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Schneider Electric Industries Sas
Schneider Electric Industries Sas_20100107
Schneider Electric Industries Sas_20100114

Schneider Electric Industries Sas patents

Recent patent applications related to Schneider Electric Industries Sas. Schneider Electric Industries Sas is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schneider Electric Industries Sas may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schneider Electric Industries Sas, we're just tracking patents.

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12/14/17 new patent  Method for optimising the generation of electrical power in a network for generating and distributing electrical power
11/30/17Method for assessing a rotational speed of an engine
11/23/17Preparation method and preparation device for silver-metal oxide electrical contact material and application of the material
11/23/17Electrical connection point mounted in a wall in a dwelling and electrical installation comprising at least one such connection point
11/02/17Method for generating a petri net simulation model of an industrial control system
10/26/17Light and sound signalling device
10/26/17Air circuit breaker having an improved electric arc quenching chamber
10/19/17Dc electrical circuit breaker
10/19/17Pluggable electrical device for switching an electrical current having an improved backplate
10/12/17Method for increasing the dielectric withstand strength in an electrical apparatus, and apparatus having an improved dielectric strength according to this method
10/12/17Method for automatically verifying a target computer file with respect to a reference computer file
10/05/17Item for tightening to the correct torque, and electrical protection device comprising at least one terminal connected by means of such an item
09/28/17Electrical breaking an electric current in air comprising an improved extinguishing gas filtering device
09/28/17Optimization the consumption of power produced by a renewable source
09/21/17Electromagnetic actuator and electrical contactor comprising such an actuator
09/14/17Process and system for the generation of an operating program in the form of a mobile application that is capable of operating on a mobile device
09/14/17Electromagnetic actuator and circuit breaker comprising such an actuator
09/07/17Frequency measurement device, frequency measurement method and under frequency load shedding device
09/07/17Connection system of a conductive busbar to an electric component
08/24/17Rotary control system for a device
08/24/17Method for providing graphical control
08/24/17Module for a logic controller
08/24/17Remote control device for an electrical device in an electrical enclosure
08/17/17Control a virtual generator
08/10/17Device for control / command of a plurality of man-machine dialogue facilities
08/03/17Method and system for determining the level of efficiency of a ventilation system of an electrical enclosure
08/03/17Device for monitoring the vacuum quality of a vacuum circuit breaker
07/27/17Air filtering system for an electrical enclosure
07/20/17Method for detecting a fault in a recloser
07/20/17Relay circuit and performing self-test of relay circuit
07/06/17Adjustable contactor
06/29/17Control an electric microgrid
06/29/17Control system and communications in an electric infrastructure
06/22/17Electric switching apparatus
06/22/17Device for joining a bimetal strip and a component forming a support for said bimetal strip, and electrical protection unit comprising same
06/22/17Trunking intended to carry modules connected to power cables and to communication cables
06/22/17Device for connecting an electrical conductor having a so-called eyelet tag to the connecting pad of a terminal of electrical apparatus, and apparatus including such a device
06/15/17Method for managing power in a charging station for electric vehicles
06/15/17Multipolar air-break circuit breaker including an improved device for filtering quenching gas
06/15/17Device for cooling hot gases in a high-voltage equipment
06/15/17Sensor for measuring current of the rogowski-torus type, protecting and measuring device and electric circuit breaker including such a sensor
06/08/17Electrical connector comprising a heat dissipator and electrical apparatus equipped with such a connector
06/01/17Active filtering system
05/25/17Current sensor and device for measuring an electrical current
05/25/17Ultrasonic detection system
05/25/17Transfer switching equipment
05/25/17Transfer switching equipment
04/20/17Control architecture including a programmable logic controller and a cloud computing system
04/20/17Electrical switching apparatus comprising a switching mechanism and at least one auxiliary module
04/20/17Hybrid cable tray and manufacturing the same
04/13/17Cable tray and a producing such a cable tray
03/30/17Device for monitoring temperature and tightening of a screw
03/30/17Method for secure configuration and use of a system for monitoring and/or controlling modules
03/23/17Method for determining the geographic position of an equipment
03/16/17Device for monitoring an electrical conductor and electrical installaton comprising such a device
03/16/17Connection system for a ring terminal with a clamping means and holding means for holding the ring terminal prior to clamping
03/09/17Soft starting system for an electrical motor
03/09/17Automatic addressing method in an ethernet communication architecture
02/23/17Electrical circuit breaker
02/09/17Field device
12/22/16Method and device for detecting a fault in an electrical network
