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Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co Kg patents

Recent patent applications related to Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co Kg. Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co Kg is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co Kg may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co Kg, we're just tracking patents.

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Date Schaeffler Technologies Gmbh & Co Kg patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
07/21/16Gear unit
07/07/16Wheel bearing unit having a closable cover
06/23/16Linear guide rail inlay installation tool
06/23/16Split cylindrical roller bearing
06/23/16Radial rolling bearing assembly with connector sleeve
06/23/16Combined linear bearing and lifting actuator for smelting assembly
06/16/16Multifunctional bearing rings for lightweight differentials having an embracing channel
05/26/16Support pin for spring guidance in a camshaft phaser
05/26/16Machine and monitoring the state of a safety bearing of a machine
05/12/16Latch assembly including diaphragm spring and thrust bearing
05/12/16Transmission with dual input and reduced number of lay shafts
05/12/16Necked impeller shell for torque converter
05/12/16Turbine shell including recesses for recieving turbine blade tabs
05/12/16Method of forming a torque converter impeller including machining a weld root
05/05/16Two-stage clutch
03/10/16Camshaft phaser
01/28/16Torsional vibration damper and arrangement and the damping of a drivetrain of a motor vehicle
01/21/16Sleeve-type freewheel
12/31/15Drive device for a vehicle and vehicle comprising the drive device
12/31/15Two-part bearing cage comprising multiple lugs which form retaining claws, project outwards from two annular bodies into the interior and form free areas for lubricant, and ball bearing comprising a bearing cage of this type
12/24/15Circuit board for connecting a deformation sensor to a signal-processing circuit
12/17/15Tensioning rail having an alsi alloy support body
12/17/15Bevel gear wheel differential for a motor vehicle
12/03/15Wheel hub rolling bearing unit with a signal emitter on a higher area of an inner ring within a sealing cap having a protrusion for securing a sensor
11/26/15Device with elements which can be moved relative to one another, preferably a planetary drive
11/26/15Method for producing a tribologically distressed laminate, a laminate and use of an organometallic compound for producing a functional layer of the laminate
11/19/15Axle hybrid drive
11/12/15Hydraulic camshaft adjuster with centre locking and adjustable locking play
10/22/15Camshaft adjustment device for an internal combustion engine
10/22/15Seal arrangement for a control valve
10/15/15Plug connection comprising sealing elements
09/17/15Bushing and transmission arrangement with the bushing
09/10/15Bearing lubricated with a medium
09/03/15Piston-cylinder arrangement, in particular a slave cylinder for a hydraulic clutch actuating device
08/27/15Camshaft adjuster with a rolled connection
08/27/15Fastening arrangement to connect a camshaft phaser to an end of a camshaft
08/27/15Centrifugal pendulum device for vibration isolation
08/20/15Belt pulley arrangement for a belt drive for driving auxiliary units of a motor vehicle and driving an auxiliary unit of a motor vehicle connected via a belt pulley arrangement
08/20/15Abs encoder arrangement
08/20/15Transport lock, in particular for the piston of a clutch release bearing
08/20/15Sensor arrangement for a driven wheel hub-rolling bearing arrangement with a signal generator, a sensor and a sealing cap
08/13/15De-aeration device for a hydraulically actuated variable valve actuation system
08/13/15Method for controlling a motor vehicle transmission
07/30/15Camshaft adjuster
07/30/15Camshaft adjuster
07/30/15Method for ascertaining a biting point of a friction clutch device
07/23/15Control valve of a camshaft adjuster
07/23/15Piston-cylinder arrangement, in particular for a clutch actuation system in a motor vehicle
07/23/15Torsional vibration damper
07/16/15Centrifugal pendulum device
07/16/15Torque converter with parallel torsional vibration dampers
07/16/15Gear combination with a planetary differential in the form of a wildhaber-novikov spur gear differential
07/09/15Control arm base
07/09/15Rolling bearing for a turbocharger
07/02/15Sliding cam system of a reciprocating piston internal combustion engine with sliding grooves and guide elements arranged in an x-shape
07/02/15Camshaft adjuster
07/02/15Torque converter including stator thrust bearing
07/02/15Valve unit with axial pressure medium unit
06/25/15Cam follower for the valve gear of an internal combustion engine
06/25/15Method for operating an internal combustion engine with electrohydraulic valve control means
06/25/15Electric axle with a two gear transmission
06/18/15Wheel hub with centering device
06/18/15Motor vehicle engine and starting a motor vehicle
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06/18/15Ball screw drive
06/18/15Turbine assembly and a thrust washer installation on a turbine of a torque converter
