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Shenzhen Mindray Bio medical Electronics Co Ltd patents

Recent patent applications related to Shenzhen Mindray Bio medical Electronics Co Ltd. Shenzhen Mindray Bio medical Electronics Co Ltd is listed as an Agent/Assignee. Note: Shenzhen Mindray Bio medical Electronics Co Ltd may have other listings under different names/spellings. We're not affiliated with Shenzhen Mindray Bio medical Electronics Co Ltd, we're just tracking patents.

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06/22/17Medical devices, adjusting resolutions of digital images
05/18/17Mobile data hub for patient monitors
05/04/17Methods and systems for displaying clinical parameters
04/13/17Flow cytometer and a multi-dimensional data classification method and an apparatus thereof
04/06/17Automatic compensation method, device, and corresponding flow cytometer
03/30/17Nucleic acid extraction apparatus and operation
03/30/17Systems and methods for selective enhancement of a region of interest in an image
03/16/17Ultrasound contrast imaging method and apparatus
03/16/17Ultrasound imaging method and system
02/02/17Medical diagnostic high-frequency x-ray machines and power supply devices thereof
02/02/17Sample rack moving mechanism, sample rack conveying device and sample analyzing equipment
01/26/17Ultrasound fusion imaging method and ultrasound fusion imaging navigation system
01/12/17Method and device for automatic identification of measurement item and ultrasound imaging apparatus
01/12/17Ultrasonic imaging system and controlling method thereof
01/12/17Smear staining machine and smearing control thereof
01/12/17Methods and machines for drying blood smears and an automatic smearing device
11/24/16Mutation signal processing methods, devices and medical detecting apparatuses
11/24/16Methods and devices for switching filters and medical apparatuses using the same
11/24/16Baseline restoration methods and apparatuses and medical detecting equipments thereof
11/10/16Test tube rack of analyzer pipeline, shift detection using the same
10/27/16Ultrasonic medical monitoring device and method
10/20/16Ultrasound imaging device and imaging method thereof
10/20/16Medical body surface ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
10/20/16Ultrasonic probe and ultrasonic imaging system comprising the same
08/18/16Ultrasound scanning apparatus, breathing machine, medical system and related method
08/11/16Sample rack conveying apparatus, pipeline and conveying method using same
08/04/16Arrhythmia detection device
07/21/16Three-dimensional ultrasonic imaging method and system
07/14/16Blood analysis method, control device, and blood cell analyzer
07/07/16Physiological parameter processing method and system and monitoring device using the same
07/07/16Ultrasonic imaging method and apparatus
06/30/16Paper tray structures and electrocardiograph machines
06/30/16Device for measuring muscle relaxation and monitoring equipment
06/30/16Monitor with ultrasonic scanning and monitoring functions, ultrasonic apparatus, and corresponding method
06/30/16Medical module connection base and medical module expansion system
06/23/16Method and system for guided ultrasound image acquisition
06/23/16Probe transmission device
05/19/16System and controlling a flow through a pneumatic system
04/28/16Tension transmission device and three-dimensional mechanical probe using same
03/03/16Liquid surface detection , and immunoassay analyzer
02/18/16Ultrasonic image analysis systems and analysis methods thereof
02/04/16Ultrasonic diagnostic device and supporting synchronous scanning with multiple probes
02/04/16Dispensing device, immunoassay analyzer and method thereof
02/04/16System and component analysis and automatic analysis device using same
01/21/16Method for measuring level of muscle relaxation, processing device thereof and instrument for measuring muscle relaxation
01/21/16System and ultrasound elastography and dynamically processing frames in real time
01/21/16Systems and methods for collecting medical images
01/07/16Electronic flow monitor, control method and anesthesia machine
10/29/15Lock devices and support arms thereof and ultrasound imaging systems using the same
10/08/15Ultrasonic probe, connection component for array elements and ultrasonic imaging system thereof
10/08/15Pacemaker signal detecting method, pacemaker signal detecting system and electrocardial detecting device
09/24/15End caps for blood pressure cuffs and blood pressure cuffs therewith
09/24/15Ultrasound systems, methods and associating detection information of the same
09/24/15Methods for optimizing gain of ultrasound images and automatic gain optimization apparatuses for ultrasound imaging
09/03/15Apparatus and analyzing samples
06/25/15Self-diagnosis measuring results from blood analyzers
06/18/15Devices and systems for real-time recognition of restoration of spontaneous circulation (rosc) in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (cpr) process
06/04/15Flow cytometer and fluidic system thereof
04/23/15External defibrillator, expander thereof, and defibrillation guarding system
04/16/15Methods and apparatuses for creating orientation markers and 3d ultrasound imaging systems using the same
