device
22016018213706/23/16  new patent  Channel state information feedback schemes for fd-mimo
32016018324406/23/16  new patent  Transmission of uplink control information in carrier aggregation with a large number of cells
42016017478906/23/16  new patent  Cleaning apparatus
52016017485306/23/16  new patent  Noninvasive blood glucose measurement method and apparatus
62016017487006/23/16  new patent  Apparatus for measuring body weight and measuring body weight by using the same
72016017493906/23/16  new patent  Ultrasonic probe
82016017494506/23/16  new patent  Image processing apparatus, medical image apparatus and image fusion the medical image
92016017571006/23/16  new patent  Electronic apparatus, cloud server, game service providing system and game service providing method thereof
102016017630906/23/16  new patent  Method and estimating state of charge (soc) of battery in electric vehicle
112016017705006/23/16  new patent  Thermoplastic resin composition, molded article made of the thermoplastic resin composition, and preparing the thermoplastic resin composition
122016017714606/23/16  new patent  Adhesive film and display member including the same
132016017714706/23/16  new patent  Adhesive film and display member including the same
142016017734706/23/16  new patent  Yeast cell-producing lactate with reduced activity of rim15 and igo2, producing the yeast cell, and producing lactate by using the yeast cell
152016017796606/23/16  new patent  Centrifugal fan assembly
162016017816306/23/16  new patent  Light source device for calibrating image sensor
172016017821606/23/16  new patent  Oven
182016017843106/23/16  new patent  Light measuring system
192016017845606/23/16  new patent  Method and power management
202016017854106/23/16  new patent  Apparatus for analyzing thin film
212016017881106/23/16  new patent  Varifocal lens
222016017882006/23/16  new patent  Polarizing film and display device including the same
232016017883306/23/16  new patent  Electronic appliance
242016017884706/23/16  new patent  Optical coupler, and optical coupling system and optical system including the same
252016017899006/23/16  new patent  Camera lens assembly
262016017905106/23/16  new patent  Developing cartridge and image forming apparatus employing the same
272016017907006/23/16  new patent  Electronic device for controlling another electronic device and control method thereof
282016017907506/23/16  new patent  Wearable apparatus, management server, management system having the same, and controlling thereof
292016017912906/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and processing signal
302016017927406/23/16  new patent  Touch panel and electronic device having the same
312016017933206/23/16  new patent  Method and providing user interface of portable device
322016017934106/23/16  new patent  Electronic device and controlling a display
332016017942106/23/16  new patent  Storage device and storage system storing data based on reliability of memory area
342016017942206/23/16  new patent  Method of performing garbage collection and raid storage system adopting the same
352016017943006/23/16  new patent  Storage device dynamically allocating program area and program method thereof
362016017944906/23/16  new patent  Method of processing workflow and mobile device for performing the method
372016017949006/23/16  new patent  Compiler
382016017957206/23/16  new patent  Method and selecting preemption technique
392016017972506/23/16  new patent  Input/output method in virtual machine environments
402016017976606/23/16  new patent  Electronic device and displaying webpage using the same
412016017994306/23/16  new patent  Text-based content management method and apparatus of electronic device
422016018011606/23/16  new patent  Security of screen in electronic device
432016018016906/23/16  new patent  Iris recognition device, iris recognition system including the same and operating the iris recognition system
442016018050506/23/16  new patent  Image processing devices for suppressing color fringe, and image sensor modules and electronic devices including the same
452016018051306/23/16  new patent  Method of automatic defect classification
462016018055806/23/16  new patent  Display apparatus and controlling method
472016018080106/23/16  new patent  Method and controlling an electronic device
482016018081206/23/16  new patent  Display device, display system including the same and display method thereof
492016018085506/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and encoding and decoding multi-channel audio signal
502016018089806/23/16  new patent  Memory controller and memory system including the same
512016018092106/23/16  new patent  Semiconductor memory device controlling refresh cycle, memory system, and operating the semiconductor memory device