06/18/15Strain gauge arrangement
06/11/15Rolling bearing with radial pressure medium transfer
06/11/15Starter return mechanism
06/11/15Dual clutch
06/11/15Insert shaft system, differential with insert shaft system, oil distribution in shaft systems of transmissions, and steel oil drip pan for the oiling of a shaft
06/04/15Electric axle for a vehicle
06/04/15Wedge clutch with a segmented wedge element and chamfered engagement surfaces
06/04/15Centrifugal force pendulum
06/04/15Mounting concept for an electric axle
06/04/15Piloting sleeve for centering transmission input shaft
06/04/15Re-enforces itc pump
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06/04/15Torque converter with integrated triple plate lock-up clutch
05/28/15Radial camshaft pressure medium transfer
05/28/15Control valve of a camshaft adjuster
05/21/15Camshaft unit
05/21/15Switching roller finger follower with end stops in secondary arms
05/21/15Roller lifter lubrication guide
05/21/15Phenolic bearing cage with self-lubricating coating and manufacturing phenolic bearing cage with self-lubricating coating
05/21/15Sprocket assembly including teeth having an enlarged profile
05/14/15Water pump bearing with integrated mechanical seal
05/14/15Control valve for a camshaft adjuster
05/14/15Control valve for a camshaft adjuster
05/14/15Roller bearing assembly for a pinion in a motor vehicle drive train
05/14/15Method for avoiding or reducing chatter vibrations
05/07/15Camshaft unit
05/07/15Clutch device with an actuating mechanism
05/07/15Clutch device having an acutating device
05/07/15Clutch pack release spring engaged with inner race
05/07/15Method of forming a drawn cup with undercuts
05/07/15Core ring with cut or lanced features
05/07/15Torsional vibration damper
04/30/15Main shaft for a sliding cam valve train
04/30/15Cover plate sealed to stator assembly
04/30/15Wet clutch
04/30/15Air pressure bearing
04/23/15Impeller shell with grooves for increased flow area
04/23/15Bearing arrangement and parabolic trough collector
04/23/15Clutch plate with simulated friction material segments
04/23/15Bearing assembly including tapered rollers and spherical rolling elements
04/23/15Combined friction bearing in a planetary drive
04/16/15Centrifugal force pendulum
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04/09/15Stator assembly with inner race pilot ring
04/09/15Actuator system for hydraulic actuation
04/09/15Direct drive for a rotation machine, particularly for a container treatment machine
04/09/15External actuator for an impeller shroud of a variable water pump
04/02/15Securing device for an actuating lever
03/26/15Outer housing for a hydraulic lash adjuster with tapered oil feed annulus
03/26/15Switchable hydraulic lash adjuster with external spring and solid stop
03/26/15Camshaft adjusting device
03/26/15Wedge clutch with axially displaceable wedge plate
03/26/15Series-to-parallel damper assembly including two flanges
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03/26/15Camshaft phaser system
03/19/15Balancing element and balancing a clutch
03/19/15Bearing unit for a turbocharger
03/12/15Axial through-shaft actuator arrangement
03/12/15Camshaft adjuster
03/12/15Rotor for a hydraulic camshaft phaser
03/12/15Method of controlling clutches in a multi-function torque converter
03/12/15Adjustment device for a friction clutch
03/12/15Rolling bearing having rings with stepped surfaces opposite to the raceways
03/12/15Preassembled insertable roller bearing unit
03/12/15Torque converter impeller including impeller shell having thinned section
03/12/15Power split torque converter
03/12/15Tandem axle disconnect with synchronized overdrive
03/12/15Bearing-less torque converter
03/05/15Camshaft adjuster and separating sleeve for a camshaft adjuster
03/05/15Clutch assembly
03/05/15Mating surface of a friction pairing
03/05/15Method for reducing chatter vibrations in a drivetrain
03/05/15Press fit keyed outer race in stator
03/05/15Compound planetary gear unit
03/05/15Mating surface of a friction pairing
02/26/15Method and winding a return spring with a two piece rotor for a cam phaser
02/26/15Slider pad for roller finger follower
02/26/15Two-pass multi-function torque converter with normally closed impeller clutch
02/26/15Wheel bearing having a sensor holder
02/26/15Rolling element guide cage and producing same
02/26/15Bearing assembly with a retaining ring and method thereof
02/26/15Converter collar bearing for a torque converter
02/26/15Method for producing a link-plate chain
02/26/15Drive device for a vehicle
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02/19/15Pre-stressed torque converter shell
02/19/15Rolling bearing component
02/19/15Two piece cage for a needle bearing
02/12/15Dual independent phaser with dual-sided locking cover
02/12/15Bearing configuration with two-row polygonal bearing
02/12/15Bearing position with a single row polygonal bearing
02/12/15Damper assembly including a spring damper transferring torque to a slip clutch
02/12/15Idler sprocket lubrication assembly and method
02/12/15Axle differential transmission for an engageably driven vehicle of a motor vehicle