12/22/16System for processing data and modelling for analysis of the energy consumption of a site
12/22/16Method of operating a protection device, associated computer program product, protection device and electrical installation
12/15/16Method for controlling access to data relating to an electrical installation, associated computer programme and information medium
12/01/16Device for monitoring partial discharges in an electrical network
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12/01/16Mobile pole and cutting device
11/10/16Method and device for the provision of aggregate offers of electrical energy
11/03/16Universal electrical installation system
11/03/16Protection device for electrical network
10/27/16Method for detecting a defective measurement of an extensive electrical quantity
10/27/16Method and system for determining the structure of an electricity transmission grid and associated computer program
10/13/16Method for treating the surface of a wall in an electrical protection apparatus and apparatus comprising at least one wall treated according to said method
10/13/16Active filtering system
10/06/16Electrical switching device
10/06/16Method for configuring a web services gateway and web services gateway
09/29/16Method for producing electric switchgear and electric switchgear with enhanced seal-tightness
09/22/16Short-circuiting device of an electrical installation and system for extinguishing an electrical arc that may appear in such an installation
09/22/16Method for monitoring communication between a transmitter and a receiver
09/22/16Method for monitoring communication between a transmitter and a receiver
09/08/16A circuit breaker arrangement
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09/08/16Communication apparatus and relay protection apparatus
08/11/16Display management method and associated computer program product and electronic device
08/11/16Apparatus comprising a functional component likely to be thermally overloaded during the operation thereof and a system for cooling the component
08/11/16Cloud-authenticated site resource management devices, apparatuses, methods and systems
08/04/16Current sensor and electric network comprising such a current sensor
08/04/16Processing device and configuring an automation system
08/04/16Communication system and method
07/21/16Detector for a conductor of an electrical network
07/14/16Automation system
07/07/16Electromagnetic actuator and producing such an actuator
06/30/16Capacitive power supply device for a control device of an electrical switching apparatus
06/30/16System for exchanging data remotely with an nfc radio tag
06/23/16Device comprising elements for measuring current and process for manufacturing such a device
06/23/16Device and monitoring a voltage or a current, associated system for monitoring an electrical switchboard, electrical enclosure and transformer station
06/23/16Arc extinguishing chamber for electrical circuit breaker and circuit breaker comprising such a chamber
06/23/16Electrical switching device equipped with means for signaling the presence of auxiliary blocks
06/16/16Blink code product registration
06/09/16Method and device for detecting a photovoltaic electricity production apparatus in an electrical distribution network, and associated computer program product
06/09/16Device for electrical connection having an auxiliary output, and switching appliance having such a device
06/02/16Intelligent electronic device response time performance optimization apparatuses
06/02/16Control system of an electrical load
05/19/16Electrical circuit breaker including a trip block
05/12/16Universal ethernet solution
05/12/16Trip for electrical switching device and electrical switching device comprising such a trip
05/05/16Control module for a human-machine dialogue system
05/05/16System comprising a base and a hot unpluggable module
04/21/16Rfid reader/writer device
04/14/16Device for anti-fire protection of a starter-controller device of an electrical installation
04/14/16Single-pole breaking unit comprising a rotary contact bridge, and a switchgear device, and circuit breaker comprising such a unit
04/14/16Transformer electrical circuit and installation comprising such a circuit
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03/31/16Detector for overhead network and overhead network comprising such a detector
03/31/16Method for estimating a voltage and device enabling such an estimation
03/31/16System for detecting an electrical fault and associated method
03/31/16Directional detection of earth faults in an electrical distribution network
03/17/16Input module for programmable logic controller
03/17/16Circuit breaker
03/17/16Apparatus, wireless data transmission by using display backlight
03/10/16Device for transmitting an electrical parametrization signal to a drive member of a light-emitting diode based lighting module, associated power supply system, lighting assembly and transmission
03/10/16High-power electronic module and making such a module
03/03/16Method for charging a vehicle battery by induction
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03/03/16Method for locating an electrical defect in an underwater electrical distribution modular system
03/03/16Multicolor signal light and controlling method thereof
02/11/16Method for producing a trip unit
02/04/16Extruded plastic parts based on adhesive fire proofed coating on top of a plastic substrate and their preparation process
01/21/16Human-machine interface apparatus and control cabinet comprising same
01/14/16Recyclable pole of an electric apparatus
01/14/16Emergency stop device
