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Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Schlumberger Technology Corporation A Corporation
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100114
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100107
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100121
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20131212
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100128


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Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Schlumberger Technology Corporation. Schlumberger Technology Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schlumberger Technology Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016003217602/04/16  new patent  Compositions and methods for treating subterranean formations
22016003270002/04/16  new patent  Compositions and methods for treating subterranean formations
32016003270602/04/16  new patent  Method to design expandable cement based upon specified downhole conditions
42016003270802/04/16  new patent  Sensor standoff
52016003271102/04/16  new patent  Methods and measuring downhole position and velocity
62016003271402/04/16  new patent  Telemetry system and operating the same
72016003272102/04/16  new patent  Scattering detection from downhole optical spectra
82016003344602/04/16  new patent  Devices and methods for measuring analyte concentration
92016003366502/04/16  new patent  Seismic detector
102016003366602/04/16  new patent  Method of coalescence microseismic mapping including model's uncertainty
112016003367302/04/16  new patent  Estimating petrophysical parameters and invasion profile using joint induction and pressure data inversion approach
122016003413902/04/16  new patent  Predictive user interface
132016003504802/04/16  new patent  Collaborative performing wellsite tasks
142016002484601/28/16 Inverted wellbore drilling motor
152016002486301/28/16 Preventing fluid loss
162016002486401/28/16 Conditioning ferrous alloys into cracking susceptible and fragmentable elements for use in a well
172016002488001/28/16 Subsea safety valve system
182016002490201/28/16 Methods and cables for use in fracturing zones in a well
192016002490301/28/16 Method of propping agent delivery to the well
202016002490501/28/16 Control of a managed pressure drilling system
212016002491001/28/16 Downhole sand control apparatus and method with tool position sensor
222016002491401/28/16 Monitoring matrix acidizing operations
232016002560901/28/16 Method of acquiring viscosity of a downhole fluid in a downhole tool with a vibrating wire viscometer
242016002587701/28/16 Methods and systems for determining well drilling paths in a hydrocarbon field
252016002589501/28/16 Well treatment with digital core analysis
262016002594501/28/16 Methods and cables for use in fracturing zones in a well
272016002667801/28/16 System and facilitating oilfield data analysis
282016001721601/21/16 Gelled foam compositions and methods
292016001765901/21/16 Actively controlled rotary steerable drilling system (rss)
302016001769501/21/16 Downhole actively controlled power generation mechanism
312016001770701/21/16 Water volume fraction of flowing fluids
322016001799801/21/16 Self cleaning pistons
332016001824501/21/16 Measurement using a multi-core optical fiber
342016001854201/21/16 Method to invert for fault activity and tectonic stress
352016001855001/21/16 Direct fluid indicators in multiple segment prospects
362016001855401/21/16 Downhole fluid composition sensing
372016001856201/21/16 Multiscale reservoir models
382016001021701/14/16 Corrosion inhibition
392016001044301/14/16 Method for performing wellbore fracture operations using fluid temperature predictions
402016001044701/14/16 Master communication tool for distributed network of wireless communication devices
412016001045201/14/16 Accoustic triggering devices for multiple fluid samplers and methods of making and using same
422016001133301/14/16 Regional stress inversion using frictional faults
432016001237101/14/16 Method and system for assessing oilfield services
442016000140001/07/16 Remote laser heating systems and methods
452016000297801/07/16 Steering system for drill string
462016000299101/07/16 Interval density pressure management methods
472016000299201/07/16 Valve system for distributing actuating fluid
482016000302501/07/16 Casing inspection using pulsed neutron measurements
492016000302801/07/16 Automatic wellbore survey evaluation
502016000303701/07/16 Hydrocarbon density determination method
512016000395401/07/16 Aerial vehicle acquisition of seismic data
522016000396901/07/16 Pulsed neutron well logging determining multiple formation parameters
532016000397401/07/16 Systems and methods for curvature analysis from borehole dips and applications thereof
542016000648101/07/16 Telemetry equipment for multiphase electric motor systems
