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Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Schlumberger Technology Corporation A Corporation
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Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Schlumberger Technology Corporation. Schlumberger Technology Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schlumberger Technology Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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12/07/17 new patent  Application of ground expanding agents in cement
12/07/17 new patent  Methods of activating enzyme breakers
12/07/17 new patent  System and methodology for power cable coupling
12/07/17 new patent  Detecting a structure in a well
12/07/17 new patent  Methods and appartus for remote actuation of a downhole device in a wellbore
12/07/17 new patent  Submersible pumping system having thrust pad flow bypass
12/07/17 new patent  Pressure transducer and fabricating the same
11/30/17Well treatment
11/30/17Expandable downhole seat assembly
11/30/17Flow control valve
11/30/17System and methodology for facilitating gravel packing operations
11/30/17Positive displacement pump valve seal
11/30/17Estimating downhole fluid volumes using multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance measurements
11/30/17System and methodology utilizing a radiation detector
11/30/17Formation density tool with a detector operating in total count mode
11/23/17Well treatment
11/23/17Corrosion inhibition
11/23/17Method for well completion
11/23/17System and methodology for coupling tubing
11/23/17Intelligent drilling riser telemetry system
11/23/17Measuring total organic carbon of shales using thermal expansion
11/23/17Flow control device design for well completions in an oilfield
11/23/17Image feature alignment
11/16/17Fast transportable drilling rig system
11/16/17Well treatment
11/16/17Downhole characterization of fluid compressibility
11/16/17Multi-step subsidence inversion for modeling lithospheric layer thickness through geological time
11/09/17Fractures treatment
11/09/17Three-dimensional subsurface formation evaluation using projection-based area operations
11/09/17Three-dimensional fracture abundance evaluation of subsurface formation based on geomechanical simulation of mechanical properties thereof
11/09/17Method and system for establishing well performance during plug mill-out or cleanout/workover operations
11/09/17Method and systems for analysis of hydraulically-fractured reservoirs
11/09/17Visual and thermal image recognition based phm technique for wellsite
11/09/17Pipe defect assessment system and method
11/09/17Dual-guard imager probe
11/09/17Nucleur magnetic resonance system with feedback induction coils
11/09/17Three-dimensional fracture abundance evaluation of subsurface formations
11/09/17Downhole cables and methods of making the same
11/02/17Multiple portion grip
11/02/17Degradable carbide grip
11/02/17Downhole drill bit incorporating cutting elements of different geometries
11/02/17System and methods using fiber optics in coiled tubing
11/02/17System and methodology for acoustic measurement driven geo-steering
11/02/17Acoustic detection of drill pipe connections
11/02/17Composite noise shield for magnetic resonance tools
11/02/17Use of echo shapes in nuclear magnetic resonance log data acquisition and quality control
11/02/17Variable damping control for nuclear magnetic resonance data acquisition system to enhance oilfield logging performance
11/02/17Method and separating gamma and neutron signals from a radiation detector and for gain-stabilizing the detector
10/26/17Self-repairing cements
10/26/17Compositions and methods for cementing wells
10/26/17Method and system for directional drilling
10/26/17Coiled tubing degradable flow control device
10/26/17Well communication system
10/26/17Job experience capture
10/19/17Environmental gelling agent for gravel packing fluids
10/19/17Visualization integration of graphical logging content
10/19/17Control of discharge in high voltage fluid insulation
10/12/17Pump assembly health assessment
10/12/17Methods and performing a well survey
10/05/17Method for developing an oil bearing formation
10/05/17Monitoring wireline coupling and distribution
10/05/17Apparatus, system and a magnetically shielded wellbore gyroscope
10/05/17Methods for in-situ multi-temperature measurements using downhole acquisition tool
10/05/17Systems and methods for pump control based on non-linear model predictive controls
10/05/17Systems and methods for pump control based on estimated saturation pressure of flow-line fluid with its associated uncertainty during sampling operations and application thereof
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10/05/17Automated fluid monitoring
10/05/17Optimization of magnet arrangement for nuclear magnetic resonance well logging tools
10/05/17System and methodology for estimating formation elastic properties using decomposed and undecomposed signal
10/05/17System and measuring downhole parameters
10/05/17Method of determining the condition and position of components in a completion system
10/05/17Submersible power cable
09/28/17Charged particle emitter assembly for radiation generator
09/28/17Cable and making the same
09/21/17Shaping degradable material
09/21/17Aqueous solution and use thereof
