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Seagate Technology Llc
Seagate Technology Llc_20100107
Seagate Technology Llc On Behalf Of Xyratex Technology Limited A Seagate Company
Seagate Technology Llc_20100114
Seagate Technology Llc_20100121
Seagate Technology Llc_20131212
Seagate Technology Llc_20100128

Seagate Technology Llc patents

Recent patent applications related to Seagate Technology Llc. Seagate Technology Llc is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Seagate Technology Llc may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Seagate Technology Llc, we're just tracking patents.

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04/27/17 new patent  Logical block addresses used for executing host commands
04/20/17Cavity sealing apparatus
04/13/17Method and apparatus with multiple cavities
04/13/17Internal copy-back with read-verify
04/13/17Changing characteristics of signal patterns to reduce adjacent track interference
04/13/17Particulate filter
04/06/17Shielding and electrical contact design for devices with two or more read elements
04/06/17Data center rack flexplane
03/30/17Data randomization using memory block access counts
03/30/17Nondisruptive device replacement using progressive background copyback operation
03/30/17Compression sampling in tiered storage
03/30/17Compression sampling in tiered storage
03/30/17Search and access system for media content files
03/30/17Data writer with graded side shields
03/30/17Data reader with spin filter
03/30/17Lateral spin valve reader with in-plane detector
03/30/17Magnetic recording head front shield formation
03/30/17Write head offset for shingled magnetic recording (smr) disk drives
03/30/17Head-medium contact detection using an oscillating electromagnetic force
03/30/17Multiple layer fept structure
03/30/17Laser adjustment during field operation of a heat-assisted magnetic recording data storage device
03/30/17Systems and methods for soft data utilization in a solid state memory system
03/30/17Printed circuit board with flux reservoir
03/30/17Computing system enclosure airflow distribution management
03/30/17Computing system enclosure airflow management
03/23/17Photon emitter array
03/23/17Maximize smr drive capacity
03/23/17Dynamic storage device provisioning
03/23/17Selectively enable data transfer based on accrued data credits
03/23/17Waveguide with tapered assistant layer
03/23/17Waveguide with shaped assistant layer
03/23/17Servo integrated bpm template
03/23/17Priori information based post-processing in low-density parity-check code decoders
03/23/17Self-adapting phase-locked loop filter for use in a read channel
03/16/17Coupling loss evaluation
03/16/17Techniques for controlling recycling of blocks of memory
03/16/17Data memory device and controller with interface error detection and handling logic
03/16/17Magnetoresistive sensor with enhanced uniaxial anisotropy
03/16/17Enlarged substrate for magnetic recording medium
03/16/17Methods and devices for reducing couple imbalance in a hard drive
03/09/17Materials for near field transducers, near field tranducers containing same, and methods of forming
03/09/17Methods of forming overcoats on magnetic storage media and magnetic storage media formed thereby
03/02/17Method of forming electrical connections with solder dispensing and reflow
03/02/17Workpiece handling
03/02/17Direct hinting for a memory device
03/02/17Data writer coil heater
03/02/17Methods of forming magnetic devices with variable overcoats
03/02/17Disturbance observer with energy reducing filter
03/02/17Disc drive apparatus with hermetically sealed cavity
02/23/17Techniques for providing data redundancy after reducing memory writes
02/23/17Sending failure information from a solid state drive (ssd) to a host device
02/23/17Enhanced queue management
02/16/17Disk cache allocation
02/16/17Variable-size flash translation layer
02/16/17High reliability parity declustering
02/16/17Method of performing read/write process on recording medium, parameter adjustment method, storage device, computer system, and storage medium employing the methods
02/09/17Data storage power management
02/09/17Nonvolatile memory data recovery after power failure
02/09/17Device quality metrics using unsatisfied parity checks
02/09/17Magnet array for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition
02/09/17Multiuse data channel
02/02/17Surface features by azimuthal angle
02/02/17Sliders having at least two regions on the trailing edge surface
02/02/17Bond pad sharing for powering a multiplicity of electrical components of a recording head
02/02/17Near-field transducer with tapered peg
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02/02/17Data reader with front shield coupling structure
02/02/17Scheduling strategies for iterative decoders
02/02/17Storage device assembly
01/26/17Bit patterned media template including alignment mark and using same
01/26/17Thinly provisioned disk drives with zone provisioning and compression
01/26/17Disc drive actuator assembly with bearing cooling
01/26/17Disc drive actuator bearing cartridge assembly with temperature induced rotational torque mitigation
01/26/17Apparatuses and methods for absorbing optical energy
01/26/17Apparatus and methods for aligned servo-related features
01/26/17Method of fabricating a bpm template using hierarchical bcp density patterns
01/26/17Phase error recovery circuitry and a magnetic recording device
01/26/17Apparatus and methods using interference in light reflected from articles