552015037695512/31/15 Lateral junction for use in a well
562015037696112/31/15 Method for prolonging a wellbore cable life
572015037699912/31/15 Downhole polymer foam applications
582015037700412/31/15 Closed loop control of drilling toolface
592015037700512/31/15 Fracturing and reactivated fracture volumes
602015037700712/31/15 Desiccant box and downhole assembly comprising a desiccant box
612015037701212/31/15 Anomaly recognition system and methodology
622015037702112/31/15 Reservoir effluent auto sampler & detection system for tracers
632015037777612/31/15 Probe using ultraviolet and infrared radiation for multi-phase flow analysis
642015037804312/31/15 Magnetic ranging while rotating
652015037804412/31/15 Magnetic ranging to an ac source while rotating
662015036740212/24/15 Cold rolling devices and colled rolled rotary shouldered connection threads
672015036854712/24/15 Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable channelant fill
682015036854912/24/15 Delayed water-swelling materials and use
692015036898412/24/15 Pressure compensated rotating electrical contact
702015036900312/24/15 Downhole valve utilizing degradable material
712015036902712/24/15 Well treatment method and system
722015036902812/24/15 Compound cluster placement in fractures
732015036902912/24/15 Compound cluster placement in fractures
742015036903112/24/15 System and controlling drilling process
752015036971812/24/15 Apparatus and methodology for measuring properties of microporous material at multiple scales
762015036993912/24/15 Determining a quantitative bond using signal attenuation
772015036994712/24/15 Systems and methods for determining annular fill material based on resistivity measurements
782015036994912/24/15 Multi-electrode electric field downhole logging tool
792015036995712/24/15 Generating relative permeabilities and capillary pressures
802015037093412/24/15 Completion design based on logging while drilling (lwd) data
812015037134412/24/15 Automated rig activity report generation
822015036132212/17/15 Method for enhancing fiber bridging
832015036172512/17/15 Directional drilling control devices and methods
842015036174412/17/15 Downhole pressure compensator
852015036174712/17/15 Multistage well system and technique
862015036175112/17/15 Jarring tool
872015036176112/17/15 Cable-conveyed activation object
882015036177512/17/15 Oilfield material mixing and metering system
892015036178112/17/15 Fastening technique in a downhole tool
902015036178312/17/15 Indicating system for a downhole apparatus and a locating a downhole apparatus
912015036178712/17/15 Wireless communication and telemetry for completions
922015036179112/17/15 System and controlled pumping in a downhole sampling tool
932015036210012/17/15 Rotary shouldered connections and thread design
942015036229712/17/15 Energetic material applications in shaped charges for perforation operations
952015036261812/17/15 Pulsed neutron measurement method and system
962015036262012/17/15 Intelligent management of data acquisition
972015036262112/17/15 Calibrations for a well drilling apparatus
982015036289712/17/15 Interface for automation client
992015036352012/17/15 Methods and systems for calculating and evaluating value of information for reservoir fluid models derived from dfa tool data
1002015035428012/10/15 Progressive cavity based control system
1012015035428512/10/15 Pointed working ends on a bit
1022015035428812/10/15 Anti-rotation device and alternate deployable electric submersible pumps
1032015035430512/10/15 Rotatable wireline tool of enhanced hydraulic drive consistency
1042015035431512/10/15 Wellbore annular safety valve and method
1052015035433112/10/15 Bottom discharge electric submersible pump system and method
1062015035434012/10/15 Rotating downhole logging tool with reduced torque
1072015035434212/10/15 Methods for analyzing formation tester pretest data
1082015035434512/10/15 Methods and systems for analyzing flow
1092015035435312/10/15 System and estimating oil formation volume factor downhole
1102015035506812/10/15 System and methodology for determining properties of a substance
1112015035535812/10/15 Generalized spectral decomposition
1122015035536512/10/15 Well-logging device with dielectric thermoset material
1132015035537212/10/15 Method and system for calibrating a downhole imaging tool
1142015035537412/10/15 Pressure transient test with sensitivity analysis
1152015035627912/10/15 Methods and systems for managing license distribution for software
1162015035652112/10/15 System, method, and oilfield equipment prognostics and health management
1172015034477112/03/15 Preparation method, formulation and application of chemically retarded mineral acid for oilfield use
1182015034477212/03/15 Well treatment
1192015034522312/03/15 Method and system for directional drilling
