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Sap Ag
Sap Ag A German Corporation
Sap Agdietmar hopp allee
Sap Ag_20100107
Sap Ag_20100121
Sap Ag_20131212
Sap Agdietmar hopp Allee 16 Walldorf
Sap Ag_20100128

Sap Ag patents

Recent patent applications related to Sap Ag. Sap Ag is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sap Ag may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sap Ag, we're just tracking patents.

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06/24/10Service accounting composite service
06/24/10Method and system for personalizing a desktop widget
11/12/09Partitioning product features
10/22/09Secure file searching
10/29/09Event resolution
12/31/15Single sheet planning
12/10/15Guided predictive analysis with the use of templates
12/03/15Cached views
11/19/15Context-aware gamification platform
11/19/15Intelligent unmasking in an in-memory database
11/05/15On-demand enrichment of business data
10/15/15Converting data objects from single- to multi-source database environment
10/15/15Modification free extension of web based applications
10/15/15Asynchronous download for application offline support
10/01/15Operational leading indicator (oli) management using in-memory database
10/01/15System and apparel size suggestion based on sales transaction data analysis
09/24/15Simplified hierarchy definition for multidimensional data analysis
09/10/15Automated selection of filter parameters for seismic analysis
09/03/15Automated logging for object-oriented environments
08/27/15Display of passenger information for an airplane flight
08/27/15Mining security vulnerabilities available from social media
08/13/15Interval based fuzzy database search
08/13/15Patient-governed healthcare information database environment
08/13/15Healthcare information database affording dynamic provider interaction
07/23/15Methods, systems, and auto-complete suggestion lists
07/09/15Space constrained ordered list previews
07/02/15Multi-item access of pricing condition tables
06/25/15Transformation of document flow to contributors network
06/25/15Software system template protection
06/25/15System and fuel filling to minimize fuel cost
06/25/15Message-oriented middleware
06/25/15Flexibile event rating
06/18/15Nature inspired user interface
06/18/15Nature inspired interaction paradigm
06/18/15Mobile device data rendering
06/18/15Data access using virtual retrieve transformation nodes
06/18/15System and calculating and visualizing relevance of sales opportunities
06/11/15Common user interface view grouping and sharing framework in online applications
06/11/15Methods, systems, and optimization using statistical estimation
06/11/15Updating database schemas in a zero-downtime environment
05/28/15Method and monitoring an in-memory computer system
05/28/15Encrypted in-memory column-store
05/28/15Average-complexity ideal-security order-preserving encryption
05/07/15Gateway service manager for business object applications
05/07/15Building and transporting centrally modified software systems
05/07/15Dynamic containerization
05/07/15Integrated management of centrally modified software systems
05/07/15Virtual appliance integration with cloud management software
04/30/15User interface for mobile device including dynamic orientation display
04/30/15Time and location based delivery optimization
04/30/15Routing framework for objects
04/30/15Enhanced reporting system
04/30/15Bi-directional channel-based progress indicator
04/30/15Automated procedure for kernel change
04/30/15Push channel based creation of web-based user interface sessions
04/30/15Intelligent real-time optimization
04/30/15Indicating status, due date, and urgency for a listed task by a task tracking control
04/23/15Automated identification and evaluation of business opportunity prospects
04/23/15Automated software tools for improving sales
04/23/15Automated evaluation of transaction plays
04/23/15Predicting levels of influence
04/23/15System for customizing specific database models using specific database views
04/23/15Open user interface
04/23/15User interface push channel
04/23/15Methods, systems, apparatus, and structured language for visualizing data
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04/16/15Automatic flagging of frequently accessed data objects for business application
04/16/15Coarse grained client interface
04/16/15System for business suite and network integration
04/16/15Shared encrypted storage
04/09/15Automatic account information retrieval and display
04/09/15Selective synchronization in a hierarchical folder structure
04/09/15Archival of objects and dynamic search
04/09/15Usage description language
04/09/15Runtime version access infrastructure
04/09/15Risk assessment of changing computer system within a landscape
03/26/15System and dynamic path optimization
03/26/15System and task assignment in workflows
03/26/15Graphic representations of planograms
03/26/15Dynamic determination of pattern type and chart type for visual analytics
03/26/15Table attribute management for replicated data tables
Patent Packs
