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Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha A Corporation
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha Corporation
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha And Toppan Printing Co Ltd
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha 22 22 Nagaike cho Abeno ku
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha a k a Sharp Corporation
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha_20100114
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha_20131212
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha_20100128
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha_20100121
Sharp Kabushiki Kaishao
Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha_20100107

Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha patents

Recent patent applications related to Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha. Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Sharp Kabushiki Kaisha, we're just tracking patents.

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04/26/12Solar cell
11/16/17 new patent  Electric vehicle
11/16/17 new patent  Motor-driven traveling device
11/16/17 new patent  Substrate for light emitting device and manufacturing substrate for light emitting device
11/16/17 new patent  Information processing device, portable terminal, controlling information processing device, and program recording medium
11/16/17 new patent  Mirror display
11/16/17 new patent  Display device with signal lines routed to decrease size of non-display area
11/16/17 new patent  Lighting device, display device, and television device
11/16/17 new patent  Image display device
11/16/17 new patent  Liquid crystal display device
11/16/17 new patent  Electrifier cleaning mechanism and image forming apparatus
11/16/17 new patent  Input device, wearable terminal, mobile terminal, controlling input device, and control program for controlling operation of input device
11/16/17 new patent  Image processing device and program
11/16/17 new patent  Field-sequential image display device and image display method
11/16/17 new patent  Semiconductor device and production method therefor
11/16/17 new patent  Semiconductor device and producing same
11/16/17 new patent  Method of producing curved display panel
11/16/17 new patent  Systems and methods for establishing multiple radio connections
11/16/17 new patent  Cooking device
11/16/17 new patent  Mounting substrate manufacturing apparatus and manufacturing mounting substrate
11/09/17Optical film
11/09/17Signal processing device and signal processing method
11/09/17Liquid crystal display device
11/09/17Powder collection container and image forming apparatus including the same
11/09/17Display device
11/09/17Unit shift register circuit, shift register circuit, control unit shift register circuit, and display device
11/09/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
11/09/17Electroluminescent device and manufacturing method
11/09/17Organic electroluminescent display device
11/09/17Light-emitting element, display panel, display device, electronic device and producing light-emitting element
11/09/17Method for decoding a video bitstream
11/09/17Video display system, information processing device, portable terminal device, and program
11/09/17Terminal device, base station device, mme, and communication control method
11/09/17Radio transmission device, radio reception device, communication method, and communication system
11/09/17Organic electroluminescence device, illumination device, and display device
11/02/17High-frequency device
11/02/17Photodynamic therapy device
11/02/17Eyeball movement detection device
11/02/17Washing machine, electrolyte for generating electrolyzed water, and electrolyzed water for rinse
11/02/17Daylighting device and daylighting system
11/02/17Detection device
11/02/17Light guide and virtual image display device
11/02/17Liquid crystal display device and manufacturing same
11/02/17Liquid crystal display apparatus
11/02/17Autonomous travelling vehicle
11/02/17Autonomous traveling apparatus
11/02/17Input display device and input display method
11/02/17Content distribution apparatus, content distribution system, and program
11/02/17Image processing method and image processing device
11/02/17Display control device, display device, and display control method
11/02/17Display device and driving same
11/02/17Color display device with pixel circuits including two capacitors
11/02/17Control device, display device, and control display device
11/02/17Image processing device, display device, position determining device, position determining method, and recording medium
11/02/17Display system and display method
11/02/17Ion generation apparatus and electric equipment including the same
11/02/17Organic electroluminescence device, illumination device, and display device
11/02/17Semiconductor device and manufacturing same
11/02/17Nitride semiconductor light-emitting element
11/02/17Light emitting device and manufacturing the same
11/02/17Substrate, light-emitting device, and illuminating apparatus
11/02/17Image reading apparatus and image forming apparatus
11/02/17Image encoding device
11/02/17Method for deriving a motion vector
11/02/17Unit shift register circuit, shift register circuit, control unit shift register circuit, and display device
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11/02/17Wireless communication system, terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, wireless communication method, and integrated circuit
11/02/17Base station device, position management device, terminal device, and control method
10/26/17Daylighting apparatus
10/26/17Lighting device
10/26/17Autonomous mobility apparatus
10/26/17Radiation detector
10/26/17Camera module manufacturing method and camera module manufacturing apparatus
10/26/17Display device and display method
10/26/17Image forming apparatus and image quality adjusting method
10/26/17Powder detection device and toner replenishment device
10/26/17Display device
10/26/17Image forming apparatus
