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Schlumberger Technology Corporation
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Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100107
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Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Schlumberger Technology Corporation. Schlumberger Technology Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schlumberger Technology Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Schlumberger Technology

Adaptive pump control for positive displacement pump failure modes

Schlumberger Technology

Magnetically clamping a downhole component to a direction of a borehole casing

Schlumberger Technology

Downhole fluid analysis methods

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Count Application # Date Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12014023812208/28/14 new patent  Apparatus and method for measuring phase behavior
22014023866708/28/14 new patent  Downhole fluid analysis methods
32014023866808/28/14 new patent  Testing while fracturing while drilling
42014023866908/28/14 new patent  Magnetically clamping a downhole component to a direction of a borehole casing
52014023867008/28/14 new patent  Downhole measurement of formation characteristics while drilling
62014023867608/28/14 new patent  Cement slurry compositions and methods
72014023916808/28/14 new patent  Optical window assembly for an optical sensor of a downhole tool and method of using same
82014023995708/28/14 new patent  Using low frequency for detecting formation structures filled with magnetic fluid
92014023996008/28/14 new patent  System and method for imaging properties of subterranean formations
102014024086208/28/14 new patent  Optical window assemblies
112014024282508/28/14 new patent  System and method for connecting a power cable with a submersible component
122014024404908/28/14 new patent  Adaptive pump control for positive displacement pump failure modes
132014023053808/21/14System and method for removing noise from measurement data
142014023107408/21/14Methods and apparatus for determining downhole parameters
152014023107708/21/14Use of nanotracers for imaging and/or monitoring fluid flow and improved oil recovery
162014023114208/21/14Drill bit systems with temperature sensors and applications using temperature sensor measurements
172014023164008/21/14Nuclear spectroscopy corrections using multiple standards and spatial regions
182014023239108/21/14Rotating frame pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
192014023272308/21/14Moving visualizations between displays and contexts
202014023272408/21/14Moving visualizations between displays and contexts
212014023335408/21/14Method for determining the acoustic characteristics of a mud filter cake
222014023405908/21/14Remote wellsite material tracking
232014023635708/21/14Cement data telemetry via drill string
242014022400008/14/14Estimating oil viscosity
252014022448208/14/14Subterranean formation oil mobility quicklook
262014022451108/14/14Pump drain arrangements for packer systems and methods for sampling underground formations using same
272014022711908/14/14Oil filter for downhole motor
282014022911208/14/14Estimating adsorbed gas volume from nmr and dielectric logs
292014022911308/14/14Compression of multidimensional sonic data
302014022912008/14/14System and method for determining a health condition of wellsite equipment
312014021673208/07/14Hydrocarbon recovery control system and method
322014021673408/07/14Casing collar location using elecromagnetic wave phase shift measurement
332014021673608/07/14System and method for delivering treatment fluid
342014021674508/07/14Method of drilling and running casing in large diameter wellbore
352014021675808/07/14Deploying an expandable downhole seat assembly
362014021675908/07/14Deploying an expandable downhole seat assembly
372014021682108/07/14Flow control diverter valve
382014021727308/07/14Correcting gamma-ray energy spectra for pileup degradation
392014021802308/07/14Nmr flowmeter with superconducting polarizer
402014021820608/07/14Multi-scheme downhole tool bus system and methods
412014022240308/07/14Geologic model via implicit function
422014022240508/07/14System and method for performing downhole stimulation operations
432014020857007/31/14Method for making a coiled tubing assembly
442014020929107/31/14Seals for electric submersible pump
452014020929207/31/14Seals for electric submersible pump
462014020930007/31/14Hazard avoidance analysis
472014020930207/31/14Packer and packer outer layer
482014020931307/31/14Mechanical filter for acoustic telemetry repeater
492014020931407/31/14Shear and seal system for subsea applications
502014020931807/31/14Gas lift apparatus and method for producing a well
512014020932307/31/14Collet coupling for electric submersible pump shafts
522014020932707/31/14Single trip completion system and method
532014020938107/31/14Pressure inducing charge
