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Recent patent applications related to Sap Se. Sap Se is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sap Se may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sap Se, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Database system and operation thereof
12/07/17 new patent  Multi-level storage architecture
12/07/17 new patent  Management of data sources in database system
11/30/17Group browsing and usage of fiori applications
11/30/17Zero downtime maintenance in constrained systems
11/30/17Column store optimization using telescope columns
11/30/17Database integration system
11/30/17Memory optimization using data aging in full text indexes
11/30/17Data item reference for a query definition
11/30/17Integrated container management system
11/30/17Optimized container management system
11/23/17Memory management process using data shift
11/23/17Extendable framework for developing applications
11/23/17Multiprovider paging through a central hub system
11/23/17Real-time system to identify and analyze behavioral patterns to predict churn risk and increase retention
11/23/17Application managed service instances
11/23/17Compatibility framework for cloud and on-premise application integration
11/16/17Physiologically adaptive user interface
11/16/17Source service mapping for collaborative platforms
11/16/17Dynamic button with sub-buttons
11/16/17Dynamic button with visual indication of application action result
11/16/17User interface application and digital assistant
11/16/17Application finder on multi application user interface
11/16/17Object pages in multi application user interface
11/16/17Viewport for multi application user interface
11/16/17Polymorph rendering for collaborative platforms
11/16/17Flexible screen layout across multiple platforms
11/16/17Overview page in multi application user interface
11/16/17Transferring parameters in applications and interfaces across multiple platforms
11/16/17Smart templates for use in multiple platforms
11/16/17Open data protocol services in applications and interfaces across multiple platforms
11/16/17Notifications in multi application user interfaces
11/16/17Personal digital assistant
11/16/17Time slider operator for temporal data aggregation
11/16/17Control systems for draft lifecycle
11/16/17Pattern-based query result enhancement
11/16/17Context-aware workload dispatching
11/16/17Broker-based messaging through sql
11/16/17Normalized object exposure for collaborative platforms
11/16/17Integrated service support tool across multiple applications
11/16/17Online recommendation of public services
11/16/17Dual token based authentication and transport mechanism
11/16/17Clustering websocket communications with configurable master-slave servers
11/16/17Providing an offline mode for applications and interfaces across multiple platforms
11/09/17Fault detection using event-based predictive models
11/09/17Product lifecycle model including software development
11/09/17Rapid identification of object properties in an evolving domain model of an enterprise application on the cloud
11/09/17Enhanced software application ecosystem
11/09/17Context tracing for software logging
11/09/17Simulated deployment of database artifacts
11/09/17Calculation engine optimizations for join operations utilizing automatic detection of forced constraints
11/09/17Storing mid-sized large objects for use with an in-memory database system
11/09/17Prioritized deployment of database artifacts
11/09/17Database workload capture and replay
11/09/17Automatic status detection for an asynchronous processing request
11/09/17Relational conversion of multiprovider operations in a calculation scenario for executing a query
11/09/17Parameter-based deployment control for deployment of database artifacts
11/09/17Exporting and importing database containers
11/09/17Ownership transfer of database artifacts between files
11/09/17Integration of relational calculation views into a relational engine
11/09/17External access to database container artifacts
11/09/17Path determination using robust optimization
11/09/17Self-organizing parallel deployment of database artifacts
11/09/17Connection multiplexing for a parallel processing environment
11/09/17Geo-location based matching of digital profiles
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11/09/17User authentication framework
11/09/17Data access by external users
11/09/17Service token handling
11/02/17Generating applications based on data definition language (ddl) query view and application page template
11/02/17Common data processing definition across multiple data processing nodes
11/02/17Multi-layered row mapping data structure in a database system
11/02/17Index page with latch-free access
11/02/17Processing currency data between an in-memory database and a display
11/02/17End-to-end taint tracking for detection and mitigation of injection vulnerabilities in web applications
10/26/17Metadata synchronization in a distrubuted database
10/26/17Hilbert curve partitioning for parallelization of dbscan
10/19/17Dynamic data access
10/19/17Scalable log partitioning system
10/19/17Mock server and extensions for application testing
10/19/17Concurrent accessing and processing of data during upgrade
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10/19/17Tag based searching in data analytics
