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Recent patent applications related to Seoul National University R & db Foundation. Seoul National University R & db Foundation is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Seoul National University R & db Foundation may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Seoul National University R & db Foundation, we're just tracking patents.

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05/25/17 new patent  Pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating of cirrhosis of liver comprising g protein coupled receptor 119 ligand as an active ingredient
05/25/17 new patent  Polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cell, membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell including same, and fuel cell including same
05/25/17 new patent  Soluble catalyst for lithium-air battery
05/18/17Nanopore structure, ionic device using nanopore structure and manufacturing nanomembrane structure
05/18/17Method of initializing 3d non-volatile memory device
05/11/17Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and image processing method thereof
05/11/17Method of initializing and programing 3d non-volatile memory device
05/11/17Negative electrode for secondary battery and manufacturing method therefor
05/11/17Method and transmitting signals having temporal correlation
05/04/17Method of initializing and programing 3d non-volatile memory device
05/04/17Apparatus and controlling connection interval in wireless communication system supporting bluetooth scheme
04/27/17Composite electrolyte membrane and manufacturing same
04/27/17Artificial cell membrane comprising supported lipid bilayer connected with probes having controllable mobility and analyzing interaction between molecules using the same
04/27/17Organic light emitting device
04/20/17Nanoparticles in the shape of nanosnowman with a head part and a body part, a preparation method thereof and a detection method using the same
04/20/17Vertical-type organic light-emitting transistors with reduced leakage current and fabricating the same
04/13/17Use of cpne7 for differentiating non-dental mesenchymal stem cells into odontoblasts, regenerating dental pulp and treating dentin hypersensitivity
04/13/17Metallic glass composites with controllable work-hardening capacity
03/30/17Memory error correction of memory
03/30/17Apparatus and scheduling packet in communication system
03/23/17Semiconductor memory device and fabricating the same
03/16/17Metal catalyst, manufacturing the metal catalyst and electrochemical reduction method
03/16/17Apparatus and method transmitting packets
03/09/17Composition for imaging atherosclerosis and diagnosing atherosclerosis by using same
03/02/17Spatial interpolation linear phased array antenna
03/02/17Rate-distortion optimization-based quantization method and apparatus
03/02/17Video encoding method and apparatus and video decoding method and apparatus
03/02/17Method and image transformation, and image inverse-transformation based on scanning sequence
02/23/17Composition for enhancing radiation sensitivity comprising pi4k isozyme inhibitor
02/23/17Semiconductor ultraviolet light emitting device
02/23/17Method and transmitting and receiving buffer status information in wireless communication system
02/23/17Method and determining carrier sense threshold in wireless communication system
02/16/17Anticancer peptide for inhibiting proliferation of cancer stem cells and use thereof
02/16/17Multi-pulse jet generator and air conditioner having same
02/16/17Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
02/16/17Deformation sensing flexible substrate using pattern formed of conductive material
02/09/17Prosthesis for in vivo insertion, coated with cross- linked polyphosphorylcholine
02/09/17Robotic self-filming system
02/02/17Organic photodetector and image sensor
01/26/17Adhesive composition and display device
01/26/17Adhesive composition and display device
01/26/17Resistive random access memory device embedding tunnel insulating layer and memory array using the same and fabrication method thereof
01/19/17Laser speckle contrast imaging system, laser speckle contrast imaging method, and apparatus including the laser speckle contrast imaging system
01/05/17Method for managing data and apparatuses therefor
01/05/17Variable resistor, non-volatile memory device using the same, and fabricating thereof
12/29/16Method for transmitting and receiving signal in wireless communication system and device therefor
12/22/16Method for transmitting and receiving discovery message in wireless communication system, and same
11/17/16Method of forming transparent 3d object and transparent 3d object formed thereby
11/10/16Method for detecting defective zone of retinal nerve fiber layer
11/10/16Entropy-controlled bcc alloy having strong resistance to high-temperature neutron radiation damage
11/10/16Method for transmitting discovery message in wireless communication same
10/27/16Sequential joint behavior sheet using photo deformation and controlling folding and unfolding thereof
10/27/16Display apparatus, and operating the display apparatus
10/27/16Electronic device, display apparatus, and operating the electronic device
10/20/16Method and controlling power consumption of wireless terminal