522016018098306/23/16  new patent  Transparent electrodes and electronic devices including the same
532016018106106/23/16  new patent  Image creating method and imaging system for performing the same
542016018116706/23/16  new patent  Apparatus for forming a thin layer and forming a thin layer on a substrate usnig the same
552016018119806/23/16  new patent  Semiconductor devices having expanded recess for bit line contact
562016018125106/23/16  new patent  Semiconductor device
572016018125806/23/16  new patent  Methods of fabricating semiconductor devices
582016018127406/23/16  new patent  Semiconductor memory device
592016018136606/23/16  new patent  Field effect transistors including fin structures with different doped regions and semiconductor devices including the same
602016018138506/23/16  new patent  Semiconductor devices having buried contact structures and methods of manufacturing the same
612016018148406/23/16  new patent  Oxynitride-based phosphor and white light emitting device including the same
622016018148506/23/16  new patent  Wavelength conversion film and light emitting device package including the same
632016018153006/23/16  new patent  Organometallic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
642016018153506/23/16  new patent  Material for organic light-emitting device and organic light-emitting device including the same
652016018154606/23/16  new patent  Organic light-emitting device
662016018154706/23/16  new patent  Compound for organic photoelectric device and organic photoelectric device image sensor, and electronic device including the same
672016018158506/23/16  new patent  Composite membrane, preparation method thereof, anode structure including the composite membrane, and lithium secondary battery including the anode structure
682016018160006/23/16  new patent  Positive electrode for alkali metal-sulfur battery, alkali metal-sulfur battery including the same, and preparing the positive electrode
692016018165306/23/16  new patent  Flexible electrode assembly and electrochemical device including the same
702016018165806/23/16  new patent  Composite electrolyte and lithium battery including the electrolyte
712016018182706/23/16  new patent  Electronic device and transmitting and receiving wireless power
722016018184006/23/16  new patent  Electronic device capable of performing data communication and charging the same
732016018185606/23/16  new patent  Charging volatage configuring wireless charging and wireless power reception unit
742016018195206/23/16  new patent  Energy generating device, and manufacturing the same
752016018209006/23/16  new patent  Interleaving adaptively determining interleaving depth
762016018216606/23/16  new patent  Method and configuring configuration information at user equipment in a mobile communication system
772016018219806/23/16  new patent  Method and device for performing coordination between radio access points in wireless communication system
782016018221106/23/16  new patent  Method and transmitting control channel in intra-cell carrier aggregation system
792016018248206/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and controlling display in electronic device having processors
802016018257406/23/16  new patent  Method and supporting facility control of terminal
812016018267606/23/16  new patent  Electronic apparatus and user profile estimating method thereof
822016018274806/23/16  new patent  Method for performing job by using widget, and image forming performing the same
832016018275706/23/16  new patent  Method of generating workform by using byod service and mobile device for performing the method
842016018276206/23/16  new patent  Method of establishing connection between mobile device and image forming apparatus, and image forming apparatus and mobile device for performing the method
852016018277006/23/16  new patent  Display apparatus and echo cancellation method thereof
862016018284806/23/16  new patent  Image sensor for reducing channel variation and image processing system including the same
872016018285806/23/16  new patent  Multivision display apparatus
882016018291406/23/16  new patent  Method and coding video, and decoding video accompanied by inter prediction using collocated image
892016018294506/23/16  new patent  Display apparatus and controlling content output of display apparatus
902016018298606/23/16  new patent  Display apparatus
912016018300906/23/16  new patent  Method for controlling function based on battery information and electronic device therefor
922016018304606/23/16  new patent  Portable apparatus and controlling location information of portable apparatus
932016018312306/23/16  new patent  Method and controlling header compression function of terminal in a communication system
