Inventors on Seoul Viosys Co Ltd patents (recent)


A list of inventors with patent application filings associated with Seoul Viosys Co Ltd for 2018.
Note: Some Seoul Viosys Co Ltd-related inventors may appear under alternate organization names/spellings.
Inventors are listed solely due to being on a related/assigned patent, and may not be affiliated in any way with the organization.

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Chae Hon Kim

Chang Yeon Kim

Da Hye Kim

Dae Woong Suh

Daewoong Suh

Dong-kyu Lee

Doug Youn Lee

Geundo Cho

Hye Kyung Ku

Hyun Su Song

Jae Hee Lim

Jaehak Jeong

Jaeseon Yi

Jiwon Kim

Jong Hyeon Chae

Jong Hyun Koo

Jong Kyun You

Jong Min Jang

Joon Sup Lee

Joung-il Yoon

Ju Yong Park

Jung Whan Jung

Kyung Hae Kim

Kyung Sik Yoon

Sam Seok Jang

Seon Min Bae

Seung Hyun Kim

Won Young Roh

Woo Chul Kwak

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