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Samsung Techwin Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Samsung Techwin Co Ltd. Samsung Techwin Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Samsung Techwin Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Samsung Techwin Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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05/12/16Nucleic acid detection by oligonucleotide probes cleaved by both exonuclease and endonuclease
03/03/16Method and device for removing haze in single image
12/24/15High-speed rotating machine
12/24/15Zoom lens system
12/10/15Security camera
12/03/15Graphene, composition for preparing graphene, and preparing graphene using the composition
11/26/15Zoom lens system
11/12/15System and generating facility abnormality prediction model, and computer-readable recording medium storing program for executing the method
11/12/15Image fusing method
10/29/15Graphene synthesizing apparatus
10/29/15Zoom-tracking method performed by imaging apparatus
10/29/15Image capture device having image signal processor
10/22/15Remote weapon system and control method thereof
10/15/15Image processing apparatus and image processing method
10/08/15Camera modeling system
10/08/15Network security system and method thereof
10/01/15Method and reducing noise of image
10/01/15Defogging system and defogging method
10/01/15Surveillance camera
09/24/15Image processing system and method
09/24/15White balance correcting apparatus and white balance correcting method
08/27/15Method and processing message between processors
08/27/15Method and processing image
08/06/15Network management system
08/06/15Carrier tape feeder for chip mounter
07/30/15Compressor system and controlling the same
07/30/15Method and estimating position
07/23/15Wide angle lens system
07/23/15Image stabilizing method and apparatus
07/23/15Method of setting camera profile and apparatus of obtaining image
07/23/15Image recording system
07/16/15Compositions for preparing graphene and methods for preparing graphene using the same
07/16/15Method of sampling feature points, image matching method using the same, and image matching apparatus
07/16/15Surveillance camera and digital video recorder
07/16/15Camera control method, camera, and surveillance system
07/09/15Method of manufacturing deformation-capable graphene sheet, deformation-capable graphene sheet, and device using the same
07/09/15Network camera and network image surveillance system
07/09/15Carrier tape feeding device, chip mounting system, and chip mounting method
07/02/15Apparatus and controlling travel of vehicle
07/02/15Heatmap providing apparatus and method
07/02/15Video wall control system and method
06/25/15Multisystem and booting the same
06/25/15Autofocus adjusting method and apparatus
06/18/15Method and system for removing noise by controlling lens iris
06/11/15Surveillance system and surveillance method
06/11/15Lane detection system and method
06/11/15Method and recognizing information in an image
06/04/15Image matching method using feature point matching
05/28/15Central cooling system and controlling the same
05/28/15Motion detection system and method
05/21/15Apparatus and processing images
05/14/15Image processing apparatus based on open platform and protocol conversion method used for the same
05/14/15Video recording system, and processing image in host system
05/14/15Apparatus and controlling traveling of automatic guided vehicle
05/14/15Method of generating optimum parking path of unmanned driving vehicle, and unmanned driving vehicle adopting the method
05/14/15Control vehicle, and vehicle adopting the method
05/07/15People counting method and apparatus
04/30/15System for search and operating thereof
04/30/15Method for controlling vehicle driving
04/16/15Monitoring method
04/02/15Image monitoring system and surveillance camera
04/02/15Apparatus and loading components
03/26/15Network system and network method
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03/05/15Device and removing distortion
03/05/15Scroll tongue part and rotary machine including the same
02/26/15Image alignment apparatus and image alignment using the same
02/26/15Image fusion system and method
02/26/15Apparatus for receiving and discharging material such as waste vinyl
02/19/15Method and detecting posture of surveillance camera
02/19/15Apparatus and driving vehicle
02/12/15Impeller assembly of fluid rotary machine and manufacturing method thereof
01/29/15Surveillance server, processing data of surveillance server, and surveillance system
01/29/15Method and detecting smoke from image
01/15/15Apparatus and stabilizing image
01/15/15Rotation body of rotary machine and manufacturing the rotation body
01/08/15Heat exchanger and case for the same
01/08/15System and controlling motor
01/08/15White balance shading compensation, and apparatus applied to the same
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01/01/15Solder ball mounter
01/01/15Turbine seal assembly and turbine apparatus comprising the turbine seal assembly
12/25/14Method of controlling network camera
12/25/14Integrated control system and method using surveillance camera for vehicle
12/25/14Vehicle with independently driven multiple axes, and controller which independently drives multiple axles
11/13/14Method and constructing map for mobile robot
11/13/14Apparatus and image processing
11/06/14Apparatus for supporting firearm, firearm assembly, and reducing shock of firing