10/13/16Novel fat accumulation inhibitory peptide and pharmaceutical composition for preventing or treating obesity containing the same
10/13/16Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus and obtaining magnetic resonance image thereof
10/13/16Plasma processing device capable of plasma shaping through magnetic field control
10/06/16Apparatus and feeding back channel information in wireless communication system
10/06/16Method for transmitting discovery message in wireless communication system and device therefor
09/29/16Apparatus and detecting biometric information
09/29/16System and providing beamforming vector for wireless network systems, method, program and recording media using thereof
09/22/16Method for transmitting discovery message in wireless communication system and same
09/15/16Heterodimeric core-shell nanoparticle in which raman-active molecules are located at a binding portion of a nanoparticle heterodimer, use thereof, and preparing same
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09/15/16Multiplex bioassay platform using cut fiber bundle
09/15/16Motor driving apparatus
09/15/16Method for transmitting discovery message in wireless communication system and same
09/15/16Method and performing device to device communication in wireless communication system
09/08/16Composition containing eugenol as active ingredient for preventing or treating atopic dermatitis
09/08/16Nitrogen oxide reduction catalyst and preparing the same
09/08/16Data storage device and driving the same
09/01/16Stretchable electronics for artificial skin
09/01/16Method for preparing of endothelial cells by transformation (transdifferentiation) of adult fibroblast, and use thereof
09/01/16Composition for diagnosing pancreatic cancer and diagnosing pancreatic cancer using same
08/25/16Energy supply circuit without power converter and electronic device using same
08/25/16Method and device-to-device communication in wireless communication system
08/18/16Retinal prosthesis system using nanowire light detector, and manufacturing method thereof
08/18/16Multi-link type working apparatus moved by thrust generating device
08/18/16Water quality sensor using positive feedback
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08/18/16Smart tablet-based neurofeedback device combined with cognitive training, method and computer-readable medium thereof
08/18/16Memory device, memory module including the same, and memory system including the same
08/11/16Alpha helix cell-penetrating peptide multimer, preparation method therefor and use therefor
08/11/16Nanovesicle comprising heterodimer g-protein coupled receptor, preparing nanovesicle, field effect transistor-based taste sensor comprising nanovesicle, and manufacturing taste sensor
08/11/16Computing cache management
08/11/16Electrolyte solution for redox flow battery and redox flow battery comprising same
08/04/16Post-treatment film-coated member
08/04/163-dimensional (3d) non-volatile memory device and fabricating the same
07/28/16Chicken antibody transformed into cysteine and site-specific conjugation using same
07/28/16Method of preparing induced neural stem cells reprogrammed from non-neuronal cells using hmga2
07/28/16Method for inducing pluripotent stem cells and pluripotent stem cells prepared by said method
07/07/16Method and device for monitoring data integrity in shared memory environment
06/30/16Method for extracting airways and pulmonary lobes and apparatus therefor
06/30/16Power factor correction circuit and electronic product including the same
06/30/16Motor driving apparatus and controlling method thereof
06/23/16Input/output method in virtual machine environments
06/16/16Method for diagnosing cancer through detection of deglycosylation of glycoprotein
06/16/16Manufacturing titanium oxide electrode, active oxygen species production system including same, chlorine production system, dye-sensitised solar cell and electric double-layer capacitor
06/16/16Frequency shifting optical swept lightsource system and apparatus to which the system is applied
06/09/16Electronic device for determining sleep state and controlling same
06/09/16Composition containing ppar-gamma neddylation inhibitor for inhibiting adipocyte differentiation and use thereof
06/09/16Preparation of corrosion-protective copper paste through single process and application thereof to dipole tag antenna
06/09/16Organic light-emitting device
06/09/16Method and managing radio resource in wireless communication system
06/02/16Composition for regulating immunological activity in intestine and use thereof
06/02/16Peripheral blood stem cells with improved angiogenic properties and use thereof
06/02/16Composition comprising filler and botulinum toxin for alleviating skin wrinkles or aging or treating neuromuscular diseases
06/02/16Semiconductor device and fabricating thereof
05/26/16Semiconductor device and operating method thereof
05/19/16Graphene quantum dots with different types and obtaining each of different types of graphene quantum dots
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05/19/16Synaptogenic protein tagged with biotin and reconstitution of artificial synapse by using same
05/19/16Kit for detecting nucleic acid and detecting nucleic acid
05/05/16Thermoplastic resin composition, molded article made therefrom, and preparing the thermoplastic resin composition
