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Samsung Sds Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Sds Co Ltd. Samsung Sds Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Sds Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Sds Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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11/16/17Method and synchronizing state information of a plurality of terminals
11/09/17Method and executing function on a plurality of items on list
11/09/17Method for providing conference service and apparatus thereof
11/02/17Virtual simulator and building management system including the same
10/26/17Mortise device
10/26/17Collision avoidance method and apparatus using depth sensor
10/26/17Apparatus and managing computing resources in network function virtualization system
10/19/17System and monitoring service
09/21/17Method and generating standard pattern for data signals
05/04/17System and searching location of object
05/04/17System and analyzing personalized characteristics
05/04/17Risk scoring method in logistics system
05/04/17Method for detecting false alarm
05/04/17System and voice recognition
05/04/17Apparatus and encryption
05/04/17Apparatus and encryption
05/04/17Method and controlling network bandwidth
05/04/17Method of reducing noise of video signal
04/27/17Method and big size file blocking for distributed processing
04/27/17Apparatus and automating the installation and configuration of infrastructure
04/27/17Method for synchronizing data deduplication dictionary
04/27/17Drm service provision apparatus and method, and content playback apparatus and method using drm service
04/27/17Apparatus and detecting malicious code
04/27/17System and processing color of three-dimensional object
04/27/17Encrytion apparatus and method
04/20/17Method for managing data using in-memory database and apparatus thereof
04/06/17Method of tracking user's location
03/23/17Apparatus and exchanging encryption key
03/09/17Method for calculating error rate of alarm
03/02/17Method for verifying bad pattern in time series sensing data and apparatus thereof
03/02/17System and transmitting cross-sectional images of three-dimensional object and transmitting executing the same
02/23/17Method and security checking of image for container
02/16/17Apparatus and managing network of drone
02/09/17Method and providing pallet loading guide
02/02/17Method of generating bitmap of three-dimensional model, device and system for performing the same
01/26/17Method and providing documents reflecting user pattern
01/26/17Drone control apparatus and method
01/19/17Method and managing encryption keys for cloud service
12/29/16System and grid-based geo-fencing service
12/08/16Data analysis apparatus and method
12/01/16Informal data-based rule management method and apparatus
12/01/16Method and managing medical metadatabase
12/01/16Method for extending bridge domain of overlay sdn network
12/01/16Method for blocking unauthorized data access and computing device with feature of blocking unauthorized data access
11/24/16Method and providing electronic chart using ontology
11/17/16Apparatus and generating bitmap of 3-dimensional model
11/17/16Method and generating unique identifier for distributed computing environment
11/10/16System and key exchange based on authentication information
10/27/16Building control method using network map and system for same
10/20/16Method and managing data, and data management system using the same
09/08/16Apparatus and modelling three dimensional shape
09/08/16Apparatus and generating bitmap of 3-dimensional model
09/01/16Method and managing performance of database
08/11/16Demand priority determination device and method, recording medium having program therefor recorded thereon, and demand control device and method
07/21/16Method and detecting repetitive pattern in image
07/21/16Priority-based demand control device and method, priority determination device and method, and recording medium having program therefor recorded thereon
05/19/16Apparatus and control of three dimensional printing
05/05/16Three-dimensional printing control apparatus and method
05/05/16Method and error detection of pooling
05/05/16Control map providing method and apparatus
05/05/16Pool test result verification method and apparatus
05/05/16Method for positive frequency data accumulation and filtering genetic variants using the same
05/05/16Apparatus and generating prediction model
05/05/16Apparatus for data analysis and prediction and method thereof
05/05/16Method and device for payment using token
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05/05/16Apparatus and message communication
05/05/16Apparatus and flow control
04/28/16Inner body fixing device of door lock
04/28/16Apparatus for detecting opening and closing of door
04/28/16Data transmitter data communication using the same
04/28/16Method and analyzing patient's constitutional peculiarity
04/28/16Apparatus and transmitting file
04/28/16Method of controlling interference in heterogeneous network
04/21/16Method for synchronizing file
04/21/16Method and setting region of interest
04/21/16Method and creating texture map and creating database
04/21/16Apparatus and detecting abnormal connection
04/21/16Method of controlling packet transmission interval
04/21/16Global server load balancer dynamically controlling time-to-live
04/14/16System and detecting and predicting anomalies based on analysis of time-series data
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04/14/16System and one time password-based authentication
04/07/16Apparatus and detecting internal tandem duplication
03/31/16Database migration method and apparatus
03/31/16Channel connection management method and apparatus
03/24/16Apparatus and calculating reference route of moving object
03/17/16Apparatus and data encryption
03/10/16System and key exchange based on authentication information
