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Schaeffler Technologies Ag x26 Co Kg
Schaeffler Technologies Ag x26 Co Kg_20131212


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Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg patents

Recent patent applications related to Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg. Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016011582804/28/16  new patent  Camshaft adjuster
22016011599704/28/16  new patent  Coated component
32016011600204/28/16  new patent  Segmented sheet metal support
42016011603004/28/16  new patent  Compliant tensioner arm
52016011607904/28/16  new patent  Arrangement of an electromagnet for controlling a central valve
62016010767804/21/16 Driver assistance system and driver assistance method with position control
72016010896304/21/16 Rolling bearing cage for a radial bearing
82016010896404/21/16 Rolling element bearing with cage
92016010896904/21/16 Bearing system and cage for bearing
102016010899904/21/16 Spindle nut and associated ball screw drive
112016010900804/21/16 Hydrodynamic starting element having a pump wheel which can be rotated relative to a housing
122016010901004/21/16 Hybrid drive module with optimized electric motor attachment
132016010258304/14/16 Method for mounting a valve rain of an internal combustion engine
142016010258404/14/16 Mechanical lash control for a switchable roller finger follower
152016010258504/14/16 Switching oil gallery de-aeration
162016010258604/14/16 Camshaft phaser
172016010270804/14/16 Max type radial ball bearing with wire cage
182016010506004/14/16 Hybrid drive module having a rotor secured to a hub via staking
192016010274504/14/16 Vibration-damped starter element for a drivetrain of a motor vehicle
202016009743704/07/16 Link for inverted tooth chain with optimized shape for increased strength
212016009087903/31/16 Switchable support element
222016009102003/31/16 Bearing assembly having a back-up bearing
232016009103403/31/16 Latching spring disconnect clutch
242016009103503/31/16 Rocker one-way clutch with cutout to locate a spring and stator incorporating the same
252016009104003/31/16 Multi-layer friction lining
262016008282503/24/16 Cooling device and cooling a rotor-integrated clutch for hybrid modules
272016008282503/24/16 Cooling device and cooling a rotor-integrated clutch for hybrid modules
282016008412103/24/16 Rotor for a vane cell adjuster of a camshaft adjusting device
292016008430003/24/16 Method for manufacturing a radial and axial combination bearing and resulting bearing
302016008432603/24/16 One way wedge clutch with displaceable weight element to eliminate lockup in free-wheel mode
312016008436303/24/16 Hybrid drive module with single damper
322016008436403/24/16 Torque converter including axially movable turbine and friction material bonded to diaphragm spring
332016007491703/17/16 Hollow threaded extrusion segments
342016007532103/17/16 Method for adjusting a co-efficient of friction of a disconnect clutch of a hybrid vehicle
352016007641103/17/16 Multi-positional camshaft phaser with switchable one-way wedge clutches
362016007658803/17/16 Impact resistant high speed bearing
372016007659003/17/16 Ball bearing with slanted or angled flat raceways
382016007659203/17/16 Supercharger bearing with grease reservoir
392016007659303/17/16 Needle roller cage with oil slots
402016007659403/17/16 Non-contacting fiber laminate bearing seal
412016007659503/17/16 Variable torque bearing
422016007660003/17/16 Drive assembly including a damper and clutch plate subassembly and forming drive assemblies
432016007660403/17/16 Slip clutch assembly
442016007982803/17/16 Bearing arrangement in an electric motor
452016006922403/10/16 Camshaft adjusting device
462016006922603/10/16 Camshaft phaser
472016006938603/10/16 Hydrostatic profiled rail guide
482016006938903/10/16 Rolling body guide element, particularly for a large tapered roller bearing
492016006939203/10/16 Radial bearing with variable lubrication flow restriction
502016006939303/10/16 Bearing cage with active lubrication
512016006945803/10/16 Hub assembly for a marine vessel propulsion unit including a spline seal
522016006106503/03/16 Torsion assembly for controllably providing torque to a camshaft
532016006125803/03/16 Needle bearing with a cage and a retaining tab formed on the cage
542016006130703/03/16 Differential
552016005211302/25/16 Mounting device and the counterforce-free mounting of a pressure plate assembly on a counterpressure plate, and counterforce-free dismounting
562016005364002/25/16 Arrangement of a volume accumulator in a camshaft adjuster
572016005380502/25/16 Asymmetrical tapered roller bearing for the purpose of mounting a gearwheel on a gearshaft