01/07/16Method and device for detecting arcing in electrical installation for dc power
01/07/16Method for generating an electric installation modelling file, computer program product, associated modelling file and electronic display device
01/07/16Power supply module for modular telecontrol equipment and equipment comprising same
01/07/16Method for controlling the electrical power delivered over an electrical supply network by at least two electrical energy sources and associated electrical system
01/07/16Remote terminal unit modular equipment
01/07/16Method for managing the installation of an application on an electronic device
12/31/15Optical chamber for a gas detection device
12/17/15On-site speaker device, on-site speech broadcasting system and method thereof
12/03/15Overload protection device and thermal magnetic adjustable trip unit for a breaker comprising the same
12/03/15Control system including a stationary emergency stop button and a mobile emergency stop button
11/19/15Programming auxiliary system of programmable controller and method thereof
11/12/15Modular electrical switch device comprising at least one unipolar cut-off unit and a switch assembly comprising such devices
11/05/15Systems and methods for delivering and accessing software components
11/05/15Modular electrical switch device comprising at least one unipolar cut-off unit and a switch assembly comprising such devices
11/05/15Actuator with thermomagnetic shunt, especially for triggering a circuit breaker
10/29/15Device for measuring at least one electric quantity of a current intended to circulate in an electric apparatus, and assembly comprising such a device
10/29/15Apparatus and means for starting of ac motors, algorithm for self-adapting motor start with soft-starter
10/29/15Apparatus and means for progressive motor start based on current derivative synchronisation
10/22/15Diagnosing and reporting a network break
10/15/15Programmable logic controller and event-driven programming method thereof
10/15/15Data exchange system
10/15/15Rack positioning assembly for an electric panel, electric panel comprising one such assembly and fitting this assembly
10/08/15Operating unit
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10/08/15Method for retrieving a wiring schematic of an electrical installation
10/08/15System for protecting of a plurality of dc voltage sources
10/01/15Method for generating a content in augmented reality mode
10/01/15Control panel
10/01/15Wireless network adapter and self-configuration same
09/24/15Trip cause management device for an electronic trip device
09/24/15Device for protecting against overvoltage for automaton power supply
09/24/15Monitoring device comprising a management of battery discharge and battery discharge management
09/17/15Magnetothermal current limiting device
09/10/15Power supply device and wireless sensor unit
09/10/15Electronic system comprising electronic devices, circuit breaker comprising such a system, generating a deviation indicator in the event of incompatibility between devices and associated computer program product
08/27/15Universal interface for detector
08/20/15Detecting a fault, in particular a transient fault, in an electrical network
08/13/15Electronic measurement device capable of displaying data in the form of two dimensional matrix code, electronic reader, electronic installation and transmission method associated therewith
08/06/15Communication gateway and communication system including said communication gateway
07/30/15Alignment aid system for an ultrasonic transmitter, an ultrasonic detector assembly and an alignment method
07/30/15Safe electrical power-supply system
07/30/15Method and system for transmitting messages using a mobile communication device
07/16/15Electrical contact device and low-voltage single-pole phase unit incorporating such an electrical contact device
07/16/15Single-pole switching unit and switching unit comprising one such unit
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06/25/15Actuator for a switching device
06/25/15Method for monitoring a communication between a transmitter entity and a receiver entity
06/18/15Management an electric installation and management system of one such installation
06/11/15Arc control device for vacuum bulb
06/04/15Fire protection device of an electric installation starter-controller device
06/04/15System and accessing information using objects
06/04/15Message tunneling in industrial networks
06/04/15Message tunneling in an industrial network
05/28/15Socket, a plug, an assembly, a setting a socket and a resetting a socket
05/28/15Control device able to connect to a communication network linking a control interface and an equipment
05/28/15Optimized communications with hart instruments
05/21/15Electric power calculation system, electric cabinet comprising one such system, associated transformer substation and calculation method
05/14/15Power supply system of one or more lighting modules with light-emitting diodes, associated lighting system and associated power supply method
05/07/15Relay, a flag structure and a flag assembly
04/30/15Arc deflecting and ventilation assembly for electrical enclosures and systems for arc deflecting and ventilation
04/16/15Method for determining an individual power consumption
04/09/15Limit switch
04/09/15Switching device and detecting malfunctioning of such a switching device
04/09/15Energy conversion system, recharging assembly by induction and methods for transmitting and receiving associated data
04/09/15Switching device and a controlling the same