01/19/17Adaptive multi-stage disturbance rejection
01/19/17Thermally assisted writer protrusion determination and control
01/12/17Devices including a near field transducer (nft), at least one cladding layer and interlayer there between
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01/12/17Spin-signal enhancement in a lateral spin valve reader
01/12/17Sensor stabilization in a multiple sensor magnetic reproducing device
01/12/17Linear and rotational adjustment systems
01/05/17Adjustable gap for a fluid dynamic bearing
01/05/17Systems and methods for enhanced data recovery in a solid state memory system
01/05/17Multiple reader stacks disposed in close proximity
01/05/17Reader side shield
12/29/16Systems and methods for last written page handling in a memory device
12/29/16Write encroachment mitigation system
12/29/16Modular data storage device testing system
12/29/16Systems and methods for sub-zero threshold characterization in a memory cell
12/29/16Midplane docking system
12/29/16Modular cooling system
12/22/16Controller, data storage device, and data communication system having variable communication speed
12/22/16Write head offset for shingled magnetic recording (smr) disk drives
12/22/16Resistive temperature sensors for improved asperity, head-media spacing, and/or head-media contact detection
12/15/16Surface features mapping
12/15/16Enclosure system for computing equipment
12/15/16Magnetic devices including film structures
12/15/16Magnetoresistive sensor fabrication
12/15/16Systems and methods for dynamically programming a flash memory device
12/08/16Sector translation layer for hard disk drives
12/08/16Systems and methods for latency based data recycling in a solid state memory system
12/08/16Zero-one balance management in a solid-state disk controller
12/08/16Data storage component test deck
12/08/16Adaptive power dumper
12/08/16Optically recognized code for wireless pairing
12/08/16Magnetic sensing device with reduced shield-to-shield spacing
12/01/16Flexible super block sizing for failed sector recovery
12/01/16Thermally robust near-field transducer peg
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12/01/16Devices including a near field transducer (nft) including peg and disc from different materials
12/01/16Multipiece near field transducers (nfts)
12/01/16Near field transducers (nfts) and methods of making
12/01/16Near field transducers (nfts) including barrier layer and methods of forming
12/01/16Near field transducer (nft) including peg and disc of different materials
12/01/16Carrier used for mounting data storage drive into enclosure
11/24/16Techniques for providing data redundancy after reducing memory writes
11/24/16Procedure for setting laser and heater power in hamr device
11/24/16Heat-assisted rotating disk magnetometer for ultra-high anisotropy magnetic measurements
11/24/16Contamination reduction head for media
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11/24/16Timing error processor that uses the derivative of an interpolator function
11/17/16Humidity control for enclosure
11/10/16One or more non-disk disk drive components having a lubricant composition that is miscible with a disk media lubricant composition
11/10/16Motor spin up with auxiliary power boost
11/03/16Methods of forming mgo barrier layer
11/03/16Preferred zone scheduling
11/03/16Intialization of magnetic features
11/03/16Noise mitigation for write precompensation tuning
11/03/16Storage system with cross flow cooling of power supply unit
10/27/16Energy storage apparatus in device with conductive case structure
10/27/16Writer pole formation
10/27/16Data storage component test deck system
10/27/16Data storage component testing system
10/27/16Error correction code (ecc) selection using probability density functions of error correction capability in storage controllers with multiple error correction codes
10/20/16Map recycling acceleration
10/20/16Storage controller cache synchronization method and apparatus
10/20/16Location based disk drive access
10/20/16Adaptive laser output control in a hamr device
10/20/16Post-write scan operations for interlaced magnetic recording
10/20/16Systems and methods for differential message scaling in a decoding process
10/13/16Near-field transducer with enlarged region, peg region, and heat sink region
10/06/16Fluid pumping capillary seal for a fluid dynamic bearing
10/06/16Base deck with carrier features
10/06/16Magnetoresistive sensor with stop-layers
10/06/16Slot waveguide that couples energy to a near-field transducer
10/06/16Skewed shingled magnetic recording data reader
10/06/16Apparatus with disc separator plates
10/06/16Disk surface defect detection
10/06/16Noise prediction detector adaptation in transformed space
10/06/16Adaptive disturbance rejection using dead zone filter
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10/06/16Charge loss compensation through augmentation of accumulated charge in a memory cell
10/06/16Storage device firmware and manufacturing software
09/29/16Dynamic granule-based intermediate storage
09/29/16Devices including at least one multilayer adhesion layer
09/29/16Bolometer for internal laser power monitoring in heat-assisted magnetic recording device
09/29/16Enlarged substrate for magnetic recording medium
09/22/16Spindle force actuator
09/22/16Distinguishing foreign surface features from native surface features
09/22/16Devices including metal layer
09/22/16Devices including metal layer
