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Schlumberger Technology Corporation
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Schlumberger Technology Corporation patents

Recent patent applications related to Schlumberger Technology Corporation. Schlumberger Technology Corporation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schlumberger Technology Corporation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schlumberger Technology Corporation, we're just tracking patents.

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03/23/17 new patent  Inhibiting longitudinal propagation of cracks in wellbore cement
03/23/17 new patent  Apparatus and methods for identifying defective pumps
03/23/17 new patent  Mobile microfluidic determination of analytes
03/23/17 new patent  System and methods for obtaining compensated electromagnetic measurements
03/16/17Well integrity monitoring system with wireless coupler
03/16/17Power and communications adapter
03/16/17Centralized articulating power system
03/16/17Wellsite power mapping and optimization
03/16/17Fluid identification via pressure
03/16/17Apparatus and methods for analysis of reservoir fluids
03/16/17Method for determining a coefficient of thermal linear expansion of a material and a device for implementing the same
03/16/17Bayseian microseismic source inversion
03/16/17Inversion techniques for real-time well placement and reservoir characterization
03/16/17Methods and systems for obtaining an electrical impedivity and/or resistivity image of a subterranean formation
03/16/17Method for estimating formation dip azimuth and eccentering azimuth
03/16/17Method and system for calibrating a distributed vibration sensing system
03/09/17Downhole roller
03/09/17Automatic updating of well production models
03/09/17Rotary steerable roll stabilized control system
03/09/17Method for interpretation of distributed temperature sensors during wellbore operations
03/09/17Downhole filtrate contamination monitoring with corrected resistivity or conductivity
03/02/17Sleeve for fitting around a spooling drum
03/02/17Tubing system having alternate path
03/02/17Communication signal repeater system for a bottom hole assembly
03/02/17Indexer controlled directional valve system
03/02/17Detecting and accounting for fault conditions affecting electronic devices
02/23/17Wirelessly transmitting data representing downhole operation
02/23/17Systems and methods for interpreting multi-phase fluid flow data
02/23/17Method and determining a fracture aperture in a wellbore
02/23/17Downhole imaging techniques using lamination analysis
02/16/17High temperature stabilizer for polymer-based treatment fluids
02/16/17Propping agent and placing same in a hydraulic fracture
02/16/17Retrievable cement bushing system and methodology
02/16/17Flow control valve with balanced plunger
02/16/17Multi-stage valve actuator
02/16/17Esp pump flow rate estimation and control
02/16/17Simultaneous analysis of multiple components in well fluids
02/16/17Method for evaluating formations using neutron induced gamma ray measurements
02/09/17Treatment fluid
02/09/17Treatment fluid
02/09/17Backward whirling reduction
02/09/17Automatic and integrated control of bottom-hole pressure
02/09/17Method for calculating optimum gel concentration and dilution ratio for fracturing applications
02/09/17Fracturing sleeves and methods of use thereof
02/09/17System and completing and stimulating a reservoir
02/09/17Automated sliding drilling
02/09/17Detection of seismic signals using fiber optic distributed sensors
02/02/17Property enhancement of surfaces by electrolytic micro arc oxidation
02/02/17System and providing oscillation downhole
02/02/17Shock and vibration tool modeling
02/02/17Intelligent control of drill pipe torque
02/02/17Determining the life span of an elastomer in a motor
02/02/17Method for determining mechanical properties of a material
02/02/17System and methodology utilizing a getter based storage system
02/02/17Graph partitioning to distribute wells in parallel reservoir simulation
02/02/17Digital core model construction
01/26/17Hydraulic fracturing system
01/26/17Systems, methods and downhole monitoring
01/26/17Formation sampling methods and systems
01/26/17In-line composition and volumetric analysis of vent gases and flooding of the annular space of flexible pipe
01/26/17Subsurface formation modeling with integrated stress profiles
01/19/17Aqueous solution and use thereof
01/19/17Tar mat formation prediction in late-charge reservoirs
01/19/17Reducing fluid pressure spikes in a pumping system
01/19/17Electronic component testing
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01/12/17Controlling the stability of water in water emulsions
01/12/17Pressure releaving means
01/12/17Perforating gun system
01/12/17Temperature sensor technique for determining a well fluid characteristic
01/12/17Caprock breach determination technique
01/12/17Modular mobile flow meter system
01/12/17Pre-stressed gamma densitometer window and fabrication
01/12/17Fiber optic array having densely spaced, weak reflectors
01/05/17Steel armor wire coatings
01/05/17Low molecular weight guar as gelling agent additive
01/05/17Methods for monitoring well cementing operations