03/10/16Video stream providing method and system and relay apparatus
03/03/16Warehouse reorganization method and the computer program thereof
03/03/16Apparatus and early detection of abnormality
03/03/16Method for extending participants of multiparty video conference service
03/03/16Short-range wireless communication node device and alarming on the node device assembling state
02/18/16Apparatus and control of three-dimensional printing
02/18/16Method and ripple rate sensitive and bottleneck aware resource adaptation for real-time streaming workflows
02/11/16Qos-guaranteed video stream method and system, and transmitting server
01/28/16Apparatus and generating key
12/24/15Door-lock apparatus
12/03/15System and managing multi-cloud deployment
12/03/15Apparatus and system monitoring
12/03/15Gen3 pci-express riser
12/03/15File management server, and file management
12/03/15System and processing data
12/03/15System and analyzing biological sample
12/03/15Apparatus and providing supply information in real time
12/03/15Distributed api proxy system and managing traffic in such system
12/03/15Apparatus for setting roaming parameter and the same to set roaming parameter
11/26/15Target tracking device using handover between cameras and method thereof
11/12/15Access management system and method
07/02/15System and encryption and key management in cloud storage
07/02/15Method and establishing secure session between client and server
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07/02/15System and detecting address resolution protocol (arp) spoofing
06/25/15Hypervisor-based server duplication system and method and storage medium storing server duplication computer program
06/25/15Survey system and method using presentation material, and storage medium having plug-in program stored therein for generating the presentation material
06/25/15System and controlling virtual private network access
06/18/15Otp-based authentication system and method
06/04/15Apparatus and controlling transmission power of terminal in wireless environment
05/21/15Apparatus and accessing wireless network
04/30/15Data communications using connectionless-oriented protocol
04/30/15Method and estimating queuing delay
04/30/15Apparatus and changing status of cluster nodes, and recording medium having the program recorded therein
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04/30/15Apparatus and transmitting data
04/30/15System and aligning genome sequence in consideration of accuracy
04/30/15Apparatus and electronic receipt
04/30/15Apparatus and classifying data and system for collecting data
04/30/15Apparatus and active and passive data gathering using stochastic model in control network
04/30/15Apparatus and managing data cluster
04/30/15Multi-tenant saas platform and automated deployment of connector application, and tenant and service provider using virtual machine
04/30/15Apparatus for providing mind map-type online community service
04/30/15Apparatus and changing resource using pattern information, and recording medium using the same
04/30/15System and automatically managing fault events of data center
04/30/15Apparatus and executing update, recording medium using the same, and server and providing update
04/30/15Method and detecting unauthorized access point
04/16/15Biological sample analysis system and method
04/02/15Data preprocessing device and method thereof
03/12/15System and video call
03/12/15Techniques for region-based scanning of different frequency bands for use in a wireless lan
03/12/15Cluster providing service availability in cluster system
03/12/15Techniques for testing applications
03/05/15System and aligning genome sequence
03/05/15Fare payment method and apparatus thereof
03/05/15Digital card-based payment system and method
02/19/15Data processing method used in distributed system
02/12/15Apparatus and providing community service
02/12/15Apparatus and transmitting and receiving messages
02/05/15System and identity-based key management
01/29/15Demand forecast segmentation apparatus and method, adjusting demand forecast and recording medium recording program thereof
12/25/14System and aligning genome sequence considering mismatch
12/25/14System and aligning genome sequence
12/18/14Data clustering apparatus and method
12/18/14Method for verifying bad pattern in time series sensing data and apparatus thereof
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12/11/14Configuring frequency bands to be scanned in a multiple-frequency-band wireless lan
12/04/14Terminal, measuring network state using the same
12/04/14Video search apparatus and method
12/04/14People detection apparatus and method and people counting apparatus and method
12/04/14Method and identifying root cause of defect using composite defect map
12/04/14Method and detecting repetitive pattern in image
12/04/14Yield analysis system and method using sensor data of fabrication equipment
12/04/14Defect cell clustering method and apparatus thereof
12/04/14System and analyzing sensed data
12/04/14Fare collecting apparatus and method using authorization-only transactions
12/04/14System and accelerating mapreduce operation
12/04/14Data analysis apparatus and method
12/04/14System and integrated management of terminal information in ipv6 environment
11/27/14System and searching information
11/20/14System and single-sign-on in virtual desktop infrastructure environment
11/13/14System and aligning genome sequence in consideration of read quality
10/30/14Multipoint communication device and performing switching from multipoint communication to point-to-point communication
10/09/14System and terminal for p2p connection in mobile environment and p2p connection using the same
09/25/14Apparatus for determining type of analog sensor
09/25/14Method for sequence recombination and ngs
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09/25/14Integrated circuit (ic) chip and verifying data thereof