582016005381602/25/16 Centrifugal pendulum
592016005384902/25/16 Interlock system for ring gear on flywheels
602016005385302/25/16 High strength inverted tooth chain having a press-fit middle plate
612016004627702/18/16 Method for determining a measuring point of a hybrid decoupler of a hybrid vehicle
622016004741702/18/16 Slip-free rolling bearing
632016004741902/18/16 Bearing device with seal treatment to reduce water ingress and method thereof
642016004742802/18/16 Method for reducing chatter vibrations of a friction clutch in a drivetrain of a motor vehicle
652016004743502/18/16 Damper device for a vehicle and designing a damper device
662016004056302/11/16 Hydraulic lash adjuster anti-rotation clip
672016004058402/11/16 Electro-mechanical drive mechanism for an impeller shroud of a variable water pump
682016004058502/11/16 Thermal management valve module with concentric shafts for rotary valve control
692016004071402/11/16 Cage for inclined ball bearing
702016004071502/11/16 Roller thrust bearing with radial cage clearance
712016004071902/11/16 Bearing seal for media lubrication
722016004072002/11/16 Oil deflector and oil deflector-bearing assembly
732016004077302/11/16 Torque transmitting assembly including a sprocket assembly displaceable along a shaft and method thereof
742016003278902/04/16 Camshaft adjuster
752016003297302/04/16 Rotary joint
762016003298102/04/16 Rolling bearing with integrated electrical shunt
772016003298202/04/16 Damper assembly including axially fixed friction assembly
782016003298802/04/16 Wedge friction clutch with onboard enable and disable function
792016003330402/04/16 Composite material marking wave
802016002497901/28/16 Hydraulic camshaft adjuster having a locking pin for centre-locking provided for controlling a hydraulic medium
812016002513301/28/16 Four segment contact thrust roller bearing
822016002514301/28/16 Bearing assembly having spline cutting inner race
832016002515401/28/16 Method of fixing a damper flange to a damper hub
842016002518301/28/16 Damper assebmly sealing arrangement
852016002551901/28/16 Method and angle sensor for contactless measurement of an angle
862016002557901/28/16 Machine element and arrangement for measuring a force or a moment as well as a producing the machine element
872016002551901/28/16 Method and angle sensor for contactless measurement of an angle
882016001651101/21/16 Audio signal for a synthetic noise of a motor vehicle as well as generating said audio signal
892016001776801/21/16 Camshaft adjuster
902016001793701/21/16 Rocker one-way clutch
912016001793801/21/16 Clutch arrangement for a vehicle and operating a vehicle
922016001797101/21/16 Torque converter clutch with reduced back pressure
932016001797901/21/16 Belt pulley and producing it
942016001051401/14/16 Cam follower for a valve train of an internal combustion engine
952016001068801/14/16 Low friction multi stage thrust bearing
962016001073601/14/16 Axle differential transmission for an engageably driven vehicle of a motor vehicle
972016000330701/07/16 Clutch disc
982016000311001/07/16 Stator for a camshaft adjuster, with a washer for reducing axial bearing play
992016000311101/07/16 Switchable finger follower with lash adjustment shim
1002016000329801/07/16 Cage portion and the production thereof
1012016000329901/07/16 Roller bearing and producing a roller bearing
1022016000330701/07/16 Clutch disc
1032016000333701/07/16 Drive device for a vehicle
1042016000364101/07/16 Rotor position encoder for an electronically commutated electric machine having a reference encoder
1052015037561112/31/15 Drive device for a vehicle and vehicle comprising the drive device
1062015037708512/31/15 Hydraulic camshaft adjusting device with spherical section-like lock
1072015037709212/31/15 Sliding cam actuator having a seal
1082015037709512/31/15 Diagnostic a valve drive actuator
1092015037729012/31/15 Bearing with k-type cage
1102015037729112/31/15 Cage part for a rolling bearing cage
1112015037729812/31/15 Sealing arrangement for axial roller bearings
1122015037734312/31/15 Planet gear bearing in a planetary gearset
1132015037735212/31/15 Actuation device for a motor vehicle
1142015037772412/31/15 Torque measuring device
1152015038012412/31/15 Bearing ring, electrically insulating coating and applying an electrically insulating coating
1162015038101012/31/15 Electric machine with a cooling device, and producing said machine
1172015036769812/24/15 Strut bearing
1182015036906912/24/15 Stator body centering feature for torque converter
1192015036927912/24/15 Circuit board for connecting a deformation sensor to a signal-processing circuit