942016018312706/23/16  new patent  Methods, systems and devices for supporting local breakout in small cell architecture
952016018313506/23/16  new patent  Scheme for transmitting and receiving information in wireless communication system
962016018314106/23/16  new patent  Environmental configuration for improving wireless communication performance
972016018315406/23/16  new patent  Communication units, integrated circuits and methods therefor
982016018316706/23/16  new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving resource allocation information in a wireless communication system
992016018317206/23/16  new patent  Method and fast scanning for wireless lan ap search having low network load
1002016018317606/23/16  new patent  Service discovery technique in wireless communication network for forming p2p group
1012016018318206/23/16  new patent  Method to select a candidate cell during cell selection
1022016018328606/23/16  new patent  Apparatus and distributed scheduling in wireless communication system
1032016017989906/23/16  new patent  Method of providing content and electronic apparatus performing the method
1042016018057706/23/16  new patent  Method and generating three-dimensional image reproduced in a curved-surface display
1052016018316706/23/16  new patent  Method and transmitting and receiving resource allocation information in a wireless communication system
1062016017128006/16/16 Method of updating biometric feature pattern and electronic device for same
1072016017315206/16/16 Method and apparatus of uplink interference suppression and cancellation for advanced wireless communication systems
1082016016615006/16/16 Image capturing device and sensing protection device
1092016016622206/16/16 X-ray imaging apparatus
1102016016623006/16/16 X ray apparatus and operating the same
1112016016796506/16/16 Processes for synthesizing nanocrystals
1122016016839806/16/16 Structure for optical analysis and ink composition for manufacturing the same
1132016016922706/16/16 Compressor
1142016016968006/16/16 Method and calculating rotation angle of device
1152016016968806/16/16 Method and traffic safety
1162016016993806/16/16 Method of analyzing surface of sample using scanning probe microscope and scanning probe microscope therefor
1172016016995606/16/16 Electronic device and determining abnormality of electronic device connecting unit
1182016017000206/16/16 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image processing method thereof
1192016017000406/16/16 Method for estimating location, and electronic device and server thereof
1202016017012206/16/16 Backlight apparatus and display apparatus having the same
1212016017022206/16/16 Light path adjuster and display device including the same
1222016017023706/16/16 Light modulators and optical apparatuses including the same
1232016017039006/16/16 Method and controlling device using a service rule
1242016017048906/16/16 Electronic device and display method thereof
1252016017058406/16/16 Device and arranging contents displayed on screen
1262016017059706/16/16 Display apparatus and display method
1272016017060706/16/16 Electronic device and executing application by electronic device
1282016017061406/16/16 Method and providing object-related services
1292016017064906/16/16 Unified object interface for memory and storage system
1302016017070806/16/16 Device for controlling sound reproducing device and controlling the device
1312016017070906/16/16 Device and controlling sound output
1322016017071006/16/16 Method and processing voice input
1332016017072606/16/16 Compiler
1342016017079906/16/16 Multiple-thread processing methods and apparatuses
1352016017080706/16/16 Processor and command processing method performed by same
1362016017088206/16/16 Adaptable data caching mechanism for in-memory cluster computing
1372016017091706/16/16 Data processing architecture and data processing method
1382016017095506/16/16 Method, device and recording medium for processing web applications
1392016017099406/16/16 Semantic enrichment of trajectory data
1402016017104306/16/16 Template generation in electronic device
1412016017105806/16/16 Terminal search contents
1422016017115806/16/16 Medical imaging apparatus and method using comparison image
1432016017128506/16/16 Method of detecting object in image and image processing device
1442016017129906/16/16 Apparatus and computer aided diagnosis (cad) based on eye movement
1452016017130106/16/16 Method and tracking target object
1462016017132706/16/16 Apparatus and reproducing handwritten message by using handwriting data
1472016017133306/16/16 User terminal device and controlling the same
1482016017133906/16/16 User terminal device and recognizing object thereof