02/05/15Rolling bearing having a bearing ring with a hardened surface zone
02/05/15Torque converter with stamped stator
02/05/15Planetary gearbox comprising a differential
01/29/15Torque converter including an elastic element preloading an axially movable turbine
01/29/15Turbine shell defining a spring receiving pocket
01/29/15Thermal management valve module with isolated flow chambers
01/29/15Actuation system for multi-chamber thermal management valve module
01/29/15Disconnect for a switchable wedge clutch
01/29/15Integrated switchable shaft bearing
01/29/15Actuating device for a torque transmission device
01/29/15Extruded bearing housing
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01/29/15Method for operating a roller bearing assembly, and roller bearing device therefor
01/29/15Rolling bearing assembly
01/29/15Bearing cage with self-lubricating grease reservoirs
01/29/15Suspension strut bearing
01/29/15Method for marking components employing overlapping and subsequently barely overlapping laser pulses
01/22/15Torque converter with turbine mass absorber
01/22/15Control valve with integral pressure switch
01/22/15Drive assembly including drive tab fixed to turbine shell and forming
01/22/15Two pass multi-function torque converter
01/22/15Bi-directional actuator for a motor vehicle drive train
01/22/15Transmission clutch damper
01/22/15Drive assembly including turbine shell fixed to a damper assembly by a rectangular rivet
01/15/15Camshaft adjuster and stator cover unit for automatic adjustment of a locking device
01/15/15Selectable valve assembly for a vehicle transmission
01/15/15All-wheel drive disconnect clutch
01/15/15Cassette seal, particularly for a wheel bearing arrangement of a motor vehicle
01/15/15Laminated sprocket assembly
01/01/15Dual independent phasing system with separate oil feeds
12/25/14Electric power train for the steerable axle of a motor vehicle
12/25/14Roller device for a traction mechanism drive of a motor vehicle
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12/25/14Suspended mounting of a differential
12/25/14Planet for a planetary rolling-contact screw
12/18/14Friction clutch with readjustment device
12/11/14Hydraulically ratcheted chain tensioner
12/04/14Camshaft adjusting device
12/04/14Camshaft adjusting device
12/04/14Wedge one-way clutch with gear thrust activation
12/04/14One-way clutch carrier assembly with bearing
12/04/14Spring retainer for a torsional vibration damper and producing a spring retainer
12/04/14Rotary support including bearings
12/04/14Twist lock flat thrust washer assembly
12/04/14Stamped turbine hub with centring tabs for torque converter
12/04/14Variable-speed multi-stage refrigerant centrifugal compressor with diffusers
12/04/14Pulley ring
11/27/14Securing element, steering bearing with a securing element and steering column with a steering bearing and a securing element
11/27/14Torque converter having clutch backing plate fixed to cover and forming
11/27/14Piston seal assembly
11/27/14Bearing mounting collar
11/27/14Roller device for a traction mechanism drive of a motor vehicle
11/20/14Torque transmission device
11/20/14Camshaft phaser with a rotor nose oil feed adapter
11/20/14Integrated leaf spring and seal retention
11/20/14Reduced drag clutch plate
11/20/14Clamping device for a belt drive
11/13/14Switching roller finger follower with locking mechanism
11/13/14Wedge clutch with a split hub
11/13/14Rolling bearing with integrated electrical shunt
11/13/14Labyrinthine radial piston-hydraulic variable waterpump actuation system
11/13/14Rotary power transfer disconnect device
11/06/14One-way clutch with conical strut
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11/06/14Friction clutch
11/06/14Friction plate including connected core plates
11/06/14Drive train having a spur gearing and a centrifugal pendulum
10/30/14Drive assembly for a torque converter including a spring retainer engaging a clutch plate
10/30/14Wheel bearing arrangement with encoder protection and centering device
10/30/14Ball bearing cage, and grooved ball bearing provided therewith
10/23/14Dual poppet proportional solenoid control valve
10/23/14Compact preload integrated mechanism for bearings
10/23/14Inner ring for a spherical roller bearing assembly with induction annealing and method thereof
10/23/14Turbine assembly for a torque converter including a tab plate and turbine shell brazed together and forming
10/23/14Clutch device and electric machine
10/16/14Controllable coolant pump with an electro-hydraulic baffle plate adjustment
10/16/14Differential gear
10/16/14Differential gear
10/16/14Differential gear
10/09/14Torque converter bearing centering plate
10/09/14Drive train
10/09/14Actuator device for actuating a coupling mechanism
10/09/14Split cage for a bearing
10/09/14Chassis actuator device for a vehicle
09/18/14Gearbox device with cooled dry-sump area
09/11/14Concentric camshaft phaser
09/11/14Belt tensioner
09/04/14Cam follower
09/04/14One-way clutch carrier assembly
09/04/14Rolling bearing
08/28/14Lanced drive plate
08/28/14Controllable coolant pump
08/28/14Controllable coolant pump

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