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Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Schlumberger Technology Corporation A Corporation
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100114
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100107
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100121
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20131212
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Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Schlumberger Technology Corporation. Schlumberger Technology Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schlumberger Technology Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12016017673406/23/16  new patent  Sulfate molecule removal through inorganic or divalent ion nuclei seeding
22016017716806/23/16  new patent  Composition and removing pipe dope
32016017764306/23/16  new patent  Modular fiber feeder
42016017766406/23/16  new patent  Rotary check valve
52016017770306/23/16  new patent  Motor mwd device and methods
62016017770706/23/16  new patent  Determining resonance frequency and quality factor
72016017771006/23/16  new patent  Systems and methods for evaluating gas-contaminated cement
82016017771206/23/16  new patent  Method for determining a water intake profile in an injection well
92016017771406/23/16  new patent  Reciprocating pump piston control
102016017771506/23/16  new patent  Blended mapping for estimating fluid composition from optical spectra
112016017771606/23/16  new patent  Fluid composition using optical analysis and gas chromatography
122016017777306/23/16  new patent  Apparatus for extending the flow range of turbines
132016017794206/23/16  new patent  Pump operation procedure with piston position sensor
142016017795906/23/16  new patent  Fracture-resistant self-lubricating wear surfaces
152016017819706/23/16  new patent  Oil/gas burners and method
162016017843506/23/16  new patent  Method for diagnosing optical spectrometers of downhole tools
172016017852906/23/16  new patent  Slot flow cell
182016017854506/23/16  new patent  Methods and systems for identifying hydrocarbon fluid transition characteristics using nuclear magnetic resonance
192016017854606/23/16  new patent  Petrophysical relationships using blind source separation techniques
202016017859906/23/16  new patent  Fluid composition and reservoir analysis using gas chromatography
212016017877906/23/16  new patent  System and methods for removing noise from acoustic impedance logs
222016017878006/23/16  new patent  Antenna transmitter health determination and borehole compensation for electromagnetic measurement tool
232016017878406/23/16  new patent  Device for measuring resistivity in a wellbore
242016017878606/23/16  new patent  Formation properties from time-dependent nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) measurements
252016017879306/23/16  new patent  Laser spectroscopy for downhole sensing of gases and fluids
262016018340406/23/16  new patent  Heat transferring electronics chassis
272016016755906/16/16 Adjustment container installation
282016016802506/16/16 Method for making a reinforced downhole tool component
292016016844306/16/16 Nanocellulose materials for oilfield applications
302016016845106/16/16 Well treatment
312016016894406/16/16 Setting sleeve
322016016895806/16/16 Downhole power generator
332016016896506/16/16 Compositions and methods for treating a subterranean formation
342016016896806/16/16 Controlling fracture geometry with the use of shrinkable materials
352016016898306/16/16 Scalable borehole acquisition system
362016016898506/16/16 Analyzing reservoir using fluid analysis
372016016898906/16/16 Single phase capture and conveyance while drilling
382016016899006/16/16 Determining the plus fraction of a gas chromatogram
392016016963906/16/16 Composite shaped charges
402016016972006/16/16 Compact microwave water-conductivity probe with integral second pressure barrier
412016016972606/16/16 Method of compensating for changes in water properties in a multiphase flow meter
422016017006506/16/16 Methods to characterize formation properties
432016017006606/16/16 Probability distribution based logging tool data compression
442016017006706/16/16 Logging tool providing measured response database comparison
452016017006906/16/16 Systems and methods for determining dielectric constant or resistivity from electromagnetic propagation measurement using contraction mapping
462016017007906/16/16 Neutron porosity based on one or more gamma ray detectors and a pulsed neutron source
472016017008206/16/16 Downhole acoustic wave sensing with optical fiber
482016017008306/16/16 Seismic sensing with optical fiber
492016017040306/16/16 Automated multi-silo aggregate management
502016017305806/16/16 Resonator applications for langasite and its isomorphs
512016016056706/09/16 Steerable drill bit system
522016016061606/09/16 Inflow control device
532016016062806/09/16 Closed loop control of drilling curvature
542016016063006/09/16 Monitoring tubing related equipment
552016016102206/09/16 Valve shift detection systems and methods