1202015036929212/24/15 Bearing support point with at least one axial bearing
1212015036930012/24/15 Clutch disc, clutch assembly and torque transfer device
1222015036933412/24/15 Centrifugal force pendulum device
1232015036934712/24/15 Starter generator belt tensioner
1242015036193712/17/15 Plunger
1252015036205112/17/15 Ball screw
1262015036183612/17/15 Plunger
1272015036204412/17/15 Transmission with dual input and gear ratio multiplication
1282015036204812/17/15 Tensioning rail having an alsi alloy support body
1292015035441612/10/15 Camshaft adjuster
1302015035444712/10/15 Accessories drive system including a transmission driven motor generator unit
1312015035458112/10/15 Electric motor for a water pump
1322015035471412/10/15 Multi-chamber thermal management rotary valve module
1332015035471612/10/15 Rotary valve with an isolating distribution body
1342015034384112/03/15 Wheel hub rolling bearing unit with a signal emitter on a higher area of an inner ring within a sealing cap having a protrusion for securing a sensor
1352015034534412/03/15 Trapped support pin for spiral spring retention in a camshaft phaser
1362015034554912/03/15 Bearing assembly
1372015034560512/03/15 Torque converter including spherical clutch
1382015034561012/03/15 Decoupler for damping a torque transmission between a drive shaft of a motor vehicle and a belt pulley
1392015034562412/03/15 Method for controlling a transmission
1402015033793111/26/15 Multi-range cvt
1412015033769311/26/15 Camshaft adjuster
1422015033790311/26/15 Sensor arrangement having an angle sensor and a rolling bearing arrangement
1432015033790711/26/15 Actuating device for a clutch, clutch, electric drive module and installing a clutch
1442015033026911/19/15 Hydraulic support element
1452015033044811/19/15 Snap-fit box cage assembly
1462015033045011/19/15 Radial rolling element bearing
1472015033046011/19/15 Clutch device
1482015033048711/19/15 Ball screw drive, in particular for a locking brake of a motor vehicle
1492015033049811/19/15 Planet pin for the lubrication of planetary bearings
1502015033046011/19/15 Clutch device
1512015032128511/12/15 Method for structuring at least one sliding surface of a machine element
1522015032282311/12/15 Support element for a valve train of an internal combustion engine, and production of support element
1532015032300311/12/15 Triple race angular contact bearing
1542015032301811/12/15 Disconnect clutch with dual one-way clutches and solenoid actuator for a wedge one-way clutch
1552015032303911/12/15 Vibaration damper
1562015032304011/12/15 Closed damper hub
1572015032305211/12/15 Centering posts for positioning a hub
1582015032305711/12/15 Planetary drive
1592015031609411/05/15 Bearing, more particularly rolling bearing
1602015031593811/05/15 Device for changing the relative angular position of a camshaft with respect to a crankshaft of an internal combustion engine
1612015031609411/05/15 Bearing, more particularly rolling bearing
1622015031609511/05/15 Elastically supported rolling bearing arrangement
1632015031610211/05/15 Double lip axial radial bearing seal
1642015031610411/05/15 Pedestal bearing housing
1652015031612211/05/15 Harmonic balancer with reduced axial length
1662015031612511/05/15 Centrifugal pendulum
1672015031613911/05/15 Transmission damper
1682015030850810/29/15 Bearing
1692015030830010/29/15 Rocker arm clip retention feature
1702015030830210/29/15 Valve gear for an internal combustion engine
1712015030850810/29/15 Bearing
1722015030851210/29/15 Clutch device
1732015030851410/29/15 Clutch with wire pivot ring having straight sections
1742015030851510/29/15 Double clutch with nested levers
1752015030854110/29/15 Inverted tooth chain having inner flank engagement
1762015030855310/29/15 Torque converter drive assembly including spring retainer riveted to turbine shell
1772015029884510/22/15 Device for receiving a workpiece for a workpiece carrier circulation system of a production machine
1782015030021210/22/15 Camshaft adjusting device and central valve for a camshaft adjusting device
1792015030021410/22/15 Camshaft phaser with two one-way wedge clutches
1802015030021610/22/15 Camshaft for a variable-stroke exchange valve train
1812015030041910/22/15 Clutch device
1822015030042110/22/15 Disconnect system for an all-wheel drive vehicle drive train
1832015030045010/22/15 Plate-link chain
1842015030047310/22/15 Hub assembly for a torque converter and related method
1852015029216610/15/15 Round shaft track guide and track assembly
1862015029236610/15/15 Rotor of a camshaft adjuster, camshaft adjuster with such a rotor, and producing a rotor
1872015029236710/15/15 Camshaft adjusting device