10/19/17Field control annotations based on authorization objects
10/19/17Secure and compliant execution of processes
10/19/17Automatic service extensibility
10/12/17Unified architecture for hybrid database storage using fragments
10/12/17Bulk processing of custom object properties
10/12/17Accelerating queries with zone map enhancements
10/12/17Bucket skiplists
10/12/17Querying spatial data in column stores using grid-order scans
10/12/17Aggregating results from named entity recognition services
10/12/17Computer-implemented mobile authentication and corresponding computer system
10/05/17Optimizing abap development as a service
10/05/17Complementary model-driven and textual development using enforced formatting constraints
10/05/17User-configurable database artifacts
10/05/17Access identifiers for graphical user interface elements
10/05/17Table content transport and delivery
10/05/17Deep filter propagation using explicit dependency and equivalency declarations in a data model
10/05/17Optimizing transformation of data
10/05/17Synchronizing data modifications based on time zones
10/05/17System and resource planning with substitutable assets
09/28/17Integrated application server and data server processes with matching data formats
09/28/17Translation of messages using sensor-specific and unified protocols
09/21/17Data information framework
09/21/17Searching contact data based on product data
09/14/17System and long-haul trip planning for commercial vehicles transportation
09/14/17Adaptation of user interfaces based on a frustration index
09/14/17Framework for classifying forms and processing form data
09/14/17Using message-passing with procedural code in a database kernel
09/14/17Master data management for a cloud computing system
09/14/17Component independent process integration message search
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09/14/17Dynamic aggregation of queries
09/14/17System and data integration
09/14/17Data encryption in a multi-tenant cloud environment
09/14/17Framework for hierarchy-based data processing
09/14/17Matrix traversal based on hierarchies
09/14/17Flow extension controller
09/07/17Assessing vulnerability impact using call graphs
08/31/17Method and device for cache management
08/31/17Load back of archived data
08/24/17Generation of hybrid enterprise mobile applications in cloud environment
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08/24/17Dynamic tokens for an expression parser
08/24/17Decision service manager
08/17/17Integrated learning using multiple devices
08/17/17Networked score communications system
08/10/17Non specification supported application deployment descriptors and web application deployment descriptors
08/10/17User interface state transitions
08/10/17Memory-constrained aggregation using intra-operator pipelining
08/10/17Metadata driven user interface layout control for web applications
08/10/17Dynamic hash table size estimation during database aggregation processing
08/10/17Pre-processing of geo-spatial sensor data
08/10/17Analytics enablement for engineering records
08/10/17Layout algorithm for entity relation model diagram
08/03/17System and vehicle fuel consumption optimization
08/03/17Optimizing manufacturing schedule with time-dependent energy cost
08/03/17Recording cpu time for sample of computing thread based on cpu use state of activity associated with the sample
08/03/17Machine maintenance optimization with dynamic maintenance intervals
08/03/17Canonical data model for iterative effort reduction in business-to-business schema integration
08/03/17Resource optimization for production efficiency
08/03/17Fraud inspection framework
08/03/17Framework for generating coupons
07/27/17Calculated relationships in document flow
07/20/17Fast serialization for data transfer
07/20/17Computing optimal fix locations for security vulnerabilities in computer-readable code
07/13/17Contextual task management system
07/13/17Contextual user experience
07/06/17Parking availability system
07/06/17Systems and methods for tracking and modifying actions in an action history
07/06/17Domain agnostic similarity detection
07/06/17Virtual aggregation
07/06/17Framework for joining datasets
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07/06/17Fuzzy substring search
07/06/17Switchable business feature with prices and sales integration
06/29/17Creating dynamic mnemonics
06/29/17User engagement application across user interface applications
06/29/17Dynamic workflow assistant with shared application context
06/29/17Time axis responsiveness in charts
06/29/17Method and system for integrated application notifications
06/29/17Dynamic reconnect of work processes in a zero downtime maintenance procedure
06/29/17Method and system for customizing software
06/29/17Development, delivery, deployment and operation of an application
06/29/17Mnemonic support of users in guided activity floorplans
06/29/17Generic callback handling
06/29/17Processing special requests at dedicated application containers
06/29/17Semantics for document-oriented databases
06/29/17Logless atomic data movement
06/29/17Extensible extract, transform and load (etl) framework
06/29/17Using code similarities for improving auditing and fixing of sast-discovered code vulnerabilities
06/29/17Error detection in recognition data