03/26/15Method and system for managing databases having records with missing values
03/26/15Multiple mode messaging
03/19/15Production resource management
03/19/15Order/vehicle assignment based on order density
03/19/15Personal recommendation scheme
03/19/15Calibration of strategies for fraud detection
03/19/15Provision of search refinement suggestions based on multiple queries
03/19/15Migration event scheduling management
03/19/15Software testing system and method
03/12/15Market data handling based on derivative contract specifications
03/12/15System and automated role re-factoring
03/12/15In memory database warehouse
03/12/15Historical data for in memory data warehouse
03/12/15Cross system analytics for in memory data warehouse
03/12/15Database operations on a columnar table database
03/12/15Advanced data models containing declarative and programmatic constraints
03/12/15Entity-relationship model extensions using annotations
03/12/15Sql enhancements simplifying database querying
03/12/15Core data services extensibility for entity-relationship models
03/12/15Database language extended to accommodate entity-relationship models
03/12/15Sql extended with transient fields for calculation expressions in enhanced data models
03/12/15Local buffers for event handlers
03/12/15Data models containing host language embedded constraints
03/05/15Creation of event types for news mining for enterprise resource planning
03/05/15Measuring user productivity in platform development
03/05/15News mining for enterprise resource planning
03/05/15Collaborative audit management system
03/05/15Table-form presentation of hierarchical data
03/05/15Dimension based dynamic determination of visual analytics
03/05/15Method and system for specifying and enforcing extensibility of software applications
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03/05/15Business-to-consumer extendable base application
02/26/15Map based routing from bill of materials
02/26/15Multi-stage feedback controller for prioritizing tenants for multi-tenant applications
02/19/15Online store entitlements
02/19/15On-demand hash index
02/12/15Nutrient value loss tracking system and method
02/12/15Product content lifecycle and product features
02/12/15Inventory assessment with mobile devices
02/12/15Commodity curves based on derivative contract specifications
02/12/15Integrated temporary labor provisioning and monitoring
Patent Packs
02/12/15Storing metadata in a table-based format from metadata in a serial format
02/12/15Managing and querying spatial point data in column stores
02/12/15Delta store giving row-level versioning semantics to a non-row-level versioning underlying store
02/12/15Archiving business objects
02/12/15Observing evolution of software development artifacts
02/12/15Managing access to secured content
02/05/15Real time allocation engine for merchandise distribution
02/05/15In-memory-database-driven business consolidation system reporting
02/05/15Global dictionary for database management systems
02/05/15Local versus remote optimization in encrypted query processing
02/05/15Enhanced reporting system
02/05/15Mobile application framework extensibiilty
02/05/15Extensible applications using a mobile application framework
02/05/15Collaborative awareness in software development
02/05/15Data component in a mobile application framework
02/05/15Tiles in a mobile application framework
02/05/15Method and system for software delivery service
02/05/15Registering a mobile application with a server
01/29/15Data collection visualization facility
01/29/15Network traffic routing optimization
01/29/15System and report to report generation
01/29/15Canonical data model for iterative effort reduction in business-to-business schema integration
01/29/15Shared data de-duplication method and system
01/29/15Debugging applications in the cloud
01/29/15Smooth navigation between content oriented pages
01/29/15Interactive composite plot for visualizing multi-variable data
01/29/15Methods and systems of spiral navigation
01/29/15Debugging remote software applications across wan connections
01/29/15Security testing for software applications
01/22/15Size-based data synchronization
Patent Packs
01/22/15Data availability during columnar table merges
01/22/15Enterprise collaboration content governance framework
01/15/15Renewable energy forecasting socket
01/15/15Decision basis for benefits program
01/15/15Prioritization of data from in-memory databases
01/15/15Staging engine
01/15/15Optimal re-encryption strategy for joins in encrypted databases
01/15/15Multiple transaction interface framework
01/15/15Automatic management of secure connections
01/08/15Location based applications
01/08/15Language translator module in the middleware tool process integration
01/08/15Unified master report generator
01/08/15Method and system for limiting database access results
01/08/15Forecast monitor to track transport supply in development environments
01/08/15Modular static application security testing
01/01/15Maximizing information gain for continuous events
01/01/15Prioritized message notification for mobile communication devices