09/22/16Devices including an overcoat that includes a low thermal conductivity layer
09/22/16Devices including an overcoat layer
09/22/16Method and apparatus to detect and mitigate contamination between a read/write head and a recording medium
09/22/16Devices including a difussion barrier layer
09/15/16Apparatuses and methods utilizing etch stop layers
09/15/16Bearing apparatus with surface migration channels
09/15/16Apparatuses and methods utilizing etch stop layers
09/15/16Proactive cloud orchestration
09/15/16Defining a maximum sequential write duration for a data storage device utilizing heat-assisted recording
09/15/16Disk drive sensor selection
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09/08/16Channel transmitting multiple differential signals
09/08/16Devices including near field transducer and adhesion layer
09/08/16Shingled magnetic recording data store
09/08/16Flexible virtual defect padding
09/01/16Multi-device storage with consolidated channel and control circuitry
09/01/16Data writer front shield with varying throat height
09/01/16Data reader with resonant tunneling
09/01/16Adaptive hamr power data storage device
09/01/16In situ device authentication and diagnostic repair in a host environment
08/25/16Transmission balancing for phase shift mask with a trim mask
08/25/16Device with power control feature involving backup power reservoir circuit
08/25/16Flash channel with selective decoder likelihood dampening
08/25/16Storage device with configurable neural networks
08/25/16Mode conversion via tapered waveguide
08/25/16Laser diode unit with enhanced thermal conduction to slider
08/25/16Laser diode submount/slider interface with reduced thermal resistance
08/25/16Storage medium vacuum sputter tool adjustable idler
08/18/16Data storage system durability using hardware failure risk indicators
08/18/16Intelligent failure prediction and redundancy management in a data storage system
08/18/16Techniques for controlling recycling of blocks of memory
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08/18/16Non-deterministic encryption
08/18/16Optimized recording condition for heat-assisted magnetic recording
08/18/16Modular magnetoresistive memory
08/11/16Heat-assisted magnetic recording head-disk clearance setting
08/11/16Concurrent modulation and frictional heating head disk contact detection
08/11/16Self-assembled monolayer coating for disc drive manufacture
08/04/16Mobile data storage device with temperature management
08/04/16Mobile data storage device with power management
08/04/16System on chip power management
07/28/16Switchably activated heat transfer with magnetic fluid
07/28/16Bimodal modulation
07/28/16Component configured to stiffen an electric motor assembly
07/28/16Methods of forming portions of near field transducers (nfts) and articles formed thereby
07/21/16Methods of forming layers
07/21/16Methods of forming materials for at least a portion of a nft and nfts formed using the same
07/21/16Articles including a near field transducer and at least one waveguide
07/14/16Etching source installable in a storage medium processing tool
07/07/16Positioning goniometry
07/07/16Magnetic element with reduced shield-to-shield spacing
06/30/16Data segregation in a storage device
06/30/16Adaptive ecc techniques for flash memory based data storage
06/30/16Materials for near field transducers and near field transducers containing same
06/30/16Thermal management of laser diode mode hopping for heat assisted media recording
06/23/16Chemical characterization of surface features
06/23/16Write pole magnetic guard
06/23/16Storage device head using high magnetic moment material
06/23/16Hard-mask defined bit pattern substrate
06/23/16Systems and methods for soft decision generation in a solid state memory system
06/16/16Method of patterning a stack
06/16/16Classification of surface features using fluoresence
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06/16/16Attaching optical components using homogenized laser light
06/16/16Position error signal compensation to prevent adjacent track erasure
06/16/16Dissipating heat during device operation
06/09/16Method of surface tension control to reduce trapped gas bubbles
06/09/16Data reallocation upon detection of errors
06/09/16Magnetic stack including cooling element
06/09/16Angled waveguide
06/09/16Apparatus and setting slider surface potential
06/09/16Filament holder for hot cathode pecvd source
06/09/16Interchangeable magnet pack
06/09/16Vibration isolation component for an enclosure
06/09/16Data storage enclosure with latch feature
06/02/16Tiered data storage system
06/02/16Sensor structure having layer with high magnetic moment
05/26/16Data storage management in a memory device
05/26/16Non-sequential write for sequential read back
05/26/16Bridge for bus-powered peripheral device power management
05/26/16Interlaced magnetic recording super parity
05/26/16Enhanced capacity recording
05/26/16Dual writer head design
05/26/16Adjacent track interference asymmetry mitigation
05/26/16Slider with micro-patterned coating
05/26/16Heat assisted magnetic recording for bit-patterned media
05/26/16Laser power optimization for heat assisted interlaced magnetic recording
05/26/16Laser power optimization for heat assisted interlaced magnetic recording
05/26/16Screwless disc clamp
05/26/16Interlaced magnetic recording in hamr devices
05/26/16Interlaced magnetic recording
05/26/16Variable written track widths for attribute-based storage

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