05/05/16High-sensitivity sensor comprising conductive thin film containing cracks and manufacturing same
05/05/16Method for detecting hypoxia or diagnosing hypoxia-related diseases
05/05/16Method for providing video streaming service and mobile device for same
04/28/16Composition for culturing sanal and sanal culturing method using the same
04/21/16Method and http adaptive streaming in wireless network environment
04/14/16Rapid antimicrobial susceptibility test, based on an analysis of changes in morphology and growth pattern of a microbial cell under different concentrations of various antimicrobial agents, and automated cell image analysis system therefor
04/14/16Resistive random access memory device having a nano-scale tip, memory array using the same and fabrication method thereof
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04/14/16Resistive random access memory device having nano-scale tip and nanowire, memory array using the same and fabrication method thereof
03/31/16Apparatus and controlling data flow in communication system
03/24/16Method of inhibiting quorum sensing using d-galactose
03/24/16Multi-channel delay locked loop
03/24/16Method and mobile communication terminal for estimating battery consumption state
03/17/16Servo motor controller and control method therefor
03/17/16Microfluidic multi-well-based cell culture testing device
03/10/16C5 antibody and preventing and treating complement-related diseases
03/10/16Method and modulo scheduling
03/03/16Method and determining packet transmission time using power gain due to packet transmission delay
02/18/16Flexible metallic glass substrate with high resilience, manufacturing method thereof, and electronic device using same
02/11/16Anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical composition comprising benzopyranyl tetracycles
02/04/16Benzidine derivative, preparing same, and pharmaceutical composition containing benzidine derivative for treating liver disease caused by hepatitis c virus
02/04/16Stretchable triboelectric generator, stretchalbe electricity storage device, and wearable electronic device
01/28/16Ion trap manufacturing same
01/21/163d stacked memory array and determining threshold voltages of string selection transistors
01/21/16Compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
01/07/16Omni-directional shear-horizontal wave electromagnetic acoustic transducer
12/31/15Promoters and methods thereof
12/24/15Induced regulatory t cell and use thereof
12/03/15Optic modulator and manufacturing the same
12/03/15Audio correction apparatus, and audio correction method thereof
11/26/15Composition for diagnosis of lung cancer and diagnosis kit for lung cancer
11/26/15Memory aid method using audio/video data
11/26/15Flexible energy conversion device using liquid
11/19/15Electronic device and displaying object
11/12/15Thin film structure and fabricating the same
11/05/15Transferring graphene using self-adhesive film
10/29/15Method for analysing program code of electronic device and electronic device
10/29/15Polymer, a preparing the same, composite prepared from the polymer, and electrode and composite membrane each including the polymer or the composite
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10/29/15Encryption apparatus, encryption and computer-readable recording medium
10/22/15Energy conversion device using liquid
10/15/15Energy conversion device using change of contact surface with liquid
10/08/15System and evaluating laser treatment
10/08/15Copolymer electrolytes for secondary battery, preparing the same and use thereof
09/24/15Volume rendering apparatus and operating same
09/24/15Semiconductor device and fabricating the same
09/10/15Semiconductor circuit using floating body device for emulating neuron firing process
08/13/15Field effect transistor using graphene
07/30/15Method for selectively activating magnetic nanoparticle and selectively activated magnetic nanoparticle
07/23/15Method for treating tau protein-mediated degenerative neuronal disease
07/16/15Nano particle complex and fabricating the same
07/09/15Method of simulating output of nonlinear dynamical system in an event driven way
07/02/15Medical patch
06/04/15Silicon-compatible germanium-based transistor with high-hole-mobility
05/21/15Receiver, system including the same, and calibration method thereof
05/21/15Method and estimating moving direction of user and computer-readable storage medium having recorded thereon the method
05/14/15Motor driving apparatus and laundry treatment machine including the same
05/07/15Energy conversion substrate using liquid
05/07/15Method and processing image
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04/30/15Method and controlling electrowetting cell
04/30/15Apparatus and analyzing bottlenecks in data distributed data processing system
04/30/15Method and device for analyzing application
04/02/15Method, apparatus, and computer-readable recording medium for converting document image captured by using camera to dewarped document image
03/26/15Method and device for determining sleeping pattern, and computer readable storage medium recording the method
03/12/15Method and generating structure of table included in image
03/05/15Energy conversion device using change of contact area and contact angle of liquid
03/05/15Display device and driving method thereof