1202015034527612/03/15 Apparatus, system, and methods for downhole debris collection
1212015034528912/03/15 Microfluidic oscillating tube densitometer for downhole applications
1222015034559812/03/15 Controllable mechanical transmission for downhole applications
1232015034637812/03/15 Identifying and removing artifacts from multi-dimensional distribution functions
1242015034637912/03/15 Well-logging viewer with icons
1252015034638412/03/15 Enhanced visualization of logging information in cased wells using dynamic normalization
1262015034830912/03/15 Cross section creation and modification
1272015033721011/26/15 Washing oily solids
1282015033759811/26/15 Pressure booster for rotary steerable system tool
1292015033760111/26/15 Drilling system with flow control valve
1302015033761211/26/15 Method for forming slots in a wellbore casing
1312015033762111/26/15 Liner wiper plug with bypass option
1322015033764711/26/15 Determining seismic sensor orientation in a wellbore
1332015033854111/26/15 Electromagnetic assessment of multiple conductive tubulars
1342015033854711/26/15 Optical and electrical sensing of a multiphase fluid
1352015033941111/26/15 Automated surface network generation
1362015033016811/19/15 Pumps-off annular pressure while drilling system
1372015033017011/19/15 Hydro-mechanical downhole tool
1382015033017211/19/15 Pump down conveyance
1392015033017911/19/15 Compositions and methods for well completions
1402015033018711/19/15 Flow control system
1412015033019211/19/15 Perforating gun with integrated initiator
1422015033020411/19/15 Well construction management and decision support system
1432015033020911/19/15 Optimal trajectory control for directional drilling
1442015033021811/19/15 Methods and planning and dynamically updating sampling operations while drilling in a subterranean formation
1452015033062611/19/15 Multiphase burner
1462015033112211/19/15 Waveform-based seismic localization with quantified uncertainty
1472015033114111/19/15 Geological constituent estimation using calculated spectra relationships
1482015033114411/19/15 Borehole tool calibration method
1492015033197111/19/15 Interactive well pad plan
1502015033197611/19/15 Forecasting oil production for multiply-fractured horizontal wells
1512015032195311/12/15 Cement blend compositions
1522015032276011/12/15 Mechanically assisted fracture initiation
1532015032276111/12/15 Apparatus and servicing a well
1542015032277811/12/15 Data transmission during drilling
1552015032278011/12/15 Mud pulse telemetry devices, systems, and methods
1562015032369811/12/15 Nuclear magnetic resonance refocusing pulses for inhomogeneous magnetic fields
1572015032450011/12/15 Drilling data visualization method
1582015032504511/12/15 Map drawing device
1592015031545611/05/15 Methods for treating a subterranean well
1602015031545711/05/15 Composition and treating subterranean formation
1612015031589511/05/15 Completion system having a sand control assembly, an inductive coupler, and a sensor proximate to the sand control assembly
1622015031590411/05/15 Integrated wellbore caliper
1632015031625711/05/15 Multiphase flare for effluent flow
1642015031758511/05/15 Optimal wellbore path planning
1652015030820410/29/15 Control of managed pressure drilling
1662015030821410/29/15 Fold back swell packer
1672015030822410/29/15 Chemically targeted control of downhole flow control devices
1682015030823810/29/15 System and gravel packing a wellbore
1692015030823910/29/15 Valve for gravel packing a wellbore
1702015030825610/29/15 Reducing axial wave reflections and identifying sticking in wireline cables
1712015030826110/29/15 Determining formation fluid variation with pressure
1722015030826410/29/15 Downhole real-time filtrate contamination monitoring
1732015030900010/29/15 Estimating diffusion coefficient for a reservoir stimulation fluid
1742015030900210/29/15 Method and system for determining asphaltene onset pressure using a wavelength dependent signal
1752015030900310/29/15 Method and system for determining asphaltene onset pressure using a using depressurization and pressurization
1762015030919110/29/15 Downhole gas-filled radiation detector with optical fiber
1772015029955510/22/15 Additive for well cementing applications
1782015030012210/22/15 Axially compressed and radially pressed seal
1792015030015710/22/15 Method for tracking a treatment fluid in a subterranean formation
1802015030016110/22/15 Down hole subsurface wave system with drill string wave discrimination and using same
1812015030089410/22/15 Piezoelectric actuator and process for manufacturing same
1822015030121310/22/15 A processing acoustic waveforms
1832015030122210/22/15 Inversion-based calibration of downhole electromagnetic tools
1842015029228610/15/15 Extendable connection of electronic components
1852015029231610/15/15 Asymmetric excluder for downhole logging tool
