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Sandia Corporation
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Sandia Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Sandia Corporation. Sandia Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sandia Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sandia Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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11/02/17Determination of ligninases activities by nano-structure initiator mass spectrometry
10/19/17Optimal control of wave energy converters
10/19/17Monolithically integrated infrared transceiver
10/12/17Direct formation of gold nanoparticles using ultrasound
10/12/17Rechargeable magnesium ion battery with nanoporous-carbon electrode for reversible magnesium ion intercalation
10/05/17Methods to prevent whisker growth in metal coatings
09/28/17Cation-enhanced chemical stability of ion-conducting zirconium-based ceramics
09/21/17Thermal bonding of multi-layer glass capacitors
09/21/17Nanolasers for solid-state lighting
08/31/17Switchable ionic liquids for biomass pretreatment and enzymatic hydrolysis
08/17/17Porous nanoparticle-supported lipid bilayers (protocells) for targeted delivery including transdermal delivery of cargo and methods thereof
08/10/17Switchable antifouling coatings and uses thereof
08/10/17Photon energy conversion by near-zero permittivity nonlinear materials
08/03/17Microfluidic package and making the same
07/27/17Gpu-assisted lossless data compression
07/20/17Organosilicon-based electrolytes for long-life lithium primary batteries
07/06/17Functionalization of diels-alder polyphenylene polymers
07/06/17Poly(phenylene)-based anion exchange polymers and methods thereof
06/29/17Detection of bioagents using a shear horizontal surface acoustic wave biosensor
06/22/17Adaptive neural network management system
06/22/17Network protection system using linkographs
06/22/17Multi-component nanoinks for direct write applications
06/15/17Antibiotic protocells and related pharmaceutical formulations and methods of treatment
06/08/17Method for multi-axis, non-contact mixing of magnetic particle suspensions
06/08/17Fast process flow, on-wafer interconnection and singulation for mepv
05/18/17Multiple environment unmanned vehicle
05/04/17Fluid delivery manifolds and microfluidic systems
05/04/17Computer network defense system
04/27/17Ducted fuel injection with ignition assist
04/27/17Ducted fuel injection
03/23/17High temperature spectrally selective thermal emitter
03/02/17Tool path generator with embedded process control commands for additive manufacturing
03/02/17Object detection and tracking system
03/02/17High quality-factor fano metasurface comprising a single resonator unit cell
02/23/17Shear horizontal surface acoustic wave (sh-saw) resonators and arrays thereof
02/23/17Processor-in-memory-and-storage architecture
02/23/17Method and managing access to a memory
02/23/17Single crystal micromechanical resonator and fabrication methods thereof
02/09/17Power management for a computer system
02/02/17Useful halophilic, thermostable and ionic liquids tolerant cellulases
01/05/17Method of making photovoltaic cell
12/15/16Modification of electrical properties of topological insulators
12/15/16Semiconductor nano/microlaser tuning by strain engineering
11/24/16Torroidal mesoporous silica nanoparticles (tmsnps) and related protocells
10/13/16In vivo extraction of interstitial fluid using hollow microneedles
10/13/16Short pulse neutron generator
10/06/16Core and surface modification of mesoporous silica nanoparticles to achieve cell specific targeting in vivo.