542014020938507/31/14Sealed core
552014020938907/31/14High dogleg steerable tool
562014021200607/31/14Method for quantitative prediction of matrix acidizing treatment outcomes
572014021432407/31/14Predicting mineralogy properties from elemental compositions
582014021438707/31/14Constrained optimization for well placement planning
592014020223707/24/14Method of analyzing a petroleum reservoir
602014020269707/24/14Well completion methods
612014020270807/24/14Downhole component having dissolvable components
622014020412107/24/14Augmented reality for oilfield
632014020471007/24/14Methods and apparatus for estimating borehole mud slownesses
642014020520107/24/14Cyclic noise removal in borehole imaging
652014020739007/24/14Coiled tubing useful life monitor and technique
662014020743007/24/14Analysis of surface networks for fluids
672014019688507/17/14Method and system for monitoring the incursion of particulate material into a well casing within hydrocarbon bearing formations including gas hydrates
682014019689307/17/14Equipment and methods for deploying line in a wellbore
692014019689707/17/14Oxidative internal breaker system with breaking activators for viscoelastic surfactant fluids
702014019695907/17/14Downhole drill bit
712014019730707/17/14High throughput pulse height analyzer
722014019783907/17/14Apparatus and method for balancing impedance of a resistivity measuring tool
732014020080807/17/14Phase-based electromagnetic surveys for geological formations
742014020080907/17/14Systems and methods for investigating a formation surrounding a borehole
752014020081007/17/14Methods for reservoir evaluation employing non-equilibrium compositional gradients
762014020083107/17/14Pipe damage interpretation system
772014019012807/10/14Methods for improving the flowability of asphalt particles
782014019070607/10/14Encapsulating an electric submersible pump cable in coiled tubing
792014019176207/10/14System and method for imaging properties of subterranean formations
802014019261807/10/14Active attenuation of vibrations resulting from firing of acoustic sources
812014019295307/10/14Method for determination of spatial distribution and concentration of contrast components in a porous and/or heterogeneous sample
822014019315307/10/14Methods and apparatus to multiplex light signals
832014019529007/10/14Task management system and method
842014019529507/10/14Task management system and method
852014018236807/03/14Carry over meter
862014018237107/03/14Non-radioactive density measurement in oilfield operations
872014018284107/03/14Method for wellbore stimulation optimization
882014018284407/03/14System and method for performing wellbore stimulation operations
892014018334807/03/14Ion source with cathode having an array of nano-sized projections
902014018334907/03/14Ion source using spindt cathode and electromagnetic confinement
912014018337607/03/14Ion source using heated cathode and electromagnetic confinement
922014018407407/03/14Ion source using field emitter array cathode and electromagnetic confinement
932014018422007/03/14Method for nuclear magnetic resonance diffusion measurements
942014018422807/03/14Method for treating and measuring subterranean formations
952014018422907/03/14Systems and methods for resistivity measurement at multiple angles of rotation
962014018423007/03/14Matrix permitivity determination (is10.0565-us-pct)
972014018520107/03/14Electronic device sealing for a downhole tool
982014018541307/03/14Dip seismic attributes
992014018839207/03/14Normalization seismic attribute
1002014018842107/03/14Apparatus and method for calibration of coriolis meter for dry gas density measurement
1012014018889207/03/14Social network resource integration
1022014018901107/03/14Remote contextual collaboration
1032014017471406/26/14Completion system having a sand control assembly, an inductive coupler, and a sensor proximate to the sand control assembly
1042014017472106/26/14Probe packer including rigid intermediate containment ring
1052014017472206/26/14Extended reach well system
1062014017472506/26/14Downhole cable sensor
1072014017472606/26/14System and method for providing oscillation downhole
1082014017472806/26/14Method and apparatus for a well employing the use of an activation ball
1092014017472906/26/14Method for determining parameters of a bottomhole and a near-bottomhole zone of a wellbore
1102014017473306/26/14Power generation via drillstring pipe reciprocation
1112014017474206/26/14Well treatment with complexed metal crosslinkers
1122014017474306/26/14Well treatment with complexed metal crosslinkers
1132014017475806/26/14Packer including support member with rigid segments
1142014017475906/26/14Downhole tool centralizing pistons
1152014017476006/26/14System and method for conveying
1162014017476106/26/14Downhole shifting tool
1172014017476206/26/14Method and apparatus for pipe-conveyed well logging
1182014017613906/26/14Basalt fiber composite for antenna in well-logging
