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Recent patent applications related to Schlumberger Technology Corporation. Schlumberger Technology Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schlumberger Technology Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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10/27/16 new patent  Tin-antimony-based high temperature solder for downhole components
10/27/16 new patent  Drilling stabilizer with sleeve over blades
10/27/16 new patent  Control line assembly and fabrication technique
10/27/16 new patent  Pressure pulse reach extension technique
10/27/16 new patent  System and treating a subterranean formation with a diverting composition
10/27/16 new patent  One trip liner drilling and cementing
10/27/16 new patent  Creating radial slots in a wellbore
10/27/16 new patent  Method and completing a multi-stage well
10/27/16 new patent  Method for orienting hydraulic fractures in multilateral horizontal wells
10/27/16 new patent  Noise mitigation in seismic multimeasurement data
10/20/16Elastomer compositions with silane functionalized silica as reinforcing fillers
10/20/16Expandable reamer
10/20/16Mill catch mechanism
10/20/16Opposing thread screw safety joint
10/20/16Deploying an expandable downhole seat assembly
10/20/16Fluid loss control completion system and methodology
10/20/16Method and system of showing heterogeneity of a porous sample
10/20/16Average/initial reservoir pressure and wellbore efficiency analysis from rates and downhole pressures
10/20/16Downhole monitoring of fluids using nuclear magnetic resonance
10/20/16System and gain regulation
10/20/16Logging-while-drilling tool incorporating electronic radiation generator and using same
10/20/16Tuning digital core analysis to laboratory results
10/20/16Image symmetry for dip determination
10/13/16Methods for treating subterranean formations
10/13/16Aqueous retarded acid solution and methods for use thereof
10/13/16Multi-segment instrument line for instrument in drill string
10/13/16Drilling system with top drive entry port
10/13/16Diamond switching devices, systems and methods
10/13/16Continuum sedimentary basin modeling using particle dynamics simulations
10/13/16System and controlling fluid flow in a downhole completion
10/13/16Top drive with top entry and line inserted therethrough for data gathering through the drill string
10/13/16Instrument line for insertion in a drill string of a drilling system
10/13/16Downhole instrument for deep formation imaging deployed within a drill string
10/13/16Method and characterizing clathrate hydrate formation conditions employing microfluidic device
10/13/16Controlled-frequency downhole seismic source
10/13/16Method for formation fracture characterization in highly inclined wells using multiaxial induction well logging instruments
10/06/16Multi-process mixer for well fluid preparation
10/06/16Mud chemical delivery system and method
10/06/16Method for treating a subterranean formation
10/06/16Intelligent top drive for drilling rigs
10/06/16Downhole tools and methods of controlling downhole tools
10/06/16Instrumented drilling rig slips
10/06/16Cooling of rotating control device
10/06/16Packer assembly with wing projection slips
10/06/16Actuatable plug system for use with a tubing string
10/06/16Shape memory material gas lift valve actuator
10/06/16Active fluid containment for mud tanks
10/06/16System and methodology for supplying diluent
10/06/16Workflow for determining stresses and/or mechanical properties in anisotropic formations
10/06/16Rig control system
10/06/16Drilling control system
10/06/16Method for determining drilling fluid induced fractures
10/06/16Event-based telemetry for artificial lift in wells
10/06/16Flow regime recognition for flow model adaptation
10/06/16Spectral analysis with spectrum deconvolution
10/06/16Determination of free volume of a rock sample using high pressure adsorption data
10/06/16Method for estimating anisotropic mechanical properties of a reservoir using sonic logging data
10/06/16Seismic data processing
10/06/16Pipe tracking system for drilling rigs
10/06/16Cable for downhole equipment
10/06/16Cable or cable portion with a stop layer
10/06/16Slickline manufacturing techniques
09/29/16Blender for mixing and pumping solids and fluids and use thereof
09/29/16Compositions and methods for well cementing
09/29/16Controlled degradation of elastomers and use in oilfield applications
09/29/16Valve with integral piston
09/29/16Chemical injection valve system
09/29/16Wellbore isolation while placing valves on production
09/29/16Well alarms and event detection
09/22/16Ceramic particles formed from perforated membranes
09/22/16Actuation system with locking feature
09/22/16Laser cutting with convex deflector
09/22/16Downhole x-ray densitometer
09/22/16Integrated circuit for nmr systems
09/22/16Efficient simulation of oilfield production systems
09/22/16Characterization of fluids with drag reducing additives in a couette device
09/15/16Automatic pumping system commissioning
09/15/16Fracturing while tripping
09/15/16Modeling of interaction of hydraulic fractures in complex fracture networks
09/15/16Well testing and monitoring