09/22/16Silicon force sensor and using the same
09/15/16Extended cavity laser absorption spectroscopy
09/08/16Rectenna that converts infrared radiation to electrical energy
08/11/16Method to synthesize lanthanide fluoride materials from lanthanide fluorinated alkoxides
08/11/16Tunable electrical conductivity in metal-organic framework thin film devices
08/11/16Current limiter circuit system
08/11/16Dynamically reconfigurable photovoltaic system
08/04/16Coatings to enhance wetting, adhesion and strength
08/04/16Method for producing dense lithium lanthanum tantalate lithium-ion conducting ceramics
07/28/16Therapeutic asparaginases
07/28/16Piezoelectric-effect-induced heterogeneous electrochemical reactions
07/21/16Method to synthesize bulk iron nitride
07/21/16Cell-based composite materials with programmed structures and functions
07/21/16Material identification system
07/14/16Linear shaped charge
07/07/16Electrochemical ion separation in molten salts
06/30/16Processing device with self-scrubbing logic
06/23/16Centrifuge with vector-seeking linkage
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06/23/16Hmf production from glucose in ionic liquid media
06/23/16Toxin activity assays, devices, methods and systems therefor
06/16/16Photodetector with interdigitated nanoelectrode grating antenna
06/02/16Mesoporous alum nanoparticles as a universal platform for antigen adsorption, presentation, and delivery
06/02/16Flat optics enabled by dielectric metamaterials
05/12/16Two-fluid hydrodynamic printing
04/28/16Axial flow heat exchanger devices and methods for heat transfer using axial flow devices
04/21/16Porous nanoparticle-supported lipid bilayers (protocells) for targeted delivery and methods of using same
04/21/16Two-path plasmonic interferometer with integrated detector
04/14/16Phase-transition-based thermal conductivity in anti-ferroelectric materials
04/07/16Microneedle arrays for biosensing and drug delivery
04/07/16Ducted fuel injection
03/31/16Delivery platforms for the domestication of algae and plants
03/24/16Monolithically integrated absolute frequency comb laser system
03/24/16White light illuminant comprising quantum dot lasers and phosphors
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03/17/16Proppant compositions and methods of use
03/10/16Thermally stable high performance dielectrics
03/03/16Systems, devices, and methods for agglutination assays using sedimentation
03/03/16Target tracking system
02/11/16Mounting apparatus
02/11/16Polyoxometalate flow battery
02/04/16Programmable ph buffers
02/04/16Synthesis of novel ionic liquids from lignin-derived compounds
01/28/16Low-temperature nanosolders
01/28/16Adjustable kinematic mount
01/28/16Ion beam modification of noble metals for electrical contacts
01/14/16System and the capture and storage of waste
12/31/15Ascertaining class of a vehicle captured in an image
12/17/15Microfluidic devices, systems, and methods for quantifying particles using centrifugal force
12/17/15High-voltage, high-current, solid-state closing switch
12/17/15Variable-pulse-shape pulsed-power accelerator
12/10/15Nickel-titanium-based superelastic high-temperature shape memory alloys
12/03/15Method for carbon dioxide sequestration
12/03/15Precise annealing of focal plane arrays for optical detection
11/26/15Infrared detector device inspection system
11/26/15Pixelated silicon cells or integrated circuits
11/19/15Rapid discovery and screening of enzyme activity using mass spectrometry
11/19/15Densified waste form and forming
11/12/15Protocells and their use for targeted delivery of multicomponent cargos to cancer cells
11/12/15Renewable aromatics from lignocellulosic lignin
11/12/15Elemental analysis using temporal gating of a pulsed neutron generator
11/12/15Approximate circuits for increased reliability
11/05/15Massively parallel diffuse optical tomography
11/05/15Stacked and tiled focal plane array
11/05/15Monolithic ltcc seal frame and lid
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10/29/15Poly(phenylene alkylene)-based ionomers
10/29/15Computation of glint, glare, and solar irradiance distribution
10/01/15Porous nanoparticle-supported lipid bilayers (protocells) for targeted delivery including transdermal delivery of cargo and methods thereof
10/01/15Polyoxometalate active charge-transfer material for mediated redox flow battery
09/24/15Multiple environment unmanned vehicle
09/24/15Method to synthesize metal chalcogenide monolayer nanomaterials
09/24/15Electrochemical ion separation in molten salts
09/24/15Sensor system that uses embedded optical fibers
09/24/15Quantum-size-controlled photoelectrochemical etching of semiconductor nanostructures
09/10/15Systems and methods for locating and imaging proppant in an induced fracture
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09/10/15Systems and methods for locating and imaging proppant in an induced fracture
09/10/15Polyarene mediators for mediated redox flow battery
09/10/15Synthesis of electroactive ionic liquids for flow battery applications
09/03/15Automatic tool alignment in a backscatter x-ray scanning system
08/27/15Solid-state resistor for pulsed power machines
08/06/15Ionic liquid-tolerant cellulase enzymes
08/06/15Multi-layer devices utilizing layer transfer
07/30/15Hydrothermal synthesis of bismuth germanium oxide
07/23/15Mechanical compression-based the reduction of defects in semiconductors
07/23/15A fabricating pixelated silicon device cells
07/16/15Preparation of asymmetric porous materials