10/26/17Image forming registering a user with a server
10/26/17Display device
10/26/17Transparent conductor, producing transparent conductor, and touch panel
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10/26/17Terminal, base station, and communication method
10/26/17First terminal apparatus, server apparatus, and control method
10/26/17Device for decoding a video bitstream
10/26/17Method for decoding an image, image decoding apparatus, encoding an image, and image encoding apparatus
10/26/17Information processing device, controlling same, and program
10/26/17Systems and methods for re-establishing a connection
10/26/17User equipment, method, and base station
10/26/17Base station device, terminal device, location management device, and control method
10/26/17Wireless communication system, base station apparatus, mobile station apparatus, wireless communication method, and integrated circuit
10/26/17Deposition-mask manufacturing method, deposition mask, deposition device, and deposition method
10/19/17Alarm control device and program
10/19/17Electrolyzed water generating device, electrolyte for generating electrolyzed water, and electrolyzed water for disinfection
10/19/17Drive transmission mechanism, sheet discharging apparatus, and image forming apparatus
10/19/17Transparent film, and producing transparent film
10/19/17Powder detection device and development device
10/19/17Image formation device and starting image formation device
10/19/17Information input pen
10/19/17Image display device, television receiver, and image display method
10/19/17Character string recognition device
10/19/17Nitride semiconductor device
10/19/17Method of manufacturing display panel substrate
10/19/17Compound semiconductor field effect transistor
10/19/17Control device, display device, communication terminal, medium, display control system, controlling control device, and control program
10/19/17Image forming apparatus having restricted usb socket
10/19/17Arithmetic decoding method, image decoding apparatus, arithmetic coding method, and image coding apparatus
10/19/17Image decoding device
10/19/17Mobile station apparatus, method, and processor of the same
10/12/17Cleaning tool and cleaning robot
10/12/17Sterilizing apparatus
10/12/17Propeller fan, fluid feeder, electric fan, and molding die
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10/12/17Lighting device, display device, and manufacturing lighting device
10/12/17Image processing device, image capturing device, image processing method, and program
10/12/17Light emitting module
10/12/17Optical receiver, portable electronic device, and producing optical receiver
10/12/17Nitride semiconductor light-emitting element
10/12/17Light-emission device
10/12/17Terminal device, base station apparatus, and communication method
10/12/17Display control device, image display system, and controlling display control device
10/12/17Operation input system, electronic device and mobile terminal
10/05/17Beverage preparation apparatus
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10/05/17Dehumidification device
10/05/17Light emitting device and fabricating method thereof
10/05/17Terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, communication method, and integrated circuit
10/05/17Camera module comprising lens, image pickup element
10/05/17Shift register, display device provided with same, and driving shift register
10/05/17Liquid crystal display device
10/05/17Mirror display having touch panel
10/05/17Liquid crystal display panel
10/05/17Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device
10/05/17Liquid crystal display device
10/05/17Liquid crystal display device
10/05/17Information processing apparatus, controlling information processing apparatus, and recording medium
10/05/17Display device
10/05/17Semiconductor device and producing semiconductor device
10/05/17Base station apparatus, terminal device, and communication method
10/05/17Terminal, base station, communications system, and communication allocating hybrid automatic repeat request acknowledge resource using control channel
10/05/17Electronic devices for sending a message and buffering a bitstream
10/05/17State change notification device, wearable communication device and state change notification method
10/05/17Terminal device, base station device, communication method, and integrated circuit
10/05/17Method for configuring random access response window, base station and user equipment
10/05/17Terminal device, base station apparatus, and communication method
09/28/17Grating apparatus and beverage preparation apparatus
09/28/17Beverage preparation apparatus
09/28/17Ion generator
09/28/17Hygroscopic material and dehumidifier using same
09/28/17Biomolecule analyzer
09/28/17Liquid crystal display device
09/28/17Display device
09/28/17Display device and processing data in display device
09/28/17Image display device
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09/28/17Method for manufacturing metal lamination film, manufacturing semiconductor device, and manufacturing liquid crystal display device
09/28/17Light-emitting device and display device
09/28/17Information processing device, display device, short-range wireless communication system, and controlling information processing device
09/28/17Base station apparatus, terminal device, and communication method
09/28/17Base station device and terminal device
09/28/17Portable terminal, and controlling portable terminal
09/28/17Terminal device, base station apparatus, and communications method
09/28/17Mobile station apparatus and base station apparatus
09/28/17Terminal, base station, and communication method
09/28/17Method for configuring random access response, base station and user equipment
09/28/17Method for allocating resources for a communication between devices, and a base station and user equipment thereof
09/28/17Organic electroluminescence device, production organic electroluminescence device, illumination device, and display device
09/28/17Camera module
09/21/17Dehumidification device
09/21/17Water absorbent material, dehumidification device, and dehumidification method