01/05/17Well treatment
01/05/17Flow control device for a well
01/05/17Method of performing additional oilfield operations on existing wells
01/05/17System and shock mitigation
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01/05/17Fault detection and tolerance in downhole tool string assemblies
01/05/17Predicting pump performance in downhole tools
01/05/17Coring apparatus and methods to use the same
01/05/17Heavy oil sampling methods and systems
01/05/17Petrophysically-regularized nuclear magnetic resonance inversion
01/05/17Downhole cables and methods of making the same
12/29/16Metal composite production method
12/29/16Enhanced viscosity of polymer solutions in high salinity brines
12/29/16Electrical connectivity across a tool joint
12/29/16Detonator structure and system
12/29/16Methods for evaluating inflow and outflow in a subterraean wellbore
12/22/16Hydratable polymer slurry and water permeability control in subterranean formations
12/22/16Flow balancing for a well
12/22/16Serial parallel power controller
12/22/16Oilfield surface equipment cooling system
12/22/16Drill bit distance to hole bottom measurement
12/22/16Drilling measurement systems and methods
12/22/16Formation fluid sample container apparatus
12/22/16Automatic three-dimensional structural interpretation of borehole images acquired in high-angle and horizontal wells
12/22/16Determining geomechanics completion quality
12/15/16Reel transport apparatus and method
12/15/16Formation analysis and drill steering using lateral wellbores
12/15/16Method to gravel pack using a fluid that converts to in-situ proppant
12/15/16High throughput pulse height analyzer
12/08/16Hydration apparatus and method
12/08/16Horizontal pipe connection and length detection system
12/08/16Well system with settable shoulder
12/08/16Backbone network architecture and network management scheme for downhole wireless communications system
12/08/16Torsional wave logging
12/08/16Determination of fluid saturation in shale reservoirs using nmr
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12/08/16Stacked height growth fracture modeling
12/08/16Electrical connection apparatus and method
12/01/16Seal assembly
12/01/16While drilling valve system
12/01/16Resistor actuator release system and methodology
12/01/16Kinetic energy storage for wellbore completions
12/01/16Reservoir fluid geodynamic reservoir modeling and characterization
12/01/16Helical vane tool for rheology measurement and use thereof
12/01/16System and monitoring the performances of a cable carrying a downhole assembly
12/01/16Method for using neutron interaction cross section to interpret neutron measurements
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12/01/16Borehole fluid and/or casing effect correction for pulsed neutron measurements
11/24/16Equipment and methods for preparing curved fibers
11/24/16System and methodology for well treatment
11/24/16System and methodology for coupling tubing
11/24/16In-riser power generation
11/24/16Methods using viscoelastic surfactant based abrasive fluids for perforation and cleanout
11/24/16Optimizing matrix acidizing operations
11/24/16Collapse initiated explosive pellet
11/24/16Coring tools and related methods
11/24/16Guard filtering system for focused sampling probe
11/24/16Sensing annular flow in a wellbore
11/24/16Workflow for resaturation and analysis of unconventional core samples
11/24/16Differential energy analysis for dipole acoustic measurement
11/24/16Adaptive multiscale multi-fidelity reservoir simulation
11/24/16Downhole tool management system
11/17/16Buoyancy assist tool
11/17/16Metal sealing device
11/17/16Well re-fracturing method
11/17/16System and methodology for determining forces acting on components
11/17/16Methods for measurement of ultra-low permeability and porosity by accounting for adsorption
11/17/16Nmr based reservoir wettability measurements
11/17/16Prediction of gas production rates from time-dependent nmr measurements
11/17/16Master tracking device
11/10/16Pressure amplifiers for downhole drilling tools
11/10/16Piston converter for downhole drilling tool
11/10/16Continuous mud circulation during drilling operations
11/10/16Multistage oilfield design optimization under uncertainty
11/10/16Multiple wellbore perforation and stimulation
11/10/16System for determination of a field rock type
11/10/16Torque-balanced, gas-sealed wireline cables
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11/03/16Oil field apparatus
11/03/16Shear thickening fluid method and system to deliver materials downhole
11/03/16Pickering emulsion treatment fluid
11/03/16System and methodology for drilling
11/03/16Time of arrival-based well partitioning and flow control
11/03/16Methods of deployment for eutectic isolation tools to ensure wellbore plugs
11/03/16System and methodology for utilizing a flow control valve
11/03/16Construction of digital representation of complex compositional fluids
11/03/16System and perforating a formation
11/03/16Methods for well completion
11/03/16System and methodology for pressure compensation
11/03/16Downhole filtrate contamination monitoring
11/03/16A borehole seismic tool and seismic surveying
11/03/16Wear resistant electrodes for downhole imaging
11/03/16Wear resistant electrodes for downhole imaging