562016016118806/09/16 System and method using buffer tank for heat exchange
572016016146206/09/16 Methods and the downhole analysis of the composition of formation gases
582016016162606/09/16 Method to predict local geomagnetic disturbance field and its practical application
592016016162906/09/16 Monitoring carbon dioxide flooding using nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) measurements
602016016163006/09/16 Monitoring carbon dioxide flooding using nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) measurements
612016016261206/09/16 Multilevel monotone constrained pressure residual multiscale techniques
622016016261306/09/16 Method for disposing seismic signal receivers for a seismic acquisition system
632016015324406/02/16 Instrumented rotary tools with attached cutters
642016015326606/02/16 Oilfield-wide production optimization
652016015412706/02/16 Method of seismic signal source placement for seismic acquisition system
662016015412906/02/16 Determining change in permeability caused by a hydraulic fracture in reservoirs
672016015413206/02/16 Method of acoustic well logging
682016015490706/02/16 Integrated network asset modeling
692016015502106/02/16 Characterizing porosity distribution from a borehole image
702016014548305/26/16 Well treatment
712016014596805/26/16 Smart cellular structures for composite packer and mill-free bridgeplug seals having enhanced pressure rating
722016014597705/26/16 Methods for adaptive optimization of enhanced oil recovery performance under uncertainty
732016014599205/26/16 Continuous downlinking while drilling
742016014599605/26/16 Solid state phase change flasking for a downhole tool component
752016014600405/26/16 Systems and methods for reservoir evaluation
762016014666105/26/16 Fiber optic distributed vibration sensing with wavenumber sensitivity correction
772016014695605/26/16 Versatile acoustic source
782016014696005/26/16 Method of analysing a subsurface region
792016014696405/26/16 Monitoring matrix acidizing operations
802016014696605/26/16 Piezoelectric coatings for downhole sensing and monitoring
812016014696705/26/16 Compensated deep propagation measurements with differential rotation
822016013835005/19/16 Control of managed pressure drilling
832016013835505/19/16 Subsea landing string with autonomous emergency shut-in and disconnect
842016013838305/19/16 Method for forming lanthanide scintillators
852016013858105/19/16 Pre-charging pump chamber by pre-emptively opening a valve
862016013906605/19/16 Methods and systems for determining surface relaxivity of a medium using nuclear magnetic resonance
872016013923105/19/16 Petrophysically-consistent calibration of full-tensor electromagnetic induction tools
882016013929305/19/16 Subsurface estimation of level of organic maturity
892016013929405/19/16 Method and apparatus to determine pressure in a neutron radiation generator
902016013929505/19/16 Radiation generator having an actively evacuated acceleration column
912016014157705/19/16 Energy storage device with an encapsulated electrode
922016014312305/19/16 Method and apparatus to identify functional issues of a neutron radiation generator
932016012940605/12/16 Apparatus and methods for enhancing hydration
942016012941805/12/16 Hydration apparatus and method
952016013089305/12/16 Methods and systems for fluid removal from a structure
962016013091605/12/16 Local layer geometry engine with work zone generated from buffer defined relative to a wellbore trajectory
972016013092405/12/16 Hydration apparatus and method
982016013093005/12/16 Borehole image gap filling
992016013093105/12/16 Methods for attenuating noise signals in a cement evaluation tool
1002016013093405/12/16 Method and a system for monitoring a logging tool position in a borehole
1012016013094005/12/16 Systems and methods for formation fluid sampling
1022016013136105/12/16 Burner assembly for flaring low calorific gases
1032016013152005/12/16 Fiber optic distributed vibration sensing with directional sensitivity
1042016013163005/12/16 Methods and systems for correction of oil-based mud filtrate contamination on saturation pressure
1052016013180005/12/16 Modeling fluid-conducting fractures in reservoir simulation grids
1062016013342805/12/16 Radiation generator with frustoconical electrode configuration
1072016013343205/12/16 Radiation generator with floating field shaping electrode
1082016013393205/12/16 Lithium carbon fluoride primary battery
1092016012128505/05/16 Apparatus for mixing solid particles and fluids
1102016012261605/05/16 Compositions and methods for servicing subterranean wells
1112016012262005/05/16 Compositions and methods for servicing subterranean wells
1122016012308205/05/16 Method for steering a well path perpendicular to vertical fractures for enhanced production efficiency
1132016012310005/05/16 Angled segmented backup ring
1142016012311705/05/16 Method of treatment design and optimization of sequenced fracturing technique
1152016012311805/05/16 Methods and systems for designing drilling systems
1162016012312505/05/16 System and dispersing fluid flow from high speed jet
1172016012313005/05/16 Borehole tool