04/16/15Pulse oximetry-based cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (cpr) quality feedback systems and methods
02/12/15Bioelectric signal detecting circuits, lead wire detecting circuits and medical devices
02/05/15Automatic analyzers and reagent wheels thereof
02/05/15Automatic biochemical analyzer
01/29/15Dyeing device and using a paddle dyeing machine
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12/18/14Method and kit for determining- antibody sensitivity and clone cell strain
11/20/14Air circuit adapter
11/20/14Particle analyzer and particle test control thereof
11/20/14Methods and systems for defining a voi in an ultrasound imaging space
10/02/14Gas monitoring apparatuses, methods and devices
09/11/14Method and device for detecting displacement in elastography
04/10/14Preparation and use of nucleated red blood cell simulating particles and hematology control mixtures
02/06/14Methods and systems for nondisruptive loading of reagents in a body fluid workstation
06/27/13Systems and methods for collecting medical images
02/21/13Frame averaging circuit for use in an ultrasound imaging system
12/27/12Defibrillator with a normalized electrode interface and defibrillating electrode
12/20/12Method and device for generating a filter coefficient in real time
10/25/12Transportation mechanism for laterally and intermittently transporting a test tube rack and medical analyzer utilizing the mechanism
10/18/12Methods, modules, and systems for gain control in b-mode ultrasonic imaging
08/02/12Methods, systems, and monitoring devices for managing hemodynamic parameters
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07/19/12Reagents and methods for classifying leukocytes
07/12/12Method and automatic optimization of doppler imaging parameters
07/05/12Particle analyzer and analyzing particles
07/05/12Method and particle analyzer for measuring a low concentration particle sample
07/05/12Color flow gain adjustment
06/28/12Counter assembly, sheath flow impedance count device, and flow cytometer analyzer
06/28/123d mechanical probe
06/21/12Methods and systems for ultrasonic imaging
06/21/12Method and device for adjusting a collimator radiation field in an x-ray imaging system
06/21/12Biphasic defibrillation circuit and defibrillator
05/31/12Methods and systems for adaptively correcting exposure parameters during digital radiographic imaging
04/12/12Oxygen sensor seat assembly, oxygen sensor assembly, and anesthesia machine
04/12/12Central control braking system
04/12/12Electromagnetic interference suppression device and mri apparatus using the same
04/12/12Method and scanning control and displaying images in a magnetic resonance scanning chamber
03/29/12Methods and systems for color flow imaging
03/22/12Methods and apparatuses for creating orientation markers and 3d ultrasound imaging systems using the same
03/01/12Method and system for simultaneously displaying a doppler image, a b-mode image, and a color blood flow image
02/23/12Ultrasonic probe
02/02/12Methods and systems for pulse scanning and simultaneously displaying a blood flow image and a b-mode image
01/19/12Image processing , and medical imaging instrument
01/19/12Chemiluminescent compositions, enhancing reagents for chemiluminescence and methods for the preparation and use thereof
01/05/12Sampling device and method
01/05/12Chemiluminescent compositions, enhancing reagents for chemiluminescence and methods for the preparation and use thereof
01/05/12Chemiluminescent compositions, enhancing reagents for chemiluminescence and methods for the preparation and use thereof
12/22/11Method for adjusting roi and 3d/4d imaging apparatus using the same
12/08/11Methods and systems for extended ultrasound imaging
12/08/11Processes for synthesizing alkaline phosphatase conjugates
12/08/11Conjugate preparation methods and related kit
10/20/11Optical sample detection system and sample analysis device
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10/20/11Sample plate for a biochemical analyzer
10/20/11Fully automatic biochemical analyzer and analyzing method thereof
09/29/11Methods and devices for transfering configuration settings
09/15/11Methods for cleaning an automatic biochemical analyzer
07/21/11Methods and hprf doppler ultrasonic imaging
07/07/11Methods and systems for color flow dynamic frame persistence
06/30/11Preparation and use of nucleated red blood cell simulating particles and hematology control mixtures
06/30/11Touch screen response
06/30/11Method and extracting and measuring object of interest from an image
06/30/11Cyanine compounds, compositions including these compounds and their use in cell analysis
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06/30/11Reagents and processes for stabilizing alkaline phosphatase or conjugates thereof
06/23/11White blood cell differentiation reagent and method
06/02/11Three-dimensional mechanical ultrasonic probe
06/02/11Methods and systems for defining a voi in an ultrasound imaging space
05/19/11Method and protecting a function mode of a medical device
04/28/11Ultrasound image enhancement and speckle mitigation method
03/31/11Positioning system for a suspended medical device
