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Schneider Electric Usa Inc
Schneider Electric Usa Inc_20131212

Schneider Electric Usa Inc patents

Recent patent applications related to Schneider Electric Usa Inc. Schneider Electric Usa Inc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Schneider Electric Usa Inc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Schneider Electric Usa Inc, we're just tracking patents.

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10/05/17Method and system for analyzing waveforms in power systems
10/05/17Energy management system and method
09/21/17Method for inferring downtime from power quality data
09/07/17Systems and methods for operating a virtual power environment
08/31/17Monitoring system based on image analysis of photos
08/17/17Passive arc control with sequestered phases in a vertical bus system of a motor control center
07/20/17System and methods for optimizing distribution network designs in real-time
07/06/17System and methods for syncing and merging network changes to a distribution network
07/06/17System and validating network configuration changes in a client environment
07/06/17System and methods for creating a geospatial network model in a client environment
06/29/17Current transformer with enhanced temperature measurement functions
06/29/17System and evaluation and response to cyber security exposure in an embedded control device
06/22/17Arc energy reduction multi-phase switching devices
06/22/17Motor on-delay timer
06/22/17Fast device replacement system
06/15/17Visual classification of events
06/15/17Retrofit cafi/gfi remote control module
06/15/17Frame assembly for a front mounted primary bus connector and construction
04/20/17Visual monitoring system for a load center
04/20/17Panelboard breaker compartment with disconnect features
04/20/17Integrated connector for backplane of a draw out breaker chassis
04/13/17Communicating circuit breaker architecture with automatic load center position identification
04/13/17Knife blade switch contact with high resistance portion
04/13/17Trip indication using adjacent circuit breakers
04/13/17Live load indicator with door interlock
04/06/17Magnetic position indicator for minature circuit breaker handle
04/06/17Water resistant arc resistant outdoor switchgear air vent
03/09/17Dynamic adaptable environment resource management controller apparatuses, methods and systems
03/02/17Analysis engine that correlates business operations with facility energy use
03/02/17Snap on fingersafe system for panelboards
02/23/17Device for attaching a sensor to a lug
02/23/17Minature circuit breaker color-coded state indicator
02/16/17Induction motor long start protection
02/09/17Capacitive voltage sensor for medium voltage metering
02/02/17Hybrid neutral plug on bar with distributed pitch
01/26/17Hybrid plug-on/pigtail neutral bar
01/19/17Method for detecting compressed air system leakage
01/19/17No-touch busway plug in units
01/19/17One axis shutter with a pin-based bus system for miniature circuit breaker load centers
01/19/17Doorless modular panelboard
12/29/16Energy intensity variability analysis
12/01/16Non-linear qualitative visualization
11/17/16Arc fault and ground fault interrupter using dual adc
11/10/16Method and increasing heat dissipation capacity of a din rail mounted enclosure
11/03/16Ultrasonic based load center current measurement system
11/03/16Double shutter shroud and tunnel for mcc bus connections
10/20/16Multifunction circuit breaker with single test button
10/20/16Two piece handle for miniature circuit breakers
10/20/16Antenna mount for electrical panel boards
10/13/16Self-contained evcs display
10/13/16Temperature sensor for bolted connections
10/06/16Sensor-based facility energy modeling
10/06/16Wireless batteryless data processing unit
09/29/16Branch energy management for multiple evses
09/29/16Sensor and foreign object detection in induction electric charger
09/22/16Retracting mechanism for sensing components in a switchgear cabinet
09/15/16Offset bus connection with field shaping and heat sink
09/15/16Double make double break interrupter module with independent blades
09/15/16Compact fuse support
09/15/16Magnetic arc vent seal
09/08/16Self-contained branch circuit monitor
09/01/16Energy management system and method
09/01/16Current transformer retainers for enclosure knock outs
08/25/16Touch safe panel board system
08/25/16Snap-in shutter system for rack out circuit breakers
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08/25/16Mcc unit troubleshooting compartment
08/18/16Systems and methods of data acquisition
08/18/16Distributed arc fault protection between outlet and circuit breaker
08/11/16Load center monitor with optical waveguide sheet
08/11/16Systems and methods for verification and deployment of applications to programmable devices
08/11/16Motor control center unit disconnect with interlocks
07/28/16Scale and indicator correlation for an adjustment dial
07/28/16Spring loaded, bistable connect/disconnect for mcc unit
07/14/16Method to detect arcing faults using switched elements at outlet
07/14/16Arc-fault and ground fault interrupter using a single ground fault sensor and single adc
07/14/16Voltage power circuit breaker dual compartment module
06/30/16Systems and methods of industrial network certificate recovery
06/30/16Systems and methods for programmable device installations
06/30/16Method for treating internal arcs
06/30/16Bus end arc interrupter