06/29/17Object registration
06/29/17Data analysis for scheduling optimization with multiple time constraints
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06/29/17Data analysis for predictive scheduling optimization for product production
06/29/17Data analysis for optimizations of scheduling with multiple location variables
06/29/17Generation of actions to correct physical configurations
06/29/17Centralized gaap approach for multidimensional accounting to reduce data volume and data reconciliation processing costs
06/29/17Transition of business-object based application architecture via dynamic feature check
06/22/17Two-step gesture recognition for fine-grain control of wearable applications
06/22/17Direct cube filtering
06/22/17Dynamic highlighting of text in electronic documents
06/22/17Truncated synchronization of data object instances
06/22/17Graphical user interface with virtual extension areas
06/22/17Method and system for clustering icons on a map
06/22/17Method and system for the definition of a model
06/22/17Software development using multi-domain decision management
06/22/17Software development using re-usable software components
06/22/17Updating extension in response to opening associated document
06/22/17Decoupling of archiving and destruction for dependent business objects
06/22/17Encoded data object notation persistence format
06/22/17Significant cleanse change information
06/22/17Computerized software engine to assess physical value using document versioning
06/22/17Dbms-supported score assignment
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06/22/17Modularized data distribution plan generation
06/22/17Global and local temporary database tables
06/22/17Maintaining data integrity during data migration
06/22/17Table replication in a database environment
06/22/17Methods and systems for estimating the number of points in two-dimensional data
06/22/17Controlled reference process extensibility framework
06/22/17Flexible text searching for data objects of object notation
06/22/17Dynamic analysis of entities
06/22/17Smart elastic scaling based on application scenarios
06/22/17Property models on mobile devices
06/22/17Synchronization of offline instances
06/22/17Data synchronization error resolution
06/22/17Synchronization of offline data
06/22/17Usage of modeled validations on mobile devices in online and offline scenarios
06/22/17Distributed database transaction protocol
06/22/17Decentralized transaction commit protocol
06/22/17Updating a partitioning column
06/22/17Systems and methods for smart analytics interface
06/22/17Generation and handling of situation objects
06/22/17Display of relevant information from multiple data sources
06/22/17Semantic layer for processing machine data
06/22/17Software-as-a-service reference process extension verification framework
06/22/17Generation and handling of situation definitions
06/22/17Smart template for predictive analytics
06/22/17Knowledge base in enterprise threat detection
06/22/17Log normalization in enterprise threat detection
06/22/17Data analysis using traceable identification data for forecasting transportation information
06/22/17Data analysis for dispatch scheduling optimization in the presence of time constraints
06/22/17Reducing complexity of determining routes for shipping containers by reducing paths based on user selection
06/22/17Systems and methods for extrapolation of market research data
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06/22/17Leveraging network-based point to point transactions
06/22/17Interactive data visualisation of volume datasets with integrated annotation and collaboration functionality
06/22/17Providing a landscape and statistics service to a mobile communications device
06/22/17Routing messages based on message type of messages
06/22/17Generating wireless application firewall specific validation rule
06/22/17System and user context in enterprise threat detection
06/22/17Efficient identification of log events in enterprise threat detection
06/22/17Computing platform agnostic application server
06/15/17Context-driven, proactive adaptation of user interfaces with rules
06/15/17Floating toolbar
06/15/17Real time data analytics and visualization
06/15/17Generating logic with scripting language in software as a service enterprise resource planning
06/15/17Split installation of a software product
06/15/17Version control for customized applications
06/15/17Application specific configurable graphical user interface
06/15/17Process chain discovery across communication channels
06/15/17Sandboxing for custom logic
06/15/17Feature switches for private cloud and on-premise application components
06/15/17Adaptive tile matrix representation and multiplication
06/15/17System to perform impact analysis of objects
06/15/17Dynamic migration of user interface application
06/15/17Attack pattern framework for monitoring enterprise information systems
06/15/17Machine-checkable code-annotations for static application security testing
06/15/17Vulnerability analysis of software components
06/15/17End user control of personal data in the cloud
06/15/17Optimal demand-based allocation
06/15/17Grouping access control violations for process-aware systems
06/15/17Closed-loop multi-service logging
06/15/17Accessing mobile documents

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