1192014017694606/26/14Methods and apparatus for downhole fluid analysis
1202014017738806/26/14System and method for acoustic imaging using a transducer array
1212014017739106/26/14Acoustic isolators
1222014017766906/26/14Method for determining adsorption heat and wetting heat of a surface and a measuring cell of a calorimeter
1232014018059106/26/14Multi-sensor contamination monitoring
1242014018065806/26/14Model-driven surveillance and diagnostics
1252014016626906/19/14Downhole sampling of compressible fluids
1262014016627006/19/14System and method for positioning equipment for well logging
1272014016627106/19/14Hydraulic system and method of monitoring
1282014016627506/19/14System and method for determining mechanical properties of a formation
1292014016627606/19/14Method and system for treating a subterranean formation
1302014016628006/19/14Hydrocarbon recovery employing an injection well and a production well having multiple tubing strings with active feedback control
1312014016629406/19/14Cystine proteases for bacterial control
1322014016630206/19/14Intelligent completion system for extended reach drilling wells
1332014016631606/19/14Fabrication and use of well-based obstruction forming object
1342014016636306/19/14Automated directional drilling system and method using steerable motors
1352014016687006/19/14Ion source having increased electron path length
1362014016687206/19/14Ion source employing secondary electron generation
1372014016786906/19/14Apparatus to provide a time reference
1382014016912706/19/14Data processing systems and methods for downhole seismic investigations
1392014016912806/19/14Devices, systems and methods for low frequency seismic borehole investigations
1402014016912906/19/14Downhole receiver systems and methods for low frequency seismic investigations
1412014016913006/19/14Methods and apparatus for waveform processing
1422014016913106/19/14Thermoelastic logging
1432014017001106/19/14Bearing/gearing section for a pdm rotor/stator
1442014017230606/19/14Integrated oilfield decision making system and method
1452014015787606/12/14Measurement of fluid properties
1462014015787706/12/14Downhole determination of asphaltene content
1472014015788306/12/14Dual flowline testing tool with pressure self-equalizer
1482014015822806/12/14Spring assisted active mud check valve with spring
1492014015834506/12/14Dual-pump formation fracturing
1502014015835606/12/14Encapsulated explosive pellet
1512014015835706/12/14Nozzle selective perforating jet assembly
1522014015838006/12/14Pump deployment via cable
1532014015842906/12/14Cooling system and method for a downhole tool
1542014015982306/12/14Silicon-based oscillator for a downhole tool
1552014016388806/12/14Weighting function for inclination and azimuth computation
1562014015052006/05/14System and method for measuring flow rates for individual petroleum wells in a well pad field
1572014015054506/05/14Scattering detection from downhole optical spectra
1582014015103306/05/14System and method for performing wellbore fracture operations
1592014015103506/05/14System and method for performing wellbore fracture operations
1602014015103606/05/14Distributed clamps for a downhole seismic source
1612014015103906/05/14Expandable filtering system for single packer systems
1622014015104306/05/14Stabilized fluids in well treatment
1632014015104606/05/14Dissolvable material application in perforating
1642014015105406/05/14Flow control system
1652014015230106/05/14Determining the larmor frequency for nmr tools
1662014015245606/05/14Failure point diagnostics in cable telemetry
1672014015245706/05/14Toolstring communication in cable telemetry
1682014015245906/05/14Wellsite system and method for multiple carrier frequency, half duplex cable telemetry
1692014015246006/05/14Toolstring topology mapping in cable telemetry
1702014015445406/05/14Heat resistant seal member
1712014015530506/05/14Thickening of fluids
1722014015619406/05/14Deviated well log curve grids workflow
1732014015621106/05/14Tilted test loop calibration system
1742014015623806/05/14Optimization with a control mechanism using a mixed-integer nonlinear formulation
1752014014422505/29/14Multiphase flowmeter
1762014014462405/29/14Electric motors and related systems for deployment in a downhole well environment
1772014014462505/29/14System and method related to a sampling packer
1782014014507205/29/14System and method for gain regulation
1792014014648005/29/14Devices for cooling and power
1802014014904005/29/14Multilevel workflow method to extract resistivity anisotropy data from three-dimensional induction measurements
1812014014908705/29/14Detecting the potential for instabilities in a two-phase fluid system
1822014014909805/29/14Multiphase flow in a wellbore and connected hydraulic fracture
1832014013808505/22/14Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable channelant fill
1842014013808905/22/14System and method for producing high pressure foam slurry