09/15/16Determining a fracture type using stress analysis
09/15/16Methods for estimating formation parameters
09/15/16Slide-on inductive coupler system
09/08/16Solid state dispersion
09/08/16Deviated drilling system utilizing steerable bias unit
09/08/16Well operations
09/08/16Piezoresistive cement nanocomposites
09/08/16Acoustic communications network with frequency diversification
09/01/16Technique and using an untethered object to form a seal in a well
09/01/16Delivering an agent into a well using an untethered object
09/01/16Methods of modifying formation properties
09/01/16Methods of hydraulically fracturing a subterranean formation
09/01/16Observation of vibration of rotary apparatus
09/01/16Power cable based multi-sensor unit signal transmission
09/01/16Downhole fluid analysis determining viscosity
09/01/16Pipe damage assessment system and method
09/01/16Method and determining formation properties using non-directional electromagnetic measurements in high angle or horizontal wells
09/01/16Inversion-based workflow for consistent interpretation of nuclear density images in horizontal wells
09/01/16Oilfield application system
09/01/16System and tracking wellsite equipment maintenance data
08/25/16Shaped charge system having multi-composition liner
08/25/16Frequency analysis of drilling signals
08/25/16Spring with integral borehole wall applied sensor
08/25/16Magnetic gradient and curvature based ranging method
08/25/16Method for selecting bed boundaries and log squaring using electromagnetic measurements
08/25/16Scintered powder metal shaped charges
08/25/16Barrier evaluation system and method
08/25/16Casing inspection using pulsed neutron measurements
08/25/16Methods and apparatuses to generate a formation model
08/25/16Mobile application systems and methods of operation
08/18/16Material processing for components
08/18/16Deviated drilling system utilizing force offset
08/18/16Solids in borehold fluids
08/18/16Annular saftey valve pull through device
08/18/16Displacement assembly with a displacement mechanism defining an exhaust path therethrough
08/18/16Methods, computer-readable media, and systems for applying 1-dimensional (1d) processing in a non-1d formation
08/18/16System and methodology for monitoring in a borehole
08/18/16Downhole tool non contact position measurement system
08/18/16Downhole assembly employing wired drill pipe
08/18/16Fiber optic slickline and tractor system
08/18/16Pump valve seal with abrasion gauge
08/18/16Tools for use in observation wells
08/18/16Determination of formation properties using graphical methods
08/11/16Control system for winch and capstan
08/11/16Methods for plug cementing
08/11/16Methods of zonal isolation and treatment diversion
08/11/16Method of reusing untreated produced water in hydraulic fracturing
08/11/16Wellbore hydraulic compliance
08/11/16Method for determining triaxial conductivity with arbitrary orientation using multiaxial electromagnetic measurements
08/11/16Systems and methods for obtaining apparent formation dip using measurements of different effective penetration length
08/11/16Formation evaluation using stochastic analysis of log data
08/11/16Estimation of fluid properties from well logs
08/11/16Method and system for effluent combustion
08/11/16Monitoring pipe conditions
08/04/16Electrically conductive fiber optic slickline for coiled tubing operations
08/04/16Downhole cement flow
08/04/16Toe initiator having an associated object catching seat
08/04/16Integrated oilfield asset modeling using multiple resolutions of reservoir detail
08/04/16Pressure relief system for gas lift valves and mandrels
08/04/16Unified control system for drilling rigs
08/04/16Electric submersible pump with reduced vibration
08/04/16Method for using neutron interaction cross section to interpret neutron measurements
08/04/16Downhole mud powered battery
07/28/16Development and characterization of degradable cross-linking in polyvinyl alcohol
07/28/16Subsurface deployment for monitoring along a borehole
07/28/16Method and well completion
07/28/16Well treatment
07/28/16Methods and computing systems for processing and transforming collected data to improve drilling productivity
07/28/16Estimation of skin effect from multiple depth of investigation well logs
07/28/16Bidirectionally testable seal configuration
07/28/16Erosion detection of rotating equipment with harmonic frequencies
07/28/16Cleanup model parameterization, approximation, and sensitivity
07/28/16Method for determining petrophysical properties from logging measurements
07/28/16Power cable gas barrier
07/21/16Water treatment system for treating water from oil production streams
07/21/16Methods for servicing subterranean wells
07/21/16Oilfield service selector
07/21/16System and methodology for running casing strings through a conductor tube
07/21/16Drilling assessment system
07/21/16Downhole fluid analysis methods for determining compressibility
07/21/16Microfluidic determination of wax appearance temperature
07/21/16Apparatus for mode extraction using multiple frequencies
07/21/16Method for separating multi-modal acoustic measurements for evaluating multilayer structures