1492016017134106/16/16 Apparatus and detecting object in image, and computer-aided diagnosis
1502016017134606/16/16 Image recognition method and apparatus, image verification method and apparatus, learning method and apparatus to recognize image, and learning method and apparatus to verify image
1512016017135306/16/16 Method and generating or using interaction activity information
1522016017164106/16/16 Video processing method and video system therefore
1532016017165106/16/16 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and image processing system for performing sub-pixel interpolation
1542016017165206/16/16 Image scaler having adaptive filter
1552016017166306/16/16 Image processing devices for suppressing color fringe, and image sensor modules and electronic devices including the same
1562016017168306/16/16 Apparatus and diagnosis of medical image
1572016017170306/16/16 Camera pose estimation apparatus and method
1582016017170806/16/16 Computer-aided diagnosis apparatus and computer-aided diagnosis method
1592016017170906/16/16 Interactive image segmenting apparatus and method
1602016017172606/16/16 Tomography apparatus and reconstructing tomography image
1612016017175306/16/16 3d rendering method and apparatus
1622016017175406/16/16 Image processing apparatus and method
1632016017187906/16/16 Method and remote control
1642016017193206/16/16 Organic light emitting display device and driving method thereof
1652016017195706/16/16 Image processing apparatus and method
1662016017204606/16/16 Storage devices and methods of operating storage devices
1672016017205306/16/16 Otp memory capable of performing multi-programming and semiconductor memory device including the same
1682016017205706/16/16 Semiconductor memory devices and memory systems including the same
1692016017206006/16/16 Memory device, generating log of command signals/address signals of memory device, and analyzing errors of memory device
1702016017219306/16/16 Controlled manufacturing metal oxide semiconductor and metal oxide semiconductor structure having controlled growth crystallographic plane
1712016017220706/16/16 Pellicle membrane and manufacturing the same
1722016017229106/16/16 Semiconductor package
1732016017235806/16/16 Integrated circuit devices including source/drain extension regions and methods of forming the same
1742016017239406/16/16 Image sensors including non-aligned grid patterns
1752016017241206/16/16 Image sensors including non-aligned grid patterns
1762016017241806/16/16 Method of manufacturing cmos image sensor
1772016017248606/16/16 Semiconductor device
1782016017253206/16/16 Method of manufacturing semiconductor light-emitting device
1792016017253306/16/16 Method for manufacturing semiconductor light emitting device package
1802016017253506/16/16 Gan base light-emitting diode and manufacturing method therefor using mechanical post-processing
1812016017281506/16/16 Frequency shifting optical swept lightsource system and apparatus to which the system is applied
1822016017286906/16/16 Wireless power receiver
1832016017287806/16/16 Method and controlling charging in electronic device
1842016017289406/16/16 Wireless charger and wireless power receiver
1852016017306306/16/16 Analog baseband filtering apparatus of multimode multiband wireless transceiver and control method thereof
1862016017310106/16/16 Reconfigurable logic architecture
1872016017310306/16/16 Space-multiplexing dram-based reconfigurable logic
1882016017313506/16/16 Transmitter and signal processing method thereof
1892016017318506/16/16 User device and operating method therefor
1902016017321206/16/16 Packet detection method based on noise power estimation using orthogonal sequence, transmitter, and receiver
1912016017330606/16/16 Method and estimating channel in wireless communication system
1922016017331806/16/16 Electronic apparatus and controlling group action
1932016017349206/16/16 Authentication method using biometric information and electronic device therefor
1942016017353206/16/16 Electronic device and suggesting response manual in occurrence of denial
1952016017367906/16/16 Electronic device connected to another electronic device and controlling same
1962016017375006/16/16 Image signal processor and mobile computing device including the same
1972016017380006/16/16 Image sensor for performing coupling-free readout, and device having the same
1982016017385106/16/16 Apparatus and adjusting depth
1992016017386306/16/16 Apparatus and predicting eye position
2002016017388106/16/16 Video encoding and decoding method accompanied with filtering, and device thereof
2012016017388606/16/16 Image data compression considering visual characteristic
2022016017388806/16/16 Method for predicting disparity vector based on blocks for inter-layer encoding and decoding video