09/21/17Stabilizer assembly
09/21/17Lower stabilizing arm for a drilling rig
09/21/17Wireline cable for use with downhole tractor assemblies
09/21/17Along tool string deployed sensors
09/21/17Identification of pumping system placement
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09/21/17Synthetic fractured medium and fabrication
09/14/17Mixing system for cement and fluids
09/14/17Method for reducing the rheology of high internal-phase-ratio emulsion wellbore fluids
09/14/17Casing racking module
09/14/17Reducing common mode noise with respect to telemetry equipment used for monitoring downhole parameters
09/07/17Methods of zonal isolation and treatment diversion with shaped particles
09/07/17Methods for creating multiple hydraulic fractures in oil and gas wells
09/07/17Absolute time reference based control system for well construction automation
09/07/17Methods for monitoring fluid flow and transport in shale gas reservoirs
09/07/17Fluid composition and reservoir analysis using gas chromatography
09/07/17Methods and systems for control of parallel connected motor drives
08/31/17Drilling rig
08/31/17Junction box to secure and electronically connect downhole tools
08/31/17Valve assembly for drilling systems
08/31/17Downhole sealing tool
08/31/17Systems and methods for an expandable packer
08/31/17Linear shear seal system
08/31/17A treating a subterranean formation
08/31/17Fiber optic magneto-responsive sensor assembly
08/31/17Methods for improving matrix density and porosity estimates in subsurface formations
08/31/17Method and processing waveforms
08/31/17Anti-swirl rib system for a pump
08/31/17On-site fuel combustion
08/31/17Nmr asic
08/24/17Compositions and methods for well completions
08/24/17Corrosion inhibition
08/24/17Tool release device
08/24/17Pumping system deployment using cable
08/24/17Method and directional drilling using wired drill pipe
08/24/17Method and system for monitoring and controlling fluid movement through a wellbore
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08/24/17Active surface cleaning for a sensor
08/24/17Modified pulse sequence to estimate properties
08/24/17Workflow for navigation with respect to oil-water contact using deep directional resistivity measurements
08/24/17Mid-infrared carbon dioxide sensor
08/24/17Mid-infrared cement sensor
08/24/17Mid-infrared hydrate inhibitor sensor
08/24/17Equipment including polytetrafluoroethylene
08/17/17Centrifugal platform and device for rapid analysis of oilfield fluids
08/17/17Emulsion of green solvent and acid for scale removal in immature shale plays
08/17/17High trip rate drilling rig
Patent Packs
08/17/17Methods for well treatment
08/17/17Borehole casing deployment detection
08/17/17Corrosion inhibition
08/17/17In situ stress properties
08/10/17Treatment fluid and viscosity control
08/10/17System and isolating a section of a well
08/10/17Methods of treating a subterranean formation with shrinkable fibers
08/10/17Monitoring health of additive systems
08/10/17System and quantitative cement bond evaluation
08/10/17Shock and vibration damper system and methodology
08/10/17Methods and apparatus of adjusting matrix acidizing procedures
08/10/17An installation for intervention in a well comprising a neutron generator, and method associated therewith
08/10/17Method for determining a thermal conductivity profile of rocks in a wellbore
08/10/17Measurement of liquid parameters using a microfluidic device
08/10/17Method and determining resistivity of a formation
08/10/17Electromagnetic telemetry using capacitive surface electrodes
08/10/17Method for using pulsed neutron induced gamma ray measurements to determine formation properties
08/10/17Downhole interpretation techniques using borehole dips
08/03/17Determining expected sensor values for drilling to monitor the sensor
08/03/17Downhole electromagnetic communications between two wells
08/03/17In-line composition and volumetric analysis of vent gases and flooding of the annular space of flexible pipe
08/03/17Method for evaluating structural changes of a sample resulting from a treatment of the sample
07/27/17Adjustment container installation
07/27/17Compositions and methods for well completions
07/27/17Downhole rotary cutting tool
07/27/17Simplified isolation valve for es/ell control application
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07/27/17Fracture monitoring
07/27/17Fiber optic coiled tubing telemetry assembly
07/27/17Cepstrum analysis of oilfield pumping equipment health
07/27/17Tool for cutoff value determination in net-pay computation workflow
07/27/17A borehole sensing seismic fiber optic tool
07/27/17Methods and systems for simulating a hydrocarbon field using a multi-point well connection method
07/20/17Wired drill pipe connector and sensor system
07/20/17In-situ property determination
07/20/17Wellbore cement simulator
07/20/17Non-resonant logging tools
07/20/17Rugged semiconductor radiation detector
07/20/17Geological modeling workflow
07/20/17Multi-level well design validator
07/13/17Methods of zonal isolation and treatment diversion
07/13/17Magnetic attachment system for communication through hydrocarbon production systems
07/13/17System and deploying and using at least one control module for in-riser and open water operations
07/13/17High resolution resistivity measurements on core plugs