03/24/11Methods and systems for implementing hot keys for operating a medical device
02/03/11Reagent and kit for classifying and counting leukocytes, the preparation thereof, and process for classifying and counting leukocytes
01/20/11Thermometer quick linkage apparatus and method
01/20/11Method and waveform analysis of physiological parameters
01/06/11Method and device for tone scale curve generation
11/25/10Pulse offset ultrasonic imaging
11/11/10Apparatus and loading samples in an analyzer
11/11/10Reticulocyte mimetics and preparation of the same
10/28/10Low liquid level detecting device and method
10/21/10Reagent for blood analysis and use thereof
10/14/10Liquid level detecting device and sample applying system
09/30/10Anesthetic vaporizer
09/02/10Display with lighting device
08/12/10Real-time digital quadrature demodulation for ultrasonic imaging system
07/29/10Ultrasound image enhancement and speckle mitigation method
07/29/10Ultrasound image enhancement and speckle mitigation method
07/29/10Method and suppressing power frequency common mode interference
07/22/10Anesthetic vaporizer and temperature compensation unit
07/01/10Puncture needle holder
06/24/10Pivotable support shaft for display
06/24/10Parallel four-bar mechanism
06/17/10Reagent, kit and differentating and counting leukocytes
06/17/10Digital reordering unit, ultrasonic front-end device and operating method thereof
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06/10/10Reagent for blood analysis and using the same
06/03/10Flow cytometric apparatus and method
05/06/10Biochemical analyzer and cleaning fluid components of the same
05/06/10Stirring system and operating method thereof
05/06/10Automatic analysis apparatus and operation method thereof
05/06/10Cyanine compounds and their use in staining biological samples
04/29/10Method and system for processing doppler signal gaps
04/15/10Method and image processing
04/15/10Non-invasive electronic measuring blood pressure
04/01/10Uniform turnover mechanism and controlling the same
03/25/10Stroke control device
02/18/10Multiprocessor method and system using stacked processor modules and board-to-board connectors
12/10/09Method of volume-panorama imaging processing
12/10/09Asymmetric cyanine compounds, their preparation methods and their uses
11/19/09Non-invasive blood pressure measurement safety protection method and apparatus
10/29/09Device and ultrasonic video display
10/29/09Shielded and insulated heat removing system
10/15/09Simulated 5-part differential leukocyte granules, the preparing the same and control products and calibrators comprising the same
09/24/09Platform telescoping mechanism
09/24/09Method and device for automatically detecting collimation edges
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09/17/09Defibrillator with a normalized electrode interface and defibrillating electrode
09/10/09Method and adaptive frame averaging
09/10/09Method and tissue border detection using ultrasonic diagnostic images
09/10/09Ultrasound imaging method and appartus for adaptively suppressing tissue flickering
08/27/09Method and ultrasonic imaging in mmode
08/20/09Method of discriminating particle groups and particle analyzer
07/16/09Ultrasonic imaging device and the information processing method thereof
07/09/09Asymmetric cyanine fluorescent dyes, compositions and their use in staining biological samples
07/02/09Cleaning solution for an automatic biochemical analyzer
06/25/09Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and control panel thereof
06/25/09Reagents and methods for classifying leukocytes
06/18/09White blood cell differentiation reagent and method
06/18/09Method and implementing doppler scan conversion
06/04/09Blood diluent and use thereof
06/04/09Method and scan conversion and interpolation of ultrasonic linear array steering imaging
06/04/09Diagnostic ultrasound apparatus
06/04/09Method and generating determination indexes for identifying ecg interfering signals
05/28/09Non-invasive electronic measuring blood pressure
05/21/09Method and device for temperature prediction
05/21/09Method and quickly determining an imaging region in an ultrasonic imaging system
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05/14/09Ultrasonic instrument and controlling its multiple probes
04/30/09Method for measuring blood oxygen content under low perfusion
04/23/09Apparatus and anaylizing samples
04/23/09Colorimetric absorbance measurement method, apparatus and system
04/23/09Frame averaging circuit for use in an ultrasound imaging system
04/02/09Scan conversion for color ultrasonic imaging
04/02/09Circular arc wide beam transmission ultrasonic imaging
03/12/09Waveform analyzing physiological parameters
03/05/09Apparatus for installing or uninstalling carbon dioxide absorbent canister
03/05/09Scan conversion for ultrasonic imaging and apparatus using the same
03/05/09Method and automatic optimization of doppler imaging parameters
03/05/09Spirometry-based continuous monitoring of work of breathing and monitoring device thereof
02/26/09Method and device for real-time computation of point-by-point apodization coefficients

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