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04/09/15Device for configuration of ethernet equipment and configuration of ethernet equipment using such a device
04/02/15Device and protection from an electric arc
03/26/15Method for preparing silver-based electrical contact material
03/26/15Silver-based electrical contact material
03/19/15Joint element for cable ladder and a the mounting of the same
03/19/15Limit switch
03/19/15Safety device and an electric installation
03/12/15Auxiliary unit for an electric circuit breaker, electric system comprising a circuit breaker and one such auxiliary unit and determining a cause of opening of the circuit breaker by means of one such auxiliary unit
03/12/15Method for determining a cause of a voltage outage load-side from a circuit breaker, auxiliary unit for a circuit breaker, electric system comprising a circuit breaker and one such auxiliary unit
03/05/15Device address management in an automation control system
03/05/15System for managing secure and nonsecure applications on one and the same microcontroller
02/26/15Extinguishing chamber for an electric protection apparatus and electric protection apparatus comprising one such chamber
02/12/15Vacuum bulb, circuit-breaker pole including such a vacuum bulb, and method to manufacture such devices
02/05/15Correction of the passband of an air gap transformer
02/05/15Fluid cartridge
01/29/15Green switchgear apparatuses, methods and systems
01/29/15Updating parameters in a network
01/29/15Method of secure management of a memory space for microcontroller
01/15/15Device for detecting resetting of a circuit breaker, actuator of a separating mechanism of the circuit breaker contacts, electric circuit breaker and use of an induced current to generate a resetting indication signal
01/08/15Electric charging system of a plurality of electric vehicles and distributing the electric power delivered by an electric power supply of such a system
01/08/15Differential protection device for a switchgear apparatus, and electric switchgear apparatus comprising one such device
01/01/15Device for estimating the impedance of an electric earth connection, associated estimation method and electric power supply system
01/01/15Removable device for an electronic trip unit, power supply such a device and assembly comprising an electronic trip unit and one such removable device
12/25/14Detection device for a conveyor
12/25/14Trip unit and producing one such trip device
12/25/14Electric contactor and control one such contactor
12/25/14Electric arc detection
12/18/14Dual power smps for a modular lighting system
12/18/14System for calculating an electric quantity, transformer sub-station comprising such a calculating an electric quantity with such a system
12/18/14Human-machine dialogue device
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11/27/14Mixture of hydrofluoroolefine and hydrofluorocarbide to improve the internal arc resistance in medium and high voltage electric apparatus
11/27/14Reflector used in a reflex mode detection device
11/20/14Arc extinguishing chamber for an electric protection apparatus and electric protection apparatus comprising same
11/20/14Method for determining a power consumption in an electric installation and alternating current electric installation
11/13/14Method for determining a power consumption, supervision system and electric installation comprising application thereof
10/23/14Method for monitoring and optimising the operation of a charging terminal for an electric vehicle and charging terminal for implementing said method
10/16/14System and managing industrial processes
10/09/14Electric power circuit breaker with energy storage device and improved indicating device of the operating state
09/25/14Human-machine dialog system
09/18/14Electrical cabinet with improved heat dissipation
09/18/14Electrical enclosure with improved mechanical arrangement
09/18/14Single-pole switching unit and switchgear device comprising one such unit
09/18/14System and managing industrial processes
09/11/14Burst pressure monitoring device employed in a pressure transmitter
09/11/14Systems and methods of remote communication
09/04/14Electrical cabinet with improved heat dissipation
08/28/14Method and device for analysing the quality of the electrical energy in a three-phase electric network
08/28/14System for measuring electric power, transformer substation comprising one such measuring electric power with such a system
08/28/14System and managing industrial processes
08/21/14Mixture of hydrofluoroolefin and fluoroketone for use as an insulation and/or arc extinguishing medium and a gas insulated medium-voltage electrical device comprising same
08/14/14Method for controlling a controlled switch operating the power supply of an electric motor
08/07/14Emergency stop device adaptable for a man-machine dialog system
08/07/14Onboard system for supervising a machine from a portable terminal
07/31/14Method for the diagnostic analysis of a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (hvac)
07/24/14Device for controlling the level of resin for filling a detector having a zone that is not to be filled
07/17/14Use of a mixture comprising a hydrofluoroolefin as a medium-voltage arc-extinguishing and/or insulating gas and medium-voltage electrical device comprising same
07/10/14Mixture of decafluoro-2-methylbutan-3-one and a carrier gas as a medium for electrical insulation and/or for electric arc extinction in medium-voltage
07/03/14Dual-ring switch for rstp networks
06/26/14Visual indication for adjustable component

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