07/06/17Apparatus and methods for manual override of hydraulic choke or valve actuators
07/06/17Pressure balanced setting tool
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07/06/17Spider for downhole tool
07/06/17Distributed fiber optic monitoring of vibration to generate a noise log to determine characteristics of fluid flow
07/06/17Seismic data enhancement
07/06/17Method and system for fracture detection using acoustic waves
07/06/17Fracture detection and localization using acoustic reflections
06/29/17Contraction joint with multiple telescoping sections
06/29/17Method of fracturing subterranean formation
06/29/17System and methodology using annulus access valve
06/29/17Reducing electromagnetic noise detected in surface measurements
06/29/17Formation skin evaluation
06/29/17Testing downhole tools in a simulated environment
06/29/17Raman spectroscopy for determination of composition of natural gas
06/29/17A method and a computing system for seismic imaging a geological formation
06/29/17Gamma-ray detectors for downhole applications
06/29/17Electric submersible pump power cable termination assembly
06/22/17Compositions and methods for treating a subterranean formation
06/22/17Methods for maintaining zonal isolation in a subterranean well
06/22/17Bio-fiber treatment fluid
06/22/17Degradable components
06/22/17Flow monitoring using distributed strain measurement
Social Network Patent Pack
06/22/17Method and operating a shifting tool
06/22/17Removable and reloadable orifice for a downhole tool
06/22/17Placement of stabilizers, standoffs, and rollers on a downhole tool string
06/22/17Fullbore firing heads including attached explosive automatic release
06/22/17High amplitude magnetic core
06/22/17State estimation and run life prediction for pumping system
06/22/17Flushing microfluidic sensor systems
06/22/17Flushing microfluidic sensor systems
06/22/17Systems and methods for in-situ measurements of mixed formation fluids
06/22/17Double rod lock system
06/22/17Rf attenuating switch
06/22/17Distribution of radioactive tags around or along well for detection thereof
06/22/17Non-linear interactions with backscattered light
06/22/17Drilling fluid loss rate prediction
06/22/17System and hand-held magnetic resonance imaging
06/22/17Method for predicting multiples in survey data
06/22/17Systems and methods for estimating time of flight for an acoustic wave
06/22/17Techniques for removing interface noise from acoustic log data
06/22/17Method and system for petrophysical quantity estimation from dielectric and neutron capture cross section measurements
06/22/17Multiple detector nmr tool system and inversion methods for nmr logging
06/22/17Imaging subterranean formations and features using multicoil nmr measurements
06/22/17Imaging subterranean formations and features using azimuthal phase encoding
06/22/17Method for multi-tubular evaluation using induction measurements
06/22/17Deconvolution of electromagnetic thickness measurement
06/22/17Downhole tool and imaging a wellbore
06/22/17Collocation of radiation generator components for limited-space devices
06/22/17Neutron gamma density fast neutron correction using a direct fast neutron detector
06/22/17Thermal maturity estimation via logs
06/22/17Method and system for two dimensional sediment particle shape characterization based on borehole image
06/22/17Systems and methods for controlling a voltage multiplier ladder for optimal efficiency and minimal component stress
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06/15/17Compositions and methods for reducing air entrainment in well cement slurries
06/15/17Well construction display
06/15/17Method and composition for controlling fracture geometry
06/15/17Downhole tool explosive with thermally conductive material
06/15/17System and measuring cable tension or pressure
06/15/17Monitoring of equipment associated with a borehole/conduit
06/15/17Lower completion communication system integrity check
06/15/17Apodization of piezo-composite acoustic elements
06/15/17Sedimentary characterization from seismic data
06/15/17Electric submersible pump components
06/15/17Drilling equipment position measurement system and method
06/15/17Method for determining flow rates of phases of a two-phase mixture in a pipeline
06/15/17Resonance-based inversion of acoustic impedance of annulus behind casing
06/15/17Coherent noise estimation and reduction for acoustic downhole measurements
06/15/17Method to denoise pulse echo measurement using tool response in front of collars
06/15/17X-ray generator regulation with high energy tail windows
06/15/17X-ray generator output regulation
06/15/17High-temperature injection molded electrical connectors with bonded electrical terminations
06/15/17Real-time annulus pressure while drilling for formation integrity test
06/08/17Aqueous solution and use thereof
06/08/17Polymer delivery in well treatment applications
06/08/17Rig positioning system
06/08/17Systems and methods for an expandable packer
06/08/17Intelligent water flood regulation
06/08/17Depth positioning using gamma-ray correlation and downhole parameter differential
06/08/17Sidewall core detection
06/08/17Wellbore fluid analysis
06/08/17Seismic sensor module
06/08/17Method and system for formation texture and rock type identification

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