2032016017389106/16/16 Method and inter-layer encoding and inter-layer decoding video using residual prediction
2042016017389206/16/16 Interlayer video decoding method and apparatus using view synthesis prediction and interlayer video encoding method and apparatus using view synthesis prediction
2052016017390006/16/16 Video encoding method and apparatus therefor using modification vector inducement, video decoding method and apparatus therefor
2062016017390406/16/16 Method for determining motion vector and apparatus therefor
2072016017391006/16/16 Image encoding apparatus and image decoding apparatus and operating the same
2082016017393206/16/16 Method of providing information and display device thereof
2092016017393606/16/16 Method and changing channel of set-top box
2102016017395706/16/16 Method and processing content recording in network
2112016017395806/16/16 Broadcasting receiving apparatus and control method thereof
2122016017397706/16/16 Acoustic input module and electronic device including the same
2132016017400606/16/16 Sound output device, sound output system, and control method thereof
2142016017400706/16/16 Apparatus and providing augmented reality service using sound
2152016017401606/16/16 Apparatus and operating ad-hoc mode in wireless communication network
2162016017402106/16/16 Electronic device for requesting or performing scan through short range communication and operation method thereof
2172016017404306/16/16 Method for deciding location of target device and electronic device thereof
2182016017405706/16/16 Method and re-searching resource of discovery signal for device to device communication in wireless communication system
2192016017407406/16/16 Method for providing personal assistant service and electronic device thereof
2202016017409306/16/16 Method and ue for measuring csi-rs
2212016017413406/16/16 Method and system for providing multiple service discovery in a wireless environment
2222016017420906/16/16 Method and apparatus of allocating resources for terminal in wireless communication system
2232016017427106/16/16 Method for providing communication service and electronic device thereof
2242016017427406/16/16 Auxiliary extending function of electronic device
2252016017427706/16/16 Method of connecting wireless network and electronic device thereof
2262016017428506/16/16 Method for maintaining service continuity in heterogeneous communications system
2272016017429206/16/16 Communication host apparatus capable of connecting with device by using wireless universal serial bus and wireless connection system including host apparatus and device
2282016017439506/16/16 Button device for electronic device
2292016016816206/16/16 Luminescent compound and electroluminescent device exhibiting thermally activated delayed fluorescence
2302016016270506/09/16 Apparatus and managing health data
2312016016454706/09/16 Communication circuit for supporting communication function and electronic device including the same
2322016016513506/09/16 Image photographing apparatus, photographing image and non-transitory recordable medium
2332016015774106/09/16 Retainer for photoelectric sensor and photoelectric pulse wave measuring apparatus including the same
2342016015775206/09/16 Glucose measuring apparatus and method
2352016015777306/09/16 Electronic device for determining sleep state and controlling same
2362016015779906/09/16 Computed tomographic controlling the same
2372016015780606/09/16 X-ray imaging controlling the same
2382016015781106/09/16 X-ray apparatus and system
2392016015781206/09/16 Apparatus and processing medical image
2402016015781806/09/16 Probe, ultrasound imaging apparatus, and control the ultrasound imaging apparatus
2412016015783106/09/16 Apparatus and supporting computer-aided diagnosis
2422016015783206/09/16 Apparatus and computer aided diagnosis (cad), and controlling ultrasonic transmission pattern of probe
2432016015825106/09/16 Composition for preventing or treating muscular atrophy or promoting muscular regeneration in subject comprising sulfonamide compound and use thereof
2442016015864906/09/16 Electronic controlling electronic apparatus thereof
2452016015982206/09/16 Multifunctional supramolecular hybrids encompassing hierarchical self-ordering of metal-organic framework nanoparticles and preparing same
2462016015998906/09/16 Organic/inorganic hybrid compound for fouling resistance, membrane for fouling resistance, and preparing fouling resistant membrane
2472016016006006/09/16 Barrier coating compositions, composites prepared therefrom, and quantum dot polymer composite articles including the same
2482016016037906/09/16 Single crystalline graphene sheet and process of preparing the same
2492016016042206/09/16 Washing machine

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