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Schaeffler Technologies Ag x26 Co Kg
Schaeffler Technologies Ag x26 Co Kg_20131212

Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg patents

Recent patent applications related to Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg. Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schaeffler Technologies Ag & Co Kg, we're just tracking patents.

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02/16/17 new patent  Wheel bearing unit
02/16/17 new patent  Bearing arrangement and corresponding production process
02/16/17 new patent  Rolling element bearing comprising an integrated lundell alternator, and a lundell alternator
02/16/17 new patent  Friction clutch device
02/16/17 new patent  Switchable one way clutch including selector bracket
02/16/17 new patent  Method for parameterizing a software-based vibration absorber for damping vibrations caused by a grabbing clutch
02/16/17 new patent  Linear tensioner
02/16/17 new patent  Electromagnetic actuating device
02/16/17 new patent  Variable sensor interface for a control unit
02/09/17Camshaft adjuster
02/09/17Camshaft phaser using one-way slipper clutches
02/09/17Radial needle bearing with flange cutouts
02/09/17Sealing sleeve with combined axial bearing and automatic transmission or clutch with such a sealing sleeve
02/09/17Centrifugal pendulum
02/09/17Gearbox control system
02/09/17Method for identifying the position of a rotor of an electric motor, target for determining the position of a rotor of the electric motor and electric motor
02/02/17Device for adjusting the height of a vehicle body
02/02/17Central valve for a camshaft adjuster having central locking
02/02/17Directly actuatable clutch with ventilation geometry
02/02/17Friction lining for industrial brakes and drive elements and producing a friction lining for industrial brakes and drive elements
02/02/17Floating stop for pendulum masses
02/02/17Centrifugal pendulum with clamping device
02/02/17Device for transmitting torque
02/02/17Torque converter with a flat annular core ring
01/26/17Rocker shaft with de-aeration oil gallery segment
01/26/17Cvt drive train
01/26/17Torque converter with a selective pressure activated seal system
01/19/17Selectable height actuating piston
01/19/17Method for increasing the availability of a hybrid separting clutch in a hybrid drive train of a motor vehicle
01/19/17Component with at least one measuring element comprising a sensor
01/12/17Rolling-riveted wheel bearing arrangement with a stepped inner ring
01/12/17Apparatus for toe and/or camber adjustment for a running gear of a motor vehicle
01/12/17Switchable rocker arm with pivot joint
01/12/17Camshaft adjuster
01/12/17Belt tensioner
01/12/17Plate link chain
01/12/17Arrangement for measuring a force or moment on a hollow-cylindrical machine element
01/12/17Connector, machine element and making contact with contact pads on a machine element
01/05/17Water pump bearing with active condensate purging system
01/05/17Clutch device with fully inegrated hydraulics
01/05/17Counterbalance and torque transmission device
12/29/16Method for determining a characteristic curve of a clutch of a clutch activation system in a drivetrain, in particular of a motor vehicle
12/29/16Torque transfer device
12/29/16Hybrid module and power electronics module with a shared cooling stream
12/22/16Wheel bearing unit
12/22/16Transmission element for reciprocating piston internal combustion engines
12/22/16Valve train of a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine
12/22/16Camshaft adjusting device
12/22/16Method for operating an internal combustion engine
12/22/16Support bearing, in particular running roller
12/22/16Clutch disc with fasteners arranged at offset pitch circles
12/22/16Clutch plate with cushion segments with dual engagement characteristics
12/22/16Torque converter having a cover and impeller weld with a constrained diameter and welding the cover and impeller
12/15/16Starter generator belt tensioner
12/08/16Wheel bearing arrangement for a vehicle
12/08/16Hydrostatically operated clutch system
12/01/16Centrifugal pendulum and torque transfer device having such a centrifugal pendulum
12/01/16Cvt drive train
12/01/16Method for preventing a motor vehicle from rolling off
12/01/16Axial bearing arrangement
12/01/16Bearing and housing support for intermediate drive shaft
12/01/16Coined friction material for motor vehicle drive train
12/01/16Actuator with planetary screw drive (psd)
12/01/16Electric motor with retainer disc and assembling same
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11/24/16Method for controlling a hybrid drivetrain and battery device in the hybrid drivetrain
11/24/16Hydraulic compensation element for the valve train of an internal compensation engine
11/24/16Actuator for an electrohydraulic gas-exchange valve train of a combustion engine
11/24/16Reversible starter motor
11/24/16Retention arrangement for a rolling element bearing
11/24/16One-way wedge clutch having radially outer ramps
11/17/16Camshaft adjuster and operating a camshaft adjuster
11/17/16Bearing cage with rigid inserts between pockets
11/17/16Bearing cage with resilient inserts between pockets
11/17/16Clutch carrier assembly
11/17/16Centrifugal force pendulum
11/17/16Control valve for a camshaft adjuster
11/10/16Arrangement for measuring a force or a torque on a machine element
