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Schlumberger Technology Corporation
Schlumberger Technology Corporation A Corporation
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100114
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100107
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20100121
Schlumberger Technology Corporation_20131212
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Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Schlumberger Technology Corporation. Schlumberger Technology Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schlumberger Technology Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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Count Application # Date Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents (updated weekly) - BOOKMARK this page
12015027341910/01/15  new patent  Optimized drive of fracturing fluids blenders
22015027558710/01/15  new patent  Non-threaded tubular connection
32015027558910/01/15  new patent  System and methodology for use in borehole applications
42015027560710/01/15  new patent  Method for treating subterranean formation
52015027561510/01/15  new patent  Well operating elements comprising a soluble component and methods of use
62015027561710/01/15  new patent  Swellable downhole packers
72015027564410/01/15  new patent  Well treatment
82015027565910/01/15  new patent  Telemetry diagnostics
92015027589110/01/15  new patent  Integrated motor and pump assembly
102015027646310/01/15  new patent  Non-invasive acoustic monitoring of subsea containers
112015027696610/01/15  new patent  Multiaxial well logging instrument response in dipping and crossbedded formations
122015027696710/01/15  new patent  Compensated tri-axial propagation measurements
132015027696810/01/15  new patent  Deep reading electromagnetic logging while drilling tool
142015027697110/01/15  new patent  Gain compensated directional propagation measurements
152015027697210/01/15  new patent  Gain compensated directional propagation measurements
162015027697310/01/15  new patent  Gain compensated directional propagation measurements
172015026710309/24/15 Methods for servicing subterranean wells
182015026752109/24/15 Formation treatment evaluation
192015026752809/24/15 System and caliper calibration
202015026753309/24/15 Transmitter and receiver synchronization for wireless telemetry systems
212015026832309/24/15 Multi-dimensional nuclear magnetic resonance methods for characterizing fluids
222015026836509/24/15 Method to characterize geological formations using secondary source seismic data
232015026837209/24/15 Method and determining formation properties using collocated triaxial antennas with non-planar sinusoidal coils
242015026837609/24/15 Method for using neutron interaction cross section to interpret neutron measurements
252015027075909/24/15 Systems and methods for driving a plurality of motors
262015025999509/17/15 Alignment assembly
272015025999609/17/15 On-demand release tool system and methodology
282015025999909/17/15 Selective orientation and location system
292015026001309/17/15 Remote downhole actuation device
302015026001509/17/15 Planning drilling operations using models and rig market databases
312015026003409/17/15 Determining mineralogy of an earth formation using linear regressions
322015026062709/17/15 Fiber content analysis method and system
332015026066609/17/15 Method for determining wettability
342015026081309/17/15 System and processing magnetic resonance signals
352015026087009/17/15 Estimating formation stresses using radial profiles of three shear moduli
362015026087409/17/15 System and imaging subterranean formations
372015026390009/17/15 High performance distributed computing environment particularly suited for reservoir modeling and simulation
382015025224509/10/15 Swellable compositions for borehole applications
392015025225109/10/15 Cross-linkers for hydraulic fracturing fluid
402015025262409/10/15 Downhole drill bit
412015025264109/10/15 Anchor-based conveyance in a well
422015025264809/10/15 Retrievable cementing bushing system
432015025323409/10/15 Characterization methods
442015025341809/10/15 Method for determining wellbore position using seismic sources and seismic receivers
452015025345409/10/15 Nmr probe and methods of use
462015024737009/03/15 Explosive sever seal mechanism
472015024737809/03/15 Completing a multi-stage well
482015024738409/03/15 Chemical injection system
492015024749309/03/15 High pressure transfer motor-pump
502015024781809/03/15 Electrochemical hydrogen sensor
512015024794109/03/15 Integration of seismic data with downhole fluid analysis to predict the location of heavy hydrocarbon
522015024794209/03/15 Assessing risks of compartmentalization
532015024794809/03/15 Compensated sigma from measurements made by a pulsed neutron instrument
542015023891208/27/15 Mixing apparatus with stator and method