1882015029255710/15/15 Cage for rolling bearing assembly and rolling element-cage assembly with enhanced lubricating abilities
1892015029262510/15/15 Control valve for a hydraulic device with a replaceable hydraulics unit
1902015028510410/08/15 Roller tappet for a reciprocating-piston combustion engine
1912015028530410/08/15 Ball roller bearing
1922015028530510/08/15 Method of forming sheet metal bearing cage with inner and outer retention and roller-cage assembly for a bearing
1932015028530610/08/15 Running ring for a sleeve bearing
1942015028530910/08/15 Housing mounted external bearing shield
1952015028531610/08/15 Drive assembly for a motor vehicle drive train including a dynamically compensated clutch control assembly
1962015028533010/08/15 Converter unit having a damping system and having a torque transfer unit
1972015028533810/08/15 Plate-link chain
1982015028824910/08/15 Eccentric motor
1992015027416710/01/15 Synchronized accessory devices drive system with optimized switching between drive sources for the drive system
2002015027419110/01/15 Rack for a rack-and-pinion steering system of a motor vehicle
2012015027571210/01/15 Switchable finger follower with normally unlocked coupling element
2022015027598410/01/15 Clutch
2032015027603410/01/15 Method of fabricating a torque converter with an etched clutch surface and a torque converter with an etched clutch surface
2042015027604610/01/15 Transmission assembly including one-way clutch
2052015026757009/24/15 Camshaft adjusting system
2062015026757109/24/15 Control valve for a camshaft adjuster system
2072015026775909/24/15 Adjustment tab for an adjustment means of a self-adjusting clutch and a clutch assembly comprising the improved adjustment tab
2082015026776009/24/15 Integrated piston bearing
2092015026779509/24/15 Turbine shell with integrated stiffening elements
2102015026779809/24/15 Spur differential gear
2112015026780409/24/15 Orientation-free planetary pin for lubrication of planetary bearings
2122015025861409/17/15 Method and system for introducing recesses in workpiece surfaces to be machined, with the aid of at least one tool
2132015026025009/17/15 Method and installation for applying friction lining elements to a friction lining support
2142015026025709/17/15 Spring retainer plate with lanced spring stops
2152015025284109/10/15 Bearing assembly with integrated spring
2162015025285109/10/15 Method of providing lubricant to a bearing assembly
2172015025285609/10/15 Frusto-conical dual clutch
2182015025287209/10/15 Centrifugal-force pendulum device
2192015025288309/10/15 Radial split stator
2202015024753309/03/15 Sealing element for a rolling bearing
2212015024753809/03/15 Folded seal retention plate with thrust surface
2222015024755309/03/15 Chain element and the production thereof
2232015024067008/27/15 Switching roller finger follower with rapid transition from locked to unlocked mode and method thereof
2242015024067208/27/15 Camshaft adjuster with a rolled connection
2252015024088308/27/15 Clutch assembly having a clamp spring
2262015024088408/27/15 Double clutch mounting assembly
2272015024094208/27/15 Actuating device and transmission
2282015023192208/20/15 Bearing cover, in particular, an abs sensor cap
2292015023326708/20/15 Lever-style cam follower
2302015023327108/20/15 Variable lift valve train of an internal combustion engine
2312015023341808/20/15 Bearing having an indicator
2322015023343108/20/15 Concentric slave cylinder including one-way clutch
2332015023344708/20/15 Chain element, chain pin, and producing same
2342015023344908/20/15 Mechanical tensioner strut with uni-directional friction damping
2352015023345908/20/15 Cam follower or eccentric follower with roller supported by plain bearing mounting
2362015022609508/13/15 Switchable finger follower with combined lost motion spring and hydraulic lash adjuster clip
2372015022609608/13/15 Camshaft adjuster
2382015022634508/13/15 Overpressure valve in the form of a check valve
2392015021900308/06/15 Dirt trap as a functional module in the impeller of a coolant pump
2402015021915008/06/15 Bearing element for two spatial directions
2412015021915808/06/15 Axial cage for cylindrical rolling bodies
2422015021916308/06/15 Bearing ring for a bearing, in particular for a rolling or sliding bearing
2432015021919608/06/15 Damper cover plate connection with press fit riveting
2442015021920308/06/15 Belt drive for a motor vehicle
2452015021139007/30/15 Camshaft adjuster
2462015021139107/30/15 Camshaft phaser
2472015020420207/23/15 Turbine rotor of an exhaust-gas turbocharger
2482015020421707/23/15 Control valve of a camshaft adjuster
2492015020441707/23/15 Torque coupler

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