11/10/16Multi-position camshaft phaser with two one-way wedge clutches
11/10/16Press-fit combination bearing
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11/10/16Axial bearing bridge for ball ramp
11/10/16Rotational connection by means of a self-locking bearing
11/10/16Friction clutch
11/10/16Hydraulic tensioning device for a traction mechanism drive
11/10/16Fluid arrangement
11/10/16Arrangement for measuring a force or a torque on a machine element
11/03/16Multi-position camshaft phaser with two one-way wedge clutches
11/03/16Variable camshaft phaser with a linear actuator for absolute positioning
11/03/16Camshaft centering in the split rotor of a hydraulic camshaft adjuster
11/03/16Multi-position camshaft phaser with two one-way wedge clutches
11/03/16Roller bearing
11/03/16Plastic rolling bearing cage for an angular ball bearing, and angular ball bearing
11/03/16Bearing assembly with formed raceways
11/03/16Ball ramp actuator retaining plug
11/03/16Interlock for ring gear on a flywheel
11/03/16Stator cone clutch
11/03/16Axially preloaded sealing element
11/03/16Integration element for seating measuring equipment
11/03/16Electromagnetic solenoid with inclined pole faces
11/03/16Eccentric leadscrew actuator
10/27/16Electronic control system for a motor vehicle
10/27/16Switchable finger follower with lost motion spring lost stroke minimizer
10/27/16Design principle of a split rotor for a hydraulic camshaft adjuster
10/27/16Robust touchdown bearing
10/27/16Shunt bearing with insulating coating
10/27/16Cvt drive train
10/20/16Antifriction bearing cage
10/20/16Flange assembly, chassis actuator and producing the flange arrangment
10/20/16Method for the preservation of a machine element and use of an anionic liquid
10/20/16Oil channels, produced without cutting and provided in a split rotor for a hydraulic camshaft adjuster
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10/20/16Anti-twist protection for the inner part of a split rotor for a hydraulic camshaft adjuster
10/20/16Steering bearing for bearing a steering column of a motor vehicle
10/20/16Antifriction bearing cage
10/20/16Accessory devices drive system
10/20/16Actuator with planetary screw drive (psd)
10/20/16Cvt transmission
10/20/16Cvt transmission
10/20/16Torque converter front cover assembly pilot
10/20/16Torque converter piston assembly including transmission input shaft seal assembly
10/13/16Wedge friction one-way clutch with controllable clutch locking function
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10/13/16Balancing element for balancing a friction clutch, balancing a friction clutch, and the use of a part of a friction clutch
10/13/16Torque converter thrust assembly having variable effective thickness
10/13/16Belt pulley arrangement for a belt drive for driving auxiliary units of a motor vehicle, and a driving a motor vehicle auxiliary unit that is connected by means of a belt pulley arrangement
10/06/16Variable-stroke valve train of an internal combustion engine
10/06/16Axial needle roller bearing with self-aligning washers
10/06/16Cage element for rolling bearing assembly
10/06/16Friction clutch
10/06/16Clutch device
10/06/16Clutch assembly for coupling an internal combustion engine to a drive train of a motor vehicle and dampening torsional vibrations in a drive train of a motor vehicle
10/06/16Tensioning rail, and traction mechanism drive including such a tensioning rail
10/06/16Spindle-rotor unit
10/06/16Cvt drive train
10/06/16Fluid arrangement
10/06/16Encoder disc
10/06/16Tensioning rail, and traction mechanism drive including such a tensioning rail
10/06/16Spindle-rotor unit
09/29/16Method for controlling a friction clutch
09/29/16Housing for a rolling-element bearing and drive-train segment for a vehicle having the housing
09/29/16Sliding cam system having an extended engagement region
09/29/16Spring strut bearing
09/29/16Method for controlling a friction clutch
09/29/16Device for measuring force in the rolling bearing by means of a sensor layer
09/22/16Hydraulic valve drive of an internal combustion engine
09/22/16Power electronics module and hybrid module with an electrical signal and/or clutch actuator connection
09/22/16Hydraulic valve drive of an internal combustion engine
09/22/16Rolling bearing
09/22/16Torque converter thrust assembly connecting stator and impeller
09/22/16Two pass multi-function torque converter
09/15/16Differential gearing, in particular axle gearing
09/15/16Axial cage for cylindrical rolling elements
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09/15/16Reduced drag clutch plate
09/15/16Supporting assembly for a lightweight differential
09/15/16Power electronics module and hybrid module with an e-motor power connection
09/08/16Pulley damper with one-way clutch
09/08/16Impeller hub thrust bushing
09/08/16Staked planet pin
09/08/16Sensor unit for determining properties of a lubricant and machine element and machine assembly
09/01/16Camshaft adjusting device
09/01/16Variable displacement pump
09/01/16Step-by-step mechanism
09/01/16Torque converter drive connection
08/25/16Method for controlling a drive train having a double-clutch transmission
08/25/16Control valve for a hydraulic apparatus with locking facility
08/25/16Camshaft phaser
08/25/16Cam shaft phaser with mid-position and retard lock position
08/25/16Centrifugal disk as a pre-seal for a wheel bearing