552015023891308/27/15 Mixing apparatus with flush line and method
562015023891408/27/15 Integrated process delivery at wellsite
572015024014208/27/15 Compositions and methods for completing subterranean wells
582015024014708/27/15 Aqueous solution and methods for manufacture and use
592015024014808/27/15 Hydration systems and methods
602015024059008/27/15 Liner top packer for liner drilling
612015024059908/27/15 Apparatus and cementing liner
622015024061308/27/15 Method of fracturing multiple zones within a well using propellant pre-fracturing
632015024063308/27/15 Reservoir and completion quality assessment in unconventional (shale gas) wells without logs or core
642015024157708/27/15 Combined epithermal and thermal neutron detector and its application to well logging instruments
652015024158408/27/15 Noise attenuation
662015024188108/27/15 Submersible pump control
672015024259908/27/15 Cluster license server
682015023319008/20/15 Multilateral y-block system
692015023320008/20/15 Wireline cable for use with downhole tractor assemblies
702015023322008/20/15 Gas lift valve
712015023323408/20/15 Methods and apparatus to detect fluid distributions
722015023323908/20/15 Methods for interpretation of downhole flow measurement during wellbore treatments
732015023406908/20/15 System and quantifying vug porosity
742015023408408/20/15 System and correction of borehole effects in a neutron porosity measurement
752015022604908/13/15 Assessment, monitoring and control of drilling operations and/or geological-characteristic assessment
762015022605408/13/15 Communication between downhole tool and surface location
772015022605908/13/15 Determining properties of obm filtrates
782015022606308/13/15 Fluid analysis methods and determining gas-oil ratio
792015022764908/13/15 Wide frequency range modeling of electromagnetic heating for heavy oil recovery
802015022908708/13/15 System and downhole electrical transmission
812015021721208/06/15 Breaking foams
822015021767208/06/15 System, method, and managing fracturing fluids
832015021888708/06/15 Closed loop model predictive control of directional drilling attitude
842015021891508/06/15 Gravel packing screen joints
852015021892508/06/15 Competition between transverse and axial hydraulic fractures in horizontal well
862015021892908/06/15 Well-logging system with data synchronization and methods
872015021893008/06/15 Method to estimate cement acoustic wave speeds from data acquired by a cased hole ultrasonic cement evaluation tool
882015021893708/06/15 System and downhole signal enhancement
892015021894108/06/15 Enhanced materials investigation
902015021977908/06/15 Quality control of 3d horizon auto-tracking in seismic volume
912015021978008/06/15 Acoustic multi-modality inversion for cement integrity analysis
922015021978208/06/15 Logging in gas shale and other unconventional reservoirs
932015021978908/06/15 Petrophysical rock characterization
942015022042008/06/15 Performance evaluation and tuning systems and methods
952015020978107/30/15 Apparatus and system for measuring asphaltene content of crude oil
962015020978207/30/15 Apparatus and system for measuring asphaltene content of crude oil
972015021133007/30/15 Methods for maintaining zonal isolation in a subterranean well
982015021133507/30/15 Thermal regulating well completion devices and methods
992015021134307/30/15 Gas fracturing method and system
1002015021134607/30/15 Fracturing methods and systems
1012015021135107/30/15 Directional drilling attitude hold controller
1022015021135207/30/15 Drilling speed and depth computation for downhole tools
1032015021135707/30/15 Prediction of asphaltene onset pressure gradients downhole
1042015021136107/30/15 Flow regime identification with filtrate contamination monitoring
1052015021136307/30/15 Method of estimating uncontaminated fluid properties during sampling
1062015021152607/30/15 Wireless sensor system for electric submersible pump
1072015021173507/30/15 Shrouded-coanda multiphase burner
1082015021196807/30/15 Displacement sensor for subsea structures
1092015021198307/30/15 Fluid analysis by optical spectroscopy with photoacoustic detection
1102015021198407/30/15 Fluidic speed of sound measurement using photoacoustics
1112015021202207/30/15 Method and determining a strength profile of materials
1122015021222407/30/15 Singularity spectrum analysis of microseismic data
1132015021222807/30/15 Method and determining permittivity of rock matrix
1142015021223007/30/15 Radiation detector for well-logging tool
1152015021223307/30/15 Generation of isotherm datasets for reservoir volumetric estimation
1162015020415507/23/15 Dual barrier open water well completion systems
1172015020417307/23/15 Split stream oilfield pumping systems
1182015020417407/23/15 System and performing stimulation operations
1192015020417707/23/15 Downhole heterogeneous proppant
1202015020417807/23/15 Hydraulic fracturing proppants
1212015020418907/23/15 Method and identifying fluid attributes