07/09/15Bianisotropic metamaterial
07/02/15Electrically conductive proppant and methods for detecting, locating and characterizing the electrically conductive proppant
06/18/15Protocells and their use for targeted delivery of multicomponent cargos to cancer cells
05/28/15Voltage tunability of thermal conductivity in ferroelectric materials
05/28/15Laterally-injected light-emitting diode and laser diode
05/28/15Monolithic ltcc seal frame and lid
05/28/15Method to fabricate functionalized conical nanopores
05/07/15Sugar extraction and ionic liquid recycling using alkaline solutions
05/07/15Devices, systems, and methods for conducting assays with improved sensitivity using sedimentation
04/30/15Photovoltaic power generation system with photovoltaic cells as bypass diodes
04/30/15Flexible packaging for microelectronic devices
04/23/15Methods, systems and computer program products for quantifying relative system adaptability
04/23/15Methods, systems and computer program products for evaluating system performance
04/23/15Methods, systems and computer program products for determining systems re-tasking
03/19/15Selective layer disordering in iii-nitrides with a capping layer
03/12/15Photovoltaic system with micro-concentrator array
03/12/15Sparse sampling and reconstruction for electron and scanning probe microscope imaging
03/05/15Trace detection of analytes using portable raman systems
02/19/15Increasing security in inter-chip communication
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02/12/15Method to fabricate micro and nano diamond devices
02/05/15Graphics processing unit management system for computed tomography
02/05/15Methods, microfluidic devices, and systems for detection of an active enzymatic agent
01/29/15Solid-state lithium battery
01/22/15Apparatus comprising magnetically actuated valves and uses thereof
01/22/15Amplification of biological targets via on-chip culture for biosensing
01/08/15Crlf-2 binding peptides, protocells and viral-like particles useful in the treatment of cancer, including acute lymphoblastic leukemia (all)
12/25/14Methods and cleaning objects in a chamber of an optical instrument by generating reactive ions using photon radiation
11/13/14Image registration via optimization over disjoint image regions
11/06/14Imaging doppler lidar for wind turbine wake profiling
11/06/14Methods and devices for immobilization of single particles in a virtual channel in a hydrodynamic trap
10/30/14Wear-resistant nanocrystalline hard noble metal coating
10/23/14Financial methods for waterflooding injectate design
09/18/14Printed crystalline microelectronic devices
09/18/14Photoelectrochemically driven self-assembly
09/18/14Spreading devices into a 2-d module layout
09/18/14Customized color patterning of photovoltaic cells
09/18/14Solar tracking system
09/18/14Reversible hybridization of large surface area array electronics
09/18/14Method of forming through substrate vias (tsvs) and singulating and releasing die having the tsvs from a mechanical support substrate
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09/18/14Power transfer for mobile electronic devices
09/04/14Athermal channeled spectropolarimeter
08/28/14Redox-active ligand-based transition metal complex flow batteries
08/21/14Producing an electromagnetic isolation cavity by stacking tape layers having conductor-coated edge surfaces facing the cavity
08/21/14High zt bismuth-doped perovskite thermoelectrics
08/21/14Asphaltene based photovoltaic devices
08/07/14Multicolor photonic crystal laser array
06/26/14Microfluidic devices and methods including porous polymer monoliths
04/17/14Transparent contacts for stacked compound photovoltaic cells
04/10/14Novel micropores and methods of making and using thereof
03/27/14Processes for multi-layer devices utilizing layer transfer
03/06/14Thermal management of a propulsion circuit in an electromagnetic munition launcher
03/06/14Dynamically reconfigurable photovoltaic system
02/20/14Separating semiconductor devices from substrate by etching graded composition release layer disposed between semiconductor devices and substrate including forming protuberances that reduce stiction
12/12/13Microchannel gel electrophoretic separation preparing and using
07/18/13Mixed feedstocks processing using an ionic liquid
05/16/13Pelletized molecular sieves and making molecular sieves
03/28/13Method of making nanostructured glass-ceramic waste forms
01/24/13Useful halophilic, thermostable and ionic liquids tolerant cellulases
12/13/12Method of making ceramic articles with multiple distinct regions of distinct density
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11/29/12Preparation of asymmetric porous materials
10/11/12Microfluidic platform for synthetic biology applications
10/04/12Vehicle barrier with access delay
09/06/12Solid state lighting devices and methods with rotary cooling structures
08/25/11Novel thermophilic cellobiohydrolase
03/31/11Novel compositions and methods useful for ionic liquid treatment of biomass
02/24/11Identification of novel subgroups of high-risk pediatric precursor b acute lymphoblastic leukemia, outcome correlations and diagnostic and therapeutic methods related to same
01/21/10Compositions and methods for the manufacture of rare earth metal-ba2cu3o7-delta thin films
12/12/13Microchannel gel electrophoretic separation preparing and using
01/21/10Compositions and methods for the manufacture of rare earth metal-ba2cu3o7-delta thin films

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