01/01/15Mobile trip planner and live route update system
01/01/15Meeting organizer
01/01/15Intelligent task scheduler
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01/01/15System, method, and fraud detection
01/01/15Offline mobile payment process
01/01/15Upgrading and migrating a database
01/01/15Embedding archived data in a data source
01/01/15Auto-search textbox in a content submission system
01/01/15Context aware recommendation
01/01/15Networked solutions integration using a cloud business object broker
01/01/15Switchable business feature with prices and sales integration
01/01/15Feature set negotiation framework
01/01/15Prioritized throttling in a multiusage environment
01/01/15Enterprise data-driven system for predictive resource provisioning in cloud environments
01/01/15Enabling multi-tenant virtual servers in a cloud system
01/01/15Generic exposure of enterprise resource planning data using a cloud-based, on-demand service
01/01/15Thread-based memory management with garbage collection
01/01/15Providing an error log to a mobile device
01/01/15Integrated learning using multiple devices
01/01/15Data model definition display and modification
01/01/15Data displays in a tile-based user interface
01/01/15Visual exploration of mutlidimensional data
01/01/15Type instances
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01/01/15Generating an improved development infrastructure
01/01/15Method and system for incrementally updating a test suite utilizing run-time application executions
01/01/15Injecting patch code at runtime
01/01/15Cloud-enabled, distributed and high-availability system with virtual machine checkpointing
01/01/15Method and system for on-the-fly anonymization on in-memory databases
01/01/15Safe script templating to provide reliable protection against attacks
01/01/15Scoring security risks of web browser extensions
12/25/14Carbon dioxide emissions optimized secure cloud computing
12/25/14Grouping process structures in a solution manager unified directory
12/25/14Market price based raw material procurement
12/25/14Decision making criteria-driven recommendations
12/25/14Automated resolution of database dictionary conflicts
12/25/14Concurrent request handling for database transactions
12/25/14Managing a file-based versioning system
12/25/14System and maintaining a cluster setup
12/25/14Feedback optimized checks for database migration
12/25/14Data item deletion in a database system
12/25/14Test sandbox in production systems during productive use
12/25/14Content management system with chained document discovery
12/25/14Operators for constants in aggregated formulas
12/25/14Determining a support package status
12/25/14Service consumption based on gamification level classification
12/25/14Presenting information on a mobile communication device
12/25/14Multi-touch multi-user interactive control system using mobile devices
12/25/14Software change process orchestration
12/25/14Parallel programming of in memory database utilizing extensible skeletons
12/25/14Business application inspection and modification
12/25/14Task scheduling for highly concurrent analytical and transaction workloads
12/25/14Automated detection and validation of sanitizers
12/18/14Quick response in software applications
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12/18/14Self-learning localization service
12/18/14Removing group-by characteristics in formula exception aggregation
12/18/14Native language support for intra-and interlinked data collections using a mesh framework
12/18/14Integration flow database runtime
12/18/14Method and system for operating on database queries
12/18/14Generating database processes from process models
12/18/14Performing operations on nodes of distributed computer networks
12/18/14Metadata-driven dynamic load balancing in multi-tenant systems
12/18/14Multi-layer data security
12/18/14Automatic protocol selection in mixed-protocol secure computation
12/18/14Temporary highlighting of selected fields
12/18/14Responsive rendering of data sets
12/18/14Graphically managing interactive analytic data
12/11/14Motion-based input electronic device
12/11/14Peer-to-peer network for master purchase agreements
12/11/14System for accelerated price master database lookup
12/11/14Load controller framework
12/11/14Searching for an entity most suited to provide knowledge regarding an object
12/04/14Three-dimensional representation of software usage
12/04/14Tenant selection in quota enforcing request admission mechanisms for shared applications
12/04/14Dynamic intelligent lead identifier
12/04/14Travel mistake and fraud detection
12/04/14Preloading of shared objects
12/04/14Pre-fetching resources by predicting user actions
12/04/14Application level based resource management in multi-tenant applications
12/04/14Data templates for default data in data binding
12/04/14Flip-through presentation of a list
12/04/14Synchronizing real and virtual software development
12/04/14Adaptive contextual graphical representation of development entities

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