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06/23/16System and representing power system information
06/23/16Energy services recommendation engine
06/23/16Systems and methods for measurement equivalency
06/23/16Circuit protective device fault diagnostic translator
06/23/16Sealable settings dial
06/23/16Isolated bolt-on circuit breaker system for an energized panelboard
06/23/16Breaker-operated electrical connection shutter for panelboards
06/16/16Method and device for foreign object detection in induction electric charger
06/09/16Electric vehicle charging station handle input
06/02/16Touch-safe bus connection slider circuit breaker panel
06/02/16Internal arc management and ventilation for electrical equipment
05/26/16Terminal shield with integrated current transformer
05/26/16Thermal-mechanical flexible overload sensor
05/26/16Adaptive arc fault detection trip decision buffer
05/19/16Evse handle with automatic thermal shut down by ntc to ground
05/19/16Evse doubler add-on unit
05/19/16Evse with cordset handle temperature measurement
05/19/16Contact wear detection by spectral analysis shift
05/19/16Synthetic fault remote disconnect for a branch circuit
05/19/16Plug-on neutral connection
05/12/16Systems and methods for energy expert collaboration features
05/12/16Upstream parallel arc fault outlet protection method
05/12/16Electrical enclosure operating mechanism housing an external antenna
05/05/16Evse shorted cable protection method
05/05/16Electric vehicle charging station locking cable reel
05/05/16Self-correcting current transformer system
05/05/16Magnetically driven trip mechanism for an overload relay
04/21/16Surge protection device having two part ceramic case for metal oxide varistor with isolated thermal cut off
04/14/16Systems and methods of blending machine-readable and human-readable elements on a display
04/14/16Lug wire-binding screw
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04/07/16Electrical enclosure with built in remote inspection and virtual control of sensor placement
03/31/16Systems and methods for advanced confirmation of control operations
03/31/16Demand-side grid-level load balancing aggregation system
03/31/16Scada intrusion detection systems
03/17/16Method of branch circuit capacity utilization for electric vehicle charging
03/03/16Automatic configuration of alarm aggregations
02/25/16Heat sink and assemblying
02/04/16Zone fault detection electric vehicle charging systems
02/04/16System to identify potential electrical network faults combining vibration and power quality analysis
02/04/16Panel board to circuit breaker positive retention interlock
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02/04/16Independent shutter system for rack-in breakers
01/28/16Portable electric vehicle charging device
01/28/16Supply regulation circuit with energy efficient digital control
01/21/16Self-aligning power connection system with positive-latch connection
01/21/16Retractable connector for a single vertical main bus stack panel board motor starter
01/14/16System and managing industrial processes
01/14/16Load center bus having integral stabs with formed shapes
01/07/16Battery voltage profile monitoring during generator start
01/07/16Low movement trip and integrated signal flag for miniature circuit breakers
01/07/16Generating one-line electrical network diagrams
12/31/15Adapter system for plug-on neutral load center
12/24/15Analyzing scada systems
12/24/15Swing mount for terminal blocks
12/24/15Arc resistant shutters
12/24/15Passive arc control with sequestered phases in a vertical bus system of a motor control center
12/24/15Compact transformer bushing
12/17/15Monitoring load operation
12/17/15Analyzing scada systems
12/10/15Monitoring load operation
12/03/15Polished rod-mounted pump control apparatus
12/03/15Isolated and self-calibrating voltage measurement sensor
12/03/15Systems and methods for securely accessing programmable devices
11/19/15Power meter with current and phase sensor
11/19/15Multi-phase power meter configured for monitoring generator battery voltage
11/19/15Systems and methods of monitoring bridging time
10/29/15Methods of integrating multiple management domains
08/27/15Power meter configured for rear and side expansion
08/06/15Over-center handle mechanism for increased tactile feedback on a rotary actuator
07/02/15Switch contact wetting with low peak instantaneous current draw
06/18/15Monitoring induction motor
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02/19/15Sensor mounting methodology
02/19/15Co-location electrical architecture
01/15/15Passive arc protection for main breaker line side power conductors
08/14/14Method of enabling a foolproof home energy device control network including human language catchphrases
07/03/14Open potentiometer detection system
06/26/14Nonvolatile thermal memory electronic overload relay
06/19/14Methods of assembling a neutral rail to a plug-on neutral load center
06/19/14Muffler for enhanced arc protection
06/19/14Auto-resettable seismic sensor for evcs
06/19/14Current sensor for power measurement applications
06/19/14Branch circuit current monitor
06/19/14Snap-in and snap-on neutral rail assemblies in a plug-on neutral load center
06/19/14Plug-on neutral load center having a rotating neutral rail retained by a two-piece dielectric barrier
06/12/14Flexible conductor (braid) bonded to low material cost plug on jaw
06/12/14Security monitoring systems, methods and devices for electric vehicle charging stations