11/06/14Method of manufacturing lead frame
10/30/14Three-dimensional (3d) building information providing device and method
10/23/14Compressor system and controlling the same
10/16/14Watermark processing device and method, and image capturing apparatus
10/09/14Zoom lens system
10/02/14Cooling device for compressor
10/02/14Authentication system and operating the same
09/25/14Graphene transfer method
09/18/14Method of operating camera, camera, and surveillance system having the same
09/18/14Method and processing image
09/11/14Lead frame, semiconductor package including the lead frame, and manufacturing the lead frame
09/04/14Method of obtaining graphene
08/28/14Method and detecting abnormal movement
08/21/14Method of processing data, and photographing apparatus using the method
08/07/14Image fusion method and apparatus using multi-spectral filter array sensor
08/07/14Focusing photographing apparatus and photographing apparatus adopting the focusing method
08/07/14Compression system
07/17/14Image monitoring system and operating the same
07/17/14Panoramic scan radar and panoramic laser scanning method
07/17/14Zoom lens system
06/26/14Apparatus and processing image
06/19/14Apparatus and fusing images
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06/19/14Apparatus and color restoration
06/05/14Method and counting number of person using plurality of cameras
06/05/14Image processing apparatus and method
06/05/14Apparatus, method, and program for processing image
06/05/14Apparatus and calculating flicker-evaluation value
06/05/14Impeller with sealing portion
05/29/14Laser sensor assembly and control the same
05/29/14Gas seal assembly
05/29/14Media reproducing apparatus and method
05/08/14Resolver and manufacturing the same
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05/01/14Apparatus and planning path of robot, and the recording media storing the program for performing the method
04/17/14Surveillance system control method and surveillance system adopting the method
04/10/14Apparatus and providing digital drawing
03/27/14Compressing system
03/27/14Modified rnase h and detection of nucleic acid amplification
03/20/14Monitoring apparatus and system using 3d information of images and monitoring method using the same
03/20/14Method of detecting camera tempering and system thereof
03/06/14Apparatus and determining defect pixel
03/06/14Adaptive image processing apparatus and method based in image pyramid
02/27/14Indoor surveillance system and indoor surveillance method
02/27/14Apparatus and extracting object
02/20/14Robot driving the same
02/06/14Method of manufacturing rotor such as impeller or turbine wheel
02/06/14Zoom lens system and photographing apparatus including the same
02/06/14Method of manufacturing graphene film, manufacturing graphene film, and graphene film manufactured by using manufacturing graphene film
01/30/14Gas turbine apparatus
01/23/14Apparatus and tracking object
01/23/14Apparatus for manufacturing graphene film and manufacturing graphene film
01/16/14Method and manufacturing graphene
12/26/13Dielectric fluids comprising estolide compounds and methods of making and using the same
12/26/13Method and system for detecting motion capable of removing shadow by heat
12/12/13Camera system with multi-spectral filter array and image processing method thereof
12/05/13Apparatus and extracting target, and recording medium storing program for performing the method
11/28/13Printed circuit board and manufacturing the same
11/28/13Camera having reconfigurable logic blocks in integrated circuit embedded thereon and system having the camera
11/14/13Nucleic acid detection by oligonucleotide probes cleaved by both exonuclease and endonuclease
11/07/13Time synchronization apparatus and method
11/07/13Method and system for detecting matrix-based motion including frequency transform and filtering
10/24/13Method and system for compensating for image blur by moving image sensor
10/17/13Rotation assembly and surveillance apparatus including the rotation assembly
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10/17/13Impeller and manufacturing the same
10/17/13Method to determine and correct baseline and to characterize pcr amplification kinetics
10/17/13Method of producing substitute natural gas
10/10/13Apparatus and inspecting graphene board
10/03/13Apparatus and reconstructing high density three-dimensional image
10/03/13Communication system and transmitting and receiving data in communication system
09/26/13Side light apparatus of chip mounter and light apparatus using the side light apparatus
09/26/13Method of controlling compressor system for preventing surge occurrence and compressor system using the same
09/19/13Method and reducing noise of video
09/19/13Image processing method
09/12/13Method and transferring graphene
09/12/13Event detection system and method using image analysis
09/12/13Method and system for analyzing multi-channel images
08/22/13Surveillance camera
08/15/13Microarray with enhanced specificity
08/15/13Vehicle with independently driven multiple axes, and controller which independently drives multiple axles
08/08/13Method of preventing epoxy bleed out of lead frame and lead frame manufactured by using the same
08/01/13Method of forming solder resist layer and printed circuit board comprising solder resist layer
07/11/13Reference image setting apparatus and method, and image stabilizing apparatus including the same