11/03/16Fracture detection method using multi-axial induction tool
11/03/16Electrically operated radiation source operating power, reliability and life management systems and methods
11/03/16Neutron-absorbing gamma ray window in a downhole tool
11/03/16Radiation generator and power supply configuration for well logging instruments
11/03/16Multiple spectrum channel, multiple sensor fiber optic monitoring system
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10/27/16Tin-antimony-based high temperature solder for downhole components
10/27/16Drilling stabilizer with sleeve over blades
10/27/16Control line assembly and fabrication technique
10/27/16Pressure pulse reach extension technique
10/27/16System and treating a subterranean formation with a diverting composition
10/27/16One trip liner drilling and cementing
10/27/16Creating radial slots in a wellbore
10/27/16Method and completing a multi-stage well
10/27/16Method for orienting hydraulic fractures in multilateral horizontal wells
10/27/16Noise mitigation in seismic multimeasurement data
10/20/16Elastomer compositions with silane functionalized silica as reinforcing fillers
10/20/16Expandable reamer
10/20/16Mill catch mechanism
10/20/16Opposing thread screw safety joint
10/20/16Deploying an expandable downhole seat assembly
10/20/16Fluid loss control completion system and methodology
10/20/16Method and system of showing heterogeneity of a porous sample
10/20/16Average/initial reservoir pressure and wellbore efficiency analysis from rates and downhole pressures
10/20/16Downhole monitoring of fluids using nuclear magnetic resonance
10/20/16System and gain regulation
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10/20/16Logging-while-drilling tool incorporating electronic radiation generator and using same
10/20/16Tuning digital core analysis to laboratory results
10/20/16Image symmetry for dip determination
10/13/16Methods for treating subterranean formations
10/13/16Aqueous retarded acid solution and methods for use thereof
10/13/16Multi-segment instrument line for instrument in drill string
10/13/16Drilling system with top drive entry port
10/13/16Diamond switching devices, systems and methods
10/13/16Continuum sedimentary basin modeling using particle dynamics simulations
10/13/16System and controlling fluid flow in a downhole completion
10/13/16Top drive with top entry and line inserted therethrough for data gathering through the drill string
10/13/16Instrument line for insertion in a drill string of a drilling system
10/13/16Downhole instrument for deep formation imaging deployed within a drill string
10/13/16Method and characterizing clathrate hydrate formation conditions employing microfluidic device
10/13/16Controlled-frequency downhole seismic source
10/13/16Method for formation fracture characterization in highly inclined wells using multiaxial induction well logging instruments
10/06/16Multi-process mixer for well fluid preparation
10/06/16Mud chemical delivery system and method
10/06/16Method for treating a subterranean formation
10/06/16Intelligent top drive for drilling rigs
10/06/16Downhole tools and methods of controlling downhole tools
10/06/16Instrumented drilling rig slips
10/06/16Cooling of rotating control device
10/06/16Packer assembly with wing projection slips
10/06/16Actuatable plug system for use with a tubing string
10/06/16Shape memory material gas lift valve actuator
10/06/16Active fluid containment for mud tanks
10/06/16System and methodology for supplying diluent
10/06/16Workflow for determining stresses and/or mechanical properties in anisotropic formations
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10/06/16Rig control system
10/06/16Drilling control system
10/06/16Method for determining drilling fluid induced fractures
10/06/16Event-based telemetry for artificial lift in wells
10/06/16Flow regime recognition for flow model adaptation
10/06/16Spectral analysis with spectrum deconvolution
10/06/16Determination of free volume of a rock sample using high pressure adsorption data
10/06/16Method for estimating anisotropic mechanical properties of a reservoir using sonic logging data
10/06/16Seismic data processing
10/06/16Pipe tracking system for drilling rigs
10/06/16Cable for downhole equipment
10/06/16Cable or cable portion with a stop layer
10/06/16Slickline manufacturing techniques
09/29/16Blender for mixing and pumping solids and fluids and use thereof
09/29/16Compositions and methods for well cementing
09/29/16Controlled degradation of elastomers and use in oilfield applications
09/29/16Valve with integral piston
09/29/16Chemical injection valve system
09/29/16Wellbore isolation while placing valves on production
09/29/16Well alarms and event detection
09/22/16Ceramic particles formed from perforated membranes
09/22/16Actuation system with locking feature
09/22/16Laser cutting with convex deflector
09/22/16Downhole x-ray densitometer
09/22/16Integrated circuit for nmr systems
09/22/16Efficient simulation of oilfield production systems
09/22/16Characterization of fluids with drag reducing additives in a couette device
09/15/16Automatic pumping system commissioning
09/15/16Fracturing while tripping

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