05/29/14Ventilation for horizontally mounted busway
05/22/14Busway joint pack with heat sink insert
05/15/14Dual material ground clip for a busway plug in unit
05/01/14Method of busway construction
05/01/14Bolt free electrical bus connector
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04/24/14System and determining utility cost savings
03/27/14Air filter sensor and alarm
03/27/14Pumpjack torque fill estimation
03/20/14Open spring mechanical clamping lug
03/13/14Zone selective interlocking for optical flash detection suppression
03/06/14Emergency lighting control panel
02/27/14Arc detection with resistance to nuisance activation through light subtraction
02/27/14Crowbar disconnect switch
02/27/14Circuit breaker signaling system for control of an arc fault detection system
01/02/14Coupler for electric vehicle charging station
01/02/14System and energy management information system reliability assurance
12/26/13Self-contained bistable information display with mechanical activation
12/19/13High interrupting rating molded case circuit breaker
12/19/13Automatic actuator for breakers or switches
12/19/13Locking device for electric vehicle charging connector
12/12/13Auto detection of vehicle type connected to an evse
12/12/13Circuit breaker thermal load visual gauge
12/12/13Wireless branch circuit energy monitoring system
12/05/13Electric vehicle supply equipment cable detection
11/28/13Drawout disconnecting and isolating means for dc applications
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11/14/13Diagnostic receptacle for electric vehicle supply equipment
10/24/13Passive arc management system with a flue chamber
10/17/13Tapered trunking system with distributed combiner
10/17/13Cable lug pad
10/10/13Circuit breaker identification accessory
09/26/13Floating stationary contact to create stable, low resistance contact joints
09/26/13Cable connector with integrated shoe
09/12/13Compact three-hole lug
09/05/13Compact, two stage, zero flux electronically compensated current or voltage transducer employing dual magnetic cores having substantially dissimilar magnetic characteristics
08/22/13Systems, methods and devices for detecting branch circuit load imbalance
08/08/13Systems, methods, and devices for monitoring a capacitor bank
07/04/13System and method to measure neutral-to-ground voltage
07/04/13Method of detecting instability in islanded electrical systems
07/04/13Energy management with correspondence based data auditing signoff
07/04/13System and securing monitoring devices on a public network
06/27/13Direct communications system for charging electric vehicles
06/27/13Panelboard plug-on neutral bus and making same
06/20/13Mechanical means to redirect internal arc location
06/13/13Electrical busway plug-in unit with improved restraint mechanism
06/13/13Automated monitoring for changes in energy consumption patterns
06/13/13Systems, methods and devices for determining energy conservation measure savings
06/06/13Photovoltaic string combiner with disconnect having provision for converting between grounded and ungrounded systems
06/06/13Electrical enclosures with removable end plate
06/06/13Electrical wire and sheet-metal connector
06/06/13Triangle flap arc vent
05/30/13Automatic reset discrimination a self powered electronic protection device
05/23/13Pressure sensitive trip mechanism with debris control
05/23/13Docking station for connector for electric vehicle charging station
05/23/13Prioritized controller arbitration
05/23/13Data synchronization in a cooperative distributed control system
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05/23/13Dynamically adapting to changes in control system topology
05/09/13Switchgear bus assembly having reduced power loss, material and temperature
04/18/13Molded case circuit breaker capable of withstanding short circuit conditions
03/28/13Automated device discovery on a network
03/21/13Interrupter module with floating protection for drive pins
03/21/13Method for compensating overload trip curve for ct error
03/21/13Swing out mount
03/14/13Control circuit for motorized circuit breaker
03/14/13Optimized protection coordination of electronic-trip circuit breaker by short circuit current availability monitoring
02/28/13Applying compression to busbars in a busway assembly
02/28/13Differential temperature monitoring of electrical devices
02/21/13Adaptive light detection for arc mitigation systems
02/07/13Extendable and deformable charging system
01/03/13Configuration of an arc runner for a miniature circuit breaker
01/03/13Thermally efficient busway
01/03/13Sensor mounting methodology
01/03/13Method and system for implementing redundant network interface modules in a distributed i/o system
12/27/12Moveable contact closing energy transfer system for miniature circuit breakers
12/13/12Optimally shaped bus connector
11/29/12Pumpjack production control
11/15/12Weather proof high efficient led light engine
11/15/12One-piece sloped ceiling baffle
08/23/12Wireless transceiver within an electrical receptacle system
07/12/12Arc fault mitigation for photovoltaic systems
07/12/12System and monitoring current drawn by a protected load in a self-powered electronic protection device
07/05/12Piston trip reset lever
07/05/12Occupancy sensor with multi-level signaling
07/05/12Adjustable occupancy sensor and attaching an occupancy sensor to a light fixture
07/05/12System and measuring atmospheric parameters in enclosed spaces

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