08/25/16Centrifugal pendulum device
08/25/16Chain element
08/25/16Transmission with dual input and output shafts
08/25/16Two-pass multi-function torque converter with normally closed impeller clutch
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08/25/16Sliding sleeve for supporting sun gears
08/18/16Rotor for a camshaft adjuster, parts set for producing a rotor for a camshaft adjuster and producing a joined component, preferably a rotor for a camshaft adjuster
08/18/16Electromagnetic wedge disconnect clutch
08/18/16Wedge clutch with centrifugal retention
08/18/16Free-wheel device for an automatic transmission
08/18/16Chain guide element
08/18/16Actuating device with a master cylinder actuatable by a gear selector drum for actuating the clutch
08/11/16Camshaft adjuster
08/11/16Multi-locking of a camshaft adjuster, and operating a camshaft adjuster
08/11/16Camshaft phase adjuster including a camshaft with helical grooves
08/11/16Tiered axial bearing with s-shaped intermediate washer
08/11/16Component group with a frictional device
08/11/16Dual-mass flywheel with integrated freewheeling mechanism
08/11/16Disengageable lead screw nut
08/11/16Torque converter turbine including core ring having thinned sections
08/11/16Sensor system for rotational speed measurement having a pole wheel with a linearized magnetic field
08/04/16Device and measuring a rotor parameter
08/04/16Sensor device for monitoring the state of a lubricant and producing said sensor device
08/04/16Device for adjusting the height of a vehicle body
08/04/16Gear selector actuator
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08/04/16Device and measuring a rotor parameter
08/04/16Sensor device for monitoring the state of a lubricant and producing said sensor device
08/04/16Linear actuator
07/28/16Multipart rotor for a hydraulic camshaft adjuster with a supply of oil to the pressure chambers through the vanes
07/28/16Method for measuring a preloading force and bearing assembly for performing the method
07/28/16Return stop and transfer case with such a return stop
07/28/16Ramp system for actuating a frictional clutch
07/28/16Switching unit with an internal diameter and an external diameter about a rotational axis for a main coupling
07/28/16Method for avoiding safety-critical activation of a clutch in a hybrid module of a drivetrain of a motor vehicle
07/28/16Torque transmission device
07/28/16Belt tensioner mount
07/28/16Device for transferring fluids
07/21/16Device for conducting oil in a vehicle gearbox with at least two elements which can move with respect to one another and with a sleeve
07/21/16Driven wheel bearing unit with ingegrated torque measurement
07/21/16Anti-friction bearing
07/21/16Centrifugal pendulum stop spring element, centrifugal pendulum device and component arrangement
07/21/16Chain guide element
07/14/16Method for operating a bearing arrangement
07/14/16Camshaft regulator having a central bolt
07/14/16Roller bearing cage
07/14/16Rolling bearing assembly for turbochargers and installing a rolling bearing assembly
07/14/16Pre-mounting of a gap-optimized clip ring between inner rings of an anti-friction bearing
07/14/16Damper pulley with leaf spring clutch
07/14/16Actuation device for a clutch device
07/07/16Wheel bearing unit having a closable cover
07/07/16Suspension strut mount
07/07/16Device for adjusting the height of a vehicle body
07/07/16Method for controlling a drivetrain having a dual-clutch transmission
07/07/16Piston-cylinder unit and operating same
07/07/16Bearing assembly with integrated vibration damping
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07/07/16Rotor-integrated separating clutch with two-stage clutch transmission
07/07/16Adjustment changing the compression ratio in a combustion engine
07/07/16Lever system
06/30/16Camshaft adjuster
06/30/16Rotary table bearing device
06/30/16Seal arrangement having a thrower ring for an anti-friction bearing
06/23/16Sealing arrangement for wheel bearings having a prestressed splash plate
06/23/16Turbine torsional vibration damper, and converter and torque transmission device
06/23/16Torque converter clutch with low back pressure
06/23/16Method for determining a fault in an electronically commutated electric motor
06/16/16Multifunctional bearing rings for lightweight differentials having an embracing channel
06/16/16Gearing assembly having a planetary stage
06/16/16Vehicle having a belt pulley and standstill air-conditioning
06/16/16Outer ring and roller bearing comprising said type of outer ring
06/16/16Cooling system for a dynamoelectric machine
06/09/16Method for operating a motor vehicle in order to detect an overload on a roll stabilizer
06/09/16Journal bearing for universal joints and producing a journal bearing
06/09/16Rolling bearing assembly with carbon fiber seal
06/09/16Spring retainer plate with lanced rivet tabs
06/09/16Disk for a friction clutch
06/02/16Propeller blade mounting system
06/02/16Valve-actuating lever for reciprocating-piston internal combustion engines
06/02/16Lubrication passageway for lubrication of cam follower assembly
06/02/16Normally engaged turbine clutch
06/02/16Electric machine
05/26/16Seal for strut bearing
05/26/16Friction surface
05/26/16Clutch engagement ramps for torque converter
05/26/16Arrangements and measuring a force or a torque on a machine element

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