1222015020454207/23/15 Well test burner system and method
1232015020464807/23/15 Remote field testing using a permeable core
1242015020490307/23/15 Measurement of surface energy components and wettability of reservoir rock utilizing atomic force microscopy
1252015020499707/23/15 Em processing using field ratios
1262015020500207/23/15 Methods for interpretation of time-lapse borehole seismic data for reservoir monitoring
1272015020500607/23/15 Downhole modeling using inverted pressure and regional stress
1282015020606007/23/15 Large survey compressive designs
1292015019748107/16/15 Derivatisation of carbon
1302015019799407/16/15 Releasable connection for coiled tubing drilling apparatus
1312015019799507/16/15 Retrievable tubing connector system
1322015019800907/16/15 Remedial technique for maintaining well casing
1332015019801507/16/15 Method of utilizing subterranean formation data for improving treatment operations
1342015019801607/16/15 System and methodology for forming gravel packs
1352015019802807/16/15 Fracture monitoring and characterisation
1362015019803207/16/15 Sonic logging for assessing well integrity
1372015019803607/16/15 Method for estimating irreducible water saturation from mercury injection capillary pressure
1382015019803707/16/15 Back titration methods for scaling cations and downhole tools for performing such methods
1392015019873207/16/15 Cement acoustic properties from ultrasonic signal amplitude dispersions in cased wells
1402015019200607/09/15 System and preparing a treatment fluid
1412015019200807/09/15 Fluid tracer installation
1422015019201107/09/15 Methods and oil sample analysis using j-edit nuclear magnetic resonance
1432015019243707/09/15 Unmanned vehicle systems and methods of operation
1442015019269407/09/15 Robust well log sharpening with unknown tool response function
1452015019487107/09/15 Method and regulating high voltage
1462015018292407/02/15 Container system
1472015018446707/02/15 Soldered components for downhole use
1482015018450407/02/15 Detecting a drill string washout event
1492015018506407/02/15 Method for estimating thermodynamic equilibrium of a gas-liquid mixture during filtration experiments
1502015018533607/02/15 Thermally-protected scintillation detector
1512015018535407/02/15 Tool for imaging a downhole environment
1522015018535807/02/15 Composition-matched inelastic or capture spectroscopy tool
1532015018536007/02/15 Asphaltene gradient modeling methods
1542015018973107/02/15 Neutron generator
1552015017587706/25/15 Environmentally acceptable multifunctional additive
1562015017588006/25/15 Method of viscosity reduction in the presence of fully coordinated compounds
1572015017637506/25/15 Packer tool including multiple port configurations
1582015017637606/25/15 Packer tool including multiple ports
1592015017638706/25/15 Perforation strategy
1602015017638906/25/15 Detection and identification of fluid pumping anomalies
1612015017639206/25/15 Perforating packer casing evaluation methods
1622015017639806/25/15 Method for determining change of properties in a near-borehole zone of a formation due to invasion of a drilling mud
1632015017640206/25/15 Applications based on fluid properties measured downhole
1642015017640506/25/15 Packer tool including multiple ports for selective guarding and sampling
1652015017640606/25/15 Perforating packer sampling apparatus and methods
1662015017640706/25/15 Method of obtaining asphaltene content of crude oils
1672015017719806/25/15 Systems and methods for cement evaluation calibration
1682015017721806/25/15 Method for determining distiribution and profile of a contaminant in porous medium
1692015017735106/25/15 Methods of investigating formation samples using nmr data
1702015017740006/25/15 Detecting and correcting changes in signal polarity for seismic data processing
1712015017740406/25/15 Vibration control for a cement evaluation tool
1722015017740506/25/15 Systems and methods for removing coherent noise in log data
1732015017740706/25/15 Tool for imaging a downhole environment
1742015017741306/25/15 Method and apparatus to generate a crosswell data set
1752015017939006/25/15 Radiation generator adjusting beam focusing based upon a diagnostic electrode
1762015018168806/25/15 Neutron generator
1772015016540506/18/15 Fiber mixing system
1782015016613506/18/15 Chassis and support structure alignment
1792015016626006/18/15 Mobile erector system
1802015016687006/18/15 Methods for completing subterranean wells
1812015016687106/18/15 Methods for treating subterreanean formations
1822015016687406/18/15 Compositions and methods for maintaining zonal isolation in a subterranean well
1832015016687906/18/15 Self-diverting emulsified acid systems for high temperature well treatments and their use
1842015016739206/18/15 Determining drilling state for trajectory control
1852015016742006/18/15 Anti-creep rings and configurations for single packers