02/12/15Display apparatus including encapsulation film and inspecting the encapsulation film
02/05/15Heterocyclic compound and organic light-emitting device including the same
02/05/15Automated mammographic density estimation and display method using prior probability information, system for the same, and media storing computer program for the same
02/05/15Polymer, electrolyte membrane and electrode for a fuel cell, each including the polymer, fuel cell including at least one of the electrolyte membrane, and the electrode
01/22/15Wireless local area network system and operating the same
01/15/15Image-quality improvement method, apparatus, and recording medium
01/08/15Semiconductor chip and stacked type semiconductor package having the same
12/25/14Single photon device, emitting and transferring single photon, and methods of manufacturing and operating the same
12/18/14Simplified nonvolatile memory cell string and nand flash memory array using the same
10/09/14Metal catalyst, manufacturing the metal catalyst and electrochemical reduction method
10/02/14Compound tunneling field effect transistor integrated on silicon substrate and fabricating the same
09/04/14Composition for diagnosis of lung cancer and diagnosis kit of lung cancer
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08/28/14Germanium electroluminescence device and fabrication the same
08/28/14Composition for diagnosis of lung cancer and diagnosis kit for lung cancer
08/21/143d stacked nand flash memory array having ssl status check buildings for monitoring threshold voltages of string selection transistors and methods for monitoring and operating the same
08/07/14Disk for fabricating graphene and manufacturing the same
07/10/14Novel biomarker for diagnosis of lung cancer
05/29/14Dynamic library profiling method and dynamic library profiling system
05/22/14Nitride-based semiconductor device and manufacturing the same
05/22/14System and ballistocardiogram-based personal authentication
05/15/14Fet type gas-sensitive device having horizontal floating gate
05/08/143-dimensional (3d) non-volatile memory device and fabricating the same
04/24/14Saddle type mos device
04/17/14Telemedical stethoscope
03/06/14Synaptic semiconductor device and operation method thereof
02/06/14Shared virtual memory management providing cache-coherence
02/06/14Genetically engineered mouse model for autism spectrum disorder having deletion of shank2 gene and use thereof
12/26/13Cluster system based on parallel computing framework, and host node, computing node and executing application therein
10/31/13Seismic imaging system for coustic-elastic coupled media using accumulated laplace gradient direction
09/19/13Seismic imaging system using a reverse time migration algorithm
09/19/13Seismic imaging system using cosine transform in logarithmic axis
09/12/13Human-derived cell-permeable peptide bioactive peptide conjugate, and use thereof
08/29/133d stacked nand flash memory array enabling to operate by lsm and operation method thereof
07/11/13Cluster system based on parallel computing framework, and hose node, computing node and executing application therein
06/27/13Electroluminescence device using indirect bandgap semiconductor
06/27/13Method for inducing human blood-born hematospheres through aggregate culture and expanding blood adult stem cells and progenitor cells, and stem cell prepared by the same
05/30/13Conductive nanostructure, molding same, and manufacturing a field emitter using same
04/18/13Composition for diagnosis of lung cancer and diagnosis kit of lung cancer
04/18/13Brain-computer interface devices and methods for precise control
01/10/13Method and reserving data channel in a wireless access system
12/27/12Junction structure for wave propagation, wave diode and wave half-adder using the same
12/20/12Seismic imaging method considering a contour of the sea bottom
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09/20/12Seismic imaging apparatus without edge reflections and the same
09/20/12Apparatus for avoiding dynamic inter-cell interference and method thereof
09/06/12Readiness potential-based brain-computer interface device and method
05/10/12Semiconductor device having stacked array structure, nand flash memory array using the same and fabrication thereof
03/01/12Fault detector and fault detection attitude control system of spacecraft
10/06/11Flexible dye-sensitized solar cell and preparation method thereof
09/15/11Methods of manufacturing alignment substrate and liquid crystal display device having the alignment substrate
08/11/11Apparatus and transmitting and receiving sounding signal in a wireless communication system
12/16/10Method and controlling channel for providing internet protocol television service
11/25/10Method for scaling voltage in mobile terminal
09/23/10Method of modulating/demodulating a signal, performing the method and display apparatus having the apparatus
06/24/10Adjustable capacitor, digitally controlled oscillator, and all-digital phase locked loop
06/03/10Time-to-digital converter and all-digital phase-locked loop
02/18/10Waveform inversion in laplace-fourier domain
02/04/10Composition comprising ginsenosides isolated from the extract of processed ginseng for preventing and treating thrombotic disease

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