07/21/16Gain compensated tensor propagation measurements using collocated antennas
07/21/16Subterranean imager tool system and methodology
07/14/16Active stabilization
07/14/16Compostion for borehole treatment
07/14/16Pressure actuated disintegration of bulk materials and oilfield related components
07/14/16Fuel cell downhole power systems
07/14/16Fracture initiation with auxiliary notches
07/14/16Selection of propping agent for heterogeneous proppant placement applications
07/14/16Hydraulic load sensor system and methodology
07/14/16Modified triaxial antenna array
07/14/16Apparatus, methods and systems for downhole testing of electronic equipment
07/14/16Correction of motion effect in nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) logging
07/14/16H-matrix preconditioner
07/14/16Presenting publisher data sets in context
07/07/16Method for removing bitumen to enhance formation permeability
07/07/16Energy storage drill pipe
07/07/16Digital core sensitivity analysis
07/07/16Pipe tracking system for drilling rigs
07/07/16Motor control system
07/07/16Method for determining modification of porous medium parameters under the effect of a contaminant
07/07/16Acoustic logging tool
07/07/16Full tensor gain compensated propagation measurements
07/07/16Absolute elemental concentrations from nuclear spectroscopy
06/30/16Deployment and retrieval system for electric submersible pumps
06/30/16Drilling wells in compartmentalized reservoirs
06/30/16Production logging multi-lateral wells
06/30/16Method and evaluation of hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs
06/30/16Data extraction for obm contamination monitoring
06/30/16Applying shrinkage factor to real-time obm filtrate contamination monitoring
06/30/16Estimating contamination during focused sampling
06/30/16System and facilitating the retrieval and analysis of data
06/30/16Multi-frequency electromagnetic tensor measurements
06/30/16Collocated radiation sensing
06/30/16Methods for determining a saturation-height function in oil and gas reservoirs
06/23/16Sulfate molecule removal through inorganic or divalent ion nuclei seeding
06/23/16Composition and removing pipe dope
06/23/16Modular fiber feeder
06/23/16Rotary check valve
06/23/16Motor mwd device and methods
06/23/16Determining resonance frequency and quality factor
06/23/16Systems and methods for evaluating gas-contaminated cement
06/23/16Method for determining a water intake profile in an injection well
06/23/16Reciprocating pump piston control
06/23/16Blended mapping for estimating fluid composition from optical spectra
06/23/16Fluid composition using optical analysis and gas chromatography
06/23/16Apparatus for extending the flow range of turbines
06/23/16Pump operation procedure with piston position sensor
06/23/16Fracture-resistant self-lubricating wear surfaces
06/23/16Oil/gas burners and method
06/23/16Method for diagnosing optical spectrometers of downhole tools
06/23/16Slot flow cell
06/23/16Methods and systems for identifying hydrocarbon fluid transition characteristics using nuclear magnetic resonance
06/23/16Petrophysical relationships using blind source separation techniques
06/23/16Fluid composition and reservoir analysis using gas chromatography
06/23/16System and methods for removing noise from acoustic impedance logs
06/23/16Antenna transmitter health determination and borehole compensation for electromagnetic measurement tool
06/23/16Device for measuring resistivity in a wellbore
06/23/16Formation properties from time-dependent nuclear magnetic resonance (nmr) measurements
06/23/16Laser spectroscopy for downhole sensing of gases and fluids
06/23/16Heat transferring electronics chassis
06/16/16Adjustment container installation
06/16/16Method for making a reinforced downhole tool component
06/16/16Nanocellulose materials for oilfield applications
06/16/16Well treatment
06/16/16Setting sleeve
06/16/16Downhole power generator
06/16/16Compositions and methods for treating a subterranean formation
06/16/16Controlling fracture geometry with the use of shrinkable materials
06/16/16Scalable borehole acquisition system
06/16/16Analyzing reservoir using fluid analysis
06/16/16Single phase capture and conveyance while drilling
06/16/16Determining the plus fraction of a gas chromatogram
06/16/16Composite shaped charges
06/16/16Compact microwave water-conductivity probe with integral second pressure barrier
06/16/16Method of compensating for changes in water properties in a multiphase flow meter
06/16/16Methods to characterize formation properties
06/16/16Probability distribution based logging tool data compression
06/16/16Logging tool providing measured response database comparison
06/16/16Systems and methods for determining dielectric constant or resistivity from electromagnetic propagation measurement using contraction mapping
06/16/16Neutron porosity based on one or more gamma ray detectors and a pulsed neutron source
06/16/16Downhole acoustic wave sensing with optical fiber
06/16/16Seismic sensing with optical fiber
06/16/16Automated multi-silo aggregate management
06/16/16Resonator applications for langasite and its isomorphs
06/09/16Steerable drill bit system

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