1852014013809905/22/14Gas lift barrier valve
1862014013982005/22/14Methods for measuring fluid flow in subterranean wells
1872014014017305/22/14Land seismic devices, systems and methods
1882014014285505/22/14Wellbore instrument clock oscillator and instrument system made therewith
1892014014285705/22/14Mean regression function for permeability
1902014013808505/22/14Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable channelant fill
1912014013808905/22/14System and method for producing high pressure foam slurry
1922014013809905/22/14Gas lift barrier valve
1932014013982005/22/14Methods for measuring fluid flow in subterranean wells
1942014014017305/22/14Land seismic devices, systems and methods
1952014014285505/22/14Wellbore instrument clock oscillator and instrument system made therewith
1962014014285705/22/14Mean regression function for permeability
1972014013102905/15/14While drilling valve system
1982014013103105/15/14Filtration system and method for a packer
1992014013103705/15/14Method and apparatus for determining efficiency of a sampling tool
2002014013104505/15/14Downhole tool positioning system and method
2012014013109805/15/14Method for motion compensation using wired drill pipe
2022014013109905/15/14System and method for managing and/or using data for tools in a wellbore
2032014013110805/15/14Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
2042014013219205/15/14Power control for electrical applications over long cables
2052014013225805/15/14Asphaltene evaluation based on nmr measurements and temperature / pressure cycling
2062014013225905/15/14Nmr method to determine grain size distribution in mixed saturation
2072014013611105/15/14Oilfield production forecasting system
2082014013617305/15/14Methods of hydraulically fracturing a subterranean formation
2092014013102905/15/14While drilling valve system
2102014013103105/15/14Filtration system and method for a packer
2112014013103705/15/14Method and apparatus for determining efficiency of a sampling tool
2122014013104505/15/14Downhole tool positioning system and method
2132014013109805/15/14Method for motion compensation using wired drill pipe
2142014013109905/15/14System and method for managing and/or using data for tools in a wellbore
2152014013110805/15/14Underreamer for increasing a wellbore diameter
2162014013219205/15/14Power control for electrical applications over long cables
2172014013225805/15/14Asphaltene evaluation based on nmr measurements and temperature / pressure cycling
2182014013225905/15/14Nmr method to determine grain size distribution in mixed saturation
2192014013611105/15/14Oilfield production forecasting system
2202014013617305/15/14Methods of hydraulically fracturing a subterranean formation
2212014012374805/08/14Borehole microseismic systems and methods
2222014012420105/08/14Nozzle selective perforating jet assembly
2232014012465905/08/14Scintillator-based neutron detector for oilfield applications
2242014012538405/08/14Systems, methods, and apparatus to drive reactive loads
2252014012632805/08/14Methods and systems for improving microseismic event detection and location
2262014012633005/08/14Coiled tubing condition monitoring system
2272014012914805/08/14Downhole determination of drilling state
2282014012914905/08/14Formation evaluation using hybrid well log datasets
2292014012929605/08/14Method and system for offering and procuring well services
2302014012374805/08/14Borehole microseismic systems and methods
2312014012420105/08/14Nozzle selective perforating jet assembly
2322014012465905/08/14Scintillator-based neutron detector for oilfield applications
2332014012538405/08/14Systems, methods, and apparatus to drive reactive loads
2342014012632805/08/14Methods and systems for improving microseismic event detection and location
2352014012633005/08/14Coiled tubing condition monitoring system
2362014012914805/08/14Downhole determination of drilling state
2372014012914905/08/14Formation evaluation using hybrid well log datasets
2382014012929605/08/14Method and system for offering and procuring well services
2392014011667505/01/14Wireline tool configurations having improved retrievability
2402014011668305/01/14Method for increasing the permeability of the bottom well-bore region of a seam (is11.0138-us-pct)
2412014011671705/01/14Valve system
2422014011671805/01/14Single packer with a sealing layer shape enhanced for fluid performance
2432014011672405/01/14Coiled tubing pump down system
2442014011672605/01/14Downhole sensor and method of coupling same to a borehole wall
2452014011678305/01/14Formation evaluation while drilling
2462014011679005/01/14Cutting element attached to downhole fixed bladed bit at a positive rake angle
2472014011724605/01/14Apparatus and method for detecting radiation
2482014011815805/01/14Artificial lift equipment power line communication
2492014011915905/01/14Methods for in-situ borehole seismic surveys using downhole sources

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