07/11/13Characterizing point checking region setting apparatus and method, and image stabilizing apparatus including the same
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07/11/13Image adjusting apparatus and method, and image stabilizing apparatus including the same
07/11/13Enhanced amplification of target nucleic acid
07/04/13Method of system for image stabilization through image processing, and zoom camera including image stabilization function
07/04/13Method of forming via hole in circuit board
06/27/13Apparatus and manufacturing double-sided mounting substrate
06/27/13Adsorption head for surface mounting device
06/27/13Method of manufacturing multi-layer circuit board and multi-layer circuit board manufactured by using the method
06/20/13Ethernet-based image transmitting/receiving system
06/13/13Method of correcting sensor, controlling motor and motor control system
06/13/13Lens inspecting object and machine vision system including the same
06/06/13Zoom lens system and photographing apparatus
06/06/13Turbine impeller comprising blade with squealer tip
05/30/13Method of post treating graphene and manufacturing graphene using the same
05/23/13Stirring apparatus
05/23/13Communication control rfid reader
05/23/13Zoom illuminating system and imaging apparatus employing the same
05/23/13Apparatus and detecting object using ptz camera
05/16/13Infrared optical lens system
05/16/13Graphene manufacturing apparatus and method
05/09/13Diffuser block and diffuser comprising said diffuser blocks combined with one another
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05/02/13Method for manufacturing circuit board provided with metal posts and circuit board manufactured by the method
04/18/13Surveillance system and method
04/18/13Radar sensor and detecting object using the same
04/18/13Apparatus and storing and searching for image
03/28/13Joining structure of rotation part of rotary machine and joining rotation part of rotary machine
03/21/13Method of manufacturing printed circuit board having vias and fine circuit and printed circuit board manufactured using the same
03/21/13Control system for rotating shaft
03/21/13Control system for rotating shaft
03/14/13Fixed focus lens system
03/07/13Method and driving alternating-current motor
02/21/13Tray feeder and part providing method using the same
02/14/13Device and removing chromatic aberration in image
01/03/13Power generation system and power generation method
12/20/12Touch panel and manufacturing the same
12/20/12Method for stitching image in digital image processing apparatus
12/13/12Fluorescent detector
12/13/12Arm-wheel type vehicle
12/13/12Zoom lens system
12/06/12Component mounting photographing component
12/06/12Apparatus and estimating the number of objects included in an image
12/06/12Assembly for supporting photographing apparatus
11/29/12Circuit board and manufacturing the same
11/29/12Surveillance system
11/22/12Method of manufacturing circuit board and circuit board manufactured by the method
11/15/12Electronic part recognition apparatus and chip mounter having the same
11/08/12Circuit board viaholes and manufacturing the same
11/08/12Apparatus and adjusting hue
11/01/12Rfid tag having enhanced durability
11/01/12Monitoring system for generating 3-dimensional image and measuring distance by using the image
10/18/12Apparatus for extracting biomaterial and extracting biomaterial using the apparatus
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09/27/12Temperature control samples storage
09/27/12Rfid tag antenna
09/27/12Monitoring camera for generating 3-dimensional image and generating 3-dimensional image using the same
09/27/12Multi-linkage and multi-tree structure system and controlling the same
09/20/12Graphene synthesis chamber and synthesizing graphene by using the same
09/13/12Method of manufacturing lead frame for light-emitting device package and light-emitting device package
09/13/12Infrared optical lens system
09/13/12Method of acquiring standard curve in real-time pcr
08/30/12Use of single-stranded binding protein in amplifying target nucleic acid
08/23/12Apparatus and picking up and mounting bare dies
08/16/12Zoom lens system
08/02/12Image sensor module and camera module including the same
07/26/12Method of controlling camera
07/19/12Image surveillance system and detecting whether object is left behind or taken away
07/12/12Lead frame and semiconductor package including the same
07/12/12Zooms lens system and photographing apparatus including the same
07/12/12Housing assembly and surveillance camera apparatus including the same
06/28/12Rotary mounting head unit, and mounting component
06/28/12Apparatus for collecting wireless energy and wireless electronic label employing the apparatus
06/21/12Method and estimating light source
06/21/12Apparatus for receiving and discharging material such as waste vinyl
05/24/12Multi-layered graphene sheet and fabricating the same
05/17/12Device mounting method and apparatus using the method
05/17/12Method and estimating position of moving vehicle such as mobile robot
05/17/12Method for optimizing component mounting sequence with variable pitch heads and component mounting device using the same
05/10/12Fisheye lens sysem and photographing apparatus
05/03/12Network camera and operating storage device thereof
05/03/12Zoom lens and photographing apparatus including the same
05/03/12Data communication system and communication control method thereof

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