08/21/14System and transmitting and receiving peer-to-peer messages using a media key, and managing the media key
07/31/14System and recombination of genome sequence considering read length
07/24/14Id-based encryption and signature method and terminal
07/17/14Anti-malware system, processing packet in the same, and computing device
07/10/14Method and system for id-based encryption and decryption
07/10/14Anti-malware system, processing data in the same, and computing device
07/03/14System and dynamically expanding virtual cluster and recording medium on which program for executing the method is recorded
05/01/14Apparatus for multi-party video call, server for controlling multi-party video call, and displaying multi-party image
05/01/14Transmitting and receiving side terminals and monitoring network using the same
05/01/14System and aligning genome sequence
05/01/14System and aligning genome sequence considering entire read
05/01/14System and aligning genome sequence considering repeats
05/01/14System and aligning genome sequence
05/01/14System and aligning genome sequence
05/01/14Distributed database managing method and composition node thereof supporting dynamic sharding based on the metadata and data transaction quantity
05/01/14Method for password based authentication and apparatus executing the method
05/01/14Apparatus and retransmitting message in message transmission system
05/01/14Hypervisor-based server duplication system and method and storage medium storing server duplication computer program
05/01/14System and providing data analysis service in cloud environment
Social Network Patent Pack
05/01/14Transit control for data
05/01/14Security through metadata orchestrators
04/17/14Terminal, and monitoring wireless network
04/10/14Apparatus and transmitting data, and recording medium storing program for executing the same in computer
04/03/14Apparatus and converting vo
03/06/14Network backup device and network system
02/06/14System and managing secured belongings
12/26/13System and transmitting and receiving session initiation protocol messages
11/28/13System and assigning server to terminal and efficiently delivering messages to the terminal
11/14/13System and monitoring web service
09/26/13Apparatus for managing network zone having plurality of wireless access points, connecting mobile terminal to wireless access point by the apparatus, and the mobile terminal
09/26/13Wireless terminal and managing network connection using the same
09/12/13System and processing genome sequence in consideration of seed length
08/29/13System and processing reference sequence for analyzing genome sequence
05/30/13Apparatus and transmitting data and determination of transmission rate
05/30/13Apparatus and transmitting data
05/23/13Pattern matching engine, terminal apparatus using the same, and method thereof
05/02/13Apparatus and generating novel sequence in target genome sequence
05/02/13Distributed processing discrete logarithm calculation
05/02/13System and detecting address resolution protocol (arp) spoofing
03/28/13Mobile device management apparatus and method based on security policies and management server for mobile device management
03/28/13Apparatus and providing virtual private network service based on mutual authentication
12/06/12Method and system for confirming location of product within shelf using rfid
12/06/12Method and controlling stream to receive data in parallel
12/06/12Apparatus and controlling data transmission/reception path between server and mobile terminal in heterogeneous network environment
12/06/12Identity-based encryption method and apparatus
12/06/12Method and solving discrete logarithm problem using pre-computation table
12/06/12System and managing ipv6 address and access policy
09/20/12Soc-based device for packet filtering and packet filtering method thereof
09/20/12Soc-based device for packet filtering and packet filtering method thereof
Social Network Patent Pack
08/09/12Method for providing an anti-malware service
06/28/12Data transmission system and method using relay server
06/07/12Wireless network connection controlling method using device impact, application program controlling method, and devices thereof
05/31/12System and setting adaptive handoff parameters
05/31/12Peer-to-peer connection use in multi-network environment
05/31/12Anti-malware scanning system and method thereof
05/24/12Electronic patch device, network system, and operation method in network system
05/17/12Apparatus and selectively decrypting and transmitting drm contents
05/17/12Apparatus and managing digital rights through hooking a kernel native api
05/03/12Method and transmitting data
05/03/12Apparatus and extracting biomarkers
05/03/12User device and recognizing user context
05/03/12Apparatus and ensuring fairness of udp data transmission in ethernet environment
05/03/12Apparatus and generating applications automatically
04/26/12Method for providing genetic information and genetic information server using the same
04/26/12Genetic information management system and method
02/23/12Soc with security function and device and scanning method using the same
02/16/12System-on-chip malicious code detection apparatus and application-specific integrated circuit for a mobile device
02/09/12Smart card, anti-virus system and scanning method using the same
02/09/12System-on-a-chip malicious code detection a mobile device
02/09/12Drag-and-tag authentication
01/26/12Device and providing soc-based anti-malware service, and interface method
12/29/11Client hypervisor-based terminal device and operating method thereof
12/22/11Anti-malware system and operating method thereof
12/22/11Anti-malware device, server, and matching malware patterns
12/22/11Method and periodic context-aware authentication
12/08/11Anti-malware system and operating method thereof
12/01/11System and matching pattern
10/20/11Power interface circuit of contact ic card reader

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