1182016012314005/05/16 Oilfield operation using a drill string
1192016012331805/05/16 Adaptive pump control for positive displacement pump failure modes
1202016012395305/05/16 Evaluating reservoir oil biodegradation
1212016012401305/05/16 Accelerometer
1222016012410805/05/16 Inversion technique for fracture characterization in highly inclined wells using multiaxial induction measurements
1232016012410905/05/16 Semi-analytic inversion nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) signal processing
1242016012411205/05/16 Fluid analyzer using absorption spectroscopy
1252016012411605/05/16 Generation of structural elements for subsurface formation using stratigraphic implicit function
1262016011536504/28/16 Methods for maintaining zonal isolation in a subterranean well
1272016011536704/28/16 Ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene reinforced rubber compositions for subterranean applications
1282016011537704/28/16 Fluid viscosity control
1292016011577104/28/16 System and performing downhole stimulation operations
1302016011578604/28/16 System and analyzing a gaseous sample extracted from a drilling fluid coming from a wellbore
1312016011578704/28/16 System and methodology for chemical constituent sensing and analysis
1322016011661604/28/16 Method to enhance the resolvability of moment tensor inversion for ill conditioned receiver coverage
1332016011661704/28/16 Interactive event grouping method
1342016011662404/28/16 Use of transverse antenna measurements for casing and pipe detection
1352016011662504/28/16 Flat metallic strip toroidal coil
1362016011662704/28/16 Compensated deep measurements using a tilted antenna
1372016011662804/28/16 Gain compensated symmetrized and anti-symmetrized angles
1382016011663804/28/16 Integrated interpretation of pressure and rate transients for production forecasting
1392016011762004/28/16 Methods and systems for visualizing items
1402016010830804/21/16 Delivery of particulate material below ground
1412016010867904/21/16 Pad in bit articulated rotary steerable system
1422016010869704/21/16 Mixing and injecting fiber-based stimulation fluids
1432016010870504/21/16 Method of calibrating fracture geometry to microseismic events
1442016010870604/21/16 Reservoir simulation system and method
1452016010870704/21/16 Methods of treating a subterranean formation with shrinkable fibers
1462016010871304/21/16 System and treating a subterranean formation
1472016010872204/21/16 Autonomous untethered well object having an axial through-hole
1482016010872404/21/16 Sensor array noise reduction
1492016010960404/21/16 Model based inversion of acoustic impedance of annulus behind casing
1502016010960504/21/16 Fast model based inversion of acoustic impedance of annulus behind casing
1512016010961104/21/16 Antenna of an electromagnetic probe for investigating geological formations
1522016010961204/21/16 Methods and apparatuses to remove a net detected residual magnetization in a nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) operation
1532016010961304/21/16 Methods and apparatuses for echo processing of nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) data
1542016010224204/14/16 Treatment fluid and method
1552016010224304/14/16 Expandable proppant
1562016010224504/14/16 Particle coating process and compositions for ceramic proppant extrusion
1572016010250504/14/16 Downhole tool connection assembly and method
1582016010252004/14/16 Structure with feed through
1592016010253704/14/16 Control systems for fracturing operations
1602016010254304/14/16 Methods for estimating wellbore gauge and dogleg severity
1612016010254404/14/16 Well trajectory planning using bounding box scan for anti-collision analysis
1622016010254804/14/16 Closed chamber impulse test with downhole flow rate measurement
1632016010311304/14/16 Equipment and methods for determining waiting-on-cement time in a subterranean well
1642016010323504/14/16 Tube wave generation
1652016010323804/14/16 Systems and methods for data driven parametric correction of acoustic cement evaluation data
1662016010324604/14/16 Fault representation
1672016010431704/14/16 Geobody surface reconstruction
1682016009698804/07/16 Methods for servicing subterranean wells
1692016009700104/07/16 Apparatus and method employing microwave heating of hydrocarbon fluid
1702016009727504/07/16 Optical interface system for communicating with a downhole tool
1712016009774404/07/16 Method for determining acoustic velocity in a porous medium
1722016009775704/07/16 Automated method and apparatus to characterize solubility of asphaltenes of a hydrocarbon fluid sample utilizing microfluidics
1732016009787604/07/16 Method of determining cec and other properties from multi-frequency dielectric measurements
1742016009815504/07/16 Method and system for generating oilfield objects
1752016009850204/07/16 Multiphase flow simulator sub-modeling
1762016009947404/07/16 Electrochemical devices for use in extreme conditions
1772016009080003/31/16 Resuming interrupted communication through a wellbore
1782016009081703/31/16 Transportable energy storage devices