09/21/17Light emitting device and lighting device
09/21/17Illumination device and display device
09/21/17Stereoscopic display device
09/21/17Liquid-crystal display
09/21/17Communication system, communication device and communication method that can improve frequency use efficiency
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09/21/17Terminal, base station, communication system, and communication method
09/14/17Synthetic polymer film having surface provided with bactericidal activity
09/14/17Lens aligning device and image capturing lens
09/14/17Automotive head up display
09/14/17Semiconductor device and liquid crystal display device
09/14/17Liquid crystal display device
09/14/17Display device
09/14/17Active matrix substrate and display panel
09/14/17Touch panel device
09/14/17Position inputting device and display device with position inputting function
09/14/17Display device fitted with position input function
09/14/17Display device
09/14/17Display device and control display device
09/14/17Display device and driving same
09/14/17Information recording medium and reproduction device
09/14/17Electroluminescence device, electronic device, and manufacturing electroluminescence device
09/14/17Organic electroluminescent device and producing organic electroluminescent device
09/14/17Base station apparatus and terminal apparatus
09/14/17Radio reception device, radio transmission device, communication system, and communication method
09/07/17Image display device
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09/07/17Head mounted display using spatial light modulator to move the viewing zone
09/07/17Head mounted display using spatial light modulator to generate a holographic image
09/07/17Head mounted display with directional panel illumination unit
09/07/17Active matrix substrate, and display panel
09/07/17Active matrix substrate and display panel
09/07/17Position inputting device and display device with position inputting function
09/07/17Holding manner determination device, control program, and recording medium
09/07/17Terminal device
09/07/17Liquid crystal display device and driving same
09/07/17Method for producing nitride semiconductor stacked body and nitride semiconductor stacked body
09/07/17Nitride semiconductor and nitride semiconductor manufacturing method
09/07/17Semiconductor device
09/07/17Organic electroluminescent element, manufacturing same, and light emission method
09/07/17Organic electroluminescence device and manufacturing organic electroluminescence device
09/07/17Electronic apparatus and control method therefor
09/07/17Method for configuring physical channel start symbols, base station and user equipment
09/07/17Server apparatus providing portable information terminal and image forming apparatus with cloud image processing service
09/07/17Image forming apparatus, image editing method and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium for forming an image on a recording medium based on an image displayed on a display section
09/07/17Reception apparatus and transmission apparatus
09/07/17Lighting device
08/31/17System with a companion device and a primary device
08/31/17Syntax and semantics for device capabilities
08/31/17Terminal apparatus and base station apparatus
08/31/17Image encoding device and image encoding method
08/31/17Video decoding apparatus, video decoding method, video encoding apparatus, and video encoding method
08/31/17System for terminal resolution adaptation for devices
08/31/17Portable terminal, controlling portable terminal, and recording medium
08/31/17Method for enabling communication on unlicensed spectrum and corresponding base station and user equipment
08/24/17Synthetic polymer film whose surface has microbicidal activity, multilayer structure having synthetic polymer film, sterilization method with the use of surface of synthetic polymer film, reactivating surface of synthetic polymer film, mold for production of synthetic polymer film, and mold manufacturing method
08/24/17Moving body
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08/24/17Sensing system
08/24/17Light steering backlight
08/24/17Touch panel device
08/24/17Light emitting device
08/24/17Light emitting element, display panel, display device, electronic device and producing light emitting element
08/24/17Deposition mask, deposition device, deposition method, and deposition mask manufacturing method
08/24/17Terminal apparatus, base station apparatus, and communication method
08/24/17Media playback communication
08/24/17Methods for phonetic information signaling
08/24/17Terminal apparatus and communication setting appropriate uplink transmit power for an uplink signal based on detecing a dci
08/24/17Terminal device, integrated circuit, and communication method
08/24/17Mobile station device, radio communication method and integrated circuit
08/24/17Terminal device, base station device, integrated circuit, and communication method
08/24/17Radio communication system, method, device and computer readable medium including first and second receiving signals respectively allocated to first and second overlapping subcarriers
08/17/17Camera module
08/17/17Semiconductor device, liquid crystal display device, and semiconductor device manufacturing method
08/17/17Liquid crystal display device
08/17/17Active matrix substrate and display device
08/17/17Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device
08/17/17Autonomous mobile object and autonomous mobile object system
08/17/17Method of producing imaging panel, imaging panel, and x-ray imaging device
08/17/17Imaging panel, producing imaging panel, and x-ray imaging device
08/17/17Nitride semiconductor light emitting device
08/17/17Terminal, base station, communication system, and communication method
08/17/17Image decoder, image decoding method, image encoder, and image encode method
08/17/17Method for decoding
08/17/17A mechanism of resource-pool monitoring for inter-cell device-to-device communication
08/17/17Terminal and base station
08/17/17Base station, user equipment and associated methods

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