1862015016743306/18/15 Proximity calculation in a geoscience domain
1872015016744206/18/15 Formation fracturing and sampling methods
1882015016744306/18/15 Heterogeneous proppant placement in a fracture with removable extrametrical material fill
1892015016744506/18/15 Downhole electrochemical fluid sensor and using same
1902015016744706/18/15 Downhole imaging systems and methods
1912015016744806/18/15 Downhole sensor
1922015016745106/18/15 Method, apparatus and system for safe mode telemetry system
1932015016745706/18/15 Single packers inlet configurations
1942015016745806/18/15 System and detecting hydrogen sulfide in a formation sampling tool
1952015016797206/18/15 Real-time burner efficiency control and monitoring
1962015016828606/18/15 Method for determining changes in parameters of a porous medium subjected to a contaminant
1972015016832306/18/15 Method for determining pore volume characteristics and porous materials' matrix thermal conductivity
1982015016832406/18/15 Method for determining thermal conductivity and thermal diffusivity of materials
1992015016857406/18/15 Seismic trace attribute
2002015016857906/18/15 X-ray generator having multiple extractors with independently selectable potentials
2012015016858006/18/15 Downhole elastic anisotropy measurements
2022015016858106/18/15 Method and system of quantitative cement evaluation using logging while drilling
2032015016858506/18/15 Methods for compositional analysis of downhole fluids using data from nmr and other tools
2042015016858606/18/15 Methods for compositional analysis of downhole fluids using data from nmr and other tools
2052015016858706/18/15 Methods for compositional analysis of downhole fluids using data from nmr and other tools
2062015016859006/18/15 Neutron generator having multiple extractors with independently selectable potentials
2072015016859106/18/15 Monitoring the output of a radiation generator
2082015016859206/18/15 Downhole neutron activation measurement
2092015016859306/18/15 Input voltage modulator for radiation generator
2102015016980106/18/15 Model order reduction technique for discrete fractured network simulation
2112015017008706/18/15 System and management of a drilling process having interdependent workflows
2122015017079106/18/15 Torque-balanced electrical cable
2132015017079906/18/15 High power opto-electrical cable with multiple power and telemetry paths
2142015017181806/18/15 Passive harmonic filter for power distribution systems
2152015015908006/11/15 Well treatment
2162015015908106/11/15 Composition and treating subterranean formation
2172015015944706/11/15 Method and system for extending reach in deviated wellbores using selected injection speed
2182015015945206/11/15 Method and system for extending reach in deviated wellbores using selected vibration frequency
2192015015946506/11/15 Methods for minimizing overdisplacement of proppant in fracture treatments
2202015015947706/11/15 Method of treating a subterranean formation
2212015015948006/11/15 Method of testing a barrier in a wellbore
2222015015948406/11/15 Downhole fluid analysis methods for determining viscosity
2232015016006106/11/15 Sample capture assurance for sample bottles
2242015016037006/11/15 Grid cell pinchout for reservoir simulation
2252015016037106/11/15 Gpu accelerated deflation in geomechanics simulator
2262015015231706/04/15 Swellable polymer particles for producing well treatments
2272015015232106/04/15 Heterogeneous proppant placement
2282015015285506/04/15 Sensor system for a positive displacement pump
2292015015331406/04/15 Fast field mud gas analyzer
2302015015343306/04/15 Method for nuclear magnetic resonance diffusion measurements
2312015015347606/04/15 Method for constrained history matching coupled with optimization
2322015015507306/04/15 Wireline cables not requiring seasoning
2332015015507406/04/15 Cables and methods of making cables
2342015014370905/28/15 Wellbore caliper with maximum diameter seeking feature
2352015014433505/28/15 Power retrieving tool
2362015014433905/28/15 Controlled inhomogeneous proppant aggregate formation
2372015014434105/28/15 System and forming cavities
2382015014434605/28/15 Interpolymer crosslinked gel and using
2392015014435405/28/15 Method and tool retrieval
2402015014914205/28/15 Geologic feature splitting
2412015013581405/21/15 Method and water-based mud filtrate contamination monitoring in real time downhole water sampling
2422015013581605/21/15 Water line control for sample bottle filling
2432015013581705/21/15 Methods and determining downhole fluid parameters
2442015013638605/21/15 Enhancing well fluid recovery
2452015013642505/21/15 Automated remote actuation system
2462015013644005/21/15 Cable and making the same
2472015013696205/21/15 Assessing reservoir connectivity in hydrocarbon reservoirs
2482015013696305/21/15 Immersion probe for multi-phase flow assurance
2492015013833705/21/15 Imaging-based measurement device

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