1792016009082203/31/16 Collision detection method
1802016009083603/31/16 Flow regime identification with filtrate contamination monitoring
1812016009083703/31/16 Vibrating wire viscometer and cartridge for the same
1822016009135803/31/16 Systems and methods for analyzing fluid from a separator
1832016009138903/31/16 Systems and methods for sample characterization
1842016009146203/31/16 Measuring a dew point
1852016009162503/31/16 System and methodology for identifying time differences between clocks during seismic exploration
1862016009162603/31/16 System and methodology for orientation of a borehole seismic source
1872016008248403/24/16 Method and cleaning rock cores
1882016008400703/24/16 Back-reaming rotary steering
1892016008401903/24/16 Telescoping slip joint assembly
1902016008402203/24/16 Solids in borehold fluids
1912016008402503/24/16 Interlocking, full-circumference packer slip
1922016008404403/24/16 Low pressure direct proppant injection
1932016008404803/24/16 Cohesively enhanced modular perforating gun
1942016008425403/24/16 Gas lock resolution during operation of an electric submersible pump
1952016008497503/24/16 Seismic data processing
1962016008703003/24/16 Capacitor cell and manufacturing same
1972016008727103/24/16 Rechargeable lithium polymer electrolyte battery for oilfield use
1982016007632203/17/16 Discharge coefficient determination of a managed pressure drilling choke/valve
1992016007632603/17/16 Substantially degradable perforating gun technique
2002016007635703/17/16 Methods for selecting and optimizing drilling systems
2012016007635803/17/16 Systems and methods for processing acoustic cement evaluation data
2022016007636903/17/16 Well treatment
2032016007717803/17/16 Method for identifying chemical species in a substance using nqr
2042016007723403/17/16 Compensated sigma calculation based on pulsed neutron capture tool measurements
2052016007815803/17/16 Suppressing oscillations due to pattern switching in low drawdown wells
2062016006873903/10/16 Compositions and methods for servicing subterranean wells
2072016006913903/10/16 Rotary steering with multiple contact points
2082016006917703/10/16 Downhole measurement of laser-induced vaporization and pyrolysis
2092016006918103/10/16 Systems and methods for cement evaluation
2102016007001803/10/16 Measurement compensation using multiple electromagnetic transmitters
2112016007002403/10/16 Well survivability in multidimensional geomechanical space
2122016007218403/10/16 Antenna system for downhole tool
2132016006100303/03/16 Optimum flow control valve setting system and procedure
2142016005951903/03/16 Steel armor wire coatings
2152016006050103/03/16 Methods for controlling lost circulation in a subterranean well and materials therefor
2162016006050203/03/16 Compositions and methods for completing subterranean wells
2172016006096003/03/16 Downhole steering system
2182016006096703/03/16 Methods and systems for deploying cable into a well
2192016006098503/03/16 Methods for servicing subterranean wells
2202016006100403/03/16 Autonomous flow control system and methodology
2212016006102103/03/16 Cement evaluation
2222016006102503/03/16 Method for determining downhole pressure
2232016006102603/03/16 Interacting hydraulic fracturing
2242016006102703/03/16 Electromagnetic telemetry for measurement and logging while drilling and magnetic ranging between wellbores
2252016006102903/03/16 Cement evaluation
2262016006174303/03/16 Method and in-situ fluid evaluation
2272016006180303/03/16 Total gas in place estimate
2282016006198603/03/16 Formation property characteristic determination methods
2292016006198703/03/16 Petrophysical inversions systems and methods field
2302016006307003/03/16 Project time comparison via search indexes
2312016006314603/03/16 Network flow model
2322016006315003/03/16 Enhanced oil recovery using digital core sample
2332016006374403/03/16 Data quality test and report creation system
2342016005355302/25/16 Wired mud motor components, methods of fabricating the same, and downhole motors incorporating the same
2352016005355502/25/16 Cable protector system
2362016005355602/25/16 Methods and releasably connecting a cable with a tool
2372016005356402/25/16 Systems and methods for core recovery
2382016005357202/25/16 Applying coating downhole
2392016005357802/25/16 Shear valve system and methodology
2402016005358902/25/16 Electrical power generation system
2412016005360702/25/16 Detecting and compensating for the effects of pump half-stroking
2422016005360802/25/16 Identification of casing collars while drilling and post drilling using lwd and wireline measurements
2432016005375302/25/16 Distributed real-time processing for gas lift optimization
2442016005416202/25/16 Methodologies and the recognition of production tests stability
2452016004718402/18/16 Wellsite mixer sensing assembly and using same
2462016004718502/18/16 Wellsite mixing system with calibrator and using same
2472016004720002/18/16 Expandable packer methods
2482016004720202/18/16 Nozzle assembly
2492016004720702/18/16 System and performing downhole stimulation operations

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