1862015029232410/15/15 Estimation of mud filtrate spectra and use in fluid analysis
1872015029300710/15/15 Methods for measurement of ultra-low permeability and porosity
1882015029300810/15/15 Apparatus and calibration measurement of ultra-low permeability and porosity
1892015029325110/15/15 Apparatus for monopole and multipole sonic logging of a downhole formation
1902015029325210/15/15 Wireless logging of fluid filled boreholes
1912015029325510/15/15 Resistivity of chemically stimulated reservoirs
1922015029425810/15/15 Method and system for prioritizing and allocating well operating tasks
1932015029476210/15/15 Cables and methods of making cables
1942015029476310/15/15 Downhole cables and methods of making the same
1952015028501310/08/15 Aligning borehole drilling equipment
1962015028502310/08/15 System, method, and multi-stage completion
1972015028503110/08/15 Downhole tool anchoring system
1982015028504310/08/15 Differential pressure mover
1992015028504510/08/15 Well stimulation
2002015028505410/08/15 Management & control of a sealing element of a rotating control device
2012015028572510/08/15 Method and determining wettability of materials
2022015028593610/08/15 System and methodology for determining fracture attributes in a formation
2032015028594310/08/15 Alpha processing to improve accuracy and precision of elemental concentrations from gamma-ray spectroscopy
2042015028594410/08/15 Hydrocarbon saturation from total organic carbon logs derived from inelastic and capture nuclear spectroscopy
2052015027341910/01/15 Optimized drive of fracturing fluids blenders
2062015027558710/01/15 Non-threaded tubular connection
2072015027558910/01/15 System and methodology for use in borehole applications
2082015027560710/01/15 Method for treating subterranean formation
2092015027561510/01/15 Well operating elements comprising a soluble component and methods of use
2102015027561710/01/15 Swellable downhole packers
2112015027564410/01/15 Well treatment
2122015027565910/01/15 Telemetry diagnostics
2132015027589110/01/15 Integrated motor and pump assembly
2142015027646310/01/15 Non-invasive acoustic monitoring of subsea containers
2152015027696610/01/15 Multiaxial well logging instrument response in dipping and crossbedded formations
2162015027696710/01/15 Compensated tri-axial propagation measurements
2172015027696810/01/15 Deep reading electromagnetic logging while drilling tool
2182015027697110/01/15 Gain compensated directional propagation measurements
2192015027697210/01/15 Gain compensated directional propagation measurements
2202015027697310/01/15 Gain compensated directional propagation measurements
2212015026710309/24/15 Methods for servicing subterranean wells
2222015026752109/24/15 Formation treatment evaluation
2232015026752809/24/15 System and caliper calibration
2242015026753309/24/15 Transmitter and receiver synchronization for wireless telemetry systems
2252015026832309/24/15 Multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance methods for characterizing fluids
2262015026836509/24/15 Method to characterize geological formations using secondary source seismic data
2272015026837209/24/15 Method and determining formation properties using collocated triaxial antennas with non-planar sinusoidal coils
2282015026837609/24/15 Method for using neutron interaction cross section to interpret neutron measurements
2292015027075909/24/15 Systems and methods for driving a plurality of motors
2302015025999509/17/15 Alignment assembly
2312015025999609/17/15 On-demand release tool system and methodology
2322015025999909/17/15 Selective orientation and location system
2332015026001309/17/15 Remote downhole actuation device
2342015026001509/17/15 Planning drilling operations using models and rig market databases
2352015026003409/17/15 Determining mineralogy of an earth formation using linear regressions
2362015026062709/17/15 Fiber content analysis method and system
2372015026066609/17/15 Method for determining wettability
2382015026081309/17/15 System and processing magnetic resonance signals
2392015026087009/17/15 Estimating formation stresses using radial profiles of three shear moduli
2402015026087409/17/15 System and imaging subterranean formations
2412015026390009/17/15 High performance distributed computing environment particularly suited for reservoir modeling and simulation
2422015025224509/10/15 Swellable compositions for borehole applications
2432015025225109/10/15 Cross-linkers for hydraulic fracturing fluid
2442015025262409/10/15 Downhole drill bit
2452015025264109/10/15 Anchor-based conveyance in a well
2462015025264809/10/15 Retrievable cementing bushing system
2472015025323409/10/15 Characterization methods
2482015025341809/10/15 Method for determining wellbore position using seismic sources and seismic receivers
2492015025345409/10/15 Nmr probe and methods of use

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